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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 23, 2015 12:05am-1:06am EST

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>> we do have good news believe it or. no there is a glimmer of hope for the eagles. they play in a horrible terrible most terrible horrible division and that's putting it nicely. >> um-hmm. the washington redskins taking on the undefeat thed panthers much this one all carl line n cam newton rolls and find jonathan stuart one of his five touches down on the line. carolina d forced five turnovers on their way to 44-16 win. >> how about dallas? cowboys visiting miami. tony romo back on the field. finds dez bryant.
12:07 am
that's a familiar combination. >> yeah. >> romo took shook off the early rust. leads dallas to a win over mia miami. they're feeling pretty good about themselves. 24-14 your final score. >> and next up for the eagles the detroit lions on thanksgiving day. today they knocked off the oakland raiders matt stafford witness winning score on a quarterback keeper. spike that thing. lions within 18-13 after adding a safety. >> bad feeling about thursday. >> it's not going to be four days from now. let's talk about college football. when temple hosts connecticut on saturday, they will once again be ranked. >> that's right after beating memphis the owls are 25th in the ap top 2,524th in the coaches pole. >> how about hoops much villanova hosting akron and it was all wildcats. josh heart career high 27 points and nine boards. nova wins easily, 75-56 your final score. time for final time out.
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it is that time of the week. >> yup, ifpa top three on three. ♪ gnaw nasty. >> oh, man that was -- he just goes crazy. ♪ average of 14 turnovers on the season tonight 17. hammers it over gilbert. big play. >> huge play. i tell you what happened here. he caught gordon looking to his left. trying to see who was -- he was
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going oh challenge. once he look to his left, then he took off and caught gordon by surprise. ♪ eagles could have used some of that today. >> yup. >> we hope you enjoyed your time in the zone. for producers, saul, pat, kevin and paul, i'm don bell. >> i'm lesley van arsdall. thanks for watching. have a great night. ♪
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pithe naughty list hots chocolate. ♪
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unwrap something delightful with pinnacle vodka. the only vodka with over 40 playful flavors. >>. it really does mark a career, something like this.
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"e.t." present our first ever icon award to the stars who captivated us for over three decades. >> plus, more charlie sheen exes speak out. were they-sided by his hiv revelation? >> and what is coming up right now on "entertainment blind ton" >> he didn't fully come out with the full truth. >> have you been tested? >> did he lie to have unprotected sex? >> our exclusives with the women nowing sides. >> charlie didn't pay me to keep quiet. >> could they take legal action? >> i think he is in a heap of trouble. >> and burt reynolds, nearly 8 0, in pain. >> you keep feeling on your leg. >> i am in such pain now. >> and the "e.t." icon award. such an honor. >> celebrating the legend making headlines and history. >> people in hollywood didn't have your back. >> of course ways>> angry at th time. >> ellen, j.lo, their incredible journey. the story you never heard. >> made me cry.
