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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 15, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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affect your commute. >> right now roadways looking pretty darn good. there may be little wet, katie, but i'm hoping it will dry up as we progress through the morning. >> look that way, in fact, definately seeing things clear out nicely on storm scan3, i would say no longer is the wet weather the issue, rather, it is the fact that we will start to see temperatures gradually fall. that will will take time. balls the key word here is gradual. we actually have another frontal boundary that's really going to solidify the cooler air for us come this weekend. but for now, i have to till, doesn't feel too bad. we've already hit a record this morning. the high today, has already been set at 69 degrees. that happened at 1:14 this morning. dark and early, right? that was actually breaking the record last set in 2008 tied with 1971 of 66 degrees, so off to real warm start already. but that is going to change with time here. we are going to again see the temperatures dropping off with time, any wet weather though really is winding down, what you see over even west chester county, lancaster county, that for the most part starts to
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fizzle. even if you had a fine mist, i wouldn't be shock by, that but only going to see these skies clear as the morning progresses into the afternoon. here's where we stand right now, again, already at 69 degrees, currently at 62. little hint after breeze picking up for me on the skydeck right now at the airport, you have westerly wind flow at 14 miles per hour, definitely windy, going up to the mountain us terrain, so little breezier up that way. but it is still primarily westerly wind flow, not cold arctic windchill picking up but it will be noticeable and around the region as a whole. where we expect to top off this afternoon, again, already hit much higher daytime high in philadelphia. but this afternoon, talking upper 50's, it will be brighter. it will be breezy. but it is at least going to be still above average. however, that will change. in the, the third headline there, we return to seasonable eventually. but that will have to happen courtesy of another cold front. so we outline the impact from that, and time everything out as we progress through the
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show, meisha, a we send it into you. >> thanks so much for that, katie, good morning, happy tuesday to you, if you are just waking up with us, so glad you're here, roadways looking good, katie just pointed out, not too many problems. little wet roadways, but probably will get dried out as soon as we move through the morning commute. in new jersey, 42 freeway northbound, creek road, as you push toward 295, this is basically whatting it like, so everyone driving around at this early morning, as they should, at posted speeds. and then, construction, bala cynwyd, city avenue northbound, at conshohocken state road. you can see pulled all the way out to the side. using those cones northbound tomorrow rerouted,
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rerouted, to castor avenue. all right, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. more right now on the philadelphia police officer, seriously injured, in a hit-and-run. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at police headquarters with the latest on that search, and also the officer's condition. good morning. >> erika, good morning, this is young police officer, he's just 26 years old, he's only been with the philadelphia police department for two years. now, this morning, he's waking up in the hospital. he did suffer severe head and leg injuries, but he's in stage condition, and expected to make a full recovery. meantime, his fellow officers are busy tracking down this driver. philadelphia police officer hit by speeding car and left badly injured in the grays ferry section of the city monday night. >> it is very cowardly. you'll use a car to strike a pedestrian. but a police officer, in full uniform,. >> it was just after 6:30,
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police called to the area of 27th and sears street, reports after man with a gun, investigators stay suspect first ran away, then jumped into a car, with a 18 year old woman, and 11 year old boy already inside. detective say the man sped down sears street and hit the 26 year old officer in full uniform. he put a hole about a foot wide and 2 feet long, in the front windshield. >> the suspect ditched the karat 22nd and ellsworth, and ran off, leaving his two passengers behind. meantime, eyewitnesses came to the officer's aid. putting pressure on his wounds, until an ambulance arrived. allen johnson saw everything. >> i'm glad the people in our neighborhood helped him. that's deeply appreciated because he was injured. >> he knows more people could have been hurt last night, too. eyewitnesses, say, children were playing near the narrow one way street as the suspect sped along the wrong way. could have been a whole lot worse, could have been a lot more injuries. >> now, police have not yet identified either the suspect or the officer, police
