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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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that ntsb evidence, engineer brandon bostian after telling investigators in may he remembered nothing about the derailment, six months later provided a second statement giving specific details, including, he was accelerating the train, seconds before the crash. the engineer at the the throttle of the amtrak train 188, which derailed on the frankford curve, killing eight and injuring 200, described the final moments, as the the train which the ntsb says was traveling 106 miles an hour, more than double the speed limit, left the the rails, last may. i remember feeling my body move to the right. i remember feeling i was going too fast around the curve, engineer brand an bostian told investigators in a november interview. the transcript, part of the 2,000 pages of evidence, now made public. the these pictures from the train's video reporter, released by the ntsb show the final seconds going in to the
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crash, bostian in an initial interview days after the derailment at first told investigators he could not recall anything, but then six months latest in the the november interview said some memories have returned. he stopped short of offering investigators any explanation for what happened. i remember holding on to the controls tightly and feeling like okay, well, this is it, i'm going over and so i tried to brace myself. >> now, after months past after the accident he now has a sudden memorandumry. that for the the victims of this derailment is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. >> reporter: attorneys representing victims and their families, questioned the engineer's ability to recall six months later what he could not remember in the days immediately after the accident. the ntsb also revealed bostian had no alcohol or drugs in his system and was in the using
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his phone. they said they did not find any evident that the the train had been struck by a projectile, just before the the crash, as happened to at least one septa train nearby. bostian's attorney did not respond to our requests for comment, coming up at 6:00 attorneys for the victim say that the engineer's change from his original testimony, is devastating to those who are still desperately seeking answers. you'll hear them speaking out the at 6:00. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and there thinks damage amtrak train window is focus on have a a new investigation. amtrak officials say mysterious obstruct an acela express train last night as it traveled through philadelphia bound for new york city n1 was hurt. coming up 59:30 "eyewitness news" reporter rahel sol machine joins with us a live report on what authorities think could have caused the damage. we're now tracking showers moving into the area. it could make for a soggy ride home tonight and even before the the rain, in the really a
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a picture perfect day out there, a lot of cloud but it was is somewhat warm. the lets look first at the information contact with meteorologist kate bilo live on the cbs-3 sky deck, kate. >> reporter: you can see i have the big gulf umbrella unfolded here and rain crops hitting it briskly a at the moment. rain is moving through. an area of steady rain and heavy showers moving through the the a year this evening just in time for the evening commute, definitely slowing things down outside. lets look at storm scan three we are looking at the heaviest moving through the city right about now. good news this is a fast moving line of showers, and should be out of here rather rapidly but some yellow and orange embedded there from the ben franklin walt whitman bridge especially in the portions of south jersey and camden and gloucester county, and, and moderate showers, coming down a at the moment and moving throughout the hours, and it is getting off shore rapidly. future weather does show within the next couple hours we do expect this to clear out the by 7:00. showers become more scattered
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in nature and then later tonight it may be a shower or two down the shore before we clear out. temperatures dropped now that the rain has been moving through but we will stay above average mid week tracking potential record highs but those record highs come with the flood watch i'll have more details coming up when i join you inside. back over to you. radnor police are searching for a scam artists, lets show you composite sketch here of the suspect police are trying to find. january 21st police say that the suspect prayed on a eight three-year old woman on west wayne avenue knocking on her door and then convincing her that her roof needed repairs. >> he asked for $1,600, to dot repair right away so that no further damage would occur, she went to her bank, withdrew $1,600, and gave it to the gentlemen and when he said wow go get his truck he left the area. >> suspect is a a white male heavy set and clean shave even in his 60es a. more than a dozen people are injured after a septa bus and school bus collide in
