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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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test. test. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, another dose of winter is closing in on our region. check out storm scan3, right here. the question just when will it arrive and just how much snow will we see on the grounds? katie has the answer coming up. >> also, battling the elements, flames, smoke, not the only problems firefighters had to deal with while battling this overnight house fire in montgomery county. classes are back in session at ursinus college, after hundreds of students end suffer from a mysterious illness. it is monday, february 15th, president's day, i want to check in with katie and meisha and another round every winter. are we ready for it? >> i guess we have to be. >> still feeling the love,
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mother nature, thanks for that. >> what's in store for us? >> snow on the way for sure, already starting to see it move in relatively quickly on storm scan3, but not expecting any casino of major snow. i would really say the legacy of this storm will end up being the fact it was such a heavy rain producer and heavy rain gets underway later tonight into tomorrow. however, we've got the cold air in place right now, as we start things off with quick peak here, from the ben franklin bridge, overlooking from our campbell's field camera, not heck of a lot happening just yet. but, as soon as go back over to storm scan3, you can see the signs of life off in the distance, generally off to the south at this point in terms every any snow having easier time actually falling to the grounds, but it is starting to move in already. so far the course of the next couple of hours light fluffy snow, starts to move in, so not dealing with the slushy mess necessarily on the roads, but certainly there could be some visibility issues that come along with this as the morning commute progresses with the snow moving south to north. winter weather advisory will take effect actually already in effect i should say in all of the counties shaded in
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purple. so pretty much all of the keystone state, delaware, then across northern new jersey you have that in place for one, 3 inches of light snow. moving in 8:00 a.m. for most every you, wintery weather, and eventually turns over to all rain. the evening rush could be pretty dice when dealing with light snow on the grounds as well as potential for some icing as that transition takes place. here is a look at the area temperatures, yes, cold enough for snow obviously, because it is the very very cold air, lighter fluffier variety of snow is the expectation, before it turns over eventually to wintery mix, then eventually some rain, so you are going to see all of the entire mixed bag whatever mother nature has up her sleeve with this storm starting off as snow however. so definitely looking a lot more wintery on the morning drive as opposed to what it will later in the day, meisha. a lot going on for both commutes. >> not catching a break yet. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, so there you have it. now we know, we are going to
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be getting some snow in, i think katie mentioned right around 8:00 a.m. so right now things are looking good. still holding dry obviously, the schuylkill at montgomery looking good in both directions, what we want to see at 4:30, fairly busy monday because it is president's day. who knows. see what happens today a lot of people will take the day off. vine at 95, birds eye view, looking good here, looking nice and quiet. again as it should. just waking up with us, so glad you're here. ninety-five at girard also looking good. interstate 951 of the first cameras i pull up to take a peak, kind of good indicator on what usually seems to follow. accident route 206, blocked, between mountain avenue and princeton avenue. this is where you will have to take alternate route one probably going to be your best bet here in princeton. also, some construction, 95 southbound, ramp to delaware avenue closed. we've been talking about this, closed until february 24th. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank up. firefighters battle intense flames and freezing temperatures at row home in montgomery county. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now at the scene in norristown,
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justin, good morning. >> erika, good morning, norristown fire got the call just after 11:30 last night, it was arriving to the scene, they found the sub freezing temperatures, and heavy fire from the second floor of the row home. firefighters say initial reports were people trapped inside the house on 12900 block of paul street. they later found victims were able to get themselves out via exit point from the rear of the home on the third floor, onto second floor roof. flames flicker from this brick house, fire, that was knocked back, with streams of water, in the sub-freezing temperatures, there are no report of civilian injury, but the norristown fire chief tells us, one firefighter suffered a minor injury, and was treated here on the scene. outside we saw those affected by this fire, huddled outside in blankets, and jackets to stay warm, as firefighters finished off these flames. the chief said no surprise, these cold conditions were one of their biggest obstacles
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overnight. >> the cold weather is, you know, didn't hamper our effort, but certainly it wasn't a help either. obviously once the water is used, it starts to freeze, and right now we're dealing with slippery road and sidewalk conditions, and frozen water lines, and fire hydrants, and ladders, and right now everything is starting to freeze up. so we are in process of breaking down what we are not using so we can get it restored. >> cents awe heard not easy fight here overnight, the home itself as you see gutted by these flames, red cross telling us seven families were affected, six will be assisted, that's total of 15 people, now, staying in hotels this morning. the cause of this fire is under investigation. an investigation that will include weather or not there are working smoke alarms in the home. erika, back over to you. >> justin finch for us, thank you. happening today, it is back to classes at ursinus college in montgomery county after stomach illness shut down the school last week. roughly 200 student have reported symptoms since late
