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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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those temperatures and meisha keeping an eye out on the roads, good morning. >> yes, we did not win the the power ball gang but friday is tomorrow, 50 degrees. so there are some good things, roadways looking great, overnight construction to get cleared out of the way. so katie what is in store today. >> we are looking at a tranquil beginning, at least our thursday, very much just typical not a heck of a lot to talk about say for the fact that it is cold outside. it is typically cold. thermometers will read where they should this time of the year. lets talk about this trend. we came from some very warm air. we were up to record territory on sunday. but we have been, you know, dropping back steadily here on machine we were back down to more seasonal territory. mid 40's tuesday. we could even hit 30 degrees on wednesday. and now, today we expect to actually hit 40, again we will see the the top of the graphic that is typical. i would call it somewhat as a boring forecast, for lack of a
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better word for today simply because there is just not much going on would i call a major weather head line. this looks like a head line, right. we have snow on storm scan. don't worry, guys it is lake enhanced but it is a very, very weak impulse of energy crossing through portions of not just delaware valley but rest of the north east and i don't think we will see anything more than a flake flying out the there as we travel the area highways. nothing that will stick or accumulate let alone that. temperatures are cold. we are currently in the 20's, it is not just teens in some spots. go far north for that but thankfully not as much wind as what we saw yesterday. what you see is what you get on the thermometer, under some sun, we will go for low to mid 40's both in philadelphia and down toward shore points. more remote suburbs including poconos perhaps a flower friday that little weak impulse pushing through but it is colder in those spots as well, meisha back inside to you. thanks, katie. good morning to all of you at home just waking up, things
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are looking g live look at king of prussia, schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction past 202, in both directions what you are looking at, everyone at this early hour still traveling around at posted speeds. this is where we have some construction i-95 south between girard and vine. right lane was block. that has all been cleared right now which is great news because as you can see at 5:00 y headlights are starting to get on i-95 south, fairly typical for a thursday. boulevard, headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching schuylkill looking really quiet here, and in new jersey, all cleared, 295 south at route 42 off ramp reopen. route 30 westbound before warwick road has been all cleared as well. other points of construction here route one southbound state road to route 2521 lane is still blocked here. i will let you know when that cleared. in fact it just cleared for those in that area, erika, over to you. two philadelphia police officers are rushed to the
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hospital after a real event crash. >> they were responding to a call when they collided with another vehicle. eye witt the necessary news reporter justin finch is live where the offices are recovering. how are they doing, justin. >> reporter: nicole and erika good morning. at last check both officers are said to be on track to make a full recovery. as foreman police say caused this wreck last night they say he should be okay, too. however he is in a lot of trouble this morning. lets go down to video from last night and overnight, this two car crash happened in the fair hill section just after 11:30 last night. police say 224th district plainclothes officers were in a dark unmarked ford taurus and amounted to radio reports of the the shots fired and possible armed man. they say sirens and lights were on in that under cover car as they moved south on b street at west more land street. meantime the driver of that nissan, was finally left on west moreland and b. police say that nissan driver
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struck the taurus in a head to head collision and then the driver a 20 year-old man, climbed out from the driver's side rear window and tried to run from the law, and from his secret as one, one his suspended license as well and that he was driving drunk. he for the officers police say but that nor the running got him very far. >> one is taken in custody and they realized this 20 year-old male not only was, was he under influence of alcohol but he also, had a suspended driver's license. so that is more than likely why he fled from police, ran four blocks abe then actually for the with the police, who had to take him into custody. >> reporter: back live those officers were brought here to temple, the driver of that cruiser with head injuries but he was conscious and able to talk. we were told passenger has a broken right finger, as for the driver of that nissan he was taken to episcopal and appears to have no major
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injuries, again, this morning he is facing at least charges of dui and resisting arrest. nicole and erika back over to you. justin, thank you. political law enforcement and religious leaders will be part of the community meeting in west philadelphia, one week after ambush of the police officer. this is bryant school tonight at 6:00 p.m. now fbi is investigating the shooting of officer jesse hartnett as a case of terrorism. edward archer told them he was agoing the in the name of islam when he shot hartnett in his cruiser. archer also talk of allegiance to isis. authorities are trying to figure out if archer is part of the larger group. on sunday police say someone stopped officers patrolling the crime scene telling them that archer was part of the group who may pose a danger to police. >> we are investigating that as a terrorist attack and trying to understand as we do in all of these cases, what were the motivations, and often it is a tangled web we have to undo.
