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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  December 5, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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problems with robinson somewhere else. not out here. >> verne: third down, four. >> verne: coker, back, looks at stewart, fires to the back row, dropped by howard -- whoa, it will be fourth down. >> gary: great job by jake coker. he had his initial bootleg man covered. he came back across, puts it right there for o.j. howard. all o.j. can say it "you haven't been throwing to me all game. i'm rusty." >> verne: [laughing] four down, four, and j.k. scott is on, 6:11 remaining in the ballgame. antonio callaway has returned
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one today for 85 yards and the touchdown. ryan anderson. >> gary: kirby smart has been rumored to be the new head coach thea georgia. his alma mater. been with nick saban for so long. since 2004 when nick went to the nfl, he went to georgia as running back coach. when he came back, he's been with him and the defensive coordinator since 2008, and if it does come true that he's named the new head coach the at georgia, which seems automatic now, he's not the first assistant coach that has had to coach through the playoffs after he's been named. >> verne: here is harris. jake mcgee. first down. that's been a rarity in this ballgame for florida -- and who might you have in mind? >> gary: here are the guys we went through.
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some real names. some successful in a win and some not successful when they've done it but they've all done a great job and went on to be good head coaches as well. >> verne: here is harris. valdez showers, number 10 with the catch. another first down. a gain of 18. >> verne: c.j. warton came -- >> verne: c.j. worton came on the field. wide receiver. harris looks deep. fires way downfield. up and -- >> gary: touchdown.
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>> verne: my gosh. >> gary: [laughing] he called it -- >> verne: one official is calling it off. c.j. worton, just mentioned, he just got into the huddle. >> gary: let's see if he comes down with it. c.j. goes up. he's got it, he's got it -- i thought he had it the whole way. that's going to be a touchdown, i think. >> verne: i think. >> gary: one official signaled no touchdown but i think he may be wrong. >> referee: ruling on the field is the pass is incomplete. the play is under further review. >> verne: it was c.j. worton. >> gary: here is another look.
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>> gary: i did not see him lose control of that and i think they're going to reverse this and make it a touchdown. florida's two biggest plays, the receiver has gone up and made plays just like this. >> referee: after review, the receiver secured possession in the end zone. touchdown. >> verne: kudos to ben oldham. >> gary: really quick too. >> verne: yes, it was, and decisive. that's the way we all wish it could happen more often. >> gary: we were just talking. what could florida possibly do? throw the deep ball. at least there is a one-on-one chance and that's exactly what happened. >> verne: so a 46-yard touchdown, and florida will go for the two-point conversion. >> gary: i really don't know why. 16 just as good as 15.
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now down to 14 when they get this -- they've got to get one eventually if they have a chance. >> verne: bobbled. harris chased. nothing to it. >> verne: another look at the touchdown catch. by c.j. worton. only his fourth catch of the season. here is the two-pointer from treon harris.
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>> verne: oh, my goodness. >> gary: alabama is preparing for the onside kick. there is another option. florida can just kick it deep and use their time outs and try to take it down to one more possession before they do anything. let's see what they do.
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>> verne: right through the hands -- oh, boy. >> gary: snagged by o.j. howard. he got it. that was a much tougher catch than the last one o.j. had. [laughing] went right through derrick henry. went right through ardarius stewart, went right through howard and i think he was out of bounds when it hit him, to tell you the truth. yes, he was out of bounds. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: snapped it away. first down, 10. >> verne: for the alabama crimson tide with just a tick under five minutes to go. >> gary: this may allow alabama to rush derrick henry and try to see if they can get him to 2,000 yards. florida will not be in favor of that. >> verne: no, no,
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>> verne: never miss a moment of college football with the cbs sports app. every score, every highlight right as they happen. download the cbs sports app, now. derrick henry for the day, 163. for the season, 1,960. he needs 40 to equal 2,000. he's going to get a few here. >> gary: another time out. >> verne: antonio morrison. time called. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right?
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jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. >> verne: 4:47 to go in this one. third and three coming up for the crimson tide. see that offensive kirven is in. derrick henry is on the field. whoa. >> referee: false start, offense, number 50.
