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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 24, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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a state of emergency after deadly tornadoes hammer the south and midwest. also tonight, the seasons are out of what can in this first week of winter. t times are up. a deadly shooting in a mall in charlotte. as n.b.a. stars take aim at guns violence. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summer. my daughter riley is that age. >> axlerod: and santa's little helper who can't get to sleep on christmas eve. >> i'm going to tell you a story that can make you feel very sleepy! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axlerod: good evening. scott's off tonight. i'm jim axelrod. we question win with a christmas
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turned deadly by the kind of storms we don't usually see until spring. dozens of tornadoes tore through the south and midwest including the first ever recorded in michigan in december. at least eleven were killed last night, more than 60 hurt. states of emergency have been declared in georgia, tennessee and mississippi where about 100 homes were destroyed. manuel bojorquez begins our coverage near holly splrings, mississippi. >> you can see the debris. >> reporter: this tornado was on the ground for ten minutes as it tore through the town of clarksdale, mississippi. storm chasers scrambled to get out of harm's way as a tornado came right a , it is as bad as any tornado that we've had, and i have been through a lot of them. >> reporter: marvin and bernita sims were in their house watching tv when the storm hit. their home was destroyed. >> i looked up, the roof was blowing off the house and i just told her, hold on, hold on, i held on to her as tight as i
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could. >> reporter: the massive storm system that moved across the southeast yesterday spawned 29 tornadoes in six states. in perry county, tennessee, sheriff say 69-year-old ann yzaguirre and 70-year-old antonio yzaguirre were killed when a tornado hit their home. the couple just celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. one of the dead in mississippi is a 7-year-old boy killed when the car he was riding in was tossed into the air. this is the town of chulahoma, mississippi. people here lost homes and this church. a tornado clies sliced right through it. the pastor told us the congregation still plans to hold services in the parking lot. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, chulahoma, mississippi. >> axlerod: flooding is a concern in el ba, alabama. some people are packing up their christmas presents and getting
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out. millions along the east coast woke up and wondered if they slept through winter. in new york the high was 72 degrees. in july, it was 75. erieric,. >> vermont hit 68. warmest december day ever recorded. also the warmest ever recorded in norfolk, virginia and albany, new york. even midnight tonight when santa might be visiting the east seaboard, jacksonville at 69, just tremendous warmth everywhere you look. more record highs expected as we head into christmas day, especially across the southeast, widespread '70s and -- 70s and 80s, above the normal for this time of the year. on the next storm developing this weekend in the southern
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plains, bringing blizzard conditions to parts to have the southern plains, heavy rain, chance of severe weather on the eastern end. snow, west texas, western parts of oklahoma. heavy rain on the eastern end. the warmth will bring the first snow of the season into the northeast next week. >> axlerod: the forecast of extremes, eric fisher, thank you. what a difference a year makes in syracuse, new york. syracuse had nearly 28 inches of snow by this time last year. this year, less than 1 inch. the warm weather across the northeast made it coats-optional for a number of last-minute shoppers. anna werner has more on a shopping season that's run hot and cold. >> reporter: at the flemington department store in new jersey, the warm weather cooled apparel sales. owner martin resnick says most of his heavy winter clothing items are sitting. >> a lot of business in my industry went away because people just don't feel
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christmasy and they're not cold, they're not going to work and feeling cold. >> reporter: a similar story up and down the east coast. data firm planalytics estimates retailers lost over $4 million in sales from november 1 compared to the same critical sales period last year. in chicago mits sales down 15%. outerwear sales dropped 25% in tampa. freddifred fox is planalytics c. >> merchandise will be marked down 50 to 70% in january, so we're not going to make a lot of money off it. >> reporter: there are some winters in this winter warmup at some golf courses in the midwest, rounds of golf played in december have gone up over 1,000%. sales of bicycles, fishing gear and even iced tea are all up. but fox says some retailers are at risk.
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>> you know, any retailer that has been marginal, meaning they have been limping along, a season like this can definitely put them out of business. >> martin resnick says his store will survive but won't make back those sales. >> they're taking the money they would have spent in our industry and spent it elsewhere. >> reporter: fox says apparel is driven by need. who needs a doubt in this weather? on the other hand, what's bad for redaily tailers are good for consumers who should be able to purchase heavily discounted cold weather gear if not for this year, then next year. >> axlerod: we are continuing to chart major changes in the way people conduct their holiday shopping. this year, narrowly half, 46%, is expected to be done online. but we've discovered in some ways what's old is new again.
