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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 12, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, serving up a slice of love. taste with tori heads to local restaurant full of heart. how pizza brought one people together in life and business. kate? >> and we're one day into a dangerous four-day outbreak of arctic air. i'll tell when you the defendant air moves in just how it gets and we're tracking a storm for next week. and pro athletes in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. former eagle the latest player making headlines. one expert weighs in on what
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could be hyped the bad behavior. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. those stories and much more are straight ahead but we begin tonight with the mystery illness that's sweepg college campus. >> now 185 students staff and faculty members at ursinus college have gotten sick forcing the school to cancel all classes again tomorrow. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live on campus tonight with new details. david. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, you can bet there are a lot of questions from students, parents and faculty about exactly what's going on to put it in perspective you said about 200 people sick. there's only about i wasn't 800 students and faculty combined on the camotes. they just want to know what is going on. the streets and walkways of ursinus college were almost completely empty thursday night. sure it's outside, but people stayed inside for another reason. almost 200 are recovering from a mysterious outbreak that began earlier this week. >> a girl next to me had to
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leave and low though up, and it turns out she was sick. so i feel kind of like it's doom for me. >> 185 students staff and faculty are sick almost twice the number from wednesday night. 30 went to the hospital urgent care. school authorities believing dining halls may have been breeding ground and closed them for a few days. they have since reopen. wawa and other local businesses pitched in to feed students and staff. >> there's about six people in our hall who have gotten sick and we're on the baseball team about 23 guys on the team who have gotten sick. >> cleaning crews have been up and down the campus making sure they don't miss a spot. authorities with the montgomery county health department are still trying to find out if the illness is food-borne or spread from person to person. >> we think that's probably a virus and when you think about a virus doing that the most common one that does this a norovirus. just statistically speaking it's probably neuro. >> no matter what it is, those who live and spend time on campus aren't taking any chanc chances. while the medical director
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believes that it's probably norovirus, he says he still wants to be a hundred per sent sure that will come hopefully in a couple days. officials on campus have been in touch with students through e-mail and social media. they hope to have things back to normal including classes monday morning. reporting live tonight in collegeville, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, david. other news tonight underground electrical fire spends smoke billowing into the streets of center city philadelphia. take a look at this eyewitness camera video from 21st and walnut. it was sent to us by chris peters. you can see the black smoke pouring from underground. fortunately no one was hurt. earlier tonight about 400 homes and businesses were without power in the immediate aftermath. that number is now down to about 90 i'm told. crews will work through the night to get all service restored. philadelphia mayor jim kenney weighing in on the assault investigation involving lesean mccoy. cell phone video apparently shows the running back in brawl at the recess lounge in old city this past weekend. a police report states two off
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duty officers were severely beaten during an argument over the ownership of a bottle of champagne. so far, the district attorney has not filed any charges. mayor kenney says he has seen some of the videos. >> in addition to punches being thrown there were some kicks that looked as if -- being leveled, and it's that's unconscionable and could you warily. >> if he wants to pound our officers and stomp our officers he need to pay the price and answer for his actions. >> there is no timeline on the decision as to whether or not arrest warrants will be issued. athletes behaving badly are grabbing had he lines. >> some well-known figures find themselves in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. our natasha brown finds out why it could be happening. >> reporter: vicious assault video has gone viral. showing the brawl at recess lounge in old city this past weekend. allegedly involving former eagles running back lesean mcc mccoy. it's not the first time we've seen local professional
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happening lease thrust into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. >> former eagles wide receiver riley cooper's image was tarnished when video from kenny chesney two years ago revealed cooper using an racial slur. street fight involving cookie sixers jahlil okafor. casting a bit of a shadow over the 20-year-old's first season in the nba. >> quite frankly there's a maturity issue and he's a very young man with a lot of money who looking to make everyone happy. >> joe is a sports psychologist who works with the university of pennsylvania men's basketball team. >> when i talk to so many young professional athletes and student athletes, it's amaze wagon we hear about the fears and insecurities and then nervous we see them on tv and they're in trouble. >> reporter: dowling says there's a real movement now in high schools and colleges across the country to nurture a young athlete's mental state of mind
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while still applauding their physical prowl less. >> hopefully as we move forward it will be more of the norm where we're looking at mental strength as well as physical strength. and really finding out where kids are and hope until will of course when some of these are fortune enough to make it to the professional ranks they'll have the coping skills. but it needs to start in high school and college. roar report while the future of lesean mccoy's 11 involvement in this brawl remains uncertain, dowling says he has one question for the star running back now in his eighth year in the nfl. >> what i would ask him is what have you learned about this? what can you do differently? and hopefully that's what this is all about. this extraordinary opportunity for him to learn. >> reporter: again lesean mccoy is not been charged in this case meantime joe dowling is hoping to integrate more sports psychology type programs in high schools and colleges around the country. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you.
