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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good news on a monday, lever the heavy jacket at home this afternoon, not going to feel like the first day of february, not feeling like it right now. want to check in with justin who never wears a jacket anyway on the skydeck, and meisha keeping an eye on the roads. >> good morning, happy monday, giles. roads are looking good. dealing with some construction, getting it moved out of our way, but justin the news today, wow, walk out the door even at 3:00 in the morning it, feels nice out. >> yes, amazing out here, feels like spring really. nice little breeze kicking up little bit, keeping the temperatures up this morning, the good news is, we had a loft melting yesterday, but nothing refreezing, overnight, because with temperatures staying above freezing the exception up in allentown, 31 degrees, but probably most of the services have been treated. so really no threats of any icy conditions. check it out. fifty in milville and atlantic city at the airport, 48 wilmington at the airport, philly has 43, reading, 34, even mount pocono checks in in the low 40's at this hour. look at the northwest suburbs, yesterday, you know, dealing with some cold temperatures, in the 20's, and now in the
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40's. forty-seven pottstown, 44 in doylestown. mt. holly, already checks in at 51 degrees this hour. quiet this morning, so the morning commute should be good, just some clouds around. notice, showers out across western pennsylvania, they'll come in this afternoon, probably after 2:00 or so. it should be exiting the region by early evening, so again, fast moving system, cold front, so for today, clouds, with few afternoon showers, it is mild temperatures, well into the 50's, wednesday, we will have to watch for larger storm system it, will bring some steadier rain, also warm air, near record warmth. as we talk about high temperatures in the 60s, but for today feeling like early april once again, up ear's for highs for philadelphia, and the shore. and mid 40's, even, up in the poconos. we will talk about how long this warmth lasts coming up in the seven day forecast. and let's go back into the studio with meisha for the latest road conditions. good morning. >> yes, good morning, justin, roads are looking real nice, as they should right now on a monday morning, like justin pointed out the great news it is so warm, above freezing
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right now, not dealing with the black ice. that's just music to a the love people's ears this morning, bobs we know what we've been dealing with. so far things are looking beautiful on this monday morning, the vine, looking good, eastbound, westbound, all clear, all open. looking good there. the schuylkill headlight moving in the eastbound direction, at gladwynn, looking good, but you can see plenty of headlights coming toward the camera, letting us know that slowly but surely as we move into the 5:00 hour on monday morning we start to see things builds up as we are right now. very darkened camera. where it is route 100 at ship road. right lane blocked. because of some construction, but as you can see, not slowing anybody down. could little later if it doesn't get moved out of the way, right now no issues there. construction falls bridge closed for rehabilitation until april 1st. so, i would suggest, using alternate in and around the area, city avenue bridge or the boulevard, probably going to be your best bet. and also, another point of construction, route one northbound at the blue route, one lane block there, erika, over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. stop what you are doing if you k look at your screen right
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here. that's the smashed window after amtrak acela train after it struck by a mystery object as it passed through philly. the frightening incident happened last night, just as we're we're about to get detailed report about last may's deadly amtrak crash. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at 30th street station, justin, i understand this happened during the same general area as the may crash, right? >> that's right. luckily, no injuries to report in that incident. however, amtrak has said they know something hit acela 2222 as they travel through the bridesburg second zero section about 7:00 sunday night not far from amtrak 188 derailed back in may. today as amtrak continues, one investigation, it appears to be beginning another. >> up close look at a smashed window of amtrak acela 2222 sunday night. passengers on the washington dc to new york sit bound train had no idea what caused the
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crack. >> there is giant boom. almost sounded like a tray table had dropped, like really hard and strong. >> taylor tells our sister station cbs2 that she sat just few seats down from that damaged window. posting these photos on twitter and tweeting someone just shot our amtrak car. and: close up of the bullet hole. >> oh, my god. you know, something hit the train. and immediately everybody looked at it and said oh, my gosh, it is a gunshot is that correct a bullet in there, what's going snob. >> in a statement amtrak says amtrak and local authorities are investigating the incident, including the type of objects hitting the train. she said the train stopped at new jersey's metro park station where amtrak police came aboard to investigate. amtrak spokesperson says they've not determined what hit the treanor damaged that window. she said she was struck by something the conductor said. >> he said that it looked like something like that had happened before. >> an echo to last may's deadly derailment of amtrak