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officers have recovered the vehicle, they're still looking for the driver this morning, and they have a good ukee who they are looking for, they say they have a lot of help from eyewitnesses and those two people, who were in the car. reporting outside headquarters, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. also new this morning say a suspect possibly ak47. no details on how much cash was taken, that same gas station was robbed on friday. >> happening today, the philadelphia housing authority holds the grand opening of its newest development. "eyewitness news" at the new queen lane apartments, on the 300 block of west queen lane in germantown. the 3-story townhomes replaced highrise demolished last year. >> nine republican presidential candidates will face-off in the last debate of the year tonight, this time,
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in las vegas. terrorism and national security are expected to dominate that discussion. while donald trump will once again take the center stage, all eyes on his biggest rifle right now ted cruz. don champion reports. >> on the eve of the fifth gop debate in las vegas, donald trump blasted his rivals before an excited crowd. >> the other candidates should be thankful, because i'm giving them a chance to make total fools of themselves in front of millions of people but honestly he'll doing good job for the republican party. people are able to get their vote out. >> trump has the commanding lead in the national race for the republican nomination. according to the latest monmouth university pole, but it is a different story in the key state of iowa. seven weeks away from the caucuses there, ted cruz is gaining grounds against the billionaire businessman. on the campaign trail, cruz has been focused on national
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security. >> the enemy islamic terrorism, trying to destroy our country and our way of life in recent weeks, cruz has taken pointed jabs at marco rubio, his biggest challenger becoming a trump alternative in the race. at the debate tonight, trump will be center stage with cruz and ben carson next to him, bolstered by growing support in new hampshire, new jersey governor chris christie will also return to the main stage. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the department of homeland security is supposed to announce changes to the government's terror alert system. sources tell cbs news, that the obama administration will not scrap the currencies tell but rather modify it. the new alert reportedly similar to intelligence bulletins at the fbi and homeland security, shared with law enforcement agencies around the country. >> meanwhile, president obama made rare visit to the pentagon for a briefing on threat facing the us and the
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fight against isis. later, he offered the first public details about the activities of us special forces, who were sent to fight isis in syria. the president said the forces have started helping local groups cut off supply lines used by millitant. he had a message for the terrorists. >> isil lead kearse not hide, and our next message to them is simple. you are next. >> on thursday, the president is scheduled to visit the national counter terrorism center. he'll attend briefing on any possible threat to the u.s. over the holidays. >> a maryland man under arrest accused of receiving $8,700 in payment from people associated with isis. the fbi says muhammad told them an isis operative wanted him to conduct an attack on american soil. he said that he wanted to scam the money from the terrorists. the fbi sales it discovered he pledged his allegiance to isis in may, and discussed bomb g
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with his contact. >> couple of automatic weapons, really terrorism. >> never discussed specific plot in the on line correspondence, the fbi intercepted, he said at one point he told his brother he had a higher plan that involves something here in the u.s. and he was ready to die as a matter. >> jurors in baltimore will resume deliberations today in the manslaughter trial of officer william porter. porter is the first of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. gray died while in police custody in baltimore last april. prosecutors say porter abused his power, by failing to save gray's life after the man was injured in the back of a police van. still ahead this morning, bill cosby is fight willing back against some of his accusers, now he's suing them. hear why illegal experts say cosby is taking the women to court. >> also, the stars were out in force last night, for the highly anticipated premiere of the new star wars movie.