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north philadelphia a authorities say around 6:00 this morning the driver of the school bus ran a red light at intersection of the west olney and north park avenue and struck the back of the septa bus. the authorities say that none of the three students on the school bus were injured, 13 passengers and driver of the septa bus suffered minor injuries. former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor is expect to testify tomorrow in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. castor will be on the stand as a witness for the defense. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in norristown to tell us why, greg. >> reporter: jessica, as you mentioned castor is expect to testify here at the the montgomery county courthouse tomorrow morning. a statement he made an oral agreement with the cosby's attorneys promising the comedian would never be charged with these crimes. the barriers are up, courtroom cleared, norristown is ready for comedian bill cosby. >> i think it will be a mad
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house. >> reporter: tossato cafe is opened, early and employees are expecting to be busy all day. >> it will be crazy. >> reporter: what about your restaurant. >> i hope it is crazy. >> that is right. >> reporter: the 78 year-old comedian is due in the montgomery county courthouse tuesday where his attorneys are expect to ask the the judge to drop aggravated inn teosinte salt charges against him. >> the the judge will hear evidence and arguments on bill cosby's defense council's motion to dismiss the charges. >> reporter: attorney linda adele hoffa a says that evidence comes in the form of a decade old oral agreement where former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor apparently told cosby's defense attorney that cosby would never be charged with these a alleged crime. >> it the is verbal and it is not in writing and so far in one has shown any paperwork to support what bruce castor is now saying. >> reporter: tuesday, current d.a. kevin steele is expected to present a 2005 press release from castor a key piece of evidence which could
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show that agreement is not binding. >> in that press release, he says that the the district attorney cautions all parties in this matter that he will reconsider this decision should the need arise. >> reporter: of course, castor saying he should quote reconsider this decision should the need arise indicates that decision, was not permanent. that decision, only made by a judge tomorrow, court is expect to begin at 9:30. we're live from norristown i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, greg. the first voting event of the 2016 presidential election, tonight, caucus goers in iowa will pick their candidates, new poll show donald trump in the lead on the g.o.p. side and democrat bernie sanders with a slight lead over hillary clinton. correspondent craig boswell reports from des moines, greg. >> reporter: it is likely to be a nail biter here in way tonight. campaign's trying to round up these last minute voters and they are sending different messages but they all have a
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familiar refrain, get out and caucus, it will all boil down to turnout. democrat hillary clinton brought breakfast to thank her campaign workers in december money. >> i'm feeling so energized because of all of you. >> reporter: clinton is in a dead heat with senator bernie sanders in the the latest poll, that is coming out on top depend on one thing. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: polls show if first time voters caucus, sanders and republican donald trump benefit. >> so this is it, it is crunch time, right. >> reporter: in waterloo trump thanked his supporters. >> hopefully tonight we will have a beginning of what will be a very positive revolution. >> reporter: trump is leading the g.o.p. pack, polling seven points ahead of senator ted cruz who held his own rally in jefferson. >> if we stand together, we can do it again and we cannery store that last bit of hope for mankind.
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>> reporter: as caucus wrap up, nearly 700 precincts will use an app to report the results. parties want to a avoid human error like 2012, they got it wrong on election night. >> having direct access through the app will be a big improvement. >> reporter: four years ago amber, caucused for barack obama, three weeks ago she became a republican siting what she called a shift in issues. >> just has been feeling the need to make a change. >> reporter: but like many will in iowa, she has yet to decide on a candidate. >> for the democrats, 25 percent say they are undecided, on the republican side about 45 percent said they could change their mind n des moines iowa, craig boswell will for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucus, we will have the results from tonight's big election on the air and on line at cbs well, weeknights at the is 11:00 you ask inn nicole brewer ask your questions today we want to know is what
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more accurate people of iowa or punxsutawney phil. people of iowa will cast the the first vote, the the vote gets underway and tomorrow weather predicting groundhog will forecast whether winter will continue for six more weeks. nicole find out, and necessary best tonight at 11:00. is what your question? we'd love to hear it. log on to cws philly dot the come/good question to end is us your question. tweet us just using the hashtag cbs philly dot the come/good question. coming up tonight, a real rearsal for motorist and a police officer. it started when a woman noticed a squad car that she says was speeding and what happens next goes viral. the world health organization holds eerie mergecy meeting, what they are saying about the the zika virus out break. incredible video when a surfer takes on a freak 40-foot wave, more on this jaw dropping wipe out when we come back. sick a.
