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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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you might not be used to wearing a jacket out there, but it will only get cold they are weaken, so bundle up if you have the last minute holiday errands to run. i'm nicole brewer. erika von tiehl off this day. >> it will start to feel more like winter. lauren casey, yes, it will be in the 40's, will feel freezing will feel so cold,
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near record warmth, unseasonable temperatures we've had for the month every december and the month of november. so far, we will take brief pause from that as we head into the upcoming weekends berks right now we're squeezing the last of the moisture out of the atmosphere right now, with a passing colds front. still seeing few light showers and sprinkles, working through parts of the area, mainly south and east of philadelphia, but we did have little light shower pass through over the last hour, now some shower activity pushing into moorestown, but as we head into the afternoon, that shower activity sprinkle activity will start to taper off. temperatures chilly right now, 44 degrees in philadelphia, we're in the 30's in the poconos, temperatures dropping off down the shore will continue to cool as we head into the next couple of hours, check out some of our temperature drop-office over the last 24 hours, down nearly 15 degrees in wildwood from this time yesterday. and that colder air is going to be settling in for the weekends ahead, waking up to the freezing mark tomorrow morning, high only of 40,
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sunday, 46 degrees, we start sunday morning in the 20's, for the first time this season. we will talk more about bitter windchill temperatures, throughout the weekend, and then when we warm up to near record levels again, coming up in just a few. >> lauren, thank up. the wait is finally over, star wars the force awake sense out in theatres. right here in philadelphia, at the franklin institute, we have one of the only theatres in the world smoke the movie in i max film. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo caught up with very first viewers. >> a force keeps attracting crowds to theatres, from last night to beyond, delaware valley star wars fans are waiting in long lines to see the seventh installment of the storied film franchise. >> hearing the old cast is back, along with new characters, i've been so excited. >> franklin institute i max these is her filming around the clock as some of the first views walked out the verdict was clear. star wars the force awakens lives up to the height.
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>> it was pretty good h couple of trists in the end. >> i was happy, i was sad, all really mad all at the same time. >> it was wonderful both for nastolgic, people like myself that watched the original as well as for folks that hadn't lived through that, that were new to this area, it was really great. >> fans who watched at the franklin institute are in for unique experience, venue only one of 20 world-wide it show the move any i max film, it pure he is format. perfect for life-long fans. no matter how short. >> basically my whole entire life. >> derrick dephilipo, well pass his bed time for the show, looks like fans of the patties stay up late. >> i am on the dark side for sure. >> spotted the emperor himself too, after all, sleeping in won't get to you a galaxy far far away. >> we actually ordered them on line, way in advance. >> ticket here are hot come odd tip, all of the friday shows are sold out.
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looks like your best bet is overnight on the weekend, my tickets are safe, because i've got my bodyguard. and i've got this guy too. at the franklin institute, jan carabeo, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> jan's in good company. well, switching gears, loads and loads of food being hauled down to south philadelphia this noon. take a look at all of the trucks lines up here which are taking food to philabundance, to help those in need. rahel solomon is live for us on the grounds at citizens bank park where the food is being unload. great cause here, rahel, good morning. >> reporter: fantastic, nicole, about 7800 trucks, so you can just imagine how much food are on these trucks right now. i'll step out of your way so you can see it more leslie see all of the activity that's happening down here. now here's how it works. primarily a toyota dealers association, local toyota dealers association event with philabundance, but some local organizations so the money
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raise from the all of the companies, all of the organization it is goes to buy the food for families who need it, 250,000 meals, that's how much food i'm told was purchased, as a result of this event. and soap, you see all of these trucks and the pallet of food, those are the non-perishable food items to make it to the families who so badly need it. now you can see all of the trucks, 78 trucks again, i'm told that they were escorted here to south philly to citizens bank park by philadelphia police so quite the site, yep, very fun event for all of who get to give back, participate, but also very serious issue for all of the families, the communities that need it. >> i don't think most people understand the dire situation every hung nerve our area, one in seven people who face hung nerve this country and if the philadelphia area, it is much higher. it is one in four people who face hunger.