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d inspired us.ho entertained us >> very few true icons. >> thank you. >> looking back at their iconic moments. >> there is no such thing an overnight in this business. >> i knew everything about this business in 1995. >> and secrets. >> oh, my gosh. >> have you eas told that story? >> no, but maybe i'll tell it to nancy. >> maybe in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight.vr >> thanks for being here everyone. for this special weekend show, which i could not do without nancy. >> you're so kind. >> as you know, we are celebrating "e.t.'s" th season. and our first ever "e.t." icon award. and we're gooding it hand them down throughout the show. >> but let's begin with a big story sending35hock waves throughout hollywood this week. she shocking. >> after s hiv revelation. >> i'm who are to admit that i'm hiv positive. >> have you since your diagnosis
12:16 am
told every one of your sexual partners before his add sexual encounter that you were hiv positive? >> yes, i have. >> no exceptions? >> no exception. >> charlie looked relieved as he left the "today" show here inyo rockefeller center. he did three separate interviews and in between you can see him getting touched up by a make-up artist. now sheen maintain each of his sexual partners knew about his hiv status but still left some people wondering, could he be criminally charged for potentially exposings that parto hiv? >> california is a very difficult state to prove that somebody tried to hurt you by having unprotected with you while having hiv. you must prove not only that they knew but they were trying to hurt you. >> but sheen could facesexcivil action. report claiming six women are planning lawsuits. >> charlie's time line is under scrutiny. he told matt lauer he learned he had hiv four years ago in 2011 after experiencing headaches and night sweats. >> a turning point in one's
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life. >> it is uncle exactly when sheen received his diagnosis. but that same year sheen went through a dark wild>> more. winning. >> he was fired from two and half men and moved on to anger management p. we visited him onset in 2013 and talked about his health. >> swim, yoga, lift, run. just dream about it. >> next, prognosis. charlie looks healthy during his interview. >> how many pills are you taking each day? >> four. with the current therapy, hiv not affect charlie's life span. >> we spoke to an hiv specialist who has part of the same practice treating charlie. >> when someone is shouldundete, it is nearly mathematically impossible to transmit it to a sexual partner. >> meanwhile, charlie's hollywood friends reacting quickly to the news. the former co-star heather locklear posting a picture and wrote my heart hurts.
12:18 am
prayers for charlie and family. lady gaga wrote, an opportunity for people all over the world to learn about modern hiv prevention. kevin talking to hisagic johnson on wednesday. >> first of all, you know, i want him to have a long life. >> when i announced, m 25, 24 years ago, there was only one drug. now there's over 30. i think he has a really good chance of living a long productive life. >> but not everyone lp feeling sympathetic. some of charlie's exes are outraged. sitting down with former adult film actress casandra cruz who claims she datedischarlie. >> there was one sexual act that we had and there was no condemn use. >> when did he tell you he had hiv? told me he had hiv in spring of 2013. >> so that sexual act happened in 2012 where he >> he not tell you, you had no idea that he was hiv positive. >> right. >> casandra claims charlie told
12:19 am
her his hiv was undetectible. >> the way it was disclosed to her was a way that it was safe ave unprotected sex. >> charlie didn't pay me to keep quiet about his diagnosis or anything else. i've been tested several times since to hthen. and i don't believe i was around when he was diagnosed or contracted the virus. >> now a brunette and four years since her relationship with charlie ended, now she is questioning motives for blasting the star. >> we were sleep together every single night. never said anything. >> i'm clean, he told me. i'm clean, i'm clean. >> the industry thating bre is i think that's why she is angry. my recollections of that time are greatly different than the ones she mentioned. >> next, book news. cameron spoke to charlie's manager, markburg, who has been meeting with a publisher. >> is charlie writing this himself? >> yes, he is.
12:20 am
impressive. >> he is just beginning to formulate it and think about it. >> what kind of offers is he getting? >> if he was the highest>> paidn tv, it will be what he will write about and he won't hold anything back. >> we have more information about charlie on our website. >> now moving on to our special this weekend. >> yeah we createdite con awards to stars who made a huge impact to our audience on our 35 seasons on air. >> i was thrilled to do it, i showed her how much "e.t." has been all about j.lo since her days on the block. jenny from the block. >> we want to give you our "e.t." icon award. so well deserved. >> such an honor, honestly. i'm a big crier for everything. >> like an oscar. oh, because it really does mark a career. something like this.
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you realize how l you've been doing it and how long that people do appreciate what you do. it means a lot. i'll treasure this. thank you so >> when was it for you did you feel like you made it? >> probably last year. when i bought my first apartment in new york. >> come on. >> i swear to you. i used to dream about that when i was growing up in the bronx. like one day i'll have a ni apartment. i'll have my girl friends over. and we'll be like, you know, single and you know, like i used to -- andcel be working on broadway. and it feels so nice. >> fast forward. >> yeah, fast forward. i'l like what the hell, how di i get here. >> well you got here while walking countless red carpets. fly girli'm auditions. music videos. and the number of times you talked with "e.t." 198. >> that's me.
