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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 1, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" here we go. the countdown to super bowl 50 is on. we are now less than a week away from the big game. you can see it right there on your screen. countdown is on. cbs3 is your home for the super bowl excitement and it all starts tonight. good evening i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. intention sunday we will likely have a new super bowl championship. but will it be cam knew the. don bell will be in san francisco for the big game. >> the countdown is very -- look at that thing. >> we're fancy. >> we are talking about the super bowl california dreaming starting tomorrow the san francisco bay area will be the center of the sports world. super bowl 50 as you heard just a week away. today, the stars of the show
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made their way into the town. an unforgettable moment for broncos fans as the team arrived in the south bay today, this quick glimpse of the players walking off players and into the santa clara marriott is what many waited hours for. >> once in a lifetime we get to see the broncos in our city. >> meanwhile at san jose. panthers fans waited outside to welcome the team. >> to see them come through and let them know they're welcome here and tell them keep pounding. >> reporter: little did they know and we the media know security would bring panthers in the back way, leaving fans waiting and wondering in the cold. with the big game exactly one week away. all fans hope to run into the players as they live, practice and hopefully experience south
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bay. >> go broncos that will make our day. >> we're from north carolina. we've been huge fan as long time. exciting in our home time now. >> the golden gate bridge. fisherman's warf >> i'll be hanging out in the san francisco bay area. our life coverage starts wednesday at 11:00 p.m. and be sure to catch a special week of programming on cbs3 leading up to super bowl sunday tuesday night at 8:00. sure to catch super bowl's greatest commercials. on friday at 9:00, join us for two hours of the super bowl's greatest half time shows on saturday night, super bowl's greatest commercials all star countdown. followed by the nfl honor show at 9:00. join as tomorrow at 11:00. vittorio woodhill introduces us to a group of local guys who have just scored big at the super bowl. find out why this successful
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local business was hand picked to travel cross country to california. we were there for nice send-off a special send-off. that, you'll see tomorrow night at 11:00. also i want to mention. panthers quarterback cam newton. wait until you see the pants that he wore today on the team flight. looked like it was inspired by is a zebra. i don't know if it was good thing. >> i cannot wait for that. i appreciate it. some late weekend warmth is helping to at least melt the with them in a minute of the snow. one area even saw record highs today. lauren casey is out there on it cbs3 skydeck. not too bundled up tonight; right? . >> no. i didn't even need my winter. we had mild -- in fact, a warm day. 64 was the high temperature in atlantic city.
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breaking record of 63 set back in 2012. 64 degrees. what a difference a week makes. right now, temperatures are still very mild at this late hour, 44 in philadelphia. that's actually still above our average high temperature for the day. 49 down the shore and 44 extremely mild at the poconos right now. visibility looking good across the area, perfect visibility right now in philadelphia. but as we head into the overnight period, we are going to see some fog that will be developing and that will reduce our visibilities overnight tonight and for your monday morning commute. watch out for that. plan a few extra minutes. as we head to the second half. rain showers moving in combine that with mild air, snow still on the ground, going to be slushy for the afternoon commute. we'll talk about where high temperatures will settle in and a record warm day in store in the city this week coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you very much. it happens every bitter as the snow begins to melt the
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roads get bumpy with potholes. "eyewitness news" on the 1600 block in something. a postal truck got stuck in a deep pothole tonight. there was a water main break on that block earlier this week. the water department is on the scene repairing the hole and say people on the block will be without water at least until tomorrow morning. also tonight, police have made an arrest in connection with friday's stabbing on board a septa bus. the attack happened on bus on the 4100 block of torresdale avenue. police say the suspect didn't have money to pay his fare and got into a tulle altercation with a passenger. suspect stabbed that passenger repeatedly and ran off. victim is recovering in the hospital. the suspect's name has not been released. three philadelphia police officers are recovering after beinging assaulted on the job in northeast philly this morning >> police were called to the good life lounge on the 9800
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block of bustleton. for reports of shots. when they arrived about 25 people were fighting in the parking lot. officers were attacked as they tried to break up the brawl. three people were arrested. bullet casings were found but no gunshot victims. the family of a missing bucks county man is now pleading for the public's help. 45-year-old craig was last seen december 23rd boarding a septa bus on old orchard plain in bristol. bus was headed for the oxford valley mall. he suffers from cerebral pals and paralyzed on the left side of his body. please contact police. the college town of blackberg virginia is in shock after the murder of a 13-year-old girl. police have arrested two virginia tech students in connection with her death. >> police say david eisenhower abducted 13-year-old nicole la vel and natalie keepers helped
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them dispose of the body in a north carolina highway 90 miles from her home. >> we're investigating social media included. lots of things coming in. >> 18-year-old eisenhower, engineering major and member of the school's cross country team is charged with abduction and murder. 19-year-old keeper a sophomore engineering student is charged with improper disposal of a dead body. >> her family believes she climbed out of the bedroom window of her blacksberg virginia apartment wednesday. her facebook page shows he was a member of at least one teen dating site. the police haven't said how she and eisen hour first met. >> nicole, honey, if you see this, if you're out there, come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried. your family is worrieded.