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five-yard penalty. still third down. >> gary: that changes the game for alabama. they do not want to throw the ball here. >> verne: no. >> gary: will they, though? will jake coker earn the throw right here? >> verne: what's your guess? >> gary: they're not going to make the first down running, so they may let him. he's earneda the trust. >> verne: before the day, 18 of 26. three wides to the left side. one to the right. >> gary: zone keep or the zone run. yeah. >> verne: henry. may have lost a yard. two. >> gary: as we look at this position where alabama is going to have to punt here and give it back to florida, these are the three teams that are alive, obviously.
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if stanford wins, everybody says they'll be in, if clemson loses tonight. for me, personally, if north carolina wins, i would give them the edge over ohio state. in my mind -- remember, when alabama made it in 2011, they had to have a lot of things happen after that loss. undefeated stanford lost to oregon. oregon lost to u.s.c. oklahoma state beat iowa state. boise state lost to t.c.u. it was almost an inside straight. i don't think ohio state is going to get it. >> verne: here is j.k. scott with the punt. they go for the block and don't get it. fair catch called, and taken at the nine yard line. a 43-yard punt. nothing own return. the lineup tonight on cbs begins with "ncis," and then "ncis: new
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orleans." followed by a new edition of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. >> gary: can treon harris find another couple big plays? that seems to be the only formula that florida has. >> verne: first 11 drives, 81 yards. the last drive, 81, capped by the touchdown catch by c.j. worton. first down, 10. >> gary: they've got 92 of those in two plays. >> verne: harrisa. >> verne: harris. that's almost the first positive runninplay of the night. >> gary: yes, it was -- that's what i was thinking in the open that treon harris was going to have to bring to the game all football game. he has not been able to do it so far, until that play, but hey, still a football game. >> verne: sure. first down, 10.
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harris. callaway is wide open. and he doesn't have time to look that way. jarran reed was chasing him. that's one reason. >> gary: but treon harris was rolling to his right and callaway was breaking to his left. treon harris comes this direction, callaway turns and that would have been with the pressure in his face an impossible throw, but if i'm florida and doug nussmeier, the offensive coordinator, i'm saying "maybe we can spread them out and throw that one." anything downfield. >> verne: second down, 10. tim williams. he can't get there. that one intended for jake mcgee and defended by ronnie harrison. third down, 10.
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>> gary: matt was mr. fourth down in the game we saw against tennessee. five fourth-down plays to win that game. the last one, fourth and 17. had he not gotten that, tennessee would be playing here tonight. >> verne: third down, 10. florida yet to convert a third down. they are 0-10. >> verne: harris. here comes foster. >> gary: we talked about the ground that davis and morrison have been making up. watch reuben foster run this one down. he and reggie ragland eat up just as much turf as the other two. we have four elite inside
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linebackers in this game. >> verne: four down, 11. >> verne: here comes williams. didn't get him. then he gets him on the reverse. that's two this game for tim williams. >> gary: as jim mcelwain said, the creatures for alabama. and they've got a bunch of them. just overwhelm this florida offensive line on that play, and as verne said he ran right back into the sack. >> verne: and the ball goes over on downs. here is henry back in the backfield. about to carry it for his 40th time tonight.
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good block by nysewander. antonio morrison. pretty good unit, gary. >> gary: at every level, a little different from alabama defenses we've talked about it all year -- they do not have the big safety on this football team. they really play with four, and sometimes five, corners out there. there is minkah fitzpatrick. there is reuben foster. >> verne: until that 23-yard run by treon harris, florida had minus three yards rushing. they're now game. henry. nysewander with another block.
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keanu neal. how about jacob coker's day. >> gary: he knowed it off with the big pass. it started out rough. intentional grounding, the quarterback, move up in the pocket the pass to stewart is probably his play of the game until the fastball and then the fastball to mullaney. showed you what kind of arm that guy's got. the first thing that strikes you is his size. huge man. >> verne: first down, 10. >> gary: no diet coke there. that's big coke there. >> verne: a reminder this game is presented by dr. pepper -- >> gary: i sat with them at the table -- his name is coker. >> verne: that's what you meant meant to say. >> gary: well. >> verne: derrick henry.
