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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 3, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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leesport. pa. >> george keller was on the bank of the river saturday when he spotted something shiny. >> i went in up to about my chest and it was a tablet. we pick it up. and brought it up to the truck and called 911. >> reporter: police then cordoned off the area. >> the allentown fire department dive team at that point in time recovered the body of five-year-old jahlil vega. >> the last thing i wanted to hear. >> reporter: ricardo gonzales like so many others in allentown who search -- >> everybody stopped what they were doing, and they went looking for this child. >> reporter: says he's glad the family can now finally begin the long and painful grieving process. >> the chief of the allentown police department says this does appear to be a tragic accident. though his department is going to open up a full investigation into jahlil's death. as for the coroner did he else us an autopsy is scheduled toe 8am monday. reporting here in allentown, i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". well for many yesterday's mummers parade was a fun filled and very familiar philadelphia
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tradition, but mayor elect jim kenney and parade organizers are condemning at least some of the performances. now in this video you can see mummers painted their face brown to portray mexicans. there was also a group that called some trance phobic also they mocked transgender active visit caitlyn jenner. he tweeted our transit sense do not deserve this type of sattire/insult. also report of home faux phobia at this year's parade as well. >> bleep, bleep, bleep. bleep. >> this video caught one member of a mummers club yelling anti gay slurs while marching. the leader of the mummer group this man belonged to released a statement saying, they quote condemned the hateful speech spoken with a person marc marchg with if you began on new year's day the man you saw on that video beened from the mummers club he belonged to. he will not ab loud to march with any other club and is not
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considered a mummer any more. a new jersey woman meantime facing charges after she allegedly jumped into someone else's car and hit several other cars in atlantic city casino. eyewitness video shows the incident and the moment that security pulled her out of the car. police say 39-year-old joanna, was drunk early new year's day at the tropicana hotel and casino. she allegedly entered an unoccupied vehicle that was waiting in a valet line to be parked. then hit the other cars while trying to drive away. she's now facing self charges inn clueing dui. turning now to our weather. winter feels like it's here finally with a chill settling in around the region and colder days are even ahead of us. meteorologist lauren casey is in our weather center with the latest. hey, lauren. >> natasha, yeah, after our december being so warm, this chill that has settled in over the last couple of days feels extra chilly for us but temperatures are pretty seasonal. 34 degrees right now in
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philadelphia. bit of a breeze around 6 miles an hour our wind chill temperature at 29 down the shore we're already in the upper 20s but nice calm winds. no wind chill impact there and in the poconos we're down to 24 degrees that wind chill down into the teens. storm scan3 showing us the trend we had all day today which was amazingly clear skies. we got a nice dose of sunshine clear sky conditions across much the delaware valley low clouds starting to lift out of the lehigh valley and poconos over the last several hours. as we head into the day tomorrow, another round of sunshine in store. breezy conditions and temperatures will be seasonal once again topping in the 40s. then we are going to turn over a new winter leave as we head into monday arctic cold front blasting in and our temperatures taking a big hit monday into tuesday and by tuesday morning, our low temperatures in the city that we'll wake up will be down into the teens and we'll talk more about this forty three gentlemen forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. thanks, lauren. also tonight water from the mississippi river is finally starting to recede after record
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flooding leaves at least two people dead. two dozen people dead. but as correspondent david beg know reports the nightmare is far from over for many across the midwest. >> reporter: the mississippi river is hitting record high levels in the state of missouri. but the giant flood wall that protects the city is holding outside that wall it is a much different story. in low lying areas the water cannot be stopped. >> has cape girard dough scene nearly 50 feet of water? >> no, this is the most we've ever seen. report roar we took a ride with public works director steven cook and found vehicles nearly submerged. water street took on whole new meaning in this neighborhood where homes and businesses have succumb to the water. cape girard dough was devastated by the great flood of 1993. afterwards most people living in the flood prone area like the one right behind me they decided to take a government buy out and get out of this area. those who stayed have now seen the water rise higher than it did in '93. >> this is one of the worse.
