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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". no july moved through the delaware valley blinding drivers and also causing accidents, just all over the place. cbs-3 cameras in plymouth meet be where it was snowy one minute, and sunny the next. >> this is from shannon lindsay in northeast philadelphia, she had tough time to drive the kids on the untreated roads. understanded bridge. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. brewers blew up social media, sending snow to various parts
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of the area. when it came down, oh, came down hard. "eyewitness news" reporter, diana rocco joins us now, along the schuylkill expressway with more on really the sneaky snow squawls. diana? >> reporter: yes, erika, and that's exactly what took people little bit longer to get to work this morning. of course, you can see, the difference from just few hours ago the sun is shining, the snow squawls reaking havoc. >> surprise snow squawls made a mess of commute from delaware count my montgomery county even center city. this video from plymouth meeting shows what drivers were dealing with, near white out conditions, and accumulating snow, making roads slick. and causing accidents up and down the pennsylvania turnpike, and the blue route, adding hours to the commute. this is what it look like down the roads, on outside windows in the pine valley section of northeast philadelphia, as many were leaving for work. but, then it cleared up, as quickly as it came. sam clover, from the "kyw news
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radio" traffic center says it was a busy morning. >> i don't knee what you call these things, but started to come in, accumulate on the highways, turnpike, willow grove, all backed on, trying to get to the ft. washington interchange, 309 was all backed up, and street road. society turnpike was a mess this morning. >> would you say just blind sided people? >> it did blind side people. again, what do you call it? it is a squawl. but it start today accumulate. woodhaven road was like 1 inch of snow this morning. so pretty much stops people. people were just not ready for it. >> so the sun was shining in some places, and it was snowing in others. that's the question this morning, what do you call these things? where did they come from? for more on that, let's bring in meteorologist, katie fehlinger. i know were you monitoring the showers all among longer. >> absolutely, that's the thing, you said it, the fact you can see these come up on you at the drop after hat. really think the only warning anybody had was looming gray sky off in the distance, that
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was real the only sign, otherwise it was bright blue skies and sunshine. full screen, from palmyra cove nature parker year this morning, couple of flurries had rolled through. watch things go into motion then. sunshine, boom. clouds roll in, snow blind sided the view over the delaware river, now back to sunshine again. as quickly as it came it went on out. what happens? basically more than anything folks it came courtesy not of organized system rather just lake enhanced snowflakes, rolling on through, and they manage to just come in, intensely right over specially montgomery county portions of philadelphia county right around say between eight and ten this morning. all of the highways around this indicated by red lines led to such problem. so lake enhancement where the moisture came, from winds driven too, so zipping through, anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per hour but highly localized that's why you had
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sunshine, in most spots localized snow squawls in others, also, accumulating very quickly, now it all sips through very quickly, as well. but, it left behind slick travel, and the thing is here today, guys, coy still see lingering murphy not snow shower at some point throughout the day. because we still have this persistent winds out of the northwest, more on that, and the cold, that comes with this, as we go through the rest of the shore, erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. the cruise ship that sailed into the path after dangerous storm is back in port and being investigated by the national transportation safety board. passengers are back on solid grounds. correspondent don champion in bayonne with the details. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship back on solid grounds sharing tails of dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> the wind coming through the doors, afraid it would break the glass, we slept on the so
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far a we didn't think we was going to make it. >> the 200,000-ton liner set sale for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in major winter storm in the atlantic, the vessel was battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. >> dennis on the crews with his family they spent hours on lockdown in their rooms while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> my sisters and brothers pretty distraut, my mom was okay, they opened up the mini bar. that will was good for her. >> royal caribbean officials say they're reviewing the company storm avoidance policy to make sure an incident like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we've got to do better. we can't ask guests that are coming to us for dream vacation to experience those kind of conditions. >> some rattled passengers say they're done.
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>> dodge done champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> more than 100 students recovering from a stomach illness at ursinus college. officials try to pinpoint what caused the outbreak. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo on campus with the latest. >> breakfast at ursinus college, not in the dining hall today but in the lobby of the athletic center, on the menu food from wawa and wegmans. >> probably -- >> more than half dozen businesses are stepping in to feed student here, the college voluntarily closed its dining facilities after stomach illness, spread quickly across campus earlier this week. the montgomery county health department is investigating. >> i'm trying my best to stay clean, washing my hands, trying to keep the room as sterile as possible. >> more than 100 student and some staff have contracted the illness, the symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. fortunately, student say, many of their friends are already
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recovering. >> some of my friends got sick, but they're okay now, so that's good. it is going away fast. >> nearly two dozen had to be taken to the hospital, or urgent care for treatment. and the outbreak may not be done just yet. the college says more student got sick overnight, and this morning. >> very unfortunate this had to happen, but they're taking care of it the best they can. >> today class continues as crews clean and sanitize every building on campus. the dining hauls will remain closed today, meaning both lunch and dinner will also be served out of the athletic center. and all of this made possible through staff and student volunteers, as well as local businesses. >> the resiliency of the place, and the family like atmosphere, really getting us through. >> at this time it is unclear if the cause of the outbreak is food born, or transmitted by person to person contact. it may take up to a week for health officials to find out. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the senate appropriations committee holds hearing on the zika virus threat.
