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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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into snow and it could make your morning commute a slow and sloppy one. >> talking football with snoop deal gg. the famous rapper is in the bay area chatting with players. sports director don bell goes one-on-one with snoop who has also some things to say about the eagles. >> and super bowl sunday parties mean well a lot of extra calories when you hit the gym to lose some unwanted pounds where does the fat go? good question. nicole brewer with the surprising answer. but first, a winter weather advisory is setting to into effect in just a couple of hours. for most of our region. good evening everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. let's get over to meteorologist kate bilo to fine out just when the snow will start falling and how much we can expect to see when we wake up kate. >> we're going to wake up to see the snow that just melted a couple of days ago has returned in some areas. we've got rain and now some sleet moving through the area at the moment and it's only going intensify overnight as cold air moves in and that rain and sleet
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changes to snow. take look at storm scan3. you can see we talk about his last night. this storm brushing the coast and notice how far inn land the precipitation has gotten. we're seeing some rain in the city right now i just went out on the sky deck to check it out. it's rain and sleet, ice pellets coming down as the storm starts to tap into some of that colder air a loft and eventually that will help the rain change over to snow and we could have a brief batch of heavy snow overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. the rain and sleet all the way back into portions of chester county montgomery county at the moment. heavy rain down the shore. rain and heavy sleet in portions of northern delaware at the moment and our winter weather advisory goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. any area shaded in purple goes until 10am in the city. noon down the shore. for the snow that will be falling overnight and here it is by 3:00 a.m. we expect snow to overspread the region. does it start to erode to the east by about 7:00 a.m. so the heaviest snow will be falling through portions of the south jersey at that time and after about 11am, this moves on out
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but not before leading some accumulation behind coming up i'll show you just how much will fall where you are and i'll have more on that second snow threat next week. ukee, back over to you. >> kate, thank you "eyewitness news" will start a half hour early tomorrow morning as we track the snow moving into the area. the latest weather, traffic and live reports starting at 4:00 a.m. here on cbs3. a police chase that began in philadelphia ended with a crash in delaware tonight. chopper three over the scene on the 1700 block of tally road in wilmington. police say one person was injured in the crash and taken to a nearby hospital. it's not yet clear what prompted the crash. or if any charges have been filed. tonight worried neighbors want to know what's going on in their commune. homeland security agents raid a south philadelphia home as part of an active investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rock can he is live on he will worth street tonight with the latest on this. diana? >> reporter: jessica, it's still not clear exactly what investigators were looking for
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but they spent most of the day here removing evidence from the home, neighbors who heard the raid and saw what was going on all day want to know why. >> i heard a lot of banking, yelling, banging. >> reporter: under cover investigators removed boxes of evidence from a row home in south philly thursday. officers from the department of homeland security and us immigration and customs enforcement served a warrant on the home on the 1300 block of elsworth street. "eyewitness news" cameras captured them removing computers and what looked to be identification tags. it also appears investigators were using tools to knock down sheetrock and look inside the walls. neighbors a woke to banning and eyewitnesses saw two people being questioned and removed from the house. neighbors tell "eyewitness news" a man an woman have lived here for about 10 years. >> the two people who lived there the man and the woman, um, they were very cordial. they were quiet. they were polite.
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i did not really talk with them they kept to themselves. >> police would not comment on the raid that lasted several hours and has people living nearby stunned wouldn'ting what's going on next door. >> you never know. you can live in this area all your life and never know what's going on. >> reporter: okay. >> so it's a surprising. >> reporter: so after several calls to ice tonight they finally told us this is all part of an on-going investigation that also involved the physical police depth. we're live in south philadelphia tonight, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. now to a story you saw first on three. two women facing charges to night in connection with a prostitution bust on the mainline. officers led the suspects away in handcuffs during a surprise raid at the body of zen massage business in radnor township today. police say they started their investigation when they spotted suggestive ads online. now they're looking into whether the women are part of a human
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trafficking operation and more arrests are expected. tonight we finally know the future for the sss united states which has been docked in south philly since 1996 and it is not going to the scrap pile. crystal cruises will begin the lengthy process of restoring the ship and returning it to ocean going service. plans call it to carry 800 guests and feature 400 luxury sweets. the ss united states built in 1952, still holds the title for the fastest atlantic crossing. crystal says it's hope fill the ship could be carrying passengers by 2018. here we go familiar countdown is on and we are now less than three days away from super bowl 50 right her on cbs3. football fans are converging on the san francisco bay area. and there's one very famous football fan that has a lot to say about the sport. >> that would be rapper snoop dog. sports director don bell is live in san francisco. don, you talked with snoop about the eagles. >> reporter: yes, i did.