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mayor kenney and so called brown outs temporary closing of firehouses to save money. audit released by the city controllers found the brown outs jeopardize public safety by increasing response times. what's more they end up costing the city millions. brown out policy started in august of 2010. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed in their latest democratic debate tonight. presidential hopefuls debated in milwaukee ahead of the nevada caucuses february 20th. they disagreed on immigration, health care, campaign financing and how to pay for government reforms. they also talked national security. >> i recall secretary clinton ran against then senator obama she was critical of him for suggesting that maybe you want to talk to iran you want to talk to our enemies. our goal is in fact to try over a period of time to in fact deal with our enemies, not just
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ignore them. >> final comment. >> the question was would you meet with an adversary without conditions? i said no. and in fact in the obama administration we did not meet with anybody without conditions. that is the appropriate respon response. >> the republican presidential candidates are in south carolina which holds its gop primary on the 20th. polls show donald trump with a big lead there. and you can watch the republican candidates go head to head on the debate stage this saturday night at 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs3. this sunday is valentine's day. the national retail federation estimates americans will spend nearly $20 billion for the holiday. >> always popular gift bouquet of red roses. those flowers have been a symbol of love where did this originate? good question.
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>> nicole brewer is here witness answer much nicole. >> hey, guys. you mentioned that $20 billion. a lot of money right 2 billion of that will actually be spent on flowers alone and that includes almost 200 million roses of course the most popular of the bunch the red rose. so we wandered why are -- wondered red roses considered romantic. it's a good question. let's find out. >> ♪ do you have valentine's day plans? >> we do. it's always surprise. >> we just made reservations. >> dinner dates to chocolate heart shapes cuddly bears and cards that show you care this valentine's day love will blossom. >> the women love red roses. >> but why are red roses considered romantic? >> that's a good question. i don't know why. >> i guess because red symbolizes love? >> passion. >> commercial i. >> florist says it began with afro diet tee the goddess of love while running to the side
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of her wounded lover a don diss she pricked her foot on the thorn of a white rose. >> blood comes out. white rose become now a red rose and instantl instantly instantln the symbol of love. >> wow. >> that's kind of aggressive. >> i don't know how i feel about the blood and valentine's day now. >> another association involves the crucifixion of christ and his blood staining a white rose bush at the foot of the cross. >> that was one of the biggest sacrifices for love. >> then there's the wars of the roses in england during the 15th century in which the house of lancaster represented by the red rose wouldn't power over york whose emblem included the white rose. >> everything is about blood. >> that doesn't sound fun at a all. >> but put want to keep the piece and the passion this valentine's day -- >> fellas, get red roses. >> you can get those red roses but they will cost i was bit more this weekend. experts anticipate a 40 to 50%
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increase in wholesale price hemoglobin trickles down to the customer and is not just the roses. i have to tell you you can expect to pay a premium for all red flowers this time of year. >> all red flowers. >> how about that. >> all the women i talked to said they actually like it when their man or their partner changes it up. spices it up wild flowers, maybe something outside the box. >> orchids maybe. something different. >> some went as far as to say red roses are over done. >> i wouldn't agree with that. >> i'll take whatever you give me. >> that's right. >> here i sit a thorn between two roses. >> oh, i knew that was coming. >> thank you ladies. >> all right. >> thanks nicole. >> we want to know what your good question is log on to question to send us your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can't wait to hear from you. well food can bring two people together and for one can you believe it was love at first
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bite. >> still ahead at 11 taste with tori heads to a pizza shop that is full of hearts. how owners are spreading love this valentine's weekend. >> also adele continues on the sure fire road to another hit. why her carpool karaoke with james corden is going down in the record books. kate. >> it's freezing outside right now. in fact well below freezing but it's only going to get worse britt gets better. we're talking about dangerous cold for the weekend. then a warmup featuring some snow and then some rain he have. we've got everything in the seven day forecast. i'll have it for when you we come back. and pope francis returns to north america. the message he'll be taking to mexico. stay with us. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don