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tuesday night. there is still no word on why those student got sick. crews cleaned and disinfected the college. ursinus working with jefferson university hospital to provide student with free video visits with doctors. police are looking for a woman who stabbed and slashed another woman's throat inside a mayfair bar. it happened sunday morning, at fiddler's green tavern on the 7300 block of frankford avenue. police say that the 37 year old victim was dance wag patron when another woman she new approached her and hit her on the head with a beer bottle shards of glass sliced the woman's face and next. "eyewitness news" captured the moments when the woman was returned from the bar to the hospital for emergency surgery. neighbors say they're fed up with violence and disruptions from this bar. >> to be perfectly honest we're not surprised, this bar has been a constant nuisance, violence stemming constantly, somebody's always getting hurt, there is constant fights here. >> the victim is in critical
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condition. local residents have schedule town hall meeting this week to address continued problems at the tavern. philadelphia police continue looking for two men who posted utility worker and attacked a woman in point breeze. those men had guns, when they forced their way into the victim's home sunday morning. the woman is in stable condition with cuts to her forehead. nothing was taken from the home. officials in texas say that supreme court justice antonin scalia died of natural causes, judge did not order an autopsy. a hurst caring justice scalia's body left el paso funeral home for the airport where a plane through his remains to virginia. scale yeah with a was staying at wex texas resort ran of when found dead in his room saturday morning. the white house says president obama will nominate a successor once senate returns from recess. now arguing along party lines on whether to begin the process during a election year. >> he can nominate someone, the senate is not moving
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forward on it until after the election, senator mcconnell, majority leaders made it clear and i agree with that. >> the idea they want to deny the president of the united states is basic constitutional right is beyond my comprehension. >> president obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff at the height court where scalia searched for three decades, and at other federal buildings. governor tom wolf has also ordered pennsylvania flags to fly at half staff. pope francis is celebrating mexico's indians, and will preside over a mass in three native languages. yesterday the leader of the catholic church visit add children's hospital. the holy father greeted and blessed many of the young patients there. earlier the pope celebrated an open air mass in front of 300,000 people in a mexico city suburb. still to come this morning, on "eyewitness news", freezing temperatures don't stop some people from running at the jersey shore. we'll tell you about the cause that kept them on their feet. >> and, a sign every spring
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always happy to see this, the phillies make to florida with high hopes for great season. we're back in two minutes. good morning.
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>> despite the brutal temperatures, hundreds every walkers and runner turn out for a good cause in sea isle city. they came to take part in the eighth annual mike's seafood polar bear run and walk for autism. it is a cause close to kathleen albright's heart. she's sea isle's 2016 polar bear queen. >> there is not one person that is here today that doesn't have somebody in their family or knows someone who is not affected by autism or special needs. fan we can make a little bit of difference in their live, just this much for one day, all of this was worth it. >> well done. now, organizers say the event raised nearly $100,000. that mondayly now go toward advocacy and support services for families. right now, 4:41, and this forecast, katie, i mean, it is winter so more snow on the way. >> more on the way.
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as our producer said, right on our doorstep. hello, let me in. although, thankfully not talking any major snow that you will have to shovel a ton away. there will be modest accumulation, though, we actually have entire mixed booing show you here. so actually starting off with just snow right now. it is obviously cold enough to support that. and that extends all the way down into virginia, and maryland, so that snow definitely coming down somewhat steadily at the moment. across the southern delmarva peninsula, across virginia into the bay there, also lifting in here. this is actually your warmfront, funny enough, won't do heck of a lot to warm you up too much. but it will be a lot less harsh with time here. as opposed to what we experienced over the weekends. not the most organized system but give it time. moisture starts to nudge in, brink withing it essentially all day event here. but you will get again mixture, variety pack of different types of precipitation. stowe starts off as snow, it eventually starts to mix over with some sleet, and then, we will see it turn to ever straight up rain.
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positive at the lent freezing on some surfaces initially too. so we're likely specially for the second half of the day see slick travel out there. it starts off though as the light fluffy variety of snow, very, very cold air, we obviously have in place right now it, will accumulate somewhat quickly. i have to tell you not completely sold on this not being farther north just yet, through 10:00 a.m. see how we do. again, already seeing it lift in across the delmarva now, but by the early afternoon, definitely here, for most of you, and the latest you'll see it, or i should say, the folks that see it the latest are the further north you travel. one into it, into it for long hall. mixing line then starting to take over, milder air nudges in toward late afternoon, 5:00 p.m., might be dealing with some sleet up and down i-95. and then it all turns over to rain. even in the poconos, eventually turns over to rain, perhaps, a lull early tomorrow morning, then your cold front comes through with amiability moisture, so heavy rain specially midday, and that's really going to douse us here. so, basically two-day event i would call this, warmfront followed by cold front bringing whole mixed bag here.
