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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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it almost sounded like a tray table had dropped like really hard and strong and loud. >> reporter: shattered glass, rattled nerves after mystery object strikes an amtrak train as it passes through philadelphia. only "eyewitness news" spoke to a passenger about the trouble on the tracks, just as we wait for a report on last year's deadly amtrak derailment. also, a tough lesson to learn after a juvenile posts a threat about a local school. that will person is in a lot of trouble this morning while the school gets stepped up security. >> decision day in iowa. presidential nomination process officially gets underway today. voters make their choices known in the caucuses. good morning, it is monday, february 1st, i'm erika von tiehl. enjoying brief little warm up here. feels pretty good. justin out on the skydeck, meisha keeping her eye on the roads. we will take these 50's, right, guys, good morning. >> yes, 58 today. justin, 60 wednesday, can't beat it. with that being said, we have some issues on the roadway,
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few place toss touch base on, overall in terms of weather can't beat it. >> true. no threats every any icy conditions, the exception maybe up in parts of the lehigh valley, but most areas are staying above freezing this morning. i mean, just feels like spring outside right now. little breezy. that's helping to bring in some of the warmer air. check it out, 44 at the airport in philadelphia, there is l answer town at 29. up in the poconos, that warmer air just above the surface, 43 at this hour, ooh in south jersey and milville and at the atlantic city airport, even normally colder suburbs outside the city are in the mid and upper 40's at this hour. we have some clouds over us right now, i can see the moon right now, mid to high level clouds. so we get little sunshine this morning, clouds will thicken up early afternoon. rain showers right now across western pennsylvania. they'll pass through mid to late afternoon, be out of here by the evening there is won't be anything heavy. it is a fast moving cold front. this front doesn't have a loft moisture or even a lot of cold air with it, here is temperature breakdown, 9:00 upper 40's, by lunchtime in the mid 50's, and by 3:00,
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we start to see the shower chances increase. high temperature up around 58 degrees today. so again, that's typical for late march, early april. then as we head toward wednesday, we will talk about a steady heavier rain in the forecast, we will time it out coming up in a few minutes. let's see the problems on the roads as we go back in with meisha. >> good morning to all of you at home just waking up with us, happen mine day to you, so glad you're here. we have an accident here, schuylkill westbound at university ave. right lane blocked. causing some slow downs now. you are starting to see some brake light go off trying to pass, have the gaper delay, volume levels starting to build in the 6:00 hour. so just make note if you are just leaving your homes now, and you are taking this route, you might slow down just little bit there. ninety-five south at girard this is one of the areas we always keep our eye on, looking good, but obviously certainly building now. into the 6:00 hour. versus what we saw in the 5:00 hour. we do have an accident here, northeast extension northbound between the pa turnpike and lansdale. more toward the pa turnpike, it is now moved to the shoulder. this is involving
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tractor-trailer and a car. and it is involving injuries. so that will slow you down little bit there. also, another accident, broad street, at the vine st.? lansdale, and also, a third accident involving injuries in perkioman ville, past kaiser road, police and fire running on the scene here. i have a closure on falls bridge, ill lit ' let you know more about it coming up in a few minutes. >> developing right now, small object smashes a window and scares passengers on acela train as it passes through philadelphia. it happened near the scene of last year's deadly derailment, and we should know more about that crash later on today too. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at 30th street station, with more information on both these stories, good morning. >> you will recall amtrak 188 was first rotted to have been struck by something before that wreck. and last night, mere miss involving acela train not far from where one rather amtrak
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188 overturned. no injuries to report there. we do know amtrak will be investigating. you have close look, a man, acela 22, 22 sunday night cents passengers on the washington dc to new york city bound train had no idea what caused the crack. >> there is giant boom almost sounds like tray table. >> tells our sister station she sat just few seats down from that damaged window. positioning these photos on twitter and tweeting someone just shot our amtrak car. and close up of the bullet hole. >> something hit the train. immediately everybody looked at it, oh, my god, a gunshot, bullet in, there what's going on. >> in a statement amtrak says, amtrak and local authorities are investigating the incident, including the type of objects hitting the train.
