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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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root for this super bowl sunday. vittoria woodill tells you about their super adventure out west how about the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection will be well repped in santa clara. and tonight showers have moved out but watch for pockets of dense fog. then we move on to tracking record temperatures and a flood watch. i'll have all the the details. >> and the results are in. a projected record turn out for the iowa caucuses and tonight one presidential candidate came out on top. while two others are locked in virtual tie. good evening everyone, i'm you're washington. >> eye, i'm jessica dean much it's ban tight race all night. but now we know texas senator ted cruz has won the iowa caucus on the republican side. he beat out donald trump by about 4%. marco rubio game in third exceeding expectations there. on the democratic side hillary clinton and vermont senator berne sanders are in a virtual tie. craig boswell has late breaking details now from desmoines, io
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iowa. >> i voted for hillary because i have five granddaughters i end d up voting for bernie sanders. i'm going to try trump. >> i voted for ben carson. i like his style. >> reporter: turn out has been very high some precincts are reporting crowds triple and doubled what they expect the. republican and democratic caucus sites ran out of registration forms. >> some voters like changed their party affiliation on sight. >> i don't hear a lot about my kids future coming from the republican side so i switched to democrat tonight to support bernie sanders. >> reporter: democrat martin owe mal system suspends his cam pin. other candidates have their sights on the next contest and are already trying to win over voters in new hampshire. craig boss kell for cbs3 "eyewitness news". we've also just learned republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is suspending his campaign he made announcement tonight on twitter.
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our coverage of campaign 2016 and the iowa caucuses continues online. it could be a late night. be sure to check out for complete results and latest video from the campaign trail. now, iowa caucuses are wrapping up and tomorrow of course is groundhog day we wondered who is more accurate the people of iowa or punxsutawney phil? good question. nicole brewer finds out who knows best coming up a around 11:07. >> new developments tonight in the deadly amtrak derailment eight months after the crash new evidence is released that could help determine what went wrong. we're also hearing from the victim's attorneys. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us from our satellite center with that new information. dade. >> ukee ntsb released about 2,000 pages literally of documents and much of what's inside focuses on engineer brandon bostian what caused him to derail? that's big question. in an interview he gave one of his co-workers described him as
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someone who took pride in his job and paid attention to deta detail. but attorneys for the vick tips families tell a much different story. these images taken from the front of amtrak 188 on the night of the fatal crash showed the last seconds before the derailment that killed eight and injured 200. >> brandon bostian the engineer with a previously clean record is now telling authorities that he remembers more about that night. in may bostian didn't remember what happened before the crash, but in a november interview just made public monday, bostian says "i remember holding on to the controls tightly and feeling like, okay, well this is it. i'm going over and so i tried to brace myself. "but what caused bostian to rose control? according to federal documents there were no problems with the signals, the track or the train itself. bostian cell phone was on airplane mode meaning he wasn't connected to the internet. he didn't have drugs or alcohol in his system. still bostian took the final curve at 10 sick miles an hour
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more than twice the speed limit. a septa train and on the same tracks was hit by some sort of projectile moments before the amtrak crash. bostian heard about the incident and told investigators he was concerned. >> i have always believed, i've always thought that there was a tie between these two events. >> defense attorney tom klein and robert mongols sew so represents families of the victivictims. >> the problem remains his changing story with started with i have no recollection whatsoever and now becomes i have memory of what occurred but i mysterious val a gap as well. >> reporter: according to medical report bostian was quote noted to have retrograde and anterograde amnesia. the report also mentions bostian having a quote post traumatic headache and concussion resulting from the accident. >> boss tow i don't know yann is not talking about publicly. he has an attorney based here in
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philadelphia. to tell bostian side of the story this report is mainly facts not the final report. another report is expected ukee and jessica in may that will be one year after the crash. reporting live tonight in the sat center david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you david. meanwhile investigators are trying to figure out if someone intentionally through a rock at an amtrak train pass through philadelphia this weekend. amtrak 2222 access la express headed to new york city when a rock shattered a window. it happened along the same stretch of tracks where the amtrak train derailed last may. none of the 201 passengers on board acela train last night were hurt. the trucker charged in the crash that severely injured comedian tracy morgan pleads not got. kevin roper appeared before a judge in new brunswick courtroom today. pope per is facing aggravat aggd manslaughter and on thes charges. his friend james mcnair was killed in that wreck.