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the world health organization held a emergency meeting what they are saying about the zika virus out break. well, it turns out that we are going to get to that in just a moment but before that los angeles fire fighters had
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their handful battling this massive fire. it erupted shortly after 5:00 o'clock pacific time in this neighborhood. officials a say propane and other flammable materials inside the building helped fuel the fire. thankfully no one was hurt which is incredible looking at that video. and, look a at the this huge, pile up, involving more than 50 vehicles, in sill vein use. it shows the the moment of impact at least, four were killed in the accident, and they got a major highway led to the dangerous driving conditions there several others were injured in that crash. and world health organization declared a global healthy mergecy over explosive spread of the zika virus which has been linked to thousands of birth the defects. >> now we will talk about this. >> here we go. health reporter stephanie stahl has the latest on something a lot of people have have questions about. >> reporter: thinks getting bigger overseas though. who estimates that there could
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be up to 4 million cases of zika virus in the next year, mainly in south and central america. now today the cdc also expanded travel alerts, to include an addition will four countries, and that includes costa rica but no recommendations have been made to restrict travel or trade. it is become an all too common theme, health officials spraying insecticide in hopes of the killing mosquitoes responsible for the zika virus that is sweeping through latin america and the caribbean. the virus has been suspect of causing an increase in the the cases of microcephaly, children born with unusually small head often with brain damage. but in 41 suspected cases of microcephaly have been reported so far in brazil and pregnant woman fear other side effects from the virus. >> the the public just doesn't know everything about this disease. we don't know the consequences. only the microcephaly.
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>> reporter: tourism will suffer despite officials down playing risks to visitors. the rio carnivale festival begins february 5th. workers here took to the streets armed with instruments, and information. and brazil is set to host the summer olympics in august. events like this wrestling chess match are already underway and athletes are taking precautions, using bug spray and staying indoors. >> it is kind of scary but there is nothing you can do. we have plenty of big events. >> reporter: it is only fourth time the world health organization has declared a public health emergency. the zika virus now joins the ranks of h1n1 flu, ebola a and resurgence of polio but experts say it is not expect to spread into the united states, in a big or significant way. there are currently just 32 cases in the u.s., all are related to travel. this is a big deal in brazil, especially people traveling there. pregnant woman. that is where the concern is. >> really have to be careful.
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>> stephanie, thank you. kate bilo joins with us our forecast and week ago today was a whole different story, wasn't the it. >> whole different story. we were digging out under piles of snow to day temperatures near 60 degrees, boston they got to 65 today which i don't think is very fair. >> no good they are north of us. >> no kidding wind gusts and showers moving through that has dropped temperature significantly now. it still feels more like spring then february 1st. >> there is no doubt. >> we have to enjoy that while we have it. we are expecting temperatures to drop back down to more seasonal levels by the end of the week but interesting wet ter get the through first. we've got showers outside tonight, heavy rain by mid week and possible record highs, a a a lot to talk about lets get right into it. we will take you outside to start off. our camera on campbell's field across the river in camden looking out live toward center city a and ben franklin bridge you can see it is looking glummy. sun tried to peak out the here and there this morning. the cloud won out, we have a weak frontal boundary moving through right now. you can see another view toward the city from the
5:18 pm
palmyra cove nature park in new jersey where it is om minute is in, low clouds, trying authored see the corner of the your screen you cannot see it very well. 47 degrees there at the moment. temperatures dropped from the daytime high which got to near 60 in many locations. the as you can see showers are moving through. we have locally heavy showers at the the moment. take a look over portions of gloucester county, burlington county, camden county, very heavy rain coming down at the moment and embedded within this band have of lighter showers, we have some steadier rain as well back moving into portions of northern delaware. worst of it on 295, right now through mount laurel, if you are in haddonfield area cherry hill seeing heavy rain, down through gloucester, washington township. we are seeing heavy rain at the moment slowing things down on the roadways as these showers moving through and also causing temperatures to drop. out ahead of the front it is still milder. 57 degrees in atlantic city. fifty-five in millville. fifty in philadelphia a back to the the 40's in a allentown. the a as we head into tomorrow we have quiet conditions, lots of sunshine for your tuesday.