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>> amtrak police came aboard to investigate. spokesperson says they've not determined what hit the train. or damage that window. said she was struck by something the conductor said. >> he said it look like something like that had happened before. >> echo to last mate amass dead will he derailment of one l eight which dis patch err reported may have been hit by a rock or shot ought. conductor brandon bostian at the help many as the train sped up approaching the curve and derailed in frankford junction. eight were killed, 200 injured. now ntsb report on amtrak 188 is due out later today, we are told, it could total some 2,000 pages, it will be, we are told, long on details, but short on conclusions because the investigation is still underway. much of the focus will be on that conduct tore brandon, who says, he does not recall the actual crash about does say that he had a cell phone, was
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not distracted by that now back to the acela case it, remains under investigation, as well. no injured to report there. >> student at south jersey high school can expect extra security this morning, all because every threatening message that landed one juvenile in trouble. jan carabeo joins us now at cherry hill high school east with the details, sounds like school going on as normal today, jan? >> cherry hill police swept the school, already outside the school to make sure there is nothing out here, happening today, in order for this school of course to open safely, police will be here on scene on campus, just to alleviate any concerns from parent and student. and this morning, we actually saw one cruiser making its way very methodically and very slowly here around the school on campus with spotlight on just to make sure again that everything is a-okay as kids head back to class this morning.
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this move comes after threat against cherry hill high school east surfaced yesterday. the superintendent says the threat was made in the form after text message circulated on social media. he said police tracted the origin of the text message to a juvenile. that person was promptly charged with one count of making a false public alarm. police spent the remainder of the day at the high school superintendent joseph sent this letter to the school community about the incident writing in part the police have checked the school. and they will be monitoring the area around the school during the overnight hours. an increased presence by the cherry hill police and high school east, along with our regular campus police and school security staff today. back here live on scene, see the first personnel of the school are arriving. and making their way inside the superintendent goes onto thank those people who saw the threat and notified authorities also wants to go onto ask student and kids be very careful about what you text each other. of course be very careful about what you post on line
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specially to those social media sites. reporting live at cherry hill high school east this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> business adder accident to tell you b tow truck driver attempt to go free a vehicle gets trapped himself all happened last night on woodlawn avenue in collingdale, delaware county that driver got pinned between his vehicle and tractor-trailer he was work to go remove from trolley tracks. the hospital in unknown condition, the driver that far tractor-trailer was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. still trying to get more information about a pedestrian struck and killed by a shrek in camden county. it happened on white horse pike in stratford around 7:30 last night. police are still investigating at this point there is no word on any charges. after months and month every talk, it is time to get down to business in campaign 2016. it is caucus day in iowa.
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>> separated by just three points ... that same pole shows republican donald trump with slight lead over ted cruz, both trying to win over evangelicals, one of the most reliable groups to cake us. >> we lead with that filter first, biblical perspective. and then we believe when those things are addressed all of the other stuff is going to start to fall in line. >> you have to be in line by 7:00. if not in line your vote will not be counted. >> owe with a in the past, have winter storm later tonight, but may not happen until caucuses are over. just not known right now. live report from des moines coming up at 6:30. still ahead this morning, "eyewitness news", heart break and disbelief in a virginia community, after two virginia tech student are charged in the death after 13 year old girl. we have the latest details on the investigation. >> also, a massive winter storm bridges heavy rain, strong winds, and snow out west. now, a major travel disruption is predicted for a big part of the country.
