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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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and the field in santa clara california is coming together. but before the big game takes off and security training gets under way. how this plane will play a roll in keeping the event safe. >> rock and roll front man steven tyler stops in fill. he has brand new project but not the same old song and dance. our vittoria woodill gets the scoop. >> still digging out. three days after the huge snowstorm some philadelphia residents are asking where are the plows? how city officials hope to speed up the snow removal process. >> first tonight a flood of cretism against new jersey governor chris christie. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. governor christie under fire for comments he made in the aftermath of the flooding down the shore. "eyewitness news" reporter david superintendent is in our satellite center right now with what the governor is saying now. david? >> i was in trenton earl yes today had the chance to ask him about the comments and he was frank, he said he made mistake and he was sorry for it.
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he call his comments a simple joke but admits he did offend some people. >> i got carried away last night at a town hall meeting. it's not the first time that i've got tepp carried away and said something i later apologized for. >> governor christie made a mistake how he son to do question about why he wasn't at the shore for the flood cleanup. >> i don't what you expect expect me to do. you want me to go down with a mop. >> he call the mayor of wildwood crazy for insinuating it was worse than super storm sandy. >> i felt badly about it. had night to sleep on it and woke up this morning i didn't feel good about what i said about him. so i call and apologized to him. >> "eyewitness news" caught up with the mayor after he heard from the governor. >> a lot of elected officials don't typically apologize and so i appreciate the fact that he did that, and i've been saying for days now we need to really get work done here. >> those who call wildwood home want governor christie to come in person. outside this bike shop one
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person even set up this mop bucket with a sign reserved for governor christie. >> i think it's bullying. it's just -- it's very offensi offensive. nobody expected him to pick up a mop. >> robert menendez and cory booker were on hand helping with the cleanup et cetera. residents just want to see the same from the governor. >> i was a little upset. a a mop is not doing to take care of. >> christie says members of his team have been on the ground helping sin the storm license couldn't to do so much he's upset residents and elected officials continue to call this storm worse than sandy. >> there was not a thing about what happened on friday and saturday that even resembled sandy. >> ily asked governor christie if he plans to go to the shore in person. he said no. but did say several times that his staff will continue to be in contact with cities and towns affected by last weekend's storm. reporting live in the sat center tonight, dave spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> david, thank you. more schools are set to open tomorrow as the region continues to dig out from the winter storm. now this includes alter philadelphia and catholic schools. you'll see others that remain closed and some delays at the bottom of your screen but again philadelphia schools will reopen tomorrow. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco join us now in south philly were some students will end count dicey conditions on their way back to school tomorrow. diana. >> kids will neither those boots back to school tomorrow. because this is what some people here in south philly are still dealing with tonight. >> the city says they've gotten to 80% of the city treats this is the other 20%. for people had ned to get their of their stuck cars out to get to work and get their kids to school in the morning patience is running thin. snow covered roads have turned into an icy mess by night. fishtown to mayor founder are still digging out from the weekend storm before many have even seen a plow start to dig in. >> this is the first time it's
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never been plowed. >> jim smith has lived on 25th street for 35 years. and he snapped this shot of a plow getting stuck on his ice and snow covered block this morning. >> he and i had some words. we walked away from each other. let's put it that way. >> why would you go up the street with your blade up in the air and not spreading salt. >> around the corner they're showed in and waiting for a sign the city hasn't forgotten about them. >> i'm stuck even need to get places it's a places. >> karen has a car stuck down the snow covered block much she's been calling 311 but still waiting for response. >> i pay my taxes just like everybody else. i expect the services everybody else gets. >> reporter: the city says 80% of the streets have now been cleared with the parking authority chipping in clearing more than 400 blocks tuesday. not nearly enough for drivers still slipping and sliding. struggling to find a dug out space. that's if they're lucky enough to get out. >> 22-inches of snow is a heck
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of a lot of snow to be pounded with. warm temperatures today. obviously helped a lot. and i've seen plows out and about and i'm sure little side streets like this just take ti time. >> reporter: and the city is asking people who live on these little side streets particularly here in south philadelphia to keep those calls to 311 coming. they're asking for patience they say they will get to you and in fact the philadelphia parking authority has just bought six new bobcats to help out with streets just like this. we're live in south philadelphia tonight diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. diana thanks so much. warm temperatures help to melt some of the snow and now scattered showers are moving through the region. meteorologist kate bilo has a closer look at what's happening right now. kate. >> jessica, warmer air definitely did come in today as a warm front lifted through the region. now the associated cold front is swinging through and this is producing at least a few rain showers out there. they are few and far between but i wanted to zoom in here and take note of what's happening to