12:22 am
with a few extra pounds on. in my chunky days. if you loved me as my chunky dayes a as fly girl, you're a real fan. >> there is no such thing as overnight in this business. >> you're on the set of selena. welcome. if you haven't figured it out, i'll play selena. >> number one on the box office. number one on the charts. >> that's the best thing that ever 1/2 happened happened to y whole life. now i'm back at work and it seems like another day. >> what makes jennifer an icon? passion. two, perspective. when you comes to the ups and downs of life, they only made mer better and stronger. >> you ow, it is just growth. you know, you guys got to see me through my early 20s and into my 30s. and now i'm in my 40s. going from aknl to, you know, kind aftof a big girl, a woman. at the end of th girday, the on
12:23 am
person have you is yourself. you have to be your own keeper. love yourself. be okay on your own. in this business things cane g exacerbated. >> out of everything that you have, what are you most proud of? >> my kids. they just bring me the most joy. nothing will ever compare to that. as much as i love what i do, i know i would not be as good a mother if i wasn't doing all the things that i do. because i am fulfilled as an individual. again, eveg starts with you. so being fulfilled as a person, as a woman, as a performer, artist, makes me a better person for them. >> j.lo told me her favoriteryt fashions include this golden globe dress, from the amas, and of course that grammy green versa versace. >> but the real importang j.lo want to you know -- >> can you do anything you want to do. there are no boundaries and limits on that. i just never let anybody put me in a t thinbox.
12:24 am
i don't care what they -- they can say a lot of things about me. i never allowed someone to say, e you're an actress you can be a singer. because you're a singer, you can't do a reality show. if it felt right to me and i febecaus like i had something t contribute to it, i went for it. >> last question, serious one, you still jenny from the block? >> you saw when i walked in here. >> that's right. >> ilt had my bomber on. they were like, you should put on a nice dries. dress. honestly tw honestly, this is iconic jennifer lopez right here. i got my jeans on. i'm still jenny from block. >> yeah, j.lo, no doubt about that. now jennifer continues to push herself further and further. she is executive producing and starring in "shades the blue." crime drama on nbc premiering in january which happens to be the same month that she is back on idol and whenof she will begin
12:25 am
residency? las vegas. all of that after the american music awards on abc. >> crazy, right? leave to j.lo to do all that. we are sitting down with tracy morgan as he goes back to work nearly a year and half after a horri what if the holidaitre abou? and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e, and not s-a-l-e. that'ys weworld t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. s the let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. what to look at relapsing way multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection.
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welcome back, ever our icon special continues in moments. but check out tracy morgan back to work. after that horrible crash he had 17 months ago. >> heybody. was seriously injur. for a long time we didn't know if a return like this would be possible at all. when nichelle turner talked about how the crash changed his outlook on life and getting back to work. how are you feeling? >> good. strong. >> you talk about your family. we can hear damon over there doing a thing. >> one of my star players. >> does she make you laugh? what does she do? >> come here.
