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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is december 12, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." mud slides, floods, even a tornado. severe weather slams millions of americans. and breaking overnight, an historic and legally binding deal is made to stop global warming. >> it could be the biggest sunken treasure ever, inside the international battle over a billion dollars in gold and jewels. plus they give a voice to beloved building moments before they are torn down. how some future film makers are
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preserving the past. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is the storm that we waited and waited and waited for last year. >> extreme weather from coast to coast. >> california's central coast getting a beating. >> while much of the west coast has wet weather and heavy snow. >> the east is enjoying spring. >> as much as 30 trees above average. >> it feels too good to be true honestly. >> agreed to a final draft of a deal. 190 countries have been working into the early hours. >> the fbi is now investigating a fire at a mosque as arson. >> it a peers some kind of incendiary device thrown through the door. >> donald trump in a usa champ.
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>> the caption should be "look out." and the driver walked away with only a scratch. amen and hallelujah. >> the moment a truck loses control here in i 95 in delaware county and dover. the driver walked away with no injuries. >> the last playboy magazine with naked women. >> and that. >> a wardrobe malfunction on the wheel of fortune. >> funny thing is i didn't even feel it. >> on "cbs this morning saturday." >> backhand, score. in overtime the devils win it. and welcome to the weekend everyone. we have some great guests for
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you this morning, including inris el baa, boast known for his roles on nelson mandela. he just got nominated for two golden globes and we'll talk to him later. >> and he once worked on famed restauranteurs. now justin smiley is getting quite the acclaim himself for his new restaurant. >> and it was 100 years ago today that frank sinatra was born. so one of his great friends will celebrate the occasion with us. tony bennett will tell us how old blue eyes changed his life and he'll perform some classics in a very special saturday session. first, breaking news this morning. powerful storms in the pacific northwest moving inland. oregon and washington state are still being battered after days after heavy rain, mud slides and even a tornado. >> and it is not over yet.
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flood snow and rain advisories are posted from northern washington to central california. let's get the latest from david from mount hood oregon. >> there is another two feet expected by monday morning at this time but there is another system rolling into the valley. what is beautiful in the mountains is making for a mess in the valley where they have everything from hail to flooding and even a tornado and now today there is another threat, of landslides. >> almost a week's worth of rain. dozens of cars were submerged in this scrap yard. the damage is adding up. at least $20 million worth in oregon and washington state. much to highways left impassable by landslides. the storms are causing problems at sea.
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the coast guard has shut down all ports among a 500 mile stretch of pacific coastline. clean upstarted on friday in battle ground washington, where a day earlier a rare tornado with winds up to 100 miles per hour damaged three dozen homes and a pair of businesses. >> there is still water in areas. there is still standing water in some spots. quite bit of insulation on the floor. from where the ceiling caved in. >> to the south. the pacific ocean churned up monstrous waves along california. some topping out at more than 25 feet. >> i drove down this road this morning and they actually hit my car. so that was really interesting. >> it's making driving on mountain roads difficult, though snow delivered to the seierra nevada mountains it was a welcome sight.
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>> the this is the storm that puts the northwest back on the map. we're on the top of the heap in snowfall in the country and this is where we deserve to be. so this storm is a real blessing. >> so at mount hood meadow ski resort, they have gotten more snow in the last 11 days then they got in the entire month of december last year. weather is the story across the east coast. tornado in washington. flood and landslides in oregon. vinita compare that to new york where it's in the 60s, that doesn't exactly feel like christmas weather. >> it really is unbelievable. david, thank you so much. meanwhile in colorado some heavy snow started falling last night. 2-5 inches are expected before it winds down tomorrow. >> good morning. here is the snow moving through
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the colorado area in through denver down into albuquerque, new mexico and northern arizona as well. we have winter storm warnings up for part of the area as you move northwest of denver here. winter storm watch as well. winter weather advisories for the area south of there. up to the northwest where david was and you can see all of the watches and warnings up there. winter storm warnings for parts of washington and oregon into northern northern california. flash flood watches as you work your way closer to the coast. the count i have divided. warm east and cold west. and the severe weather, a slight chance from texas into oklahoma and parts of kansas with a slight chance for damaging wind, hail, maybe even a few tornados. and to the east some flooding rains as well. look at the difference in temperatures. 30s and 40s out west.
