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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" at noon begins with a legal showdown in montgomery county. bill cosby's back in court fight to go get his sexual assault case thrown out. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. defense argue copy mated deal with former d.a. bruce castor that he would not be prosecuted a decade ago, if he agreed testify in his accuser's lawsuit. "eyewitness news" reporter
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greg argos joins us outside that courthouse in norristown with these latest development for us, greg, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, there, erika. after brief recess, former district attorney montgomery county bruce castor is back on the stand here in norristown testifying for bill cosby's defense and explaining why this 78 year old comedian, while he promise that comedian he would never be charged with these crimes. hearing began around 9:30 this morning. cosby arriving shortly after 99:00 then was escorted into the montgomery county courthouse for the hearing. as dozens of local national and international media crews filmed his entrance, the entire morning, though, focused on brian mcmonagle, cosby's defense attorney questioning former d.a. bruce castor about decade old oral agreement castor made with cosby's then attorney. the questioning focused on castor's investigation into andrea constance 2005 allegation, cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. castor says he fully investigated those claims. they were many issues though
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castor says including the fact constance wait add year to report the alleged assault, the fact she kept in contact with cosby during that one year time frame, and the lack of physical evidence. all of that led castor to promise cosby would never be arrested for those crimes. in court today saying, quote, i made a decision mr. cosby would not be prosecuted no matter what. but there was never any written documents state that, and in 2005, castor also released a press release stating that there could possibly be the prosecution of cosby in the future. those are both questions that the current da kevin steel is expected to bring in, in cross-examination. this is going to be a very long hearing, break scheduled next for 12:30, then resumes an hour from that. we will be inside the courtroom for all of it but for now live here in norristown, i'm greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". greg, thanks for that update. and stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow the criminal case against bill cosby. we'll have the very latest on tv and on our website
12:03 pm >> the son of pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah, is sentenced to five years in federal prison. chaka fattah, jr. was convicted in november on 22 of 23 counts in his bank and tax fraud trial. prosecutors presented evidence that the 33 year old miss spent loans and a million dollars in education funds that he got as a school management subcontractor. fattah, jr. was immediately taken into custody to begin serving his sentence. >> developing story right now, chopper three over kensington high school, that's where the school is currently on lockdown. authorities say a weapon was take friend a car belong to go a school police officer. that weapon has not been recovered. right now, it is not clear if the weapon was taken by a passerby or by a student. we'll keep you up-to-date on this situation as we learn more. turning now to campaign 2016, ted cruz has won the opening rounds of the republican presidential race. he beat out donald trump and
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marco rubio in iowa. craig boswell shows us the democratic race is almost too close to call. >> democrat bernie sanders was already rallying supporters in new hampshire before the sun came up this morning, he's predicting a big win there, after what he calls a draw in iowa. >> just got in from iowa, where we astounded the world. and now to he is tuned the world again. >> democrats in iowa flipped the votes nearly 50-50 between sanders and hillary clinton. clinton's campaign is claiming victory. >> i stand here tonight, breathing big sigh of relief, thank you iowa. >> on cbs this morning, bob schieffer said the results show clinton's campaign has problems. bernie saunders, devout socialist, never gave her real run there is was not a victory for hillary clinton. >> on the republican side, ted cruz won with 28% of the vote. but it is the third place finisher who is getting a loft
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attention. >> welcome back. i'm glad to be back. >> marco rubio greeted voters in new hampshire, one pinned behind donald drum up. >> we need to bill hillary clinton and bernie saunders, i give us the best chance to do that. >> marco rubio now in the top tear tear, and receive a loft love from others hoping to be the main stream alternative in new hampshire. >> donald trump has big lead in the polls in new hampshire. but ted cruz will look to make a big dent in that lead after monday's win. >> i think the voters sent the message that they want a consistent concern. >> new hampshire primary first in the nation is tuesday. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, new jersey governor, and republican presidential candidate, chris christie, is in new hampshire ahead of next week's primary there. he is making light of his showing in last night's iowa caucuses. >> well, i'm please today announce that i performed exactly as i expect in the iowa. and so, so we are happy to say we have met expectations in iowa.