12:28 am
>> oh, she is being a momma's girl. >> that camera shy cutie is tracy and wife's daughter, megan. >> my daughter came in, i was in the wheelchair and that right there, i started walking to her. a week later, i was stand ppg. >> how much after blessing is it to look at your life now with everything -- >> well to look at life, period. just to walk away from that wreckage. the footage of that wreckage. i don't take it for granted no more. i don't remember the accident. the thing that were important to me before the accident, after the accithose things don't seem important like that. i think life is more. >> how much inspiration has megan been for you? >> how much? >> yeah.dent, >> how much. i take that very serious. >> now the whole family is involved in foot locker's week
12:29 am
of greatness campaign which kicked off nationwide this weekend. >> you bringing my wife flowers, romeo? >> you remember the first pair of sneakers you fell in love with? >> i remember to this day. take some of that check and go to foot locker with me. love my mom. >> tracy gets emotional talking about his love for certain friends. >> who was the >> first person you laughed at. >> eddie. >> eddie murphy? >> eddie on the phone. eddie said, you all ri he said, i love you. take a year off. take as much time as you can off because you don't want to get on that stage with your knee possibling. and ight. started laughing. >> tracy is set to star in the upcoming richard prior biopick and now feels a kinship with the comedic legend. >> do you feel your place in is different places now? >> oh, it is sharper now. think richard prior, he came
12:30 am
back, he was more, and that's how i feel. i feel superior. i feel so supreme.i>> back to t starting filming next april. he will star along side your friend, oprah. who is playing richard pryor's grandmother. and richard pryor's widow is not only producing the movie, she has a role in it as well. >> straighahead, justin bieber talks about his new video, album and misstep. is justin just tired of having t sorry? >> i feel like i lost my focus for a while. >> ellen degeneres, looking back at her first time on "e.t.." >>to say not even embarrassed. >> i want to do tv. expand
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that is one of many new bieber music videos released this week featuring songs off his new album. >> and we talked to justin about his new music and how he is
12:33 am
moving on from his past 100 radio found the biebs at a turning point. >> an emotional point. i've been having a lot of cries lately. >> good zcries, bad cries. >> good cry, bad bad cry, just all around being emotional. dience again. connect with the because there was a disconnect, you know. i created a disconnect. and so when i came back i was just vulnerable and laid it on the auline. and so with vulnerability, sometimes tears come out. >> after a public break-up and run-ins with the law, justin finally found his purpose. >> your purpose is a very strong word. i think one time you said in an interview that you felt like you were a little confused as to what your purpose. >> yeah. for sure. i think that i forgot what i truly love end what my purpose was because i got so used to doing stuff all the time. used to going on stage. i forgot how much i really loved it. getting the chance to go back on
12:34 am
stage. it is just like, an amazing feeling for sure. >> we were with bieber back on stage in new york this week at the "today" show. he made his voice wasn't altered for his live performance. >> we don't need auto tune. not me. sure >> the new album released the same month as ex girlfriend salina gome >> i wonder what she thinks about it. have you heard her new album? >> i heard a couple songs. >> do you like it? >> yeah, she'sz.great. >> justin has an apology for rhondarousy after her perfect record was ko'd last week. she add beef with bieber. >> supposedly she asked for a picture with her sister and i suppose lid said no. i don't remember this. so rhon i'm sorry. don't kick my ass. >> asking where he sees himself in the next ten years and he
12:35 am
said he hopes to have a family. da,t he also says, that he want an indoor basketball court and indoor pool. go justin! >> priorities, right? >> well, for the wife and kids, of course. bu>> yeah. i want to be invited to his place. now way back in 1984 we asked bieber's buddy, ellen degeneres about what she would like to ee in her future. her answer, let me just say, ellen might be psychic. another incredible talent we are honoring as we present s ellen with our next "e.t." icon award. >> captivated entertainment tonight audiences with things like authenticity. withr humor. with your honesty. with your heart. we are honor end delighted to present you with your "e.t." icon award. >>. youow, icon award. thank you so much. that is amaze pingamazing. and beautiful too. >> what did you think ellen is?w >> a very funny show. i think we help a lot of people. i'm pretty much -- i wouldn't say a perfectionist, but when
12:36 am
they aren't perfect, it stays in my head. i don't sleep at night. i this i about what i should have done as much as people think i'm an extravert, i'm an introvert. i don't like social situations usually. i'm awkward around a lot of people. can i perform but if you ask me to go to a party, i would not go. it's weird. >> we spent more thanee decades with ellen starting with her days as a stand-up comic. the thing we thr in theed she doesn't like talking about herself much. i was surprised when she opened up. but how can you not when have you all this. >> give me the rundown. >> rundown? degeneres. >> why not french? degeneres. >> b i'm common folk. no need putting on airs. it was '86. i tried it live my life authentically as much as possible. and i thinkecause what you see t you get. who i am, i think people who work with me here, see the same
12:37 am
person that comes in. sometimes mondays i'm different. i'm tired. day's ellen. >> yeah. >> your first interview on entertainment tonight in >> mon. >> that's fun for me. i'm not even embarrassed. >> okay. here you go. >> i hope to be in acting. i want to do films, tv. and definitely expand into an acting career both dramatic and comic. maybe have my own series, like lynda carter, do some dancing and singing. >> first of all, who is that? the face that everything is -- and the hair. that is high maintenance to have to do that constantly. wow, that's hilarious. but i did end up dancing, i was right. >> ending up dancing. your own show. preturate. >> the power of the word. you put that out there and you think about it and things happen. >> but the power of these three words that changedty acc ellen'. 1997, the words, yep, i'm gay. >> wh i never said.
