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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 1, 2015 5:05am-6:01am EST

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said oh, gee calvin, where do you live? and he said, that he lived in the building that we were shooting in. which was a pretty rundown building. i mean, i wanted to weep. >> actually as i left and he was looking so for lorn. i said to someone on my team, will someone get calvin's number so we can -- i can contact him later. i didn't realize the whole thing was a set-up. and then whenund out that the whole thing was a set-up, i was no longer interested in speaking to him. >> does it hurt? >> i wouldn't say hurt. i wouldn't go so far as i fo to hurt. disappointed? yeah. like wow. whoa. that's what happens. >> i'm sorry that happened to you. i'm glad we can clarify it a little bit. >> i knew you would get it straight. your agenda is to get truth, just not make up a story. that's why i wanted to share it with u. >> next headline, khloe, how she coped with her comebling marriage to lamar. >> iyo was stressed, needed a
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release. i would put on my head phones and put on my music p. the anxiety went away wwas on the treadmill and it became a healthy obsession. >> khloe says she is not getting back together hen i dum any time soon. it is not in our brain as a couple to have a relationship right now. >> taylor swift, claim sheg was sexually assaulted before this denver conference in 2013 by radio dj david mueller. the court reco are pretty detailed. mueller did not merely brush his hand against miss swift while posing for the photrds, he lifted her skirt and groped her. she was upset, offended and alarm end then today play a show for 30,000 ographpeople. >> i think the lawyers and judge and any potential jury will want it know, why didn't she make a police report at the time this occurred.
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>> september is when she fired suit, claiming he was fired from his job based on false allegations he groped her. >> she is being sued and is using this as a defense or legitimate claim. either way it starts counter balancing the issues before the jury. >> finally, con grat to george and amall. they've adopted. yes, parents after 4-year-old bassett hound. >> sheand was here 15 oor 20 da. she is just a love. and has the brown eyes that just won't quit. >> what was it about millie that they just really loved? >> i think that just her personality. she he is a sweet love bug. they were looking for a bassett hound and decided to come on in. >> let's move on and talk about bo barker. we were all concerned when bob suffered a scary fall last week. it was really dangerous because he is b 92 in december. the only interview with him was at his home in hollywood hills where the fall took place. he told her he had just91. bega out for a little stroll and
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wound up in the er. >> boom right here. cement sticking up here. and i started it fall forward. and i didn't want to land on the cement. so i twisted and landed over here. but my head was up on the cement and so i cut my head all up. >> bob was lucky. because of the lapd officers who saw it happened >> tried to stop the blood. called in an ambulance and the ambulance came and had me out of here and to the emergency time at all.o. and those two officers went with me to be sure everything worked out. >> they did? >> i'm telling you, the good lord was watching over me. >> after x-rays of his arm, skull, legs, stitches to his forehead and bandage to his knee, he was released from the hospital after several hours. >> what kind of outpouring did you hear from people? >> oh, i heard from people all over the country. they all figured falling on the cement sidewalk, that the guy
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probably is finished. >> one reason bob wasn't finished is that sense retiring eiars ago, beloved game show host and animal activist takes great care of himself. >> i think at my age, two things ght ye terribly important. nutrition and exercise. at any age. if you don't exercise you may end up like me, you areknow. >> another important ingredient, sense of humor. as i found out firsthand. >> you know what, you almost made my heart stop. oh, wow. bob. she almost today go to the hospital after that one. cameron, what do you have coming upnext? >> halloween with the stars. from ladies going all out. >> i'm going rush you to death in my giant man hands. >> to heidi klum's wild costume. >> i will wear a lot, just an ic lot of clothes. >> lots after fun costumes and