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and we're now moving onto new hampshire. >> governor christie left iowa before the caucus goers made their decisions, new hampshire is thought to be friendlier to more traditional gop candidates. and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have the very latest on "eyewitness news", and any time on line at well, in case you didn't know, it is groundhog day today. and today's spring-like weather is appealing to both man and beast, it turns out. we're getting little assistance in the forecast from the animal kingdom. >> there is no shadow to be cast an early spring is my forecast. >> and still made it rhyme. how about that? punxsutawney phil had do not see his shadow, despite the tv lights, and sun was out, too. the scientific forecast, this is nothing to do with shadows or rodents, katie out in the skydeck. i'll take an early spring, katie. how about you? >> you know, i think most of philadelphia and the greater region is definitely with you
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on that one, frankly, i'm all for punxsutawney phil's prediction on this one. why wouldn't you have that in a el nino winter like we've had, it has been so warm. hopefully he's absolutely correct. meantime, nice little warming trend going on for us, at least initially, that is going to be bringing us back to reality later down the road here. meantime, it is nice outside. let me take you outside first and for most to storm scan3, and at which point you won't finds much of anything. but nice wide zoom shows a very well defined and nicely organizing storm system, folks. a blizzard actually underway across portions of the central planes, thankfully, this is not going to be a snow nora ice producer for us, however, some pretty soaking rain is on tap for us, no pun intended here to hit our region commas early as overnight into dawn hours every tomorrow, specially through the day tomorrow. so at that point we see flood watch take effect in the region, we talk much more about that as the show goes on, but you are already folks at 50 degrees, so, the chill that we had in the air early this morning, with the clear
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sky, going by the wayside. yes, still want jacket when you walk out the door but it feels good here on the skydeck. under full sunshine, we are now upping our daytime high to 52 degrees, keeping the upper 40's down the shore, poconos, cool granted, but not bad for the standards of early february at 40, and everybody can bank on that full sun for the rest of the day. more on the storm, erika, coming up a bit later in the show. >> looks so nice outside, katie, thank you. coming up: blizzard conditions in parts of the country. taking was talking about the system now moving our way. more video next. >> also, a ma'am was able to feel her son's heartbeat. nearly three years after his death. the heart breaking and heart-warming story of the power of organ donations, that's coming up.
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>> major winter storm dumps heavy snow across the central plane strains. drivings left spinning their wheels, where more than foot of snow and blizzard conditions are expected. that same system created tough travel conditions, in colorado, as well. at least seven cars were involved in that pile up, near denver, fortunately, though, no one was severely hurt. two vine street expressway tech student remain behind bars this noon, in a murder mystery that's puzzled investigators. david eisenhower and natalie keepers are charged in connection with the murder every 13 year old nicole lovell. correspondent don with details from the west virginia regional jail where both suspect are currently being held. >> i can't believe that that boy would kill that little innocent sweet girl.
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>> the family of nicole lovell struggling to comprehends the 13 year old's sudden death. >> i don't want them to remember her from all of the headlines and all of the bad negative things. i would like for them to just see her as we did as such a beautiful, sweet, loving child. >> monday virginia tech university students, david eisenhower, and natalie keepers, were arraigned in connection with lovell's murder, it could be weeks before autopsy results determine how the girl died. but eisenhower's newly-released arrest warrant reveals no firearm used. when the 18 year old first talked to investigators he stated i believe the truth can set me free. by the time he was accused of murder, he had no comment. in an interview with the washington post, lovell's mother said police told her the 13 year old and eisenhour recently met on line. while authorities work to find a motive those who know eisenhour are equally stunned. at the maryland high school where he was a star athlete,
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his former principal said the teen fit in like any other student. >> very pleasant young man, very bold -- goal driven, also very focus dollars on running. >> next court appearance for eisenhower and keepers is scheduled for next month. both suspect have retained attorneys, but those attorneys are declining to comment. don dale err, cbs news, salem, virginia. still ahead this noon, superbowl 50 is just days away. but the burning question, it is not just who is going to win, it is what was cam newton's thinking wearing those pants? he has an answer, there is a specific reason he put those on, katie. we'll have that coming up. >> well, i need to hear it because i can't quite understanded it otherwise. we, folks, are looking at a storm system headed our way. and it will be bringing with it pretty soaking rain, and there in lies some other problems for our area. so we'll have the full forecast for you and detail this storm system, all coming up.
