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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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quite chilly. it is wednesday, february 10th i'm erika von tiehl. sidewalks could be ice think morning so be careful out there katie and more than ace keeping an eye on that, good morning, ladies. >> good morning, happy wednesday indeed. it is slippery. we are seeing a lot in the cameras showing a lot of it looks almost wet but it is frozen, it is black ice. there is flooding in delaware. so katie, what is in store for us. >> we are still watching retreat of this storm system. the storm is still large but sluggish. it just takes its sweet old time to get out of here. worst of what it had up the sleeve already happened. aftermath issues. the let's talk temperatures, folks. in the wake of the system temperatures will take a hit but as we move forward, we actually get reenforcement coming from the arctic and take a look where we will end up here. our normal high this time of the year, starts to rebound a little bit. back to the low or mid 40's around the region but we're going to be likely 20 degrees
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colder then that for a couple days. very chilly air mass settling in the the days ahead. for now it is cold, it is wintertime, and that is supporting lingering snow flurries and straight up snow shower here and there but no additional accumulation at this point expect. we did mention that black ice issue. i feel like we have talk about it a lot. i don't want message to go unnoticed because you start to sound like a broken record with enough times with things like this but if it was untreated, sidewalks, side streets, anything that was left untreated just assume it could be slick. that could include your front porch and your front step. you don't want first step out the door to make you take a tumble. just take it easy and get to your destination safely. current temperatures at or below freezing mark in most instances. the that is enough to certainly support the idea of black ice, with any refreezing taking place. lingering flurries, granted but we will notice as the day
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progresses, the wind will kick in. we will see gusts as high as 30 to 35 miles an hour. not enough to cause damage but certainly enough to notice it. heavy winter coat on the order of the winter weather accessories you will need here today but at this point, it is safe to put the shovel away for a couple days. >> great news. i necessity those side streets, katie are in the yet treated. we know that a lot of this stuff will be still very slippery. we are seeing a live shot on the turnpike you can see windshield wipers go letting you know it is wednesday in some places and black ice in others. so, for all of you listening to this thinking about heading outside on the roadway give yourself a couple extra minutes and drive slow. would i just imagine it will be black ice and that way you will be safe even if it is wet roadways. the this is pennsylvania turnpike you can see looking good and wet, we saw windshield wipers in that area. moving to the another camera, schuylkill headlights at 202, this is boulevard headlights
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moving at fox street and this is king of prussia, headlights moving in the eastbound direction at 202 and giving you that hazy view. i love these bird eye view and let you know what is going on. the visibility not so much an issue but it looks hazy right here. we do know roadways are still slippery. for those just waking up with us, good morning, it will be a slow drive today, i can assure you of that. erika, back over to you. what a difference a week makes for donald trump after losing in iowa he is a winner in new hampshire. latest numbers show trum 135 percent of the republican vote. ohio governor john kasich finish second. the there is a battle will for third place between former senator ted cruz, former florida governor jeb bush and marco rubio n his victory speech, trump pledged to make america more competitive with the rest of the world. >> we will make america great but we will do it the old fashion way, we will do it to beat chine, japan, we will beat mexico in trade, we're
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going to beat all of these countries that are taking so much of our monday a way from frustrates. >> kasich poured nearly all of his campaign resources into that state. there are questions when will do well elsewhere. on the flip side a disappointing night for new jersey governor chris christie. he is heading home to take stock of his presidential campaign. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins news pennsauken to talk about voters in the garden state and what they are thinking, justin, good morning. >> reporter: many here in new jersey are waking up to news that their governor is back in the state and they say, that is only news because he has been on that campaign trail for so long and now there are signs his campaign could becoming to an end, so welcome we have seen here so far has in the been so much warm more like tell i had because governor did say his next stop would be on to south carolina. >> mary pat and i spoke tonight and we have decide that had we will go home to