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guys, let me tell you the story how this came to be. the broncos and carolina panthers talk to the median and train in san jose. i go down there to talk to the players. snoop is there doing the same thing. i happened to remember that during the regular season he was angry with chip kelly because of some questionable play calls that cost him his fantasy football championship. so i decided to ask snoop dog about chip and much more. >> snoop you were mad at chip kelly because you cost you that fantasy league. >> yeah, man, i get caught up sometimes. i'm real intertwined guy when it comes to sports, man, i get real passionate about what i do. you know i'm a diehard steeler fan. whenever my steelers mess up die the same they know with them. it's passion. >> the eagles just hired a new coach. got any advice for him. >> he better find speed, heat and defense quick. >> you got the broncos and panthers whom do you like in
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this game. >> i just want to see a great football game. i'm fans of a lot of players. i have a kid that played in my football league that plays for the broncos. i want to see a great football game and see super 50 do what it's supposed to do. >> that's a political correct answer. i know how to do this. >> he's been in the rap game since '92. he used his skills to interview players. he's good at it and here's why. >> because it's a comfort zone with me. i'm not to make them feel bad or talk bad about them. i'm here to encourage them and let them know i support them. ya'll just doing your job. sometimes just doing your job it's hurts people's feelings. >> what's the secret to your style. me, doing me. i don't know how to do nobody but me. it's hard trying to do you but i can do me very well. (laughter). >> cbs3 nfl analyst snoop doggie dog.
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guys coming up later on in the show i will talk to brandon mcmannis from the delaware valley. went to temple. went to north penn high school. and he is getting ready to kick in this game for the denver broncos. you don't want to this his story coming up later in the show. for now from downtown san francisco, back to you guys in the studio. >> it looked like don was the one who started the whole thing i round snoop. >> yes, indeed. >> just to be clear. >> snoop got his mind on the game and the game on his mine. thank you buddy. we'll talk to you. before the big game shows leading up to sunday continues tomorrow night at 9:00. super bowl's greatest half time shows. saturday night the greatest super bowl commercials followed by the nfl honor show which the league will name its mvp and newest hall of fame clan. >> super bowl sunday means a night of great food and drink but all those extra calories can add up to extra pounds. >> you hit the gym, you cut back on what you're eating and before
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you know it, your jeans aren't as snug around the waist any more. but where does the fat go? nicole briar of brewer joins us now with the answer to this good question!, nicole. >> i'll tell was doesn't help. >> tori woodill way big tray full of buffalo wings first they know you walk in the door. thanks for that tori. all right getting start aside from super bowl sunday many of us try and eat health physical and get our exercise. the question tonight when you lose weight, where does the fat go? it's a good question and i think the answer may actually surprise you. ♪ >> reporter: you're like a pretty fit guy. what do you do to lose weight? >> i watch my diet. >> i work out three times a week for at least an hour and a half. >> working out particularly regularly. this guy keeps me on track. >> reporter: when you lose the extra pounds where does the fat go. >> i'm happy fit goes anywhere. >> i don't care writ goes quite frankly -- report so long as it
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gets out. >> as long as it doesn't go anywhere i don't want it. >> i think it disappears. >> where does the fatigue. >> it doesn't really go. it actually shrinks. but it doesn't go away. >> dr. najee, with the center for weight loss and eating disorders at penn medicine. >> it's like a balloon. that when you eat more, than you need, that balloon just expands. then when you lose weight, that balloon shrinks but it's still there. >> the fat cells that pack on the pounds get broken down into fatty acids creating energy or fuel for your body and the by product of that process is -- >> cash bon dioxide and water. >> wow! >> that's kind of awesome. >> got to agree because i'm perspiring right now and breathing heavy after that work out. >> reporter: you actually breathe out the fat. and sweat it out. >> i don't think most people would believe you. >> you've got nothing to lose. >> you think it's working? >> no. still there. >> reporter: the latest research shows the bulk of it
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actually gets exhaled as carbon dioxide through the lung. the rest becomes water excreted through bodily fluids. anybody hungry. >> yea, right. >> kind of nasty. >> i just lost 2 pounds. >> interesting. >> because -- >> wait a minute. >> my bad. my bad. >> good stuff. good stuff. thanks nick. >> we want to know your good question log on to cbsphilly.c question to submit your question. you can also tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs cb3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and we can't wait to hear your good question. well from weight loss to those chicken wings we were just talking about pre-game hustle is on for local restaurant with just days until super bowl 50. >> fans call it the party place for pick up where 5,000 pounds of wings will fly out the door sunday. still ahead taste with tori goes into the kitchen to find out what makes this chicken a winn winner. >> also cold play is getting