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>> reporter: on the other side of the miss my river illinois governor bruce rounder says hundreds of homes in his state are underwater. he's you were people in voluntary evacuation areas to not take any chances and leave. >> a flood in the winter which is obviously very rare very different than a summer flood when it's 80 degrees outside because hypothermia big risk and we got folks weighing around their homes in knee deep water. >> reporter: major roadways are open again in sane luce. the high water is had heed south and people in that area are getting ready. david beg know for cbs3 "eyewitness news". three people were hurt and at least 50 homes damaged when a house exploded in oklahoma city. fire investigators say the scene looked like a tornado with a debris field spanning about 200-yard. oklahoma natural gas crew was reportedly working on the home when a fire started near the gas meter. a man who was inside the home was thrown from his bed but did manage to escape with only minor
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burns. eight homes in the neighborhood were evacuated. two other people were taken to the hospital with difficulty breathing. now we are learning a lot more tonight about the israeli man accused of walking into a crowded tel-aviv bar and opening fire. police say the alleged shooter scene here on surveillance is an israeli arab. his father called police after seeing surveillance video of the shooting on television and he told them it was his son. he reporte reportedly has psychl disorder and may be without medication. two people were killed. at least seven wounded in the shooting. the suspect is still on the loose at this hour. saudi arabia's decision to execute 47 prisoners inn clueing an influential muslim cleric has prompted outrage around the world. ton night protesters in iran ransack the saudi embassy in retaliation. leaders in iran and other countries warned of further backlash. saudi arabia insists the excutions were part of the quote
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justified war on terrorism. critics, however, say the cleric they killed was a peaceful protester who posed no threat. u.s. official say 17 guantonimo bay detainees will be released next week and sent to other countries. once they're moved, there will be 90 detainees left in guantonimo bay. president obama has tried unsuccessfully to close get mow since taking office. he calls it a magnet for jihadi recruitment. a hacking group is taking credit now for briefly taken down donald trump's presidential campaign website much the site was down for about an hour or so today from 11 a.m. to noon. a group called new world hacking which claims to focus its efforts on terror groups like isis said they took it down for a quote one-hour test. new world hacking also took credit for shutting down the bbc news website earlier this week. toll increases on the pennsylvania turnpike are set to take effect in just about an
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hour or so from now. the 6% increase will start after midnight. prices are going up for both e-z pass and cash customers. passenger vehicles will now pay 180 in cash, 116 if they're using e-z pass. in addition to repaying borough funds, the toll increases are funding the reconstruction and the widening of the 550-mile pennsylvania turnpike. dozens of brave men and women had special ceremony today as they graduated from their firefighter cadet class and "eyewitness news" was at the performance arts center at temple university. that's where fire commissioner derek sawyer administered the oath of office. this is the 190th cadet class comprised of 82 philadelphia fire cadets. one philadelphia prison fire debt. march michael nutter and commissioner sawyer had a mess satisfy for the graduate gradua. >> we know that when the bell
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rings you will respond to the challenge because you have have been trained in the finest fire department in the united states of america. >> don't ever stop dreaming. for you as family members don't stop dreaming for them. your dreams should become their dream because that's how she become zips successful. >> cadet class is joining the force just as new record is broken in 2015 the fire department had the lowest number of civilian fire relateed injuries in philadelphia's history. ♪ stay with us everyone. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" new year, new laws. see what's changing around the country in 2016. plus we guarantee you've never seen mcdonald's like this. how the fast food giant is stepping into the future. lauren. >> and winter did get off to kind of a late start this season. but mother nature is going to make up for lost time with an arctic blast that arrives on monday and i'll have all the details in your frigid forecast
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coming up next. ♪
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you can file this next story under things that i would likely never do. this is the fastest female base jumper in the world ellen brennan wearing a wing suit which allows her to glide along rock faces and control her decent. the video was shot in france which has quickly grown into one
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of the most popular base jumping sites in the world. wow! scary. the web is buzzing tonight over the story of a cat who survived against all odds. let's let you take look. eight week old cat nicknamed smurf was dropped off at a san jose animal shelter on christmas eve. rescuers believe he was died blue and you've as a dog's chew toy. you can see the welts on his body. vets believe they are puncture wounds from teeth but even with the rough start in life, smurf is making strides. >> has a very good prognosis to be a normal cat. he's very sweet and very gentle, and loves attention. and he's relatively strong. >> smurf will have surgery next week to repair his wounds. he's already made friends with another kitten and they will both be placed in foster care together. 2015 was good year for drivers at least at the pump according to aaa prices were the
