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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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are you with me? incident involving an amtrak acela train. something struck train 2222 when it travel through our area, live with what passengers say happened. >> also, student at cherry hill east will notice increase in security this morning, because of threatening text message. it has landed a juvenile in trouble. more on what school officials are now saying about it,. and, the presidential candidates converge on iowa. so does a major snowstorm. we have the latest on campaign 2016 on this caucus it, all kicks off. >> it is monday, february 1st, i'm erika von tiehl. looking at the roads and forecast, what do you think, need big coat today, guys? >> good morning, good to be
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back with you guys, kicking off brand new week, roads looking pretty good. i have to say the first i noticed when i walked out the door as it felt good. >> yes. >> are we going to see this? is this a new trends? >> the next few days, yesterday just awesome. temperatures into the upper 50's, so feeling more like march and potentially even april for the middle of the week. now, we have few rain chances but overall if you like milder temperatures you will love at least the first half of this week. this just tells the story right now, compared to 24 hours ago, we are nine to 20 degrees warmer, so that's our trend, we will keep bringing in the warmer air mass today. the only spot right now below freezing is just outside the city up in the lehigh valley at 31 at the airport, not bad. so really no problems as far as any areas of black ice to deal with. look at wilmington, 49 degrees already, 44 at the airport, even the suburbs, doylestown, willow grove, all in the low and mid 40's, this morning already. we do have some clouds rolling in right now, see limited sunshine through the morning hours, showers are developing out across western
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pennsylvania, that's a cold front that comes through later this afternoon, so we are going to have to dodge few rain showers, nothing heavy coming in early to mid late afternoon maybe impacting evening rush, again, not heavy, will pass by pretty quickly. winds calm 10 miles per hour out of the west, check it out, high temperature just like yesterday, going to be in the up ear's, running almost 20 degrees above average. again, best chance for that rain will be during the afternoon in the form of some showers. but we will see heavier rain chances coming in for the middle of the week, we'll breakdown details in a few minutes. >> quiet right now, and the weather being so nice, mild, that's going to help us today certainly. so good morning everyone, happen my n day, welcome back. starting off brand new week construction where route 100 southbound ship road, see the flashing lights, blocking the right lane not causing any slow downs as you can see, just no traffic on this early monday morning. now, it probably will be busy, we know mondays typically are. what we are looking at 59 south at girard, one of the areas we start to heat up early, looking good there,
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nice and quiet as we push toward 5:00. in new jersey 42 freeway north, we do have accident, 422 westbound past route 29, at old state road. just make note that far for those of you driving through. also, construction route one northbound at blue route one lane blocked, there and of course i'll let you know in the next 15 minute if any of these lift. erika, over to you. >> developing right now, small object shattered glass and frightened passengers on amtrak acela. it happened as the train passed through philadelphia, and less than 24 hours before investigators are supposed to release more information about last deadly derailment. justin finch joins us at 30th street station with more reaction for passengers. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, still no word on what hit that train, but we do have an idea of just where this train was hit right here in the philly area as that train passed through the bridesburg section. let's take you now to some video from our partners up at cbs2 in new york city. >> this inches depth was called in just before
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7:00 last night. the passenger aboard also shared photos of cracked windows, cracked window, with our sister station cbs2 in new york, and just before 7:00 last night, officials say, that object was thrown at acela 2222. it was bound for new york city from washington, d.c., and of course passed through the philadelphia area with 200 passengers on board. the train was stopped at new jersey's metro park station, where amtrak police came aboard to investigate. early on officials were able to pinpoint the emergency call came in about this train as it did travel through the bridesburg area. let's take you now to video. because it is also ties into another big moment for amtrak. because this happened not far from where amtrak 188 derailed back in may at the frankford junction that we know eight people were killed, 200 were injured, and this also includes conductor brandon bostian who was at the helm that far train as it traveled at 106 miles per hour on a
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curve before derailing. now, amtrak says, it is looking into this most recent incident, and back out live we can tell you that due out today is a thorough report from amtrak, since most on brandon bostian who was at the helm of this train. we do to shoed include interviews with bostian as well as schedule, work history, also more details about the rec, what's being done to make train travel safer. erika, back over to you. >> justin finch for us, thanks very much. >> now, new this morning, barricade situation has just ended in east norriton montgomery county. police arrived at a home on barbara drive around 7:30 last night, and that situation soonest call ate intoed a stand-off. responders say man inside that home set an object on fire. police took the suspect into custody about a half hour ago, and no injuries were reported. this morning, student at cherry hill high school east can expect an increase police presence following a threat.