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that's ahead. plus, take a lock at 51-year-old bond girl, monica, looking flawless on the red c just one of many celebs showing age is just a number. so we asked some over 40 stars to tell us their beauty secrets. >> when you are good inside then the beauty comes out. >> i used to tell my girls when they were little, that before you go to bed, have to wash your face really good. but with a really hotterry cloth wash cloth. it just ex youfoalates. i work it in the mir own like, what do you do today? today i do light lips. people seem to like that so i'm trying to give it to >> till here. i use a great tinted moisturizerer. this is a full face of make-up you're looking at here now that i hayou.thing to work with. >> another tip for better skin -- >> adding a serum is one of the best and easiest ways to fight the signs ofve ninaging. and number 7 has a new day and
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turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turboakes s. 6x the cleaning power in ½ the time ♪ ♪ from absolutely wild costumes on friday's halloween episode of "the talk", "e.t." is with the ladies back stage getting ready to trance farm into some very big name celebs. >> who's that girl? julie chen totally unrecognizable for madonna for the halloween lip sync war. we were there for her makeover. probably the biggest transformation out of everybody performing. >> well, when you take a chinese from queens and make her an
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italian white girl from michigan, i think i have the biggest stretch here.girl >> aisha tyler does a spot on beyonce. check out sarah gilbert channeling celine dion. >> the other ladies of the alk, i could do a lot of smack talking right now. i can see how you don't have a prayer today. i'm going to crush you with my giant man hands. but i'm not going to do that tuse i'm a lady. >> aiesha, you talking to me? you're going down. >> but cheryl underwood changed groubecastand out moment on friday's episode of "the talk." some people may not have seen thisnd it coming. why james brown? >> because i live in america. i get my inflections right. i'm cold blooded. pay the boss, be the boss, all day brown coming at you. >> i love how they all went for
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it. >> they did. >> i'm not sure i'vever seen this dive in head first like that before. i know another famous face who gets that the halloween spirit. is a mania, what is heidi klum doing? >> oh, you just wait. up next, heidi is going to the next level. our exclusive shows the costume transformation of hollywood's most epic halloween fanatic. >> a lot of guys around. >> "home alone"25 years later. with the cast looking back at the christmas classic. >> i hope they like it a lot. >> i'm proud to be part of that. >> that's ahead. >> but t, the timberlakes get a night out. >> honey, look around. this is what adults look like. >> little firssilas's parents ae listen and respect award. honoring students, parents and teachers, hoping to endless beeian, gay and transgender
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bullying in school. >> we are both child actors and we feel like failures tonight. >> yeah. >> we feel like we have been working
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well come back be everyone. check out the many halloween looks of miss heidi klum. she goes to the next level every single year. transforming from a cat, a crow, alien robot. you name it. now an exclusive look at her latest costume. let's just crown heidi the queen of halloween. >> for halloween this year i'm going to be the ultimate male fantasy. >> pretty sure she doesn't need any help there. but friday night looks are legendary. taking nine hours for her to get ready and let's of prosthetics. >> i had to be cast from head to toe. there will be a loody parts. and the cast process took about four hours to do.
5:19 am
blue and pink material. and thent of b plaster gez on t of that. i did have a bra on and underwear around. theound so i wanted to be desct under there. >> the apple, apple in the snake. yeah. and maybe eve takes a little bite out mef tonight. >> ar heidi's halloween parties are also legendary and her costumes amazing. how does she top herself every year? she says it is all in the planning. >> nr 1st, day after halloween, i start racking my brain there ready what i will do the next year. last year wasovembe butterfly. i've done me as 95 years old. i've been body works where i was just flesh and muscles. i've been an alien. i've been betty boop. >> this is heidi's life cast we took a if you months ago. and based this live cast, we sculpt the design of her face. >> you said my ears are like elephant ears. i didn't know i had big on ears.
