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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, we have our eye on a storm this morning, and look how big that s but don't be fooled if you are looking out your door, out your window, walking the dog, thinking there is nothing going on. today promises to be messy specially later tonight with more snow falling. katie has the forecast coming up. >> meanwhile the first boats of the 2016 race have officially been cast, three small towns in new hampshire voted at midnight to kick offer the first in the nation primary, and we're live with those early results. >> and the video that could lead to charges against former eagles running back, lesean mccoy. it allegedly shows the vicious assault of two off duty police officers, at a philadelphia night club. today is tuesday, february 9th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm erika von tiehl. the wet kerr cause some problems on the early morning commute, but the dinner hour commute could cause some problems. >> happy tuesday, yes, it sounds like it will be worse little later katie. i will say that even, even though it might be the case, it is very wet out there. i'm seeing a lot of black ice.
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doesn't seem to be melting away. >> absolutely, you know there is will be one of those systems that is with us all day today. both commute do get impacted by this system, but actually not finding too much falling from the sky right now in most spots. doesn't mean we're not. just means most of are you actually going to walk out the door and see just clouds overhead at this point. take an another look at storm scan3, bulk of moisture kind of pent up over the delmarva peninsula. we zoom it out. see the whole system in it entirety. it is a big expansive storm. but it is not an impressive one when it comes to its strength, or moisture content. it just doesn't have a lot to offer up. i want to zoom it in one more time, take a little bit of tighter zoom. see how any of the rain that originally was over sussex and kent county, for the most part turning over to snow. seeing pretty decent snow across southern new castle county, the first state, also in southern new jersey, salem, cumberland, cape may, atlantic county all getting in right now on very modest but very light snowfall. that's kind of what you will find. pockets of snow coming
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through. however, if you recall from yesterday, we had winter storm warning, that ended up being issued for most of the reasonable o since scaled back, and downgraded in most spots. to strictly winter weather advisory now shaded in the purple. do you still have warning though, through chester, delco, lancaster county, point west, with you likely end up with heavier snow banding coming in. but general one to 3 inches, is our expectation, so you will likely see some higher and the to the southwest. we will have the snow mall map later, you said it, both commutes are affected there is one, you can't disregard even though not a lot of snow falling right now. >> no, absolutely. specially because of how slippery it is. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. wet roadways are slick. we do have black ice out there. you certainly want to give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning, by the way so happy you are here if you are just waking up with us. schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction before girard, one of the areas start too long see actually build even in the 5:00 hour. now that we are in the 6:00 hour certainly going to really start to build now.
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mondays, tuesdays, some of the heavier travel days through the beginning of work week, so what we are seeing on the schuylkill starting to build there. ben franklin bridge, just so you know, walkway now has just been advised that it is closed not that i am too sure anyone would be walking the wawrinka they are any morning specially how, but the walkway on the ben franklin bridge closing. we look at it in terms of volume levels, starting to build little bit. but overall looking pretty good. 422 taillights moving in the eastbound direction at valley forge also another area keeping my eye on, another area that is building right now. plenty of tail light out there. so, for those every in you any area give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning, you will need it. >> slow down. >> our mobile wet observe lab out and about checking out the roads. >> we now justin always goes the speed limit in that thing checking on the snow for us, good morning. >> ninety-five, deep side to top off, on to the highway here, looking at how traffic is moving this morning. take a look. so far so good. seeing cars move at relatively
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normal pace out here. at some point, the road almost looks dry in some patches. other areas seeing some sheen on the blacktop which of course could be a sign either wet or perhaps even frozen. looking now at 95, going south here in wilmington, in that area there. also, traffic on their side, seem to be moving very well, on their side, too. we are actually seeing some snow. when the snow has fallen, it has been very fine, very fine flakes falling so far. not any heavy precipitation. of course right now, the snow not moving through our area at that quite heavy clip here. your commute won't be too messy, however, you still want to exercise caution on the roadways, because that right
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now is the xfactor. so, just keep it stud. keep it low. get to work and school in one piece safely. back over to you. >> thanks so much for that. >> meanwhile ocean county saw tidal flooding yesterday. and could see some more today. this is long beach island around long beach boulevard and 84th street where water flooded streets and intersections. fortunately, there was no serious damage, a tip if you see standing water don't drive-thru it. >> new this morning, it is not clear if weather played a role in this car crash in frankford. three people were injured when the vehicles collided near bridge and talcony streets around 11:30 last night. emergency crews needed a half hour to pull a man from that wreckage, woman, and two year old, also taken to aria-torresdale hospital. all three victims in stable condition. >> man is shot and killed right outside a crowded tgi friday's in delaware there is morning police searching for the gunman.
