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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 31, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> for the second weekend in row, philadelphia police department mourns the loss of one of their own. another crash, takes the life of an off-duty police officer, this one it was because after hit-and-run driver. we have a live report for you coming up in just a moment. >> good morning, today is monday, august 31, i'm erika von tiehl. also, today, a loft kids heading back to school this week. oh, check did it out. live inside classroom here at our laid of port richmond this morning. so, already back in the classroom, i'm impressed at 5:32. >> and look at all of those smiles. >> great to see. that will checking in with our jan carabeo, glad to see the kids are rocking some short sleeves. it is already hot out there. seventy-six? >> i know, i'm impressed they're up that early.
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>> kids heading back, summer over, but at least feels like summer. >> it does. >> oh, man does it feel like summer, so hot, humidity, heat, we have it all real. it is with us for a few days. we're in a heatwave everybody. >> having a heatwave ♪ >> a tropical heatwave ♪ >> feels tropical. and most that far because of the humidity. so, take a look at where we're at right now. let's do it. >> philadelphia, we're already at 77 degrees, and you can see, the big number that's got my attention, humidity, 69%. so when you are a girl with hair like mine, you look at that and go oh, no, take your ponytail holder with you today. because it is going to be a very toasty one. temperatures right now around our region, check it out, already mid 70s, 57 atlantic city in wildwood, 72 reading, mount pocono, 66, but everybody else already rocketing up there with the temperature. storm scan3, shows, we are looking good here. just some clouds rolling across. you can see few little sprinkles trying to make it in. that's not going to be much of anything.
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as we some out, see the bigger per tike you are relatively clear south in raleigh, dealing with little rain, some showers rolling in, likely left over from the tropical system that made it into florida this weekend. for us, all about the heat, it is all about the sunshine, today, expecting high of 90 degrees. some clouds in there. but look at what happens here. as we head to the mid week time frame. we're heading up to high of 94 degrees on wednesday. so, heatwave. we hit 90s yesterday. that would be one, two, three, four, and i have to tell you not even done with that yet. so we have more coming our way. and meisha, a i'm going to hand it over to you now, so we can talk traffic. people are hot and bothered today. what can we do for them traffic wise? >> traffic looking pretty goodment mondays tends to be one of the busier travel days, but things looking real nice out there. overnight construction project have lived. there is no accidents to report. now it is just dealing with the volume that's slowly heads out the door juan way and gets on the roadway, for those leaving home, still in good company. what you are looking at at the skewing eastbound, taillights
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eastbound direction, past girard, see it looks great both east and westbound on the schuylkill. we will see this of course start to heat up as we push toward the 6:00. right now the schuylkill look pretty good. north at 452, see just steady stream of vehicles heading in the northbound direction. ninety-five looking pretty good. just heating up on the north side of town, around cottman, looking little earlier, busy, but 95 north looking good. here is a look at 42 freeway northbound at creek road. you can see our freeway friend, pulled all the way out to the shoulder. there is daily. not causing any slow downs, moving until the northbound direction. you can see, it is just slowly starting to heat up on 42, we usually see this in the 5:00 hour. we will of course see that heat up in the 6:00 hour, holding towards that rush hour. but right now for those of you traveling from jersey, heading toward philadelphia, looking pretty good. then mass transit three trolleys are bussing, 15 until saturday, 101, 102, until sunday, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. charges are expected this morning against the driver
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after hit-and-run crash, that killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. the crash happened yesterday afternoon, at the intersection of roosevelt boulevard and devereaux street. that's in northeast philadelphia. police say the driver of a toyota corolla struck the officer riding a honda motorcycle. the officer had been identified as 42 year old lamar pool, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital. right after the crash it, he gets out for one minute, look, sees what happens, then get back in his tore out a core old, a goes north on the boulevard. >> police say tow truck driver who witnessed that crash followed the driver, helping police make arrest, very quickly after the accident. investigators say, they're also look to go see if the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. right now, 5:36. in business news this morning, a big birthday to talk about. also, the international markets responds to move by the federal reserve. you want to listen up to this. hena daniels joins us from the new york torque stock exchanges, that and more, good
