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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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a major distraction for hillary clinton just days before the iowa caucus, coming up, new revelation about her e-mail and the use of of her own server at the campaign trail. hot rod and concept cars, we are live at the pennsylvania convention center, to show you what is new at the this years auto show. and also, one of the 2fiat that became famous for pope's visit in philadelphia is sold at the auction. we will tell you how much it went for and who bought it. today it is january 30th, sat the day, good morning i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is here with eyewitness weather. justin what a difference a week makes. last week we were talking about snow this week much different. >> i necessity kid they like
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the the snow but it stays nice and quiet for weekend to get out and get the their things done. >> warm up a little bit. >> chill out. we are where we should be, for late january. we have a high of 40 degrees. that is close to average. the next week we will bring in warmer a air. already february crazy how time flies in this winter season so far. storm scan three nice and quiet, there you go maybe a few cloud up toward lehigh valley and that is it. quiet saturday. this entire weekend does stay quiet. temperatures are cold. mid 20's in a allentown. twenty-three in reading. twenty-seven in philadelphia a. here we go again, we have that melting process there during the the day and everything refreezes at night. watch out for untreated surfaces, the driveways, parking lot, could be icy and that will continue once again, tomorrow morning. that will see a lot of melt to go day and once again tonight we will get below freezing in locations. wind calming down, we got windy yesterday afternoon with that front that came through
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with the snow showers. wind sustained at 10 miles an hour. overall not a bad day a as far as windings. the lots of sunshine in the morning. temperatures will slowly climb to the the 20's to the mid 30's by noon time and we will get up to 40 degrees for the high temperature in philadelphia a local 40's at the shore. near freezing in the poconos. more clouds but if you like 50's and 60's i got that coming up in the seven day forecast, check it the out the in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. the the state department will not release to 22 e-mail from former secretary of state hillary clinton because they contain top secret information, the highest level of government classification. decision comes days before iowa caucus is a major distraction for presidential candidates. clinton has been under fire for at times using a private e-mail server to conduct business while secretary of the state. eye witt the necessary news reporter david spunt has more on what this means for clinton's campaign.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton greeted a sea of supporters about it the but made no mention of the news that broke hours earlier surrounding her personal e-mail server. the news that she may have sent or received, top secret e-mails on her personal server, exploded on line and on the campaign trail, late this afternoon. seven e-mail chains containing 37 pages were being upgraded in to top secret in consultation with the intelligence community we are making this upgrade. >> reporter: top secret is one of the highest levels of the classification and applies to information that could cause grave damage to the national the security. the e-mails were on her home server in new york and she has repeat thely denied e-mailing any classified information using her personal server. >> i did not e mail any classified materials to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> reporter: news of the e-mail broke three days before the the iowa caucus, and an
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event seen as officials start to the presidential election year n a statement to cbs news clinton's campaign called the revelation over classification run a among, campaign officials used the word bureaucratic in fighting arguing that in at least one case, some contents involve information from a published news article, when pressed about the e-mail, state department spokesmen john kirby would not say much more. >> i'm not going to say and get in the debating or discussing candidate's one way or the other on the campaign trail. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in iowa, the candidates are crisscrossing the state, making a final push for votes. the clinton's competition on the democratic side senator bernie sanders rallied with supporters in davenport in eastern iowa. the on the republican side senator ted cruz met with voters and says he has promised to visit all 99 counties in iowa. senator marco rubio was also
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on the stump and campaigning. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucus, we willably you updates throughout the day on tv and on line at cbs shocking charges a against a 74 year-old school bus driver in bucks county. police say james macintyre, a driver for the penn ridge district, had inappropriate contact with two special aids students. the authorities say the conduct occurred repeatedly between 2009 and 2015, while macintyre drove the the students from their homes, to the vanguard school in chester county. macintyre has been banned from school property and suspended without pay. the school district did release a statement reading in part, we will be in contact with the the families of students involved and we will provide all necessary resources. the the district will cooperate full which law enforcement as the investigation continues. meanwhile, nine rowan university students are a accused of stealing $35,000,
