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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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inside that courtroom until just about a half an hour ago, walt. >> reporter: ukee and guess kate all comes down to that broken promise, cosby's defense team arguing during a six hour hearing today that prosecutors in 2005 said they wouldn't charge cosby with a 2005 sexual assault and so decade later they say they cannot do it now and should be thrown out. look at this video moments ago cosby exiting the courthouse, people escorting him on either side holding his elbow. he obviously has serious visual problems, small but vocal crowd outside yelling his name, throughout the day in court as he listened to six hours of testimony, and all of it by former district attorney bruce castor, cosby seemed relax lacked, engaged, talking to his attorneys, smiling and one point raised an arm in the air to agree with a bit of testimony, that he thought was the the right thing to do. at the end of the day cosby exiting the courthouse. we have been told by judge
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steven o'neill there will be more tom, probably not a full six hour day, but then at some point tomorrow the judge has indicated that there will be a ruling. the ruling will be this, either the prosecution will continue and go forward, to a preliminary hearing and then maybe a trial, and and when we told cosby never, ever to be prosecuted, and then judge could rule that this prosecution gets thrown out, no matter which way the judge's ruling goes tomorrow, there are expected to be appeals by either the defense, or the prosecution. this is a huge scene up here, with hundreds of journalist and camera crews all over the courthouse, easily the highest profile prosecution we have ever seen here in montgomery county. and we will have the same scene once again tomorrow, except it does appear it will be decision day, for bill cosby, in terms of whether the prosecution against him is dropped, or whether it will continue moving forward. we will be here live with the developments, live from the montgomery county courthouse
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in norristown, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, as you allude todd cosby hearing is bringing attention to norristown. the residents are doing their very best to handle the media circus. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos now joins us from the montgomery county courthouse with that part of the story, greg. >> reporter: media circus is just that here in norristown. crew as cross the globe descending here at montgomery county courthouse, sat trucks in toe, all waiting to find out fate of the comedian bill cosby. inside the montgomery county courthouse, decor um. >> we love you, bill. >> hi bill. >> reporter: outside anything but. >> it is crazy. >> reporter: not only local media covering the hearing which could dismiss sex a assault charges against bill cosby but crews from around the country and globe here as well. >> it is a lot of attention and coverage and it is not necessary. >> reporter: some live in norristown can't wait for crew toss pack up and leave. >> he is going through his
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case, the the way he should and everybody should just basically leave him alone. >> reporter: others understand high profile celebrity draws attention. bill cosby's case that draws cameras and crews to the normally quiet montgomery county courthouse. >> i think a lot of it has to do with the celebrity, yes and i think probably if it were another case there would not be the news media, buzz around it. >> reporter: tomorrow, we can expect a at 2:00 when the the judge as you heard walt hunter reported is expect to make a ruling about this case. we're live from norristown, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the bill cosby in court. we will have the the latest here on television and at our web site at cbs chaka fattah junior, the son of the congressman chaka fattah is behind bars tonight. he was taken into custody immediately after being sentenced to five years in prison today.
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the fattah junior was convicted on 22 of 23 counts at his bank and tax fraud trial in november. and today the judge told fattah junior he cheated the school district of philadelphia, banks and the irs. the three three-year old told the judge he didn't know, he did anything wrong. >> we will have a chance to analyze appropriately whether this was a fair set of charges, whether the investigation was handled properly. >> the the judge also ordered fattah junior to pay 1.1 million-dollar in restitution. philadelphia police continue their search for a driver, who hit two children, and their mother and kept going. police are looking for a woman driving an older model red honda accord. she's accused of hitting a mother a six year-old and a infant as they crossed broad and dickinson street around 1:00 p.m. eyewitness expressed her horror at the scene. >> i heard the boom. when i heard the the boom, i seen woman go down but little
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girl was on the hood. >> all three victims were rushed to hahnemann hospital where the mother is being treated for a head injury, her six year-old daughter suffered a broken leg, the infant appears to be okay. police say the honda should have have some damage on the side mirror which was left on the scene. taking a look at the weather, a flood watch and record warmth, for wednesday. the meteorologist kate bilo is tracking things from the cbs-3 sky deck tonight, kate. >> jessica, beautiful evening right now, following what has been a gorgeous tuesday here in philadelphia. things are about to change as we head into wednesday. storm that brought heavy snow to the northern plains will be bringing us heavy rain for tomorrow, along with the chance for record highs. take a quick look at storm scan three you can see that system pulling in warmth and moisture from the the south and west, this is all rain for us, as temperatures will head to the 60's tomorrow and right now you can see we're already still in the 40's. 47 degrees in philadelphia a we are dropping to 38 in lancaster. forty-seven in wilmington. temperatures stay in the 40's in center city all night long.
