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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00 police are asking for the publics help in finding this man who they say attacked and stabbed a fellow right on board a septa bus. good evening i'm natasha brown. the attack left the victim fighting for his life. it all started as affair dispute. alexandria huff joins us from northeast detectives where a police conference wrapped up up what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, typically in these situations a dispute between two jane injuries surveillance camera may provide clues. it's something most septa rider have witnessed. >> doesn't have a proper transfer. >> reporter: but in this case the man seen in surveyed i don't becomes irate.
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the bus driver decides to let the man off at the next stop. continuing south on torresdale avenue the man reveals a blue shirt under his black jacket and a sharp look to the camera. once stopped he refuses to get off. >> some of the passengers became a little bit upset about that. it was delaying their ride uu the frustrated passenger pushes him off the bus. he responds with a knife. >> stabbed the victim several times in the neck and body area. that victim was rushed when septa police arrived, he was immediately rushed to temple hospital. >> reporter: please call the injuries critical not life threatening. urged all other rider to resist taking action in similar situations. >> let the police handle these things. septa has a police force. we have a police force. we respond along with septa police. septa police did get there in a timely fashion just to the fast enough to catch the perpetrator.
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>> reporter: anyone who is on that bus or may recognize that man wearing the black jacket, black hat and blue shirt is asked to contact police. reporting from northeast detective i'm alexandria huff cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right a. thank you so much. a brave dog who was shot while attempting to protect owner is now back home with family. seven month old was just released from the veterinary center in northeast philadelphia today. two weeks ago the pit bull mix was shot in the leg during a break in on the 46 hundred block of penn street. his owner was shot and killed. family members say they will notchier rush the dog. >>i'm happy. i think my brother would be happy. from the moment he walked in here we were all helpful. treating him like he was part of the family.
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e. >> meantime the police say the gunman in this case is still on the lose. police have made an arrest in a shooting that happened inside ben franklin high school. at shot was actually fired yesterday during a fight in the hall. police took five students out in handcuffs. and witnesses later led police to the home of another view file. they searched that house and arrested the teenager early this morning. his identity has not been relieved no word yet on any charges. >> does look like we are in for a little bit of a winter warm up that could elder melt some of the snow lingering around from the big storm. meteorologist lauren casey is in you're weather center with the first look i think i'm ready to see it gone. i think so its getting to the point where it's not so pretty. time to clear it on out of here. mother nature is going to take care of that. a went warm up in store. today not a bad winter day. sunshine. winds relatively light. temperatures season in a bell. average. high temperature in philadelphia 41 degrees.
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ton at 40 in allentown. low 40s down the shore for high temperatures today. cooling off 35 degrees in philadelphia. down into the upper 20 in lehigh valley. 37 degrees right now in millville. but warm up kicks off tomorrow with temperatures running about 10 degrees above average. by monday running about 15 degrees above average. and then by wednesday, approaching record territory. but you are not going to be able to get outside too much on wednesday because it is going to be a soggy day we'll talk about that in the full forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. a vigil was held for a woman who died while shoveling snow in pottstown. 18 year old who suffered from a heart condition and was hate months pregnant. was shoveling snow with her younger brother. she went back into the house and her brother found her unconscious. she was pronounced dead to the hop. a go fund me page was set up.
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you can find a link to that page on our website. one person is dead. several more are injured when violence erupt ted at the colorado motorcycle expo in denver. multiple shootings at least one stab bang. the injured taking to the health medical center. three people still listed in critical condition. couldn't tell weather it was gang related or there was some dispute between motorcycle gang. two remaining fugitives back in custody. they ever found in san francisco area nearly 400 miles from the orange county jail where they were being held. >> sheriff's officials say escape piece are back behind bars after a dare ring prison break. they were on the run for nearly nine days. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief because we have the other two dangerous
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individuals back in custody. >> the men were found in a stow len van parked in a san francisco food market after being noticed by a neighbor. ran on foot quickly caught. no weapon was found. >> the focus shifts to continuing to look it's a where the system failed us. where policies and procedures were not followed. >> officials believe two and a third inmate cut through a steal great and crawled through tunnels to get out of jail. he went from the on the two and turned himself into the authorities friday morning. prison english teacher was arrested in connection with the escape. >> we know there was some type of relation should dwelled. how far it went weather physical or not we're trying to find out. >> senate men will soon be taken back to orange county and placed anne high risk area of the same jail where they escaped.
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san francisco police department sources tell us escape piece have left san francisco and they are on their way back to santa anna. all right. well we are just days away from the iowa caucus and a new pole is out. showing donald trump is on the lead on the gop side aren't hillary clinton hillary clinton and bernie sander remain neck and neck. craig boss well is on the campaign trail and he has the latest. >> reporter: republican candidate donald trump on top. he has a five point lead over ted crews. and 13 point lead over mark company rubio. >> it all doesn't matter if you don't caucus on monday. >> reporter: crews led this pole in early january. has been under constant attack from trump and rube i don't. >> ted crews has been my friend decide to run a deceive full campaign. people see through that. >> reporter: hillary clinton hillary clinton is hanging on to a small lead.