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new jersey. >> reporter: tuesday night in new hampshire g.o.p. presidential hopeful and new jersey governor chris christie announced he and his family are reassessing his white house bid at the presidential primary path continues to south carolina. >> it has taken a while to count these votes. we want to see exactly what happens so we will go home to new jersey to wait back home. >> reporter: he has folks waiting and wondering if their governor has been gone for too long. >> he is trying to campaign but state we are living in and things we have gone through this year things he should have been showing his face around here. he what's electric to do a job here and in my opinion he failed in doing that job. >> reporter: early results put christie in spot number six in new hampshire, bottom finish, one that makes him in the eligible for south carolina debate where top finishers in new hampshire, iowa and in polls are welcome. >> we leave new hampshire tonight without an ounce of regret. >> too focused on the campaign
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and he lost touch. >> reporter: specifically tough talking governor struck a reflective tone tuesday, following what has been a bear knuckle fight for the white house. that was last seen sat take in his debate sparring with marco rubio, this week christie continued to take aim at the florida senator. >> i have spoke's lot about senator rubio the last two days because it is an important choice you are making. >> reporter: sound like there is still some fight in the old dog, so even if the christie campaign come to an end this will likely not be the end we will hear of him in this election season. that debate is set for 9:00 p.m. saturday on cbs. erika, back over to you. still a long way to go, justin, thank you. in new hampshire's primary, democratic primary, senator bernie sanders was clear winner over former secretary have of state hillary clinton. sanders credits voters dissatisfaction with the political system for his victory. >> what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an
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enthusiastic and aroused elect trait, people who came out in large numbers, that is what will happen all over this country. >> the clinton campaign argues their candidate will do better in states more racially diverse, the next contest are the democratic caucus in nevada and republican primary in south carolina next saturday. and don't forget, you can see the election results on our web site at cbs pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane could soon be out of the job. the state senate will vote whether to remove her from the office. the resolution will require support from at least 33 senators to pass. unlike impeachment, the move does not require action in the state house. "eyewitness news" spoke with the state senator art hey wood a democrat who initially supported kane's removal from office but has since changed his mind. >> in this process of determining whether she should or shouldn't be removed, i
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haven't heard anything convincing that would suggest that she should be removed. what is it that she cannot do that is important to the job, i haven't heard that. >> it is unclear if governor wolf will sign off on the measure if it passes the senate. kane has called the vote unconstitutional. she's scheduled to go on trial in august on charges of leaking secret grand jury material and lying bit under oath. today local health officials will release more tea tails on a delaware woman and two pennsylvania residents who contracted the zika virus. the delaware, pennsylvania division of public health say all those affected traveled, to areas affected by the out break. the mosquito born illness is generally mild but can cause birth defects when it the effects pregnant woman. >> one of the things that is really important is that it doesn't just affect women, it effects all of us or could, and that is why we all need to be keeping an eye on this. >> if there is one piece of
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reassuring news, here it is, experts say zika is not as big of a threat here as in latin america because the u.s. has better mosquito control. new this morning an overnight fire injures a man in the point breeze neighborhood. it happened around 1:00 a.m. inside a home on the 1700 block of reid street. the injured man was taken to methodist hospital, to be treated for smoke inhalation, and fire fighters quickly got that blaze under control. prosecutors could file charges today against former philadelphia eagles lesean mccoy for a nightclub brawl that injured two off-duty police officers. cell phone video shows violence at the recess lounge in olde city, early sunday morning. a police report obtain by cbs-3 shows officers were injured during an argument with mccoy and three of his friend and all this over a bottle of champagne. we have learn that mccoy has retained a high profile attorney to represent him. happening today, the city breaks ground on philadelphia's love park make over. plans to redesign the famous
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land mark will announced at a news conference. renovations are expect to feature more trees, grass and project is expect to be completed sometime next year. that will look great. love park just one of the many new landmarks that makes philadelphia great but now other people are paying attention to the city too. we will let you know about the huge honor for the city of brotherly love, coming up. talk about a terrifying trip, local passengers shared their stories about getting tossed around on a cruise ship by those huge waves. and say cheese, unusual way this guy was caught in the act while trying to steel money from an arcade. >> ♪ the love it or hate it, a lot of people are still talking about beyonce's performance at the super bowl. we will let you know hoist upset about the song and which restaurant getting a big boost thanks to queen bee.
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we will talk about that when we come right back, good morning.