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morning. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. asian stocks sagged on monday after federal reserve officials are keeping the door open for interest rate hike in september. so, nikkae lost more than 1%, the shanghai also fell 1%. and, italian energy company says it has discovered a massive natural gas field off of egypt. describing it as the largest ever found in the mediterranian sea. and he says the find could holds potential of 30 trillion cubic feet of gas over 38 miles. it is being called one of the world's largest natural gas finds. if you're sick of the startling and unwanted blasted music from ads when you search google, weaver some good news for you. starting tomorrow, google chrome will block all add obe flash content not related to the actual web page you are looking at. with this browser update, feature will stop auto and slash content from the beginning in background tabs. >> and, one of the all time classic childhood toys,
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celebrated its 70 birthday this weekend, the slinky, naval engineer richards james came up with the idea back in 1945 after knocking a spring off his work bench. it is made from 67 feet of steel wire and over 300 million were sold in the first 60 years. and there is a philadelphia connection to this story. the first were sold at gimbal's in 1945. nicole, erika? >> oh, just one of those classic toys, we love it here in philly. hena, thanks so much. >> 5:38. the receipt design of the us 10-dollar bill will be on a jen that today when us treasurer rosey rios heads to up-state new york. will hear from the public about plans to replace alexander hamilton with a woman. rios will be at town hall meeting in seneca falls where the original 1848 women's rights convention was held. officials say they'll make a decision on the redesign this fall. hooping food -- happening
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today, president obama and john kerry will be in alaska to discuss global warming issues, those facing the arctic and provide foreign ministers and residents a way to address climate challenges. yesterday, kerry said history will not look kindly on climate change. >> and ahead of the president's trip, made major announcement, iconic american landmark. the tallest mountain in north america known formerly as mount mckinley will now be called mount diurnally. named after former president william mckinley will return to its traditional native name meaning the high one. the announcement being hailed as major symbolic gesture to alaska natives. still ahead on "eyewitness news", now that kids are headed back to school, oh, they start asking parents to pitch in money for resources. we'll show you the funny form one school sent home to parents? also last week we saw the beautiful temperatures, but heat is back. kyla talking about heatwave, just how long we can expect the hottest humid weather to
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stick around. details on that when we come right back. good morning.
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>> offer duty philadelphia police officer, is struck and killed in a hit-and-run in northeast philadelphia. the officer has been identified as 42 year old lamar pool. he's a 18 year veteran of the force. police arrested a suspect just a short time later. also, a police officer, in ridley park, meanwhile, he is recovering after he was shot
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during a stand-off. the officer was shot while trying to apprehend a man who was barricaded inside norwood apartment. suspect faces attempted murder charges. >> and, talking campaign 2016, the latest numbers show the frontrunners leads getting smaller in iowa, scene the first caucuses. democratic senator, bernie sanders, has cut hillary clinton's lead, and ben carson closing the gap against republican frontrunner donald trump. >> right now, 5:43, and it is that time of year, where some kids might not be too happy about getting out of bed, and some parent are just thrilled. it is time to go back to school. and one school opening its doors today our lady of port richmond regional cat like school. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo there for the first day of classes, and my hat off to those kids up and looking so good so early. good morning, jan. >> good morning, really got to give it up to these i i'm in the sixth grade class here at our lady of port richmond.
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they were nice enough to get up, demonstrate what they will be doing all year. these kids don't actually have to be in class until clock 50 this morning, here we are just after 5:30, and they are already at work. she will explain what they are doing, actually working with ipads, new technology being incorporated from grades five through eight this year, and great way to engage the kids, what are they doing right now? actually taking quiz on the first day of school, yes, sixth graders taking a quiz today. we are using a app, an app that you're able to make quizzes for your student, the questions are in random order. you can add pictures, you can actually add videos, too, i believe. and what they are doing is taking the quiz, just to see what they remember from fifth grade. >> i'm assured that this is stuff that they learned last year, no one is being caught off guard here. we don't want to do that before school even starts this year. but how is it beneficial to the kids and teachers ' like. >> one of the ways this is beneficial is that i get live results. and as you can see, on my board, there is live results.