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directors at the centers for disease control stress vigilance, as they work to learn more about this virus. >> zika new diseases can be scary and particularly when they affect the most vulnerable among us. right now the most important thing for americans to know is if you're pregnant, it is better not to travel to a place where zika is spreading, and if you're pregnant in a place where zika is spreading do everything you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites. >> the cdc director added that they're learning more and more every day in working as fast as they can to gather more information about the virus. >> south detectives are searching for a man who slashed and robbed a cab driver along fabric row in the queen village section of the city overnight. philadelphia police just released this surveillance video of the man they believe is responsible for the attack. check it outright here. the driver, not only fought back, he also drove himself to the hospital and told his story to "eyewitness news" reporter, justin finch.
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>> i thank god, you know, thank god, like everything is fine. >> holding up his hand, cab driver shows off his bandage covering two cuts he suffered, in a fight for his life overnight. one, that he won. >> put the knife on my neck. so hold the knife like, then struggling with each other. >> says the back seat battle began with a fare pick up at fourth and south street, though the drop off would change from fourth and catherine to fourth and green. >> so when i get to fourth and catherine, he with like the knife, show like i have a gun, like i can shoot you, so give me monday. >> i the driver in his 50's didn't have the cell phone to call 911. so he says he pounced, grabbing the knife, that is how he got sliced. the suspect got away with $70, and was last seen running off on foot. man says his attacker was white male, 6 feet tall, about 25 years old, clean shaven and wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. >> very lucky to only be stabbed in the hand where he could have been stabbed or cut
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in his neck or his throat. >> wounded, the cabby drove himself to jefferson's er and trauma center where alert staffers called in six district police. officers saluted man's bravery, with a sign of caution. >> someone has a knife, which is a deadly weapon, or a gun, or any weapon, the best thing to do is just give up your possessions. >> in queen ville and, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> two shows in fishtown will go on as planned tonight, despite serious damage to one of the venues doors. police say a driver slammed into the building, just before 2:00 this morning. that person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and tested for driving under the influence. some new video surfaces of lesean mccoy out and about just days after he was allegedly involved in a night club brawl in old city. sean brace, of philly influencer. com shot this video and claims that mccoy said he made a mistake. but the audio is a bit
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muffled. mccoy and three other men could face charges in the fight that injured two off-duty philadelphia police officers. one officer suffered broken ribs, a broken nose, and other injuries. the other officer has a possible skull fracture. still ahead this noon: as it going to the oscars wasn't exciting enough, wait until bee show you the goody bag. it is worth more than $200,000. you heard that right. we'll tell you what was in it whether we come
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>> miami hill and bernie saunders were square off in another debate tonight. sanders fresh off his big win in new hampshire. meanwhile, they're fighting for votes in south carolina cbs correspondent marlie hall with the latest. >> marco rubio, rallied early this morning, in south carolina, he's trying to rebounds from his disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire, as the alternative to donald trump. >> it is my hope, if-ee elected president when elected president to try to unite this country as much as possible. >> jeb bush attacked the inflammatory rhetoric. >> down right mean spirited. >> trump with lead in south carolina. >> i've spent less money than anybody else, and i'm number one. >> but in a state where two thirds of gop voters describe themselves, as born again, or evangelical, ted cruz thinks he can win. >> john kasich, who came in second, in new hampshire, is expected to have a tougher time among south carolina
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conservatives. >> democrats love to spend, republicans do, too, they just like, but they feel guilt when they do it. >> there are also questions about how bernie sanders will do among minorities voters in the south. but, the democratic socialist told scott pelle wednesday, he's confident. >> wages always takes place when millions of people stands up, fight back. >> hillary clinton received a boost thursday morning with a endorsement from the blank congressional cake us. >> hillary clinton wants to turn the page, wants new story line to emerge after this debate. >> between the endorsement, and the debate, she is looking to put her new sham shire defeat behind her. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the gop candidates go head-to-head on the debate stage in south carolina this weekend, see the republican presidential debate on saturday, at 9:00 p.m., right here on cbs-3. armed stands off at national wildlife refuge in oregon could soon come to an end.