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...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack. the mayor of flint michigan is expect to testify on capitol hill when house democrats hold hearings on ongoing water crisis. elect officials have different plans and approach toes solving the problem. >> all lead pipes in the city
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of flint need to be replaced. >> reporter: flint mayor karen weaver did not mix word as she revealed the plan to fix the took i can the water crisis. >> i'm announcing fast start plan an estimated 55 million-dollar project, to remove, and replace, flint's residential lead pipes as quickly as possible. >> reporter: on wednesday, governor rick snyder will ask legislators for an additional 195 million-dollar, to deal with the problem. but he hasn't thrown his support behind pipe replacement just yet. he will only commit to reviewing the proposal according to a spokesmen who said experts recommend pipes be coated with a chemical preventing corrosion before determining which lines should be replaced. snyder says he isn't necessarily opposed to weaver's plan. >> it is more of question of lets do it in an organized, thoughtful, scientific and engineering correct fashion. >> reporter: weaver pulled no punches in her response. >> we can't wait for that, we
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don't trust that and we deserve new pipes. i cannot imagine that he would not support this plan, if he doesn't, shame on him. >> reporter: meanwhile the team investigating the crisis for michigan's attorney general said criminal charges could be filed. >> you know, either inn volume will try manslaughter and deaths that may have happened to some young person or older person because of this poisoning to misconduct in office. >> reporter: kim hutchinson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we have been telling you all the time about crimes caught on camera but rarely like this one. this guy really was, caught on camera when he stole money from a photo the owe booth and arcade in illinois. the camera was taking his picture. he only got away with 75 bucks and his picture was so good they got a bunch of tips and, eventually he turn himself in. lets check with katie. she's outside on the sky deck and the snow we saw coming down yesterday, any lingering flakes. >> i'm in the sure if our
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camera can pick it up but there is very fine flakes. maybe you can see them. they are out here right now. even though we have lingering snow flakes do not expect us to accumulate the at this point. the brunt of what this storm has had, it the has happened and we are in the clear with just left over, problems, that come along with it. in the form especially of maybe some refreezing on roadways and sidewalks and such. expect it could be slick. lets show what you we ended up with, snow amounts, they weren't, i wouldn't call them incredibly impressive but they have verified very well with expectations. lionville had 6 inches. exton 4.5. glass go, 3.3. in mount laurel, in new jersey just shy of an inch fell. depending on location we had a few additional inches, however, regardless that storm is still here if you can believe it the but it is losing steam at this point. anything on storm scan at this moment is a bark worse than the bite situation where we are looking at lingering light
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flakes falling. when lou at storm scan you can almost draw the cut out that the jet stream makes here with the cold air moving in the wake of the system and another streak of snow coming across basically the dakotas and minnesota border there. that will not affect us but it is a sign of things to come. chill settling in the days ahead we will see high pressure take back the lead and reenforcement of cold do come in. ski report very quickly, not the a bad couple days to go skiing but you will have to bundle up in the days ahead . multiple trails are opened and they will stay opened with the kind of cold we are looking ahead to. lower 20's this valentines day weekend. talk about perfect snuggling weather on valentines itself, 22 degrees, despite the sunshine and very likely, meisha as we go back to you may track another storm next week. >> that is what i hear. >> thanks, katie. happy wednesday to you. we have another accident outside right now, this is route 30 eastbound ramp to 202
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north bound. you can see flashing lights pulled off to the shoulder right now not causing too many delays. there is not enough volume right now at this early hour but just take note it is out there for these heading tout that area 42 freeway north bound at creek road in new jersey, looking good, looking really good, traveling this, this direction, north bound but you can see how many vehicles are already on the roadways. monday, tuesday, wednesday, yep, they are pretty busy. we know today will be one of them. if you are thinking of heading out give yourself a couple extra minutes because it is looking very wet outside still and some case that he is wetness is black ice. you will have to be very careful as well, just always assume it is black ice when it looks wet, assume it the is black ice and will save you headaches just in case it is indeed. ninety-five headlights in the southbound direction looking good here. volume levels just maybe starting to heat up a little bit but overall 95 is looking good. this is what we want to see. another accident here north of wilmington delaware foulke