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i can then download the results, and just input them into my grade book, which makes my life so much easier. >> and these kids actually tested out this technology in fifth grade, now in sixth grade. tell us how it engages kids more. obviously any time you can utilize this technology to get them excited and learning is a good thing. what sorts of apps and resources dot ipads provide? >> one of the things we've done is make flash cards on the ipads. that's really ben helpful for studying, and helping them remember what they're supposed to remember, apps like these with the quizzes is real helpful. and we also have different meat activities, to keep them where they are supposed to be. maybe help some of them get ahead in their stud us. >> and this means you don't have to take home pile of papers, too, my mom would be very jep us of you. she came home with stacks this high every day. >> is much nicer, technology makes my job whole lot easier. >> thank you, and guys, look up from your quizzes for a
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second, give us big wave to everyone in the studio. aren't they so nice in here before school even starts on the first day of class. we love them. and good luck on the first day, guys. >> looking so sharp. i hope because they're in two hours early they go home two hours early maybe? >> they're out at 1:00 today. >> there you go. great way to start the day. bye big thank you for those kids and the teacher. >> as your kids head back to school, we want to see the back to school photos. please snap and share your back to school pictures with us, post your picks on instagram, twitter, facebook, #cbs3, you might see your photo right here on tv. we were saying before, kyla, need the shore sleeves, first day back to school. it will be hot one. >> yes, it is already a hot one. let's take a look at this, our eyewitness weather watchers all up and adam. showing me just how warm it is, in their neighborhood, check it out, 73, degrees, already, for barbara. she is in willow grove. and notice the humidity there,
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82%. good morning, barbara. seventy-seven, if we head little further south, david, in clementon. and david just getting his day started off. 75% humidity, dew point, 68. everybody's keying in on this. right? it is toasty, and rosey out there. and let's do one more, i'm going to head little further south here, 74 degrees there is one, jason, he's in middletown delaware. and 74 degrees for him. again, i just have to look at these humidity numbers. says it is monday, time to get back to work. yep, i'm with you, jason, we're all here with you. we are going to see some warm temperatures, and these are the current right now. you can see, even at the shore, where you consider little cooler down there, not much. 75 degrees. you can see about 66 mount pocono. that's where you have to go if you want to see the cooler temperatures today. here are the dew points, why it feels so thick out there, 66, 67, dew points, and temperatures kind of close together like. that will you start to feel that humidity. taking live look at storm scan3, you can see, you have to go all the way down here to raleigh, if you want to see some of that rain.
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really it won't be much of anything. see some of the trickles trying to make their way up toward us. but i don't expect anything, if anything it, would be sprinkle, and boy we need some rain. but high pressure really keeping that away from us, and we are heating up, there is your tuesday, 90s again, the heat, the humidity with us on wednesday, and even into thursday. if you are looking for the break, unfortunately, you have got it look pretty far down the line. because woe are in it for the next few days. average high this time every year actually 83, but heatwave that started yesterday, with a high of 91, continues all the way through thursday, folks. we expect the peak of that to be on wednesday. when we see about 94 degrees, as a high. so if you want some cooler temperatures, how about the poconos, next few days? talking mid 80s, but for us today, it is going to be warm one. 90 degrees for the high tonight, overnight low looking at the 70s, meisha, the seven day forecast tells the story here. just run of heat. >> all the way to friday. what can you tell everybody? give us little better news? >> yes, well, good morning,
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kyla. no traffic looking really good this morning, you know, mondays are casino of our curve ball. never really know what we will get, specially as we move toward us, 6:00 into the 6:00 hour, right now, you can see, ben franklin bridge, kind of what you are looking at. volume levels are certainly starting to pick up. more so than what we saw of course in the 4:00 hour. >> this will continue, as we make our way through the 6:00 and 7:00. but for those of you right now coming in from jersey, making a wear into center sit, again, another look of those of you traveling in new jersey, 42 freeway, creek road approaching 295, you can see, levels building, we looked at this about 15 minutes ago. kind of holding the same. we will see them increase as we specially move toward our rush hour. but right now, for those of you traveling out of jersey, or in and around the area, looking good. valley forge area, 422 eastbound at route 23, this is what you are looking at. plenty of headlight. plenty of tail light. everyone traveling around at posted speeds. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. with the school year starting up, parent are used to schools