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by making fake returns at a convenient store. the glassboro police say the students were using their boro bus university debit cards to scam a 7-eleven. a 21 year-old student who worked at the stories the the ring leader. investigators say wow enter fake return amounts and then credit his own boro bucks account a along with the accounts of eight of his friends. >> just swipe the card, hit the return, and then type in an event and it was on his card. 7-eleven noticed first and requested information from the college about transactions, and then they looked for a ring and saw they have a lot of returns. >> police say thefts started this time last year and went on for about ten months. tense moments at a philadelphia a high school after a gun goes off between or during a fight i should say between students. that sent the school into lock down. the a as diana rocco reports, all of the chaos one student was able to send text messages to his mom to let her know he
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was okay. >> reporter: frantic text messaging sent to this woman who has a son, someone has a gun and we're lock in the lunchroom after someone was lock in the lunchroom. >> they have metal detectors at the front door, how they got in with the gun. >> reporter: she says the the 11th grader, was under the lunch table while the school was on lunch table and security searched for a gunman. a shot was heard. a shell case to go a 45 caliber was found inside of a third floor stairwell. >> allegedly at the this point there was a group of kid involved in a fight. the right now we're told another individual fired the shot. we don't know whether that is true or in the but we do know that the shot was confirmed by a security officer on location. >> reporter: police took five students out of the school in handcuffs and four hour lock down was lifted. after a hand gun was recovered. concern parents were outside waiting for their kid, to be dismissed. >> you know, he is okay.
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>> reporter: police say it is possible that a second handgun may have have been involved here. we are now looking for that weapon. there is in word whether or not charges will be filed. in spring garden i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a woman who was shot and left to die in her own bakery is back behind the counter talking about her incredible story of survival. this woman, whose friend called ziza says she's just trying to get back to normal. last summer two armed men broke into her kosher bakery in overbrook park. they stole a couple hundred dollars and shot her in the neck. she nearly died. >> i'm a survivor. i'm glad i'm back to work. i never knew that many people cared about me. >> local residents helped her pay the bills so she down return to work. 115th annual philadelphia an automatic owe show is ready for visitors today. this year's show will feature
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700 vehicles including classic and exotic cars. anita oh is live at the pennsylvania convention center, to give us a a sneak peak, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. so much beauty here. i feel like cars are just shooting out of my eyes. there are tons of 2016, even newer 2017 models here. i want to take you back in time for just a a moment. look at these classic cars. some of these are more than a hundred years old, dating back to 1911. so as you can see, many older cars here. i want to take you here to a porsche speedster 1955, this one started at around $3,000, and it was designed in low cost porsche for club racing, no roll up windows, no radio, no clock, it is considered one of the most collectible porsches. $3,000, of course, that is not the price anymore. i want to take you over here. this is a model 30, known as
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the gentlemen's roadster, this is about one of 2500 of these models built back in 1910. i love the gold detailing here, one of my favorite colors. so take a look at this, very beautiful model. this one is not as pretty but this is one of the oldest models, this is a model 50. very, very old car built back in 1916, this was built about by general motors to compete with cadillac but this model thaw are looking at right now exceptionally rare and it is only known model t known to exist today. so, this classic car sexist just one of the many sections here, as you said, 700 vehicles here. so we will take you around throughout the morning but for now live at the 115th annual auto show, neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. very cool stuff there, thank you. one of the fiat used to take pope francis around philadelphia goes to the
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highest bidder. >> sold, for $82,000. >> you heard it there, blessed fiat was auctioned off last night at the philadelphia auto show's black tie tailgate. the auction lasted 11 minutes and the fiat went for $82,000 to michael chapman of chapman ford. now all of the proceed will go to the charitable work of the philadelphia archdiocese. excitement is building for super bowl 50, we will tell you what is ahead as big week of events gets underway in san francisco, that is coming up next. also a ahead revolutionary new therapy to relief pain in some cancer patients. doctors and researchers hope to target the cancer cells themselves. budding romance, sad to say is over, a goat and tiger whose relationship dominated social media go their separat roast it... roast it... roast it...
