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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we want to gave you a sense what's going on, let's go ahead, take you outside. first and for most, liver neighborhood network shot, 28 degrees, very modest winds flow at the moment out of the south southeast here outside palmyra cove nature park. you can still see the city skyline here or the lights off in the distance, so that bodes well, right, for any commute that you might have initially getting ready to head out the door. here is the system at hands, folks. it just isn't that potent. it is a large system, it is a slow mover, but it doesn't have a ton of moisture. okay? so, what we have seen happen here is couple every winter storm warnings since get downgraded, just doesn't look like it will be panning out all that impressively. some spots, granted, break the shovel out. we will get to. that will quick check at the localized level, you have even hint every rain mixing with us is ex, kent county, delaware, seeing enough cold air that eventually see some snow showers there. take a look at the winter alerts, in the purple shaded areas you have since downgraded to winter weather
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advisory, in other words, not expecting any kind of substantial totals out of this. but where you have got the pink, winter storm warnings still in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. so, this is a long window every opportunity, for us to see some snow showers move through. it looks like the bulls eye of where the moisture will get pent up here happens over the pink shaded counties, delco, lancaster counties where we likely see at least 3 inches of snowfall potentially up to five, maybe locally up to six. now looking around the roads here today, i would say, any time of day you're going to need to be on your guard and use extra caution. steadier batch toward the p.m. drive. for now, current temperature readings, casino every all over the place, in the low 30's, certainly cold enough for snow at the airport, 22 up at mount pocono, but currently, there is nothing actually falling from the sky. in either of the spots. but as we go through the day, you will eventually get in on some of what we call
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intermittent or off and on snow. rain and snow showers is the story for folks closer to the shore since you will have bit more moderation on the thermometer. up in the poconos, everything looks pretty scattered for you as well. you will also see snow. so, bottom line, meisha, everybody gets in on this. but it isn't a major storm. just going to take a while until it is finally going on out of here, slow mover. >> yes, you nailed it, katie, we really have to use caution, even if you can't see all of the snow piling up like kate had i pointed out. what you will see is a lot of slick roadways, and you're going to have some black ice out there this morning, i can assure you, it is looking very dark, and little slippery. so take your time this morning, give yourself couple every extra minutes, what you are looking at is blue route, taillights moving in the northbound direction, approaching the schuylkill. again, like i said, looking very nice, looking very quiet, right now, we will of course see this start to heat up, as we push toward that 5:00 hour. but right now, it is still early. soap, heed the warning that it is wet out there. you will have some black ice
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out there at certain points. just use your best addition craig, westbound from jersey, looking good, when those overhang g lights kind of shine down on the roadways, you can see where the slick spots r when we kind of have a birds eye view it, gives you idea what we are working with this morning. it will be slick. when we get a lot of vehicles out on the roadways, this is where the problems a rise. right now you don't have enough vehicles out there to cause too many problems, which is good. ninety-five south at cottman, take it easy, around this s curve. but right now looking quiet. mass transit scheduled for dart here, state-wide schedule change and fare increase, effective on sunday, now flooding updates in jersey coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> winter storm advisory is in effect for good portion of the region this morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin in our mobile weather lab. where are you now justin and what's it like out there? >> reporter: jim, erika, good morning from east eighth street here in downtown wilmington. watching right now road crews are already out here treating
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sidewalks. what they are doing are hitting the bus stops in the wilmington area, people wake up, make their way out to the bus stops and sidewalks out here this morning. sidewalks also very important making your way out to work and school, them need to be treated. the truck here now on the move. we can tell you that right now, we're seeing a lull in the precipitation that's falling right now. we saw some flakes earlier, heading south on the area, making their way into downtown wilmington here. so far so good. not too many cars have been out on 95 or the roads down here. but we know as the morning wears on, that will continue to change that track that we build, and people will come out. the advice that we can give you based upon what we have seen so far is to, one, layer up the wind blurry -- blustery out there, and also, two, driving around here, just be extra cautious. we've seen some portions of