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police arrest add juvenile, and charged that person with, quote, making a false-public alarm. police were notified of a threatening text messages involving the school on social media over the weekend. now, after the arrest, school officials sent a letter outage part the police have checked the school and they'll be monitoring the area around the school during the overnight. there will be an increased presence by the cherry hill police at high school east along with our regular campus police and school security staff. >> 4:36. it is decision day in iowa tonight. voters head for the caucuses to kick off campaign 2016. in the des moines register bloomberg pole, democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are separated by just three appointment that same pole also shows republican donald trump with a slight lead over ted cruz. both are trying to win over evangelicals, one of the most reliable groups to cake us. >> we lead with that filter first, a biblical perspective. then we believe when those things were addressed all of
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the other stuff is going to start to fall in line. >> we have to be in line by 7:00f you're not in line your vote will not be counted. >> now, bad weather does threaten much of iowa, but the candidates are hoping it holds off until after the caucuses. and stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses, we'll keep you up to date on air and on line at right now tow truck driver in the hospital this morning after being wedged between two vehicles. it all happened last night on woodland or rather woodlawn avenue in collingdale, delaware county. that will driver got pinned between his vehicle and a tractor trail their he was attempt to go remove from trolley tracks. he was transported to the hospital in unknown condition. the driver of that tractor-trailer was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. we're still trying to get more information about a pedestrian struck and killed by a vehicle in camden county. it happened on white horse pike in stratford around 7:30 last night. police are still
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investigating, and at this point, there is no word on any charges. >> oh, well check this out. happened to a lot of us, flight potholes. postal truck got stuck in the deep, deep one, on the 1600 block of north street, in spring garden. there was water main break on that block last week. the water department was on the scene repairing the hole. residents on that street went all night without water. >> the family after man missing since december is asking for the public's help. forty-five year old craig was last seen december 23rd, getting on a septa bus at old orchard lane bristol township. that will bus was headed for the oxford valley mall. at the suffers from cerebral palsy, disabled, paralyzed on the left-hand side every his body. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> this morning, two virginia tech students face charges in the death after 13 year old girl who was reported missing last week. eighteen year old david eisenhower, freshman engineering major, he is charged with abduction and
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murder of 13 year old nicole level. nineteen year old natalee keepers, a sophomore, engineering student, charged with improper disposal after dead body. the girls remains were found saturday near north carolina highway. >> investigating all types of things, social media, included, there were lots of things coming in. and led us to a general area. >> stanley believes she climbed out of her bedroom early early wednesday morning. her facebook page shows she was a member after teen dating site. but police have not said how she and eisenhower first met. an autopsy is pending. 4:39 right now. superbowl week in california, the teams have arrived and so are the fans. but it is what quarterback cam nature on wearing that has a lot of people laughing. we'll show you just ahead. >> what happens when one of tv's most popular game shows comes to philadelphia. survey says, oh, a lot of fun. meet some of the families ready to play the feud.
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and a live look outside at the relatively mild monday, in center city, showing just, well, 51 degrees, looks pretty nice. justin is tracking showers for your afternoon, though, and possible wash-out later this week. he'll have the details on your forecast, meisha watching the roads. we'll be right
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>> we are less than a week away from superbowl 50. >> this time next talking about the game and of course those favorite commercials, can't believe it is almost here. now the superbowl teams, they are now in california, getting ready for today's fun filled media day, and looking forward to pretty busy week, too. peyton manning and the afc champion denver broncos arrived yesterday. they are staying at the santa clara marriott. carolina pant remembers in the bay area, as well. both have diehard fans in california for the big game. >> this once in a lifetime we get to see the broncos and our city, so the way was awesome. >> we are both from north carolina huge fans for a long time. exciting they are in our
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hometown now. >> the broncos coming to the game after beating defending champion patriots in the afc title game. panthers they beat arizona in the afc championship game after going 15 and one in the regular season. >> the panthers quarterback cam newton made bit of fashion statement, check these out, stripes, authorities tell if it is zebra print, tiger print, but we're toll they are versace, sell for about $850. >> our don bell will be table see the fashionable cam newton up close this week, look for his report from the bay area and superbowl 50. all start this wednesday night at 11:00. >> and, we have a week's worth of special programming on cbs-3 leading to up superbowl sundayment tomorrow night at 8:00 catch superbowl greatest commercials of 2016. then on friday, at 9:00 join us for two hours of the superbowl's greatest half time shows. on saturday night, super bowls greater commercials start countdown at 8:00 followed by
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nfl on our show at 9:00. in case you couldn't keep track of all of that, you can see it on our website do you think we're excited about the big game? >> feels like san francisco out there. >> this is spring, pretty crazy, maybe ditch the jacket this morning, depending where you are. we are seeing a lot of 50's already like you said. yes, above freezing, no threat of any ice this morning from the refreezing process, not happening this week. >> very good. >> nice little warm up. february thawing happening. today, we are dealing with temperatures feeling more like march, potentially even april, as we get close to 60 degrees. nice and quiet this morning. could be few areas of fog that develop, just before sunrise, but overall we're still looking pretty good. looking at the ben franklin bridge right now. so here is our weather headlines, what we are talking about, again, that warming trends going on, it is feeling like spring, through at least wednesday, some showers today, no big deal, but woe are talking about steady rain returning for the middle of the week. just have to watch maybe for some flood potential there.