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now back on "eyewitness news" getting ready for the big game. super bowl 50. here's a view of super bowl city. fans are already making their way to san francisco for all of the fun, and excitement. today the the san francisco bay area will kick off super bowl 50 week with the huge fire works show. technicians are loading and wiring about 15,000 fire work shells on to two barges in the bay. the show will be a 12 minute synchronized display set to
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music including football anthems and music from past half time performances. sports director don bell will be their life and will reporting from san francisco leading up to the big game. look for his reports starting wednesday february 3rd on "eyewitness news". remember, you can watch super bowl 50 february 7th right here on cbs-3. justin is joining us now. justin, who needs san francisco we will have warm weather here. >> we will get into that. fifty's and essentially 60 degrees next week. how about that for a start of february. winter weather fans don't worry, cold air does return mid month and typically february is our most snowy month. we're not just done yet. i'm not saying we will get a storm but we have to keep an eye on. ground hog's day on tuesday a as well. live look center city, nice and quiet on this saturday morning. much better start to our weekend, compared to last weekend, unless you like snow and then you love that storm system. the here's the the setup. we're talking about quiet
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weekend both saturday and sunday. the lots of sunshine today. more clouds will build in tomorrow. we will continue the the slow melting process, that is a good thing because you don't want a rapid melt and a lot of rain because then we have to deal with flooding. we will see rain chances returning in the seven day. and that warming trend, 50's potentially and 60's returning to our forecast. the here's the current snow cover, it is starting to shrink. bulk of it over canada but even closer still, central maryland, central pennsylvania, still the the highest snow pack coming in over a foot. even philadelphia starting to shrink up around our region about six to 12 inches, lesser amounts farther south in southern new jersey. we had melting process yesterday, temperatures up around 40 degrees. now we're refreezing things. so watch out those sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, best shot the to see icy conditions but a lot have of it is drying up and that is good news but still want to be safe and head up. twenty-seven in philadelphia, even here in the the city. we have some cold air in place, look at that, low to
5:17 am
mid 20's lehigh valley, doylestown checks in at 22 degrees. storm scan three nice and quiet, we have that ski trip planned to take advantage of the the nice conditions in the poconos today, looks good same deal tomorrow, just a few cloud rolling on through, and we're protect by high pressure, that is the the story, we will be turning milder over the the next few days, today sunshine and cloud up around 40 which is close to average this time of the year. tomorrow more cloud return and that is sign of the warmer air, 40's to potentially 50 degrees. then in the 50's on monday. could be a shower coming in late in the day not a big deal best shot for widespread rain on wednesday. for today looks good, mostly sunny skies, quiet tonight, in problems, not quite as cold and then sunday, partly sunny skies and here's monday that little weak front that comes through a couple of spotty showers, this model is not even picking up on the rain a whole lot at all. the here's temperature upper 30's to around 40 for this afternoon. cool will start to the weekend. tonight not as cold.
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below freezing in some spots but not the a hard freeze, and then tomorrow, look at that, 50's break up in the the lehigh will valley, berks county. here's the trend, jet stream moves to the the north, all that cold air is pushed up in to canada, especially tuesday, wednesday of next week. we will talk about that milder air, and it comes at a price though. we're talking 60 degrees but we will deal with some rain. jet takes another dive southward next weekend, some sun and colder air try to return for middle of the no but nothing terribly cold. we are not talking about record breaking. the seasonal. the mostly sunny. 40 degrees. wind light other out of the southwest this afternoon, ten to 15 miles an hour. the not as cold. partly cloudy. low of 32. here's that extended forecast. we will jump from who to 50 degrees on sunday's high. fifty-six on monday, cloud, maybe a shower, tuesday, groundhog day, 52 degrees, with some sunshine and we will bring in some rain, wednesday with a high near 60 and then we will cool it back down close to average by the end of next week, low to mid 40's a
5:19 am
on thursday and friday, rahel, back to you. >> 60 degrees, all right, hard to believe. thank you. on the the cbs-3 healthwatch a new kind of experimental treatment for cancer that is offering pain relief for some patients. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how it works. >> reporter: she says that she's found new strength in her battle with breast cancer. >> i'm amazed at how i feel very little pain. >> reporter: when the former london teacher was diagnosed two years ago, cancer spread to her bones and caused unbearable pain in her arm. >> here's the surface have the bone where nerve evenings are. >> reporter: special research showed high intensity focused ultrasound to blast cells in her bones that were triggering her bones. >> anything that comes from here release the pains. this kills the pain. >> reporter: she was first nine patients treat with the technique known as high fu in the clinical trial. >> these patients usually have all forms of other treatment