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come home. >> reporter: her disappearance parked a four-day search that included 1,000 members of virginia tech core of cadets. police haven't said how or why she was killed. >> her body has been taken to medical examiner's office for an almost. a juvenile meantime has been charged with making a false public alarm after a threatening text message involving cherry hill high school east started circulating on social media. school officials sent out a letter saying, in part the police checked the school, they will be monitoring the area around the school during the overnight. there will be an increased presence by the cherry hill police and high school east along with a regular campus police and school security staff. tonight former montgomery county district attorney is expected to take the stand tuesday in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. castor will testify as a defense witness and is expected to say that he promised cosby he would
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never be charged with assaulting a former temple employee in 2004. the charges stem from an alleged encounter at cosby's montgomery county home. federal investigators are expected to release evidence and reports tomorrow that could showed new light on last may's amtrak crash in philadelphia. the train derailed as it accelerated through the curb at frankford junction. eight people were killed. tomorrow will be the first development since the preliminary report weeks after crash happened to the very latest in campaign 2016. tomorrow voters will turn out in iowa to throw their support. experts suspect it's going to be a tight race for both parties. "eyewitness news" greg argos is live in the cbs3 stat center. he's got the latest. greg. >> reporter: it is the final push in the hawk i state. coacts meetings begin less than 24 hours.
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volunteers and the candidates themselves from both parties are making last minute pleas to the voters. presidential candidates are crisscrossing iowa to seal the deal. begging their back tors caucus on monday night. >> monday night could be an historic night for this country. >> reporter: democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are separated by three points in the poll. martin o'malley distant third. if his supporters jump ship, they could be the deciding factor on the gop side donald trump has a slight lead over ted cruz. >> commit tomorrow night to come out and caucus for us. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, his tour bus got stuck in the mud and needed a tow. trump campaigned with reverend jerry fall as well. one of the most reliable groups to caucus. volunteers are giving a final push, canvassing across the state and making tens of
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thousands of phone calls. political experts say this late in the game, volunteers should not be trying to change people's minds but making sure already committed voters actually show up on caucus night. >> you have to be in line by 7:00. >> reporter: weather in iowa to play a factor in turn-out. forecasts show a winter storm is headed to the state but may not arrive until tuesday. greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news" of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of tomorrow's iowa caucuses. we will bring you updates all throughout the day on television and only at pennsylvania now have only four hours enroll for health coverage. counselors were on hand to help people through the enrollment process. it was designed to aid the
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latino community. enrollment can be done on line but you will need the proper paperwork. on "eyewitness news" let's plate family feud, game show hopefuls came out. plus what was this fire ball that streaked constitutes skies above the east coast? we got that coming up. >> warm first half of the work week, a foggy day, i'll let you know when you'll need the rain slicker in your forecast. the stars were in hawaii
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great cast the characteristics trying to land themselves as spot on family feud. "eyewitness news" reporter anita met some of the people for the game show at the pennsylvania
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convention center. >> reporter: time for family feud in philadelphia. let's meet some of our families: . >> we are philadelphia's findist. >> reporter: these are a few of around 700 families chosen to audition in philadelphia for a coveted spot on the game show. inside knees doors, two families faced off in a the show. >> i look for families who want to have fun, lots of energy, enthusiasm, love each other. want to get on it show and win money. >> reporter: which families will make the cut. steve, how will you choose between all these families? he's pleading the fifth. that's ok because each family we met knows exactly why they deserve to be a contestant. >> we're all active duty
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philadelphia police ladies and we serve and protect and we want to have fun, what better way to do it than on family feud. >> we're such a tight family that we feel like we just are entertaining every day. >> reporter: the mayor of starts stewardstown pennsylvania drove two hours. >> reporter: hopefully some make it on to familiar fluid. unfortunatelyly sunday makes the last day for the show in philadelphia. the cast and crew moves on to houston and kansas city. i'm anita o cbs3 "eyewitness news" good luck, everyone. you can see back to back episodes of family fued starting weekdays every weekday right here at 3:00 on cbs3. world cup hero and delran's own carli lloyd was in philadelphia today. the 2015 fifa world women player of the year stopped by the auto
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show at the convention center. lloyd treated visitors to a soccer demonstration and signed auto graphs. >> i'm a jersey girl and philly girl as well. always routing for the philadelphia team. it's great to be back. great to come into, you know, something different what i normally do, but it's great to just meet different people. experience different things. >> also said it was great to have the opportunity to talk to the next generation of soccer players po, the lovable panda kicks his any back to the top of the box. kung fu debuted $41 million. the best opening weekend of 2016 so far. the remnant stopped to second.