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so the faces of hungary are a lot of faces, a lot of poor, children who face hunger ... >> and this is the ninth year for the hall away hunger event for philabundance, and they say that this is the first time that they've been table take some of the monday that i was raised and save it so they'll be able to use some that far money later in the year, they say, this is certainly an issue that affect families year out. so holiday event, it happens here in december, but it will go and help families throughout the year. rahel solomon, "eyewitness news". >> puts it into perspective one in four, rahel, thanks. with christmas just week away, some people are staying up all night shopping. yes, they're getting it in. "eyewitness news" at kohl's in cherry hill where the stores in the midst of 170-hour shopping marathon. one shopper we spoke to is visiting from california. >> it is convenient for me because i'm on pacific time. so i'm awake anyway.
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so i get to come out with my mother and spends some quality time with her. >> it is crunch time. but recent pole shows only about quarter of americans were finish with their christmas shopping, the lowest number by the way in more than a decade. >> so are you a last minute shopper, need some stylish ideas? coming up in about 15 minutes, the editor in chief of philadelphia style magazine has some great gift ideas, just for you. that's coming up. right now, upper darby police officer finds himself on the other side of the law. "eyewitness news" was there when officer bradrot turned himself into delaware county authorities this morning the the 15 year veteran accused of stealing and tampering with items from the upper darby police evidence room. district attorney will hold news conference on the case at 1:00. we do have some breaking news for this noon. after three days of deliberations, philadelphia jurors reached averred in the trial of kathryn knott. she was found guilty of wreckless endangerment, simple assault, and conspiracy in a attack on gay couple in center city last year.
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jurors acquitted her of aggravated assault charges. two of knott's co-defendant previously pleaded guilty, and were sentenced to probation. 12:08. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" mother teresa will finally become a saint. what the vatican did today to pave the way to canonization. and look back at her visit here to our area, as well. don't let this happen to your christmas tree. triple a has advice on keeping your family safe this holiday season. >> captain robin fink "el" stop stationed with the combine joint task force corn of africa, east africa, wanted to wish a merry christmas, happy new year, to all of my friends and family in mt. laurel, new jersey new
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mother teresa on path to sainthood nearly two days after her death. pope francis has approved decree that attributes second miracle to the person who dedicated her life to caring for the poor. jonathan has that story. >> mother teresa, will soon be saint theresa. after pope francis said she cured a worshipper's illness. it happened in 2008, after theresa's death, when a breast qual yan man with brain tumors was suddenly tumor free. vatican credited his prayers to mother teresa, the second of two required miracles recognized by the
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vatican. stomach tumor vanished after praying to the catholic nun. visitors at the vatican today, expressed their admiration. >> shy is always a good exam example to the world. when you see a person that's suffering it, doesn't much like his religion, or where a -- where a person comes from that you try to have to help the person. >> for most of her career mother teresa cared for the sick and the poor in india. the late pope john paul ii now also a saint waived the usual five year waiting period for the beautification process, fast tracking theresa's past to sainthood. >> jonathan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is 12:12 right now, time to check your philadelphia job market report. but first mother teresa as we said visited our area in 1995. this is actually video of her visit to chester as she drew a crowd, and since then, katharine drexel herself was canonized, and is now st. katherine drexel. we'll have much more on mother
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teresa's local visit tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> right now we want to pick up where i left off. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger takes a look at a growing field. >> do family get together sometimes leave you feeling like you need an interpreter? turns out you're not alone. the government reports demand for inner prep ers and translaters is sky-rocketing. translaters, interpreters are not interchangeable. interpreters on the spoken word, translaters deal with the written word. many translate remembers able to work from home. globalization every business is droving growth in the field. there are other factors that play, too, for instance, interpreters often employed in courtrooms, hospitals, and schools. as the us becomes increasingly more differs, those professionals who specialize in law and healthcare should have their choice of jobs. wages vary based on expertise