5:20 am
and nothing has been working. >> reporter: while doctors targeted bone pain instead of the cancer itself they hope to eventually use high fu as a cool to kill prostate and breast cancer cells. >> we can try to burn away their cancers too. >> reporter: she says while she doesn't know what the future holds she's thankful researchers gave her a chance to live pain free once they perfect the the ultrasound it will be a able to precisely target the tumors, without harming nearby healthy tissue. that research is still underway. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". they say opposite attract, but an unlikely romance between two animals that captured the hearts of the many, sad to say may be over. the goat and tiger from russia, supposedly had a fight and they are not together anymore. the two animals had been together since november, when the the goat was placed in the tiger's compound. the the pair surprisingly got a along well, up until this
5:21 am
fight that led to the break up. here's hoping they will get back together. and you heard the cat stuck in the tree story before, but in west minister, colorado fire fighters haded to rescue both the cat and his owner. the owner tried to get his cat jupiter out of the tree but his ladder fell. fire fighters put the ladder backup for the owner, he came down but the cat was still stuck. finally they took a bucket to jupiter in the the fire truck ladder and brought him down. both cat and owner are finally reunited. and still ahead we're showing you what is still at the movies this weekend. >> it is something you got the to come back in. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up chris pine lead the crew in the finest hour. jack black returns to find his family in kung fu panda three. >> drop it.
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jack black and the gang are back the in the latest kung fu panda movie and real life story of the daring rescue at sea is brought to the big screen. kevin frasier from entertainment tonight shows us what is new in theaters this weekend. >> we have maybe three hours. and then we will sink. >> reporter: based on a true story finest hour stars chris pine and one of the four coastguard members who set out to rescue crew of the stranded
5:25 am
ship during one of the worst storms on record. filming the rescues gave the stars a greater respect for their real life counterpart. >> it was quinton, massachusetts in late autumn, and early winter, and in a a corrugated steel warehouse with a giant pond, tank in the middle where we were there for 12 hours a day. so it could get pretty cold. but certainly not like we had coffee breaks and we could go home to our warm beds and what these guys went through that night was simply just facing death every minute of those hours that they were out there. >> you have to come back in. >> hold on. >> i'm looking for my son. >> dad. >> and kung fu panda three, they are back to take down a new bad guy with help from his
5:26 am
newly discovered panda family and a panda love interests played by kate hudson. >> i am m ama. >> she's a diva. >> yes. >> but she's in the really flirting, she just wants to get with po, she's sort of flirting because she wants po to fall in love with her. >> look at me, look at me, no, you can't. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to the in the studio. for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment the tonight on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. what a difference a week makes just days ago people were fighting strong wind and heavy snow, now the sidewalks are cleared and the snow piles are shrinking, and in a few days you may be asking where did your winter go? cuss continue has more on the warmer temperatures on the the way. and a father and son goes to extreme measures to get their favorite basketball stars autograph, we will have that when w
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new challenges for the democratic front runner just days before the the iowa caucus. i'm craig boswell in iowa city, iowa, that is coming up. zika virus may be close to home and now there are six to
5:30 am
eight pending cases of the virus in pennsylvania. plus how the the out break is affecting travel plans for parents, looking to take one last trip before their baby's born. today is the saturday january 30th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick i go outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. justin, chilly today but change is in store. >> that is right cold start, temperatures in the 20's, nice clear skies but we have a warming trend and yes, last week at this time, i was standing in a foot of snow and no resemblance of any snow in the the sky deck. exception is left over yardsticks we have to measure but that is long gone, melting process will continue with this forecast. here we go nice quiet weekend shaping up. check it out, storm scan three is looking mainly clear over the city. maybe a few fair weather cloud in the lehigh valley and poconos but otherwise we will see plenty of sunshine throughout the day-to-day. and then there are the temperatures below freezing overall locations, 25 in
5:31 am