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what are motivations, who directed or inspired an individual, if anyone and who else might have been involved. that is the work we're doing right now on that case. >> sources say officer hartnett had to undergo at least two more surgeries. suicide bombers launched an attack overnight targeting western interests in indonesia. seven people are dead including four bombers. the blast happened near a star bucks in jakarta an area near the the u.n. offices. an intense gunfight erupted after those blasts. the authorities say the attackers imitated actions of the paris terror attacks, indonesia officials warn of the credible threat around the holidays but eased security earlier this month. 5:06. dreams of the becoming instantly wealthy are reality for power ball ticket holders in three states. >> yes, they just won biggest jackpot ever, one place though that sole the winning ticket is chino hills, california where danielle nottingham is live for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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nicole and erika. it was a wild scene here in southern california. once news spread that a winning ticket was sold at this 7-eleven people came from all over, and just think about it, the chances of winning were crazy, one in 292 million, but a ticket sold at this location, beat the odds. crowds of california residents descended on to this 7-eleven store in chino hills late in the night where one golden power ball ticket was sold. >> i live down the street, what are the odds. >> your winning power ball numbers. >> reporter: california lottery officials posted big news on twitter, minutes after the winning numbers were drawn. those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrate. even congratulating this store clerk, who has no idea who the the winner is. >> it is my pleasure and very proud and i'm excited too. >> reporter: the 7-eleven clerk says this store sold thousands of dollars worth of ticket over the the last few
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days as pur ball fever took over the country. many waited for hours, in long lines for a chance at becoming an instant millionaire. shane good man and ryan mcginn is of florida created a $07,000 private facebook pool for a buy in of $500. >> no matter how many people we got in it didn't really matter, three or four or five million-dollar is still not enough money for anybody. >> reporter: winning ticket were also involved in florida and tennessee, meaning the the big pay off will at least be split three ways. california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7-eleven in chino hills hoping that the state's winner will come forward. so there was one big winner in the state but other people, also won, 12 other tickets matched, five numbers, not the the power ball, so they will also have a nice prize coming their way. live from chino hills, california, danielle in thing
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ham, nicole and erika back to you. we heard from that store owner, he seems excited but how much does the the store owner actually win. >> reporter: why wouldn't the store owner be excited, the the the store owner gets a million-dollar, for selling that winning ticket, so again, another person, waking up this morning even richer. if they could have even went to bed or got the any sleep at all, it it was a crazy scene here a lot of happy people this morning. >> people are so happy that they sold it there. danielle, thank you. hey don't throw away your ticket because you are not the in chino hills, a ticket worth two million-dollar in new jersey, there are also one million-dollar winners in new jersey and pennsylvania, so again, here are those numbers for you, four, eight, 19, 27, 34, power ball is ten. >> that is so cool. >> so many people waking up, this morning. even a million-dollar a lot of money.