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snow eventually turns over to the wintery mix toward evening, 35 is where we top off, generally staying somewhat steady through tonight, then temperatures rise toward dawn, as that mixing takes place, and then you're just dealing with heavy rain tomorrow. look at the difference. 52 degrees tomorrow's high. and we go on little bit of maybe roller coaster ride for the rest of the week. back to you. >> thanks, flyers and rangers are adding to their rivalry, with a fifth fight phils battle at the garden. it took 39 seconds for the rangers to go after the flyers wayne simmons. simmons gave rangers captain ryan mcdonnell a concussion last week. less than half minute later it was ryan white and the rangers tanner glass going at t eventually the ranger did jump out to lead and hung onto win three; the flyers play the devils in north jersey tomorrow night. >> to the nba right now, all-star game in toronto for kobe brian's final appearance. honored by "magic" johnson, once the game started the defense stayed home, 92 to 09 just at the half. west won this 1192-173.
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that is the highest scoring nba all-star game ever. >> basketball hoops right now ahead of march madness. temple facing south florida team with only five wins owe, take on the number one villanova wildcats this week. the owls led the most or rather led for most of this one, they beat usf77 to 65. five owls scored in double figures including 18 points and 14 rebounds for bond. the owls are now in sole possession of first place in the american athletic conference. they are looking forward to wednesday's match up against the wildcats. >> they have a real good team. they're solid, they're so solid throughout, terrific defensive team, and they can go on one of those rolls that they just make shot after shot. so, again, great challenge, great team. >> any time we've gone to play there, really has been, you know, a real toughen vier onment. and they're always a good team. >> now, despite today's wintery forecast, spring is right around the corner.
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the phyllis equipment truck arrived in clearwater yesterday. the first work out for philly's pitchers and catchers thursday, and just in case you're wondered what was inside the equipment truck, they had hundreds every baseballs, bats, several hundreds jerseys, pants, kai at, 25 sets of golf clubs, of course the philly phanatic hotdog launcher, can't leave without that. it will be pete mccann on's first spring at philly's manager. >> it will be fun looking at all of these pitchers competing, you know, guys that think they're -- they did okay last year, they're going to be competing position wise, too, there is always competition, you know, i've always been asked, as you guys well know it, do you feel like you're auditioning. you audition every day of your career as far as i'm concerned. and you got to produce. >> big weekend for some young athletes, as close to 700 took part in the junior olympics, swimming championship in philadelphia. boys and girls ages nine to 14 competed in individual and relay races. the swimmers are from 25 teams
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and clubs in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, many of the young people were trying to make qualifying time for the junior olympics, but they also get a little tuned up for their end every season school league championships. still ahead this morning, a surprise shake up for etch a sketch. first though here's what's coming up tonight for cbs-3.