12:38 am
that was somebody at time mag zen thated that would be the title. >> the big quote on "time" magazine. you never said that. >> i never said, yep, i'm gay. ob decidy an interview and everyone -- but i didn't say, yep, i'm gay. it certainly wasn't like, you're like, offhanded. it wasn't thatviousl casual for go yep i'm gay. it was a really tough thing. your whole life you're hiding it and suddenly, yep i'm gay. anyway, y'all. >> why can't i speak the truth? be who i am. i'm 35 years old. i'm so afraid to tell people. i just -- susan, i'm gay. >> you won the emmy. >>yeah. >> but abc cancelled the show. >> yeah. >> there was a hot of backlash. people of hollywood didn't have your back that me. >> you know, of course i was angry at the time. because i wanted the support. i knew i could possibly lose my
12:39 am
show. but i didn't realizeti there we that many people out there struggling. then suddenly i'm hearing from people who were considering suicide and that i did do a lot for them and help them. >> she is a game-changer for her courage and honesty. but she is a tv icon because she doesn't let sexuality define who she is. it is all about her heart, hard work and bringing happiness to as many people as she can. whether the host of her own herw or and a little fish who has a sequel coming out next year. >> doery's philosophy keep ning. >> didn't write that line but that line was written for me. when ways asked to do dory was at my lowest point. i hadn't worked at all p. peoplearn't realize that because it took three years to do finding nemo. in the time my show was cancelled, while doing nothing, andrew stanton heard my voice od tv with how rambling i was and i never stayed on topic and he wrote dory with me in mind.
12:40 am
literally i wasn't working. i started doing dory. by the time nemo was coming out, i had just got this show. so it came out. but during time not happened. so just keep swimming, which certainly applies to me and certainly a lot of people out there. >> very simple hingphilosophy. >> it works, right? >> it works. i don't know about you, nancy, but trailer for finding dory is all anyone was talking about at my house and it was released last week. >> true. little ones will have to wait to see it. and big ones too. e of my all time favorites. >> another n, burt reynolds, legend is nearly 80 and struggling to walk. does he still blame his ex, lonnie anderson, forico his mon troubles? >> she liked to spend money. mine. everything i had. >> that is next. >> closed captioning provided by --
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12:44 am
wedding. we're on the ground and i've got it all covered. >> pamela anderson's first interview since her life-changing news. >> 20 years ago they told me i would love 10 years. >> single. >> i'm not doing it any more. >> on the biggest movie set ever. >> heavy responsibility. our '8 os flash back. >> that stuff is uncomfortable. >> that's monday. >> you want to dance? >> what? >> do you want it>>dance? just you and me. >> no, i don't want to dance. >> that is burt reynolds in his prime. he is a legend in hollywood and an icon. we elebrate this weekend. >> he embraced a wild side. his divorces, finances, love life. all made for juicy gossip. now, burt is opening up to h c brooke anderson about the highs and lows of legendary life. >> so set theour record straigh. you're not bankrupt. >> no. i get so mad when i hear that. no, i'm not. i'm not bankrupt.