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>> this is an upper lip. you see, then this fits heidi exactly. that's her new lip. >> on the day it will probably take about eight, nine hours. and it all goes down the drain at the end of the night. >> heidi enlisted the help of her friend and project 4 winner, christian. >> it has to be fierce. >> fabulous, you will be stun ppg quite sheer. >> if you want an invite, be warned. always put on the invitation, if you don't have a costume, you will not get in. and in the beginning, people were like, they come with some silly >> i and i'm like, no, you have to have a real outfit otherwise you will not get in. >> yeah, her party isoutfit thi weekend. our senior news editor has an invite and they will bring awful
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wrap-up monday. we are celebratour 35th anniversary this season. we have been to countless movie sets including one film that is also reaching the milestone this it's been 25 years since "home alone." >> heads up! oh! >> it is us looking back on us. a different life. different lifetime ago. >> cut, cut, cut. >> just back in 1990 and we were there on that chicago set. >> there we good. stand by. >> be great if it was a hit. i hope it is. and it seems like it will be a nice funny christmas story. >> and with them now. >> i got my wish. definitely got pli christmas wish. >> we didn't know he if we were funny. and there's a lot of action running from one room to another. >> a perfect little movie in a way. it is a kid thwartinging the big guys he. >> i do remember the tarantula
5:22 am
face. i'm like, is there like a rubber tarantula. they said, we do have there rubber one but it juston my kin sits there. >> one home alone hall mark, the platform. some of the best in movie history. >> stepping on the christmas ornaments. paint cans. i mean, just balls out silly. >> opening before thanksgiving and still running by easter. wracking up an amazing 12 straight weeks at number 1. launching cat reers of many involved. >> i was just walking to my friend's house and this guy is walking up and he goes, hey, "home alone". director was a novice working with mccally call kin. >> macaulay hadn't done a lot so
5:23 am
i wanted to be sure his performance was strong. the leading man of the movie p. >> lunch, one hour. >> surprising, he knew his way around the movie set. >> we would use a dolly shot. >> what do you think? >> did a dolly shot. >> this is me he in a two-shot. you guys, just me an dan. this is just a two shot. me and dan. he knows all the -- yeah, he's -- he's great. at one point, a famous pal p. paid a visit. >> michael jackson >> talking to macauly and me meandering around the set. >> you know, putting shaving lotion on and suddenly it burns his skin and he screams. and we didn't know it was going
5:24 am
to be the universal image for "home alone." >> also there for 1990 premier for "home alone." >> i hope efb everybody is laughing. >> i hope they like it a lot. >> did we ever. a record held for over 20 years. >> a classic movie. just i'm very, very proud to be part of that. >> i think we're done. >> 25th anniversary home alone ultimate collectors edition is out onray and dvd. comes with great bonus material. including a blooper reel, deleted blue scenes and the sh mccally cal kin. >> and the star and irector. >> this is like a dream come true. a new start for me really. >> behind the scenes of clooney's new commercial. clowning around,d this is danny diveto. >> we have drunk wine together. >> i knew the last seven lemon cellos that would get me.
5:25 am
>> that's on the >> but first -- >> john mclaughlin making music to our ears for more than a decade and now touring in supportway. his new album. >> i want everybody couple out there, no matter if they of get years or just married or whatever, just started dating, there is some point in the record where i want them to look at each other -- >> and john says his latest single, "don't mess with my girl" inspired by his two daughters. 2-year-old luca and 3-month-old liz. >> it is a ridiculous fun song but i don't have to warp myself to put myself in that protective match why role. it is just there. >> closed kancaptioning provide by -- pave
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4-year-old bassett hound. >> what was it about millie that they just really loved? >> i think her personality. she is love bug. >> number four, khloe on her crumbling marriage. >> i just a needed the release. >> working out, and even though she withdrew her divorce from lamar, he is says, they are not getting back together any time . she says it is not in their brain to be a couple right now. >>soon filing a counter suit, sg she was groped by david mueller. r, it says in part. and groped and he said he was fired based on false allegations he groped her. >> oprah with the heonfrontation with the man tabloids called her secret son. >> he never was my son. he was a child i befriended. >> oprah phoned into "e.t." to
5:30 am
say she met calvin more than 20 years ago on a movie set. >> i said to someone on my team, willne get calvin's number. then when i found out that the whole thing was a set-up, i was in longer interested in speaking to him. >> halle berry's messy divorce. filed not someoce but tw times. first with a fake name, hall maria. two days later, using real ones. go on to for the latest. >> nobody does christmas like mariah carey. still a huge money-maker for her. in her directorial debut, hallmark movie channel, and she is starring in this. but only i gotriah on the set. >> i will always be a diva. and i don't mean that in a bad