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details coming up. >> ♪ >> wish we could turn back time ♪ to the good old days ♪ but now we're stress the out ♪ >> oh, monday morning, easy to feel a little stressed out, whole week ahead of you. don't worry at least about the forecast, 50 degrees right now, will get even warmer. justin has the details on your forecast and meisha watching those roads. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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rain, strong winds. >> the end of the weekend, was a wash-out across much of southern california. in some places, rain fell at a rate of an inch an hour. heavy downpours, not only caused the local lines flooding but also raised concerns in towns like glendora outside los angeles. recent wild fires left hillsides bear, which could have triggered mudslides and and debris flows, in san diego, the rain also caused accidents, this man's car rolled down an embankment. >> just rolled down maybe like four times. but i was pretty stable inside the vehicle, i had my hat on the steering wheel, my hand on the roof of the vehicle. >> the storm also brought along powerful wind gusts. in san diego there is massive tree fell onto four cars killing a driver inside one of the vehicles. trees also toppled on homes, causing power outages. >> i heard it pop. like slow motion. it was down. >> in higher elevations snow
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played role in this 25-car pile up. forecasters say, up to 8 inches of snow could fall here along the border with nevada. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". getting wallopped out west, but know you're tracking rain? >> one this afternoon, then again later wednesday. certainly wednesday potential for heavier rain coming in the afternoon. still even with the showers today, feeling like spring, late march, early april temperatures. so afternoon showers, then steadier rain comes in for wednesday. especially during the afternoon, but look at the numbers. south jersey, delaware, good morning, waking up to upper 40's to around 50 degrees. that's where you get away from the snow pack. where we do have the snow cover, little cooler. but upper 40's aston, 44 philadelphia, that's not bad. one cold spot allentown 29 degrees, that's the only spot below freezing, some of the colder air just trapped in the valley right there with the lighter winds up toward lehigh county. there go clouds streaming into the region, few peaks every sunday this morning, showers should roll in here after
6:15 am
2:00 today. cold front weak, not a loft cold air with it either. highs tomorrow, still well above average. ooh degrees in the sunshine. and then on wednesday, here is the stronger storm, going to bring in warm air as well, potential record highs, good deal of rain especially during the afternoon, half inch maybe up to inch in some spots. potential for maybe some flooding with the snow pack on the ground, and then thursday we cool it down but upper four's, that's still above average this time of year. we time it out through noontime dry. lunch hour looks good. it is later during the afternoon, 4:00, 5:00 see the light showers rolling on through, by 8:00 they're off shore. fast moving system. looks good on tuesday, back to some sunshine. so again, wednesday, rain, could be heavy at times, amount maybe up to inch. near record highs, we have the snow melt, could lead to little bit of flooding on smaller creeks and streams, today mild, 58 late afternoon showers, tonight, little colder, 36 for the city, some suburbs could get below freezing, and the extended forecast check it out. fifty on tuesday. sixty-two, that would tie record wednesday, with the
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rain, by the end of the week, drying out in the 40's. so nice break from the cold. some signs every colder air maybe for the middle of february. so not done yet. only halfway through winter. >> absolutely. >> still, 62 degrees. >> enjoy it. >> i'm going to. i'm ready to sunbathe. >> sunbathe? >> stare at sun and get the reflection off the sunlight. >> no, talking minnesota sun, you got t good morning, everyone, traffic looking really good this morning, starting to heat up certainly as we can expect. we do have couple every accident out there. i want to tell but those are not cleared out of our way yet. this place, however, this is just cleared. schuylkill westbound at university ave., we had an accident causing some slow downs, and certainly some congestion. that's now since been clearedment that's great news for those every you heading out on to the schuylkill. we know that that starts to heat up certainly in the 6:00 hour on a monday morning. blue route, looking good. you can see looking busy here too. we know this is evidence that this will be a busy monday