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the north and west. a few rain showers here and there but notice just on the border of lehigh valley and reading we're starting -- berks county really we're seeing snowflakes start to mix in. not expecting any accumulation with these but temperatures are dropping enough to the north and west that if you see a shower start to move through there may ab few snowflakes mixed in with that as well. so not out of the question. a few snowflakes moved through here this evening ton night these showers are few are far between. very light could hang around down the shore into early top morning there's 4:00 a.m., 5am and finally clearing from northwest to southeast during the core of the day. temperatures right now cold enough for few flakes in our north and west suburbs but still well above freezing in philadelphia and points south and west. we shouldn't have to worry about too much ice could be a threat to the north and west and we're colder tomorrow. temperatures surge again for the weekend. i'll have your full forecast coming up. jessica. >> thanks. nearly 72 hours after the snowstorm frustration is growing in washington, d.c. which got about 2 feet of snow. the cleanup remains around the
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clock effort but many residents say it just hasn't measured up. many streets remain buried in snow and residents have taken to twitter using hash tag snow stuck to complain. federal government offices will be open tomorrow with a three hour delay. new tonight, one person is in critical condition following a shooting in bensalem, bucks county. investigators say a frick-year-old was shot at philadelphia express group on state road around 6:30. chopper three over the scene. victim was rushed to the hospital and under went surgery. police do not have suspect in custody. a suspect is in custody tonight in a frightening a tack at suburban station. 38-year-old jeremy wilson is behind bars on $1 million bail. police say he randomly attacked a northeast philadelphia man as that man bought a ticket around 6:00 in the morning beating him over the head with plumbing wrench. the victim who suffered serious head injuries is now in stable condition. >> i've always very safe here but at 6:00 in the morning that's kind of -- that's crazy.
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yeah. scary. scary. >> police tell us wilson who was arrested several days ago for unrelated crimes likely has mental health issues. this morning's tack was the second at a septa station in the past nine days. police in westampton need the public's help to solve an armed robbery. authorities are looking for this dark colored lexus which was arrived used pull off robbery is the citgo station on route 541. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. on january 15th. the suspect put white towels over the license plate. he had a handgun in his lap and demanded cash. that suspect then hit a pole at the gas station causing damage to the right rear of the car. if you have any information about the crime, contact westampton police. police are also asking for the public's help identifying a burglary suspect who stole $300 from a cash register. this happened at the sunny side seafood restaurant at 40th and land cast in west philadelphia. investigators say that suspect broke in through a wall of
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vacant property next door and you're asked to call police fun who that person is. >> the state of new jersey is taking over atlantic city's finances in deal inn end 10 to do help the struggling gambling resort filing for bankruptcy. >> the mayor and the governor christie made the announcement today the takeover will a now state officials to slash the size of government and the cost of running the city. the legislature must now approve the takeover plan. new tonight surprise announcement from donald trump he is skipping thursday's republican presidential debate in iowa hosted by fox news. the front runner says the network is treating him unfairly. trump says he'll probably have his own event in iowa for wounded warriors. iowa caucuses are february 1s february 1st. inform man files a lawsuit against amtrak over the deadly derailment in physical. the suit claims joshua pearl steen of living ton essex county suffered injuries that harmed the quality of his life.
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when the train 188 jump the tracks last may. authorities say that train was traveling more than 100 miles an hour at the time. eight people were killed that night and more than 200 others were hurt. the crash remains under investigation. tomorrow mark one year since partial roof collapse injured shoppers at a lulu lemon store in accept city. and one of the victims is now filing a lawsuit against the owners of the adjacent property. the lawyers for 28-year-old allison friedman the most seriously injured victim say she was crushed by parts of the store's roof and falling debris from the adjoining office building she's set to have spinal fusion surgery tomorrow. new tonight a travel warning has expanded to some of the most popular winter destinations. >> it's all over a mosquito born illness linked to birth defects. new concerns here in the united states and how health officials are racing to fight the virus. plus, walk this way our vittoria woodill sits down with rock and roll i couldn't steve tyler.
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the lead singer of aerosmith is on a new journey. >> the snow will continue to melt over the next several days. showers helping that snow to melt today and also temperatures higher than we've seen in quite some time. but will the warm weather steck around as we head into the weekend? i'll have your full forecast coming up. and will your facebook friends be there for you when you really need someone? what new study says about your online buddies were we come back.