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roper was was employed by wall march at the time of the crash which happened on the new jersey turnpike in cranbury. >> former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor is expected to testify tomorrow in the sexual assault against against bill cosby. cosby says castor promised not to prosecutor him in exchange for his testimony in a civil case brought by his accusor andrea couldn't stand. meeting at temple university about the proposed football stadium was cut short due to frosts m students and more philadelphia residents feel like their voice hasn't been heard. interrupted university president neal, during a question and answer session. the protesters demand the board of trustees reject the plan to build the one had undread million dollars stadium. project includes a proposed retail development. the iowa caucuses killed off the 2016 elections to night.
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>> tomorrow punxsutawney phil will determine whether or not we get six more weeks of winter. two forms of forecasting one good question. nicole brewer is here with more. nicole. >> that's exactly rye. >> hi, ukee and jess. whether it's a small group of i wants or one pennsylvania ground how long folks can't help but watch, wait even wager a guess. we wondered who is more accurate? the people of iowa or the punxsutawney phil? it's a good question. let's find out. ♪ >> reporter: this time of year there are two events that bring out the oracle in all of this. let's start with the iowa cauc caucus. >> hillary clinton. >> not that i'm hoping but i think donald trump. >> i like hillary i think bernie sanders going to come out on top. >> they're neck and neck throughout the whole race. >> there's the pennsylvania ground how long. >> he'll see his shadow we're in for at least one more blizzard.
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>> spring sooner. >> who is more accurate, people of iowa or punxsutawney phil? >> probably the groundhog. >> i'm going to do phil. >> he's more spontaneous. >> putting your morning on the groundhog. >> absolutely. >> caucus. >> you're headed to vegas. who do you bet on. >> dr. david nickerson is a political science professor at temple proud. >> fill on gets it right 39% of the time. >> groundhog and we're basing the weather on a shadow. so completely makes tenseness sense. >> he also lives in library during the year. so it's not like he's a proper pond nothing. >> compare that to the iowa caucus in contested primaries predicted five of seven democratic nominees making the people of iowa correct 71% of the time. >> i guess politics has it over the groundhog. >> on the republican side three out of seven have been predicted in rating of 43%.
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neither side set out to predict anything. >> phil wants to hang out as he's glorified sundial. and the iowa caucuses these of these are people voting zenszerly their preferences not to predict the winner. >> i'm still going to run with fill. >> there you go. now another consideration the groundhog forecasts every year as we know unground hog day where the people of iowa make their predictions every four years. i asked did the if that should factor into the equation. it just solidified our furry friend isn't great at forecasting the weather. >> he says plenty of practice still get it right. >> a glorified sundial. >> good we have miss bilo. >> if i could show up once a year -- to see if i saw my shadow or not. phil has to predict the weather for the end too far nation much that's you have to quantify. you're looking at one city his odds would be better. give him a -- >> why not? >> let's see what tomorrow brings. >> thanks nicole.
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>> what's your good question. we want to know log on to question to submit your inquiry or tweet us using cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can't wait to hear what your good question will be. we are now less than one week away from super bowl 50 which you can see right here on cbs3. >> and a group of local guys are off on a super adventure. they scored big at this year's super bowl. vittoria shows you why this business was hand picked to travel across the country to santa clara, california. plus a bumpy road to the super bowl for the denver broncos. they got into a fender bender on california highway. quarterback peyton manning talks about the crash. also, before you head out, to shop for the big game arc warning from wegmans. we'll tell you which is circulating on social media that has the popular supermarket chain firing back when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪