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50s, 60s, 0s and even 80s in the east. back to you anthony. >> crazy weather forecast. ed curran, thanks. also breaking overnight, investigators say they have detained a person of interest after a mosque in southern california was intentionally set on fire. the fire happened on friday in coach la near palm springs about 75 miles from san bernardino. investigators are joining the case. it is being investigated as the possible backlash to the san bernardino shootings. the flames damaged the buildings front lobby. >> if in fact, as it appears, a potential act against this church for reasons because of the religion, that would -- i would think that was terrorism. and terrorism is terrorism. no matter whether it is like we saw in san bernardino or someone who reacts. they are both terrorists. >> there were no injuries in the
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fire. the same mosque was hit by gunfire last year. >> now to the investigation of the massacre in san bernardino. in a murky lake divered looking for clues pulled what looked like a cd or dvd out of the water. john blackstone is in san bernardino with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: while we're waiting for divers to return here for the third day to continue their search of this lake for evidence. it is all because the shooters were thought to be here either shortly before or just after their rampage. the park is less than ten minutes from the inland regional center where syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire and fled. >> we have indications at some point they came to this park. we would be remiss not to come in there and conduct a thorough
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search. >> divers put apple objects from the water, including what appeared to be a cd or dvd. san bernardino police have conducted 400 interviews and investigators are now theorizing the couple may have had even bigger plans, including attacking other targets and setting off this bomb ahead of the shooting. >> if we had a credible threat we knew ow of in the city and we knew it wasn't something we could mitigate from a law enforcement standpoint, we would let people know. >> law enforcement have examined farook and malik's cell phones but have been unable to access certain data because the phones had built in enkripgs. >> this will be a very active investigation for several weeks to come. >> investigators are also focusing on enrique marquez who purchased the two assault rifles used in the shooting. he's been talking to the fbi for five days and has confessed to planning and abandoned a 20u 123
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attack with farook. and also this man, convicted on terrorist charges last year plotting to travel to afghanistan to train with extremists. >> reporter: investigators are also looking to see whether farook and malik had any ties to leadership of isis to indicate their attack was directed by the terrorist organization. for now investigators are only saying they were inspired by isis. >> thanks john. the latest cbs news "new york times" poll shows donald trump well up on republican rivals but cruz is gaining. 35% now support trump, up 13 points from october. cruz is now in second place with 16%. >> trump's front runner status comes despite the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll that finds 41% of americans find
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trump's statements are generally insulting. >> last month donald trump said if ted cruz catches on, i guess we'll have to go to war. and in a town haul last night it looks like that might have marked the first battle. trump was relatively tame but he did throw some veiled punches at cruz like calling him a ne guy and he'd consider him for vice president. he also hit the texas senator for his ties to big oil where it would hurt him in iowa where cruise is emerging as trump's main rival. >> in iowa donald trump let a simmering spat boil over. >> i do like ted cruz. but not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba in all fairness. >> publicly they have played nice. but that may be changing with cruz gaining ground.
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several polls put cruz in second place behind trump. campaigning as the electable conservative who can take on the establishment, cruz has surpassed the gop front runner in at least one iowa poll. >> my approach has been to bear hug both of them and smother them with love. >> the "new york times" obtained this audio of cruz at the private fundraiser this week. he explained why he hasn't attacked trump while questioning whether the real estate mogul and ben carson have the judgment to be president. >> i believe gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. i think the lions share of their supporters come to us. >> trump responded with a series of tweets warning cruise against making statements behind closed doors to his bosses. cruz seemingly weary, tweeted back. sorry to disappoint. donald trump is terrific. #deal with it.
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>> the establishment's got a problem. >> the emerging rivalry as public leaders and candidates are scrambling to figure the best way to deal with trump's staying power. >> he's motivated for some reason. but not to win the presidency. >> he attacks me personally but i don't really care. >> some party leaders raise the possibility of a brokered convention next summer which could result in an even more feared scenario for the gop establishment. because trump is renewinging his threat to run as the third party candidate despite pledging not to. carson is also threatening an independent run if there is a brokered convention. >> tomorrow morning on face the nation. john dickinson's guest will include john kasich. >> the republican led house of representatives passed a stopgap spending bill and president obama quickly signed it.
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that gives them until wnesday to reach agreement to keep the government running through next september. >> and a potentially landmark deal is being revealed on climate change after two weeks of talks. the bill calls on nations to reduce greenhouse gases and would be legally binding. among the key point, a five year cycle for checking to see if emissions are being reduced and a $100 billion floor to help developing nations. >> -- environmentalists and conservations including executive vice president of conservation international who joins us now. how significant is this deal do you think? >> massive. i mean for the first time ever we are on the verge -- 99.9% there -- of having agreement that moves i us out of a carbon-heavy emotions into a future that thinks about alternate energies that reduces
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our carbon load and gets us to a path where we do not exceed a 2 degree celsius rise in temperature. so it is quite massive. one of the best things about this deal is that we think it will have major language in there that includes nature. and the reason that is important is because we know that about 30% of what we have to achieve in terms of reducing emissions comes from nature. and having that included in it for conservationists is a pretty good thing. >> we mentioned almost 200 nations. how do they decide who has to pay the most? because it would seem like an emerging economy is not as responsible for the situation we're in. >> vinita this is one of the biggest challenges with this conference. the big challenge was deciding who pays and g who gets paid. so it is clear if you are a really poor developing country you didn't cause this problem. you should get compensation. but what about countries on the verge like china continuing to grow or india continuing to
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grow. today they might considered developing but in ten years they might be in another place. that differentiation costs friction. >> the other thing is policing an agreement like this. how do you enforce it. >> one thing is each country voluntarily puts up what it can do. and there are standards they are setting. and we are getting better at being able to detect and monitor how countries do in terms of emissions. >> i know you said this is a huge victory. what should they have been more focussed on if anything? >> we know oceans play a huge role in weather and climate and i'd like to see strong language about that. i'd also like to make sure the financial mechanisms are taking compensation for forests and protecting forests are strongly worded and really in there. now we can't rest. we have to keep the pressure up. we went to paris, i just got
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back from paris. and the reason we went up there is we were asked to bring some films to remind people about the power of nature. so the u.n. asked can you bring nature's voice to the table. and that was part of what we did there. we brought a wonderful film narrated by reese witherspoon. and also a french academy award winner to france. ban ki-moon introduced the segment we were at. at the end of the politicians will never lead. people lead. and politicians follow. >> it is a big step in the right direction. thank you so much. wall street took a big hit friday. the dow dropping for man 300 points driven by another sharp drop in oil prices. the s&p 500 index lost 39 points. the price of u.s. crude fell 3% to $35 a barely.