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188, which a dispatcher reported may have been hit by a rock or shot at. conductor brandon bostian was at the helm as the train sped up, approaching the curve, and derailed in frankford junction. eight were killed. 200 injured. >> reporter: conductor blanton bostian was among the 200 or so injured. he will also be the focus of this report from amtrak due out later today. we know it should include at least some 2,000 pages, much of it centering on interviews with bostian, as well as his schedule and work history. we also hear, too, in that report, should also include details about train safety what's being done to make travel safer since that derailment. erika, back over to you. >> justin finch for us, thank you so much. >> well, here is a lesson of be careful what you post on social media. that is the advice from school officials in south jersey after police make arrest for a threat posted against cherry hill high school east. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the school where extra security, i understand, expected this
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morning on campus, jan, good morning. >> erika, good morning, cherry hill police have checked out the high school. they have already checked out the area around the school. and later on today, they will remain here at cherry hill high school east just to alleviate any concerns by parents and students, and matter of fact, we've already seen at least one police cruiser making it way very slowly and methodically around the school this morning with the spotlight on just to make sure everything is a-okay before kids head back to class this morning. now there is move comes after a threat against cherry hill high school east surfaced yesterday. the superintendent says the threat was made in the form of a text message, circulated on social media. he says police tracked the origin of the text message to a juvenile. that person was promptly charged with one count of making a false public alarm. now, police spent the remainder of yesterday at the high school, and superintendent joseph sent this letter to the school community about the incident, writing in part: the police have checked the school. they will be monitoring the area around the school during
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the overnight. there will be an increase police presence by the cherry hill police department at high school east, along with our regular campus police school security staff today. the superintendent goes on to say: thank you to everyone who brought these threatening text messages and social media posts to the attention of authorities. he goes onto ask that kids and students be very careful about what they sends in text messages, and of course, are very careful about what they post on line and on social media sites. we are reporting live outside of cherry hill high school east this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika, back to you. >> jan, thank you. right now 5:07. the first contact in campaign 2016 is just hours away. presidential contenders are blanketing iowa before tonight's caucuses. as they report, all of the campaigns are focused on turning out voters. >> presidential candidates made one last big push in iowa this weekend, ahead of the first real contest of 2016. bringing out the family, and
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the fame. so let's try one more time to get trump, let's called donald duck to come meet -- >> frontrunners donald trump, ted cruz, taking shots at each other during the sunday talk shows. >> look, ted cruz is a total liar. i am so against obama care. >> donald engages in insults because he can't defends his substantive record. >> recent des moines register bloomberg pole shows trump five points ahead of cruz, but with many other gop contenders in single digits, scooping up other candidates supporters could be vital. the same pole showed hillary clinton with lead over bern err sanders, if martin o'malley supporters can't bring together 15% of the vote at any given caucus site, the clinton and sanders camps will fight for those votes to push themselves over the top. >> for those you still thinking about this, weighing your options, i help i'll be able to persuade you. >> on both sides, it is a battle between entheusiasm and
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fane structure. with trump and sanders riding wave of non-establishment fervor, clinton and crews level highly organized campaigns on the ground. i'm read bin john reporting. >> well, see what happens. lawyers for bill cosby will be in montgomery county courtroom tomorrow trying to get the criminal charges against the comedian thrown out. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university worker at his home back in 2004. cosby's lawyers say he had a deal that he would never be charged with a crime if he testified in a civil lawsuit. they plan to have former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor testify tomorrow about that agreement. the current prosecutor says there is no evidence of an immunity deal. "eyewitness news" will be in the court tomorrow and we'll be sure to let you know what happens. >> a suspect is behind bars this morning, charged with stabbing a passenger on board a septa bus. the attack happened friday, in the 4100 block of torresdale avenue.