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tonight the world health organization is declaring a global emergency over the explosion seive spread of the zika virus. the virus has been linked to thousands of burn defects in which children are born with unusually small heads often with brain damage. this virus is spread by mosquitoes. the last public health emergency was in 2014 for the ebola outbreak. warning tonight from wegmans about a scam. wegmans says a facebook post claiming it's giving away $200 coupons is not legit. it warns customers not to click on it, share it or provide any personal information. for more information go to our website and click on jim donovan's blog post. close call for the denver broncos ahead of the sue per. two of the teams buses were involved in minor accident near san francisco today. although the team was on bore, none of the players were hurt. quarterback peyton manning talked about what happened. >> that kind of an exciting bus ride today. we got in a wreck on our bus today. that was exciting which kind of just adds to the unique season
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that has occurred this year. >> the buses were on their way back to the team hotel in santa clara. countdown to the super bowl 50 is on. we're less than six days away from the big game now. and you can watch it sunday night right here on cbs3. the super bowl is usually a time for parties and a lot of good food out there. if you think you're getting a lot of grub for your get together, what do you think it takes to feed the behind the scenes crew at the game. >> it is a huge task and some local guys have been hand picked to deliver the meals for the hungry workers and only our vittoria woodill was there pour their super bowl send off. >> reporter: turn those frowns upside down philly football fans. put your hands in the air tonight we're giving i was philly team to root for in the big game. >> we're going to go to the super bowl 50. >> reporter: these philly guys intercepted the ball from our eagles, no offense and our
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running all the way to santa clara. >> you're bringing a taste of philly to california. >> we are. we're bringing sausage, rolls. >> reporter: rocco and steve of innovative catering couldn't zest won their bid to the bowl and there's a familiar feeling in the air. >> we're getting ready for the main event and for us the super bowl, i mean, is the main event for us. we're bringing the mobile cuisine, little taste of south philadelphia. little bit of our catering expertise and we're going out to santa clara california to feed nfl films. >> one 8-day stay across from levi stadium. they're in it to win it to feed thousands on the nfl films broadcasting compound with some homemade and hometown goodies. >> game day probably basically going to be chicken wings, personal pizzas, cheesesteaks, roast pork. basically easy picky sandwich kind of stuffs. no chips, no pretzels. >> we'll leave that to somebody
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else. >> child's play for these guys. does it getter any better than that. >> feeding the pope was pretty good. isn't exactly. it was only 18 months ago where they through a hail mary to the holy father and scored. these all stars have it in the bag. >> we picked the guys on the team that showed the best performance during the pope visit. >> reporter: any final locker room words? >> super bowl, yeah. >> reporter: wait. i got an idea. they need a proper send off. time to turn this loading zone into an end zone. >> ♪ >> reporter: ♪ >> we're going to the super bo bowl! whoo! ♪
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>> reporter: can you imagine what is going through them right now? >> now they're already there in santa clara and it was a big production for a big trip and we want to thank the middle school students for the band there from st. francis in west philadelphia and the cheerleaders from my alum, saint basil academy in jenkintown. we wanted to make the loading zone into an end zone. >> definitely, it was. >> that was a great time. >> stepped these guys off as they should. >> in philly style. >> philly style. >> somebody to cheer for. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. we want to know the guest line up of the special super bowl of the late late show james core bert. guests will inn sued zac efron, anna kendrick and adam dee 59 and sir elton john for his carpool car yolk key. >> i used to be a rolling stone. >> i wonder what --
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>> good stuff. >> candle in the wind. >> that would be amazing. >> that's the one. >> james corden and elton john singing a duet. >> they might. >> i hope that happens for you. >> kate has got our forecast now. >> forecast for tomorrow is great. but we're looking ahead to some threats to come in on wednesday. that's the day we've got pretty major storm season this storm is delivering a lot of snow to the central part of the country the midwest seeing blizzard warnings mosted tonight but that's going to stay north of us. we're talking a lot of rain and rain coupled with melting snow not a great bin nation here. we'll take you out to storm scan3 the showers that moved through the area this evening have now cleared out. we're trying to dry out before the temperatures drop below freezing and most areas will do so but in the wake of the showers with the snow still on the ground we are seeing pockets of dense fog beginning to form. so that's something you want to watch out if you're headed out and about tonight. on the roads tonight, again watch for that dense fog for your early morning patchy ice especially north and west.