allentown. twenty-seven in philadelphia we saw melting yesterday. watch out for patchy icy areas this morning on the sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. the that is the main issue. wind are much lighter. yesterday got windy. sustained wind of 10 miles an hour. that puts wind chills down in the teens this morning. so we will need heavier coat. the decent amount of sunshine day as temperatures climb to the 20's and 30's up to 40 degrees for this afternoon. that is about average for this time of the year. if you like milder air just wait for second half of the weekend we will talk about a high temperature near 50 on sunday and 60 next week. ill a's show thaw seven day forecast in just a few minutes. justin, thanks a lot. now to the campaign trail three days until iowa caucus and candidates are in full court press mow to woo the voters. but democratic front runner hillary clinton has a major distraction back in washington. craig boswell has the latest from way city. hillary clinton did in the
5:32 am
talk about the escalating scandal over her e-mails at campaign events in iowa on friday. she turned an evening event into a family affair and took swipes at the republicans instead. >> having i have just said the republicans disagreed with. >> reporter: obama administration says it won't release 22 top secret e-mails found on clinton's a personal server. her campaign says e-mails weren't classified when they were first sent and neck and neck in the the poles with clinton senator bernie sanders released a a statement saying this legal issue should not be politicized and voters in iowa deserve a serious discussion of the issues that face them. republicans jumped on the news. >> as a member of my staff, on the intelligence committee they would have been fired and probably would have been prosecuted. >> whether hillary gets indicted depend on whether the the the obama white house wants to indict her. >> reporter: here reaction from people we talk to fell along party lines. >> she should be in jail. >> it is a non-issue it does not matter politically. >> reporter: presidential politics will continue to
5:33 am
dominate the the candidates as they crisscross iowa ahead of the monday caucus. in december money iowa, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with cbs-3 for very latest on campaign 2016 and upcoming iowa caucus, when we're in the on tv we're on line anytime at cws there is word that health officials in pennsylvania are testing six to eight people, for the the the zika virus. the residents recently returned from pennsylvania from impacted area a specific breed of mosquito is spreading the virus across latin america. pregnant woman are told not to travel to affected areas and that has moms to be canceling some trips including woman who plan to take a baby to one last vacation before delivering their baby. henna daniels. >> reporter: report 24 weeks pregnant and planned to take her baby moon trip to puerto rico but news of the zika virus there forced her tocontact he will. >> it sound like the the
5:34 am
possibilities are very grave, something were to happen. >> reporter: mosquitoes which can cause fever rash and joint pain but they are dangerous for pregnant woman and those trying to get pregnant because it is being linked with babies born with ab normally small heads. the the airlines are offering pregnant woman with tickets for zika infected nations a rebooking. united says its offer is in the only for customers who are pregnant but attempting to become pregnant. jet blue and delta said they will work to accommodate any ticketed customers with concerns. major cruise lines say they will try to accommodate pregnant woman. u.s.a. today travel reporter cherise jones says so far the virus has not had a major impact on the travel industry. >> there is not a big fear this will cause widespread travel cancellations. it is not an airborne virus. it will in the go from passenger to pass eveninger. >> we tended to not to risk it. >> reporter: brook is five
5:35 am
months pregnant and switched her baby trip from the dominican republic to disney world. >> it is an odd trace but we will have a good time. >> reporter: hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a septa transit hub that dates back more than a century gets a major face lift. the new and improved west terminal at 69th street transportation center in upper darby. the september, state and local officials held a ribbon cutting celebrating the the completion of the 19.6 million-dollar improvement project, and that revamped terminal enhances both bus and trolley operations and passenger safety. a kick off to the philadelphia auto show. "eyewitness news" at the convention center for black tie tailgate. folks dressed in their best to take a lot at new ride before the show opens to the the general public later this morning. this years auto show features more than 700 vehicles from 40 brands, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live there checking out all of the cars before doors opened up at
5:36 am
9:00 a.m. good morning, anita. i see you taking a look at those cars. >> reporter: rahel i'm taking my driving skills to the test with the racing simulator. i can tell you i'm in the doing a very good job. i've crashed several times. controllers here had to reverse me. i'm going very slowly. the at first i was going about 14 miles an hour so we are taking our skills to the test a and we will say i'm's a good mario cart player but this is different. if you come down to the auto show you can check out this racing simulator but i want to show you other things have happening here in the hyundai lounge. so this hyundai swag is really kind of a game show-like event that will be happening about six to eight times. if you come down here. they will be giving away a bunch of different items, that are branded. so you can come out and check this out. this is going to be like a
5:37 am