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morning, most definitely. here is a accident here, tractor-trailer and car involving injuries, northeast extension, northbound between the pa turnpike and lansdale. more toward the pa turnpike. that's now been moved off to the shoulder. that's good news for those every in you and around this area. however, even if it is on the shoulder, we get some gaper delay there. then another accident here, this is where we have one involving injuries, as well, perkioman ville, this is at payinglyville road. police and fire are still on the scene. i'll have another update coming up in a little bit. first we take quick break, stay right where you are on the cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> two college student face murdered of a 13 year old girl. brian web says the town of blacksburg virginia in shock over this senseless crime. >> police say david eisenhower abducted 13 year old nicole lovell and naturally keepers helped him dispose of the body near north carolina lie way 09 miles from her home. >> we are investigating all types every things, social media included, there were lots every things coming in and led us to a general area. >> eighteen year old eisenhower, virginia tech freshman engineering major and member of the school's cross country team is now charged with abduction and murder. nineteen year old keepers, sophomore engineering student, is charged with improperly
6:21 am
disposing a deadly body. >> she was always the cutest little thing, you know. >> lovell's family believe she called out of the bedroom window after blocking her door with a dresser. while nicole was missing, her father posted this message to facebook. >> nicole, honey, if you see this, if you are out there, you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. your family is worried about you. just come home. >> lovell disappearance sparked four day is her that much included a thousand members of virginia tech's core of cadet. police haven't said how or why she was killed. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead this morning, a common medication that may help prevent altzheimer's. >> also, the longest sled dog race in the lower 48 state, it is now underway. finds out just how far these dogs will travel. and justin, i know you are tracking some rain for today,
6:22 am
right? >> yes, we will see some showers later this afternoon, the big story is the spring like temperatures that continue in our forecast, those details coming up in a
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>> squinted err means lots of potholes. here water main break, you may recall, on this week, crews had to shut down water all night while making those repairs. the longest sled dog race is underway in minnesota. >> it traces back generations, the marathon traveling through rug terrain, and in the dead after winter, too, preparing for the race means months every rigorous training. >> you have to be tough. >> do you have trust in your dogs. >> they all have personalities. and they're all smarter than all every us put together here. >> about 30 mushers are taking part this year. and that's less than half the number a decade ago, making the prize money relatively small. the first crews are expected to cross the finish line wednesday morning. oh, always love seeing. that will. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", world health organization
6:26 am
meets today to discuss the zika virus, when it should be declared a global health emergency. also this: >> candidates turn up the intensity just hours before the first votes are cast in the iowa caucuses. i'm marlie hall in des moines with the latest coming up. >> well, certainly, things are starting to heat up outside. ninety-five south approaching the vine. we have a disable vehicle, couple every accident out there and bridge closure, all coming up. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, the pros al candidates in campaign 2,016 get one more chance in iowa to shake hands with voters. later tonight, the voters get the last word. >> by then though people in the hawk eye state should know who they are going to support. iowa been the center of attention for quite a while now, months now it seems. polls though show quite a
6:30 am
tight race for both parties. marlie hall joins us now live in des moines with more on for that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. for the first time tonight, voters will have their say in the 2016 race for the presidency. and candidates will be campaigning until the very last moment. >> hoping to damn tendon ailed trump's mow men tull, ted cruz made final pitch to iowa voters sunday. >> if everyone here bridges nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucuses tomorrow. we will win the nomination and we will win the general election in november 2016. >> during a event in sioux city, trump pushed back there is time, labeling cruz dishonest, deceptive, for sending out this flyer. >> voter violations, and it is like an official document being sent to people in iowa. >> that's really terrible. it is a fraud as far as i'm concern. >> forecasts here in iowa are calling for snow in parts of the state, beginning tonight.
