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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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norristown montgomery county. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown joins us from the scene, with more, natasha. >> reporter: well, very sad story, ukee and jessica as you can imagine. four people ultimately, they barely escaped with their lives this morning from this house fire, but one brave little boy, lost his life, trying to save the life of a father. >> extremely, extremely, fire, fire and i opened my door all this smoke coming on you. >> reporter: there was little time to react, flames and smoke quickly filled this norristown home at corner of markly street and scott alley just before 9:00 a.m. five family members inside the house scrapple told safety but 12 year-old sanford carling the third knew his father was still trapped inside so, relatives say he bravely ran back in the burning home trying to save him. >> my grandson, it is a man's man, sanford carling the third, ran back into the house to help his fat shore just had surgery. and he never came back out.
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>> sanford affectionately known as man/man didn't realize his father had jumped from a second floor window injuring his back and hipps. sanford a member of the norristown youth eagles football team never made it out alive but his spirit, his heroic actions live on the the in the mind of his family. >> that is the kind of by he was, young, friendly, a athletic. he would participate, he would love his family and participate in all kind of activities around here and everything. he did community work and always helped me out, his grand father. he helped us all out. he loved his family. >> reporter: family lost everything in this fire, they are currently ago assisted by the red cross, and also there is a go fund me page that has been set up to help the family as well. that is very latest from here in norristown tonight, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". natasha, thank you. falling tree invades bedroom of the eld lawyer delaware county couple
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trapping them as they slept. emergency crews responded to this road in broomall, and, just after 8:00 this morning. a tree cutting service was called into help with the rescue of allen and maryj cooper. mrs. cooper did not make it. >> the tree was physically on them. when we pick up the tree with the crane we had a sigh of relief from the guide. >> reporter: authorities are calling the tragedy a freak accident. they also say they already saturated ground from melting snow and rain may have contributed to the tree coming down. new at 6:00 tonight, an avalanche and social media outrage, forces a about face by dorney park. will alexandria hoff tells us tonight they have offered to, and, they need a man worked there for 12 seasons. >> i sweep, and i clean bet rooms. >> reporter: twenty-nine year-old chris emery has spent 12 seasons doing janitorial work at janitorial work. >> i go down, i love dorney. i like work. i'm a very nice, happy friendly guy. >> reporter: this is how he
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described himself during his annual job interview, except christmas special needs, and this interview was done differently from years past. >> they were telling me to try to build a lego train. made out of legos. >> reporter: that was part of the interview. >> i'm too old to play with legos. >> something about him having to read flash cards about guest problems and how he would handle it. >> reporter: problem with flash card is. >> i don't know how to read flash card. >> reporter: so with that he and his mom said they were told that chris wasn't what the park was looking for. >> i was just like sad, mad, upset, confused. >> reporter: once home his mom made a simple post on facebook and went to bed. >> when he woke up and i saw the thousands of people, i say chris do you know how many people love you. >> reporter: overnight story had been shared thousands of times and even prompted a call from the top dorney official. on top of that phone call dorney park's general manager also took to facebook writing this message, i have known
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chris for many years and when i became aware of this situation i requested that we immediately reach out to him and his family to let them no, we would happily welcome chris back for a 13th season. an option family has decline. dorney has long hired those with special needs so claudia is not asking for a boycott just a revised interview process. >> this is my cornerstone. >> reporter: back on facebook job offers have been rolling in for this hard working, very proud, young man. from berks county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight authorities are investigate ago alleged hazing incidents at conestoga a high school in chester county. sources tell cbs-3, the investigation involves primarily members of the football team and detectives are in the process of interviewing 60 to 70 students. the sources also tell us one student may have been injured during the alleged hazing. so far authorities have not arrested or disciplined any students. the school district declined
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to comment. state prosecutors want a pennsylvania appeals court to reconsider its the dismissal of the criminal charges against three former penn state administrators accused of covering up complaints a against jerry sandusky. attorney general's office says it will ask the superior court to overturn a three judge decision from last month. that decision threw out several of the more serious allegations against graham spanier, gary schultz and tim curly. ruling dismissed charges of perjury, obstruction and conspiracy. national go red for women day to highlight the special issues women face when it comes to heart disease, mostly that can be prevented but thousands are born with congenital heart defects. >> health reporter has more on philly goes red. >> reporter: now hundreds of thousands of women die each year from heart disease. tonight, we have the story of one, young delaware county woman, who is a survivor, among the 1.3 million americans living with a congenital heart problem.