game show. these are the newer models that you can see here. i will take you over to the listening lounge. if driving is not the particularly your thing and you you don't want to take a a look at the simulator come here to the listening lounge where you can sit in these comfortable chairs and these are the audio speakers thaw can find in the hyundai models like the genesis. but coolest party think is this gold car. the as i told you before gold detailing is my favorite. this is a gold super bowl car. so that is something to look forward to as well. but perhaps some of the most exciting things happening this weekend, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., carli lloyd, from the team u.s.a. will be making an a appearance here. the she's a new jersey native. she will be here to give a soccer demonstration and give inspirational talk to kids. again that is happening at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow but for now live at the ought owe show, a anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness
5:38 am
news". you don't see that gold car that often. again, auto show is now opens and runs through february 7th at the pennsylvania convention center. if you want to go we have put everything you need to necessity on cbs if you are getting sick of winter as many of us are, head to gloucester county for a dose of spring this weekend. "eyewitness news" at deptford mall for 35th annual future farmers of america flower show and competition. students from new jersey are competing for ribbons in 30 categories, check out 200 flowers, ranging from bridal bouquets to garden. >> this is most exciting event for students for the entire year. we have 33 different smaller categories that they can enter into. we have three judges from the industry. >> i did a corsage and it took me five minutes to do and then i did a garden. >> the event runs through sunday. are you looking to sell your old iphone.
5:39 am
coming up next some information you need to know so your information stays safe. plus, they are creepy, they are crawlly and to a lot of people they are down right terrifying. tarantulas have made their way to philadelphia a we will give you a behind the scenes look at a new exhibit opening today. now seniors are proving you never too old to dab. coming up their inspiration about why they making dabbing a daily practice. justin is back with spring like temperatures in the seven day forecast, we will be right
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apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they could cause an electric shock. the two pronged wall plug adapters affected were designed for use in connecticut mental europe, australia, new seal land, cover re, argentina and brazil. plugs in question were shipped between 2003 and 2015 with max and or apple devices a and were included in the apple world travel adapter kit n very rare cases they may break and create a risk of electrical shock, if touched. apple says it will exchange the faulty plugs for free or issue a refund. if you have received a new smart phone or tablet this who will will day season it is tempt to go clear out old gadgets. in this tech minute c, lexi explains what you need to do before selling or donate ago this old phone, so your data a stays safe.
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>> reporter: make sure you are properly personal information does not, end up in the wrong hand. backup data including photos and contact, and then remove sim card and micro sd card if applicable. so for iphone turn off find my iphone and sign out of your icloud account. then go to settings, general, reset, and erase all content and settings. for android choose settings and then find the backup and reset options. however, this may only clear data in the application level so things like s ms and chat messages could be restored. try encrypting the even if before doing a factory reset. find selections from the settings menu. for a full guide to securely wiping an android phone visit c in san francisco i'm lexi, for c for cbs news.
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and super bowl sunday is just over a week away and the food is synonymous with that, wings. football fans are expect to eat one .3 billion with a b chicken wings super bowl sunday. that is second biggest eating day in the u.s. behind thanksgiving. in case you are wondering, 1 pint 3 billion rings are enough to put more than 600 wings on every plate in 32 nfl stadium and every man, woman and child in the u.s. to have four wings each. i got to say i'm personally a wing lover myself but i like them bone less. >> easier to eat that way, and how many wet wipes they need to go through with a billion wings. >> seriously. but here we go as far as our weather nice quiet weekend shaping up compared to a week ago. no threat of snow, today or tomorrow. we will warm things up. clear skies, over our region ben franklin bridge nice and quiet. still watch out for icing spots in the untreated
5:45 am
surfaces. we have had refreezing last night with temperatures in the 20's right now. average high this time of the year is 41. we were close to that, thursday and friday, today, right around 40 degrees, as well. we are running into the 50's early next week and potentially 60 degrees, it comes at a price in the form of some rain but if you like milder airy think we can handle that. twenty-seven in millville and atlantic city airport. dover delaware checks in at 28. cold 24 in newark. mullica, wood town both coming in the mid 20's. vineland 24. look at chalfont, malvern in the lower 20's. so again a lot of melting, watch out for frozen spots those sidewalks and driveways. storm scan three is quiet. we have high pressure right now, keeping us nice and quiet, little disturbance up across the great rakes producing ago i foot you snow showers there for us mostly sunny skies today, a few more cloud return for second half of the weekend and that is sign of the warmer air. here's a good week toned hit the slopes.