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cooler then today. next one comes in the the day on wednesday and this has a lot of rain witt the especially wednesday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. it clears out. it does move out quickly but not before dropping a general 1 inch of rain across much of the region. here it comes, you can see some spots to the north and west that could see over an inch of rain. that is not good news. we have flooding concerns, record temperatures on wednesday, we may get in the mid 60's, snow continues to melt, it will done that all week. we have to watch the streams, creeks, poor drainage and low lying areas and even those larger rivers. flood watch will go into effect wednesday afternoon and continue through early thursday for vast majority of the area, anyplace that got heavy snowfall going to see that flood watch in effect wednesday and thursday. we will have more coming up in the next half an hour. a as far as overnight down to 36 degrees. your tuesday is a really nice day, couple degrees cooler then we will make up with that with lots of sunshine. you're witness wet per day forecast heavy rain in the
5:20 pm
afternoon. look at wednesday's high though 64 degrees. record is 62, it looks like we will break a record before we head back to more seasonal february weather later this week. it will feel like spring but flooding always a concern. >> yes. >> especially this week. >> thanks, kate. >> for sure. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight video games are not just for kid. why more and more parents are picking up the control. long distance relationship goes from instagram to instant marriage why a couple tied the knot minutes after meeting, leslie. we are closer a and closer to super bowl 50. the players have arrived. cam newton's pant have arrived and so have the fans, but you may be surprised to learn who is tuning in this season. that is coming up in sports.
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the count down to super bowl 50 is on, we're now less than a week away from the big game, you can see the exact count down, right the there on your screen. literally. counting down, girl.
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>> a new champion will be crowned too. >> the talk about it, long last, super bowl week has arrived, and this is a live look at super bowl city in san francisco. all week long, it is waterfront plaza will be filled with football fans gearing up for the the big game in nearby santa claire and football is in longer just a man's games. >> now that the teams are in town fans are ready for some football. super bowl 50 festivities including the popular nfl experience, kick off this weekend in the bay area. so, sophie and carlos came just for this event. diehard grid iron girls. >> we watch a lot of games. it is three tv's that we have in our home. >> reporter: that is just what the nfl wants to hear. women account for 45 percent of football viewer ship. the sport's fastest growing demographic with major consumer buying power, jerseys, hats, ticket and
5:25 pm
more. >> nfl package all games all the day. >> many teams launched booster clubs for woman. the kathy hughes attend every 49ers home game with her group. >> unought aible. >> reporter: she volunteered on the project to help build the the 49ers new stadium, the site of this years super bowl. as more women huddle up to the game, football's long time romance with the the guys, may be over. >> ladies, we're talking about cam newton's pants. >> yeah. >> yes, um-hmm. >> they were fansy they were something. >> fancy pants. well, cbs-3 is the the place to be for super bowl coverage this week. sports director don bellies heading to san francisco and he will get you ready for the big game starting on wednesday. you can watch the game right here on cbs-3, sunday night. and before that there is a special week of super bowl shows leading up to super
5:26 pm
sunday tomorrow night at will catch the the super bowl's greatest commercials and friday at 9:00 super bowl's greatest half time show and saturday night you can see more greatest super bowl commercials followed by nfl honors show. so much going on this week. it the is all here on cbs-3 your home for super bowl 50. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 he is a delaware county native who is living out his dream and a chance to win the super bowl. we will hear from corry philly brown's family about the cardinal o'hara graduate and his chances to etch his name in the nfl history books. >> so excited about that. >> fantastic. as we continue tonight and straight ahead in our next hour a mysterious object leaves a window smashed on the amtrak acela train overnight. we are live with the latest from the investigation. it looks like a routine traffic stop but it is officer who is getting a stern lecture about responsible driving. we will hear from the woman who pulled him over and tell why she did
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a mysterious object shatters glass and the nerves of riders on a amtrak train bound for new york city. something smashed into a window of the moving train last night as it passed through philadelphia a "eyewitness news" continues now a at the 5:30. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean this incident happened on the same stretch of tracks where the amtrak train derailed last may. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live at 30th street station with more on what officials think could have caused the damage, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, ukee, amtrak officials confirmed to me tonight that it a appears that i rock struck the train but they have in the been able to say, however, if it a appears someone threw a rock or if something else happened. >> scary just to look at it. >> reporter: up close this picture shows damage to amtrak acela a train number 2222, but look just behind it, and you'll see faces of concerned