6:31 am
which could have an impact on voter turn out. >> volunteers for both bernie sanders and hillary clinton knock on doors, and made calls late into the night. as the two candidates made their closing arguments. >> we will work for an economy that works for all every us not just the 1%. >> ill stand up and fight for you every single day of this campaign. and then when we win, i will fight for you in the white house. >> clinton lost iowa during her presidential bid in 2008. political analysts say this time around, the former secretary of state is working on her likability. >> focus you had a lot on her relationship with people, focused monday more on middle class i shall glues polls showing tight races, it could come down to the wire. >> planning event out every iowa, and also, on the democratic side, for tonight,
6:32 am
clinton and sanders, right up until the voting begins at 7:00. erika? >> such an important state. the first one passing ballots, why else are the iowa caucuses so important for the candidates? >> it will gain delicates that will help them possibly win their party's nomination, but most importantly, it is about momentum. >> bye but also the candidates will find out whether or not all of the campaigning they've been doing has been effective, also find out if the polls have been accurate. and based on that, they'll begin to make changes going forward. erika? >> all right, see what happens later on tonight, marlie hall for just des moines, thank you. and stay with "eyewitness news", for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses we'll keep you up-to-date on air and on line at it all starts today. well, nice mild morning, but there is some rain in the forecast, justin, i'll take it, if we are getting a's, 60s
6:33 am
later this week? >> help out with the snow little bit. just few showers this afternoon, no big deal. big story like you said, spring like temperatures, feels like late march april. nice break as we are halfway through the winter season already. it is february. kind of get little of everything. and valentine's day, president's day, in the past, big snowstorms, so don't give up hope just yet. cold air returning to the region, 44 degrees this hour. in philadelphia, 29 in allentown, only location now, below freezing, so, really no icy spots to deal with this morning. that's great news. forty-four in doylestown, 48 in mt. holly. the showers, still to our west, over central and western pennsylvania, we're nice and dry right now, see little bit of sunshine once the sun comes up. in about though half hour or so. so today, more clouds in the afternoon, some late afternoon showers, it is mild temperatures up ear's like yesterday. wednesday, it is going to be larger storm that bridges some steadier rain, but also even warmer temperatures, potential for some record warmth. so here is your breakdown for
6:34 am
monday. sunshine this morning, 9:00 temperatures upper 40's, by noontime still dry. so good lunch hour. mid 50's, then by 3:00 we start to see the shower chances increase, they'll be out of here by the evening, afternoon high 58 for philadelphia as well as the shore, mid 40's up in the poconos, all areas could see the scattered showers late in day. warming trends through wednesday, talking about high temperatures, ten to 20 degrees above average. that will make it feel more like spring. the latest on the rolled, we send it over to meisha. >> good morning, justin, good morning to all of you at home just waking one us good morning, so happy you're here, hearing it will be 58 degrees, certainly makes monday morning more pleasant. looking outside the vine, headlights, 24th street looking good but starting to see volume levels slowly start to build. see plenty of headlights and taillights out there for that matter. where we have disable vehicle,
6:35 am
59 south approaching the vine, pulled up to the shoulder so not going to cause too many slow downs just because it is pushed all the way off to the shoulder however you will get some gaper delay here, and 95 south approaching the vine always busy spot anyway the boulevard at fox street, looking good, birds eye view, let you know what's going on, every bun still traveling at posted speeds here, where we had accident cleared, northeast extension northbound between the pa turnpike, it was pushed all the way off to the shoulder, blocking right lane first then pushed to the shoulder now all clear, good news for those every in you that area. construction, the falls bridge is closed for rehabilitation until april 1st tour use an alternate. city avenue, probably your best bet, erika, over to you. >> police stands offend in the morning in montgomery county man barricaded himself inside home on barbara drive in east norriton. >> at some point responders on scene set object on fire.
6:36 am
he was taken into custody at 4:00 this morning, and no injuries were reported bruce castor expected to testify tomorrow in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. will be on the stands as defense wednesday. cause -- cosby, never charged with assaulting former temple employee in 2004 is the agreement. stemmed from end counter at cosby's montgomery county home. worlds health organization calling for emergency meeting today. over the zika virus. global health emergency could be declared directing more money to combat the problem. zika first a periods until the western hemisphere in may. it is spreading fast with 25 countries and territories now reporting the virus. narrative is all about we are a high income country. we have air-conditioning, but you have to see the gulf coast, didn't realize that there is had hidden level of
6:37 am
move earth think quite vulnerable right there. >> virus spread through mosquitos has been linked to brain abnormality, thousands of babies mainly in south america. still a they had in morning, how certain diets may protect women against breast cancer, we'll tell you what to eat. >> also, local family audition for the chance to be on the family feud. we will meet some of those contenders, over there is area excited. also this. >> welcome to the kick off with superbowl 50. i'm jamie, in san francisco, with all of the
6:38 am
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the countdown on for superbowl 50 less than a week away now. game this sunday in santa clara, california oh, looking like it should and good one. the game pits the carolina panthers of the nfc against the denver broncos of the afc. but there is plenty to do before superbowl kicks off. correspondent jamie uke as joins because look at some of the activities leading up to the big game. you are busy lady. good morning.