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>> i'd take it. >> um-hmm. first lady and fashion trend setter see the latest dress worn by michelle obama already sold out. >> stuck in the frozen shell, see how crews removed that car covered in ice. >> ♪ >> my gosh, this is basically making my life right now but who knew that adele, liked the spice girls, who knew james corden liked the spice girls. you have to see the epic car pool car oak which james corden and adele and it includes another impressive cover. >> i could listen to this all morning. >> we will have it the for you next. it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. ♪
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a judge ordered bill cosby's wife to be deposed next month. camille cosby will be deposed on february 22nd the day her husband was scheduled to testify. camille cosby will be asked questions regarding her husband's defamation lawsuit filed in massachusetts. seven women are fighting back against the comedian who called them liars over their allegations of sexual assault. the lawyers want to hold off on the comedian's deposition because of the criminal charges filed in pennsylvania last month. a philadelphia elementary school remains closed for the the rest of the week after a serious accident. a boiler explosion chris thecally injured a worker at
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edmonds elementary in mt. airy yesterday. school officials say the 61 year-old victim was working on the boiler when it exploded. the school was evacuated and parents were then alerted to pick up their children. repairs are underway at a local business after a water main break caused a icy mess. chopper three over washington and cherry street in conshohocken where a 6-inch main ruptured creating this huge geyser. it coated everything in ice including offices of a local construction company. workers at the company did what they could, to salvage and protect critical items like electronics. and if you live in mount laurel you can resume your normal water use that is the the good news. utility crews repaired a broken sewer pipe on the 200 block of hartford road which has reopened to traffic. sewage spilled in the pennsauken creek and new jersey department of environmental protection is monitoring, that situation. a different operation in buffalo. we showed this to you earlier this week, a car, if we can
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get to it, it is frozen, from buffalo, just completely covered in at. it is finally free of the chilly casing, beneath that crystal fortress lies a mitsubishi sedan that was blasted with layers of liquid that once filled lake erie but now it is lake erie towing that will ease the freeze. >> one of the dangers of doing this, never seen this, of that magnitude. i was excited to get to the top. >> crews used 350-pound of powdered calcium chloride to remove the ice, leaving behind just a imprint have of along the coast. >> i do appreciate it we are seeing this here in philadelphia a but it is just so chilly. >> at least we don't to have deal with frozen cars good we have crystal fortresses in homes. >> yes, i enjoyed that wording. that was a fun line. >> but essentially you are right we don't to have deal with any ice entrapment of any kind anytime soon. our temperatures will go on a
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uphill climb. but eventually we will see a storm system brewing here at home, although it looks like a primary a rain producer again. let start things off where we are not finding rain but finding that snow and this is where you want to see the the snow, right, up at area ski resorts. jack frost big boulder every morning they have been taking advantage of the cold, you can even see some icing and flakes that have settled on the camera lens here but they are pumping out manmade snow, and many other area ski resorts. in the meantime storm scan three is also showing signs of life but a lot of times the bark can be worse than the bite on these situations, it is a very weak impulse shortwave crossing through right now bulk of which is bringing any kind of potential precipitation far north of philadelphia, but could you see a flake flying out there? it is possiblees specially further north but this is just lake enhanced. we will not be worrying about too much of it here at home. that will develop before we know it. we will have some sun.
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area of moisture beginning to blossom more across the gulf of mexico that will join up with this larger piece of energy and we will end up with a complex storm system by upcoming weekend that specifically is into tomorrow night, it starts to bring next signs of life on the radar here. we will see a warm front lifting through tomorrow on that uphill climb on the thermometer and then complex storm develops here off south east coast to usher in quite a bit of moisture. primarily too warm for anything but rain and timing overnight even still, too warm, for it to be anything but a rain producer. there is a chance as you go high in the mountains you will see this mix with snow but at this point it is not looking like more than just a rainy mess, into saturday morning before it clears out quickly and we will end up with some sunshine before it is all said and done. not as chilly today your high is 40. we will dip back down to 32, so chilly but not as cold as this morning and then we will keep that theme going, warming things up as we head forward in the forecast to 50
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tomorrow, but again, watching for the the rain to arrive on friday night. now guys, i don't know if you have heard about the the new arrivals to our region. >> but they are feeling a little will blue. >> penguins are the smallest species of penguins. they range in weight from 2-pound to 3 pounds, about 13-inch toes 15 inches tall. they are very small. >> they are the cutest, little things ever. and these little blue penguins will be going water side this summer, tomorrow morning, i will introduce you to the petit penguins, sneak peak at their new home, let you know where you can see them up close, you did not want to miss this tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news", i am telling you they are all named. they have the the cutest names ever and they are absolutely precious. >> yes. >> is there any better. >> we're left speechless. >> yes. >> really came through on this
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one. >> yes you cannot top little will penguins. >> what do you have, meisha. >> see you later. >> good morning, yeah, penguins, they steel the show, but we're going to have to turn our attention to traffic here at ben franklin bridge for those coming from new jersey in the westbound direction it is looking g it is looking really nice and quiet, eastbound side obviously we are in the seeing anything there westbound we will keep my eye on right now. blue route it is hard to see what is going on here but blue route headlights moving in the north bound direction before route one. as you can see, it has headlights, yes, we are starting to see that and headlights moving in the north bound direction before route one, one of the area that tend to build up as we move in the 6:00 o'clock hour. things are looking good right now, near oaks, king of prussia, 422 east, looking good these travel are moving in the eastbound direction.