5:31 pm
passengers. the the shock lingering monday for some riders. >> it was crazy. >> glass just burst. >> reporter: late monday afternoon "eyewitness news" learned that it was apparently a rock that struck the train sunday evening that was traveling from washington d.c. to new york city. a spokesmen riding, the investigation has suggested that the damage is consistent with a rock striking the train. taylor lorrens was seats a away from where the train was struck and spoke to our new york sister station. >> a giant boom and it sounded like a tray table had stopped really hard, strong and loud. >> reporter: sunday's incident in bridesberg occurred in the same general area as last night's deadly derailment and on the eve of the major ntsb announce b. their investigation. back then a dispatcher reported that the train may have been hit by a rock, or shot. >> i feel fairly certain that, you know, there is someone intention on that specific part of the track and a lot of attention on what happened, you know, previously. so i'm sure it would be safe
5:32 pm
and they would make sure we're safe today. >> reporter: there were 201 passengers on that train last night. the fortunately no one was hurt. again, as far as how or why that rock struck the train amtrak officials tonight telling me that they and philadelphia police continue continue on investigate. reporting live at 30th street station, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. the the trucker charge in the crash that severely injured comedian tracie morgan plead not guilty in a new jersey courtroom. kevin roper is facing aggravated manslaughter a and other charges in the june 2014 crash. morgan's friend james mcnair was killed in the wreck. roper was employed by wal-mart at the time of the crash. that crash happened on the new jersey turnpike in cranberry. the the two virginia tech students charged in the death the of a teen girl made their first court a appearance today. eighteen year-old david eisenhower is accused of abducting and murdering 13 year-old nicole lovell. another student 19 year-old natalie keepers is charged
5:33 pm
with helping eisenhower get rid of the lovell's body. she had been missing since last week and was found more than 50 miles from the campus. while police have not released a motive yet they say lovell and eisenhower knew each other. >> eisenhower and nicole were together prior to the appearance. he used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. >> the the two are being held at the montgomery county, virginia jail, the results of an autopsy are pending, and authorities are working to reconstruct a time line in lovell's disappearance and death. a florida woman plans to hand over video that she says shows the the miami dade police officer speeding and driving recklessly. she pulled him over and the video went viral. >> there is an officer in front of me and i have been following on him. >> reporter: she did something out of sudden anger, she pulled over a miami dade police officer for speeding. >> the car pass meade so fast my car shook side to side and i got upset. i started speeding up to see
5:34 pm
how fast he might be goning and i stopped when i hit 80. >> reporter: she put her cell phone on as a dash canned and recorded the pursuit narrate go on the way. >> he has been driving recklessly andinging about a hundred miles an hour because i was hitting 80 and i could not catch up with him. >> reporter: she followed him on the 826 and then the the 836 and eventually catching up to him approaching i-95 where she finally got the officer a a's attention. suddenly the familiar stern questions that the car window only the officer wasn't the one asking them. >> i wanted to know what the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this i'm on my way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding but you are entitled to your opinion. when you pull over next to me which is why i pulled over, i thought you had an emergency, is everything fine. >> everything is fine. >> a pol guys and i'll be hure to slow down. >> reporter: juan perez said in a statement the miami dade
5:35 pm
police department will have the officer a's immediate command staff investigate the matter once the officer and citizens are identified. the appropriate course of action will be taken at that point. >> i'm sure he is a a good guy but no one ace above the law. >> police say they will not reprimand the woman for chasing the officer. if you drive on the falls bridge in fill all's need to find another way to get where you are going. the bridge which dates back to 1894 is now closed to vehicles for repairs. the inspectors found detear racial and other connections between the floor beams of the bridge and the roadway deck. the repairs are expect to be completed by april 1st. well, schools a across the philadelphia archdiocese are celebrating catholic schools week. eye witt the necessary news at the saint monica school in philadelphia today, students there made up bags with hand cream, combs, tissues and they will go out to the elderly. they say the idea of helping others is a perfect match for catholic schools week. nicely done. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight a
5:36 pm
warning from wegmans about a facebook scam. you never know when you will meet the one but one couple is taking a gamble on true love. meet a man and woman who got married just seconds after meeting. >> families are playing video games to spend quality time together but that is not the the only reason, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with why more moms and dads are picking up the controls. kate? we're talking about record high temperatures but record highs also come with a flood watch, tracking rain and what comes after, that is coming up with your seven day forecast when we come back.