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still, we have good snow pack down. but we lost a lot of it over the past several days. forty-nine in dover. fifty-one harrington. look at south jersey right now, low and mid 50's, little cooler as you get to that snow pack. philadelphia at 44, but that's not bad for early february. woodstown, good morning, at 49 degrees. pottstown, 48. allentown, the exception, coming in at 31 degrees, even mount pocono checks in at 44. clouds over us right now helping to keep the temperatures up little bit, acting as a blanket. cold front bringing the showers in here this afternoon. out across pittsburgh. that will race eastward. so probably around 2:00, 3:00 or so start to see the showers move n again nothing heavy, pretty quick. they'll be out of here by the evening hours, the front comes through, not a lot of cold air behind t so we cool thing down later tonight, nothing terribly cold, tomorrow, we're still dealing with high temperatures about 10 degrees above average. we will see the sunshine around, and then we watch this storm, a larger storm but tracks to the west, cutting across the great lakes, that's means on the warm side. there is some steady rain with this, there could be some
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heavy rain coming in wednesday afternoon, into wednesday evening. so let's time things out for you today. just some clouds this morning, into early afternoon. so staying dry, through at least lunchtime. it is mid-late afternoon, best shot to see some showers rolling through the city. they'll move off shore during the evening hours, back to some sunshine, maybe few fair weather clouds during the day tuesday. so, today, enjoy it, 58 degrees, if you like the milder temperatures, showers late in the day tonight, 36 degrees, so still above freezing, we stay above freezing really after the next several days. there is the extended forecast. fifty on tuesday, groundhog day, the rain wednesday at 62, and erika, we cool down by the end of the week, but low and mid 40's, not bad for february. >> i'll take it for february, thank you. hey, time to play the feud. hundreds of local families get their chance to audition for family feud. >> the casting team sifted through 8,000 emails, to hand pick these families who auditioned over the weekends at the pennsylvania convention
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center. two families at a time would face-off in a mock version of the show. >> i look for families who want to have fun, lot of energy, lots of entheusiasm, who love each other, want to get on the show and have a good time, obviously win some monday. >> i it has been my daughter's life-long dream to be on fat manically feud. >> yep. >> hopefully that dream comes true. now, if you did not audition yesterday, you have missed your chance this time around. the casting crew now moves onto houston and kansas city. and of course you can see back-to-back episodes of family feud every weekday starting here at 3:00. right here on cbs-3. still ahead this morning: major news coming out of cuba. big change. we have the details coming up in money watch. first though, here's a look at what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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more on developing story right now, amtrak acela train traveling from washington dc to new york is struck by a mystery object in philadelphia. these images show the damage to acela number 2222. amtrak says they are investigate egg. no one was injured. the incident comes as the ntsb is scheduled to release more information today about last year's deadly amtrak derailment. and, increase in security at cherry hill east high school after a threatening text message began circulating on line. police have charged a juvenile with making a false public alarm. classes at the high school will continue today as planned. major milestone in campaign 2016. it happens today. the iowa caucus. they have converged on the hawk eye state, so too is winter snowstorm that could affect voter turn out. >> 4:50 right now. time for check on your business news. jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange. major change coming to cuba.
