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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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baylor. zone wasn't effective early. that hurt them. the confidence built with the deep shot. marvelous job he's done there. i was there early on -- maybe the first year or second year. a renaissance. >> verne: the program was almost dead. it was in complete disarray. scott took the job, he had one year at valparaiso -- oh, boy, the lutherans are going to be upset with me. >> bill: that's his shot. saw him bang a bunch of those against georgetown last year. >> verne: 4:20 to go. prince. >> bill: nice footwork. >> verne: and i think he got traylor leaving his feet.
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>> bill: you can't leave this guy alone. cling out late permits that entry. good looking pass in the pock. >> verne: over the course of the season this kansas team -- saw greene make that three -- hitting 45% from beyond the arc as a team and tonight they're nine of 16. >> verne: ellis on for mickelson. >> bill: nice round of applause. well deserved by that >> bill: place where legends are made. upon offense. 87 points per game. fifth in the country. 51% field goal percentage. look at the three-point
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percentage, and they've exceeded that. here is prince. greene back -- oh, boy. brannen greene. underneath. dangerous.
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connecting one amazing super bowl moment to the next. and for this super bowl, we're charging our game forward for all fans. introducing the limited edition bud light super bowl 50 bottle. >> verne: time to revisit the at&t fast analysis. >> bill: selden covered. delivers with some nylon. the back-cut. the pass. ellis, who plays like a little guy has the mentality, the assist, knows the game, great feel and understanding, why not go to the tin. mickelson acknowledges. >> verne: at the other end
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prince is going to shoot his 11th free throw of the game. >> bill: this kansas team has averaged 18 assists a game. they're at 19 now. unselfish play. >> verne: prince is 10 of 10 at the line. want point was made by craig silver and steve milton, our producer and director in the truck that we were televising the end of the tennessee-auburn game, and this game got under way. by the time the whole country joined us it was 24-4. >> bill: unbelievable how they start. they refused the zone. kept stretching with ball movement. found the open guy. selden banged one deep. by the sideline. 30 feet. >> verne: yes. prince is perfect at the line today. 89-70.
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>> bill: baylor doesn't generally give up this number of points, verne. >> verne: 3:40 to go. >> bill: melt time. >> verne: clock is now at eight. into the corner. nice pass. nice rejection. >> bill: rico gathers. nice job by the big guy. he plugs away. nice hustle by greene. out of the play totally. they enjoy that. >> verne: jamari traylor. >> bill: they know the game in this building. >> verne: i think so. they're going to let the shot clock wind down. 3:05 in regulation. >> bill: shortening game. >> verne: that will be kansas ball. >> bill: the last one down. what a read. terrific head for the game.
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think the game. >> verne: wainright is on for rico gathers. mcclure is on the court. number 22. mason will inbound. >> bill: a couple of rebounds from another double-double. >> bill: graam happen. down the gut, unabashed, undeterred, left hand. what they do really well at the rim is body search. hang. and get the chance for a three. >> verne: graham has had a very solid game today. out of raleigh, north carolina. >> bill: multiple-position kid, can run the play when mason is not there or play alongside him. >> verne: graham has 15 points
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and four assists. he gets a rest. sviatoslav mykhailiuk is on the floor. number 10. jake lindsey, number three. >> bill: this will be a great teaching tool, i think, for baylor and their staff, all these things that kansas was able to do, even mentally not as ready as they would like. >> verne: 2:30 to go. the 92-70. they're going to get ready for oklahoma's visit here on monday night. >> bill: this place will be rocking. >> verne: bill self posed an interesting question to us. foul is called. we'll continue that. after we advise you that tonight on cbs here is the lineup. "scorpion." "ncis: new orleans." and "48 hours."
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michigan state's loss and a win today is likely that kansas will be, he thinks, number one in the a.p. poll but he also thinks oklahoma coming in, if they win tonight will be number one in the coaches' poll. >> bill: he doesn't think it ever happened before. >> verne: i think it has. >> bill: you think st. john's -- >> verne: st. john's-georgetown. yeah. >> bill: it's all about effort, concentration, great deployment and then complement it with unselfish play. >> verne: best team you have seen this year? >> bill: live? i think so. >> verne: ok. i want you to consider your judgment call because you will be quoted. >> bill: i think there are so many good teams that it depends on the night you play them what you come with. we love what carolina did. >> verne: i think so.
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>> bill: lob. >> verne: mykhailiuk couldn't quite handle it. >> bill: i like maryland at times, michigan state, when they were rolling with denzel valentine. >> verne: austin mills, senior out of beverly hills comes on. scott drew going to give him a little chance to play at allen fieldhouse. he wears number 33. gerald vick is also out on there. >> bill: kuth at times. >> verne: yeah. >> bill: they have had -- >> bill: kentucky at times. games when john was disappointed but games when they were terrific. >> verne: mykhailiuk. we talked about kansas's upcoming schedule. baylor tuesday at home against oklahoma state. then you see most of the rest of january. they get oklahoma at home on the 23rd, and here is mykhailiuk. >> bill: how about tuby, by the way down at texas tech. len-1.