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it happened around 7:00 last night near north dupont highway in new castle. the victim described as man in his 20's survived gunshot wound. >> we collected as many witnesses as possible, took about 20, 25 over to plower police station, and most of the employees here we kept hearing and interviewing them here. >> no word on the identity of the victim, the investigation is ongoing. >> eagles played lesean mccoy may face assault charges for fight inside local club. take a look at this video from inside the recess lounge in old city very early sunday morning. sources say mccoy and three friends allegedly punched and stomped two off duty philadelphia police officers, the fight supposedly began over a bottle of champagne. >> injuries in terms of his eye socket, broken nose, broken rib, i believe some hand injuries, possibly even
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some skull injuries. second, as welshing laceration above the eye as well as possible skull fractures. >> police are now wait to go see if the district attorney issues arrest warrant for those involved. >> serious situation developing in germany following deadly head on train crash. >> the death toll has risen to eight, estimated 150 other people have been hurt. federal police say rescuing survivors is complicated, because the crash happened near a bow vare yan forest about 40 miles southeast of munich. choppers right now are transferring the injured to ambulances. we will stay on top of this, bring you any update as soon as we learn more information. still ahead: violent storm forces royal caribbean cruise ship to cut it trip short and return back to new jersey new jersey, now hearing from some of the pass anglers plus, voters are headed to the polls in new hampshire. >> voting has started here in new hampshire in the first in the nation primary. i'm weijia jiang with the latest from the campaign
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trail. coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> traffic moving along at pretty nice clip, but reminder watch out the roads could be slick. >> absolutely, and this evening's commute could be worse than your morning one. katie has the details as meisha watches the roads, listen to little g love and the special sauce, we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> people in new hampshire have started their votes. >> the tiny town of dixville notch, have harmed dollars victory to john kasich, and
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bernie saunders yes, and weijia jiang liver in manchester. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody, forefront runners donald trump overall, bernie zapped ers, this is about more than just delegates. it is about campaign credibility. they got into this race unexpectedly, so this is a chance to show they are serious candidates. but their opponent are not going down without a fierce fight. >> for john r kasich we have three. >> the tiny community of dix advance ville notch first to vote, handed victory to john kasich. >> let's have a big, big victory tomorrow. >> but gop frontrunner donald trump still betting on big win here. at a rally in manchester last night, trump repeated his get out the vote message. >> she says darling i love you but i have fallen in love with another man. i don't give a dam. you got to get out to vote.
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right? >> and marco rubio, somewhat robotic performance at the debate. >> wait, wait, wait. he said that two minute ago, same thingment after the fifth time i said what the hell is going on over here. >> florida senator came un fire again, monday, for repeating this line moments apart at the same event. >> racer our four children, we know how hard it has become to install our values in our kids in the 21st century, become harder than ever to install in your children the values they teach in our home and church. >> democratic side hillary clinton is bracing for a fight to the finish against bernie sanders. >> pick up win in dix ville notch and leading clinton among female voters in the granite state. >> i have a message for all undecided voters vote with your head and your heart. >> people are projected to turn out in record numbers to vote despite snow in the forecast.
