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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 3, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 the images are chilling. just released surveillance video captures the moment a mother and her two children are run over in south philly. police hope someone can help them track down the driver who hit them and kept going. and we are tracking heavy rain on the way for your wednesday. flood watch will go into effect for the area and we're tracking record highs a lot to talk about. i'll have your full forecast coming up. and it's been a winter of
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ups and downs. one day it's snowing. the next it's pushing 60 degre 60 degrees. do these drastic temperature swings make us sick. >> good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. but first tonight, the search for a hit-and-run driver. good evening, everyone omega's dean. >> i'm ukee washington. young mother was crossing the street with her children when a red car struck them and kept going. now police want to know who ran down the family. >> "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live outside hahnemann university hospital and diana, that's where the mother is being treated for her injuries tonight. >> reporter: that's right, jessica and ukee. this horrifying ordeal unfolded in front of street full of people earlier today. tonight that mother in critical but stable condition here at hahnemann and police are looking for a female driver of a red honda accord with a missing side mirror your. surveillance video from a nearby building shows the impact and people running to help a 30 year
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old mother and two children after a hit-and-run in south philadelphia tuesday. the mom was crossing dickinson street at broad street just before 1:00 when it appears a car runs a red light striking the family. >> i seen the car pull off. i don't know what was happening. but then i seen the lady land on the -- laying on the ground and little girl over there and people around her. >> river ruined paul hurricane moore was in his sanitation truck. he saw the driver take off and the mother lying on the ground with her six month old strapped on her in a carrier. five-year-old little girl hit the hood of the car leaving feet from her mother with a broken leg. >> i said the mother still frantic. distraught like being hit like worrying about -- a mother worrying about her kids. >> reporter: he took the baby had was still in her mother's arms and calmed them while police arrived. other witnesses heard the impa impact. >> heard the car squeaking coming down the street even her the boom. when i heard the boom i seen the woman go down but the little girl was on the hood. >> i actually heard the young girl screaming like crying and i
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saw the mom she was laying on the ground unconscious. >> reporter: police are now looking for female driver and this red honda accord a 1998 year 2,000 model passenger side mirror was left lying in the street. reverend moore prayed over the family hoping the driver does the right thing. >> how can you live your conscious going to bother you of day. almost killed three people. you almost took three lives. report roar witnesses we spoke to today add that this family is lucky to be alive. those two children a five-year-old little girl an six month old baby were treated at saint christopher's children's hospital for non-life threatening injuries. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call tonight. we're live in center city, outside hahnemann university hospital, i'm diane in rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. a police officer fires at a suspect during a foot chase at 55th and arch in west philly tonight. investigators say the suspect pointed a gun at officers during the chase. that officer responded by firing
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one shot at the suspect but did not hit him. officers eventually caught the man and arrested him. police were initially called to the scene for reports of a person with a gun. bill cosby returns to court tomorrow for day two of a hearing in his criminal case. the comedian is fighting to get assault charges against him dismissed. and a key witness took the stand today. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in the sat center with more on what happened in that courtroom. david? >> reporter: jessica, since late 2014 dozens of women have come forward accusing cosby of sexual assault. first time he was actually charged that was in december in montgomery county. but today's hearing was to decide if cosby could be charged at all because of an alleged promise by the former da in montgomery county 11 years ago. once known as america's dad, bill cosby the 78-year-old comedian quietly walked past a crowd of supporters waiting outside the montgomery county
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courthouse. cosby noticeably needing help from his aids took time to glance at some of his fans. once inside the courtroom, cosby's legal team wasted no time making the argument that cosby could not be prosecuted for allegedly sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2005. why? because cosby's legal team says then montgomery county district attorney bruce castor verbally agreed not to prosecute cosby. castor took the stand for six hours tuesday and told a judge that he decided not to charge cosby in 2005 because of issues with the case. on the stand castor said "mr. cosby was not getting prosecuted at all ever as far as i was concerned. castor says constand contacted a civil attorney before police and didn't report the alleged sexual assault immediately. constand a former temple employee says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at his cheltenham home. meanwhile, cosby looked
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confident in court. in close contact with his legal team. around 5:30 castor left the hot seat and court adjourned. cosby left moments later and before he left in his suv, he waived at supporters. there was unpress departmented media coverage at the montgomery county courthouse. all set to resume wednesday morning. the judge expects to make ruling by tomorrow evening. then we'll know if the sexual assault case can go forward against bill cosby andrea constand and cosby previously settled for undisclosed amount in a separate civil case. reporting live in the sat center tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. and be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as the cosby hearing enters its second day tomorrow. we'll have the latest on tv and of course on chaka if a, jr., the son of congressman fattah is behind bars tonight taken into custody immediately after being sentenced that five years in prison. fattah, jr. was convicted on 22