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slick areas on the roads, we've seen some areas where if you're perhaps over estimating your ability, fallen perhaps to a difficult situation here, so the key this morning will be not so much driving through heavy snow or ice, but it will be managing your effort out here, as that storm makes it way in and out and others around you are also traveling as well. that is the very latest here, from wilmington, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, erika, back over to you. >> thank you very much, justin. drive safely. >> meanwhile coastal flood warning in effect around bellmawr, monmouth county. no reports of any serious damage, but look at this, roads and intersections in bellmawr, point pleasant, and neptune township they are under water throughout much of the day yesterday. and we want to see what you're seeing. sends us those storm pictures on facebook, twitter, instagram, once we start seeing some snow. use the hashtag cbs36789 you may see them right here on "eyewitness news". meanwhile, police are
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looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man outside a crowded tgi friday's in delaware. it happened around 7:00 last night, near north dupont highway in new castle. the victim was described as man in his 20's, he suffered multiple gunshot wounds, pronounced dead at the scene. we collected as many witnesses as possible. we took about 20, 25 over to our police station, and most of the employees here we kept here and interviewed them here. >> no details on the identity of the victims. the investigation is ongoing. casey anthony, florida mother acquitted of murdering her daughter, has kept a relatively low apply file until now. anthony has filed paperwork to run a photography business called case photography in west palm beach. in 2008 anthony was found not guilty of killing her two year old daughter kaylee. the controversial verdict outraged some who believe that she did kill her own child, and then tried to cover it up. >> you prefer she go somewhere else? >> yes. >> this is very like family
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oriented neighborhood. and i don't know how accepted she would be here. >> anthony could already be experiencing some problems. her business facebook page has been taken down. some speculate it is because she has been bullied off the social media site. >> so just when you thought you heard it all, a florida man is in serious trouble with the law. he is accused of tossing, get this, a live alligator through a fast-food drive-thru window. >> what? >> the alleged incident happened at this wendy's restaurant, and this is a picture of the alligator, about three and a half feet long. police arrested the suspect, 23 year old joshua james. his parents called the incident a prank gone terribly wrong. >> just a stupid prank that he did that is now turning into this. >> and you believe, you definitely believe there is was a prank? >> oh, 100%, because he is a prankster. >> he is a dummy.
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james faces multiple charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. gator happens since been released at nearby canal. can you imagine being a worker in that drive-thru? >> absolutely not. but i'm also wondering, poor alligator, being heaved through a window at someone in this guy needs to knock it off. mom and dad, come on, always a prankster? no, throwing alligators at people is not a prank, really, get over it. all right, well, seems like the holidays just ended but believe it or not today, hey, it is fat tuesday. time for a fash naught. tell you how the biggies is he celebrating. >> plus, their ad won superbowl con tells, now this up-state new york coffee maker is grinding away to fill their orders. hear from them coming up. katie? >> and jim, we are of course tracking some snow here in the eyewitness weather department. so we're going to track everything for you, from here through the rest of the day. it is a prolonged event, thankfully, not anything more than a major nuisance. but, we will have all of the details that you need to know to get you out the door safely coming up.
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>> we're keeping an eye on storm scan3, as wintery weather moves into our area. katie will update her forecast in just a few minutes. >> celebrate action are underway in new orleans, they braved the cold weather to bring celebrations to the parade. revelers from near and far came to watch the extravagant gloats, harry connick junior joined in on the fun. >> wait, hang on, is that hairy? >> please, no, otherwise he is falling apart. >> oh, love him. he is so talented. what a great ambassador for them. also today many will try to feast on some goodies before taking part in lent, of course the 40 day catholic fast, number of people will visit hagel's bakery in mayfair for sweet treats. "eyewitness news" reporter jan
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carabeo definitely doing the long straw today out there live for us sampling some pastries this morning. so we won't tell justin out in the mobile weather lab what jan gets to do this morning. oh, that looks so good. now, hey, if you don't or sweets aren't you thing, we have another reason to enjoy good food, also national pizza day. >> feel free to take part, sample sole pies, no matter what toppings you like, have a slice, don't worry about the calories, after all, it is a holiday. >> i like that excuse. i will work with. that will meanwhile, up-state new york company is scrambling this morning, it is a coffee company after getting a jolt from their superbowl ad. >> death wish coffee owners say they now need coffee to keep up. >> welcome. >> death wish coffee. fiersely caffeinated. >> hey, there you go, coffee drink presser cable tv's deadliest catch are among death wishes best customers.