6:41 am
>> i have been busy, been a lot of fun. been more than 30 years since san francisco hosed a superbowl. and the city wanted to make sure that the party got started in a big way. >> the nfl experience. superbowl sit. >> i we want to welcome you, thank you, most importantly have fun. >> both got marching over the weekend. >> came to play, like jennifer, who is not shy about getting into the game or who she is rootinger. >> it was awesome. i'm super excited. i did for the broncos, that's what we will, score the touchdown, spike that ball. >> security tight. officers about lawn guns, dress in the swat gear, are easily noticeable. but it did not stop thousands of people from coming out. >> we expect tens every thousands every day. probably a million people are more than the entire region
6:42 am
over the entire superbowl week. >> real touchdown for locals, they got nice head start ahead of all of the thousands every football fans headed into town later on this week. both have inter active exhibit its, games, plenty of place toss take a selfie. but for most pham list it was all about having fun, together. >> the city also got into the spirit. they relived the bay bridge, set off fireworks, all kicking off a week of memorable moments ahead of superbowl 50. >> totally re branding it this year as the opening night. but reporters can still ask those players whatever questions they want. so erika, i got my note pad ready. got any for me? >> yes, cam newton, what were you thinking with those crazy
6:43 am
stripe pants? >> oh, you didn't like them? i thought they looked great. >> i take it back, if they make you feel good, go for it, budd. jamie, thanks so much. take care. >> hey cbs-3 is the place to be for superbowl coverage this week. director don bell head today san francisco, will get you ready for the big game starting wednesday. you can only watch that game right here on cbs-3 sunday night to get you pumped beforehand we have special week every superbowl shows, leading up to super sunday. tomorrow night at eight can clutch catch superbowl greatest commercials, friday night at 9:00 the superbowls greatest half time shows. saturday night see more of the greatest superbowl commercials followed by nfl honors show. tires on cbs-3, your home, for superbowl 50. all right, now, checking the forecast, and you would think we are in san francisco, 50 degrees, dzhokharly? >> how about that? for early february, even some 60s, potentially later this week, we check in with weather watchers this morning in a lot
6:44 am
of backyards, kinds of huge spread in temperatures, some cold spots still there. specially trapped in low-lying areas, especially up in allentown, up north and west of the city but a lot areas already show 50 degrees, this hour, peter lawrenceville, 34 degrees, one of the cooler spots, capitol sit of delaware, dover, andy at ooh degrees, eagleville, lou has 47. then it is 27 degrees out eileen's house in gilbertsville. as you get protected from some of the breezes we're dealing with this hour. thirty-seven in north wales. wilmington, delaware nice 45 degrees at sally's house, 50 in cherry hill, at glenn, 45 degrees, there is the list, middle town delaware harm you get the picture, burlington, sandra at 49 degrees. allentown one of the cooler spots, julia checks in at the freezing mark, most areas are above freezing, so noirs i spots, nice winds coming in out of the southwest responsible for bringing the warmer air. up and down temperatures. still above the average high
6:45 am
of four; then wednesday peak lower 60s by the end of the week, bring it back down to the 40's, some signs every spring. you can see this certainly in the daylight. little bit later and later each night. now tonight sunset at 5:20, by the end of the month, 5:52, then march 13th, that's when daylight saving time begins. the sunsets after 7:00. and we're gaining just over two minutes of daylight now each day as we head toward the spring, equinox. there you go. cold front out across western pennsylvania, some light showers with it, but out ahead of it it is nice and mild this morning, few breaks of clouds, over south jersey and delaware this morning, so nice sunrise, developing, in the next ten, 15 minutes or so. cool front passes by this afternoon, so 3:00, 4:00 chance for few light rain showers. the front moves through during the evening hours, back to sunshine for tuesday, slightly cooler, but still warm for this time of year, then we watch this storm, it bridges steadier heavier rain in here, especially on wednesday afternoon, also, some record warmth. so with that rain, there is maybe some flooding concerns to deal with with the melting
6:46 am
snow, maybe over an inch every rain, so we have to watch some of the smaller streams and creeks. today, afternoon showers, 58 degrees, tonight clearing colder, 36 low temperature, here is the extended forecast, 50's to low 60s on wednesday, nice and dry into next weekends with highs in the 40's, let's head over to meisha for a check on the roads. >> awesome forecast, 58 today, 60 on wednesday, thanks for that, justin, good morning everyone, hammy monday to you. looking in new jersey take a look at this, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, looking very, very slow. we do not have report after accident in this area, minds you, just looking very slow, monday morning, typically are. this looks a little exist i have. for those every you taking the 42 freeway give yourselves couple of extra minutes, disable vehicle, 59 south, approaching the vine, that's since been cleared, but you can see just a steady flow of vehicles hitting interstate 95 right now, we can expect that now pushing toward 7:00 our rush hour, we weaver accident involving septa bus, school bus, west olney avenue at north broad street.