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42 plays, 177. for the season now he's 26 yards away from the 2,000-yard mark. >> gary: alabama is going to get a chance to play and avenge that loss ohio state in the playoffs. remember, this is just me saying i wouldn't put them in. the committee may have other ideas. >> verne: there is henry. >> verne: down at the matt rolin made the tackle. >> gary: there was talk about the florida defense getting fatigued and discouraged against florida state. not in this game. they finished, and alabama has 83 plays to 45 in this game. can they have -- and they have fought every play. kudos to jim mcelwain, jeff
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collins, his whole -- geoff collins and the whole staff for keeping this florida defense playing right to the end of the game. >> verne: third and one. henry. first down. 38 seconds to go, so he is not going to get the 2,000-yard barrier but you it's first down and goal and he now has 189 yards on 44 carries, and congratulations to the crimson tide and nick saban. there the two are are. former colleagues. a wonderful first year for jim mcelwain.
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>> verne: time now for our player of the game presented by dr. pepper. who else? 189 yards on 44 carries. one touchdown. allie is with nick saban. >> allie: coach, congratulations on being s.e.c. champions for back-to-back years and three out of the last four. each team each year is different. what made this team special? >> i would like to congratulate our team because they really deserved this. they really worked hard this year and fought a lot of adversity. more than any team i have ever coached i wanted this group to have a chance on to win a championship and i'm happy and proud for them. our fans are great today. derrick was great. the team did a great job. the character that i have and how they compete. >> allie: congratulations. you mentioned derrick. the s.e.c. single season rushing leader. how do you continue to be
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dominant when teams know you're coming? >> i'm not happy with my performance but i'm glad we got a win, i'm glad we played as a team and i credit my teammates and god, my coaches, without them this wouldn't be possible. >> allie: will this team win a national championship? >> we keep working for it. we ain't going to talk. we prepare for the playoffs. >> allie: congratulations on the win. >> appreciate it. >> gary: how about that, verne. nick saban brainwashed that guy. are you going to win? no, we're going to work hard and earn it. that's exactly what you would expect an alabama player to say when he's been through the program at alabama. "practice hard and earn it." >> verne: it's time now for the napa play of the game. it came off the arm of jake coker, and he had -- look at the block from henry on this play, and then as gary said, very reminiscent of last week.
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ardarius stewart. let's listen to the call of eli gold from alabama. >> coker. pressure. they pick up the blitz. he looks. throws. stewart behind the d. up he goes. makes the grab. touchdown alabama -- my goodness, he skied for that one, darn near hit his head on the dome covering this massive ball. >> verne: did i hear an "oh, my goodness" from eli gold? >> gary: that's a high jump to hit the top of the dome. >> verne: that football apparently did. oh, gosh. there is a celebration about to begin, and it will stretch throughout the south as the alabama crimson tide win this one. for the guys in the truck led by craig silver. for gary danielson, allie
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>> cbs sports presents the ram
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post game show. >> adam: i'm adam zucker. alabama has won its 25th s.e.c. championship beating florida 29-15. a reminder. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis" and "ncis: new orleans" followed by a new edition of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones as we get set for this trophy presentation. derrick henry gets a couple of weeks off after back-to-back 40-carry games. >> rick: dominant performance by the alabama defense. they held florida to 45 plays. derrick henry had 44 carries. >> brian: as we expected, domination on both sides of the ball, henry continues to get better, more attempts in the second half than the first. >> adam: time to collect hardware. let's send things over to lally laforce for the trophy presentation. -- to allie laforce for the trophy presentation. >> allie: give it up for your s.e.c. champions, the alabama
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crimson tide. we're going to start by announcing this game's most valuable player, setting records for the school and the s.e.c., derrick henry, everybody. derrick, as you're surrounded by your teammates. what would you like to say? >> i'm proud of how this team fought all year, kept working trying to get better every and every week and we couldn't do that without our fans, roll tide. >> allie: coach saban, what is it about this team that rises to the occasion? >> i think this team has competed with tremendous character since the ole miss game and there is no team that i ever coached that i wanted to win a championship more than this bunch and i'm so proud of the way they fought out here today. our fans are great and it was a great team effort for us.
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>> allie: congratulations again. i'm going to give it over now to s.e.c. commissioner greg sankey to present the championship trophy. >> thank you, ally. i want to say thank you to the greatest fans in the country. s.e.c. football fans. for what you did here today. congratulations to coach jim mcelwain and the university of florida gators on a great season. gentlemen, if you will hoist that trophy behind you, congratulations to you, the alabama crimson tide, coach nick saban, 2015 s.e.c. football championship team. >> adam: the crimson tide celebrating their 25ing s.e.c. championship. we'll be back to wrap things up on the ram post game show after this.
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