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we'll take you to the red carpet for some of the biggest premiers in hollywood history. also, just in time for christmas, new rules for drone owners. the new registration requirement, and just how much it will cost you to sign up. >> ♪ >> live look at the center city christmas village. out of the woods this morning with the rain, but oh, katie's forecast, coming up next. >> ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> oh, the force is strong with that one. the worlds premiere of star wars the force awakens draws a guest list worthy of the oscars. movie executives predict this could be the first film ever taken $3 billion world-wide. suzanne marquez on the red carpet for all of the excitement in hollywood. >> hollywood boulevard, shutdown for what might be the biggest movie premiere ever. the length of two full city blocks, with a covered carpet longer than the oscars. the inside resembling galaxy
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far, far away. >> what do you think, when everybody says this is the biggest carpet ever, are you really impressed? >> not yet. because i can't see the ends of it. >> and that's what's kind of scary, right? >> yes, it is, it is. >> it was a who's who of hollywood, from character actors in the original cast, including r2 d2, a beards dollars mark hammell, kerry fisher tonight brand new faces for new generation of star wars fans. >> i feel sexy. it feels fantastic. intergalactic sexy, universal sex. >> i it is a franchise that spans three decades, and the anticipation overseeing this film is greater than it's ever been. the stars were just as excited as the fans who have cam camped out for days to see it. >> i saw it, i couldn't speak for about a day afterward. i'm feeling incredibly excited. feeling grateful that everyone's here, friends being
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family, fans of the movie. and a lot of people who work on the film. so look being forward for everyone to see. >> and you have seen it? >> yes. excited to see it again. it was real a blur the first time. >> now, a big premiere, a chill night, and for the folks who are waiting for opening night, they still have three more night of this. reporting in hollywood. i'm suzanne marquez, cbs news. >> must be chilly out there, got hat on and everything. >> seems like everyone getting excited for the star wars movie that includes the arizona department of transportation. they are chanelling the force with this sign warning drivers, can you see it, there aggressive driving is the path to the dark side. yes, clever. they've gotten an lot of response to this, positive response. and the transportation department tweeted, quote, we are glad the star wars message made you smile. we want you to remember the message and aggressive driving. always nice that you pick up star wars reference, help improve safety on the roads. all right, moving to the nor cast, katie, the rain is it getting out of here for your
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morning commute? >> looking good at this point in terms of any wet weather issues. in fact, we don't have too many at this point. storm system responsible namely the cold front for our area is getting swept taught sea, actually, it is rapidly intensifying as it goes, good thing it is getting out of here. meantime, temperatures are going to slowly transition from above average to eventually something seasonable, i mean, so far we haven't had one single day that was even average, everything's been above the average. now, already, if you have been with us already, you know we do already have new record even as of today. so already, i should update those for you, at 24 degrees, above average, with today's high. we hit 69 degrees, at 1:14 to be exact, not being specific or anything, on the nose, but it does make new record for the day. storm system that you can see all of the snow, the ice, the rain along with it, but that's now becoming more of atlantic canada problem. so inbetween areas of low and high pressure, going see that wind tunnel effect kick up. that does mean it will be
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little blustery out there today. meantime, temperatures do eventually start to take a little bit after downhill climb or downhill drop as we head with the forecast, new cold front coming along come thursday, see cold air gets wrapped up behind it, that cold front bridges fresh rain, sends temperature on little downward spiral. hey, you might actually need winter coat come this weekend, that's change every pace, right? hit 69 degrees, temperatures trends down through the day, so level off, still above average for the time of year, but about 59 degrees at best this afternoon specifically. later tonight we drop to 43, the winds starts to calm down little bit. still clear. it is cooler. but that's still a lot closer to typical daytime highs for these overnight lows the next if you days, friday looking at lore in seasonable, might be lingering shower, then saturday, finally, some below average weather. low 40's, so it will feel a lot colder by comparison, meisha. >> hey, winter jacket? what's that?
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>> we forget now don't we? >> i know t happy tuesday to you if you are just waking up, grabbing the first cup of coffee, looking at the vine, vine now all open. both in the westbound and the eastbound direction. although you can't really see any traffic coming through the eastbound side. getting report both the eastbound and westbound on the vine are now open. which is great news. because we need that right now as we push through the 5:00 hour. moving forward, 95, taillights moving in the southbound direction, this is at academy road. looking good. both directions really. you can see, 95, usually starts to heat up in the 5:00 hour. starting to see that both directions southbound and northbound on 95. so, looking good there. all things considering, construction in bala cynwyd, city avenue north of conshohocken state road, you can see behind these trees right here, little difficult to see, penndot moving the cameras, two lines, what you are driving through, if you like my artwork, this is where you are driving through the construction area right now.
