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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"eyewitness news" at noon begins with act two, for bill cosby. he's back in montgomery county court for second day, trying to get his sexual assault case dismissed good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. judge will have to decide whether unwritten promise of immunity former montgomery county da gave to legal time decade ago, should holdup. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us now
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outside the courthouse with today's development, greg? >> cosby's attorney for more than 30 years, now, shortly after 9:00 this morning, cosby and his entourage arrived here at the courthouse. the hearing day, too, beginning at 9:30, and called in as defense witness for cosby. cosby's general counsel explained why he never obtained a written agreement from former montgomery county district attorney, bruce castor. yesterday, castor saying he promised cosby would never be charged criminally, for alleged 2004 sexual assault, as comedian chelten hand home. says castor 2005 press release was enough. couple with alleged oral agreement, castor made with cosby's criminal attorney back then, schmidt says, a written agreement, was not necessary. now, during cross-examination, current montgomery county district attorney kevin steel referred to previous
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agreements schmidt made with other parties. , during negotiation for that interview pointed out all terms were documented, written down, agreed upon. now, at steak here whether the comedian 78 year eel bill cosby could face these criminal charges, the judge expect to go make decision, from the bench this afternoon, as soon as that comes down, of course, will provide it to you. now live here at the montgomery county courthouse norristown, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> wait and see what happens, greg, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of bill cosby in court, the latest on tv and website flood watch is in effect in parts of the area, and we could see a lot of rain today. but, at least it is warm, not snowing, talking about. let's check in with katie fehlinger and the weather center this afternoon when it will start coming, katy? >> now that we've turned over and in the afternoon time frame already, yes, starting to see soaking rain starting to come down at least portions
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of the delaware valley. not everyone getting hit just yet. soaking rain as well as flooding concerns that congress along with it, outlining everything, start things off by taking a look at just snapshot of storm scan3, great place to start when you are tracking active weather, right? and you've got heaviest rain at this point, still, generally outside of our viewing area, just off to the west. >> the rain certainly will bring it its own set of impact, in addition to the fact you have the rain coming down, flood impact, seen visibility under some of the steadiest rain begin to drop down. down to mile in allentown, reading, lancaster, and this is so far already actually hit some pretty mild air. sixty-two already, on the thermometer, that happened just shy of 11:00 this morning, now at about 61 degrees, at the airport, but we, at this point, have a
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record tide so far. here's a look at the flood watch, where it affect you, generally central sliver of the delaware valley included in effect now through tomorrow afternoon. but timing the rain, just the rest of the day today, that we've got to deal with. so rain comes through heavy at times now right through the typical evening commute. and there will be lingering showers later on tonight, but generally, skies do start to clear as we turn the clock once more, and get into the next early morning. erika, back over to you. >> katie, thank you. millions of americans, are in the path of more severe weather today. less than 24 hours after huge tornados swept across the american south. >> surveiling the damage in collingswood ville. >> at least 12 tornados reportedly tore through the southern us tuesday. >> this one touched down in scuba, mississippi. and made its way all the way to alabama. level homes, and leaving path
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of destruction that stretched across both states firefighters rescued eight people from the water. >> i knew we were going to be okay. >> willie jackson and family hid as tornado hit their home. >> the tornado ripped apart the first baptist church, pastor wade, told church members, he heard the tornado sirens blaring, and returned his family to safety. the pastor loaded wife and son newspaper this white suburban, pulled it alongside the church thinking the wall of the build working help protect the vehicle. you can see what happened to the back window. >> same storm that fueled tornado in the south, created blizzard like conditions, across the planes. a white out condition in southwestern minnesota prompted a travel ban, while more than a foot of snow fell in parts of nebraska. >> there are no reports of
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injuries or death related to the tornados in the south. as for today, from tallahassee, north, to delaware, the real threat is flashflooding. >> david begnaud, cbs news, collings ville, mississippi. >> a driver had to be rescued early this morning, as flood waters rose in central tennessee. an s.u.v. was swamped when the piney river jumped its banks, and officials say the waters are still rising. it was the second time this morning, rescue crews were called out. authorities say five people and four dogs were rescued from high water, not far from that same scene. >> two except are -- septa rail passengers are being treated forehead injuries. manayunk norristown line hit a cab along cherry street in conshohocken around 6:30. the train dragged that cab about a block to washington and poplar street before it stopped. service was suspended for about two hours, that line is now back in service. >> we have some surveillance video here, hard to watch.