5:31 am
way. if someone doesn't mind touching up my make-up while i'm there, that's okay. if someone doesn't mind touching up my nails. this is a new start for me, really. >> part of mariah's new start is her relationship with australian billionaire james packer. >> we saw you making your red carpet debut. >> i don't thiither one of us thought, here we are making that debut. he is not that guy. >> how was james going with that? how is he doing? >> it was a lot. i justnk e automatically pose. i can't help it. >> did you try to get a picture -- >> if i did that, i would have had to coach him instead of posing. >> the feedback on you as a director is genuinely like through the roof. >> here's thing. i've been directed og like so much of my own work for a really long time. a lot of music videos that i didn't take credit for. because i don't carethe bout th
5:32 am
credit as much as i care about the art itself and just making sure it comes out right. ♪ ♪ ♪ a >> "e.t." onset in 19 the 5 asthma rya got her first directing credit for "fantasy". >> it is not like whoat to be a director now and here i am director woman. to get the results i want. >> now she is directing and starring in a christmas melody for i wanhallmark channel dece 19th and almost seems star struck over her co-star lacy ert in her favorite movie. >> how much did you like lacy? >> she is the best. we wore pink on wednesday. >> onchab wednesdays, we wear p. >> i wab was obsessed with "mean girls." >> i'm genuinely a fan. to meet someone and see they
5:33 am
are such a kind and lovely person, that's a treat. >> i saw your two beautiful kids running around, cand g all over their mommy. >> yeah. i think they are causing a little bit of havoc on the set. i'm trying -- they are only four. when they are that limbin they ask you these questions, like, why is your hair wet. like something so basic. like, you know, they don't knee yet. like i love when they comeyoung visit me onset but i get concerned as to what they will say because they have no filter and they will say anything. >> one of the things i love to hear is mariah gushing about her kids. she is tng about rock and roller going to aspen where they wait for santa claus. >> we see this couple, george clooney and alkil, everywhere. this week they were at the hollywood premier for our brand of crisis and speaking of george, a clooney exclusive. behind the scenesamal his very
5:34 am
first u.s. commercial, clowning around onset with danny devito. we're of onset with two intimat jokest jokesters, clooney and da veto. they are pairing up for an ad campaign. >> one of us was dressed up like a dictator. i don't want to point fingers. >> one of us got that part because of the hat. >> we went to an art gallery. >> we always h fun when we are together. >> we know all about it. >> we were degrees shots of lemon cello and that's all i can really say on the subject. >> all you can really remember.e >> drinking buddies add legendary night out in 2006 before danny showed up tipsy on the "the view." >> danny has been outartying all night with -- tell them. i'm so jealous. >> george. >> clooney. p >> i knew the last seven lemon
5:35 am
cellos would get me. >> these guys are all business talking coffee from espresso. >> you can see, espresso, it is coffee. i say coffee buzz i'm from new jersey. you can't say coffee. you say espresso. what do you want, coffee? no, give me an espresso. >> sounds better. >> here is the finished product. >> that coffee? >> yeah. espresso. >>t in. ♪ ♪ >> you're ready. >> i w >> is that coffee? >> theew brand of coffee in the u.s. in prints and digital advertisements as well. also social media for the company. so huge for them. here is what is co n up right here for us.
5:36 am
>> sexiest -- >> like a club promotor? >> stars remember their first time on "e.t.." >> i like theming where my mom, she swallows a bug. >> you have to see this. . >> on the way here and next weet get ready for more special coverage commemorating our 35th memory celebration. flashing back to the biggest stories ever covered. taking you inside the set in history.
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>> i want to ask mostly, but you know, i just think that i go too. >> oh, that's exactly what i call her. >> how cute is she he? that is drew barrymore and her "miss you already" co-star, tony collette, cooing over drew's first interview at age 7. reminding drew of her daughter, olive. >> i'm freaking out. i feel like i'm seeing my
5:40 am
daughter, olive. we look a lot alike. >> lock at the weird precocious expression. >> wow. >> can i get a copy of that? >> yes >> we get that a lot. and we did give drew a copy, by wait. welcome to entertainm. tonight. celebrating our 35th anniversary this sea don. we have drew and many of the countless celebrities we have interu viewedent over the year walk down memory lane. see what happens when they relive their very first time on "e.t.." some of the reactions, let me tell you, priceless. >> have to see this. >> flash book footage of little kate made her so emotional she today watch it twice. you >> had you seen the movie before. >>. >> sort of. >> that is so crazy. >> just eight with mom goldy and brother, oliver, at the "overboard" premier. >> i like the part where my mom swallows a bug.