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second cheapest they've been in the past decade. the average for gallon of gas was $2.40 that's the lowest since '09. that's also 94 cents cheaper than the 2014 average. so prices right now in our area looking pretty good. pennsylvania drives are paying about $2.16 on average for gallon of regular. delaware prices hovering around 1.90 and the cheapest gas is always in new jersey. 1.83 for a gallon in the garden state. a new year brings new laws which went into effect this weekend. cbs news correspondent chris van cleve has more now on on what to watch out for in 2016. >> reporter: in texas new open carry law allows people with concealed weapon permits to wear a holstered gun in most public places. >> it's going to be a learning process. there's going to be some growing pains at the beginning i'm sure they'll be some people that are a little -- startled possibly by the site of someone carrying openly. >> reporter: this as
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california tightens its gun laws banning firearms in or around schools even for holders of concealed weapons permits. beebee and pellet guns sol in the golden state will have to be a bright color like pink to make clear they are not real. in hawaii, new signs are posted warning of a first in the nation law raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the law applies to cigarettes and electronic smoking devices. a second law bans e cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited. >> survey shows that a four fold increase happened in public high school students who use e-cigarettes from 5% in 2011 to 22% by 2015. >> reporter: tennessee become the first state to create an online registry of animal busers for people who have been convict evidence animal cruelty. state rep tiff darrin, supported the measure. >> if you're going pull a dog behind a truck f you're going to burn a cat, if you're going to do severe animal cruelty, there needs to be consequences to your actions.
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>> reporter: among other new laws taking effect across the country, washington dc has prohibited styrofoam food couldn'couldn't containness. california has band drivers and bicyclists wear ear buds in both ears. and parents in north carolina can freeze that are children's credit reports to prevent identity theft. >> that was chris van cleve reporting. mcdonald's is offering a glimpse into the possible future of the fast food chain. the company recently revealed mcdonald's next a food bar style restaurant in hong kong. offers customers the chance to customize burgers and salads on touch screens. then assembly line workers create the meal behind a sheet of glass similar to what you see at a chipotle restaurant. no wore on when or if mcdonald's next will make its way state side but that looks pretty cool and just leave the fries alone. make all the up grades you want. >> i know right. will ronald have to upgrade his outfit. >> i don't know. >> a suit or a bow tie. >> he has to kick it up a notch.
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>> he really does. >> no slumming around there. any who speaking of stuff you knee to put on, i had a coat, scarf, i forgot my gloves. >> a lot of layers out and about. add on to that. like a long underwear alert as we head into next week with temperatures that are going to be even chillier but winter has finally settled in. a little late here in the delaware valley with temperatures running about average and that chill settling in tonight across center city getting live look on skycam3 at center city. the buildings twinkling. nice clear skies. temperature 34 degrees right now. northwesterly winds around 6 miles per hour. giving us a little bit of a wind chill impact. today we topped off at 44 degrees. so a cool day for us. certainly by our december standards. but above average many our average high is 41 degrees much we topped at 41 in allentown. 44 degrees today in millville and temperatures right now cooling off a lot of 20s on the bore. 29 in wilmington. 26 in millville and currently 26 degrees in land cast.
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peak within gust 20 miles an hour change. having an impact on those feels like temperatures you did need the layers throughout the day today and right now a little bit of impact even though our winds are starting to wayne feeling more like 20s upper 20s in philadelphia. feeling like teens in the low lehigh valley but the breeze has decreased a bit from earlier this afternoon and now wind speeds generally less than about 10 miles an hour. a few reporting sites reporting nice calm winds right now and overnight tonight relatively light winds. clear sky conditions and cold dropping down to 30 degrees but that's actually above average. we should be in the middle 20s as far as averages for our lows this time of year. tomorrow seasonal, 45 degrees mostly sunny getting little bit breezy once again with northwesterly wind picking up to around 15 miles per hour. as we head into the afternoon. and then we get down right frigid as we head into monday so chilly for tomorrow but then we get this blast of arctic air drops in on the back side of an arctic cold front you can see all that cold canadian air spilling in across the delaware