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>> reporter: from slinkys to lincoln logs, these are the hot doice boomers had to have. for some shoppers like julie berke, classic toys are still a must-have at christmastime. >> it's a nay nostalgic feelinge want our child to be able to have. (singing carols) >> reporter: it's the procrastinators in los angeles that are doing real bonding over long lines and packed parking lots. for malika meads and her son, hitting the mall on november 24 is their version of smart shopping. >> i don't want to take a chance of not getting here by december 24. >> reporter: according to a gallup poll, shoppers are spending $830 this holiday season, over 100 more than last year. in 2008 when the economy tanked, sales dropped 5% below average. in 2015, they're expected to climb at least 5% above average.
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>> this will be something in here whether you're eight or 80 that will punch the button. >> reporter: tastes have changed but dave levy of big kid collectible toy mall and retro store owner knows that one tradition that never goes out of style is a trip down memory lane. >> when a kid comes in and sees an etch a sketch or simon which is not really technically that ingenious compared to what they're doing now, it fascinates them. >> reporter: so whether you're searching for this year's hottest toy the hover board or in the mood for a nostalgic trip back to your childhood, take solace in knowing you're not alone. if you are expecting a fed ex package at your home, some deliveries are being affected by severe weather across some parts of the country, but, jim, fed ex is actually saying they will make you will for delays by delivering on christmas day and actually having some stations open till 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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>> axlerod: thank you. in chicago today several hundred protesters disrupted shopping along the city's magnificent mile. the demonstrators demanded chicago's mayor rahm emanuel resign for handling of shooting lest laquan mcdonald, the 17-year-old killed by police last year. in charlotte, north carolina, one person was shot and killed in a shopping mall today, captured on cell phone. a fight broke out then this. shoppers ran as shots rang out. off-duty officers working at the mall responded and shot one man who was pronounced dead at the scene. the n.b.a. teaming up with an anti-gun violence group for a new public service announcement that will be due tomorrow and feature some of the game's biggest stars. the league says the campaign is not a jump into politics but julianna goldman says it will no
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doubt court controversy. >> parents always say a bullet doesn't have a name on it. we can all make a difference. >> reporter: the ad campaign features n.b.a. stars carmelo anthony, joakim noah, chris paul and stephen curry, speaking in personal terms about gun violence. >> i heard about a shooting involving a 3-year-old girl over the summary. my daughter riley is that age. >> reporter: while riley curry has stolen the show, the public service announcement features people who don't often grab headlines, victims of gun violence. >> in the united states, 88 people die from gun violence every day. >> reporter: the campaign directed by spike lee and paid for everytown for gun safety, a group found bid former new york city mayor michael bloomberg to push back against the national rifle association. >> it's safety breaking. >> reporter: gun control is never directly mentioned by the ad marks the n.b.a.'s entry into the polarizing debate over guns, a first for a professional sports league and largely led by
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the players who are increasingly using their celebrity to draw attention to community violence. >> the guns should never be an option. >> reporter: like anthony seen marching with protesters in his hometown of baltimore last april following the dead of freddie gray who suffered a final injury while in police custody. >> i've seen so many of my peers and friends lose their life to gun violence. one day they're here, the next day they're not due to gun violence, violence, period, and now i'm in a situation where my voice can be heard. >> reporter: the n.b.a. did not respond to request for comment and said it's not advocating changes in laws or policy. the campaign got the endorsement of one gun carol advocate, president obama, who said he's proud of the league for taking a stand and change requires all of us speaking up. >> axlerod: thank you very much. no one wants to spend christmas eve at the airport but some holiday travelers may have.
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here's mark strassmann. >> raise your hand in your flight is still going. >> reporter: in a throng of stranded travelers -- >> do you think you can get out today? >> reporter: a family of five flies to chicago to see relatives every christmas but today stormy weather canceled their weather twice. >> we usually leave on 24, never had this problem. >> reporter: new screening rules meant longer lines and shorter patience for passengers like debbie king. >> i mean, we're people, we're humans, not cattle. >> reporter: for many flyers, turbulent weather jostled hopes of smooth travel. in the last 48 hours, more than 9,000 flights were delayed and almost 1,000 more were canceled. but the record 91 million people hitting america's roads, 2 million more than last year are getting an early christmas gift. the national average is $2 a
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gallon for gas, 37 cents less than last year. so far, on average, drivers have saved $550 at the pumps this year. robertson claire is with tri aa. >> this is the cheapest gas in roughly six and a half years and people are taking advantage of it. >> reporter: in atlanta, the stockdales were out of options. the first available flight to chicago leaves in the morning. >> it's worth it, but, still... i'm frustrated. >> reporter: the stock deals bought their ticket last july, got to the airport early this morning. they did everything right. but for them, jim, christmas in chicago will have to wait one more day. >> axlerod: mark mark, thanks very much. in his christmas eve homily, pope francis called on christians to live as jeez with empathy, compassion and mercy.