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crystal was born with a congenital heart defect and perfect parents were told she probably wouldn't see her first birthday. >> i was not expected to live. i was than the expected to be here today. >> reporter: talk about defying the odd, krista has survived, heart failure, open heart surgery and a stroke. >> i had paralysis. it was very scary. >> reporter: but fear just can't stop love and heart disease wouldn't stand in the way of krista getting married. >> it is a a lot of everything, luck, miracles and just determination and wheel power. >> in the only did she go on to become a parallel therapist for students with autism krista got in super shape and competed in a body building competition. >> going through heart failure and being able to say about look i'm here today because i was active and take care have myself is pretty a awesome. >> reporter: now she's on a mission to help other woman and raise awareness about heart disease and go red for women campaign. >> it is not just a man's disease but woman's disease too. february brings that out to movement heart month is my favorite month.
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i love to go red for woman. know your body and listen tour body. >> reporter: now living to celebrate her 30th birthday, krista has wisdom beyond her years. >> don't live in fear. don't let the little will things stress you out, just live, live your life to be as happy and healthy a as possible. >> reporter: isn't she incredible. now with her heart situation, under control, krista and her husband are planning on eventually having a family. now doctors say that she's a great example of how healthy living can help people overcome, or at least better manage heart disease. >> how wonderful, example, great example. >> thank you, that is amazing. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. one area high school been cheering extra loud during the super bowl. >> reporter: north penn high school is trading in navy and columbia for orange and blue rooting for denver broncos ahead of the this weekend's super bowl but they are also raising money for a good cause. i'm rahel solomon and i'll tell you bit coming up.
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well, eagles know sean mcdor moth and he knows the eagles. why didn't the bird former defensive coordinator get the head coaching gig. i talk to him live here in san francisco, kate? and don, in the wake of this morning's snow, the skies really cleared out but everything did start to melt, now with temperatures dropping we have cleared out and we do expect perhaps some slick spots tonight. quiet weekend but more snow next week. i will have your full forecast coming up when we come back. my name is tyler oakley. my name is brodie, and this is my best friend kurt. announcer: 11 teams, who connect with millions every day through social media, disconnect. what the heck? you're on the amazing race! premieres cbs, friday, february 12.
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tonight at 11:00, two nursees from new jersey already on the job at the super bowl this weekend. they won't be part of the medical team they will be part of the team, rocking the half time show for a third year in a row. vittoria woodill has their super bowl behind the scenes, story, tonight at 11:00 on "eyewitness news". you know all this talk of football, makes us wish our eagles were in the super bowl. >> so many of us are wishing that. >> it is about anytime they are on national tv it seems like you hear about our fans and how what kind of fans we are good do you know what really happen.
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>> nicole brewer has a special super bowl sunday addition of good question. >> we are answering these infamous questions in honor of super bowl sunday talking about the bird and legendary reputation that precedes this city. so which infamous story about eagles nation are actually true. lets start with the snow balls at santa. >> santa was wearing a green suit, it wasn't a real santa. >> unaudible. >> what happens is there is a truth in it and it gets exaggerated. >> okay. >> so they say we threw snowballs the at santa but what really happened in 1968? were we targeting a bad santa? there is also thanksgiving day, 1989, did buddy ryan really put a bounty on ex-eagle turned cowboys kicker louie. and then finally the super puke of super bowl 39, did donovan mcnabb throw up, these are all good questions.