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>> undecided voters could play huge role today. the new hampshire primary is famous for being open to independent, which is about 40% of registered voters. >> live in manchester, new hampshire, weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i'll wait to see who the independent vote is for, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage, rahel solomon with live report tonight here on cbs-3. >> turning to our forecast, katie tracking some snow, system we didn't think see coming in this morning. >> , no like i scraped the windshield and i was on my way. >> yes, we had one little bought rolled through on the overnight, now at this point you have to go farther south to find any snow at this point. even little bit of rain out there currently across sussex county, here if philadelphia, really, the rest of the region, not finding much. but through most of delaware, i mean, hey getting hit now with pretty decent swat of moisture. as well as across the bay area into salem cumberland and even cape may, atlantic counties as well. >> this will not necessarily fill in with time, but we will
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see the lil rounds of light snow rolling through, at any time today, through tonight, it is a large system guys. it is not a strong one, it is definitely not royce tour rich one, but taking it sweet old time to rotate through. that will means all of today and basically all every tonight the potential to see light to moderate snow coming through in pockets. here is the snowfall map. we have being picks takes one to three for most every you, take you back bit further, south and west of philadelphia, chester, delco, into new castle county, maybe even into salem county, you will likely end up with at least 3 inches, possibly, to up five if not 6 inches depending on any kind of steadier set up of snow that may come into play here. meanwhile, coastal flood something another very big concern, expect to go see the high tide come in generally between 7:30, 8:30 this morning for the shore points between 12:30-3:30 along the delaware require and contributaries, but coastal flood advisory along the rivers, coastal flood warning for the actual shore.
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wave heights could actually be eight to 14 feet. that's going to lead to roadway flooding will very likely lead to beach errosion as well. nothing quite as major as what we ended one with the billing storm at the end of january. but, still something that's going to cause some headaches. now, thankfully this whole thing is out of here by tomorrow. leaving behind blustery wind granted and couple of flurries but gone thankfully, then we see blast every winter cold here for friday and valentine day weekend. so, we don't even hit 30 let alone the freezing mark those couple of days. >> just full of good news today. >> indeed. don't you love it? >> katie, thank you. >> the commute, the commute east think morning. >> depending where you are, might not see anything? >> totally. i look at the commute right now, things actually looking pretty good a lot better than what i would have first anticipated. headed out the doorway, just know. >> this you are either dealing with very wet roadways, or they're be slick with black ice. leave little earl he. overall things looking pretty good. starting to see volume levels billion dollars. here the schuylkill eastbound at city avenue we go just beyond those trees, look at
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the westbound side, same thing there. certainly starting to build. the schuylkill is one of the areas that we were starting to see build, the earliest, a lot of can you imagine, overall, those things just looking like i said steady for a tuesday morning, busy tuesday morning, pushing into the 6:00. things are looking pretty darn good out there. ninety-five south at academy, also looking pretty good. i know when you push more southbound go to cottman, girard, looking at those cameras, certainly starting to heat up plenty every vehicles starting to hit the roadways now, good, because you want to give yourself couple of extra minute this morning. going to the vine at eighth street, see it is looking pretty good but looking busy, everyone still travel at posted speeds and just make note of that, that in and around this area, we did have traffic light malfunction eighth street at race street. and we do have accident, accident coming up. i'll tell but it in just a little bit. first a quick break, stay tuned. "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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so imagine there is save your money, plan fabulous crews, then your vacation takes a terrible turn. >> that's what happened to thousands of passengers now on their way home after their royal caribbean ship sailed into a violent atlantic storm. the cbs news correspondent jericka duncan spoke to some of those passengers who say it is a cruise they will not soon forget. >> 20 feet waives, wind, over 100 miles per hour, forks dollars this cruise ship to
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make a u-turn, just one day after setting sale. >> oh, my gosh. >> george told us via skype that during the storm, his balcony door appeared to be lifting away from the frame. >> could hear the waves crashing against the hull, metal, banking, it was scary. >> the anthem of the sees cruise ship left the new york area saturday. heading to port canaveral florida, got caught in a storm. jared johnson shot this video after the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. >> at one point people were falling over, and they said, you know, hold, hold the wheelchair, so myself and other were, you know, standing over holding the wheelchair so they weren't going to be sliding around. >> while the worse is over, george says, he is still worried. >> we were rock ago lot right now. i it makes me wonder if there are issues with the stabilizer on the ship. >> royal caribbean says the ship experienced wind speeds
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higher than what was force cast. the coast guard reported winds of up to 115 miles per hour when the storm hit. jericka duncan, cbs news new york. >> wow. i'm book on that ship in august. >> that same ship? >> same ship. hopefully they'll fix everything. good thing is the passengers, weren't serious injuries, and i've been on a ship years ago where we hit a hurricane. same thing. things went flying all over the place. but i got 50% discount on my next crews. you know me? there is always a silver lining, i was the only one that took advantage of it. >> after a hurricane? creasing and me, we're good. >> go for the discount. >> fabulous. >> well, hey, stop what you are doing right now and look at your tv right here. keep an eye on that awning. see that right there? amazingly one worker suffered scratches who was on top of. that will he was on top of that collapsing roof at southern california gas station. this happened yesterday in torrents, california, not very far from la. two workers were doing maintenance work on that roof when they noticed cracks and then scrambled to get off.