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of 23 counts during his bank and tax fraud trial back in novemb november. the judge also ordered fattah, jr. torque pay $1.1 million in restitution. tonight the presidential candidates are in new sham hampshire trying to use their success to iowa to appeal to voters democrat hillary clinton rallied supporters in hampton tonight. earlier today, party officials ruled clinton narrowly defeated sanders in the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. meanwhile republican ted cruz greeted enthusiastic crowd in wyndham where he's looking for a second win. both sides fought over president obama's policies. >> long lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for lib hooks stand and fight for the constitution. >> they're still trying to undo what he did for us. so i'm going support and defend it. i'm going to stand firm for it and i'm going to go further and
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do more to get our country back on the right track! >> polls show republican drum many and democrat bernie sanders are the front runners in new hampshire. a lot of people waiting for it all winter long the world' most famous furry forecaster delivers news a lot of people will be happy to hear. >> there is no shadow to be cast an early spring is my forecast! >> well, there you go. the crowd in punks tawny, pa cheered after fill the groundhog failed to see his shadow this morning. according to legend that means we will have and early spring. >> well, no matter when spring arrives, one thing is for sure, we've been on roller coaster ride when it comes to temperatures this wint. >> it's got a lot of people wondering can this up and down in weather affect your health? it's a good question. our nicole brewer went outside to get the answer today. nicole. >> guys, it's been kind of cra crazy. >> it has. >> right? went massive
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snowstorm to todays spring like weather tomorrow will be even warmer natural allot of people are asking, do temperatures swings make us sick. >> it's a good question. let's fine out. ♪ how are you feeling today? >> pretty healthy. >> fine. i got my flu shot. i feel good. but, um, kind of couldn't jeffed in my chest. >> i think it's the change in temperature. >> reporter: we've her it time and time again. >> supposed to be 63 tomorrow raining but by friday back down to 38 degrees. you got to be careful. >> people walk aig round with t shirts and shorts the not that kind of weather. >> reporter: we know the symptoms the. >> runny knows and congestion. cough. >> feel a little sluggish. you sound a little funny. >> reporter: does the swing in temperature really make us sick do you believe that. >> absolutely i do. >> quick answer is no. temperature swings don't make us sick what makes us sick are bacteria and viruses. >> dr. rhea powell practices internal medicine at jefferson university hospital. >> seems like when the temperatures change, we feel
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sick. why is that? >> well there's couple of reasons. one of the reasons we know viruses and bacteria are influenced by temperature changes and seasonal changes. >> reporter: the flu for example the virus that causes the flu replicates more easily in cold dry conditions. we also spend more time up doo doors. close proximity means more people getting sick. >> more germs. i can understand that. >> all the germs get cozy. everybody is touching the doorknobs and the elevators. >> reporter: dr. powell says, cold weather also weakens our immune system and changes mucus consistency resulting in more runny notices. then there's the people who are prone to illnesses like asthma allergies and arthritis. >> the atmosphere pressure changes cause their joint pain but they are feeling it when that happens. >> you may not necessarily be sick with a virus. but you could still be coughing and feel like you're sick. >> i'm still going to put on my hat, gloss and scarf. >> you tell him, greg. as for preventive measures dr. powell says, there's the same as any other season.
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the drill getting rest, washing your hands, drinking plenty of water and of course staying home if you're sick. >> i don't know if you shall be takely wellness advice from someone who sounds like this. kind of ironic. >> purel all the hand sanitizers are in short supply. >> i'll be sure to sanitize my area of the disc. >> prop fizz fizz and you'll be fine. >> thanks any company isn't we want to hear your good question. log on to question to submit your question. or you can tweet us just use the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and we can't wait to hear your good question. with the excitement is building super bowl 50 right around the corner. >> our countdown clock is ticking. we're now less than five days away from the biggest sports night of the year. and you can score big this sunday with party food that's a one pot wonder. vittoria woodill goes to a pro for simple advice to make your super bowl party the best it can
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be. kate? >> and we've got heavy rain moving toward the area right n now. you can see it's over portions of the ohio at the moment. we'll time when this gets in, when it gets out, how much rain will fall and what the chances are for flooding are across the region. that's coming up in weather in just a few minutes. also, health officials confirm the transmission of the zika virus in the united states and it's how the disease was transmitted that has the medical community taking a closer look tonight. >> plus, waitress at a local restaurant got a big surprise when she wept to work today. how her co-workers and her customers helped her celebrate a milestone birthday when we come back. ♪
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a disturbing development in the zika virus outbreak which has been linked to birth defect today. a officials in texas confirmed their first case of the vehicle today being spread through sexual contact. this case involves a patient who had sex with someone infected with the virus in venezuela.