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bell. ♪ pope francis will touchdown tomorrow in mexico where he's expected to receive a tremendous elwell come. francis the first latin america pope is expected to make pastoral and political messages during his visit to mexico where 81% of the population is catholic. more than 2 million mexicans are expected to greet the pontiff in mexico city security is a big concern. mexican government officials say they will deploy more than 10,000 police officers to protect the pope. adele and the late late show with james core depth break a record. ♪ >> corden's are carpool karaoke with adele the most watched late night youtube clip ever. ever. more than 67.6 million people have watched the duo cruise through london. and you can watch the late late
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show with james corden at 12:37 right after the late show with stephen colbert on cbs3. the grammy awards are on monday and one of the biggest names in open will be opening the show. >> taylor swift will be kicking things off with her nominated album 1999. she's nominated for seven grammys this year. she won seven grammys the first back in 2010. >> grammys are monday night at 7:00 p.m. right here on cbs3. it's a live grammy red carpet show then 8:00 the grammy awards both life here on cbs3. love is in the air as we get ready to celebrate valentine's day. lot of first dates start with dinners and couples go on to second dates and some eventually get married. >> but not too many first dates are the beginning of a romance with pizza. have you torah woodill has the story of one couple's slice of love in tonight's tastes of to
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tori. >> this story begins at a pizza shop. >> pizza will be out shortly. >> place where jay and marlo had their very first date. >> we met at a wedding. >> we both had broken up from long-term relationship and just started talking at the bar at the wedding. >> so he said -- >> i want to take you to the best pizza place in the world. >> had he said. >> no, not at all. i can't stand pizza. >> do they serve salad? >> because i, i can didn't want to say no. i said, bring a bottle of wine and i'll have a glass of wipe an salad and he said well, it's really not that type of place. >> so she went to dee lorenzo's in trenton known for thin crust pizza pies. >> i know exactly what you had on, too. you had like cropped nick kerr pants. awed yellow tank top on. and you had yellow flip-flops like they were like little trimmed yellow flip-flops. i remember that. i don't know. >> we sat down and/ored. i think he ordered two pizzas because you said you eat a whole one yourself. >> when you ate one you said
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jay, good pie. >> originally well he doesn't listen i just said i don't like pizza but i was impressed. he knows what he's talking about. >> now 13 years later, and owners of slice pizza they'll both tell you it was love at fir bite. and the date wasn't bad either. and this weekend they're spreading the love with piping hot heart shaped pizzas and one lucky order will get an extra special surprise to seal the deal. >> it's extra nice to get an extra little surprise. >> are you feeling like extra giving towards me like you want me to have a heart shaped pizza to show that you're thinking of me? since i'm right here. >> okay. not my best pick up line but it work. and that thin crust pizza was crispy hot and tasty. >> that's dynamite. i feel like we're missing a few people. don't you think? >> all girls. >> all girls. >> all girls. >> oh yeah we didn't mention the fact their all girls. >> my kind of love story. isn't can i get a family hug? >> it's so nice.
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>> pizza, first date and four beautiful girls later. now i did ask marlo and jason if they were -- they were a pizza kind of would they be. >> jason marlo would be something spicy maybe pepperoni and marlo said jason would be traditional. we have both heart shaped pizzas with us tonight on their behalf. >> they look great. we don't want to eat them just want to look at them. >> are you falling in love? can you believe that? is this the best gift one could receive really? are you looking at that? >> that's what they say. i'm swallowing on my own saliva. i can't deal with it these pies are so good. i just -- is it wrong? >> that looks good. >> don't judge me. don't go there. >> you did. >> all right. enjoy. we'll let her enjoy that. you take a couple bites. >> i'm going to take this to go. >> vittoria is out and kate bilo
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is in. >> good week topped curl up and take a bite of gigantic heart shaped pizza like tori just did. >> very very cold weekend. but the good news is if you can stay inside, snuggle up and try not to go too many places. we'll get through it. stay safe. don't be outside any longer than you need to be really this weekend if you have pipes prone to freezing trickle water perhaps saturday night into sunday morning that should keep the pipes from freezing and never let the pets outside any longer than you would stay outside in a coat. they can feel it like we can. take you out to what's happening in the city of philadelphia with the clear sky tonight. things are feeling very cold. we've got strong gusty wind. dying down a little bit but still feels it's kind of cold that you open the door and immediately your eyes start to water it's just kind of that biting wind outside tonight. take a look what's happening earlier today. what was happening i should say. leadership academy in philadelphia you start the day with sunshine looks fine and then laughs, bang there it goes white out conditions many spots picked up pretty nasty snow