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but police hope that you can help them track down the hit-and-run driver, that injured a mother and young children. only going to show you a portion of this video here. thirty year old mother, right there, crossing dickinson street in south philly, when she and her two children were hit, by red honda accord. all three victims are in the hospital. the mom is in critical condition, with a head injury. a mirror from the older model honda was found at the scene. police are looking for that driver. >> meanwhile, montgomery county authorities brought in several defendant wanted for failure to pay child support, as a result of child support issues. the sweep was unannounced and started around 1:00 this morning, the defendant were taken to the courthouse in norristown. the early morning sweep targeted glennside, blue bell, collegeville and other areas across montgomery county. >> dong ailed trump throwing nasty allegations at republican winner ted cruz, sent out series of tweets
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alleging cruz won by committing fraud. correspondent weijia jiang has details. >> donald trump alleging cruz won the caucus by committing fraud, he tweeted ted cruz didn't win owe a, he stole it, that's why all of the polls were so wrong, and why he got far more vote than anticipated. bad. in a series of tweet, he said that cruz campaign put out release at the caucuses were beginning, that said ben carson was quitting the race and voters should go with cruz. trump said new election take place or votes nullified. cruz held town hall in new hampshire wednesday morning. >> the central issue in the 2016 election will be reignite g the promise of america. >> as the two frontrunners battle for supporters, ran paul announced his race for the white house is over. paul's camp issued statement that said he suspending his campaign, and is focusing his attention on winning another
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term as senator in kentucky. >> seven of the republican hopefuls are here in new hampshire today heading event less than week before the first primary race in the nation. >> i want to talk to you. >> park owe rubio got boost from stronger than expected showing in iowa. he said he will seek paul's endorsement. >> rubio scheduled to hold four town hauls throughout the state today. reasonable a jenning, cbs news, man hess at the, new hampshire. >> democratic side hillary clinton is campaigning hard in new hampshire. she was introduced at a rally flanked by wife gabby giffords. trying to gain on saunders leading in the pole in new hampshire. stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. when not on tv always on line at still ahead, something blew a hole in the side after airplane in mid-air. coming up, some disturbing video from inside that
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airplane. and what investigators think may have happened here. that's next. some of you looking at what might and happen khalil pollution, new information
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that damage. the blast reportedly blew a person out of the plane. it is just taken off from capitol city in east africa. correspondent tracking developments for us from london. >> cell phone video captured aftermath of tuesday's explosion, as air poured through the gaping hole of the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around, and one passenger was sucked out. his body was found later. a diplomate on board, who shot this video, said everyone was afraid they were going to die. >> we saw a hole in the plane. and the first thing you worry about, you know, can we really make it. >> the plane was headed to the east african country of jabudi when the blast happened minute after take off. the plane was at relatively low altitude, and the aircraft held together until the pilot was able to land it. somalia officials say they found no evidence of criminal activity so far. but the plane's pilot, and aviation expert, say the hole showed all the signs of
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terrorism. >> that bomb, that hole is caused by a bomb. and they will be able to tell, they probably already know. >> l al quaida linked terror group controls part of the country. and isis is expanding in the region. jonathan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a house committee holds its first hearing over the flint water crisis on capitol hill. >> it is not a natural disaster. it is a human disaster. brought on by failures of humans, but i think it is well brought on by failures of government, at all levels. >> flint's drinking water has been contaminated with toxics levels of lead, after it switched it water source in 2014 to save money. the city was under state management at that time. still ahead on "eyewitness news", call it puppy love caught on surveillance video, the lent a dog goes to to make sure some stray puppies are taken care of. it is just adorable, katie, i
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love this story. >> so sweet. definitely looking ahead to very soggy afternoon and early evening, so the commute is going to be affected by this rainstorm that's moving through. we will track it for you, talk about just how much we'll see out of it coming up.
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we are just days away from superbowl 50. and we are counting the minutes, even the seconds for you, right, there on our enormous clock. getting you geared up for the sun, with superbowl theme shows friday at superbowl's greatest half time shows at 9:00 then saturday it is superbowl's greatest commercials, all-star showdown at 8:00 then at 9:00 the fifth honors, that's when the league will name the mvp. will that be cam newton? then sunday of course coverage
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of the game starts at 6:00 that's followed by special edition of the late slow with stephen colbert, after that we have "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and after that even more laughs with the late late show with david corden, staying up for, carpal car -- carpool with elton john. that of course on cbs-3 your home for superbowl 50. and to get you ready for the game sport director don bell on his way to san francisco. woosh for live reports, see you at 11:00. i love the carpool karioke. i said this before, i feel like i love celebrities so much more after they've gone on carpool karioke. >> good day to curl up and watch them. >> starting to come down pretty heavily, tracking that for you here, timing everything out. if you are going to be out and about here today, we get it, you can't always just curl up with your dvr, right? you will, i know, will likely be running into pretty soggy stuff out there today.