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this is a sign i will keep my eye on all week long i will say this area of 422 right around trooper has looked good for us. so no worries there, accident roosevelt boulevard at red lion road, make note of that, erika, back over to you. just a few hours away from the oscar nominations being announced. >> we will let you know how sylvester stallone could make history later on. >> everyone is pulling for him. speaking of philly icons there is a new way to show off your philly pride in the text message as it includes the rocky statue. we will let you know how to get these on your phone when we come right
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stars will be up early to hear if they are up for an oscar when nominations are revealed at 8:30 this morning. we will be watching to see if sylvester stallone gets nominated for playing rocky balboa in creed. that would be pretty historic. he won golden globe last weekend and stallone is trying to be the sixth actor ever to be nominated twice for playing the same character. really interesting to go see.
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>> special accolades too. well, delis getting ready to kick off for highly anticipated world tour. >> it will take a spin with james corden for a little car pool karaoke on the late, late show. >> ♪ i love how he is so into it. >> and he is driving, hand off the wheel. >> biggest hits, adele, shared some advice with the grammy
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winner who said she's multi talented explaining that she played drums on the hit show, hello. didn't know that, isn't that great. >> stop it. >> then she blue corden away when she can sing more than just power ballots that made her a international superstars >> ♪ >> okay. adele showed off her rap skills, make a mash verse from the kanye west song monster. didn't expect that from adele. >> it was very unexpected. >> that and drums. >> now, nicki minaj approved and tweeted adele is mad rapping. >> yes. >> adele is mad ratchet. >> that is a positive thing. i can't take her she goes on.
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>> maybe a collaboration in their future. in other news, mad ratchet. >> i never heard that before. >> nicki minaj says it, it is obviously a thing. >> yes. >> moving on. >> i love that though. >> i love the collaboration. >> what is more philly then hoagies, water ice. >> we have our own language, we all know it but now we've mow gis. >> check this out, visit philly is behind this creation that include a winking lint bell, rocky statue and cheese stake. down load them to your smart phone and google play song and app store. that is kind of cool. >> yo. >> yes. >> yo. >> yes, we got to have that one. >> people wondered where emojis are for wawa because that is a big thing around here, tastykake and our sports teams. >> eagles, phillies. >> they needed their permission, and copy right and all that. >> so, you have a number to
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choose from. >> legal stuff gets in the way. >> is in list. >> that should, you know, be okay for now. >> yes. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", we have new information about the the legal troubles for the basketball coach accused of head butt ago this referee, jan. today, a number of high profile meeting is a cross philadelphia, concerning the officer ambush investigation. i'm jan carabao reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters, this morning, straight ahead we will have a run down. plus michelle will obama stole the spotlight at the state of the union with her stunning, dress. if you want to get your hand on that dress you have to wait a while, katie. we are looking ahead here to a pretty quiet thursday forecast, but things do get more active in the weather as we head towards the the weekend, in short, there is a new storm brewing. we will tell you what it means
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a case of terrorism, that is how fbi is treating the ambush of the philadelphia police officer. now we expect to learn new information today about that investigation. we will let you know about several big meetings happening today and the the latest on how the injured officer is doing. >> we are talk about the the forecast. cold morning in the poconos. check i


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