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the mosquito born virus is spreading rapidly across latin america and the caribbean. health departments are reminding people to take precautions when traveling to those regions. student from germany brought his hitchhiking adventure to independence mall today. paul jonas is one day away from his goal of hitchhiking across the needs united states. he wanted to prove it can be done with no money and with the generosity of others. he started off in vancouver made his way west to san francisco and then across the united states. jonas will end his journey in new york city tomorrow. restaurant chain in south jersey celebrating the birthday of one of their waitresses in a big way. >> catherine walsh at applebee's in westampton for more than 10 years and today she turned 99 years old. customers and staff were part of the big party. >> very surprised. i didn't expect all of this. >> i mean it's wonderful to think people care that much.
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>> she gets excited for everybody else. so this is really neat that someone got excited for her. >> catherine says she has no plans to stop waitressing any time soon. >> you go, young lady. nice. >> as we get closer to kick off you can score big this sunday party food that's a one pot one day. >> vittoria woodill goes to a pro for super bowl party advice to make the fun super easy. >> reporter: okay, team f you're throwing a super bowl party and are need in a party planning qb to throw couple of tips your way renee' patrone of events by renee' is your golden girl. >> go, go, go, go, go,! >> she's a party planning expert who knows how to plan the xs and opens of an effort less event and she's making a chili bar for kick off. >> we want something hardy, something that's easy and affordable this one pot wonder stretches for yards with a tomato base beans, veggies spices and turkey.
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>> this is the only cooking i did. i browned turkey meat ahead of time. you can do vegetarian option without meat. >> like shredded cheese, sour cream and green onion. it's really easy interactive and fun. >> get this. this party planner getting extra points. >> that's good brady. >> good job, ryan. >> for using tomatoes cans for the children as diy utensil holder it's the score with the kids. >> good job. >> looking to score extra points without the extra cash -- >> these you can literally find in your children's toy box. love the dollar store. stick them in a vase. put them around where you're watching the game and you'll be surprised how many people are like this is fun. >> your guests can also toast oh signature drink. renee' is mick up a california inspire cocktail with ice, orange vodka banana liquor. >> sounds like a party. >> exactly. grenadine, orange juice and orange slice for garnish. >> oh, yes. >> that's a winner. >> move importantly she says
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have great seats. >> get creative get bean bags chairs a bunch of fun pillows. relax. >> probably a good idea to wear sweat pants. >> yes. >> sweat pants, they're my go to super bowl a attire that's for sure. renee' also provides party host helpers. you can hire so when you throw pear you can catch the whole game. to fine more information we've set up a link on our website great ideas. resourceful, and, you know, things that we all have in our pantries that we can utilize again. >> that's what is nice about it. you don't have to go out and get more stuff. >> utilize what you have. >> i'll bring the bean bag chair in here sunday night. just drag it in. >> you have one. >> i still have one. >> vittoria, thanks. >> carpool car yolk key remains to the late late shot with james corden. we got a sneak peek of the super
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road trip. >> james, what are you doing. >> i'm trying to get to the super bowl. >> that's cold play chris martin getting a lift from corden. he will be head lining this sunday's super bowl half time show you can watch chris and james sing their way through some of the band's biggest hits tonight at 12:37 right here on cbs3. and remember, cbs3 is your station for super bowl sunday starts at 6:00 p.m. with kick off at 6:30 followed by a special edition of the late shoeff with steven colbert then stay tuned for oy witness news at 11:00 o'clock and it's all wraps up with a special ed dig of the late late show with james corden. >> a lot going on. >> he's got a lot going on the weather. kate, up down an we alluded to earlier. >> it's ban pretty quiet start to february so far. today was just beautiful. >> yes, it was. yes, it was. >> tomorrow is warm but it's wet and it's windy and then we're right back to what it should feel like in february by the end of the week. >> i see that line of rain
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coming in here. >> that line of rain looking a little rough at the moment. the only going get worse as we head through the overnight hours but certainly into tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon is going to be when the heaviest rain will hit just in time for your evening commute. but as far as tonight is concern it's pretty quiet outside. let's take look what's going on weather wise. nothing looking all that bad at the moment. just a few clouds moving in through the overnight hours. but those clouds should keep it a little bit milder as we go through the overnight and as we head into tomorrow a few showers will lift in the morning. do want to show you beautiful sunset from earlier today. great sunset in philadelphia. this camera will skip around little bit i was trying to get really good view of the skyline here but take a peek at just how this sky erupts into color and it's just a great finish to what was a beautiful day. temperatures in the low to mid 50s across the area which is above average for the time of year but here's our next rain maker there's that big batch of rain moving into portions of the ohio, into indiana and kentucky at the moment and as you can see