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>> looking at headlines, firefighters braved the flames and the winter chill during a house fire in norristown. this fire on 12900 block of powell street bass under control in about an hour. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. >> philadelphia police are looking for a woman who attacked another woman in a mayfair bar. investigators say that victim was dancing with the patron when another woman hit her in the head with a beer bottle. some that far glass slashed the victim's throat. the victim is in critical
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condition. >> and, student at ursinus college return to their class this is morning becomes 200 student became ill last week with a stomach illness. crews spent several days disinfecting the college. >> right now, it is 4:50. the stock market is closed for president's day, also getting words olds toy is coming under new ownership. shear hena daniels with your morning money watch report. >> reporter: friday was winning day on wall street. oil apply cents moved higher, bank stocks on the rebound, helping the market chalk up first gain of the week. the dow closed up 313 points, the nasdaq climbed 70. voters in austin, texas will decide in may on whether uber and lift drivers should be fingerprinted and pay 2% higher fees to the city. while opponent say the measure isn't necessary for the ride sharing service, others think it is a measure to protect riders. >> nordstrom will now except returns from its discount store, nordstrom rack. that paves the way for shoppers to return items
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bought back at high end stores or its discount outlet. despite, encouraging shoppers to make returns through nordstrom. com or the original retailer. avenue sketch is drawing a new future, the ohio art company that produced classic toy for decades has sold it through spin master corporation in toronto. for undisclosed price. the owner says decision is bittersweet, but was done to help ohio arts long-term future. >> and that's your cbs money watch report. for more log on to in new york, i'm hena daniels. all right, coming up after the break we'll get a check on traffic and weather together on your monday morning, we'll be right
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>> so a lot of people are off. do you think they'll hunker down, katie? >> this is the kinds of system that doesn't necessarily require a lot of heavy duty lifting when it comes to shoveling, but bridges variety every pack of sorts of issues,
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because, you're going to find bunch of different kind of precipitation with it, so it, start off as generally light, fluffy snow at the moment, the bulk of the moisture well off to the south, but it is starting to lift, in and delaware getting in on some of the action already. so just matter of time here folks before we start to see the snow coming down, then the warmer air takes over, this is our forecast snowfall total map, one to 3 inches generally speaking for philadelphia and the greater philadelphia region, but you might over achieve here to up 5 inches toward the lehigh valley, northern branch, and the pocono region as well. that is simply because you'll have snow and coal enough air longer so snow arrived for you by midday, lingers right through the afternoon it, does appear as though once that milder air comes in, the ground is so cold enough if it starts to rain will freeze on contact, we do have it watch out for icing, something i was bore i had about last week, too, likely sleet that mixes in as the change over and the transition takes place, notice your high today, and the early morning low tomorrow. temperatures are steady, then they start to gradually climb overnight. so we're shooting for
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52 degrees tomorrow, air go, any snow easily going to turn over to rain, but again, whole mixed bag of impact with this, starting with snow, meisha, a then some ice, by evening drive, and then rain, i mean, you have got it all going on. >> sounds like great party. i want to attend that one. thanker, katie. good morning, happy president's day to you. still early on this monday morning, a the love people maybe either staying home today completely or hitting the roadways early to get done with work early. i don't blame them there. some early risers out, there we make our way to 5:00. blue route, tail light in the northbound direction approaching the schuylkill, see both directions looking good. obviously no problems in terms of volume yet. we'll see what happens, especially being that monday's tend to be one of the busier days, because it is president's day we'll see. new jersey 42 freeway, creek road, looking good, fairly nice and quiet, although 42 freeway is one. places volume picks up. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching the schuylkill. you can see moving both directions, eastbound, westbound, looking good on the schuylkill right now.
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mass transit, running modified holiday schedule, septa city trolleys and buses you can see that, patco new jersey transit, dart route, 117, detoured state-wide, schedule change, and fare increase, and that started yet. so, make sure to check your schedules on line for mass transit. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. coming up in the next half hour, new video of violent aftermath after police chase involving a stolen car. also, you can call it the biggest night in music. we are live in los angeles to see how they are getting he had ready for tonight's star studded grammy awards. >> and head to the white house without leaving philadelphia. we're take you behind the scenes of brand new white house exhibit i it at the national constitution center. can't wait to see. that will we're back at the top of the hour, plus katie is tracking the snow, and meisha with the latest on the roads. good morning.
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good morning, gets ready for another blast every winter. storm scan3 shows snow, sleet, freezing rain, already seeing few flakes in delaware, katie track that storm, and lets us know when that wintery mix will arrive. also, new this morning, force forced out by fire, flames rip through montgomery county row home sending people out into the bitter cold. the freezing weather also caused problems for firefighters, details coming up. and it is back to school today after hundreds of students got sick at ursinus college, big unanswered question as they return to class. good morning, it is monday, february 15th, i'm erika von tiehl. president's day and looking to be like a snowy holiday for a lot of folks.
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we want to check in with katie and meisha. >> good morning, sounds little bit like, katie, the calm before the storm in a way, right? because right now it is looking dry. when is it going to come? >> on the way as we speak, you're right, actually already starting to find flakes flying as we mentioned moment ago in delaware, on the way then south to north in philadelphia. while many of you still have that window of dry weather and snow-free opportunity to enjoy, for most of the morning drive, others, well, already starting to get into the thick of things here. now, we start things offer just with one of those quiet cameras. we go on taught see "skycam 3", here, we overlook center city. all good guys, no snow to speak of just yet. you have plenty every cold air in place, of course through the course of the weekends it was frigid outside. that's setting the stage for this to easily begin as snow, feels more like 10 degrees, when you factor in what is a very modest winds out of the east, but right now, watching, essentially your warmfront, which sort of makes you like shake your head like maybe just wonder what the heck we are talking about


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