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>> we are going to answer them on super bowl sunday. >> i have an idea on some of them. >> maybe you might be surprised. >> we will talk to the experts. >> okay. >> what are you trying to say. >> the other experts. >> thanks, nicole, a appreciate. >> do you have a good question. >> log on to cbs, or just tweet us use hashtag cbs-3 good question. and today, the high school have of denver broncos kicker brandon mcmanus celebrated with brandon mcmanus day. >> last week north penn high school sold orange and blue t-shirts and will donate money to the mcmanus anti bullying foundation. >> as rahel solomon learn the event was more successful then even the school expected. >> far, far from denver, colorado, in lansdale, pennsylvania, hundreds, thousands, maybe are rooting now for the orange and blue. >> everyone is so hype, at north penn. everyone is freaking out. >> reporter: excited and seeing orange because denver broncos kicker brandon mcmanus
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was a football player for north penn high school. so the school had an idea. >> we said hey, lets get t-shirts together, let's raise money for anti bullying charity, and we were able to do that and our expectations were far exceeded by the way. >> reporter: in just two days they sold 1200 shirts and raised more than $6,000. the player, even taking time out of his busy, presuper bowl schedule, to express his gratitude. >> thank you for all of your support, and it means so much to me. go broncos. go knights. >> north penn school colors are a lot more like the carolina panthers. but, ask around and you will fine aren't these parts it is fully, broncos country. , it is so cool to have such a legend at our high school and really cool for me because my sister graduated with him so she knew him. and it is just really great that this school is recognizing that people actually a at north penn can accomplish great things.
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>> reporter: great things north penn principal todd bauer says that has an impact one that is felt on the field and off in colorado and then back here at home. >> i think message to students and faculty and staff would be thaw can make a difference and use your talent in a positive way which brandon is doing. >> reporter: in lansdale, ra hall solomon nor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets take you to the site of the big game. this is a look at levi stadium in santa claire, california. preparations are underway for super bowl 50, where, of course, broncos will face the carolina panthers. our don bellies in san francisco and he will join us live from super bowl city in about seven minutes. >> kate, you are saying about 68, 70 for the game. >> yeah. >> really nice. >> that first 68-degree day of spring is coming. we have a few more months before we get there but it is coming our way. this morning didn't look anything like. that here's a cool shot from sky cam three. look at, billy penn atop city
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hall. only one side is covered with snow. you can tell which direction wind is blowing, it gives it a cool 3-d effect there. it looks neat. and then this is that kind of snow that wet pastie snow, clinging to tree branches and power lines, it looks beautiful outside this morning. good news it didn't cling to the road. you were able to drive around and see these beautiful sites like billy penn, coated in snow and trees all across the area looks beautiful this morning. most of that has melted. look the at the time lapse i have here for our beach patrol headquarters cam were in margate on the live neighborhood network. this starts at 8:00 a a.m. heavy band of snow comes through here and at the end of the storm and it is snowing heavily here in margate for a while. then watch what happens? sun comes out. that snow, by the time sun goes down it is out of here. heavy snow in the morning, followed up by a sunny, and beautiful afternoon, warm enough to get most of the snow out of here this storm was in and out but tonight, temperatures will drop, a and in fact here's what you will
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wake up to early tomorrow morning, 20's all across the the entire region. that is a a problem n fact road could be more slippery tomorrow morning then this morning and in a few spots thanks to the threat for black ice. temperatures in the the 20's. we have melted snow. we have puddles out there. we have run off. watch for those slick spots. heading out tomorrow morning taking the dog for a walk watch out on the front steps and sidewalks. any wet spots will refreeze, and those icy spots can be hard to see. make sure you use extra caution throughout the overnight and early morning hours. our overnight low in the city, 29 degrees. it is a mainly clear night. not a bad night. seasonal. you will need to bundle up outside in the city. saturday a few clouds, cool quiet, 45 degrees to start the weekend. let's talk about next week. we have been focused for quite sometime. it looks like this first storm, major intense form will be a near miss this will stay out to sea. it moves away. then we have a large upper level storm swinging from the
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great lakes. what that will do is transfer this energy to a new coastal low, it will be generally weak moving up canadian mar times in new england. it will leave some snow and snow showers in its wake. it may be on and off kind of snow shower day throughout the entire day tuesday. the here's what we know about this system so far. impact of two systems monday and tuesday, first could brush with us light snow and snow showers and behind this system arctic air build in. you can see difference here. this is 24 to 36 hours snowfall, about 2 inches on the gfs, and less on the euro. so-so weekend is quiet. monday into tuesday, rain and snow showers, especially snow on tuesday. probably into wednesday morning. but take a look at how cold it gets behind that system, as we head toward next weekend, highs barely even hit the freezing mark. by friday it could be a cold valentines day weekend, around here, so winter is not done with us just yet and we found out this morning and we will be cemented in that next week.
