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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" at noon begins with many of us waving goodbye to the snow. this is what it looked like check that out in pemberton new jersey this morning as parents and kids braced the slick conditions on their way out the door. >> also, this noon, we're following tragedy in delaware county. a tree collapses on a home as couple slept willing one person and injuringly its other. the report coming um up in just a moment good good afternoon i'm
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erika von tiehl. we're hoping for better weekend. check in with katie in the weather sent. at least we got the snow over with this morning. >> it's pretty much all said and done at this point. in fact even down towards the shore towns last to see the snow actually retreat it has in fact done so. so that's good news. so what do we end up with? frankly we verified pretty darn well in terms of our expectations from this, and thankfully the timing is doing just the same which means that the rest of the day is actually going shape up to be pretty decent all things considered. let me at a take you out to one of our field cameras. decent amount of snow actually out here in ocean city. from what was such a quick hitting system here in oc. you've actually got two to 3-inches of snow on the ground right now. take to you couple of other areas storm reports here. go next to the graphics take a quick peek. we ended up doing very well in toms river. half a foot talk about an exception to the rule here. half a foot fell in brick township 5.6-inches. out in wynnewood, pa just shy of two and black bird had
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1.4-inches. so certainly ending up with exactly what we expected out of this heavy sort of wet snow like the good kind of snow to make snowballs, but it did lead to some traffic issues this morning and thankfully that back edge of the snow now currently moving that was southeast most ocean county and then we're done with it. in fact skies are clearly pretty nicely. take look outside in the live neighborhood network. northerly wind flow will feel chiller than 37 degrees in kutztown. snow on the ground out that way as well. the see how the skies are brightening up nicely. getting better with every passing hour. we expect overall a pretty decent weekend to unfold as we well. tomorrow 46 degrees under the sunshine a little lighter wind as well. for super bowl sunday we flirt with 50 degrees for the 50th supper bowl in philadelphia expecting more sunshine for you however heads up we look ahead to neck week and we're tracking a renewed potential for snow more on that a bit later in the show. erika. kate, thank you. of course you can track the radar and get the latest
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forecast whenever you want by downloading our free cbs weather app available on i tunes and google play. right now a huge fire that destroyed a norristown home this morning has now claimed a life. the department at the of that victivick has not been released. to harm fire broke out around 9:00 this morning near markly street and scott alley. firefighters controlled that fire quickly and the search for a cause is under way right now. one person is dead and several others seriously injured after a crane collapsed in lower manhattan at the height of this morning's rush hour. that crane smashed cars and as correspondent brian web shows us that giant tower of metal stretched down most of the city block. >> reporter: first responders checked damaged cars for survivors after a construction crane collapsed on to the streets of manhattan. the crane which was taller than two city blocks came crashing down just before 8:30 this morning. >> i just felt it. felt like a bomb. >> reporter: cars park at the curb and at least one car that
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was in the middle of the street were crushed. >> you heard the boom and then you know you run to the windows and then you see -- i see a crane falling on the street. >> you heard the cars -- you heard them clamp up. i kind of heard like the side of the building, you know, being scratched. >> reporter: the ground is littered with debris broken glass and bricks. inspectors here at the scene are looking into not only what caused the collapse but also at buildings in the area struck by the crane as it fell to the ground. >> one of the concerns is going to be, um, stabilizing these other structures there which of course previous crane collapses we've had we know that that was the case. >> reporter: witnesses say the crane had been in operation for a couple of weeks. the company that owns the equipment has not respond to do our request for comment. brian web, cbs news, new york. back to our top story right now. a tree that fell on to a home in brook mall, delaware county. emergency crews were able to rescue one resident with the help of some heavy equipment.