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♪ well, beware of facebook scam, claiming wegmans stores are giving away $200 grocery
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coupons. wegmans says the post is a scam and warns customers not to click on it, share it or provide any personal information. for more information, just go to our web site at cbs and click on jim donovan's blog post. i phone users will have more ways to express yourself, a brand new batch of emojis is on its way and yes, don't you worry, there is avocado in there fingers crossed, and a butterfly some other images that are expect to be, at your fingertips, right at the end of the year. three-quarters of americans use emojis every day. i got the to tell you, i wanted fingers crossed multiple times and not available. >> but there you go. >> now, just for you. >> thank you. coming up, a terrifying fall for
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society. a couple who met on social media meets in person for the the first time and then immediately gets married. erika harris waited in a empty california air for the friday night for a man of her dreams, a year ago they randomly connect over instagram but he lives in new york. and as soon as he stepped off the plane, he popped the question, and she said, yes. >> you don't drag your feet with legal life you leap into that like is there in tomorrow. >> this were saying their vows right there in the airport. time will tell. we are told the couple bonded on instagram over poetry and writing. how about that. >> that is great. >> professional surfers are truly dare devils, and they are about to show you, will probably take your breath the away. >> incredible. take a look, that is at the top of your screen you can see pro surfer tom, he fell from the top of that wave. he says, waves blinded him causing him to fall of his
5:45 pm
game. boardings flying. the it felt like he was in the car crash. he is's kay but hawaii has been hit with enormous waves thanks to el nino, and, falling off a 40-foot wave, wow. >> i cannot imagine, what that is like, just falling in the pool, first of all a mean look at that. >> incredible video there. >> yes, kate, el nino continues to wreak all kind of habit. >> all kind of interesting things all across the world. >> that is like falling out of a fourth floor window, yes. >> that is incredible. my goodness. wow. >> okay. let's move on. the water of a different form. we have some rain to talk about this week. we have melting snow. >> that is right. >> a combination of those two things could lead to some issues outside this week.
5:46 pm
this week we have some flooding concerns at least. good news it looks like our rain on wednesday may get in and out on quickly and if the rain is less than what it could be, then possibly, the concerns won't be quite as great. but we have some to mention, if you live in the area prone to flooding if your backyard, basements floods, make sure your sump pump is working. i heard mine kick on today with the snow melt. any road or nearby streams or creeks watch out for this week as well. lets look outside as well. it is quiet here looking at our roof cam. even seeing a few breaks in the cloud cover as the the showers that pushed on through, finally do start to move out. that is a a a quick moving line of showers, not really adding much to the flooding concerns here this evening, and then again, it is generalry a weak frontal boundary moving through this evening creating a few showers here and there those showers are heavier over portions of new jersey as we will show new a moment but i want to check with our eyewitness weather watchers and take a peak what they are seeing. temperatures 47 degrees as we check in bensalem with steve schwartz. he has rain coming down and lets see if anyone has accumulated any rain falling. you can see amounts are very light. newark delaware at walter a's house .1. tenth of an inch there saint david, christopher, less than a tenth of an inch and less than a tenth in cherry hill as well at lynn's house. so not a lot of rain with
5:47 pm
this. we did have a glummy day to day, walter says that this beautiful photo of the rain drops on the puddles out there he is seeing drizzle. there are a the lot of puddles thanks to the the snow melt. christopher deambrose use, sent a miss tear use winter scene, foggy misty night to begin as february. it dance president feel like february 1st outside but certainly looks like tonight that photo this one a great photo from phil, little will duck splashing on sunday, at morris arboretum. they are loving puddles out there. they will be loving it more by mid week when more rain will move on through. lets take a look at is what going on on storm scan three. those showers are starting to push on out, and they are still around, especially west of the city now filling back into portions of chester and lancaster counties but heavier is over burlington county at the moment. this heavy rain right about here, that will be causing slow downs right through the remainder of the evening commute. waiting for someone to get home, keep dinner warm, expect it to take longer than usual because of this rain on 295,