12:45 am
if i was bankrupt, i wouldn't have my red tie on. >> he was once one of hollywood's hipaid actors. known for taking on big action roles and big time relationship possess. >> biggest regret was not making it work with sally ghest fields. and you have said recently that you still miss her terribly. she is the love of your life. >> yes. i do. i do miss her. she is tough, strong. strong woman. and a brilliant actress. and can you talk to her about anything. i remember when i brought up her name to be in smoky and t bandit. everyone said, why her? she's not sexy. i said, you don't understand. talent is sexy.he truthfully, i don't think she wanted to marry me. i don't think she thought way is a good -- you , a good fit.
12:46 am
>> have you reached out to her or vice versa? >> no,know she hasn't. she hasn't. i wish she would. >> as for his five-year union to lonnie anderson, burt said he shouldn't have married womt he claims maxed out $45,000 credit card in half an hour. >> she liked to spend mo mine. i couldn't afford her. ney,.was nasa, she could break if it takes her five hours to go to the grocery store, that's a whole other thing. i just shouldn't have married her. i wasn't it right guy for her. but you know, she married her high school sweetheart. recently. and i think the they are very h. >> are you still in touch with her? >> no. no. >> at 79 years old, the boogie
12:47 am
nights star is frail. his body struggling after a lifetime of hard living. for years he battled an addiction to pain pills. >> because of all the stunts that you did over theyears, your body is a wreck. >> it is. >> and you keep -- you keep feeling on your leg. >> i'm just feeling if still there. i'm in such pain now. if it wasn't for you, i would lay down. medic p. it's medic. >> you had a jaw injury. >> yes. >> and you had it take prescription pills. you battled addiction. >> yes. >> you lost weight. rumors started flying. >> that i was dying. and i just kept working. i thought the only way to make the rumors go away was it keep working. if i was actually dying, it -- it was awful. really an awful period. >> you say it was the lowest point.
12:48 am
>> it was. >> alone. >> it was bad. >> lost loves and money problem aren't burt's only regrets. he writes in his book, "but enough about me", he turned down big roles. like harrison ford, hahn solo, s bond, jack nicholson in one flew over thejame coo-coo'st and pretty woman. >> you write that your career charts like a heart attack.a lo lows. >> yes, it does. >> why? >> dumbness my part and management and people thinking, you're going to get a lot of money for this. and you know, not about your career. on >> last shin dig you threw here. >> last one? >> yeah. >> last night.
12:49 am
>> now burt's moving on. down sizing his florida home. he is teaching acting classes. and he has a new woman in his life, her name is rhonda. >> she was one of my student. and she is just a great gal. a lot of fun. >> is she a lot younger than you? >> oh, yeah. yeah. a lot younger. an lollipop or anything. but younger. >> what is the greatest piece of advice you could give? >> watch out who your friend are. be nice to your friend and be nicer to your enemies. find yourself a good lady. >> would you want to get married again? >> no ma'am. check please. >> check please. we're done. >> by the way, burt's son with ln lonnie anderson, quinton, works in hollywood too. he is a camera man. there is still a reynolds in
12:50 am
hollywood. >> we sell brit another icon. >> we talk family and what is next for him. >> my retirement. people get to say that.
12:51 am
>>. welcome back, everyone to our "e.t." icon award special. turning to a famous face in music who made history. the biggest selling soloist ever beeting the king himself, elvis presley.