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the driver of the crushed car was actually inside the mini mart at the time. and was not injured. but when you think of the people that could have innocent their cars both those workers on the roof there is could have been so much worse. >> when they were doing the maintenance, start seeing cracks? you need to get things done quickly. >> it needs a ladder. don't go on top of it. >> have you looked at the market lately? not pretty site. coming up live in new york with advice for investors as us stocks slide. >> also, a case of you can call it real life donkey con at zoo in australia, after rang tanks are trying their hand at video games. don't want to miss this. katie tracking the snow too? >> indeed i am. yes, we are tracking already some wet weather moving in across portions of the delaware valley. not everyone getting hit by that though. so it is location dependent forecast for you today and tonight. we will breakdown who gets what, how much snow we are talking about, when it all comes through, finally ends, all of the details you need to know c
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case of real life donkey con at zoo. >> or rang tank trying their hands at video games at the mal certain zoo. twelve year old malu the first to put the 3d technology to the testment once the furry friends have figured out which games they like, make that clear, oh, they could soon be playing against zoo visitors.
6:26 am
>> they choose to come up, so do they actually want to share this with the visitors? >> the technology relatively simple, basically projector part of xbox and laptop, in all, costs about a thousand dollars. not bad for the end ripment activity. idea to track the interest from zoo's all around the world. great way to get the animals involved. they are sitting in their environment not much to do. so activity. >> i can guarantee he would beat me. i have eye-hand coordination issues, no way, that or rang tank would definately beat me in a video game. >> i would just not play the game because i have anger issues whether it comes to video games. we'll just wait for him. >> meanwhile, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", it is fat tuesday. a day to indulge in some delicious foods, including a philadelphia favorite. fascinates, liver, where people are lining up for them. >> and i just saw a tweet from
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january, asking, powdered or cinnamin? what do you prefer? road crews are getting ready for the snow. we'll check in in our mobile weather lax. >> roads are looking okay but very slick and slippery. starting to see levels build right now. so just make sure you give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning, you will need it on this tuesday, all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be
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>> live look outside the christianna mall, the snow is falling again, and it will continue throughout the day. welcome back everyone. nice to have you joining us this morning. you know, you tempted me. you weather temptress. come on, jim, there will be snow. and i woke up this morning, i
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look out the window, what? but you did say it was going to be long event. >> see? that's yes say thank you for listening closely. very long prolonged event we are dealing, with not a loft moisture it, will take a while to accumulate much. frankly not finding it everywhere. so we start things offer here with a look at storm scan, wider zoom. let me zoom in to in. better sense of where things are unfolding. folks in delaware, we're in the thick every things right now. but if you're in philadelphia for example, or really, anywhere else north of that line, that crosses over the pa state border and into southwestern new jersey, you are not finding much of anything. there was little pocket that rolled through overnight left behind light dusting, but now starting to see some of the moisture really fill in here, some of it coming down relatively steadily. here's your general synopsis folks. posted most everywhere, winter storm warning still in effect for chester, delco, back further inland across that pa
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border. meanwhile, slick untreated roads will be out there folks, if it hasn't been treated, just assume it might be slick this morning, and really any time today. but generally expecting one to 3-inch swat, and higher and the to the southwest of the city. now, as we break things down, for your travel purposes, it looks as though have the most widespread and steadiest snow come in by tonight. so only getting started at this point. 29 degrees in trenton, 29 allentown, right at the freezing mark in milville and up and down i59 between philly and wilmington. as we go throughout the day don't expect too much more movement on the thermometer so meisha temperatures will stay cold enough to support the snow will come through big fast nuisance than anything. >> oh. all right. no relief. thank you so much, katie yes, good morning, what we are seeing right now slick roadways. you are certainly going to be dealing with some black ice. like katie said, temperatures will support. that will black ice, slick roadways, starting to see volume levels build. fifty-nine southbound at