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and employer, but the average pay for inner prep ers un, nearly $45,500. one big plus to this field, it can't be fully automated. compute verse made the work more efficient, but they have yet to do a better job than humans. i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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the most wonderful time of the year. but authorities want to make sure a small mishap won't ruin the holiday fun. local firefighters teamed up with triple a to do christmas tree safety demonstration. now, they are warning the public to properly tie a tree to your car and to carefully monitor the lights to avoid this, to avoid fires. there is an average of 210 home fires per year that start with christmas trees. and that's scar toy see what can happen if you're not
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careful, yes. >> that's terrifying, my gosh, i'll go home and check my tree. >> and triple a always has great information, so great resource. but let's talk about this forecast, lauren, it will really feel like winter. >> you know, hoping to put your slipper on, cozy up by the fire, drink the hot cocoa, all of that good stuff, you will be able to do that this weekend. temperatures will take a big dive. it will be brief before we warm back up approaching the christmas holiday, since we are not used used to it, it will feel extra extra extra cold i think this weekend, because our trends has been for such warmth so far this month. check out all of our days above average, we will see in just a second, but first, let's get live look at center city, clouds still in place, i've seen couple of peaks of sunshine breaking out there, over the last hour or so. and as we head into the rest of the afternoon the trend is for the sunshine coming to an end. there it is, our calendar of december so far. all of the above average days, all of them, and most of them
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significantly above average, and we are well on our way to having the warmest december on record in philadelphia. but, temperatures right now, not warm. 44 degrees in philadelphia, we've been slowly cooling throughout the morning, temperatures in the middle 40's, in the lehigh valley, and that cooler air building in on that northwesterly wind flow. and we do have breezy conditions, as well. win speeds up around ten to 15 miles per hour, correcting, yes, to windchill. it feels like 30's right now, in philly, feeling like 20's, in the poconos, feeling like 30's, in atlantic city, and as we head into the evening hours, if you are headed out on a friday night, you will need to bundle up. windchills down into the 30's, and eventually down into the 20's, as we wake up on your saturday morning. and windchills will stay sub-freezing, for most of the area, as we head through all of the day tomorrow. so it will feel specially coal. but for today, 49 degrees, we already hit high temperature for the day, slow cooling for the rest of the day, northwest winds still breezing, decreasing clouds over night tonight, mostly clear, dropping down to 32 degrees,
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that would tie for our coldest temperature of the season so far in philadelphia. with those breezy conditions, storm scan3, showing us, just few showers still persisting, couple sprinkles south and east of the city, few showers lingering into this afternoon, and this evening, mostly clean overnight tonight, couple of snow showers working through the poconos, and as we look into tomorrow, couple of scattered snow showers still in the higher elevations otherwise, a lot of sunshine to be had elsewhere across the area. but if you are spending the weekends at the cabin you will see little bit of snow. we could see just we bit of accumulation, again, in the poconos, higher elevations could see about dusting, as we head into the night tonight. and through the first half of the day tomorrow. and your eyewitness weather forecast, feeling much more like winter for the last weekend of fall. mostly sunny, blustery on both days, starting in the 20's for the first time this season on sunday morning, 46 for the high, then we rebound to near report warmth as we approach christmas eve, next thursday, 65, would break the records
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high temperature. nicole? >> it is crunch time, you have less than a week to get the holiday shopping done. if you want to get something really special, something stylish, we have great ideas for you, from very special, very stylish lady herself, kristin, the editor in chief of philadelphia style magazine. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you came prepared? >> i think we did. >> it is crunch time for sure, time to go shopping. >> yes, and we want to start off with the really luxurious side, because sometimes you want to really dive in, get something special for that special someone. it can be your one big gift. we have options for men and women. so foremen i think any man will agree you can't have too many watches in your time piece wardrobe. from bernie robbins, stainless steel watch, blue dial, very dressy but still perfect for every day. >> yes. >> for women, we have two options, we have beautiful diamond tear drop earrings, totally classic, then beautiful 18 robert coin stretch bracelet.