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it's headed our way. now the storm has snow to the north, severe weather to the south. so at least we're not gelling in in act. this is just a rain maker for us, but in addition to all the snow that has been melting this week, it is going to run the risk for flooding. so timing it out 4am just clouds moving in. we'll have light showers in the morning. by noon, the rain starts to move into our western suburb but the instead yesterday in the city will be through the late afternoon hours this is 5:00 p.m. you can see that line of heavy rain moving through and then it does clear out pretty quickly by this time tomorrow night i expect the rain will be out of here. but not before leaving behind possibly over an inch in a couple of spots. vast majority of the area is in the green that's less than an inch but there are a few isola isolated areas and as of now it's really impossible to predict where those will be. where heavier bands of rain could come in and of course it doesn't take much to cause flooding across south jersey and delaware you neither well over 2-inches of rain in 12 hours for flooding to occur. we won't get that but off to the north mop coupe tee take about an inch or so of rain to fall before flooding will occur and
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same story up in the lehigh valley that means we will be close if the rain comes down heavily enough especially poor drainage and low lying areas there could be the threat for some flooding sew overnight increasing clouds, not as cold. 42 degrees. wednesday rain heavy in the afternoon that's when the flood watch goes into effect. it will continue through thursday afternoon. the schuylkill river by the way could experience some at least minor flooding early thursday. super bowl of course is this weekend you can watch it right here on cbs3. it will be beautiful weather in santa clara, 68 degrees for the super bowl and for us, well it's mild tomorrow. the weekend is quite if you have super bowl plans temperatures right about where they should be or little above average take look at all that cold that moves in next week. especially tuesday and that's a day you want to watch. so the seven day "eyewitness weather" forecast, record temperatures tomorrow. 64 should break the record of 62. then it's quiet, thursday, friday through the weekend. watch next week. tuesday especially there's the chance for some rain maybe even some snow and we'll keep an eye on that time frame.
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>> i know you will, thanks, kate. >> lesley is here now with sports. >> hole salary cap thing. doesn't seem to be problem. eagles handing out another huge contract. fine out which bird got the new deal and the flyers kicking off the second half of the season with a thriller at the center. flyers, canadiens and highlights coming up next.
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>> every point counts for the flyers who are just five points out of wild card spot taking on montro al at the center today. vorachek to giroux, vorachek to weigh wayne simmonds. skates non for the goal. the flyers go up one to nothing. later in the first, the flyers on the power play again. vorachek again. the creator finding schenn in front of the net for the redirection right there and the flyers jump out two to nothing. unfortunately montreal made this game. second period we have a two-one score. jeff petri fires through traffic. steve mason doesn't even see it until toots late. so we have a tie going into the third. who gets the puck in the third
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gentleman jake vorachek of course working hard behind the net simmonds that's your game winner. the flyers take this 14 to two. >> everybody rested. you could tell. the first period. it was kind of shotgun hockey the first 10 minutes. not much defense played. but then it settled down and i think it was a pretty game to watch to be honest. now the birds getting long-term deal tonight vinnie curry putting pen to paper an five year deal worth 47 million, 21 million guaranteed. the pass rush specialist looks to benefit from the switch to the four-three defense next ye year. panthers quarterback cam newton the best sound bite at the super bowl he's talked about his team, the other team and the pants he wore thon flight to california but does he not want to talk about race. he said it's a non-issue. >> this game is bigger than black, white or even green. so i think we limit ourselves when we just label ourselves just black this and the their. i wanted to bring awareness
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because of that. but, yeah, i don't think i should be labeled just a black quarterback because it's bigger things in this sport that need to be accomplished. >> and sports director don bell is headed to san francisco. live reports from the bay area coming your way starring tomorrow afternoon right here on "eyewitness news". everybody show excited for the super bowl even farmers. a lot of goats on her farm. expecting 150 baby goats to be born this spring she's knitting each one of them their very own denver broncos sweater. the goats can stay warm. look stylish at the same time. because what goat doesn't deserve a great sweater. >> there's a commercial in there somewhere. >> somewhere. >> she's going to be busy. >> you're welcome philadelphia. i love that. so great. >> even farmers excited. >> we'll be right
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just beautiful music filling a camden county church tonight.
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♪ >> "eyewitness news" at trinity press we attorney church in cherry hill. the concert featured music by vocal groups from both cherry hill east and cherry hill west high schools. 143 students participated in tonight's event aimed at combining the talents of both schools. a portion of the donations from tonight will go toward the schools music programs. >> well done. >> we'll be right back. >> very well done. ♪
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am many. for kate, lesley everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with dr. phil. >> thanks for staying up with us and watching. good night, family. sleep: the following is a paid program for home standby generators brought to you by generac power systems. [ wind howls ] >> when the power goes out, even if it's just for a few hours, life is disrupted. en


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