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a garbage truck explode on neighborhood street. you see the explosion in many video captured by cindy. it happened on fits randolph avenue in hamilton township, mercer county, new jersey. police say that explosion badly damaged at least two homes but fortunately no one was injury. authorities say the fire started in the battery car many in the engine and then spread to the gas tank. tonight the cbc added u.s. virgin islands and dominican republic to its list of
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countries where travelers should take extra precautions to avoid the zika virus. the virus is spread by specific species of mosquitoes that is not yet in the united states. it has been linked to birth defects and there's no treatment or vaccine. so far the zika virus has been found in 20 cun tress in latin america and caribbean. united airlines is refun refundg passengers with tickets to affected areas. >> abe bagoda passed on. he got his break in 1972 playing mobster sal in the godfather he then moved to television where he played detective fish on the sitcom barney miller. his career seemed to come to an end in 1982 when people magazine mistakenly reported he passed away then. but he turn his alleged death into a long rupping joke. he died at his daughter's nor new jersey home. he was 94. preparations underway for super bowl 50 this year's game
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held at levi stadium that santa collar ya, california security is a big concern. in riverside a refueling plane took off as part of training exercise it will refuel f16 fighter jets will enforce faa flight restrictions near the super bowl stadium. we are less than two weeks away from the big game. super bowl 50 sunday, februar february 7th and you can catch all of the action right here on cbs3. out of your facebook friends how many true friends do you have? probably not as many as you think. new study out of england says no matter how many friends you have only four, four of them, would stick by in you tough time. research concludes while facebook is good for coping up with acquaintances, facebook friends are rarely close friend. only four got our back. >> four. >> go figure. philadelphia was the latest stop for rock and roll icon steven tyler today. he's crossing over to speak with new musical project. >> of course, who better to send to find out about what's happening with the rock star
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than our own tori woodill. ♪ >> reporter: when someone tells you you're about to meet steven tyler you pretty much lose your mine. >> eventually i want to know how to mesmerize people with my singing. >> you prepare,. >> oh, my scarf. i need my scarf. >> try to play it cool. >> i don't really know what expect. >> then he walks this way. >> layered in all that good stuff super singer and rock star steven tyler paid visit to cbs3 sister station in .5 wxtu. yes, that's our country station. and, yes, steven tyler is dropping a brand new knee slapping solo album for country fans. >> why are you doing country? i grew up in, you know are in the woods of new hampshire. i also -- in the summer, in the winter i was in the bronx. tenant on the sixth floor so i got country big time. >> the big time musician is sitting down with little old me,
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too. >> i feel like -- oh my god this is so outrageous. somebody put a mike on me already. >> wow. >> you didn't even feel a thing. >> no. didn't even feel a thing. >> it seems like with this country album it's a fresh new start. like you're breathing some brand new life. how does it feel? >> a breath of fresh air. you know i follow my passion. and i move in on them fast. >> he quickly moved in to house in nashville and started writing. >> we're always just looking for that melody so walk out of the here and be able to forget. >> he's a man of manifesting your dreams and going for him. we're things will happen like you and i meeting. right now. >> this is a god wing. (laughter). >> this is god wing. >> oh, my god. are you kidding me? (laughter). >> i should have went for that
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kiss. >> i blew it. >> i blew it you guys. >> you did. >> dream on. dream on. >> he was awesome. i should mention that steven tyler has not name his album he has however released a few singles like, love is your name and red, white and you but his country band loving mary and he still have songs to finish up. we had a big day. >> you had a big day. >> i'm still trying to catch my breath. >> yeah. >> you did great. >> you guys had fun. seemed like a really nice guy g he was wearing a floppy bun and i was into it but i didn't have scrunchy to match him. i did the big country rocker thing tonight. >> it work. >> thanks so much f quiet mome moment. >> that was. kate has the forecast. milder temperatures today. >> it goes a little bit backwards as we head into the day tomorrow but then we will see temperatures start to rise again just in time for the week and i've got really good news as
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we head into reall really the mt seven day forecast. weekend that's what most of us care about last weekend was a stay at home kind of weekend much this one maybe a little different. let's take a look what's going outside. take to you our roof cam slow low clouds drifting through a few showers just light that you may need to flick the windshield wipers a few times. you won't know if it's from the road spray or showers coming down wetting the roads and of course there's all that salt and brian residue cars are filthy outside you'll use a lot of that washer fluid over the next couple of days but showers have been again few and far between tonight. let's take look time lapse of today and we actually saw little bit of sun breaking through this is all day long. eight to four looking out across the river from the palmyra coach nature park and as you can see the city looking good. we had sun try to push through more clouds in the afternoon and a few showers out there even right now. now, a few snowflakes could mix in to the north and west. that's where temperatures are little bit closer to freezing up toward the poconos, right down into the lehigh valley a few light showers moving through maybe a few flakes mixed in no