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the 13 person staff won the $5 million ad placement in a contest, and since it aired on superbowl sunday, they've been quite busy. >> phones ringing off the hook, you know, people making orders, talking about how they never heard about the company, and they're real excited to try it. >> trying it work with who makes the most sense to work with, who will be the best for our customers find them on our shelves. >> hey, good problems to have, right? all of that business. now the staff wants to ex tanned withhold on death wish coffee vodka. so, they got the appeal, and talking about this before the superbowl, too, won this great contest, trying to stock up, knowing they would have more orders, but apparently they didn't anticipate enough. >> how much caffeine is in that if it is called death wish? >> we coup finds outright here. >> yes, we'll sample. >> need a cup of coffee this morning when talking about snow. >> indeed. always makes for longer day when you have your eye on a storm, but we love tracking this stuff, and getting you a sense of what you are going to walk out to when you actually hit the road here today. we have couple of early
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risers, maybe they got their own cup of joe out there. up with us this morning, in the eyewitness weather watcher network, 29 degrees comes into us from ed actually got little hint of snow that's been reporting within the last ten, 12 minutes or so, and did he say there is a little dusting on unpaved surfaces, anything that's not the roadway. so you are going to likely have to, you know, maybe wipe the windshield down before you actually hit the road here today. you will probably see some on the grass as well out that way. dave reporting in from reading, 34 degrees for him right now. and he did say that unpaved surfaces as well snow covered. but the roads are primarily just wet. i never want you to use that, though, as just an excuse to fly down the highway, guys, because sometimes these more nuisance quote unquote storm systems tends to bring us some of the biggest travel issues. people sort of again kind of get cock bye it, okay, it is not a major snow, not as obvious as you hit the roadment don't let that fuel. please be smart about it, please be careful. we do still have some rain falling at this point. temperatures little too high for anything but rain through portions every kent and sussex
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county, you can see the moisture starting to pack up out there. we definitely have moisture falling in the form of snow, through the dc-baltimore metro area. we eventually get in on more of it, through the rest of the region. primarily west and south, though, of the city of philadelphia, where we ends up, we think, with the best shot to see anything that's more substantial. so general one to three for most every you, that includes philadelphia, however, we're pecking at this point about a three, five locally perhaps six-inch suave southwest of the city. so our forecast really hasn't changed too much here from what we were saying this same time yesterday. and we've actually seen the weather service put out winter storm warning, then since scale it back again. now, through the course of the day what you will find here is pocket of snow. so, generally, under half inch is likely to fall this morning, still enough to slow you down, likely ends up with a little bit more than that as we go throughout the rest of the day specially toward evening. so intermittent, off and on scattered showers, of snow, light to moderate, in intensity, throughout the day, upper 30s for highs, still
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have some scattered snow showers tonight, because this is prolonged event, and then behind this we actually get reinforcing blast of cold come friday into saturday, so there may be some additional snow showers that fall friday night into early saturday morning. but more than anything, just notice the cold. not even going to hit 30 degrees let alone the freezing mark over the course of the long holiday weekends. valentine day coming up here, meisha, a looks like perfect excuse to anything he will. >> thinking the exact same thing, all right, thanks so much, katie. valentine day already around the corner. what do you this about that? good morning, everyone, what we're seeing outside slick roadways. they are wet and you do have black ice in some areas, as well, so just make sure you know that. give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning. you will need it for washington, 309, taillights moving in the northbound direction, at the turnpike area. looking good here. but we can see the sheen all over the roadways, basically any camera shot that i look at we can see that kind of glaring back at us off the roadways letting us know it is slip rip out there. fifty-nine taillights moving in the southbound direction,
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at the airport, looking good. looking nice and calm at the airport. no major delays to speak of right now. keep looking at the airport, make sure that's the case, but always check schedules on line. schuylkill headlights, at the conshohocken curve looking good, nice and quiet. an area that heats up pushing into the 5:00 hour. again give yourself couple every extra minutes to do so. accident in hatboro, york road at county line road, one lane blocked in this area. this is actually our first accident of the morning. hoping that this is the only one that i have to report on. so far, it has been a fairly good morning, in terms of accidents. now we have flooding in new jersey, we'll have all of that coming up of the first we take quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. >> today's snowy start, some swirling snow around center city last night, even more in delaware. we can expect periods of snow throughout the day today, across the area, with couple of inches of accumulation, by
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the time the snowstorm is out here. >> now the search is on for gunman who shot and killed a man in the parking lot after friday's, in new castle county. it happened before 7:00 last night. on the 100 block every north dupont highway. so far, police have no identification on the victim, and no motive for that violence. >> and voters in dixville notch new hampshire cast the first votes in the presidential campaign of the nine registered voters in town, four voted for bernie sanders, three for ohio governor john kasich, and two for donald trump. the rest of new hampshire vote later on today, but they get that perk, less than 100 votes, start have voting at midnight. >> wake up midnight to vote. exactly. 4:50. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, and rough year for wall street, now another rough week? >> a lot of the same factors that have been plaguing the markets this year are what caused yesterday's drop of falling oil prices, concern
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about the global economy, now worry that the european banks in trouble. it was a wild day on wall street yesterday. so far global markets are tanking today. japan stock market plunged by more than 5%. markets in china are closed because of the lunar new year, that opening bell rings in about four hours. so, we'll see what today bridges. erika, jim? >> jill, we hear there is a new milestone when it comes to drones? >> reporter: yes, the faa says there are now 325,000 registered drone owners in the united states shall that's actually more than the number of licensed pilot. the faa says the number every actual drones is even higher than that, most drone operators have more than one. so, that means, bottom line, these skies are getting very crowded. watch your head, right? >> no kidding. jill wagner for us up in new york, thank you. >> thanks, jill. coming up after the break, we will get another check on weather and traffic. we'll be right back.