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more melting tomorrow. there will be a few puddles out there still on the roads. give you the green light for tomorrow. safe tonight into early tomorrow morning that fog can come on you quicking in the wake of the showers today. not a lot of rain. about dental of an inch chester springs. 37 degrees there right now. 37 degrees in lamb pet. less than a tenth of an inch for most of the area. roads are still wet because a lot of snow melt happened today with temperatures up near 60 degrees. and that coupled with the rain moving in on wednesday will bring us the risk for flooding midweek. here's the fudge weeder picture dry for now. high pressure in control. beautiful tuesday on the way. the storm will bring us proble problems. you know zoo you can see that stripe of heavy snow. that stays well off to our north. this is all rain for us. it comes in really approaching by noon but the heaviest will be late wednesday afternoon and evening just in time for the evening commute. a band of heavy rain maybe a few rumbles of thunder. clear it out as we head into the day on thursday. but for your wednesday, steady
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rain, heavy at times, we're looking at over an inch of rain here luckily the rain will get out pretty quickly it doesn't look like much more than an inch. also tracking record temperatures for wednesday. that the snow melt plus that heavy rain risk for flooding, ponding and slow travel on the roadways. noon watch has been issued goes into effect wednesday afternoon continuing into thursday. includes much of the lehigh valley, all of bucks, montgomery, chester counties, delaware county, philadelphia and into portions of western new jersey down the shore not included in that because here's how much rain would need to fall for flooding to begin across the area. regions didn't get quite as much snow take a little more than. two plus inches in south jersey and southern delaware probably not going to happen. you're looking at needing an inch and a half for 2-inches of rain in the green shaded area much that's unlike toll happen. anywhere in the white take about an inch of rain and six hours for flooding to begin. when you factor in all of that snow, still to melt and especially up in the lehigh valley there's still a lot of
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snow on the ground. the record warmth also a factor in this. 64 degrees our expected high on wednesday much the record is 62. from back in 2006. unfortunately not lot of time get out and enjoy the mid 60s as it will be a wet day especially in the afternoon. overnight tonight a colder night we should stay above freezing in the city but some spots north and west could drop below freezing and again to lead to few patchy spots of ice. tomorrow mostly sunny and pleasant. six to 7 degrees above average. 50 for the tie dame high. seven day forecast record high on wednesday but watch for that rain and then the good news we clear it out and dry it out. a few days to dry out in the wake of that rain. so all the flooding should recede and we'll stay in the mid 40s pretty seasonal for the weekend. dry for the super bowl good news for people who have party plans. >> not bad at all. >> leslie is here with what's coming up next in sports. >> super bowl 50 days away. festivities kick off tonight. check this out.
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have you ever seen this many cameras ever media night in san francisco. cam newton explained his travel day a tire.
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super media day rebranded this year as media night taking the circus to whole new level the broncos and panthers taking questions for hours tonight. but one of the first questions for cam newton from dion sanders what was he thinking arriving in those pants. >> did you look in the mirror before you walk out and say man i'll kill them with these. >> salute. it's soup peer bowl 50. the mantra of the colors are black and gold. the black and gold attire i had in my car that was extremely
11:26 pm
limited. when i looked at my pants and i said these are black and gold. these shoes are black and cold much the tie along with the whole super bowl 50 black and gold. >> you know those are must win pants. you can't get off a plane like that and lose? >> every time i put on an attire every single morning of my life is a must win attire. >> tonight at the 112th annual philadelphia sports writers association dinner the temple owls were honored as team of the year. head coach matt ruhle happy for this team looking forward to watching former recruit brandon mcmannis in super bowl 50. >> i remember recruiting brandon when i was an assistant and watching him play cyo basketball trying to convince them to come to temple. what wonderful kid an what a competitor and he's endured adversity and for him to be the guy that's really propelled the broncos into the super bowl we couldn't be more happy. >> delran native carly lloydly honored she is was athlete of the year scored a hat trick for
11:27 pm
the us women in the world cup final and she's proud of her roots. people familiar with her but the world cup performance took things to even greater heights. >> a whole other level. you know, older people, adults, people in the post office who never watched soccer before. i watched you. i saw you play. i think that's when we know that the sport has really come a long way. >> the flyers are back from the you will star break against montreal. gold tender michael left practice after 15 minutes. steve mason who still dealing with low body injury may have to start tomorrow. the flyers have a tough february schedule. >> went through practice okay today and continue to manage everything and stay on top of it and i want to be in the lineup as much as possible because of the stretch here. you don't want to be missing any time right now. >> all right. you covered three super bowls. >> three super bowls.
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>> never seen pants like that. >> pants. >> never. i seen outfits but not like that. >> well, it was the super bowl 50. black and gold. >> black and gold. >> i was himmed. >> makes sense. >> steelers fans are loving it too even though they're not
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new video into "eyewitness news". winner of the i waka can you cuss on the gop side ted cruz
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just addressed his supporters moments ago. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> texas senator won with 28% besting donald trump and insurgeninninnsurveillance rubi. democratic race is too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we'll keep our eye on that. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us tonight. our morning team is back from 430 to 7am. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at late show with stephen colbert is next with john travolta and corny vans. >> thanks for watching, and
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sleep well. >> stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey! hey! whoa sphwhvmen. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, so much. thank you, out there. thank you down there. thank you over there. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you. welcome to "the late show." ( cheers and applause )


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