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valley it lingers into tuesday. and then we do start to change things up a bit with our weather pattern as we head into wednesday and thursday with some slightly more mild air building in and arctic air takes big hike out of here but feels like temperatures are going to struggle over the next several days. not too bad tomorrow but as we head into tomorrow evening, by the 9:00 o'clock hour, feels like down into the 20s in philadelphia. by monday morning, heading back to work, after your nice, long holiday weekend, it's not going to be fun with wind chills in the teens in philadelphia. in the single digits in the poconos and as we head throughout the day on monday, arctic air will continue to spill in so by monday evening, feels like temperatures in the single digits across the area. subzero across parts of the poconos. so tomorrow enjoy those 40s. 41 degrees at lunch time but feeling more like the freezing mark. breezy conditions take us into the afternoon and a few patchy clouds as we head into the second half of the day. monday 35 degrees. windy as well getting bitter
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cold maybe even a few flurries flying by on monday. tuesday we start off at 19 degrees air temperature. but it is still going to be blustery so those wind chills tuesday morning are just -- they'll be awful. 34 degrees the high temperature though and then we do start to make a nice rebound as we head into wednesday much more pleasant day, less wind, 41 degrees and sunshine. upper 40s by friday. >> that will be reality check fours. thank you so much. appreciate it. pat gallen has sports. >> tomorrow the eagles will finish off obviously their disappointing season in the meadowlands of the macing the giants. but the coaching search has just gun. today the eagles announced they have spoken with duce staley. we will have more coming up i
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>> eagles owner jeffrey lurie spoke earlier this week he mentioned a reason they fired chip kelly on a tuesday was to
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get jump start on the coaching search. those wheels are now in motion after the team confirmed today that they have interviewed running backs coach duce staley for the opening. the 40-year-old staley has been on the staff since 2011. he played for the eagles from 1997 until 2003. for tomorrow it will be pat shurmer running the show as the eagles finish out the season against the new york giants. join us tomorrow morning the final cbs3 sunday kickoff of the season. we begin at 11:30. don bell live at the meadowlan meadowlands. merrill reece will join him. my self and lesley van arsdall will hold down the fort here in stewed eighty seven 11:30 tomorrow morning over on cbs3. christian hackenberg as zenned on happy valley he was thought to be one of the next great quarterbacks in college footba football. that never materialized at penn state. he's thought to have a shot at the pro level. so after today's tax slayer ball against georgia hack cep berg announced he will be head to go the nfl. however, he would not go out the way he wanted.
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hackenberg would leave the game in the second quarter after spraining his throwing shoulder here. he'll have plenty of time to get that healthy though before the april draft. second quarter georgia goes to the wildcat. wide out terry gold win finds malcolm mitchell 44-yard touchdown georgia up 10-three. sit back, relax, fire up the sony. running back sony michelle mak making moves. bulldogging his way into the end zone. georgia up 24-three at that point. the lions clawed their way back in the fourth but they fall short losing to georgia, 24-17. the up and down flyers have lost three of their last four as they continued their three-game california road trip again the kings this afternoon. in the first period, the flyers they turn it over in their own zone and the kings they would cash in three on one. dwight king his second of the year. past michael, one to nothing laly later in the period, drew dottie lines, fires, scores.
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it's one timer. wayne simmonds would score. the lone goal for the flyers. but they lose to the kings two to one. sixers in a back to back in los angeles taking on the clippers. first quarter, issue smith continues to ball. he gets the jumper make it three-point game. here's jahlil okafor. handed it to deanne dre jordan in the paint. the score right now 45-40 the clippers are up in the second quarter. temple with houston and it was not pretty. one of the fundamentals of basketball of course boxing out. they don't do it right there. barnes the huge follow dunk. cougars led by 19 at the half. second half, same as the first, rob gray, jr. open for three. hughes stop smashing temple by 27 points. st. joe's were down in rip mon in the final minute hawks up two and the spiders sean dre jones just walks right to the hoop. phil martelli he would pull that hair out if possible.
2:29 am
here's deanne dry to save the hair and the day. the jumper it's good. st. joe's is on fire. they win 77-73. they're 11-two on the season. >> nice. >> yeah. we'll take that. >> one team we can root for film we'll take any win we can get. >> absolute. thanks, pat. back in
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♪ welcome back everyone. a day of basketball and fundraising all for a great cause actually.
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"eyewitness news" at cheltenham high school for the annual lady panther alumni game. it raises money for the american cancer society through the nationwide coaches versus cancer initiative. the lady panthers have quite the legacy on the hardwood. since '93 they've won two state titles, four district titles and 22 league titles. very nice. we'll be r
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>> that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown. for pat, lauren all of us here thank you so much for joining us. if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 a.m. we're always on have a great night, everyone. see you tomorrow. ♪
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