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ready for the super bow half time show. hear why they say they were surprised they were picked to perform. kate? and we've got rain and sleet following all cross the area rye now. now we got to wait for the cold air to change this over to snow. that will happen overnight. coming up i'll tell was to expect when you wake up and look out your morning tomorrow morning. >> it's baby's first trip outside in this case bei bei's first trip. more of this adorable video from the national zoo when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪
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>> earth wind and fire maurice white has died. ♪ >> white died in his sleep early this morning. he fought a long battle against parkinson's disease. he was diagnosed in 1992. earth, wind and fire had string of hits including september, shining star, boogie wonderland and after the sweater gone. maurice white was 74 years old. >> certainly sound track of my life and so many more. indeed. >> excitement is building for the super bowl 50 half time show. that show will feature beyonce' and cold play. >> the band faced the media earlier to talk about their big
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gig this sunday and they said they were stunned when they were asked to perform. >> they admitted their knowledge of american football is less than stellar. >> i think we're firmly summit down the middle between those of hughes know absolutely nothing about football and those of us who know almost absolutely nothing about if the ball. (laughter). >> i think as long as lebron james has a good game we'll be fine. >> and when asked who they were rooting for in the game the band says the denver panthers. there you go. >> cbs3 your home for super bowl 50. coverage much of the game kicks off sunday at 6:00 p.m. after the game a life edition of the late show with stephen colbert "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock followed by very special edition of the late late show with james corden. and with less than three days to go before the game the pre-game hustle is on for oh port richmond restaurant. >> fans call it the party place for pick up. 5,000 pounds of wings will fly out the door on sunday.
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vittoria woodill went there to check it out in tonight's taste with tori. ♪ >> reporter: it's the smell so intoxicating delicious you'll pass out. wings juicy clump --, plump tender wings the whole world tears into on game day and especially at burns. >> we start at 4:00 o'clock in the morning and we go-go go-go and right now as of today, we're close to 4,000 pieces ordered already. >> burns tavern is a legendary irish cheers corner in port richmond. that by word of mouth has sustain it's authenticity and quality through great drinks, food and friendly service for years and the building has been since 1917. >> prohibition came in in 1920. so it shuts down for 13 years. mr. struck polish fella opened up in 1933 the day after prohibition is over and his two daughters sold it to me in 1978.
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>> i hear your wings are the best which is why i'm here. >> i'm glad you're here and you're right. report roar the wings were no stroke of luck for these irish because the wings are fresh cut every single day then pressure cook not fried. >> we high pressure cook. we do not open fry and that's why the meat falls off the bone much that's our specialty. >> reporter: dripping in sauce and piping hot on super bowl sunday they're expecting a whopping 5,000 pounds to be taken out and get this. >> every take out order comes with instructions how to eat -- how to do it properly. >> reporter: wow. >> it tastes like you just got them. >> reporter: if you're lucky enough for them to arrive at your table it's time to take seat because frank only does this once. >> i only do this class once. >> this is one class. ♪ >> reporter: wow! i feel like i witnessed magic trick. okay. so this comes off first, break it. >> there you go. >> like that? right?
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>> perfect. (applause). we knew she'd get the hang of that quick. as we head into super bowl weekend the region is getting ready for wing bowl 24. chickie's and pete's hosted the official weigh in tonight in south philadelphia. 30 contestants had their eating weight recorded. the wing bowl is sponsored by our sister station sports radio 94 wip and takes place tomorrow at the wells fargo center starting at 6am bright and ear early. >> if you're going be careful in that parking lot because it could be slippery. >> i was with angela and rhe talking about the snow threat. i said to them this morning we'll have snow when people are heading to the wing bowl. it doesn't look like the roads are going to really get coated very quickly because it's just so warm out there. i think people will be okay but again low visibility with the falling snow. play it safe out there. if the snow does fall heavily enough it could pile up quickly. if you'll be out and about of course we have more people out on wing bowl day than we usual dollar that early in the morning
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please be safe outside. let's take look at the storm moving in right now you can see rain down the shore. the boardwalk is all wet there in ocean city. it is just rain there for now. but we are starring to see temperatures in the upper levels of the atmosphere start to drop and those colder temperatures a lot moving toward the shore points and that's why you're seeing the sleet micking in storm scan3 shows it look like rain for now. as you can see it's starting to move a little further to the west. we're starting to see that rain get into portions of chester and montgomery counties. this is where you'll see a mix with sleet. this is where temperatures a loft are already cold enough to have some ice pellets mixing in and eventually it will change over to snow. still 45 degrees in philadelphia, though. this is kind of a tough sell. wait for this storm to create cold air at least pull that cold air down from the upper levels of the atmosphere as it moves in. only 42 degrees in wilmington right now but as that storm moves in again a lot of upward and down ward motion happening within this system that should help to pull the cold down area and pull the snow to the surface as well.