5:46 am
big board 19, trails opened up at 16 at boulder. twenty-four to 48-inch base at cammal back and 24 trails. blue mountain 5 feet of snow for their max base coming in at 35 trails. great conditions right now, here is that ski forecast for the poconos, again, that is today third two for the high. partial sunshine. forty-two on sunday. maybe a a rain sure coming in late monday afternoon. the here's our set up over the east coast not even quiet, we can use that break. sunshine today, tonight maybe a few more cloud role in as that warmer air returns. here's our next weather maker cold front very weak that will come through monday not produce ago lot of rain so limited moisture with this but still cannot rule out a shower better chance for widespread rain coming at us for the day on wednesday. here's the temperature outlook for the month of february, already february next week, crazy, look at the northern half of the u.s., expected to be above or even much above with the temperatures, we will find cat he will's to the south with more storms, that
5:47 am
is typical for el nino, so again closer up here to the delaware valley, anticipate that had a above average temperatures for the month of february, we will see, that is when we have to average it out. still driving it on home today, tuesday past predictions 119 of them and you can see shadow, 102 times. good bet he does see his shadow but we will wait and see what happens on groundhog day on tuesday. how you about that. forecast for today mostly sunny, seasonal 40 degrees. not as cold tonight. we will get to freezing for the city, 20's in the coldest suburbs. check out these extended forecast we will go from 40 to 50 for the high temperature. mid 50's monday, more cloud, maybe a shower, not the best 56 for the the high, on monday with cloudy skies, 52 on tuesday. the better chance for widespread rain on wednesday but look at that rahel, high of 60 degrees, not bad. >> hard to keep up with this weather. >> yes. >> how do you feel when you think about tarantulas, just the word may send shivers up your spine.
5:48 am
kyw news radio john mcdevitt takes us on a new exhibit opening today where live tarantula spiders are the stars of the show. >> reporter: they are fast, hairy, and some call them scary, tarantulas and there are nearly 20 kind on display at the academy of natural sciencees at drexel university exhibit called tarantulas, alive and up close. kid will be able to explore and pretend they are spiders by putting on customs and jumping in the specimen jar and maybe learn something like these kid from the the fourth grade class of the russell byers charter school. he knows all about tarantula malting process. >> this spied is to find a safe place to shed and it is really painful on the spider and it takes up to one hour and when the spider is done malting then it has to find another safe place to hide. >> reporter: thinks the rose haired tarantula, she's native to south america.
5:49 am
she calls the academy of natural sciencees of drexel university home and you can come by here to say hi during the exhibit. karen is a invert bray specialist with the academy. >> tarantulas are in the deadly to humans where that he venom is valuable. there are species of tarantula where they are studying effects of the venom and trying to apply that for treatments for als and alzheimer's. >> reporter: exhibit starts saturday and runs through may. john mcdevitt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is the dance move tearing up social media, the former eagles coach andy reid did it, carolina panthers quarterback cam newton's touchdown dance. new these folks at a retirement home in north caroline air dabbing, they say it is fun and good exercise. they make it part of the daily exercise routine and hope the original dabber, cam newton, can bring home the super bowl championship.