6:47 am
just make note of that for those every you in and around the area. also another accident that hasn't cleared yet. >> past kaiser road police and fire on the scene, i'll let you know it does clear, also, construction on falls bridge, closed, for rehabilitation until april 1st, use city avenue bridge, or the boulevard. erika, back over to you. >> meisha thank you. on your health watch this morning, common medication may help prevent altzheimer's. a team at georgetown university is looking at how blood pressure drugs may be effective in treating altzheimer's hypertension risk factor for the disease because it disrupt blood flow to the brain. found blood pressure drugs can reduce cell damage, and prevent or delay altzheimer's. >> failed eating loss of high fiber foods specially fruits, vegtables, could significantly reduce breast cancer risk.
6:48 am
soccer fans revved up this weekend after world cup champ carly leud made appearance where else philadelphia auto show. delran burlington county native stopped by the convention center this past weekend, treated visitors to soccer demonstration, and signed autographs for some lucky fans. told "eyewitness news" it is always good to be back home. >> always rooting for the philadelphia team, great to be back great to casino every come, something different, this isn't what i normally do, but it is great to just meet different people, experience different things. >> and more accolade for the hometown hero, charlie is set to be honored tonight at athlete of the year. by the philadelphia sports writers association, congratulations, from local soccer star, to an international one. sc barcelona star will meet with five year old afghan boy whose pictures are getting
6:49 am
worlds wide attention, that young boy is seen wearing homemade messy jersey. so remote, his family couldn't get real one. instead his brothers helped fashion that number ten jersey, out of that plastic grocery bag, as the story gained more attention so too did efforts to find that child. the afghan football federation was able to track down that fan. the now working to figure out time and place for the pair to meet, hoping that will bring the young fan a real jersey when he gets to meet him. great story though. 6:49. coming up, want to check in and see what's ahead on cbs this morning, charlie roads joins us up in new york with a preview for us, charlie, good morning. >> ahead team of correspondent on the campaign trail, ahead of tonight's caucuses, plus hillary clinton joins us live, and john dickerson looked at the potential outcomes. and this, doctor john lapuk at the upper center growing zika epidemic, reporting from brazil. ducker bently to reveal
6:50 am
nominees for the academy every country music awards. that and more, the news is back in the morning. see in you about tents minutes. >> charlie thanks you so much. see you then. one hundred people were surveyed and they say that the next family feud on family feud may be from our area. >> for the game show at the pennsylvania convene shown center. >> time for family feud in philadelphia. >> upstairs these doors two, families faced off in a mock version of the show. >> we got an a-plus. >> casting director sarah is part of the three person team that sifted through 8,000 emails, and hand picks the several hundred who would audition here this weekend. >> i looked for families who want to have fun, lots of
6:51 am
energy, lot of entheusiasm, who love each other, want to get on the show and have a good time obviously win some monday. >> i so which of these families will make the cut? let's ask the man himself, steve, how are you choose between all of these families. >> 's pleading the fifth. >> they know why they deserve to be a contestant. >> all active philadelphia police ladies. we want to have little fun watcher better way to do it than on family feud? we love steve harvey. >> and we're such a tight family that we feel like we just are entertaining every day. >> even the mayor of stewarts town pennsylvanian his family drove two hours to audition. >> hopefully making it onto family feud. sunday marks the last day of auditions for the show here in philadelphia. cast and crew now moves onto houston and kansas city. i'm anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
6:52 am