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wint wither advisory blanketing the region. 3:00 a.m. got snow notice the sharp western cut off here it's snowing here in philadelphia. instead yesterday snow down the shore. still rain right now but then take a look at that. heavy band of snow sets up around 5am down the shore. it continues through about 7am notice the darker shading all through portions of south jersey but still snowing at a good clip for several hours here in philadelphia. between now and 2am rain will mix with sleet. after 2:00 a.m. you see that transition to wet snow. and he after 5am periods of snow some convective heavy snowfall rates within that system. coating to 2is for philadelphia all of southeastern pennsylvania and northern new jersey. much of south jersey northern delaware ash say all of south jersey really isn't two to 4-inch range with three to six possible as you head toward portions of new york and long island. heaviest snow between four and 8:00 a.m. mainly accumulating on grassy surface but could it stick to some roads especially back roads and elevated surfaces. please be safe tomorrow morning.
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rain changing to snow overnight. here's a quick look at next week much this is sunday night. this storm looks like it will mainly stay out to sea but another upper swings through. other low develops and a little snow is possible as we head through the day on tuesday. still a lot of moving parts. you can see a couple of storms upper level storm, two surface lows to talk about. a convoluted pattern. we'll keep you posted early next week. for now worry about your early morning commute. leave yourself plenty of time to brush off the car. the good news the weekend nestle between those two teams pretty good for any super bowl plans. >> what's coming up next in sports. >> i'm not a meteorologist but the weather looking great in san francisco where we fine sports director don bell in town for super bowl 50. as we saw earlier hanging out with snoop dog, hey, don. >> reporter: what's going on? no more snoop dog we're talking about guy whose lookin looking e the big dog on sunday. this super bowl 50 could come
11:22 pm
down to the right foot of brian mcmanus. he's from the delaware valley and we'll hear from him next in
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super bowl 50 getting closer and closer less than three days away. sports direct don bell is in san francisco hanging with celebrities an local product who will actually be playing in the big game. hey, don. >> reporter: how are you. >> a lot of fun talking to this guy. listen new england patriots won four super bowls three of them came down to the clutch kicking of adam haven't fairy. brandon mcmanus hopes to have like adam he's the kick he kerr for the denver broncos an local product. how local do we mean? he went
11:26 pm
to north penn high school. he went to temple. he was an owl recruited by matt ruhle. he's 24 years old. went up drafted but now he's in the limelight and he's ready to go. >> i dreamed of this. i don't know if i imagined i'd ever be here i definitely want to do be a kicker in the nfl and there's no bigger stage than this. super bowl and if it comes down to my foot i'll be more than ready. i kind of have been tried and tested in this league so far. so i'll be ready for that opportunity. >> how about that? a kid from lansdale looking to make good. making -- looking to make the hometown proud and happy so he's doing a good job of it so far. we'll find out what else he can do on super bowl sunday. super bowl 50 right around the corner, lesleyly. that's the story from downtown san francisco. back to you. >> very cool story. thank you so much, don. well the flyers have had
11:27 pm
trouble scoring this season but apparently not tonight down in nashville. to the second period of the game flyers with a two-one lead. wayne simmonds will get on the board right hugh. simmonds has been on fire lately. his eighth goal in 12 games. little bit later on we have the flyers on the rush. vorachek to giroux rips it home. the flyers get the big win down the nashville six-three the final. tulsa visiting temple just three seconds left. devon coleman for the three. it's good. tying the game. and we're going into overtime. then in overtime the owls take over. daniel den gel he hits the three right there. so temple pulls out a gutsy 83 83-79 win. with one more win fran dunphy will be the winnie yesterday coach in big five. >> how about that. >> winging yesterday. >> seems like just yesterday he took over for john chaney at temple doing a great job. >> some things to w
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♪ just great video night of a little baby panda we've been watching since his birth. you got to see this. >> i love this little panda. this is bei bei and his first trip outside with his mother mei xiang the national zoo posted this video on instagram. it went viral. no surprise there. bei bei has been doing that since he was born. caption was look who is stepping
11:31 pm
outside hash tag bei bei. >> look at that. >> oh, bei bei. >> we'll be right back.
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reminder our morning team is back startin starting at 4:00 ao 7:00 for the very latest on the snow. >> for kate, lesley and don at super bowl 50 i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> the late show with stephen colbert is neck. >> thanks for watching, family.
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be extra careful if you're out early. good night, sleep captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ♪ (cheers and applause) (audience chanting stephen) >> stephen: thanks, everybody! thanks, everybody! thank you so much! (cheers and applause) welcome to "the late show"! thanks so much, everybody! thanks so much!


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