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>> welcome back, five days and few short hours away from superbowl 50 here on cbs-3. the denver broncos, carolina panthers appeared at media day last night mix things up. while the focus was on football, many people wanted to know what was panthers quarterback, cam newton, thinking when he put on those golden black stripe pants for the plane ride to california? >> did you look in the mirror before you walked out and say man i'm going to kill them with snows. >> absolutely, it is superbowl 50. the mantra of the colors are black and gold. the black and gold, the attire i had in my closet was extremely limited. i looked, these are black and gold, shoes are black and
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gold, to tie along with the whole superbowl 50 black and gold. >> i just love that he randomly had those sitting in his closet, that he didn't go out and buy them for the occasion? oh, these are black and gold. well done. gearing up for the big game. tune in tonight at 8:00 for the superbowl greatest commercials 2016. then on friday at 9:00 join us for two hours of the superbowl greatest half time shows, on saturday night superbowl's greatest commercials all start countdown at 8:00 followed by the nfl honors show at 9:00 at which point the nfl will name its mvp, always big moment, here on cbs-3. and sports direct or don bell maybe he is bringing his striped pants, for his plane ride out to california, headed out to superbowl 50. look for reports in the bay area starting at 11:00 tomorrow night. that should be quite the mental image that you just put. >> sorry, don bell in the striped pants? >> hey, he can pull them off, i bet. >> it could be very good look. absolutely. >> looking loverly outside. >> so comfortable outside. not saying most people will be
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able to get away with shorts and t-shirt, not that kind of forecast. >> it is still figure. >> but for early february it feels real comfortable outside. not bad at all. how much, there are changes brewing. >> all right. go on. >> in the form of pretty soaking rain looks like. however, this will not be snow producing storm for our area, thankfully, strictly rain producer likely do have minor flooding i shall theus go along with it, that's what we will be focusing on whether we go outside. and, in fact, that's what we will do to start things offer. take a look first at the winter alerts that do come with the storm out toward the central planes. this is a full blown blizzard, across nebraska, northern kansas, talking about this bit earlier in the show, western iowa, so, even for the caucuses they ends the up dealing with some blizzard conditions, right on the tail ends last night as the storm really start today get its act together. but that's not at all the situation that we're going to be facing here in the delaware valley. what happens, guys, is the core of energy, the core of this storm system, gets sent off to the north. that's going to keep us on the warm side essentially of the storm, throughout its
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entirety, by the time it is passing through our area, really just looking at rainout of this. so that's definitely the plus. now, with rain on the way. it comes our own set of problems here. the fact that you are going to see very warm air in place, temperatures should easily 60s, likely even break a record here in the city, plus the rain, plus the fact that you are going to see a significant snow continue to melt. you might ends up with a flooding situation. that storm doesn't make its full retreat come thursday, temperatures take a hit, as they tends to do behind colds fronts in the scenario, actually getting more of dose of reality for the tail end of the weekends, early part of the weekends. looking g at the current snow cover, obvious bull's eye that sets up here in our area. let's go ahead, take closer look here, you're still dealing folks with up to foot worth of snow pack on the ground. once that melts, and it will likely happen either today or tomorrow, with the rain on the way, you can easily ends up with poor drainage areas, low-lying areas, ending up with some flooding. so, flood watch does take effect tomorrow afternoon, for times of heavy rain, with the