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cottman come around the s curve see just how busy it is. farley typical. but to see at these levels, a lot of people headed out early this morning, just because they know, that it is going to be little slippery out there. not a bad idea at all. but, if you are, headed out any time soon, take a look at interstate 95. looking very very slow right now. >> schuylkill, past conshohocken, see how busy it is here, a lot of brake lights going out. gulf yourselves extra room from the car in front of you because we do have those slick conditions. also on the world of mass transit, dart state-wide schedule change, fare increase effective this sunday also norristown high-speed line experiencing some delays. so for those of you taking mass transit today make sure to check your schedules on line, need to do so, accident, fluid spill in new jersey north every trenton route one southbound washington road, two lanes are blocked in and
6:34 am
around the area, use caution coming around this area, i have another accident coming up in about 15 minutes, back over to you. >> might finds it just enough to affect the morning commute. >> justin finch live in our mobile weather lab. what's it like out there? >> erika, jim, take a look outside from our front view camera here. seeing some snowflakes fall on the windshield here. fall pretty steadily here. the area near christianna mallment but looking now at the white stuff, pick up on the grassy and unpaved areas untreated areas, not sticking so much to the pavement. we've been hovering around freezing pretty much all morning, and luckily, we haven't really seen it pick up or stick on the roadways, and highways, of course, bridges and overpasses, and other higher areas, are always among the first areas to freeze. see right now that's not so much the case. it is slick, however, but we're not seeing it really become that messy white stuff
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on the roadways, that we know can come when the snow and temperature meet at just the right point. we are on 95 earlier, it was a smooth ride going and coming at least in the area of where we were, just south of the pennsylvania state line. so far we haven't seen any major hiccups on the roadway. but of course, the morning is still building up, the snowflakes as you see there, are coming down steadily here. so, as this thing moves, you want to be careful how you are moving on the roadways as well. erika, jim, back over to you. >> thank you so much. now, if you don't have the cbs philly weather app on your phone, what are you waiting for? track the snow, get the updated forecast anything you want, just one little app, freon itunes and google play. >> right now it is 35:00. and the stock markets terrible start to 2016 just got even worse yesterday. not what we need. dow clones dollars down 178 points, s&p 500 lost 27 points. and the nasdaq tumbled 1.8% t got closer to singling into
6:36 am
the first bear market since the one sparked by the financial crisis. >> i have i haven't check my 401k for weeks. i figure i'm buying on sale. business analyst jill schlessinger checks us live from new york why the markets are tumbling how you should be investing, see, a mid the morning volatile at this. >> i like that bargain idea. >> i tree. >> jim, what's the big cause of this recent rounds every selling? >> yesterday, the chinese stock market was closed for the lunar new year. we can't even blame them. look, there is still fear that the global growth slow down has washed up on us shores. crude oil headed back toward 30 bucks a barrel, although, lower energy is good for consumers, remember, that they've been banking not spending their savings at the pump. finally, i think there is a widespread concern that the federal reserve will continue to raise interest rates this year. despite the overall slow down in growth. janet yellen could eli the fears when she slivers they
6:37 am
are semi-annual on monetary policy before congress this week. >> jill, some investors really can't stomach this up and down. i mean, these are wide swings. what should they do in a case like that? >> i understand that. because even if you're a long-term investor, maybe you came into this period with a little bit more or a lot more risk than you realize. and if that's the case, here is the deal, you are going to have to re-adjust your portfolio. do that by reducing stocks allocation and beef up your cash holdings. now, here is the spinning i swear you will make with yourself. if you make those changes, you cannot jump back into those risky assets after the market statement eyes z, whatever action you take now, has to become part of your overall game plan. and late ladies and gentlemen stick to it, otherwise you are stuck in that sell low buy high cycle of madness. for more on investing, you can go to jill on money. com. deep breath.