>> can't wait to see who makes the cut. and of course you can see back-to-back episodes of family feud every weekday starting at 3:00 right here on cbs-3. turns out topping the weekends box office. >> coming for the pandas. we must keep them. >> $41 million, easy victory for the animated seek quill, the best opening weekend of 2016 so far. the revenant dropped to second, with 12.4 million. star wars the fourth awakens still going strong in third place followed by the finest hours and ride along two. fans of imagination are rejoicing behind this behind the scenes for fantastic beef and where to find them. magical adventure the first film harry potter created. keith or has written directly for the screen. it stars oscar winner eddie red machines main, hits theatres in november. have to wait few more months. >> all right, we will be right
6:53 am
back with a check on your forecast and the roads. good mor
6:54 am
6:55 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
6:56 am
one more look at the developing story this morning, amtrak investigating what he can actually smashed a window on an acela train as it passed through philadelphia. justin finch joins us at 30th street station with more on. that will still mystery it seems, justin, good morning. >> yes, good morning, still no word yet on what struck acela 2222 as it traveled from dc to new york and passed through philadelphia when it was hit by something along the way, it was major enough, to stop that
6:57 am
train. last night, to pictures that far broken window. >> this was reported at about 7:00 last night, in the bridesburg section, no injuries though, to the 201 passengers who were aboard that dc to new york train. the incident did comma day before the ntsb. it is due release a report on the derailment of amtrak 188, that train wreck, not too far from the bridesburg incident at frankford junction. now, amtrak 188, that wreck did leave eight dead, some 200 injured. it was also first reported to have been struck by something, before the train did derail. now, the report due out today, it is set to feature some 2,000 pages at least, and center on the conductor brandon bastian also injured in the wreck. he has said he does not recall the crash it should feature interviews from him, give more details on improvement being made to train safety. back to you. >> fill out a question, thank
6:58 am
you. >> we're just digging eat's, rain or no rain. >> awesome. sunshine 06 degrees, felt like april, we will keep the trends going for the next few days, some showers though coming in later this afternoon. not big deal. it could extend into the early evening rush hour, but will start afternoon. around 2:00 or so. full sun tuesday, and 62, potential record warmth on wednesday. comes with a price, wednesday afternoon, some that far could be heavy, then we dry did out for the end of the week, little cooler back to the 40's. >> sounds good, thanks, justin. we have two accidents, on the vine, at 24th street. one, in the westbound direction, and the other in the eastbound direction. as i'm looking right now. you can see headlines westbound direction pulled off to the shoulder certainly going to cause you some slow downs there. also, another look at 42 freeway, we saw some major slow downs just couple of minutes ago, now what you are seeing construction crews pulled all the way over.
6:59 am
traffic better there, going to the wide, see 20 on 95, nine on the vine, 12 on the schuylkill moving in the east and westbound directions. >> meisha, thank you. hey did you see this yesterday? bright light streaking across the sky this happened saturday night. probably this fireball. video shot in falls church virginia, that fireball raised from north to south. however, there are many reported sitings in new jersey, too. some saw it as far north as canada. who has their phone out specially driving? >> lime laps. >> the finger wave. >> meisha, you tell it. >> next on cbs this morning, look inside the iowa cake you cents, candidates and final push before the first votes. reminder to join us bright and early every morning, 4:30 a.m. right here on cbs-3, hope you have great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the moment of truth in iowa. caucus day is finally here. we are on the campaign trail. plus interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump. the zika virus may be declared a global emergency. dr. jon lapook reports from brazil, the epi center of the growing pandemic. and country star dierks bentley is here today to unveil the nominees for the country music awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. you have a lousy record. 16 years and you haven't picked a winner. please, pick a winner this time.


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