12:52 am
>> i do adore him. i jumped at the chance to present garth with our award while he is art a world tour wh his wife, trisha yearwood. garth is a family man. while he sold over 136 million albums, back in ton day, garth did something few artist ever did. took a break to focus on family. and i brought up that fact when i honored this "e.t." icon.he >> there are very few true, true entertainment icons. you know how nice he is on stage. even when the camera is off, he is just that nice and humble. for entertaining our audiences for 35 year entertainment tonight, i would like to present with you the entertainment tonight icon award. >> oh, very sweet. thank you very much.s at miss nancy o'dell has been there since day one. i'm going it hang on to this. >> after spending a quarter after century in the life of
12:53 am
garth, i had the honor of presenting this icon award in front after sold-out crowd of 15,000 fans. >> you look exactly the same as 25 years ago. >> thanks. charming and humble, right? yeght. >> ♪ the dance ♪ >> suah, ri garth is iconic fors career. but we chose him for his character. he treats everybody with respect and he treasures being a re,d, a dad and grand dad. to 2-year-old kara lynn. >> how is being a grand dad? >> this little baby is the daughter of my bahusban and i'm not -- >> what happened. >> i'm not through loving on my baby yet. so when i hear they're coming,b. everybody is excited about the granddaughter, and i am too. but i'm excited to see my own baby. the truth is she is only two. so all these other fools are trying to win her. she doesn't know what's going on
12:54 am
yet. the second i see her face and she realizes what is going on, you're going to spoil her. >> they have no idea the storm that's waiting for them. >> >> what he also loves, this man is honest. talks so openly about lessons he learned in life. divorce from sandy and starting over again. and you remember back in 2000, garth retired from country music for nine years to make sure his family was his py. >> your daughters, talking about them in 1997. >> my little girls, i can have the worst day in the world. they can come in,riorit to me a hug them. i can hug them but not real affectionately, and they will r hug when tighter and i can feel ndy and i are separated. i have three kids, they have my
12:55 am
last name, but i know little about them. little did i sa know that bad thing will be a good thing. tie your handkerchief and your neck and get your fork out and the next 15 years would be the best of your life. >> so here takeaways from garth. live with no regrets. treat everybody with kindness. and when you put family and faith first, good fortune and success will follow. are >> what's on your bucket list? i'm married to trisha yearwood. there is nothing more possible i could want, right? >> we scratch that question off right here. that's my next question. >> but the thing is, that keep going. keep doing it. my retirement, is behind me. how many people get to say that. >> true, right? >> i didn't want to retire again. want to play and play until they put me away.
12:56 am
other than being a dad and mr. year wood, this is the greatest point in myi. >> that is a good man. good friend. garth doesn't showdown. you will see him perform in an all-star grammy concert airing december 6 on lifecbs. such a great show. you've got lady gaga. celine dion. zach brown. harry connick, jr., something for everybody. still to come. oprah winfrey. our final icon from 1985. >> oh, my god! >> 1986 oscar nominated oprah winfrey. >> but first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight, birthdays. which avengers star had a horse interrupt their first interview with us? th ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ can i have a litte? ♪ ♪ five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ♪ ♪ i love you ♪ sail the ship le mor
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we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. this season, bringue back the holidays.ters. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. welcome back to our "e.t." icon special with a liddi who is an icon. 17 daytime emmys and nominated for both golden globe and oscar. but oprah winfrey is much more than those accolades. nancy, she is a force of nature. an i'm talking on and off the screen. >> no doubt about that. amazing humanitarian who went from growing up in rural poverty to making the list of the 20 most popular billion airs. surely no one made a greater impact on our audience and 35 seasons on the air than lady o. and it was such an honor for me to acknowledge my friend, oprah.
1:00 am
>> let's talk about you being an "e.t." icon. about time. i didn't even know that when i sat down. i thought i was going to be talking about "e.t." being iconic in it's our culture. because it's 35 years old. >> can you believe it? >> i can't believe it. i dent remember a time, actually, when it wasn't apart of our culture. and when it came on, everybody was like, what is that? and now, you know, listen, generations have grown up with this in their source of information. >> okay, when oprah says that, we're going to humble for sure this? 200 hours of interviews we have with you. 676 oprah winfrey when you did a search. our very first interview with you started in 1985. >> hold on a minute.under >> let it sink in. >> okay. 200 hours of interviews?