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that tree crashed through the roof avenue home on the 200 block of james road in broomall. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh joins us from that scene with the latest. anita? >> reporter: erika, we've learned that one woman is dead and a man was taken to the hospital after 90-foot tree crashed through this home on james road earlier this morning. you can see that crews are still on the scenery moving the last of that tree. but officials are calling this a freak accident. and they say that the elderly couple was in their back bedroom in the back of this home and the tree crashed that was the roof just after 8:00 o'clock this morning. pinning them directly underneath and officials do say that last night's snowfall along with melting of the recent snowstorm did complicate this rescue. firefighters and crews say it took more than an hour to rescue the man who was stuck under this tree. and they say every inch of moving that tree was critical. it was across these folks as
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they were in their bed. the tree was physically on them. when we pick the tree up with the crane, we had a sigh of relief from the guy. >> reporter: now we don't yet know the extent of that man's injuries but he was taken to a local hospital for treatment and witnesses here on the scene say he was speaking to first responders and officials are not identifying the victim at this time. for now life in broomall, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. right now, turning to campaign 2016 where hillary clinton is pushing back against bernie sanders and another former first lady is offended by donald trump's potty mouth you might call it. correspondent craig boswell has the latest from the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> reporter: bernie sanders hit the campaign trail early friday and politics event in manchester. trillions of dollars are flown from the middle class to the top one-tenth of 1%. >> sanders has a significant lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire thanks in part to his attacks on clinton's wall street ties. thursday night she fired back
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during their one-on-one msnbc debate calling the jabs an art full mirror campaign. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. >> reporter: some undecided voters braced a snowstorm to hear sanders speak. >> how do you see tuesday turning out. >> i think a lot of people want to see change in this country right now. >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump is in the lead. thursday he went on a pro fan nat laced rant. >> we're going to knock the bleep out of isis. >> you can tell them to go bleep themselves. >> trump's speech shocked former first lady barbara bush who joining her son jeb on the campaign trail. >> i don't think a president would ever have shouted profanities in a speech in front of thousands of people with kids in the crowd. >> who did that? >> your buddy. >> bush has lot of ground to make up to catch trump and three
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other candidates ahead of him in the latest pole. craig boss kell, cbs newsman chester new hampshire. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of 2016 including next week's new hampshire primary. you can get the latest details on "eyewitness news" and online any time at well, this is a day that is certainly unique to philadelphia. in the early morning hours thousands descend upon the wells fargo center to watch grown men and women devour chicken wings at an alarming rate. that's right. wink bowl was held this morning and our pat gallen was there. >> reporter: the magesty, the glutiny, the insanity of wing bowl was on display in its 24th installment today at the wells fargo center. the house was nearly packed as 30 eaters vied for the title of greatest wing eater in the world this year's guest guest of honor former nba star dennis rodman. >> first time i did something like this. it should be fun. i know it will be crazy out there, i'll try to wake my sup
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it and get motivated. >> bernie parent was having a great time bright and early. >> you're a ladies man. >> i don't have a chance with you. you look like a movie star for god's sake. >> thank you bernie i appreciate that. >> after each contestant was up tow due the eating began. the two top contenders last year's champ pat and the ham from that two years old molly schuyler. they were neck and neck to the end schuyler was too much to handle. >> the local champ was notorious bob who eight ate over 300 wings. >> good evident. not where you wanted it, right. >> no, no. i'm happy with my numbers. had a good training partner a couple of days ago and put me over the top to win the car again this year. this guy is a beast in wings. i hope when he competes i'm do done. i'm done eating after that. >> all three wings i hate really helped you, didn't it. >> they were three big wings. >> another wing bowl in the books. wink bowl 24 goes to molly
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schuyler. 429 wings to beat last year's champion pat bert let tee. from the wells fargo center i'm pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". >> 400 wings. wow. from wing bowl to super bowl we have sneak peek of a special event you'll see only on super bowl sunday. >> ♪ >> sir elton john joins the late late show with james corden carpool car yolk key. >> also a big announcement from the vatican. pope francis is planning a historic meeting. details when we com