5:48 pm
204, through she monk and browns mills seeing heavy rain as well this front is getting out of here very rapidly. overnight we will see it moving out. our next storm will be wreaking havoc over the the planes through the day tomorrow and comes through for us, not as a snowstorm but as a big rain maker on wednesday n meantime temperatures in the 40's, norristown, chester springs, lampeter and spring city all of these areas less than a tenth of an inch of rain. rain is nothing to write home about. a look at things to come. tomorrow is quiet. here comes our next storm on wednesday. any snow stays to the the north of the the low track and that will be well off to our north but we're talking rain and wind and record high temperatures as well. temperatures in the mid 60's, as we head through wednesday, and then it does clear out into thursday. but with over an inch of rain we run the the risk for flooding, not only do we have rain but record warmth ahead of that boundary moving through. sixty-four the high on wednesday, the record is 62 and that is from back in 2006. so you can see we have got temperatures in the mid 60's that will help melt whatever
5:49 pm
is left on the snow away and also the the heavy rain coming through washes it away as well. flood wash has been issued. vast majority south jersey and southern delaware not in the flood watch, this goes into effect wednesday afternoon and will continue into thursday and because of the combination of the melting snow, of course, and heavy rain. lets talk about how much rain we need, for flood to go begin across the the area it the will take over 2 inches in south jersey and delaware. where not as much snow fell. into portions of montgomery, bucks, chester, berks county we are seeing an inch to an inch and a half of rain in six hours will cause flooding to occur and it looks as though system that is coming through on wednesday will have about a inch of rain witt. that will lead to the risk for flooding, especially in low lying area. gradual clearing, colder, down to 36 degrees. for your tuesday, mostly sunny, with a high around 50. that is a above average for this time of the year. we will take a a peak the at your seven day forecast, tomorrow morning we will seal if punxsutawney phil sees his shadow on a sunday i, it looks like he may just do that and
5:50 pm
that would mean six more weeks of winter. the let's hope not. on wednesday heavy rain, breezy, record high, 64 degrees. good news we will dry it out and stay dry through the weekend with temperatures in the mid 40's and nice dry stretch after the rain moves through, hopefully that will help everything and it is going to go dry out in the wake of the the snow melt and steady rain, ukee and jessica, back to you good phil, don't let me down, phil, come on, man. do you play video games with your kid. recent survey found more and more are doing just that. >> as three on your side reporter jim donovan find most parent are not the in to gaming. >> it is more about having quality family time plus the ability to easily control what their kids are seeing. most saturday mornings, six year-old caitlin plays video games with her father for an hour or two. >> she looks forward to it the at the end of the week and weekend and start our weekend off doing that. >> reporter: it is a common trend, consulting firm magget
5:51 pm
interviewed 3,000 parents and found 92 percent of those whose kids play video games play alongside them. >> so this is not just a core device for hard core gamers. this is a family device. we like to think of it a as the the next new kitchen table in the family. >> reporter: survey also found that more than three-quarters of parents say that their primary reason to play games toys spend time with their children. caitlin's momma grease citing busy schedules for everyone in the family. >> when we have sometime together, we like to do things she enjoys. she enjoys other activities too with you this is one of them we have fun together and we like it. >> the survey shows that the majority prefers the kid play with consoles easy to machine for rather than on computers, smart phones or tablets. well, back in the day my dad we had a pinball machine, air hockey, mom wouldn't have anything to do with it. she was like for get this but we would spend hours. >> your father played ping-pong too. >> he was very competitive. my dad would not let us win.