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that's great. this morning, talking to scott, he was saying there is no easy out in this league. >> verne: you want to give a last name to tubby? >> bill: tubby smith. >> verne: everybody knows tubby. >> bill: got the ring. there are people that have been called that in their lifetime -- >> verne: [laughing] here we go again. >> bill: just a thought. >> verne: 1:40 -- >> bill: won at kentucky. >> verne: maston. off the mark. >> bill: i like him inside. must have dislocated a finger. >> verne: holding his thumb. tyler self coming in. oh, greene is in agony. >> bill: i think they're going to have to get the trainer over to see him. >> verne: right thumb.
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>> bill: see that hand reaching in there, all of a sudden you saw him recoil. talk about great players, danny manning, mentioned him coming in. >> verne: danny manning's son and bill self's son in the backcourt now. danny at wake forest. led that 1988 team withular rebrown to a national championship. >> bill: right there in -- with larry brown, to a national championship. >> bill: right there in kansas city. >> verne: mills. baylor is still going to be winless in this building. this is jake lindey. >> bill: they can join a lot of teams, though. >> verne: yeah. >> bill: this is such a great atmosphere. terrific basketball teams over the years. >> verne: terry maston with the basket.
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>> bill: how about that. >> verne: hello. carlton bragg. they're just one point shy of 100. maston. another. >> bill: nice player. >> verne: the crowd is urging -- i heard somebody behind us say "get 100." vick for three. >> bill: he can make shots. i know that. >> verne: pizza for everybody. >> verne: austin mills. no. >> bill: how about that. >> verne: yes. manning. crowd was ready. >> bill: no backing it out and running the clock out.
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>> verne: 102-74. for bill raftery, verne lundquist saying so long from lawrence. >> verne: kansas wins big. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. we'll send you to adam zucker in new york right after these messages.
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get started today. ♪ ♪ >> adam: hello, everyone, and welcome to "the road to the final four." i'm adam zucker. >> adam: in the game you just saw, kansas over baylor, 102-74. joined by swin cash, doug gottlieb and seth davis. if kansas is going to be number one, come the next rankings, that's how you do it. >> doug: they were incredibly impressive. i think the big 12 is the toughest conference to win in the country not just because of the number of top-10, top-25 teams but it's a double round robin, you have to play everybody twice but it works in kansas's favor. with all veterans in your starting lineup facing a baylor
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zone which is unique and i thought kansas, seth, did an incredible job of pushing in transition and getting inside-out looks. they started the game hitting all those threes and after that it was a house of cards for baylor man-to-man. >> seth: when kansas shoots this well from three-point range it's unfair, they share the ball so well, they play defense in a tough, cohesive way, this is an older team, the players have gotten better each year, wayne selden is know woof the truly breakout players in the country, a worthy number one team and i think the fact that they are poised to win their 12th consecutive big 12 title, we're a couple of months away from that in an area of incredible roster turnover, three times they have had five new starters, wabill self is doing at kansas is incredible and he has a team that could win the whole thing. >> swin: they came out with energy from the start. they knew how much was on the line and it starts with the guard play. whenever their guards are up and into the other opponent and they're pressuring out on the wing, that creates havoc and
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they get out in feel and play well in transition. when you have guard play it bodes well in march and this helps them. hitting on the inside, perry ellis, mickelson came inside and did well. they should be number one in the country. >> doug: i compare this tome to the florida team that went undefeat in the s.e.c., won the s.e.c. tournament title and lost in the final four. i'm not sure they've got an nba starter, maybe their best nba player is bragg, but this is not a team that could win the whole thing especially in the landscape of college basketball, they play oklahoma at home monday night. incredible environment. oklahoma plays iowa state tonight in norman and iowa state is going to get it going up and down, that became will be in the 90's and they have to fly to lawrence, play a team that's
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rested and feels really good about themselves after eviscerating baylor on cbs. >> adam: conference play under way and baylor winless all time at the phog. when we come back we'll catch you up on today's action. ♪ (trap door opening) rootmetrics in the nation's largest independent study tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with 153 state wins. at&t got 38, sprint got 2, and t-mobile got zero. verizon also won first in the us
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for data, call speed, and reliability. at&t got... text. stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. >> adam: welcome back to road to the final four. we watched kansas crack the century mark against baylor in their big 12 opener ask moments ago bill raftery spoke with kansas head coach bill self after an emphatic win over the bears. >> bill: great start. >> we made everything we looked at early, then we fouled too much. their best offense was us putting our hands on them and we've got to clean that up. >> bill: the coach takes credit for a lot of things but how do these kids pass so well? it's amazing how they find each other. >> we share it. we're unselfish. upon we've got several guys that can make shots.