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>> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica, great to be with you here in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight, hillary clinton goes one on one with nancy cordis, former secretary of state weighs in on last night's debate and the e-mail controversy. plus, new cdc sidelines out today to stop sexual transmission of zika virus. as we head into super bowl weekend steve hartman will be on the road with the coach giving his all for the big game despite incredible odds. those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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towards super bowl 50, two days away from the big game, the broncos and panthers are they are battling for the lombardi trophy. >> don bell, joins us from super bowl city with another story of a local guy being on the biggest stage in sports. i have love the local connections, don? >> yeah, and there are plenty of them here, within of the more obvious ones is sean mcdermott the defensive coordinator for carolina panthers. he went to lasalle high school. when eagles fired their coach many thought he would be prime candidate to get head coaching gig and that did not happen. i had a moment to sit down and have a one on one conversation with him and here's how it went. >> we feel great. we feel great. it is a blessing to be here. it is special, unique opportunity, every young man dreams of and when they are growing up to be in a super bowl in one way shape or form and, you know, it is a fun week. we're happy to be here. >> talk about dreaming i'm betting you are not sleeping a
6:24 pm
whole lot. you have payton manning on the other side. >> that speaks for itself. one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game. tough quarterback to beat. if this is in fact his last game, then we will expect his best. >> i'm pretty sure he will go out there and give it the to you the best he can, what he has done since 98. for you, we love seeing you, philly guy, people rooting for you back home, what kind of text messages and calls have you been getting. >> it has been outstanding. the support even when toward the end of the season when eagles job came opened, just hearing things, and from my family that it is still up there, it has been phenomenal. it feels good to be appreciated, wanted, and that is where i am from. that is home for me and my family. i appreciate the support in philadelphia. >> you mention that had job when it came open. you came on local radio. people were like that is the guy we want. that is the guy. did they ever reach out to you in what happened there. >> they did, you know, howie
6:25 pm
roseman and i spoke early on in the process for them and our season was still going on. it was very preliminary a at that point. it was clear from the beginning that they were focused on a offensive minded head coach. i believe they have a good one in doug and a good person in doug. i'm's excited for eagles and the philadelphia community. >> sean mcdermott a class act, it is water under the bridge. he has a big has income front of him on sunday as you heard taking on payton manning and denver broncos. that is store friday super bowl city and downtown san francisco, i'm don bell, back to you guys in the studio. >> class act for sure. >> thanks, don. our special week of super bowl shows continues tonight at 9:00 with the super bowl's greatest half time shows. then tomorrow night see greatest super bowl commercials, filled by nfl honors show in which the league will name its most valuable player and new hall of fame class. then on super bowl sunday
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don't miss special addition of the late, late show with james cordin after "eyewitness news", don't forget, cbs three is your home for super bowl 50. we will be right back. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, the "cbs evening news". the tonight what does it take to keep the super bowl safe? michelle miller is in san francisco with the up close look at the security measures, and, steve hartman goes on the road with a coach, giving his all, for the big game in spite of incredible personal odds. here now is scott pelley, take
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care family, we will see >> pelley: in a new national poll, sanders pulls even with clinton. >> i know what needs to be done, and i will do it. >> pelley: also tonight, new c.d.c. advice for stopping the sexual transmission of zika virus. a deadly shoot-out end the crime spree of a couple that the cops called bonnie and clyde. and steve hartman with a prediction from a super bowl coach. >> none of us is going to get out of this thing alive. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: hillary clinton's once-commanding lead over bernie sanders in national polls is gone. a new poll out today shows they are now in a statistical tie, and in new hampshire, four days before the primary, sanders


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