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deep breath. you can make it through. >> follow jill on twitter. very useful information. thanks, jill. >> still ahead, katie has another check on your forecast. >> also, sylvester stallone nominated for academy award, but hearing he might sit the ceremony out. hear what he has to say about the lack of diversity at the awards show. jan? >> the big question of the morning, powdered or cinnamin fasnachts? it is donut day. coming to you live from one northeast philadelphia bakery known for making some of the best donuts in town, we will go behind the scenes next. >> ♪ >> not out of the woods yet with the weather. speaking of taylor swift she is making some grammy news, we'll tell you all about it coming up. stay with us, everyone.
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>> katie will have your forecast in a moment, first, whether you call today mardi gras, fash naught, one day is a day to inch dull emergency some delicious food. >> cards don't count today. soap, why not have some treat before lent begins? jan carabeo joins us at hagel's bakery in mayfair picking up our order for us, you asked on twitter, cinnamin, powdered sugar, we agreed, both please. >> got it, i'll mark it on my list, bring it to you at the end of the day hopefully. coming to you live in the kitchen, little controlled chaos right now. and i have been learning, how to flip the donut. so this is glenn haaguely here one of the owners. he'll show me, put them in the friday err right now, glenn, what's the technique? flip them over? >> we will turn them over one at a time right from the beginning to sewer the one
6:43 am
side. jan is doing wonderful job. >> this is little more difficult than i thought it would be. like using chop sticks to turn these suckers over. so, we -- what are we doing? searing it so the moisture? >> searing it so the moisture stays in. >> okay. >> then we will -- >> am i doing it okay. >> doing it perfect. >> i feel like i'm poking some holes into them. i hope this batch is okay. >> turn them bottom up. >> there we go. >> better. >> wow. >> okay. >> then when when we get all done we go to the first one again and look at the other side and make sure it has color. >> is this too slow? >> no, you're doing wonderful. >> i don't want to burn any. >> if we need to, we'll switch. >> all right, wonderful. >> how many of these do you think you're make today? >> well, i don't know how many we'll make but you might make a few. >> we will get ready to go homy think and we will just leave jan here. >> hopefully the next people that come in don't say anything about the donuts here that i didn't do good job. i think i'm doing okay though.
6:44 am
>> i think you're doing wonderful. >> you guys have been around since 1930. such great history here. >> great family tradition. >> now what do we do? >> last few. >> then you have powdered or cinnamin? >> that's right. >> powdered is the traditional version, i i understand you started doing cinnamin because customer requested it? >> yes, geez, i guess i was small. i remember when we still made all powdered. and little by little the cinnamin sugar really has taken over. >> i hear it is a customer favorite now. >> yes, it is. >> wow. you guys will only do this two days a year on monday and tuesday. >> that's right. >> it is a testament, guys. i talk to customers who came in here and say these are the best donuts in town. how does it make you feel? >> great testament to the bakery. great testa minute to the leadership that came long before i d and the hard work and the perseverance that went
6:45 am
in to try to make it a success. >> we talk to your father richard in the last hour. he lovers coming in doing this. what's it like seeing him, the love for the business? >> it is contagious. you come in every day, and my dad is anxious to get to work, anxious to be productive. he just really lovers what he does. it hag passed onto me and pass today my sons the same way. wonderful feeling. >> your sons have already been in here. gone off to real quote unquote real jobs, so they are working two shift here today. i mean, it is a great family business. >> yes, i had one son start at 9:00 last night. another one started at 11:00. one went off to high school. another one off to teach high school. you know, so they got a long day yet after working. you but again it is not that i insist that think came in. i had my high school age student he asked, he sad, dad, please, can i come in at inned night to help you analoga to school afterward. great, good feeling knowing
6:46 am
that everybody want to. and it is not my footsteps. it is my father and my father's father. >> that's right. thank you so much, glenn. and i want kyle to spin around real quick, erika, jim there is one's for you. >> wait. are you going to bite it now, jan? oh, ya, that's what i thought. i had a feeling. >> i haven't had breakfast yet. >> oh, we're friend, jan, i don't care. thank you so much. huge thank to you hagel's bakery opening up early and let us inside. >> go owl to your local bakery. >> that's right. >> support small businesses. >> thank you, jan. if you're not more after sweets person, prefer the savory, today is also apparently national pizza day. feel free to take part in samples every pies no matter how you like your toppings, don't worry of course calories specially it doesn't count today. >> they'll be rolling us out of here between the donuts and the pies. >> we'll work it out this morning there is afternoon, katie, you know?