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basically the open man is the go-to man and the guys buy into that. hopefully we'll keep that going. >> bill: how about the intellect of perry ellis. this kid really has a great feel for the game. i'm so impressed, today being particularly. >> perrewasn't a facer in the first half, got two fouls -- factor in the first half. >> perry paunt wasn't a factor in the first half. he's ay quiet, really, really good player that doesn't get near the credit nationally he deserves. >> bill: looking forward to monday night? >> happy new year. >> bill: same to you, bill. >> adam: monday night the game we mentioned championship against oklahoma, and kansas here, 102-74 over baylor, and we presume that they'll be the new number one team, and that's where we begin, doug, with a team that they would knock off from the top spot. michigan state sparty. still no denzel valentine. >> doug: up five in the first half. game gets tight.
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one-point game. matt can costello, great finish in transition. off the tum tum alley oop. bryn forbes for three. michigan state survives. playing without valentine could help them in the end as they need aaron harris to give them yet another wing scorer if they want to make a run toward houston. >> adam: costello with 15 boards in the win. >> doug: incredible improvement in his scoring. >> adam: virginia won the last eight meetings against notre dame, swin. >> swin: anthony gill, footwork. goes inside. nice move up and under and then they kick out, when the cavs are stroking it from the outside they're ay team you have to deal with. and the hustle inside, up and over, cavs early over the fighting irish. >> adam: opening conference play against mike brey up by 13 now. we have breaking basketball news, seth. kellen dunham made ay three-pointer.
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>> seth: he had only missed 21 straight which is like my college career. i was thinking it but i'll let you say it, give credit to xavier can. bounced back from the embarrassing loss at villanova. without their starting point guard. edwin sumner injured his head early in the loss, it's said after the game that he's going through concussion protocols but they were with it today on offense especially 56% from the floor. 10 of 21 from three. butler has lost two straight. >> doug: another older team. >> adam: remy abel with 21, in the win. marcus paige with the steal. one of six tar heels in double figures. >> swin: when he's getting out on the break he knows how to finish at the rim and on the other end the flush home and the nice pass across, you see joel berry able to finish.
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finished with a career-high 19 tonight. attacking the rim. they were rolling and able to get six players in double figures and finish it at home. >> adam: georgia tech has lost their last 10 a.c.c. openers. st. john's in a bit of a slump, opening 2016, doug, chris mullin and company on a four-game skid visiting providence. >> doug: st. john's lost everything last year in the face of a very good team that came back and beat butler on the road, kris dunn by my estimation the best player in the country, that's the improved part of his game, shooting it -- that's what we call a point guard. >> tom: that looks like doug gottlieb. joi thought you were going to say me. >> adam: you have been doing the chin-upsa the home. >> adam: miami only had 17 at the half but outscored syracuse 47-2006 in the second to move to
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1-0 this conference play. meanwhile, seth. duke, back-to-back 100-point performances going to boston college. >> seth: the issue is their sized in. their depth. defense a problem. amile jefferson, senior forward still out with the broken foot but remember when people wondered if brandon ingram as a freshman, when is he going to get going? also again today passing the 20-point mark, grayson allen scoring points. duke own way to winning their third straight game since the loss to utah but without jefferson they are vulnerable. >> adam: on the verge of winning their 10th straight game against boston college, now a commanding lead. great having all of you alongside to open up 2016, especially you, swin. >> swin: fun to be here, looking forward to tomorrow. >> doug: flip over to cbs sports network. me and seth have additional work with wally szczerbiak. >> swin: my husband is waiting for me.
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>> adam: my wife is waiting for me. you have fun with brent stover and wally szczerbiak. warming up. that will just about do it for today. here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. a reminder. a full slate of basketball action tonight on cbs sports network with doug and seth. george mason at v.c.u. uconn at tulane. tune in tomorrow for an nfl double header on cbs. >> adam: for all of us here at cbs sports, have a great night. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> ♪ >> i'm natasha brown. next on "eyewitness news" breaking news on the search for a missing five-year-old who disappeared on new year's eve in lehigh county. we do have new information tonight. lauren. >> and it's a chilly start to the new year but as we head into next week we're going to get arctic and i'll have the details in your forecast. >> plus an enormous powerball drawing, it's just hours away now. find out how much you could win. that's all coming up
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>> ♪ >> breaking news right now. a missing allentown five-year-old boy who disappeared from a new year's eve party has been found dead. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. dive teams found the little boy's body earlier today. "eyewitness news" reporter graying argos joins us now live from allentown where local authorities held a press conference just about a half an hour ago. heartbreaking


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