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he criticized a society he called so often intoxicated by consumerism. tomorrow, tens of thousands will pack st. peter's square for the pope's traditional christmas day blessing. coming up next, getting a business off the ground by sleeping on the couch. the actor robert downey, jr. gets the news he was looking for. and the feel-good story of the night when the cbs evening news continues. itestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. someone's making quite an impression. this holiday season, select crest whitestrips are buy one, get one free. iit's just a cough.ur cough, you'd see how often you cough all day and so would everyone else. new robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to twelve hours. new robitussin 12 hour cough relief. because it's never just a cough. the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way.
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>> reporter: they both poured in all their savings and quit their day jobs to focus on the company. this left them more time to plan but less cash to get by. >> i just slept on the couch. >> reporter: schnakenberg listed his) l.a. apartment on airbnb and in less than four months made the $15,000 they needed to kick start their business. >> when you start a business your most important asset is time. this basically freed up the time it would take to earn the income and a you can't put a price tag on that. >> reporter: there are 17 billion-dollar companies in a shared economy where retailers are sold person to person. 155 million guests slept in an airbnb last year, 22% more than hilton hotels. uber gets more business travelers than taxies. and over the next ten years, the
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"share economy" will be worth times more than what its is now. profits have soared in the past year. erik schnakenberg and sasha koehn built a physical store 20 feet from the apartment to make it possible. >> i slept on someone's couch to gave me the opportunity to own my own business. that's a no-brain snore still less than 20% of americans participated in the new sharing economy but growing fastest with adults over 45 who are rethinking the value of ownership, jim? >> axlerod: anthony mason, thank you very much. next, a nativity scene that didn't go as planned. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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in 1999. the pardon doesn't erase downey's conviction but does restore his right to vote. after centuries of being performed, the last thing you might expect from a nativity scene is an ad-lib. but watch this goat in dallas jump right into the manger. the show went on after the actors regained their composure. now to the sound of pure happiness. that's a six-week-old polar bear cub getting a checkup at the toronto zoo. the sound is called trilling, which zookeepers tell us is a sign of extreme contentment. up next, a book that can put any kid to sleep, even on christmas eve.
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>> axlerod: on a night when so many kids have a hard time getting to sl ep, we hav vanitar has the story to end the broadcast. >> reporter: like most 2-year-olds, hudson cowen is not a fan of nap time. >> that is one of the biggest issues for parents is how do i get a child to go to sleep. >> reporter: that's why his mom bailey gaddis is eager to try the book that promises to soothe a child into slumber. >> i am going to tell you a story that can make you feel very sleepy. >> reporter: it's called "the rabbit who wants to fall aslleep." the yawns are written into the story. the characters have names like the "heavy eyed owl" and "the sleepy snail." there are even notes when you should read slowly. >> allow yourself to fall asleep... >> reporter: it worked on hudson. it's worked on so many kids it's become an amazon best seller in
6:57 pm
the u.s. and five other countries. that is rare for one book yet alone one self-published with el administrations drawn by a friend. swedish author and behavioral scientists carl-johan ehrlin said he came up with the idea watching his mom sleep in the car. >> i woke her up and told her, i've got this great idea and we have to write this down and started to look tore paper everywhere. >> reporter: how did you test it? >> i went to pre-schools and asked them to read it when they have group nap time. they did for a week and they were pretty amazed. >> reporter:. >> reporter: some people can fall asleep right away -- i was curious if it worked on my own son. it didn't happen immediately. but when i read it the second time, he fell asleep. but it doesn't work on every child. a quarter of the amazon reviews are just one stamplet big, fat freaking fail, said one parent. my children hate this book and
6:58 pm
begs me not to we are it. other experts say kids need fall asleep on their own. but gaddis says it's been a life safer for their family. it's really effect i around put me to sleep. >> reporter: isn't that the dream of every parent? vanita nair, cbs evening news, new york. >> axlerod: that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for scott pelley, i'm jim axelrod. merry christmas and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the new fe more. >> mariah carey's new holiday project. >> plus, inside how hollywood is celebrating the holidays. it's what's coming up right now on -- >> "entertainment tonight." >> he basically took -- >> t cookie, the traveling, see how the do it all, too. >> we like to kill our ow holiday dinner. then -- on s with mariah. the christmas movie director talking love andkids. >> i think they're causing a little bit ofhavoc, they have no filter. plus, le ann rimes' new cd. also -- our night with gloria andmi


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