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bernie sanders is win the poles margin of error. >> and we began this campaign we were three% in the national poles. here in iowa it is virtually tied. >> reporter: clinton is in damage control after a the state department said it would not release 37 pages of emails from her personnel server that are now classified top secret. >> reporter: i. >> i want all these emails out. i take classification very seriously. >> they say the email issue is something they are considering. >> i think it is a very high level national security issue. >> reporter: with the poles so close experts say the undecided voters will make a difference. in iowa craig boss well for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> of course, stay with eyewitness news for complete curch rach of the caucuses well bring you the latest update all throughout the day on television and online at our website.
11:09 pm camden, new jersey, hosted its first ever public school enrollment fair today. more than 35 public are there charter schools represent attempted. officials say they have also simplified the application process, which used to be confusing with anyone different deadlines. the end of the application period for camden enrollment. into. its important for the longest time we had 17 different applications with anyone different monthly deadlines in camden. and it was a complicated peas for families to go through. it was unnecessary. we streamlined it. to mix their live ease easier. here they are all here today. school principal we're also on hand to talk to parents about programs and after school activity. ice carving battle in burlington county mount holly hosted national fire and ice
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festival. for all fun and excitement. more than a dozen talented artists. massive blocks of ice into beautiful skull p chars. also some of the best chill dollar keep everyone warm. stay with us, everyone. still to come on eyewitness news start your engine we're going to take you inside the philadelphia auto show for a close up look at fast cars and family fun. plus baby on board. much more of this snow boarding baby is just ahead. this is the best video of the day i till you. >> better than i am on that. >> better than a lot of us. another winter warm up is on the way. when to expect high temperatures i'll have that come up. >> leslie van arsdale has that and more when we come back.
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>> welcome back everyone. fourth grade students from oliver elementary school in langhorne gave back to the community today. 28 children began raising money at the end of november they race d 18 hundred dollars. gave out 13 hundred dollars worth offer pizza to the homeless. great job from mrs. miller's class. fashion weekend in full swing. who walked the runway. winning battle against cancer made national headlines. fashion weekend show cases local by teaks, designers, making a positive impact in the community. some of the proceeds will go to the leah still foundation. great job out there. philadelphia auto show race
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d into high from the convention center. >> reporter: like a new car roar ring to life day one launched full lot saturday. >> i really. >> reporter: the i candy is plenty. thomas 50s visits each year. from the new west convertables, suv's exotic cars, there's likely something here for everyone. and i do mean everyone. all the different car people. >> to try to see how many bags we can get. >> reporter: dreams of a sport car. but he's also got a one year old in toe. >> she really likes touching all the buttons and pushing on the horns. daddy is going to check out some family cars too. >> reporter: even though hoop can't legally drive 12 year old got a chance to hit the road. well, kind of.
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>> i tried to do it. it didn't work. >> reporter: this one is just a stimulate, if you were hoping to take one of these homes, there will be no seals on the floor. experience all the bells and whistle of the dream car for yourself. i like this one of the reporting anita oh cbs3 eyewitness news. >> i like that one too. we are getting ready for super bowl 50. it is coming up quickly. fans are taking pictures of themselves with it. at the nfl experience. this is one of the activities in san francisco right now. nfl experience is where fans can runny nfl players. they can play games. learn about the history of football. 49er running back roger craig was there today holding the trophy. >> like you have your first baby
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its d old news to me. still felt good knowing this trophy is going to be delivered to one of the two teams. they are playing carolina and denver. >> roger craig won three super boles with 49ers he's used to holding the trophies. don bell is going to be at the super bowl. he will be reporting life next wednesday february third on eyewitness news and remember, you can watch super bowl 50 february 7th right here on cbs3. unfortunately not all of us will be in san francisco. we're going to be warming up. talking about 60 in the forecast. that is crazy but i guess for really not that crazy for this winter. we've had so many warm stretches and another one is in the forecast. we have a big day coming up in a couple days ground hog day of course. where's that hole in the ground?
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>> wait, he made 119 predictions in his life. he seems to be a little bit bias he's seen his shadow 102 times. no shadow 17 times, shadow means six more weeks of winter, but this mild winter may be all right, but will he see his sad dough on tuesday february second. we've already had a seasons worth of snowfall this winter. our average for entire seasons 22.four inches that's the exact amount that fell in last weeks snow storm. had half inch previous to that total 22.-9d. snow yesterday month in philadelphia is february with about nine inches offer average we have to get through that. we have rain in the forecast. maybe a few showers into monday then a pretty good bet for wet weather on wednesday looking like a pretty soggy gay with a chance of a few thunderstorms
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with warm and moist airs. right now 35 degrees. across center city philadelphia six miles per hour wind. wind chill temperature 30 degrees. temperatures in 30s in the lehigh valley. 41 in wildwood. wind they are out of the south. sourly component that drives in warmer hour. starter to feel that as we head moo sunday. 32 degrees. last night 26 of the partly cloudy conditions t tomorrow topping off at 50 degrees. kind of a mix of sun and some high clouds. relatively nice winds well make are a nice day for sunday. quiet conditions all across the region. precipitation well off to our northeast to find any. clouds moving in patchy in nature. otherwise quiet. as he whether through the overnight period, sunshine breaking through as we head throughout sunday.