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asking for money, part of the process, right? one texas middle school pta decided to have little fun with parent. they sent home this form, as an alternative fundraising with funny sayings like: i do not want to bake. here is the money i would have spent on those cupcakes. picture was post today facebook page of a mother of three, she says time is valuable and she appreciates having the option to just donate instead. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", a lot of people turning to e cigarettes inch sped of traditional cigarette. now some are using those to commit crimes. and police say they're hard to catch, too. details on that coming up. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> on your health watch, new threat, people are using electronic cigarettes to smoke synthetic drugs. smoke-free devices like e-cigs popular way to break the nicotine addiction consideration allow the smoke tears get the amount of nicotine they receive. but also being used to smoke synthetic drugs which can be hard for police to did he ticket. vaping drugs is so dis crease, teens can do it right in school. >> we've seen it time and time
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again. where somebody is overdosed, and died. there are significant number of overdoses occurring, related to these types of drugs. >> i think that these devices do have a role in helping people get off of actual cigarettes, and they may be proven safe nerve that case, but, in the hands of teenagers, and drug abusers, they are definitely very dangerous thing to have. >> vaping devices are not classified as drug paraphernalia. no age limit on who can buy them. >> prison officials confirm, six san quinton state prison inmates have contracted legionnaire disease, another 51 inmates are under observation at the prison's medical unit. cooking at the prison has stopped, because bacteria grows in water can spread through water molecules. inmates are now being served box meals. also, portable toilet, bottle water and large water tanks, were brought in to serve thousands every inmates and employees. renounded neurologist, and author, oliver sacks, whose
5:55 am
life was portrayed by robin williams in the movie awakening, he's passed away at the age of 82. cbs news correspondent brewer takes a look back at his life. >> in 1973, doctor oliver sacks came to fame with his book awakening. documenting how he freed patient that bronx hospital, from a cat tonic state. >> what i believe, what i know, these people are alive inside. >> the book inspired in 1990 movie, robin williams, playing the doctor. in 1996, morally safer sat down with the actor and the scientist, for 60 minutes. >> incredible combination of this incredible gentleness combined with this curiosity. >> that curiosity drove sacks to explore the outer limit of the human mind. >> i sometimes feel more at home with my patients than with my neighbors, say. >> he wrote about his patients, helping readers understanded and epp pet eyes
5:56 am
with those with disorders made them odd at this'. >> neurologist was a close friend. >> scientifically, he was able to uncover different aspects of how the mind works. understanding that sometimes disorders close some doors of normal at this, but other other doors of specialness truly remark job a prolific author, these photos were taken by his partner, billy haze. in his last essay written for the new york times, doctor oliver sacks wrote about his own mortality. i find my thought drifting to the sabbath, the day of rest, when one can feel that one's work is done and one may in good conscious rest. cbs news, new york. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", an entire terminal evacuated at newark liberty airport. find out what sparked a security scare. and, another hot day. oh, waking up to some steamy temperatures already,
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76 degrees right now. kyla has your forecast, meisha has her eye on the roads. we'll be right back in just two minute, good morning. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong?
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and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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good morning, for the
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second time in a week, philadelphia police are mourning one of their own. this time, an off-duty officer is killed in a hit-and-run. hear how police caught up to the driver, to make an arrest. >> also, a security scare, at newark liberty international airport, forces pass inning tears evacuate one of the terminals. and, the last day of august, but oh, it feels more like the dog days of summer, another scorcher on tap for today. and we could be at the beginning after heatwave. kyla has the latest for you. good morning, it is monday, august 31, i'm erika von tiehl. also, some student heading back to school today, we have mower on that coming up in just a few minutes. first though, we want to check in with kyla and meisha, the latest on your forecast, and the roads, and already feeling warm out there. good morning, ladies? oh, warm, warm outside, and heating up on the roadways, most definitely good morning. >> good morning, everybody, it is a keep your air conditioners on kind of morning. i step out on this pad -- patio. i walk out of the air-conditioning, oh, okay, it is really, really moist air out here, this morning, you can feel it the moment you get


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