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star wars. the "the force awakens" still going strong in third place followed by the findist hours and ride along 2. if you did spot a bright light across the sky, this is probably what you saw's a fire ball racing by. this was taken in falls church virginia as the fire ball raised from north to south. there were many reported sightings along the east coast. even in new jersey. it was reportedly seen as far north as canada put. that's an amazing sight. >> very cool. meteor streaking across the sky. quite the site to see. >> i never knew. >> now you know. >> extra bright meteor. >> thank you. >> you're so good at what you do. >> and the science of this warm weather. february is what tomorrow? hard to believe we'll be in the 50's to kick off the month. with this winter it's not so hard to believe.
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we do have a cold front. will bring us a chance of showers. that's going to cool us off. we'll still be well above average. rain chances over next several days, couple -- we'll see a few showers develop tomorrow with this associated cold front. looks like we're dry on tuesday, and looks like we're soggy as we head into wednesday with the possibility of a thunderstorm and temperatures today, very mild. 58 our high temperature in philadelphia, 54 in mount pocono. believe it or not, that wasn't a record high temperature. record 59 set back in 1960. pretty longstanding one. did break that record in atlantic city. we topped at 61 in wildwood and temperatures still pretty mild certainly by the last day of january standards. 49 in millville. 50's in wildwood. 44 in philadelphia. mid 30's in the lehigh valley. stormscan 3 showing us we do have clouds in place. clouds racing in ahead of our frontal boundary still up wind at this point.
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most of the energy and moisture is going to lift off to our north and east, but it will move to the delaware valley as we head to the second half of the day tomorrow and generate a few showers. overnight mostly cloudy, areas of fog, not too chilly. down to 41, then we push to 56. best chance of showers will be south and east of the city and future weather will show us that. monday morning, we stay dry, clouds in place and dealing with areas of fog. as we turn to the afternoon hours, showers starting to break out. best chance of shower activity for the second half will be south and east of the city. i still think we'll see shower activity toward the lehigh valley and poconos through the day tomorrow. though this particular model not picking up on that. as we head to tomorrow, once that cold front clears through. the skies will clear out accordingly. rainfall totals maybe a 10th of an inch, quarter at best in association with this frontal
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boundary that moves through. a much more potent system is going to arrive mid week going to bring us steady afternoon rain and into the evening heavy at times with the possibility of a thunderstorm as well because we will have a very warm air mass in place, moist as well 62 degrees the high temperature on wednesday. we tie a record high temperature in philadelphia. breezy and soggy but just before that is ground hog day. 50 and mostly sunny on tuesday for mr. phil >> thursday, we're much colder on the back side of that powerful system that comes through on wednesday, 46 degrees with drier air in place. i was just calling him by his proper name. boss phil. >> he's boss. >> that's right. >> guys, we're talking about sports plenty of stuff to talk
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about talking about cam and an unlike
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. counting down to super bowl as the time ticks away. don bell, we're getting chose. >> getting ready for super bowl 50. going to be fun if the san francisco bay area. let's talk about a super bowl. the broncos and panthers were received with open arms. both teams arriving for super bowl 50. some in style. some arriving. well, like this. panthers quarterback cam newton. these pants, courtesy. reportedly go for 850 bucks. are those -- is he rocking jeggi
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ng s? >> let's talk about the most meaningless game of the season. hawaii darren sproles one of our own scores right there. teddy bridgewater. team irvine wins 49 to 27. nashville for nfl all star game claude giroux the only flyer, john scott started the season with arizona. he's a goon. he got voted in by fans, not known for scoring goals. only five in 285 games. that was one. here he is on the break away. that's john scott is your mvp of the nfl all star game and the pacific division wins incredible story right there. tonight we're doing it big. you get a deal. you get a deal. everybody get a deal. the eagles spending big money. good idea? or not? going back now on wip mike kern
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of the philadelphia daily news, andrew porter sports editor of >> let's get back to the pants. >> zebra, roman. >> they were really tight. >> they were something.
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welcome back, general motorists is firing on all cylinders to bring self driving cars to the road. the company is creating a new team dedicated to vehicles that starts working tomorrow. it will be led by one of gm's vice presidents. self driving cars are not just a concept for gm anymore. the company sees
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meet the new gerber baby. the seven month old beat out 170,000 competitors. she's from michigan.


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