5:52 pm
when you beat him were you okay good at least you know achieved something. >> he was in the the go let the kid win. now you know why i am yes, indeed. >> that is right. still a ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight. >> entertainment tonight gives you a behind the scenes look at how the super bowl broadcasters are getting ready for the big game. >> we will be right back.
5:53 pm
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she has grazed hundreds of magazine covers and been the face of countless fashion houses and products, and now cindy crawford is calling it a career. she tells rhapsody magazine she's planning to retire when she turns 50, february 20th. she still looks fabulous but a says after a career spanning three decade she has nothing else to prove. but i have also read that maybe she's not all the way retiring. >> never retire, indeed. what is super bowl without those famed broadcasters. from jim nantz, james brown, barrele sigh son and phil simms, nancy odell joins us from los angeles with the behind the scenes look. >> reporter: ukee and, jessica, kevin frazier is in san florida with our special super bowl correspondent, daughter on have kathy lee and frank gifford, frank gifford. her dad broadcast the very first super bowl so it was a full circle moment when she got a sit down with the guys from cbs broadcasting super bowl 50. >> your contacted was a great man. i loved him.
5:57 pm
you don't look like him. >> okay, all right. >> phil like franks transitioned from the field the two broadcast booth. >> when he was prepared he would say something like kind of preparing for an exam. wow try to equate it the for me. for you, how is it. >> it is a little bit of it. i love the the fact that we prepared and made sure i necessity everything i can about the players, as far as, what they do on the field. >> of course. >> reporter: cbs analyst tony gonzales and boomer followed frank's career path. >> this great league we have been a part of for many years was built on the back of the people like your dad. >> reporter: this game has everybody talking about the match up between 39 year-old payton manning of the broncos abe 26 year-old cam newton of the panthers. >> payton manning, frank senate the that, cam newton is jay-z, totally different styles. i actually have a pair of pant similar to that. >> he borrowed them for you. >> reporter: cassidy got the cbs sports chairman to break some news. >> i have announced today we
5:58 pm
are renewing thursday night the football on cbs. >> we will have much more on cbs, on tonight's et. ukee and jessica, back to you. great news. i thank you so much for all of the happening in hollywood watch entertainment the tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. in the meantime james corden released his guest list for super bowl sunday. >> it includes a epic car pool karaoke, guests for late, late the she which will air after "eyewitness news" sunday night will include, zach efron, ana kendrick and adam divine. and he will hit the road with the one and only is your elton john for his car pool karaoke no word on what song they will tackle, did you pick up what i was putting down or what we were putting down, tackle. >> i see what you were doing there, clever. >> football involved. elton john and james corden, they will have a great time. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a local product super bowl dreams. >> i'm pat gallen and coming
5:59 pm
up we will talk to the family of the panthers wide out corry philly brown and how his time here at cardinal o'hara led him to the nfl and super bowl 50. it was a spring like start to february today both temperatures near 60 and we have quiet weather tomorrow but we are talking about a flood watch by middle of the week. i will have all of the information coming up at 6:00. also new evidence including a look at the moment before the deadly amtrak derailment, in philadelphia. tonight, lawyers for the victims respond, to a newly released report. plus, delaware county police need your help, finding a suspected scam artists, what he is accused of doing and why residents need to be aware. and now at 6:00 the view from the cab before the amtrak train derailment in philadelphia, killing eight
6:00 pm
people. more than eight months later we're getting a glimpse of new evidence in the crash, including haunting images, moment before the the accident. we're also getting a response from attorneys for some of the victims. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has been tracking new developments all day and he joins us from the cbs-3 sat center, walt. >> reporter: you might call it the tail of two statements n this one days after the crash the engineer tells investigators that he remembers nothing, and then in this 16 months later in november, he tells them many details. attorneys for the victims and their families say for them the the two differing accounts raise serious questions. these pictures from a camera mounted on the engine of train 188, show for the first time the final seconds at the engine and seven cars, fly off the rails of the frankford curve, killing eight and injuring more than 200. the video, and 2,000 pages of evidence made public by the sb


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