1:01 am
>> 200 hours of interviews. the one thing we said that st out was intention. >> take a look at this. our first interview from 1985. >> oh my god. >> i believe thatood when you believe in yourself, when you really truly do believe in yourself, and i don't mean just liking yourself enough to go out and buy pair of shoes but believe in your own possibility that the world is open to you. i really do. >> whoa. >> is that amazing? >> that is amazing. >> you did not vem your intention. >> no. >> at all. >> i've been kind of consistent about that. the only thing i've not been consistent in is weight or hair dos. i say semi nappy. i had semi nappy are hair. i've been very consistent in my belief and my intention. >> that belief and intention led oprah to her biggest challenge yet. finally conquering a lifetime of body struggle with the $43.2 million weight watchers deal and so far lost more than 20 pounds.
1:02 am
>> one of the things you've always been most real about is, women like all of us, the weight issue. >> oh, lord. >> is it still there? >> we're doing that old, did she put it back on show? and the reason i'm doing it, i wanted to beat youys to it. i can just imagine, november 15th -- la la la la la ♪ did she put the weight back on?u for so many years, i just wanted to be, you know, a size 6. i really can't. my body won't do it. my body won't go to 6 and stay there longer than a day. so i have to be comfortable in 8 to 10 zon which quickly rise to 12. my thighs love size 12. they do. i'm. comfortable with the weight. the weight isn't who i am. i am not a size and i am not a number on e.e. >> that is so oprah.
1:03 am
inspiring, thoughtful and just fun. but i wanted to know whata scal she think of some of her most iconic moments? >> a little word association game. >> when i throw out something, i would like to give does the firt word that comes to mind. >> oh, my god. >> did i win? oprah's got to win. you get a car. >> okay. that was an you iconic moment. >> yes it was. >> can i tell you something about, you get a car? i just shared this at the dinner the other night. my goddaughter, gail's daughter, said have you ever told that story? i said, no, but maybe i will tell nancy. so the moment oftable you get you get a car. you get a car. that came up -- wis saying that because people were screaming so loudly, they didn't kn what was going on. and prior to that moment, i had said, open up your boxes. one person has a key. so when i looked at theow facesf audience, they go, but -- i have a key. and then she -- but she has a
1:04 am
key. i thought i had the key. so that's why i said, you get a car, you get a car, you get a car. to try to clarify because they all looked so confused. everybody gets a car. so they were like, huh? huh? she has a key, but i have a key. hat's what that was about. >> you ready? 1986 oscar nominated oprah winfrey. >> i remember, dress didn't fitt having to cut it off that night. there you go. >> 2005. color purple. >> oh, david letterman walking me to the co purple on broadway and ending the so-called -- >> yeah. >> 2007. oprah winfrey leadership of girls academy isloropen. >> one of the happiest days of my life. you want to make me cry. my girls are graduating from college. i have to figure out how to b at three graduations on the same day. reward, reward, reward, reward.
1:05 am
>> oprah's book club. oh, you love it. launching the owne network. >> crazy girl! what were you thinking. but you learn the most about yourself when you're in those challenging moments. remember that i said that to you. that's my advice. >> and of course oprah being oprah, left us with one final bit of wisdom. her aha moment for what being a celebrity is all about. >> the true purse of it is to have the light shined on you so that other people can see that and then see that in them self. that's what it is for. it is to say, this is how it can be done. >> i would like it present to you right now -- >> there's an award? >> there is an award. oprah winfrey, i would like it present to you, entertainment tonight icon award for entertaining our audience for 35 years and making us all feel like you have been a mom and sister and best friend. >> wow, thank you. i is one i will treasure.


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