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welcome back. check out this amazing video here cameras catch japan's most active volcano erupt dag. beautiful images. this eruption took place if you look closely you can see lightning you have to catch it mixed in with the eruption. the last major eruption was in september. a manhunt for missouri couple nicknamed modern day bonnie and clyde ended early this morning in florida. blake fitzgerald was killed and britney nicole harper was wounded after two high speed chases and gunfire in pensacola florida. they were suspected in a crime spree spanning at least four states. the injuries to harper are said to be non-life threatening. history making meeting between east and west will come next week when pope francis meets his
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count part the leader of the russian orthodox church. >> this meeting of the catholic church and russian orthodox church after a long will be the first in history and will mark an important stage in relations between the two churches. >> the meeting between francis and patriarch will take place a week from today during the pope's trip to cube. what the last time the leaders of the two churches met listen to this a thousand years ago when the decides disagree over theological issues. how about that? all right. still ahead we're gearing up for super bowl 50 and you'll see it only here on cbs3. first, though, start with something very important, puppy bowl. uh-huh. more details on this and how their prepping for their big game, katie. >> apparently it's with the most adorable little faces. well, folks, got one system in the books now and there's another one already on the way. we are tracking the potential for snow early next week and we
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are going to look at the scenario as we look ahead to the seven day forecast. we'll also have your super bowl weekend outlook all coming up. ♪
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all right. two days and counting until super bowl 50 and our don bell is in san francisco. heel have live reports for you starting tonight at 5:00 and also tonight our road to the super bowl continues with super bowl greatest half time shows at 9:00. then on saturday night you can see the greatest soup bowl commercials followed by the nfl honors show in which the league will name mvp and the newest hall of famer class. it's all here on cbs3. your home for super bowl 50. now before the super bowl can't forget about puppy bowl, right? quite possibly the cutest sporting event all year. >> the teams took to the field to scrimmage little bit. stop. adorable. all of this year's competitors are name from characters from the game clue including colonel
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mustard, dogs get to, v to get to the other team's 40-yard line to score. and this isn't just all about football. about reminding folks about the importance of a adopting dogs and cats from local shelter. >> love it. >> they're all local animal shelter pups. rescue a little friend. >> look at professor plum right there. >> too cute. (laughter). >> and there's going to be mvp most value puppy as well. >> you just can't lose on something like this. it's so perfect. >> some people like football, some don't but of one likes puppies. how can you not? love the snow got out of here in time for the evening commute. >> it really did. i said this earlier when we were on the show this morning it's a tale of two forecasts we started off with snow and nastiness outside and bright blue sky basically right now. exactly. we take you outside what you'll find here a couple of additional clouds. sort of the just leftovers basically but the bulk of the system that brought in the snow in the first place getting out of here we'll start things off by going outside. that's where we'll turn our focus this was a bright blue s sky.
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i swear to you just 20 minutes ago but when we go next we'll show the scene in a second to storm scan you'll see a hint of lingering cloud cover trying to roll in. so maybe a lingering sprinkle in couple of spots. center city and everywhere else starting to see things clear out. let's go next to a to have mentioned storm scan and take a peek. brunt of the snow it is basically at this point even offshore of ocean county. all in the clear from that. but you can see these lingering little pockets of clouds and maybe even a sprinkle just outside of delaware for example if you're travel its travels take you south on 95. zooming on out this whole thing is getting out of here in fact the entire eastern seaboard is free and clear. nationwide, zoom it's not looking bad either. high pressure building nicely by the way out in california and it's looking like really nice forecast for the super bowl weekend turn our focus to that very quickly. for super bowl 50 you're looking at 68 degrees and sunshine at kickoff not bad at levy stadium big game coming up. weather not expected to play any kind of roll whatsoever in that. we've got super weekend coming
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up for you all things considered back here at home now that this little system is moving on out, we end up with high pressure for the next two days much back into the 40s tomorrow. we are expecting sunshine perhaps a few additional clouds on sunday there's an area of low pressure developing off to our south. at this point it look like it will stay there and bypass us out to sea. we'll keep a close watch on that. then clouds begin to rebuild on monday. in advance of this guy probably just a clipper that brings very limited moisture but it does bring our potential to see a couple of rain or even snow showers as early as monday nig night. here's where we stand currently in the thermometer department. mid and up err 30s across the pine land areas out towards atlantic city 34 degrees. 42 at the airport and just off to the north some of the outlying suburbs into the lower upper 30 there is as well. it's chilly granted but at least it's clearing out. the snow we just saw it's really brightening out. we'll end up with those clouds thinning out for more sunshine 44 degrees for the daytime high officially. drop it down to a colder 30 degrees that means if there's any damp weather left over, you can see black ice.