6:47 am
what a big system, lasting for so long? >> big system, but doesn't have a loft strength or moisture for most of us here. although it will be with us for very prolonged amount of time, our eyewitness weather watcher network coming in right now very much just similar temperatures, basically within the window of say 32 down to about 29 degrees, couple of outline ers there in, but generally what you are findingment actually focus more on the first state of delaware with the hit. just because that's where we are finding the bulk at this point of precipitation coming in. we work our way south to north here. jason checking in from middletown with some snow coming down right now. he said it is pretty light t has landed on the grassy areas, but the roads actually still looking okay where he is located. 32 degrees comes into us from if it wasn't to go from dolores, also seeing snow in newark, delaware, we go to one more, lisa in at 30 degrees, only have time for one more, into greg, he has 31, with little bit of mixture he says, freezing drizzle, with what it started off as. he is actually already seeing
6:48 am
some modest accumulation with snow now that it is starting to turn over with colder air wrapping n that said, i do want to take to you storm scam next. we have got this system, okay, large one. but it only has pocket of snow showers, delivering our way, in fact, still actually little rain going on across sussex county delaware. most of us are not seeing anything at all. quick lil rounds rolled through overnight. now we start to see this lift back in again. so take a look at your area, just sort of watch how things unfold through the better part of the morning, primarily southwest of philadelphia any snow will fall, then it starts to nudge further and further north with time. so, that's where we likely get in on the one to 3-inch swat we are specking for most of you mid to late afternoon. stay with the bulk every moisture, end up with best total three, 5 inches, back through southwestern counties outside every philadelphia maybe locally to up six depending on location, then blast of cold comes our way for the tail end of the week in time for valentine day,
6:49 am
coldest day of the next seven. meisha? >> perfect cuddling weather, thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone, happy tuesday. seeing flashing lights behind me. accident here 309 southbound before welsh rd. it was blocking part of that right lane now kind of pushed all the way off to the shoulder. just make note that the roads this morning they are slippery. they are wet in some places then dealing with black ice and other places as well. gism yourself couple of extra moments. exton area, headlights eastbound direction, near business route 30. steady stream, heating up, basically at all point, starting to look at now even delaware county 59 north at 452, then car that i all the way up to the airportment basically you what looking at. seeing some brake lights go off in the area right now. accident win colt, greenwood at church road. one lane block in this area. been out there for quite some time. i'll let you know when that wraps up. accident in new jersey north every trenton involving a fluid spill, route one southbound at washington road. pushed all the way up taught shoulderment block too long right lanes, pushed off the shoulder. make note that far in that
6:50 am
area. erika, back over to you. >> 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york pork with a preview. good morning, nora. >> hey, good morning to you, erika, jim. in new hampshire and pulling places begin. bob schieffer about the increasingly negative campaign. >> plus, more of gale's oval office interview with president obama. how the presidency has changed him. and what is causing the most stress right now. also, what if we could detect cancer before symptoms appear? one company says it can do just that, jim axelrod is investigating those claims. >> and, we talked with mark bronson, the grammy nominated producer behind uptown funk. how he has created songs from big stars, like bruno mars, amy winehouse, and paul mccartney. news back in the morning. see you guys ten minutes from now. >> such catchy tune. hear it a thousand times and you still love it. >> we will be watching, nor, a thanks. >> hey, beyonce is the latest star to help people in flint michigan still dealing with monumental water crisis,
6:51 am
singler partner with local united way and community programs, to get water and filtration equipment to affected resident. beyonce's asking fans to take part in her campaign, here is the hashtag for you, bey good. a portion of the effort aimed to help flint children with long-term needs. >> now the annual oscar luncheon is normally a time for nominees to hob knob over fine food and celebrate the upcoming awards. but this year's event took on different tone a mid calls for more differs nominations. chris martinez reports, some stars thought about boycotting the show. >> as more than 150 oscar nominees posed for their class photo, the lack of diversity was evident. all 20 acting nominees from the glass of -- class of 2016 are white. for a second year in a row. >> we all know there is an elephant in the room. i have asked the elephant to leave. >> but several nominees, including the danish girl actor eddie redmain, and