5:50 am
>> i feel confident that we are going all the way. we have the got if we will just deliver and we can deliver. >> i still have have not figured out the how to dab. cam newtown or payton manning will deliver the goods at the super bowl next sunday right here on cbs-3. pitching for a autograph, we will tell you what a father and son did to get their favorite basketball star's signature. and a snow boarding baby, the the toddler who hit the slopes like it is nobody's business, we will be right
5:51 am
5:52 am
of custom in-home serviceside a variety for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪ sixers back in action with the world champion warriors coming to the center. golden state held a practice last night. they have the best record in the league and led by steph curry who is a one man show
5:53 am
who leads the league in the scoring. that game sold out. second sellout of the season. warriors must see basketball and they enjoy playing in front of the pack house. >> enjoy atmosphere and enjoy the experience but you have to be able to focus and be professional and go out on the floor and play your game. we do what we do on the floor. we're blessed to have that kind of atmosphere pretty much every where we go and we take advantage of it. >> it has been a busy week for the eagles front office busy resigning a couple players to long term contract deals. on monday zach ertz got a new deal and lane janssen got paid with a six year contract extension worth 63 million, 35 and a half guarantied. lane was with eagles first round pick three years ago and has only missed four games, due to his suspension. this season he filled in at a left tackle when jason peters went down and lane expects to take over at left tackle, down the the road.
5:54 am
>> moving forward i think that is what they drafted me for. obviously jason peters is probably the best tackle of all time him and walter jones, so having him here he has taught the me so much. i will justin to do that until that time comes. >> the bird also taking care of the brent celek a three-year deal worth 13 million, and half of that guarantied, so brent will end his career right here in philadelphia he loves the the city and fans and what's motional when his agent to call and tell him he got the that extension. >> i looked over at my wife, i was so excited, i probably had tears coming out of my eyes and i just went downstairs and the satan my couch and just thought about, you know, everything that it took to get the here and where, you know, where we need to go. >> look who appears from behind air zone state infamous curtain of distraction, olympic swimmer michael phelps. he was a big distraction wearing speed owe and dancing
5:55 am
around with his gold medals around his neck trying to distract the other team. oregon state steven thompson junior missing both foul shot and the fans will go crazy on. that arizona state crushed oregon state 86-68. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. well, sixers get ready to face golden state warriors, some local fans go fishing for autographs. take a look at this, check out this father and son team trying get one of their best players in the league autographs. golden stayed warrior steph curry took the bait. signed a sports illustrated cover and number 30 jersey, even took time to capture it with the his own cell phone, you have to add fire the father and son's determination would i say. it a appears you you are never too young to learn how you to snow board. check out 14 month-old sloan in park city utah, he learned how to walk, and now he tried to tackle the slopes. her father bought her the
5:56 am
smallest snow board he could find but still had to make a few modification toss accommodate her pint sized self. sloan seems to really like snow boarding. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. here's what we have coming up at 6:00. a group of university students have been charged after police say they used their campus issue debit card to scam $35,000 from 7-eleven. many will's alexandria hoff with how that happened coming up next. a huge security plan is in place for super bowl 50 and we have a behind the scenes look. with some of last weekend's snow still lingering on the the streets, we're hoping for a week even warm up and that will help you melt the remnants of the storm, justin's forecast for your saturday is coming up next.
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a major distraction for hillary clinton just days before the the the iowa caucus. coming up, new revelation about her e-mail, and use of her own server hits the campaign trail. hot rods ape concept cars we are live at pennsylvania convention center to tell you what is new at the the auto show. one of the to cars is sold at auction. we will tell you how much it went for and bought it. it is saturday
6:00 am
january 30th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather and justin, we have been saying it all morning but what a difference since last week it was cold, snowing. >> yeah, i was running around like a mad man in here n and out. i'm's bored. i don't know what to do today. >> we have all these changes. >> that too but nice quiet weekend, that is what i'm talking about. the it will warm up. we have a couple shots for rain, let's put it that way. shower chances monday, and then better chance of steadier rain coming in on wednesday. so, here we go, we have temperatures this morning, it is cold. we saw melting yesterday, we're refreezing a as well, so 26 in philadelphia, 23 in allentown. watch out for icy conditions on those untreated road, bridges, overpasses, possibly, some of the driveways. twenty-three in doylestown. that is one of the cold spots. we have a super weekend, we have a refreeze. high temperatures above freezing, yesterday, and we sa


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