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please expect if there's a wet spot it may possibly have frozen over especially early tomorrow morning. remember during the overnight those icy spots are hard to see obviously. exercise caution. but the weekend not looking bad at all. our gold football the prettiest thing you've ever seen. i love it. let's move forward in the seven day. get out of the way so you can see it. monday night into tuesday, folks, that's the next shot for snow. i got to tell you at this point obviously kind of far out we won't make any promises but i do think that we're looking at modest accumulations with anything that does come through. so it's certainly something we'll obviously monitor and keep you posted with every passing day. >> the sun is out of here. >> on friday don't ruin the weekend. >> quick hitter, though. in and out just like that. >> fantastic. >> you won't see footballs like these on the field any time so soon. nice and lingo. the fashion footballs dreamed up by the council of fashion designers of america. i love these. so creative. some of the participants big
12:22 pm
names cuff tiffany and company and betsy johnson. i can see that one being a betsy john. >> definitely. part of the super bowl 50 many anniversary. creations are being auctioned off online right now. that's neat until february 14th and all the proceeds will go to the nfl foundation. but they got creative with these. >> very nice. >> that one is nice. little more subdued. >> soup err per sleek. >> the ones with the bling are more my style. if you're going to have a fancy football go all out like that one. >> preview -- we showed you this earlier the carpool karoake with
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 whether it's starbucks or done din that daily coffee can really add up. consumer reporter jim donovan on your side with how to trim that coffee budget without cutting your caffeine buzz. can't wait to see this today at 5:00. then at 6:00 sean expected to survive past infancy. as we celebrate go red for heart day health reporter stephanie stahl will share christa's sto story. delaware county woman defied so many odds to overcome heart failure. she says her life is a miracle. that's tonight at 6:00. and something to look forward to after super bowl carpool karaoke on the late late show with james corden. here's a sneak peek. ♪ don't let the sun go down on me ♪ >> ♪ although i've searched
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myself there's always someone else i seek ♪ >> this is just amazing. sir elton john getting in the car with james corden as they belt out some tunes. do you not want to miss the special edition of the late late show way james core depth sunday night. so much to look forward to sunday. >> absolutely. cbs3 of course is your home for super bowl 50. could you even imagine singing in the car with elton john. >> i cannot. >> i'd clam up. >> hope they do bennie and the jets. that's my only request. >> now you know, guys. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm erika von tiehl. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we're always online for you at >> the young and restless is next. have a great day. ♪
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>> sharon: nick. this is a surprise. come on in. >> nick: thanks. >> sharon: um, you know, the way you left before, is everything okay? >> nick: uh, yeah. just a minor incident with sage. she's doing better now. >> sharon: oh, okay. well, i can see how stressed you are about this, and i know that for sage, it's gonna be a transition. you just have to remember that sage is gonna get the best treatment from dr. anderson. >> nick: well, that's why i came back, you know, so i could be prepared. >> sharon: for what? >> nick: uh, sage's treatment. i was hoping you can give me some insight on how anderson works, you know, things she likes to talk about, advice she likes to give. >> sharon: i know you're nervous about all this, but i-i really don't think that you can compare the two situations, because i checked myself into fairview voluntarily, and sage... i just don't know how my


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