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what's this change happening? good morning. >> that's right, good morning, cuba's going on line. launching broad band internet service, this will bring internet directly into people's homes. right now, home broad bands is only legal for diplomats and employees of foreign companies. the government will also let cafe's, bars, and restaurants connect to broad wanted. >> well, hey speak egg of the internet and broad band all of that, google now trying to get the whole worlds on line? >> yes, gooing sell testing solar powered drones, so they would be able to deliver high speed internet from the air. the project is code named sky bender. secret test flights conducted over near new mexico, drones will be able to deliver data up to 40 times faster than the world's fastest wireless service. >> erika. >> hopefully we can tap into that, too, jill. >> that would be very nice, especially here at the exchanges, a little slow.
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>> i under stands bridge. coming up after the break, checking you
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welcome bark, good morning, everyone, starting your day off on the mild side. almost feels like spring, 340's, even some 50's some spots. check it out. you don't need the heavy coat specially in south jersey. fifty-one in millville. forty-nine in dover, delaware, 44 at the airport. only area below freezing up in the lehigh valley where it is 31 in allentown, dry right now, so no threat of rain this morning, even early afternoon stays dry. see showers in western pennsylvania, comes through about mid afternoon or so, should be out of here by the evening hours, today look at that, 58 for the high temperature, feels more like late march, early april. then tonight, still an evening shower possible, clearing skies, little colder we drop to 36. still above freezing. fifty for the high on groundhog day tomorrow in the sunshine. we see some heavier rain coming in on wednesday washings high of 62, that could tie the record for the day. by the end of the week we cool it back down and dry out.
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temperatures still stay above average in the low and mid four's, friday into the up coming weekends. to the roads, meisha? >> sixty-two on wednesday, justin, that is amazing. fifty-eight today. oh, i will take the rain any day of the week to have 58 in february, let me tell you that. good morning, everyone, look telling ben franklin bridge, great moving westbound from jersey, no problems here there is sex actually what we want to see as we move in toward that 5:00 hour. the schuylkill at montgomery same thing here. plenty of headlight out there, for early hour, but overall everyone still traveling at posted speeds, see it dip just little bit push into the 6:00 hour on a monday, right now enjoy the open roadways for those of you early birds just jumping on the roadway here, construction route 100, ship road, right lane blocked, you can see, no causing any slow downs, do have accident here route 422 westbound past route 29 at old state road. make note that far for those every you passing through this area, but again, levels are still very, very light on this monday morning, so no problems whatsoever, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. for check on stories our
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sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following, authorities are warning about a savvy phone scam targeting residents in delaware and chester county. also, two local graduates start social network aimed at bringing transparency to the college admission process. run kearse join the registration lottery for this year's broad street run. it will be here before you know t check in one, two, three, four times a day kyw1060 on the a.m. dial. latest on scare on and tram train as it passed through philadelphia. >> also, some wicked winds tearing down trees out west. we'll show you more of the damage left behind by this powerful storm. >> and, stuck in a sinking car. we're now hearing from the heroic office here jumped into that flooded creek to save a mother and her young daughter. that story and much more when we return at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> there was a giant boom, almost like a tray table had dropped really hard and strong and loud. >> something much more serious than that, as amtrak train passed through philadelphia last night. only "eyewitness news" spoke with the passenger about what shattered that window and that scare comes right before we were about to learn more about last year's deadly amtrak derailment. also, some students will see extra police on patrol when they return to school this morning in cherry hill. hear what school officials are saying about that threat. >> and, after month of campaigning, it is finally decision day in iowa. the first votes from the presidential race will be cast tonight, but a problem could impact voter turn out. we'll tell you what that is.
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>> good news on a monday, lever the heavy jacket at home this afternoon, not going to feel like the first day of february, not feeling like it right now. want to check in with justin who never wears a jacket anyway on the skydeck, and meisha keeping an eye on the roads. >> good morning, happy monday, giles. roads are looking good. dealing with some construction, getting it moved out of our way, but justin the news today, wow, walk out the door even at 3:00 in the morning it, feels nice out. >> yes, amazing out here, feels like spring really. nice little breeze kicking up little bit, keeping the temperatures up this morning, the good news is, we had a loft melting yesterday, but nothing refreezing, overnight, because with temperatures staying above freezing the exception up in allentown, 31 degrees, but probably most of the services have been treated. so really no threats of any icy conditions. check it out. fifty in milville and atlantic city at the airport, 48 wilmington at the airport, philly has 43, reading, 34, even mount pocono checks in in the low 40's at this hour. look at the northwest suburbs, yesterday, you know, dealing with some cold


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