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starting off dry monday morning commute. maybe clouds becoming mostly cloudy through the afternoon. rainfall moving in. quickly exit really just a chance of a late day shower as we head into monday. looks like it's not going to be too widespread in nature. intensity will be on the lighter side. as we head into monday that is your rain chance. 52 on tuesday dry conditions for the ground hog morning clouds. then your wet today is on wednesday. going to be a bit breezy as well. 62 degrees. tie record high temperature setback in 2000 six but looks like a soggy one with rain persistting afternoon and into evening. cooler and dryer in the long range. sunny and 46 on thursday. >> he sees his sad dough we're going to have to put him back in there. [ laughter ]. >> you're not a meteorologist, fill. >> put him back in there. >>leslie what's going to happen
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in sports. al former phillies fan favorite stopping in town. what does he think about the phillies row building process. sixers taking on nba champions warriors, they gave
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♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. >> all right. less lease got sports highlights. interesting game tonight p world cam 81 warriors coming into the center taking on the sixers. essentially you have the best team in the league taking on the worse. you think it would be an easy game for the champs. steve curry fourth carter the gang, champs up by 10, curry takes a step back. steve with 23 points. teammate scored thompson led the warriors with 32 points.
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you think the game is over. not so fast. isaiah cannon makes the free throw. smith growing on into the did you know the game is tied with 22 second left. the champs had the ball. harris son bourns unfortunately nails the three right there. golden state escapes with 108 victory. >> for us to find a way at home to not roll over, not be all caught up in the moment and find to weigh to give something back to our fans who are fantastic. it's a great thing pho pr you're young team. spring training just around the corner. giving kids pointer at sports clinic. his foundation sponsored the
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event. part of that phillies where they won the world series. he was trade to do texas. now the titans are in rebuilding mode he knows this is going to be difficult. >> it's going to be did you have for a lot of fans to be able to watch you know where they're going to be. there's still a lot roof great players on that team that i would love to watch, love to play with. they are just in a learning stage. not fair to these guys that are trying to become great big league players. you know but then again they're going to improve. and they will be good. nashville only representative for the orange and black; as for the actual game this is going to be a three on three torn in a meant the winning team with split up a prize. college basketball, the husband's surprised everyone with a 17, three record third
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place going no today's game against rhode island. hawks up, 17 pints. later diane drey beam prewith a did you know 15 points. saint joyce moves to 18 and three on the season with a 64-55 victory. lasalle. second half lasalle down by six. he nails it. scoring 18 points attire bounds. 59 to 54. >> sixers though so close. it was. very good. >> back in
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into welcome back, everyone. one cute little girl proofs you are never ever too young to hit the slopes of the this is is the story. 14 month old tearing up the slopes. look at her balance. [ laughter ]. her father bought the smallest snow board he could find still had to make a few modifications. look at her. this is amazing. she's a natural.
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she's headed for the olympics. >> oh, you just learned how to walk here's a snow board. [ laughter ]. >> look at that. she's having such a good time. this is her destiny. >> i got my hat. i got my snow suit. my boots. >> all right.
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>> well you know you've heard of the cat stuck anne tree story, right. westminster colorado firefighter had to rescue both its cat and the owner. tried to get his cat out of the tree but his latter fell. firefighter put the latter back
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up for the owner but the cat was still stuck. finally they took a bucket up in the fire truck lad deer, he didn't want to come. but the cat and owner are finally created on the ground. >> the cat in the dog house of the. [ laughter ]. >> okay. one last looks at the forecast. nice day tomorrow. 50 degrees. mid 60s on monday. tuesday looks good for phil the ground hog. wednesday that would be a record warm high temperature at 62 degrees. heavy rain developing for the afternoon. wednesday heavy rain coming down and even a run did he tell of thunder. >> wow but that's warm weather i love it. i don't know about phil though. phil hates it. he wants more winter. keep him down there. that's going to do it for us i'm natasha brown. we appreciate you joining us.
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take care. have a good previously on blue bloods... yet another example of commissioner reagan's extreme tactics and one that i don't see him practicing in the white neighborhoods. this guy is dangerous. only if you're standing between him and a television camera. we supported mayor poole in his election, and we demand that he remove frank reagan as police commissioner. no willingness to work together. no interest in building consensus. a genuine leader is not a seeker of consensus, but a molder of consensus. potter, you're early. commissioner reagan, good to see you as always. new look? part of a spiritual rebirth, if you will. a new church, a new outlook, a new me. couldn't help noticing the reporters camped outside. thought we might say a few words after the meeting. no, thank you. i won't keep you waiting long.


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