6:52 am
rooney, were forced to address the issue. >> certainly -- >> on top of that i they had this piece in the new york times yesterday, and said there should also and hashtag -- protesting outside the beverly hilton where the luncheon is being held, boycotting the the cars, and want other hollywood a list tears join them. >> we want to have the holy wood industry as a whole support the boycott. it should not be just be up to american actors and actress toss boycott. >> sylvester stallone's term in creed brought him his third name notion, he said the film act director, and co-star, who were not nominated, deserve more credit. >> michael jordan, every time i look in his eyes as an actor, i said he is making me better. i think he should have been -- given a lot more respect, a lot more attention. >> the 88th oscars will be held february 28th as calls to boycott the ceremony grow. chris martinez, cbs news,
6:53 am
beverly hills. now imagine sitting at your job just like we are right now when all the sudden this happens. >> everything these fans are about -- (crash heard). >> yes, what you hear, the sound of out of control car smashing right into arrayed yo station, this happened in charlotte, north carolina while they were still on the air. there is talking and then the crash sound. >> boom. >> listen to. that will this is what it looked like after the crash. one of the hoses for the espn station snapped that photo. they were talking about the panthers losing in the superbowl, and things just took a turn for the worse adding insult to injury. your team loses then someone crashes their car in your studio. everyone is okay. in case you're wondering, working out of different studio today. >> and we are are on the sixth near, so i doubt that would happen here. >> unless it was a drone. >> exactly. taylor swift returns to the stage at the 58th annual grammy awards. >> surely didn't expect swift to shake off the award. nominated after all seven
6:54 am
times including for best albumn of the year. she'll open the show we're told with a song from her hit albumn 1989. anyone guess which song she will do. burks county native earned the second most grammy nominations this year, she is tied with the weekend. good luck to taylor. >> and hey you can see swift with all of the stars when the grammy awards airs live right here on cbs-3 next monday night. the fun start with a live red carpet special at 7:00 then the award show takes off at 8:00. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
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>> dusting every snow outside with more on the way, later today. >> one last check with justin finch out in the mobile weather lab checking road conditions for us, how is it looking. >> erika, jim, good morning, we're in bear, delaware, where the snow is coming down steadily, take a look at all of these white yards here, and white rooftops. the snow has been coming down at steady rate here, where the past couple of minute, we've seen here, good news, though, it is not sticking to the roads. so if you're in a area where the snow is also coming down, pretty steadily, the good news it is not necessarily packing up on the roadways, however, on the bridges, and overpasses, we have seen some signs of freezing, so as you're driving this morning you want to be careful because you don't know for sure what is quite underneath you. erika, jim, back over to you. >> good advice, just take it slow all day really and specially the evening commute, could be nasty, slow mover,
6:59 am
right? >> exactly, looks like the bulk of the moisture in terms of any broad coverage will come in later in the day, but definitely as justin showed us finding moisture out there. actually little rain that's coming in, tell tail signs of some what looks to be some skewed focus on the camera lens here outside cape may courthouse, finding little rain micking in with some of the snow. another last snapshot for you storm scan, southern southwestern call it tear of our area really getting hit the hardest but all get in on it at some point. >> thank you so much. minor accident here 95 southbound at cottman, you can see it is pulled all the way off to the right shoulder certainly causing slow downs in the area. gaper delay but volume as well, disable vehicle 95 south the ram from allegheny 295 south also busy. today wide it is looking slow on all of the majors. >> all right, thank you,ment next on cbs this morning, struggle to cancer before symptoms appear, one company says they can do this really incredible story coming up. >> have a great day everyone, stay safe out there. bye bye.
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, february 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." voting is under way in the inauguration's fefrt presidential primary. we're in new hampshire for its make-or-break republicans. a mavis storm in the northeast. huge waves flood the coast. and ca company that claims o find symptoms before they appear. your world in 90 seconds. >> your wife is disgusted with you. she said i'm leaving. i don't give a damn. you've got to get out to


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