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temperatures may rise as this storm approaches tonight into tomorrow. is there your flood watch that goes into effect tomorrow afternoon. it will last until thursday afternoon. quick look what to expect for your wednesday. we have heavy rain moving through, half inch is possible, with record temperatures and melted snow from all week long. we will look at risk for flooding. i will have more on which communities may be most at risk and what happens beyond that storm and into next week as colder air moves back in coming up when i join you inside, back over to you. we will see you then. >> clock is ticking, count down is on, and five days until biggest night in football, super bowl 50 right here on cbs-3. carolina panthers earned themselves to the trip to the super bowl after a stellar season from cam newton. >> their defense is force to be reckoned with ape led by a man who grew upright here in our area "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal is here with more on that. >> we knew someone very well. sean mcdermott was a member
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of the eagles before heading to carolina before that he spent his formative years at lasalle high school. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff went to his alma matter where mcdermott is still fondly remembered. >> reporter: in the fall of 1990's player rushed this field with an intensity that has seldom since been matched. >> i have never coached a player who played every position, literally. only skill position he didn't play was long snapper. that is because he punted. >> reporter: sean mcdermott graduated lasalle high school in 1993. he attended william and mary where he walk on making captain by senior jeer. once back home he began working for eagles as a scout, serving as defensive coordinator from 2009 through 2011. with that same title he moved on to the carolina panthers, and with them he will battle denver this weekend. >> he has been a high pressure situations before. >> reporter: for all that sean brought to football he has served perhaps more on the
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wrestling matt back in high school he won 75 consecutive matches. >> he didn't just beat his opponent, i don't know what word to use, he consumed his opponents. >> very few people that really understand what it is like to have that level of intensity, that fire. >> reporter: tim mcdermott who also works in pro sports says the the fire that burns for his brother as an athlete, was set on the sidelines as this local family prepares for a big sunday. >> it is an amazing opportunity to go with mom, dad and kid and take everybody out west and be part of something that is pretty special and, we're proud. i'm the proudest brother in philadelphia right now. >> well, in terms of the eagles, i was told there was a conversation, for when the head coaching position was still opened but it stayed just. that something i found interesting, was that high school coach told me his style of play, back when he was in high school in terms of the running the ball remind him of the current pro player and that is the the panthers cam newton.
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>> really. >> okay. >> wow. >> and, we will wish him well. >> yes. >> thanks, alex. don bellies heading to san francisco and will get you ready for the the big game as well starting tomorrow. you can only watch the the game right here on the station you're watching, cbs-3, on sunday night. now before we get to that there is a special week of super bowl shows leading up to super sunday. tonight a at 8:00 catch super bowl greatest commercials 2015. then friday at 9:00 it is super bowl's greatest half time shows, and on saturday night you can see more of the greatest super bowl commercials followed by nfl honors show where the league will name its mvp and new hall of fame class. it is all here on cbs-3 your home to super bowl 50. yes, score big this sunday with party food that is a one pot wonder, and game day decorations, made by the kid. variety for use woodill goes to the the pros for super bowl
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party advice to make the funnies i, that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. i do love food. >> you got to have it. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, thumbing his way from coast to coast. this man hitchhiked his way from vancouver to philadelphia and we're wondering why. what he had to say about his long journey. luxury philadelphia hotel is using renovation as a chance to give back where this truck of items is headed and how it will help the community.