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record temperatures, the snow, you better believe it will get melted away, street flooding, ponding, have to watch the streams and rivers, i don't foresee this being a major flooding event, but certainly there could be flashflooding when the heaviest rain comes through. meantime, man, isn't this just a beautiful looking day? so tranquil outside beach patrol headquarters right now, have to take a drive down the a.c. expressway and get in on some of that, just looking so lovely. yes, it is groundhog day, happy groundhog day to you, fun celebration going on, i don't know, hey why not? forecasting early spring as we had mentioned, fewer feels like it. sixty-four for tomorrow to break record t comes with a price of heavy rain, and then it is always a trade off, i say that all the time, back to the dose of reality friday, saturday, but the sun is back. >> for february, we will take it. >> absolutely. >> love that. >> you have seen the story so touching. amazing yet sad story but certainly will bring some tears to your eyes. a mom hears her son's heartbeat nearly three years after his death. cbs correspondent don champion
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explains. >> the tears flowed instantly between heather clark and esther gonzalez. through their two children, the mothers know too well the tragedy of lost and the beauty of a second chance. >> thank you. >> their story start in the 2013, when heather's seven month old son, lucas, died suddenly. >> so outgoing, he was just a little ham. >> in her moment of grief, heather made the brave decision to donate lucas' organs. she remembers what she thought. >> there is another family out there somewhere who, you know, feeling something like what i'm feeling, somewhat. and i have the chance to make them not go through what i am about to go through. >> in arizona, it is exactly what esther gonzalez was going through at the time. her 18 month old daughter, jordan, was fighting for her life because after congenital heart defect. after countless surgeries, and seizures, jordan needed a newhart to survive. and that's exactly what she
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got. lucas' heart was a match. but because the donation was made anonymously, the families had not met, until this past friday. >> can i have a kiss on the cheek? >> the moms found each other on line, their bond was instant. then came a gift. >> oh, yeah, thank you. >> a teddy bear. >> say that's my heartbeat. >> that played the beat of lucas' heart. then heather got to listen for herself. >> she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family, while she is going through her grief. >> a family brought together by tragedy ... >> it is so strong. >> but now bound by triumph. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". oh, just incredible store. >> i one of the most beautiful stories we've seen in such a long time. >> oh, katie.
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>> coaching one of the most dynamic in our area, we hear from people who knew sean motorcycle determine it before his run to the superbowl, that's tonight at 6:00. and of course we know cold play will be performing during the superbowl half time show. now we also know how front man chris martin is get to go california. >> ♪
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>> oh, that's martin, jailed corden, in karioke, the two shouted through most of cold play hits, see more of the fun during the late late night show tonight on cbs-3. catch the late late show this sunday after the superbowl, special edition features guests sake effron, kendrick, adam devine, cord and another carpool car evening oke with the one and only elton john, can't wait for that. >> oh, that will be fantastic. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl. for katie, all of us, thanks for watching. >> always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next. hope you have a great day.
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>> neil: hello. [ knock on door ] what are you doing here? >> hilary: i am writing up the latest financial reports for dr. neville's research project. >> neil: really? that's not your job. >> hilary: and you are not my supervisor. >> neil: okay. come on, hilary. give me a break. >> hilary: i'm trying to help a doctor who saved my life. is that okay with you? >> neil: you have better uses for your time. >> hilary: you made your point, neil. >> neil: there are bigger issues to deal with. >> hilary: i know that, okay? i heard you. i heard everything that you said. you could never love me again. you think i still love devon. i heard you. i couldn't sign the divorce papers. >> neil: i'm not sure how to take that. does that mean you're ready to give devon a chance and try to make your marriage work? >> devon: so, i had divorce papera


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