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that is the lowest price in nearly 7 years. investors responded by pulling money out of stocks and buying bonds. >> saudi arabia was the last country in the world that barred women from voting. that is until today. for the first time saudi women are not only allowed to vote. they can also run for office. today almost a thousand were up for election and more than 130 thousand expected to cast ballot s. potential grand jury evidence finds four of the victims were struck by bullets used by the waco police that day. this is the strongest case yet that law enforcement may have been responsible for some of the deaths and injuries. >> time to show you some of the mornings's headlines. the hatty's burg american will report federal authorities investigate the death of a
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suspect accuse of shooting two police officers this spring in mississippi. he was found dead in his cell. an autopsy will be conducted today to determine the cause of death. and a new york city jeweler lost as much as $10 million in diamonds. the jems were placed in a safe inside the store and that he failed to lock the safe. even though there were contractorers working at the store at the same time. he told police it took about two weeks for him to notice they were missing. tesla ceo elon musk is partnering with other entrepreneurs to develop artificial intelligence. musk says his partners are committing a significant amount of money to the venture. he says quote think of it as at least a billion. this is interesting. because musk has been very concerned about the potential dangers of artificial
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intelligence of the world. >> and to see that evolution like summoning the demons to now to control it. wall street reporting the treasury department has not yet changed the $10 bill. the decision to put a woman's face had been postponed until next year. they are taking additional time to review and consider a range of options after being flooded with public comments. for now alexander hamilton will stay on the 10. >> the drum beat still beating there for that one. and the website tms says ultimate fighter ronda rousey kept her word to a marine in south carolina. rousey showed up to escort lance corporal at the marine corps ball on friday. she's considered to be one of the world's most dominate athletes and she made the appearance despite losing last
7:22 am
month. >> i was trying to see her coming up an oklahoma city cop could spend the rest of his life in prison for more than a dozen sexual assaults brought to justice through the courage of one of his victims. hear from one of them ahead. and later the mystery artist strikes again. this time with a picture of steve jobs on a wall in a syrian refugee camp in france. we'll explain why. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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coming up, did you ever dream of finding sunken treasure? what may be the biggest treasure ever has been found in the caribbean. but it is not actually a case of finders keepers. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the compassion and security of blue cross, giving you the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". goods morning, i'm nicole briar, new this morning, camden county police are investigating after car crashes into a building there is happened at grocery store at the intersection of marlton pike and berwick street in camden. one person has been taken to the hospital. there is no word on their conditions. police are investigating what caused that driver to crash. >> now, let's talk about this warm up in december, katie. i guess a lot of people probably excited but maybe others not so much? >> yes, feel like it depend on what you really bank on. do you prefer the mild weather, or do you want to be up on the slopes? if you are a ski lover, just isn't the forecast for you. really just looking at spring like warmth out there. today, and right into early next week, gorgeous shot right now, as we overlook from ocean city out over on the horizon, the sun now glowing brightly, and we do have some fog issues
7:28 am
which we will discuss, you can see, storm scan, no hint of wet weather. there is a warmfront lifting in off to the west, that's bringing in a hint of moisture, say, from central p a on west, don't worry about it here, your visibility aren't ideal. down near zero both millville, dover at this hour. no dense fog advisory, but that patchy fog is out there. meantime, we expect to break couple of records today and tomorrow. nicole? >> katie, thanks. our next update 7:57. i'm nicole brewer. see you soon.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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well you can say she punched through the glass ceiling. the new national women's hockey league has made its first ever suspension. molly ingstrom is banned for a game after this sucker punch. >> duggan fell to the ice and was injured. ingstrom was suspended for a game. >> like many college starts daniel holtzclaw dream of
7:31 am
playing in the nflful how he could be faced with life in priso prison. >> reporter: jamie ligens was the first to come forward after she was sexual assaulted last year. >> i like to think that he was going to shoot me. he was going to kill me. he did things to me that i didn't think a police officer would do. >> reporter: 29-year-old daniel holtzclaw sobbed uncontrollably on thursday as he was convicted of 18 of 36 counts that included first degree rape and sodomy. he targeted 13 african american women in the poorest part of oklahoma city over a six month period. in some cases we specifically sought out women who had arrest warrants. all 13 tech testified. this woman was arrested and taken to detox, where he sexual
7:32 am
assaulted her. >> i felt i had to do. he's in control. he's the police. and he has the badge and, you know, i'm handcuffed to a bed. >> some of the victims described how he tried to buy their silence by offering to drop pending charges. others say as women of color they were afraid to speak out against an officer. not ligens. >> i have no record. i didn't do anything wrong. i was innocent and he just picked the wrong lady to stop that night. >> attorney benjamin crump represents five of the women. >> when the police is doing the nefarious act, the criminal act, who do you tell? this is a serial rapist with a badge. who do you report him to? >> holtzclaw is set to be sentenced next month. his victims want him to receive the maximum punishment of 263 years in prison. for "cbs this morning saturday,"
7:33 am
manuel bejorquez oklahoma city. >> an alert drivers up next medical news in our morning round, including ecigarettes. lots of former tobacco smokers now vaip instead believing it is much safer. and the doctors on why it's so hard to watch a screen and listen to another person at the same time. there is actually a medical term for that. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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i guethought to the acidity much in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make.