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a philadelphia luxury hotel is getting a make over. >> but instead of the throwing everything out the materials will go to a good cause. rittenhouse hotel in center city is donating furniture, appliances and fixtures, to have habitat for humanity. the entire top floor is under going renovation so it got packed up at the donation store. >> there is quite a bit of material we are dating. thirteen rooms, including nine suites and four guest rooms and the the complete furnishing there of. it is quite a bit. >> reporter: proceed will go toward building homes for families in need. using no money and depending on the kindness of strangers, a german man is one day away from his goal.
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>> he is attempting to hitchhike across the the united states in just 31 days, reporter john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio caught up with him in olde city, philadelphia a. >> reporter: it is day 31 on his hitchhiking adventure and paul jonas of cologne, germany is on track by making his way here to the city of brotherly love. he started off in vancouver where he studied and made his way west to san francisco and across the u.s. he is heading to new york city. >> very first day i learned to trust people, i was sleeping in a place i didn't know i could trust people with my belongings. and i do one, i pull this trip off i trusted people, very well. >> reporter: paul wanted to prove it could be done at no expense to him but by the generosity of others. >> i love you. >> no money at all, i cannot take money. >> reporter: paul's hitchhiking trip is going on without a hitch up like another high profile hitchhike shore made his way through olde city last summer. you may remember hitchbot the
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robot the whose journey around the world abruptry ended in olde city when vandals destroyed him. >> here we. >> near the crime. how does it feel. >> it is kind of sad. hitchbot in germany, i'm from germany. it is human. >> reporter: this human plans to end his trip in new york city where he already has a place to stay, a yacht along the hudson river. john mcdevitt, for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hitch human. >> hitch human, hitchbot. >> yes. >> good luck. >> yes, indeed. >> yes, indeed. kate joins with us our forecast and nice day today. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> you cannot ask for a better february day then today, above average, still a chill in the air but blue skies as far as eye can see, and the sunnies not with us unfortunately for much longer. tomorrow we have cloud, rolling in and in as early as tonight cloud will roll in and we will track rain and heavy rain as we head into tomorrow.
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we will go out to palmyra cove nature park camera and you can see sunset has ended, city all lit up but it is quiet, 45 degrees there at the moment. storm scan three shows our next weather maker. this storm producing heavy snow over portions of michigan, wisconsin to tornadoes in the deep south and warm sector. it is warm enough in the portions of the mississippi seeing tornado warnings issued tonight. for us we will not have severe weather or snow but we will have a lot of rain with this system and very strong gusty wind as it crosses our area tomorrow. lets time it out. 8:00 tomorrow morning what you are looking at here is actual simulated radar coupled with the wind. the wind will start to feed into this system as early as 8:00 a.m. wind gust to 20 miles an hour. rains off to the north and west. by 11:00 a.m. a few showers coming in but look the at these wind to the south direction, gusts to 30 or 35 miles an hour. worst of the storm about 4:00 he clock tomorrow when heavy rain falling across the the region.
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wind how long out of the south direction as this front comes through, wind could gust to over 35 miles an hour in a few spots. still at 6:00 p.m. wind are strong. rain then clears out and watch how wind switch by late tomorrow night into thursday morning. we will see wind coming from the north and west direction, bringing cooler weather but quieter conditions for end of the week and weekend this front comes through pretty quickly tomorrow afternoon but it has a lot of rain and wind with it as well. the lets look at how much rain we are expecting a general 1 inch or so, most areas, less than a inch, probably three-quarters in the city. you can see a few spots could see a little over an inch and that is portions of northern lehigh county and poconos n that shifts further south this is an area i'm concerned about along i78 corridor up through lehigh valley where they do have a decent an amount of snow on the ground that will be melting as temperatures rise to record highs. but couple that with possibly and inch of rain and you will get risk for flooding in low lying and poor drainage area. different way to lot rain amounts you can see numbers here, heaviest up to the north
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and west where some spots could see an inch of rain, before this is all said and done. heading through overnight hours, it is quiet, rain does not get in until tomorrow. tonight is nice, cloud are thickening across the area not as cold but we are at 42 degrees for your overnight low. for your wednesday here comes the the rain, heaviest through afternoon expect a very slow evening commute with ponding on the roadways and low visibility. that flood watch goes into effect tomorrow afternoon and will continue into thursday afternoon, the the schuylkill river at norristown could experience flooding. then we will move ahead. very warm tomorrow. record highs are possible. little buckle in the jet stream brings colder air but then moderation through the weekend. next week, monday into tuesday that colder air starts to push its way through and tuesday is the day i have been talking about for over a week now. tuesday is day to watch for a system to tap in this cold and bring risk for rain if not snow to portions of the the area and once we get through that next week starting wednesday right through the 16th of february we expect
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temperatures to be below average here in philadelphia a you're witness weather seven day forecast, rain, mild, well above average tomorrow. we will be seasonal and then thursday through the weekend good news for super bowl party plans perhaps. no problems out there. weekend is nice, temperatures, and tuesday is day to watch, and there are systems that can set up. warm enough but that comes through at night. we will see risk again for a little rain. we will keep you posted. there is a threat in the long term. >> we have a heads up, we're ready. >> thanks, kate. up and down weather, many find themselves wonder can it affect your health. >> weeknights at 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers your good question and today we want to know temperatures swings to make your sick, or is that just a myth. nicole brewer gets answered tonight at is 11:00. "cbs evening news" is just a few mains way. >> scott pelley has a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and guess contact great to be with you here in philadelphia here's the the "cbs evening news" tonight.