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ninety-five north is closed, update coming up in about 15 minute, erika, back to you. >> bill cosby is firing back. the comedian filed counterclaims against seven of his accusers. alleges the women made sexual allegations for financial gain. cosby kept low pile for months, as dozens of women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and assault. criminal defense attorney is weighing in on the latest development. >> i'm sure there are a whole host of strategic reasons why he did there is ranking anywhere from the fact that his insurance company has gone to court to say we don't have to cover him. this is beyond the scope of our coverage. so he's on hits own. these legal bills will be astronomical. that's probably one of the reasons why he filed the counter suit. >> cosby's lawyers say the quote false opportunistic have suffered him to cost loss of
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jobs, and seeking commence tori and community damages. >> army sergeant bo beg dall will face court marshall. charges against him include desertion. sergeant bergdahl was held captive for five years by the taliban after walking on post in taliban in june of 2009. he was freed in exchange for five detainees in guantanamo bay. 5:00, to haven't had to use the heat in the last few days, but good news when do you have crank it up this winter. also one of the hole he is -- hottest holiday decorations but an easy target for grinches. you what need to know before you buy those fancy
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>> hype, my name is tech sergeant ray williams, jr. representing philadelphia, pennsylvania. i would like to wish my family back home a merry christmas and happy new year out at joint base in washington.
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>> good to see. a warning for residents this morning. thieves are targeting these lazer christmas lights. laser powered star showers have been stole friend several yards in vineland, cumberland county. the those decorations produce colored laser light dots, which illuminate on the homes, makes it look like you have lights up. they say the thieves act quickly. >> i had didn't even get a chance to go upstairs, they stole it that quick. >> the lowest of the low he, christmas light. >> upsetting. >> i was mad. because like it is just like so plane, looks like ordinary house on the block. >> those decorations cost about $40. police say if you buy a star shower secondhand, make sure it comes in the box. >> well, one popular toy topping many christmas list this is year, drones, experts predict 700,000 will be bought as gift this year. but that new toy now comes with a requirement you have to register with the government. kris van cleave has the details. >> when the faa registration website goes live next monday,
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current drone owners will have two months to register. newly purchased devices will have to be registered before taking polite. >> i think it does add level of seriousness to the operation of the drone. >> former faa is cyst at any time administrator scott ben franklinner. >> do they need. >> to have drone registration program. >> i think the faa suggest egg, how do we educate new users, by creating this registry now direct link to every user, which will allow us to do tremendous amount of education. >> faa hopes that education will prevent more close calls in the air. new report identified 158 incidents in the last two years, where a drone came within 200 feet of another aircraft. twenty-eight times the pilot had to take evasive manouvers. there is there has never been confirmed collision between a drone and another aircraft. the new registration system will require drone owners to give their name, mailing address and e-mail, and pay a 5-dollar fee. the faa will wave that 5-dollar registration fee for
5:26 am
the first 30 days, all operators will be give answer identification number that has to be put on their drones, and that number could get to be pretty high. new on-line pole found 35% of americans hope to own a drone. kris van cleave, cbs news, reagan national airport, virginia. well, when you're out buying presidents drone or not, don't forget about our "joy of sharing" toy fest. you can help spread holiday joy by picking up new unwrapped toy, and then brinking it to one of the drop off location, we have list of all of the locations at fest. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we will take you to the emotional tribute to teen killed, while just riding his skateboard. also: >> you know working in this courthouse is a lot like being in a wild west again. you just never know what's going to happen. >> like getting caught in the middle of escape attempt. see this? see how the district attorney returns into real crime fighter.
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>> ♪ >> oh, he stole the show, when he sang for pope francis. now that boy with the voice after angel has new song out just in time for christmas. katy? >> what a beautiful voice. we are looking ahead to a blustery day, by comparison, but it is still mild out there, even though cold front has since crossed through, will turn even colder. full details coming up. erika? >> thanks so. also, meisha tracking the tuesday morning commute when we come right back. good morning.
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>> well known high school football player killed while riding a skateboard. now the community is coming together to remember the teenager whose life was cut short. we'll take you to the emotional tribute coming up. hard to believe, but we already hit another record high before the sun even came up. >> this happened while were you sound asleep. just another day of wild december weather. and it has been feeling so nice, coming into work every morning, these temperatures, just can't believe it, kate. >> i what blows my mind, i still hear the birds churning. >> isn't that crazy? >> you said that yesterday. and i thought about it this morning, and it is crazy. adorable, though.


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