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police say suspect did not have bus fair and got into an argument stabbing repeated i hadly. victim recovering in the hospital. suspect's name has not been released. >> attempted tow tractor-trailer leaves one man pinned behind two vehicles. happened on woodlawn avenue, collingdale, delaware county. tow truck driver got trapped between his vehicle and a tractor-trailer, that he was attempt to go remove from trolley tracks. he was transported to the hospital in a unknown condition. the driver that far tractor-trailer was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. >> and, police are investigating a fatal accident involving a pedestrian in camden county. one person was struck and killed by a vehicle, on white horse pike in stratford around 7:30 last night. so far there is no word on any charges. >> still ahead this morning, severe storms blow through california tearing down trees. we have some new video of the devestation left behind. >> also: >> i didn't think that anybody was out there to help me. like i said, i didn't even
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know what happened to me. >> ambushed outside a wal-mart. a woman is violently attacked in the parking lot. how some strangers saved that woman from the vicious beating. >> ♪ >> did you see the fireball streaking across the sky over the weekend? if you missed we'll show you the bright site that caught many people off guard. that and much bore we come back on your monday morning. ♪
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> powerful storm tears down trees and blocks roadways. one death being blamed on this wick weather. >> the end of the weekend was a wash-out across much of southern california. in some places, rain fell at a rate of an inch an hour. don champion. >> heavy downpours not only caused localized flooding but
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raised concerns in found likes glendora outside los angeles, recent wild fires, and in san diego, rain caused accident there is man's car rolled down an embankment. >> i hit a bush, rolled down maybe four times. i was pretty stable inside the vehicle, i had my hand on the steering wheel, hand on my roof of the vehicle. >> storm also brought along powerful wind gusts. in san diego there is massive tree fell onto four cars killing the driver inside one of the vehicles. trees also toppled on homes, causing power outages. >> heard it pop. like this. almost -- it was down. >> in higher elevations snow played a role in this 25-car pile up. forecasters say up to 8 inches of snow could fall here along the border with nevada. done -- champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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we're expecting some rain later today but really nothing like what they are getting out west. >> certainly not today. but we will be dealing with those large he err storm wednesday, could bring steady heavy rain. always have the concern for flooding because we have the snow on the ground. a lot of melting going on, good thing, though, so warm leading up to the system wednesday. but for february, i mean, this is good. >> i'll take the 50's, phenominal for today. >> and even look back to january, like oh, you know, finally thawing out. january's pretty warm, as women. gee back, look at the stats, check it out. we were actually over a degree above average for the month every january. so yes, we had some cold days, every now and then, no, right, exactly, didn't feel that. but when you average it all out, ended up warmer than average. that's the trend. probably february good chance that stays the same, as women. snow, there go, 22.9 inches, pretty much the average for the entire season. we hit that in one storm pretty much. highest temp for january, six a, lowest 12. there was the cold spell we had earlier in the month. but we have a shot of reaching 60s later this week, 43 at the
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airport in philadelphia, 31, there is the only spot below freezing up in the lehigh valley. but look at the warmth. state college, pittsburgh, ooh degrees ahead of the cold front. on the mild side of the system today. so enjoy it once again outside. through the first half of the day we're dry. these showers should hold off until 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon, should be out of here by the evening, we time it out. little sun around this morning. more clouds for the afternoon we start to see light rain showers moving on in. by 8:00 they're already off shore. so it is a weak cold front. not a loft moisture with it, not a lot every cold air. bring the sun back out tuesday, little cooler once i show you temperatures not bad for this time of year. today well to the 50's, maybe even 60s some spots. gets little colder tonight. so we go below freezing outside the city in the northwest suburbs. tomorrow, i mention little bit of cool down. forty-nine, 50, still good for early february. average highs, 41. then we hit wednesday. potential record, record high of 62 degrees, setback in
5:18 am
2006. we could hit that easily with this next storm system. so for today, it is cloudy, mild afternoon, showers, 58 degrees. tonight, evening shower possible. thirty-six for the low. check out the extended forecast, look at these next few days, 50's, 60s, there is the steady rain wednesday, bringing back the sun for the end of the week with highs in the 40's, erika, back to you. >> four's still aren't bad, justin, thank you will. with justin's warm weather you may have forgot ben last week's major snowstorm, but philadelphia streets, on pothole patrol here, and postal truck, victim of one of those big potholes too. this is on the 1600 block of north street. in spring garden. there was water main break on this street last week, and crews had had to shut off water around the homes there all night to make the repairs. watch out for those when hitting the road today. we want to check in with meisha for details on your commute. >> potholes are nobody's friend, erika, right? >> agreed. >> all a victim of those every once in a while. good morning, happy monday to you, kicking off brand new work week together.