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it is time for morning rounds with cbs news chief medical correspondent and cbs news contributor. first off chemical flavors and me cigarettes are linked to lung disease. are there chemicals in particular? >> there are a lot of chemicals and the big problem is we don't know exactly what they are. there are over 7 thousand different flavors and they focused on 51 and they measured the different chemicals. d di-seattlet di-acetal it's been known to cause popcorn lung. and that is a serious lung disease. and of the 51, 39 turned up with
7:38 am
the chemical. the problem is you don't know what that means. it is there but does it cause the cancer. and it has a big name. and i think that is why the fda wants to regulate because they want to be able to look at this in a scientific way to say what are we inhaling and what does it cost? >> these are being marketed as safer than cigarettes. are they in fact? >> there is always a lot of hedging around answering that question. and that is because research around the safety of ecigarettes is being far outpaced by the sale of ecigarettes. it is a billion dollar industry and it is on track to outsell reaginic teen products within the next decade. inhaling the smoke creates tar,
7:39 am
turns your lungs black. it is directly linked with emphysema and cancer and copd. and ecigarettes do have chemicals. john was pointing out research around a possibly dangerous one. and it has been generally been accepted they expose us to fewer chemicals or at least slighter lower amounts than regular cigarettes. >> i do think it is important to differentiate between the person smoking for 30 years and they use this as one way of trying to stop. that is one type of person. the person that concerns me the most are the kids. the kids who aren't smoking. their brains are susceptible. they can get hooked on nicotine. and it is cool. bubble gum flavor. the flavors in them are marketing towards kids. and the fda i think is very concerned about that. >> this can very easily turn into a gateway drug for kids to
7:40 am
start smoking tobacco products. so that's why the controversy is. >> speaking of kids, new numbers from the cdc show many of american's kids and young adults are already struggling with their cholesterol. 1 out of 5 youths had at least one abnormal cholesterol measure. what sorts of problems? >> this came from data the cdc compiled between 2011 and 2014. ultimately 21% of kids between 6 and 19 had some abnormal cholesterol measure. so that could have been low hdl. that's the good cholesterol. if it's too low that is abnormal. or high ldl and triglycerides. or high total cholesterol. that was directly linked with the obesity epidemic. 43% of obese kids were likely to have abnormal cholesterol versus just 14% of non obese kids.
7:41 am
we know cholesterol is a top risk factor for heart disease and other illances and seems to be start b veriness. >> is it diet? is there stuff in particular? >> absolutely. it is all stuff your mother could have told you. exercise, try to lose weight. this is all in the context. speaking with an internationally known cardiologist, he had done research that showed by age 30 about 50% of people already have plaque in their coronary arteries. by looking at the people who were heart transplt donors and most were trauma victims. so this is a big are problem. and we know when you start having high cholesterol at a young age it builds up and it can be a real problem as time goes on. >> a new treatment may help breast cancer patients save their hair during chemothip. the digne cap is a cooling
7:42 am
system that chills patient's scalps to help reduce hair loss. >> any type of treatment that can help to minimize hair loss i think is a really important thing for women going through chemo. the hair loss is one of the most emotionally challenging aspects of the illness. >> i just had a patient going through chemo for prost cancer. the thing that worried him the most was losing the hair. visual sense of confidence. >> reminder to everyone that you are not well. >> that you have changed. >> yeah. >> finally, science may exchange while your partner ignored you while a staring at his or her phone or your kid didn't respond to your question while playing a video game. in a small study british researchers examined the brain pathway associated with so called inattentional deafness, that is the failure to hear when
7:43 am
concentrating on a visual task. >> when subjects were performing a demanding visual task they couldn't hear sounds they would ordinarily pick up. so your part they are may not be hearing you. according to the research they simply aren't hearing you at all. >> it turns out we can't multi task. we cannot. it goes the other way around. so the data is a theys when you are driving and on the phone you have a much great risk of having an accident. you cannot concentrate. kids at home. you can't multi task. >> so awesome when you are immersed in something you ignore the world around you. >> and actually data that shows the more you think you multi task the more you delusionally think you are good at it and actually the worse you are at discriminating what is important. >> so now my 15-year-old son is going to feel like he has a
7:44 am
reason to ignore. all right. thanks both verify. ahead, a mystery spanning more than 300 years, gold, silver and jewels aboard a doomed ship. the battle over what could be the world's biggest treasure hunt ahead on "cbs this morning saturday." oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. soil is the foundation... for healthy plants. just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste.
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♪ treasure hunters have called it the holy grail of ship wrecks and now it's been found. columbia says it has located the spanish gallion san jose and its car go. now they are fighting over who has legal claim to all that loot. >> our guests, a curator of maritime history at the smithsonian joins us from
7:48 am
washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want a piece of this treasure if is there any. >> enough to go around. >> that is the problem. >> tell us about the san jose and its history. >> it was a spanish flag ship that was escorting some treasure from panama over to colombia and was going to get into a bigger convoy and into cuba and then a bigger convoy and back to spain. and there was a patricia patrol of four warships off the coast looking for trouble. and san jose and her little fleet went out and engaged with them. and unfortunately the british did what they didn't want to do. and that is they engaged san jose. when you want to capture a treasure ship you don't fire kbuns at it because you might sink it and that is what happened. san jose blew up, the powder blew up and she went down in a matter of minutes. that was unfortunate. the captain was rewarded for
7:49 am
that but in fact he probably shouldn't have done what we did. >> so all the treasure at the bottom is located. when did they start fighting about who own eed all >> the fighting starts rather quickly. all the way back to 1981 a salvage company gets colombia's permission to go look for the treasure. this is part of the law of the sea. you need permission from the government. location, location location. it's within the territorial waters of colombia. so the colombia and sea search arm disagr armada seem to be good friends here. and at some point then the
7:50 am
finders fee and then the litigation. ultimately the people in parliament said 35%. i don't think so. i think we'll reduce to it 5% by law. and ultimately it looks like according to colombia, oh no. location location location again. it is 2015 now. we find the ship. it is not really they say where sea search armada said it was. so let me not make the picture quite so simple. enter the picture spain. and spain is really significant. paul will tell you also why. but spain in the law, spain seems to have a pretty good record here. >> so paul, are we pretty sure that this is actually the ship they found, one? and two, do we really know how much gold and jewelry is on it? >> that is a very good question. some of the media sources say
7:51 am
that the colombian government believes that it is. that it has canon and spanish al olive jars from the period. but so do many other ship wrecks. first thing you have to do is identify the ship. and colombia is saying that it is the ship but they have not shown any of the evidence, what are called diagnostic argumetif that diagnose the ship to that period. i want to see coinage. if there is later coinage then it is a later ship and it is not san jose. >> what happens in this legal battle here? >> the lawyers will continue to continue. but i'll tell you what. spain has precedent on its side. it's had a case in the u.s. with a ship called the mercedes. and another one. and in each case spain says look this was my ship.