5:41 am
>> birthday, "e.t.." thank you for that. >> tonight, again stefany happys in designer duds. >> i make a lot of my own clothes. but a lot doesn't turn out. i didn't even hem it. or oh oh, a baby muffin. i'm literally wearing a pair of pants that don't fit. oh, i will just wear them unbuttonedno big deal. i'm the same person, crazy. >> brad cooper had that same bleach blonde look in . "alias." >> like nothing i've seen on television. hot, sexy, pumping, incredible. >> is this guy like a promotor? >> oh, my god. >> hold on. let me just qualify. let me just qualify this. let's bleach thisclub guy's hai. my hair. and i still remember that. >> 35-year-old jessica simpson just 19 for her "e.t." debut. hitting number one on the billboard charts for the first
5:42 am
time. >> so surreal. and i'm so busy that sometimes you don't have time to appreciate it. we're all living la vida loca. >> i think that is living the life or living the party, or something. i'm livin' it. >> chris o'donnell couldn't bear looking at his 19-year-old self. >> can't wait to see what this kid looks like. i enjoy coming out here and i think is exciting. look at this. you get that chicago accent? i can't watch this. sorry. you're killing me. >> you can tell christie brinkley's first time is in the 80s. big hair, big shoulder pads. >> and also, the modeling takes me you know, paris one day. japan the next day. >> i look like tom cruise. risky business. >> look to,ute you are, though. >> earrings. >> no, i like that -- >> just so 80s. >> hugh jackmanhow c wasn't thal
5:43 am
known in 2 t001 and today expla who he was going through canadian customs, going to an x man audition. >> what are you doing? >> auditioning for wolf reason. >> wolverine? sign this for me. where is that passport? sign this. >> i said, i'm only on audition. jinx to so what. >> and first "e.t." memory, promoting "princess bride." >> i like the color blue. >> so i don't know what to say,. for some reason i wore turquoise shirt and pit stains were out of control. >> na na na ♪ >> not bad, kevin. back in '85 while promoting american flyers. today he has advice for his 30-year-old self. >> i've been na lucky in the fi
5:44 am
i've done. everybody believed in releasal. >> don't go into this business. it will break your heart. a hundred times. i just don't get tired of that. always amazing it see it. now we didn't just get stars it look back. look who else is walking down>> memory lane. >> i'm mary hart. >> hello, i'm mary hart. mories.y 30 years of "e.t." >> i would like to watch. >> secrets about the stars who moved her and our special surprise. >> we actually have somebody here who would like it say hello, me i do believe. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> that's ahead. birthdays wish star has no regrets about posing in playboy. jenny mccarthy, denise richards or what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms
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er loo i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruis eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental
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i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus l majo. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. 35 years of breaking entertainment news. >> generationes have grown up with this as their source of information. >> 35 years of making entertainment news. 35 years o making history. >> i'm mary hart for entertainment tonight. >> her voice so synonymous with "e.t.." as we fate our 35th anniversary this season, we can't talk about entertainment tonight without mentioning host mary hart. i feel so lucky to have had the chance to celebrith her. she is so incredible. such a great woman. "e.t." started in 1981. and the following year, mary made her w now more than three decades
5:48 am
later, mary came back to our set to sit down with nancy o'dell and relive her tenure creating the tandard in entertainment news. ♪ ♪ >> we are on the redgold s carp oscar turns 81. hi, everybody, i'm mary hart. here we good, oscars and "e.t.." >> you go rehearse and i'll see you later. bye. >> 1964 when we first met. >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ >> you're hired. >> you're fired. >> by that's a big ring you're wearing. >> as much as we have ever talked about. >> meeting a handsome dude -- >> the perfect fairy tale happening before our eyes here. >> nobody does it better than you. >> biggest compliment i'v heard over and over is mary, i feel like you're part of my family at dinner time. >> wow.e >> getting teary-eyed.