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accumulation with these. but certainly that's exactly what we don't want to see more snow falling from the sky we're just trying to get rid of the snow we have. light showers down the shore and showers down the shore could linger right into early tomorrow morning. you maun wake up tomorrow morning to see again a few showers around. that front ex tepping into the deep south. temps right now well above freezing just about everywhere. now it's cold enough for few snowflakes to mix in allentown reading and lancaster again these showers are very light. so a few snowflakes that's about it. 43 still in philadelphia. 50s still down the shore and across much of the southern new jersey and we did hit 50 for the high today. the average high for today's date 41 degrees. it was our first above average day since back on the 17th we long stretch of below average weather but january altogether so far has been pretty much right on for this time of the year. future temperatures tomorrow morning you can see wake up to temperatures in the 20s in some spots and our far north and suburbs a lot of snow melt dag watch for icy spots not only on the roads but on your front walkway, your driveway, it if it
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looks wet it would be slippery. please be safe and i'm kind of a broken record i'll say this every morning pretty much for the rest of the week much as we head to the end of the week our storm watching stays offshore. here it is. it's a near miss. but it look like it's dry right thou the end of the week for us and starting next week, as we move into february, cpc fish issuing temperature outlook much above average as we start off brand new month. there's good news if you are done with the snow like many people are. we've got a nice warm up on the way. 40 degrees outside tomorrow. little cooler than today. and we're chilly thursday 49 day as well but generally dry. we start little warmup, fours on saturday. upper 40s sunday and monday. and we may be talking 50s through next week. so all that snow is now looking dirty and gray. say goodbye. >> peace out. >> that's good. >> don is here now. i'm thinking sports eagles dollar sipes. >> making it rain. eagles all over the place spending dough.
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pay day on tuesday. how another philadelphia eagle was rewarded with a new deal. and the sixers played with swag. but was it enough to hold off the suns in south filly? sports cullin
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>> with six wins since march of last year sixers are normally the ones getting swept. tonight they had chance totter the sweeping much another matchups yup again the suns they beat on christmas weekend. elton bran was activated for the first time this career because okafor and samson both out with illnesses. third quarter. sixers up by 16. jessica dean's favorite player the smith to noel. 14 points and nine you boards. nick kicks it to covington knocks down the triple. he had 19 points. getting back to ish smith.
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your boy smith led the way with 20 points the sixers completed the sweep of the suns 113-103. when is it okay to receive a late birthday present? when the gift is worth $13 million. and six of it is guaranteed. those are reportedly the terms of brent celek's contract extension with the eagles. celek celebrated 31st birthday yesterday. today the nine year vet inked new deal. he's one of the most tight ends in team history second in catches, yards and touchdowns. his deal once comes one day after eagles gave tight end zach ertz an extension worth 42 million. we are less than two weeks away from super bowl 50. crews inside levi stadium that santa collar at a gearing up the building is practically brand knew it opened in 2014. cost an evident meated 2 billion to build that thing. on sun day, peyton manning told patriots coach bill belichick this might be his last rodeo.
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let's see if he can make it counsel. broncos/panthers sun peer bowl 50 february 7th right here on cbs3. college hoops lasalle on the road against duquesne. thers rooding five game rolling streak against the duke. duquesne colter scored 27 poin points. lasalle loses big, 87-60 on the road. they've now lost five straight. rubin amaro, jr., former phillies jenn mal manager back up singer and dancer howling up town girl. yes, rubin is no longer 215 base coach coach for the boston red sox he join coaches in lip sync battle tweens players up down girl ruben in the same zen didn't. >> that's musical beauty. i look how he committed to this move. he was all in. >> change of scenery does wonderful thing. >> waking everybody up. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ turn around for new edition at the san diego zoo. sale hello giraffe calf there he is. he was born last month. there you go. but that joy was tempered when he became very ill with severe infection. now good news he received around the clock care and happy to
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report full recovery and now he's being cep on his own. he'll be strong enough to join four other young giraffes at the zoo. look at him go. >> nice. >> we'll be right back. >> so tall that giraffe. >> going to get taller. >> growth spurt.
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team is back from 4:30 until 7am and for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with lawrence fishburn.
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