7:52 am
you were only a colony. you barely existed. and ultimately spain has won. so don't count spain out. >> thank you both for being here this morning. coming up we all know lines from star waters such as "may the force be with you." but look at this line. fans camped out waiting for the opening with a week to go. why they do it, why they have always done and it why they will probably continue to do it. you are watching cbs
7:53 am
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7:55 am
? it is a tradition that started a long time ago. >> it is like woodstock but for nerds. >> and attracts people from far, far away. >> we're from australia. >> more than a hundred fans lined up outside the tcl imax theater in hollywood over a week
7:56 am
before star wars the force awakens. released in just over 30 theaters to start, fans flo s f to see the original star wars. from there the lines seemed to grow longer and long we are each movie. some waited for up to five weeks to see episode one the phantom menace. but in an era of advanced tickets and reserve seating many ask why are people still camping out? maybe because the force is strong with these super fans. i remember going to the first one. i did not have to wait in line. came out that night. i was walking on air. i loved that film. >> was it worth it to have that hype before the movie?
7:57 am
>> you know it was in the end. >> good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. it is an american tradition, the army navy football game, iconic match up takes place today. this year it is being held in south philly. if you're tending the game be ready for increased security due to the terror attacks in san bernadino and abroad. kick off 3:00. on your television, might be better bet. >> we know what you meant, let's talk about this forecast, real warm, right? >> oh, it absolutely; we'll have the specific army navy forecast coming up. big weather headline continues to be the exceptional warmth. so exceptional, we expect to have couple of brand new looks or records for the books here, as we move forward through the weekend. storm scan, very quiet at the
7:58 am
local level. offer on the western side of the radar, you can see, little glimmer of some activity there on the radar. that's a warmfront lifting in. but i don't expect any wet weather out that far here, rather, just see few additional clouds at army navy today 65 degrees at kick off. shooting for 66 to make it new record. and another record for the books for tomorrow. as the eagles are also in south philly, great football weather, nicole. >> i'll say, katie, thanks. next update at 8:27. i'm nicole brewer. see you then.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." >> coming up this half hour, hearing architecture before you can never see it again. the listening project is an innovative new project that gives life to buildings right before they are torn down. >> and idris elba has just been nominated for a golden globe for his new role. we'll talk to him about that and the rumors that he could be the next james bond. >> and later we'll celebrate frank sinatra's 100th birthday with a little help from one of his best friends -- tony bennett. that is coming up.
8:01 am
first our top story. stormy weather in the pacific northwest. days of heavy rain, flooding, mud slides, even a tornado. oregon and washington state are still being hit today. >> and more to come. advisories for floods, rain and snow from northern washington state to central california. let's get the late fres david begnaud in mount oregon. >> some places have gotten more snow in the last 11 days than they had in the entire month of december last year. what's making for a beauty in the mountains has become quite the mess in the valley. from oregon to washington state they have seen everything from a tornado which is very rare in the pacific northwest to landslides and flooding. today more threats of flooding and landslides. the u.s. coast guard has closed a 500 mile stretch of ports. the water, the surf is chocolate brown and there is so much debris in the water.
8:02 am
it is estimated the damage across washington and or is upwards of 20 million dollars. back here on mount hood another two feet of snow is expected by monday morning. thanks david. heavy snow is also falling on denver. 2-5 inches are expected before it stops tomorrow. with a look at that and the rest of the nation's weather here is meteorologist ed curran at wbb mtv. >> lots of active weather around the nation. we look first at the pacific northwest where we've had such terrible amounts of rain all through the month. and a storm this weekend will be with them. it is bringing rain to the coast areas and snow to the mountainous areas here. winter storm warning for northern california. after this weekend storm a bit of a break and then another storm as we head late in the week. also colorado is seeing snow
8:03 am
into new mexico, into northern arizona as well. they will see the snow today with winter storm warnings up. in areas northwest of denver. and winter weather advisories for areas south of denver here where they will see less than six inches of snow. the country is divided by the jet stream here. cold to the east. and warm to the east. threat being damaging wind, hail and tornados here. and the division line, 30s to 40s here in the western united states to the 50s, 60s, 70s working east. anthony, vinita. >>. a person of interest is being detained after an arson fire at a mosque in southern california. it was in coachella near palm springs. it is being investigated as the
8:04 am
possible backlash from the san bernardino shootings. the flames damaged the buildings front lobby. there were no injuries in the fire. divers will return to a murky lake as part of investigation into the terror massacre in san bernardino. the lake is less than three miles from the inland regional center where 14 were killed and several others injured. search teams pulled several objects from water on saturday. it is not clear if they contain information connected to the plot. investigators theorizing the husband/wife team may have had bigger plans, including other targets and perhaps setting off a bomb ahead of the shootings. >> after two weeks of talk a potential landmark deal is being sealed in paris. calling for nations to reduce man made emation missions and w legally binding. among key point, a five year
8:05 am
cycle of checking and a floor to help developing nations. donald trump is helping retain his front runner status but there is a new challenger coming up behind him. the poll found that 35% of gop primary voters now support trump. up 13 points from october. senator ted cruz is now in second place with 16%. last time trump said cruz would make a nice vice president. >> it is comments like that which may explain the latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll. 41% of americans find trump's general campaign statements are insulting and have the wrong approach. trump has hinted he'll run as an independent if the gop does not stick by him. dr. ben carson has made a similar threat. and a lucky to be alive after managing to swirve at just the right time. because a metal beam fell off a