5:49 am
>> you know, it is fun it look back on all of those fun interviews. great experiences. great locations. >> you feel like it was yesterday when you watch it? >> a lot of it does. well, not the first couple. hello, i'm mary hart. right out of teaching school. >> michael jackson, what was that like? >> extraordinary. >> and he seemed to me, back stage, so nervous. and so frail. and so quiet. i thought, how can he turn into michael jackson. >> who would you say, out of everyone you have interviewed, touched whyort the most? >> it was certainly those people who came us to as a she and me specifically to reveal some heart breaking ur heanews. whether it was annette fun ce
5:50 am
or it was richard pryor, who prior to that was one of the most difficultllo. interviews oe planet. christopher reeves, no more more courageous and battled so fiercely and believed he could overturn that paralysis. >> i thought i could walk. >> out of everybody that you interviewed, that you would get a little star struck. >> for me. it was the movie stars i had grown up watching. >> mm-hm. >> w interviewed the one and only time i interviewed lucille ball. >> what do you feel is hen i significant? >> the significance of the emmy? the epepitome. the emmy is the crowning glory. >> and riding with tom hanks from london to cannes.
5:51 am
>> the is the most interesting way it interview i have ever experienced. >> it is multitasking. both of us are getting to the film festival where normally we would have to do press. >> are you still -- t. i doubt no. i didn't think they've been insure ferd a long time. >> they were insured forou $1 million each. >> they said we have to be more news looking. they built a wooden desk. producers put us behind a wooden desk and we started get this mail. i never dreamed anybody would remember that story but it lives on. >> what do you say you miss the most? >> i miss more than anything, i think the camaraderie. we went through marriages, speaking of that, a very special birth you wasn't through. your son, aj. >> the best christmas present in the world. >> meet baby sugarman.
5:52 am
he doesn't have a name yet. and he is just so much fun. >> how adorable. >>can't believe he is almost 24 now. >> let's talk about life now. i know you've been very busy. >> life is just so oh i ll. i continued my work with children ahospital. i'm on a couple of other boards. on the board after start-up in, believe it or not, up infu silin valley. so life is good. but i have had the wonderful opportunity to make appearances on the sitcom called baby dad. >> i know he it. >> who is the tall glass of wow? >> so good to have you. we have somebody here who would like it hello, i do believe. >> really? >> yeah. little surprise surprise. >> so goodsay o see you. >> hello everybody and welcome to entertainment tonight. i'm mary hart. >> star of home and t. >> look what i got to work with right here.
5:53 am
so blessed. >> isn't he? he is really blessed. >> familymaybe, i know it. >> what is it like working with this wonderful lady here? >> oh, please, how much time do we have? >> on camera, so it will be nice. turn it off and you will hear the real thing, you know. >> not true. a joy, pleasure, just elevated my culture. >> oh, that sneaky. he used to crack me up when we were onset when the cameras wer. so nice to see him and great to have mary here. he we always say without
5:54 am
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promo consideration provide by -- look at all those stars celebrating birthdayes.which st posing in playboy. >>. >> everything i wanted from ploy boy i've gotten. moving to l.a. to start a hollywood career and getting publicity worked out. that jenny mccarthy, celebrating 43 this weekend bobbi kristina's aunt, pat houston, talks about her niece's tragic death. >> she was like my baby.
5:57 am
>> the intervention that could . >> i did everything remotely possible. it just came a little too late. >> windy irwin takes time-out from dancing to give back. inside her hospital visit with sick children. >> you just have to try. that comes from within yourself. >> that's monday. >> that is about all of the time we have this weekend p. for more news, go to >> we miss you here. safe travels. >> thanks. >> we will leave you with that video that broke the internet. almostanyway. adele with her first song in three years. "hello." off her album 25 out november 20th. people are so excited, they he watch this video more than 27 million times in just 24 hours. that broke diva records. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ bye.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fire rips through a montgomery county apartment complex, and reaches three alarms overnight. over dozen families are out of their homes this morning, and we are live with what made this fire so difficult to fight. also, halloween tragedy, when out of control car hits a group of trick-or-treaters. at least three people are dead, we'll hear from horrified witnesses coming up. and, heart breaker for temple, as the owls suffer their first lost of the season. we've got reaction from fans, and the team, after one of the biggest games in school history. >> today is sunday, november 1st, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 right now. we send it on over to kyla, see with a kind of day we're telling with today. >> can i just say i


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