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we want to get you through everything, we take you outside, live view here on "skycam 3", and right on cue, this is the reason i wanted to show it to you, a shaky camera, that obviously telling us the winds is starting to pick up little bit here in ocean city, cape may county, pretty much everywhere else, the story with the storm system, real a cold front. more specifically that's crossing through our area. bringing us the winds throughout the course of the day also the rain. going next to the live neighborhood network, take you little tour here around the delaware valley, tell tail raindrops out on the camera lens, 06 degrees, very, very mild, and wind that's sort of flowing outside palmyra cove nature park. up in the mountains the fog, normally in this shot, you see the mountain in the distance, clearly you can't make it out. so that said, finding some fog issues and poor visibility depending on location. current wind speeds, they're not terrible, but they're definitely getting up there. along i95, generally in the teens, stronger like we just showed you shore towns here, and straight up southerly flow to it. however, this storm system is huge, we heard, in the story
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earlier in the broadcast, the blizzard conditions that came along with the storm. the severe wet their broke out in the deep south with this storm. we are really being delta glancing blow with this, because it is really just a rain producer as we zero in on localized radar, take a look at the three hour loop here. heaviest still off to the west. it is on the way. so, we're drawing in the moisture in advance of the front, then until the whole thing crosses through you have to be dealing with rain through the rest of the day, folks, just how it looks. future rain ability, generally talking a half inch upward to an inch or more, depending on which model you believe. and this is trying to indicate that dover or wildwood could end up with a inch and a quarter perhaps. but generally, about an inch worth of precipitation what we are calling for here, and it is all rain. that has prompted the flood watch to take effect here. so times of heavy rain from now through the typical evening rush, and along with the fact we now at least have tie for the record, that's going to melt that snow. whatever is left out there, very likely goes away today. which will help exacerbate street flooding, ponding, we
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are as a result going to have to watch our streams and river beds. now, we already are at least near flood stage, graterford gauge, langhorne, neshaminy creek, chaddsford brandywine, and wilmington. actually have potential for minor flooding tomorrow at the norristown gauge on the schuylkill, specifically tough to read it but 13.88 setting it into minor flood stage tomorrow. that is at least the forecast for that gauge. we will keep close watch and monitor that for you as we get closer. but, meantime, the weather is here will help get some of the flooding going. 64 degrees, still calling for that, that will make it record, although already have a tie, for the record right now, 52 is the high by tomorrow, so clearly, a cooler day, but it is still above average. little bit more seasonable come friday. and we actually start to rebounds then again. looking generally like partly sunny weaken here, erika, super bowl sunday, super bowl 50, go for high of 50. >> that not -- glad here, not san francisco.
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>> interesting, learning more today about saturn and when it comes to those, the rings around saturn, turns out less may be more than meets the eye. nasa's spacecraft sent the images back to planet earth. they wade the rings, who knew they could do that, they say that you might expect those denser looking rings to contain more material, more particles, that is actually an optical illusion. scientists work to go determine the age of the famous rings, how neat, they can figure out just how dense the rings are of saturn. >> amazing. >> truely. >> there is a fun fact for go back to your office this afternoon. >> water cooler talk,
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>> social media profile, hey, how that can keep from getting a job. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with a new survey, that's today at 5:00. employers want to be able to see that, see what you have been writing and posting. >> absolutely. >> those comment you made as a between may come back to haunt you. careful. >> special story. canadian family little larger, as best friend comes home with her own family. maggie the australian shepherd being boarded at barber's pet motel, where she got out of her pen, through a hole she was looking for her water bowl. now, maggie went straight to two new shepherd strays, little pups. the staff says the three were immediately inacceptable, but
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mag had i to go home when her family returned from it vacation. >> we have something to tell but your dog, oh, my god, what did this dog do. maggie was with puppies, which made her happy, made us happy, made the puppies happy, so like i say, feel good store. >> i look at them playing. just so sweet. in fact they're all shepherds, went right to them to make sure they were okay. so sweet. so those two strays, now adopted so now one big happier larger family. just a door that. well done. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl. for katie, all of us here, thank for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪
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