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it ace three man race for the the republican nomination. hillary clinton narrowly escapes defeat in iowa. we will look at which way momentum is turning as candidates all head to new hampshire. plus health officials have confirmed the first zika virus transmission in the united states. we will talk to the head of the cdc, and check in with doctor john least puke the at ground zero, of the zika out break in brazil. a all that just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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leslie is here now and eyes are on the football field as in the coming days but as we have some things going on the ice too. >> yes, focus on the super bowl but flyers, well, they will have to be pretty super when they return to action tonight a a home against montreal. they will play six games in the next ten days and they will play them without goaltender michael neuvirth who is out with a groin pull. steve mason, hoist dealing with his own injuries will have to carry the the flyers
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through the hardest stretch of the season. >> we just have to keep going every single game. it doesn't matter who we are playing against. we have to make sure to just be ready for the the game and honestly we will not win every game but we have to win a lot of them. >> we featured sean mcder not philly native, who is not the only local connection on the panthers coaching staff. ron riveria was bird linebackers coach from 1999 through 2003. he said people just don't really understand the real cam newton. >> not only does he talk it but he walks it. you know, he is one of those guys that is all in. he is truly committed. a a lot of people don't see the things that he does, you know, behind the scenes, the work outs, the the the the extra film time, the the extra meeting time, and coming in on tuesday his day off to sit down with the other two quarterbacks. >> well today former eagle john spag knoll a presented
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with a golden football. football commemorate super bowl 50 and given to those who played in previous installments of the big game. he played eight seasons as eagles top tighten. today he was also induct in the bethlehem catholic athletic hall of fame. it looks like johnny manziel, era has come to a close in cleveland. the browns will cut manziel when they are allowed to make roster moves in march. it comes after johnny football's latest run in with the police in fort worth texas. super bowl predictions coming in hot. 700-pound montana grizzly bear named ozzie, no relation to the singer, given two banana cakes with peanut butter frosting. he went for broncos. and, last year, ozzie correctly predict patriots victory. >> number one those cakes sound delicious. ozzie has a good gig because he is 50, 50. >> right, right. >> and, ozzie to the singer, i
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thought of ozzie and harriet. >> i remember ozzie and harriet. >> yes, i watch reruns. >> come on. >> i don't believe you. >> i watched it in prime time. >> we will be right back. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the the cw philly. we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", can the zika virus be spread through sexual contact? scott pelley speaks to the head of the cdc about what health officialness one state are now saying. from new york here now is scott pelley. take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: iowa shakes up the deck. >> so what a victory last night. >> pelley: for the republicans it's now a three-way race. hillary clinton barely escaped. >> i've won and i have lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> pelley: also tonight, terror in the sky. first a bang, and then a fire as a jetliner rips over in flight. for the first time in this country, the zika virus is spread through sexual contact. and betting on the super bowl. even small advertisers are hoping to score big. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: hillary clinton made history today, though not the way she hoped. she wasla


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