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dealing with nuisance weather here for the rest of the day into tonight, as well. this is going to be a storm system that really doesn't have heck of a lot of ump to it, but it will have impact at the region, at the moment finding rain showers primarily across southern delaware, minimal snow at least at the local level. you have got a pocket of it, back over the dc baltimore area. eventually we will get in on more of it here throughout the day. but i would call it intermittent. call it off and on, not dealing with a swat of widespread coverage, so there will be times where some of are you seeing snow, and others, not seeing anything at all. but expect that you might get slowed down out there, just one of the mornings where you want to try to hit the road earlier rather than later, because dealing with winter weather advisory, general swat through the event, it is going to have an impact, and it is going to slow you down. but dow think the roads will have an easier time handling this, since that one to 3 inches comes over such a long period of time. lingering flurries, blustery wind tomorrow. then, temperatures crash toward the upcoming weekend.
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meisha? >> could be a lot worse, but it is still going to slow you down, absolutely, thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. birds eye view of the vine at 95. you can see, some early risers out, there trying to get to where they need to go. that's good. leave your homes little early this morning, especially whenever we have slick or wet roadways, you will need to, it will slow down the morning commute just little bit. so the vine at 95, looking an as it does, pretty good. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, also looking nice and quiet again kind of seeing that glare on all of the road surfaces letting us know it could be slick in some areas. schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction past spring garden street. looking good little bit busier now starting to push toward the 5:00. starting to see the schuylkill heat up just little bit. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a headed out the door this morning tune into "kyw news radio" 106o katie fehlinger will have your latest forecast, plus governor wore is expected to propose budget today, even though last year's budget, is incomplete. and how medical facilities in our area are working to prevent the zika virus from spreading, check in two,
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three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to keep our eye on the storm. >> the frit i to the shore, tracking the snow and have everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> and look out below. we're hearing about a close call for some workers standing on top of that crumbling gas station canopy. this and more when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> good morning, right now, we are waking up to winter weather advisory across much of the delaware valley morning. storm scan3 right there showing more snow moving into the region, later on today, katie has her eye on the storm for us roads are wet, making morning commute a messy one, but your ride home this this evening that could be the bigger problem, down the shore in the just the snow but flooding fears have people worried about the second straight day there good morning, february 9th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm jim donovan, few school closings and delays, see them at the bottom of your screen. >> we have team coverage of this latest winter blast, or nuisance, as we're saying, we check in with katie with how much snow we can expect for
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today. you have a cep elf things working against you, very large system, but also very slow system. you know, typically, if you were dealing say with clipper, clipper type system. but his is so slow to move. >> it couldn't have an electric after lot of organization, doesn't have a heck of a lot of organization, but clown err clockwise rotation, to continue to a.m. up it strength through the course of the day. but we're still not expecting more than scattered pockets, of light snow, light to moderate we say any time here today. at the moment, not heck of a lot happening in most spots, there was little bit that rolled through earlier through the overnight, but at the moment you actually got in rain than anything through delaware, southern new jersey, hint of snow falling northern cape may county. so that's where we stand right now.


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