8:06 am
truck and landed smack in the middle of his wind shield. the san jose fire department posted the close call on twitter along with a reminder that reads "always be alert to your surrounds." there were other passengers in the car. that is stunning. >> can you imagine? >> i thought about that periodically. >> and also another reason to not be texting or anything else. banksy has weighed in with a series of murals in french port of --. >> it is called the jungle. a series of makeshift dwells home to nearly 5 thousand refugees hoping to cross into britain from northern france. and it is here that banksy has made his latest statement. an madge of steve jobs, whose biological father was a syrian
8:07 am
immigrant. apple the s the world's most profitable company. it pays over 7 billion dollars a year in taxes and it only exists because they allowed in young man from hamm. the recent attacks in paris causing tensions across europe. "new york times" reporter says it is no coincidence that banksy chose here for his latest works. >> knows when to strike. this is a big issue. it has been for a long time but now globally it's reached this boiling point. and he knows exactly when to put up these images that are really accessible that people can understand and grasp. >> banksy images from always thrived on controversy. and in a new twist this summer he opened a nightmarish satire on a theme park in england. in disney land, cinderella's coach crashed, swamped by
8:08 am
paparazzi. and now one step further. homes at the playground built by anonymous workers for refugee children living in a camp with the hope, like jobs, of a better future. >> what's interesting is also how social media has really picked up on this. so you are seeing a lot of tweets with just steve jobs image and that up next, building a story before the building is no more. young film makers in britain
8:09 am
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8:13 am
>> reporter: these buildings have sat vacant for years. >> are you someone who walks through a space like this and wonders what took place here a hundred years ago? >> we give the directors and writers creative license to come one stories that might have been, could have been, could be. >> a series of cinematic vignettes that payomage to sites before they are knocked down or redeveloped. each short film madges the
8:14 am
stories of these walls if the walls could take. at the bbc's old television center, a heartbroken ballerina is haunted by the memory of her lover. meanwhile, a hungry security guard chases a chicken for an egg for his dinner. and this stairwell comes to life at the abandoned swan wharf. the listeners project is part performance, part time capsule
8:15 am
in effort to capture the unique history of these spaces before gentrification takes hold. four directors are given a space in a chosen building and just 2d on a single idea. as the former glass factory, this became a theme. >> and out that window, behind that glass all my life. >> and if this building looks familiar, that is because it is. these rooms had a starring role in hollywood. transformed in to gotham's police station in batman begins. the same space was reinvented for inception as a chemist's laboratory. >> how long? >> 24 hours each day. >> but the listeners project is the buildings final act before it's turned into office space.
8:16 am
>> one of the things about the listeners project is working with young up and coming film makers as well as those more established. so it is lovely for them to be in a space where so many morovi made. >> they turn the space into a cinema, screening the films right onset. >> it gives the audience a sort of ownership for the imagination. they can literally watch the film and go i would have done something else. >> the listeners project wants to take their work to america next. to changing cities like detroit to capture the moment before redevelopment. >> i think people who give us the key whose say come and do it, at some level they want a last hoorah for a building before it goes. >> for cbs this morning saturday, jonathan
8:17 am
lobbeden. >> i love how they are trying to capture the spirit of these places. >> up next, golden globe winning actor idris elba is here. he will tell us all about his latest big role which just got him another golden globe nomination. can you tell i'm excited? just a little. >> i hear your heart beat. >> you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours.
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8:20 am
we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. golden globe winner id risz elba is one of hollywood's most hard working go-to actors. >> elba was just nominated for two golden globe. best supporting actor for his role in the movie beast of no nation and best actor in a limited series or movie for
8:21 am
"luther." elba plays john luther. >> you rang my lord? >> joe, yes? >> you know who i am. >> come with me please. >> who are you again? police. >> which police. >> the police. >> a one night special this thursd thursday. you are a busy man. you have a tv mini series. you started a clothing line. you are voicing video games. atop of all of that you are a d.j. and you opened for madonna recently. >> yeah. i'm busy. i can't sleep so i work hard. >> it's interesting when we both heard you were coming well-being one of the first things we said is we love everything this guy
8:22 am
does. how do you find the energy to balance it all? >> it's a great question and i'm not sure. i think it'ses easier as you get older. and i've been very fortunate. some of my early roles have been really good. good writers and directing is and so on and so forth. and that's been part of my mantra for moving forward. >> going back to luther after fw years away. that is a really special part. and you seem to have a knack for finding good parts. >> i don't know. i think they find me. i think we find each other. good work begets good work. i was very lucky to get luther. it just so happened to land on my lap at the time, you know, where i was making films in america and it was a real good departure from that to back to television and do something in
8:23 am
my own act and back where i'm from. >> is there a chance luther could go to the big screen? >> that is what i would like to do. it is kind of designed to get people in the mngs of it being a film. >> and you would like to play him in a film. >> yeah for sure. >> that would leave out the possibility absolutely of becoming james bond then. >> absolutely. i think that would be more exciting. >> you would rather do that. >> well become part of the fabric of creating john luther. james bond rumor is often is complement to me but it is not necessarily mine at all. but john luther is something that i could see happening. >> i want to ask about beast of no nation. sour scary good. you are father, manipulator, you were everything in this movie. >> what are we to be doing with this thing? >> this thing? it is just a boy.