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things are looking good. this is what we can expect moving into the 5:00 hour. everyone still moving around at posted speeds. we are starting to see little bit more headlights, little more taillights out there. so if you are thinking of just leaving your home, know it is slowly starting to build now. this is a look at 422, tail light moving in the westbound direction, headlights obviously in the eastbound direction, approaching route 29. just past route 29, that's where we had accident that's since been cleared. so all good here on 422. ninety-five south at cottman, one of the areas i always like to look at early. see how it is looking, and looking good all the way around the s curve, letting us know still in the early 5:00 hour looking good on 95 south. that's great sign. construction route 100 southbound at ship road. right lane is blocked. not causing too many slow downs right now. in fact it, hasn't all morning long. hopefully continues to do so. construction falls bridge closed for rehabilitation until april 1st. so i would certainly suggest using a alternate. my suggestion around this area would be city avenue bridge, or the boulevard, for those of in you and around that area. just make note that that's in place until april 1st.
5:20 am
also, we had this construction, route one northbound at the blue route, that has now since been cleared. and also, patco running a special daytime schedule this week, through friday, and dart's route eight is on detour. just make note of those changes for this morning. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. still ahead, want to cut your risk every getting breast cancer? we'll let you know which foods you should add to your diet now. >> also, imagine being stuck in this car with a child in the back seat? we're hearing from the driver about her brush with death. >> we'll be right back.
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>> police have arrested two virginia tech students the latest on the investigation of this murder investigation. >> police say david eisenhower abducted 13 year old nicole lovel, and natalie keepers helped him dispose of the body near north carolina lie way
5:24 am
nine the miles from her home. >> we are investigating all times every things, social media included, lots every things coming in, and led us to general area. >> eighteen year old eisenhower, virginia tech freshman engineering major and member of the school's cross-country team, is now charged with abduction and murder. nineteen year old keepers, sophomore engineering student; charged with improper disposal after dead body. >> she was always the cutest little thing, you know. >> levels family believe she climbed out of the bedroom window of her blacksburg virginia apartment wednesday after blocking her door with a dresser. while nicole was missing, her father posted this message to facebook. >> nicole, honey, if you see this, if you are out there, you can come to me i'm not mad at you. i am worried about you. your favrely is worried about you. just come home. >> lovell disappearance sparked four day is her that much included a thousand members of virginia tech core
5:25 am
of cadets. police haven't said how or why she was killed. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> good samaritans in washington state, they help a woman being attacked in a wal-mart parking lot. surveillance video captured three men coming to the aid of jennifer richards. that is her on the grounds there, with her boyfriend, on top of her punching her head. >> i'm so thankful for these three men that helped me. and i casino every got a glimpse of him when i was holding my head, that i don't know who they are. >> jennifer let him go, that wasn't happening. >> the man held the boyfriends 33 year oldo and until police arrived. he now faces a fourth agree assault charge. >> a police officer is hailed as hero when small mississippi town after diving into a creek to save a woman and her toddler. the driver swerved off muddy road into a creek with her two year old in the back seat. she was able to get out of her car with her daughter but was
5:26 am
then struck or rather stuck in the creek because of rushing water. officer shane gibson responded. >> i could hear the lady scream willing, help, we're drowning, help, we're drowning, and coy hear a baby crying. >> i said i've been praying for somebody to come to me. i couldn't get us out of this water. >> looking at the baby's eyes were just humungous, i said hey, pumpkin. >> hugs her, kisses her, he hugs me. >> oh, now the mother suffered some minor injuries, but the little girl was just fine. officer gibson says the driver was the hero mom therefore keeping her daughter safe. great they're okay. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", decision day in iowa. >> candidates turn up the intensity just hours before the first votes are cast in the iowa caucuses. i'm marlie hall in des moines with the latest coming up. welcome to the kick-off of superbowl 50. i'm jamie in san francisco with all of the excitement. >> and another warm start to our monday morning, and then
5:27 am
we will be dealing with some showers around this afternoon, but still feels like april, forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> and meisha is watching those roads for you. she has the latest on your monday morning commute including a big closure happening today. will it affect your drive to work or school? she'll let you know coming up. good morning. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior!
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>> good morning, storm scan3 shows some rain is on the way today. justin's tracking those showers, and lets you know when the rain arrives. first though all eyes are on iowa today. first votes in campaign 2016 will be cast tonight. and the results could shake up the race for the white house. >> presidential candidates will see if their campaigning has finally paid off when voters turn out to caucus for their favorite candidate. the latest des moines register bloomberg politics pole has republican donald trump ahead of ted cruz by five-point. that same pole among democrats, shows, tighter race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. marlie hall joins us now, live, in des moines, with the last minute push from all of those candidates. marlie, big day, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. it is in fac


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