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>> bracelet really nice. >> beautiful. >> real beautiful. on the tech side of things, everybody likes a good gadget these days. but i was real surprised to hear that these clutch bags come tech savvy as well? >> little surprise inside. so in addition to being beautiful colors, real wonderful leather inside the secret is inside. they have little pouch with a adapt at the, so you can charge your phone, get two full charges, and they're great. tuesday as a clutch or casino of like catch all bag in your purse. >> that's for the laid ills. how about the guys? >> guys blue tooth wireless speakers, great foremen of all ages, found them at century 21, variety of price .30 to $90. >> when you talk about beauty products, a lot of people assume it is for women. but you're saying don't assume that. because you have got great ideas for both? >> yes, i think men like products, but they wouldn't be as incline or don't want to admit it, inclined to go out and buy them. so, for women we have great gift set from avada, found
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ruzzeri spa and salon, foremen, starter kit, all sort of lotions and positions, shave gel, about $40, i love both of these gift for maybe a traveler, you know, perfect for somebody who is on the go and just needs smaller sample sizes. >> real nice. and you know, when you talk about travel, getting away, maybe giving an experience of some kinds? >> perfect for anyone, couples, looking for great couple gift, borgada spa and casino, a lot of, winter ready treatment, pool, you can have a full day there. feel like you're getting away but not be going too far. >> absolutely, because atlantic city so super close, a loft great restaurant, too. >> yes, don't forget those. >> don't forget. that will which bridges me to the next item, host tell gift. a lot of times looking for something like the default go to gift foreman or woman. and you can't go wrong with a little cannedy? something you can nibble on? >> never go wrong with candy almost for anybody on your list hostess in particular, streets confections, base in the conshohocken, local
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company. so you can go in store or on line, variety of price points, all kinds of great winter flavors like pepper minute barkann gingerbread. so something for everyone. >> that's wonderful. kristin, always great to have you here. i know little goblets, does that go with the theme of host tell gift? >> glassware, stem wear is always great, philly theme coasters, found these at scarlet alley in addition to those gifts they have a ton of other great gifts, as well. >> wanted to sneak that in there. thank you so much. all right, kristin, thanks again. you definitely saved our butts. >> thank you. >> more ideas and the latest edition of philadelphia style magazine out right now. get shopping. not much time. we're coming right back.
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>> we have a very worthy cause to tell but this noon. this morning truck filled with hundreds of toys made its way to children's hospital of philadelphia. those toys were collected by houlton's heroes, non-profit organization based out of marlton, new jersey it, provides support, information and therapy to children with post birth taught i can brain injury. it was founded today, so we wish them lots of success. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm nicole brewer. for erika, katie, who are off, lauren and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> victoria: chelsea. [ sighs ] what's the big emergency? >> chelsea: i didn't mean to worry you. >> victoria: well, you did. what's got you so upset? >> chelsea: billy. >> victoria: [ sighs ] >> chelsea: w-- wait, wait! victoria, he's drinking. >> victoria: yeah, i know. i'm well aware. >> chelsea: and he's gambling again. >> victoria: you should have called somebody else, chelsea. if billy needs help -- >> chelsea: he needs you, victoria. >> billy: i'll have a vodka, double, and, uh, keep 'em coming. >> summer: oh, gosh. i-i can't deal with him tonight. >> abby: billy? >> summer: yes. i-i want to have fun. i don't want to hear him rant about grandpa and the whole newman-abbott mess, you know? >> abby: yeah, but, um, i should still say hi. >> summer: okay, you do that.


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