8:24 am
>> a boy. a boy is nothing. a boy is harmless. dawes boy have two eyes to see. >> two eyes see. >> why are you saying a boy is nothing? a boy is very very dangerous. do you understand me. >> the film is how they recruit kids to become soldiers in africa. and you see they are so young. with that is character hard to play? >> definitely. you know, being a dad and, you know, being a family. having to realize that actually there are people out there that prey on kids like that. take them away and turn them into monsters like that. that is an absolute reality. so it was a struggle to digest that. but it was an important film for me. one of the most important because it highlights an epidemic that still happens to this day and it is actually some
8:25 am
of the fuel of terrorism that they can convince young people to fight for causes they don't know what they are fighting for. >> you shot the film in ghana, which is where your mother was born, correct. >> yeah. >> and you took your mom with you. >> yeah. >> how was that? >> it was spiritual. we went week or two before so we could have a holiday with her. she was so proud to take me to gha ghana. and i met my extended family of the it was really special actually. >> the terrain is frightening. >> that was real jungle. >> and you had a really scary moment there didn't you? >> i had a moment shooting on a water fall a very slippery water fall. and basically slipped and nearly tumbled into rocks but thankfully i didn't. >> you mentioned you always want to different type of role.
8:26 am
so many colt things like the wire and now we're hearing about star trek. >> one thing i definitely want to do is disappear into the role each time and just be completely -- you know, surprise myself and do something else. star trek is like i've never done anything like that and i was like i'm going to go for it. it's good. >> and you're playing the bad guy. >> i'm not at liberty to say. i've been getting trouble for saying anything nowadays. >> do you like the play the bad guys? >> always. i like to play complex characters. he's a complex character. >> luther on bbc in america and you can stream beast of no nation right now on netflix. up next the dish. the chef of one of new york's hottest restaurants made it homage to his roots. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
8:27 am
from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm nicole brewer. new this morning, camden county police are investigating after a car crashes into a building. this happened at a grocery store, at the intersection of marlton pike and berwick street in camden. one person was taken to the hospital. there is no word on their conditions. police are now investigating what caused that driver to crash. now, let's get a check on the forecast, pretty warm weather, katy? >> you said t standards at least of mid december, this is substantial warmth. we call it exceptional, in fact, and at this point we haven't had one day in december that not only was cooler than average, but have that even been average, just above average every day so far. now, looks like it will be a running theme for us. for now high pressure still on our side, tracking warmfront, bringing few speckles of green to the screen on the left-hand side of your screen right now,
8:28 am
don't worry about that here, really just going to see mixture of clouds, sunshine, right now, temperatures in the upper 40's, even low 50's already, along the shore points, some of the warmth that's down south is headed our way. so, what's it mean for the future? well, it will be a 70 degrees day tomorrow. mid december. not bad. rain arrives monday. but it is still mild. nick snow. >> all right, katie, thank you. next update 8:57. i'm nicole brewer, see you then.
8:29 am
8:30 am
chef justin smillie was born in california. he was raised in new jersey and has worked in some of new york city's top restaurants. at just 17 he worked bernards inn. jean-george's kitchen. and the legendary barbuto. >> he pays tribute to his california roots with his seasonal rustic dishes. his new book was just released and we're thrilled to welcome justin smillie to the dish. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here.
8:31 am
and what do we have here? >> slow roasted carrot with salsa verde. and short ribs. and radish and lemon and slow cooked pilenta. >> that's what this was. i had never heard of a watermelon radish before. tell us about the cookbook. >> my favorite thing about cooking is sharing time with family and friends. and the aim of the cookbook was really to get people to get back into the kitchen and kind of share these experiences with each other. >> that is kind of what you started in your interest in cooking to begin with, right? the family experience. >> yeah. family experience. and kind of that earliest food memory. i've been chasing it ever since
8:32 am
i was a kid. >> you have worked with some of the best. when you have that kind of experience is there a moment you think it is time to strike out on my own? >> you get to the point where you cook other people's food for so long and you start to develop a palate and your own ideology and values and i just wanted a place where i could share all my travels and work with people. >> we mentioned barbuto. you two have a good relationship. >> i met jean when i was 21 at washington park. it was a transformative experience because i went from the very fancy french restaurants and super fine dining and jean just had this natural ease. and i think what we both share is a real appreciation for simple pleasures. >> upland is now just over a year old. has it been evolving? have you watched it gradually
8:33 am
change in terms of the menu? >> i think it always evolves. there is always portion of the last food that you have cooked. and finding your identity in a new space in a new neighborhood in new york city. every neighborhood is a new adventure in new york. >> what is the most surprising things you have found about running your own restaurant. >> it just never stops. >> i bet. and so many young people now want your job. and think think of it as a very easy job. i'm sure you would have a different story. so what is your best piece of advice to someone coming up. >> follow your heart. follow your instincts and pay attention to the things you do. becaused a at a certain point those are the things you are going to teach and share with others. >> when you were in the green room earlier you were telling some bad jokes. >> love bad jokes. >> i do too. >> she was laughing on the set. so i want to hear one or two of those. >> what do you call a sea gull
8:34 am
that swims over the bay? >> a bagel. >> i got this one. >> why do you never trust an atom? because they make up everything. >> i have a feeling probably bring a lot of that humoro int the kitchen. if you could have this meal with any person, past or present who would that person be? >> i think my great grandmother. she started me off and got me really excited about simple food and, you know, it would be nice to share where i am now with her. >> congratulations on all your up next our saturday session
8:35 am
honoring the 100th birthday of frank sinatra. tony bennett was best of friends with the voice. so we'll talk to him about frank's influence and we'll have a special performance for the cent cent centennial. se. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfort many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on? ♪ hold on for one more day really? hey, i know there's pain.
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8:38 am
this special edition of our saturday session because it features two of america's greatest voices. today is the 100th anniversary of frank sinatra's birth. and for the occasion, tony bennett, frank's long time friend is here to honor old blue eyes. first we spoke with tony about the influence sinatra had over his career. >> what did you think about his voice. >> just a gorgeous singer. understood the art of intimate singing. >> ♪ night and day >> frank sinatra had already been making them swoon for more than a decade when tony bennett's "because of you" went to number one in 1951.