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roadblock all directions all lanes, silver side road. you will to have take an alternate, i would suggest marsh or wilson or alternatively wilson to marsh. just know that is there and completely block, erika, back to you. clean up is underway on the streets of new are liens now that mardi gras 2016 is pack in the history books. police suv's are busy with the big job of sweeping bourbon street and french quarter. the not a fun task. police on horse back helped clear revellers and street cleaning machines followed them. more than a million people partied in new orleans for mardi gras, how about it. that makes today ash wednesday, the beginning of the season of penance, prayer and fasting for the world's christians. the catholics will receive ashes on their foreheads at services across the philadelphia archdiocese, including at the cathedral basilica in center city. the catholics will refrain from eating meat on ash wednesday. well, rest of the country
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is catching on to something we have known around here for a while, philadelphia is really great. travel guide company lonely planet the just called philadelphia the best place in the u.s. to vice it this year. 2016 is a big year for the city of brotherly love. we had democratic national convention coming to town this um iser this year is 40th anniversary of rocky's famous sprint up art museum steps. lonely planet recognized the cities history and great restaurants like east passyunk and in fishtown. meisha, you are new to this city but everything stands out. is there one favorite thing when you moved here i never thought philadelphia was so what. >> well, one, no, but let me tell you you places i love. i love center city. the penns landing, how beautiful. new that i'm doing dream, and bucks county, chester county, and i loved princeton. i could go on and on. i can see why it ranked number within and i'm still
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exploring, still learning. >> and all of the great byob and great restaurants. >> that too. >> it is 5:21. a model is making history, i big barrier she broke through in one of the most talk about magazine issues of the year. also this boy is overcoming obstacles despite being stuck in the wheelchair, you have to hear his fantastic reaction to his skate park. touching story when we come back. >> the old way of dealing with teen drop-out rates was truant officers. this is the united way. right here in our community, united way is changing the way, from quick fixes to real lasting change. that's what matters. that's united way.
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welcome back. it is a nightmare vacation, a badly battered cruise ship tossed around by massive waves will arrive back in new jersey later tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff spoke to some people on our area from that trip or on that ship about their terrifying trip. >> reporter: on saturday it was cocktail making robots
5:25 am
that were most striking to the anthem of the the seas passengers, michael. >> it is a neat state the of the art ship. >> reporter: he left out of the north jersey port bound for bohamas with his fiance and more than 6100 passengers and crew members. mid sunday the trip took a turn. >> people are starting to freak out, you can start seeing crew members, they are running around, shutting down the bars, they are literally just in a frenzy. >> reporter: for good reason, ship was caught in the wild storm system off of the coast of the carolinas. conservative estimates put win gusts near 150 miles an hour, passengers were told to stay in their cabins and there they took to social media. >> at any point did you think you might have to leave this ship. delaware county's emily harris says at the height of the storm it seems like boarding life rafts may be too dangerous. >> we just stayed in our room, it it was ter filing, we had in where to go and you just had to stay and ride it out.
5:26 am
>> based on everything, they have done everything they could to make it right i assume but how we got into that position is kind of a mystery to me. >> reporter: others too. senator bill nelson of florida is calling for an investigation into why the ship pressed in the path of the storm. >> there are a lot of things repaired. >> reporter: when given a tour sunny skies seemed almost normal. as for mike he was planning a cruise for his honeymoon. >> i don't know if i would be doing that cruise again after that. >> all passengers have been refunded and royal caribbean is allowing 50 percent of the value of this trip to be applied to the next one. reporting from the sat center, will alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". see if they will use it. coming up next on "eyewitness news" how you can still get tickets to bruce springsteen's sold out show in philadelphia, jan? erika, zika is now close to home with three confirmed cases in our area where these people can contract the mosquito born virus and what
5:27 am
health officials want you to know this morning. the votes are in, and who won the first in the nation primary and might be getting out of the race? i'm weijia jiang in manchester new hampshire with the latest coming up. and we are still tracking a retreat, if you can believe it, of this same storm system now going on 48 hours worth of the storm but it is, leaving and in its wake comes a blast of cold. we will tell you how cold it will get coming up, erika. >> all right, thank you. road are wet the after last night's snow an inside streets could be icy too, watch out for that black ice out there, meisha will let you know about trouble spots on the road when we come right back, good morning.
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we leave new hampshire tonight, without an ounce of regret, nothing. >> is this the end of the road for governor christie's presidential hopes? he is heading home to new jersey after a disappointing finish in new hampshire. meantime donald trump and bernie sanders are celebrating their victories in the the new hampshire primary. latest count shows trum 135 percent, john kasich in second. there is a about the will in third between jeb bush, jeb bush and marco rubio among democrats, bernie sanders easily defeated hillary clinton. now the presidential candidate are looking ahead to south ca


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