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the final four occupiers promise to surrender today after negotiating with the fbi last night. the group seized the refuge on january 2nd, in protest of federal land use policy. bundy was arrested two weeks ago, police took his father into custody last night. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news": the interesting items of the owes car goody bag this year. also this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you can call it the bruce excuse, how one dad used bruce springsteen, as an excuse, for his daughter being late for school. good one. pay attention to this one, kate. >> i i can't wait for this one. we in the meantime are dealing with a blast of arctic air, as we look ahead to valentine weekend, plus, could there be another storm looming next week? we'll have those answers for you coming up.
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>> what different view compared to this morning. >> absolutely different. yes, at least for a time anyway bright sunshine here in center city philadelphia. then, snow squawl slips through here, as well. >> sneaky little guys. >> real bring. actually expecting potentially still see few snowflakes out there any time the rest of the day today, courtesy of the lake enhancement we'll show you on storm scan3 in a second here, but going on outside, see the pretty picture, starting off, yes, isn't it preppy? couple of puffy clouds, nothing more right now, 25 degrees, but look at the winds, whew, west out of the west here at 24 miles per hour, means it, feels no better than 10 degrees, a whopping ten at high noon.
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really chilly air in place, looking at other feels like values in a second. you can still see the speckles of purple that show up. definitely cold enough anything that does fire up will be strictly snowflakes, but i don't think you'll necessarily see the squawls set up as the day goes on, keep an eye on it for you however as we go through the rest of the dayment meanwhile, you can see the carved out jet stream here, indicating where the colds he is air started to nudge in here, eventually going to see the reason enforcements come in. so cold now, as one system retreats, the lake enhancement picked up. we'll see another cold front come along here, leading into saturday, specifically. so, friday night into saturday morning, you may ends up here, with brief snow shower, but, the bigger story is the colds that that leaves behind. and sunday morning, valentine's day, is actually going to be the coldest time frame that we not only have seen so far this winter, but that we will see of this stretch of cold. so as we look ahead to sunday morning specifically, pick your region, see just how chill at this will be. i mean, everybody will feel as though it is sub-zero here since still winds to work with. the worse of it certainly goes
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to the mountain us terrain, even through the sit at this likely feels as bad as ten or 15 below zero, so, you really do have to bundle up at quadly if you have brunn every plan, here you go, wind starting to crank out here primarily out of the west or northwest. but that means, it will feel so much colder, than these thermometer readings. let's take a glance, use this, if you are about ready to hit the road as a gauge most of you feeling no better than single digits, brutal stuff already so good easing in day-by-day, cold air to work with to the point that we definitely have chill in place, full sunshine sunday, don't let it fool you, it will be awfully frigid outside. then we've got our eyes on potential for another storm system. looks like it start off with
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light snow, potentially some steadier snow mixing with rain, leading into monday night and tuesday. so, that's the next big thing to look ahead to, wintery pattern for sure. >> but it is february, looking forward to this during the show. value of the swag bags given to the oscar nominees hit new hi, there is now about $200,000 worth of the give inside including ten-day first class trip to israel. get free unlimited audi car rentals, vampire breast lift procedure, we had to lift that one. uses apparently your own injectable fill tears gave you a lift. the bag also includes, the other end of the spectrum, toilet paper, said to be the most soothing and absorb and the available. academy awards airs february 28th, and i wonder about that bag, an u-haul truck to back up. >> the toilet paper part remind me of legally blonde. >> that's
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>> eagles will honor glenn fry right here on cbs-3, he died last month at the age of 67. his former band mates will play a tribute to him. they'll be joined by singer jackson browne, who co-wrote the eagles first hit, take it easy, with fry. also co-wrote many of the bands other big hits including hotel california. and, you can watch the grammys monday night at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. well, another music
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legends brew springsteen is in philly tomorrow night at the wells fargo center. springsteen's concert, they are area pretty long, run about three hours usually. so, naturally, if you have to do something the next day might be tough to get up early. one dad we heard in albany decided the boss is just too big for his daughter to miss. so when she got up late the next morning he wrote a note toll school principal explaining it was bruce's fault. he said when the boss comes to town you've got to see him. that letter went viral as many springsteen fans can relate. here's hoping the principal was a springsteen fan. >> absolutely, i know our producer monica can totally understand that. i'm erika von tiehl. for katie, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> we're always on line for you at >> the young and the restless is coming up next. have a great day. >> ♪
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>> jack: what were you two doing upstairs? >> phyllis: i lost my phone. >> jack: upstairs? >> phyllis: yeah. well, i wasn't sure. billy offered his help, and i was retracing my steps. luckily, someone turned it in to the security office. >> jack: you were gone quite a while. >> phyllis: yeah. well, there was nobody in the security office. >> billy: you know what, phyllis? you don't have to lie for me. >> victoria: you already picked somebody to be natalie's new watchdog? who? [ knock on door ] >> summer: natalie? [ knock on door ] natalie, are you in there? >> natalie: [ sighs ] [ knock on door ] hey. um, i need a favor, and fast. >> natalie: i owe you a favor?


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