8:39 am
♪ because of you there is a song in my heart ♪ >> bennett, who was born anthony in queens, new york couldn't help but admire the older italian american singer from across the river in hoboken new jersey. >> did you see him at the paramount? i did. >> that early success earned bennett the gig as host of a summer replacement series for the perry comeau show in 1956. >> a very small orchestra and no big guess stars. so i didn't know what to do. so i just took a chance. and i went backstage at the paramount when sinatra was there doing four shows a day. and he had me come up to his
8:40 am
room and he said "what is it, kid?" to the day he died he called me kid. and i told him my problem. i said i was very nervous and -- and right away he gave me the best singing lesson i ever had in my life. he said you have to understand that the public when they come in to see you, they adore you. so they are your friends. they are not your enemies. if you look a little frightened on stage they will come up and help you out. he taught me the audience are friends. they are not enemies. once they come to see you, they are for you. you know? so it was a great lesson and a great friendship that lasted through the years. >> sinatra would pay him the ultimate complement in a profile in life magazine in 1965, saying
8:41 am
"for my money, tony bennett is the best in the business." >> what did that quote mean to you? >> it changed my whole career. all his fans came to see me. actually after that quote i've been sold out my whole career through all the years. >> but you were a pretty big star in your own right. >> yeah. but to get endorsed by the master, you know. he was my biggest influence. he and ella fitzgerald. and nat king cole. >> for you that was the best endorsement you could get. >> you couldn't get better. >> though bennett was never part of the rat pack. the two masters performed together a number of times over the years. here on the abc special adjust sinatenat "sinatra and friends."
8:42 am
>> sometimes when you have two very distinctive singers it is hard for them to do a duet. did you find that you fit. >> no it's easier. >> is it? >> the only trouble is a lo t of singers will imitate sinatra. and by doing that, they take the loss. because sinatra is sinatra. and so you have to just be yourself. >> tony is going to come on now and he's going to tear the seats out of this place for you. because he's my man, this cat. tony bennett. >> bennett now 89 has done his part to make sure sinatra is remembered. he and his wife susan founded a high school for young artists in queens to honor old blue eyes. >> because he was such a great friend we decided, my wife and i, decided to call it the sinatra school. >> he was very generous to you. >> very. he was wonderful to me. and he stayed that way my whole
8:43 am
career and to this day he was my best friend. >> and now to honor frank, a track from the silver linings, here is tony bennett, accompanied by one of the world's best jazz pianists, this is the classic "the way you look tonight." ♪ ♪ ♪ some day when i'm awfully law ♪ ♪ when the world is cold ♪ i will feel a glow ♪ just thinking of you ♪ and the way you look tonight ♪ oh but you're lovely ♪ with your smile so warm ♪ and your cheeks so soft
8:44 am
♪ there is nothing for me but to love you ♪ ♪ just the way you look tonight ♪ ♪ with each word your tenderness grows ♪ ♪ tearing my fears apart ♪ and that laugh that wrinkles your nose ♪ ♪ touches my foolish heart ♪ lovely ♪ never never change ♪ keep that breathless charge ♪ won't you please arrange it
8:45 am
♪ because i love you ♪ just the way you look tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ grows ♪ ♪ tearing my fears apart ♪ and that laugh that wrinkles your nose ♪ ♪ touches my foolish heart ♪ love ly ♪
8:46 am
♪ never never change ♪ keep that breathless charge ♪ won't you please arrange it ♪ because i love you ♪ just the way ♪ just the way you look to-night ♪ [ applause ] >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more great music from tony bennett. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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from tony bennett, accompanied by bill sharlapp. here is "the last time i saw paris" ♪ the last time i saw paris has ♪ ♪ her heart was warm and gay ♪ i heard the laughter of her heart ♪ ♪ in every street cafe ♪ the last time i saw paris ♪ her trees were dressed for spring ♪ ♪ and lovers walked beneath those trees ♪ ♪ and birds found songs to sing ♪ ♪ i dodged the same old taxi ka cabs that i had dodged for years ♪ ♪ the chorus of their squeaky
8:51 am
horns ♪ ♪ was music to my ears ♪ the last time i saw paris ♪ her heart was warm and gay ♪ no matter how they changed her ♪ ♪ i'll remember her that way ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ the last time i saw paris ♪ her heart was warm and gay ♪ no matter how they changed her ♪ ♪ i'll remember her that way
8:53 am
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♪ how great was it to have tony bennett here for frank sinatra's birthday? >> i'm in the already. >> and monday on cbs this morning, screen legend jane fonda in the note self series. now approaching 78 and not looking lying it at all, she says she's happier than ever.
8:57 am
good morning, i'm nicole brewer. american tradition, army navy football game, iconic match up takes place today, this year, g head in south philly. if your attending the game be prepared for increased security, following the attacks in san bernadino and abroad. you can catch the game on your television, right here, on cbs-3, kick off is scheduled for 3:00. but not a bad day to be at a game where tailgating, katie, pretty nice. >> you said it, actually piss tour he is being football weather the next two days, not only is the army navy game looking phenominal weather wise but so is the eagles game, that forecast for up, but quick check on storm scan to kick it off here, no pun intended, do you have hint every moisture off to the west, don't worry about that really affecting us here areas
8:58 am
of fog starting to lift, scour out, and jumping into sunday, look at the kick offer temperature bills versus eagles, nice for mid december. awesome. we expect two brand new records for the books today and tomorrow. with the highs, still warm, monday, nicole, but that's when the rain makes its next arrival. >> katie, thanks, that's it for "eyewitness news" this morning, you can always follow us on our website i'm nicole brewer. have a great day everybody. see you tomorrow.
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