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squalls this morning northeast philadelphia especially got a quick coating to an inch or so and of course we had reduced visibility with those squalls moving through. nothing outside right now. but another round of those could come through late tomorrow night into saturday morning. with yet another arctic cold front slipping across the area reinforcing the. it's cold enough already. we don't need another one. 21 degrees in philadelphia. 18 in reading. 12 right now in lancaster. feels even colder feels like single digits everywhere right now. tonight we'll head down to 16 degrees for your overnight low the winds will gradually die down. that's our one little saving grace for tomorrow even though it's still very cold. winds not as strong. 28 feels a little more like 28. we'll feel a little warmer dan today did at least warmer take that with a grain of saul. snow shower possible later tomorrow night. future feels like temperatures take a look tomorrow morning wake up to it feeling like the single digits from the city on north. in the afternoon it feel like it's in the 20's. still very very cold. but nothing compared to saturday. look at this. saturday morning at 10am it feels like five below in
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philadelphia. feels like minus 23 in mount pocono. and 9:00 p.m. single different or subzero and that's going to continue for us right into our sunday morning. sunday morning wake up feeling around zero down the shore. five to 15 below in portions of the interior south jersey in the city and suburbs feeling like 15 below possibly and even in the poconos we're going to see a wind chill watch go into effect saturday night wind chill values to 35 below zero that can give you frost bite in less than half an hour. our record low sunday morning in philadelphia is two. we'll be around five or sick degrees. i don't think we break that record. but we can get close and then we've got a storm next being and look at this. with warm air that storm comes in the snow mainly misses us to the north and west and this could be a future rain maker so look at that jump. 19 on sunday. to 47 on tuesday. a major swing. but of course most pressing thing to talk about dangerous cold this weekend. stay inside if you can. keep the kids inside and help anyone you know that may need help.
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>> date kate, thank you. >> what's coming up next in sports. >> brutal. >> we are talking about ice. one fire does something for the first time in nearly 13 months. how an up likely goal spark the orange and black in south phil philly. sports coming up next.
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flyers hosting the sabres. rj umberger scored tonight. one guy tweeted umberger goal should be like quote catching the gel den snitch and in the game. that's a harry potter reference. i have no idea if that's funny but i'm told it is. harry potter anybody? anybody, kate bilo knows. flyers hosting the sabres. orange and black came in with six points. umberger first goal in 50 games teammates go bananas. last time he scored a goal january 27th much last year. the flyers offense erupting after that. four goals in the third period. nick cousins, what's up cuz. first career goal for him in the third the flyers with a five-one
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win. ears rj umberger on his triumphant return to the scoreboard. >> upping, it's been a crazy 50 games not scoring and you know we became a mental challenge. really get the best of you. i think the best part of it was how excited the teammates were for me. probably more excited than i w was. that was pretty cool. >> good stuff. huge game for the temple owls tonight taking on visiting uconn. owls needing wins against teams like connecticut if they have any chance to make the ncaa tournament. the owls down 12 in the second half. they came coming back daniel dangle nails the three. 56-54. uconn still ahead then quinton dee cozy. quinton. are you kidding? are you ki kidding? with the and one. you are ridiculous bro. had 23 points. the owls with a huge come back
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within 63-58 the final and my man ukee with the assist right there. >> to the sixers meryl lines noel has right knee patellar tendinitis a fancy weighing saying his knee hurts. he'll miss the rising star challenge tomorrow night in toronto. jahlil okafor will be in the lineup. here in south philly it's cold. it's brick. the air hurts your face. we decided to show you beautiful pebble beach. wildlife gallon have a atlanticing around the course. justin timberlake bringing sexy back. >> jt? >> need to work on that short game. in a few weeks ukee washington he'll be out there missing puts just like jt. >> ut-oh. >> that's all right. >> i just -- >> dissing young man. >> can we take ya'll ought to a golf course. >> you want to get out there. i haven't played in like eight years.
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>> penguins at the london zoo celebrate valentine's day early. >> zookeepers hasn'ted them their favorite fish served in heart shaped blocks of ice. they say it helps the penguins get into the appropriate mood to mark the start of breeding season. i'm not kidding. this what they say. >> we'll be right back.
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