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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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we want to check in with katie and meisha. >> good morning, sounds little bit like, katie, the calm before the storm in a way, right? because right now it is looking dry. when is it going to come? >> on the way as we speak, you're right, actually already starting to find flakes flying as we mentioned moment ago in delaware, on the way then south to north in philadelphia. while many of you still have that window of dry weather and snow-free opportunity to enjoy, for most of the morning drive, others, well, already starting to get into the thick of things here. now, we start things offer just with one of those quiet cameras. we go on taught see "skycam 3", here, we overlook center city. all good guys, no snow to speak of just yet. you have plenty every cold air in place, of course through the course of the weekends it was frigid outside. that's setting the stage for this to easily begin as snow, feels more like 10 degrees, when you factor in what is a very modest winds out of the east, but right now, watching, essentially your warmfront, which sort of makes you like shake your head like maybe just wonder what the heck we are talking about here, because you have snow on the
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way, how can it be warmfront? it is, in fact, going to your nerve milder air, so the temperatures that are currently frigid do start to at least moderate. that's where we start to see some mixing take place, at the moment, though, kent, sussex counties, cape may county, even southern tip of atlantic county getting in on little bit of light snow. mostly finding over montgomery, chester, not having chance to verify at the ground level just yet. but that said, winter weather advisory is already in effect for all of the these counties shaded in purple until 10:00 tonight. and, that is because you're going to end up what what looks to be light snow fishily followed up by some freezing rain, and likely some sleet, as well, then all turns over to rain. even mount pocono. even though it feels like eight below zero right now, eventually, it seems strange to think it, but eventually it will get warm enough, that any casino of frozen precipitation turns over to rain. and that goes for, again, everyone. now, through the course of the day, light snow will steadily be moving in, like i mention, talking light and fluffy one to 3 inches or so around the
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city perhaps you end up with some over achieving three-5-inch totals far northwest of the city talking lehigh valley and poconos, it will eventually see steadier snow stay off to the south. will also be mixing that takes place as well, and that mixing again meisha as we see these temperatures sort of transition through the freezing level, it could be dealing with sleet, could be dealing with freezing rain, and eventually just plane old rain. i mean, we got it all going on, mixed bag after mess for the commuters throughout. >> yes, take notes, class, right, katie, because it is coming. all right, thank you so much. well, we have braced ourselves for this. we know this morning is look nice, dry, but, you will get hit if you're pushing it into, say, around 8:00 a.m. this morning. right now looking nice and dry, very quiet for those of you going to work today i suggest leaving little earlier rather than little later, it will cause some problems no doubt about it, new jersey, northbound at creek road, again looking nice and quiet. headlights out there for this
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early morning typically what we satisfy and i would say even more so on typical monday not president's day, this is probably even a little bit hotter than it is right now, so right now though looking pretty good. volume levels certainly starting to increase for jersey area, boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction approaching the schuylkill, keep my eye on the schuylkill looking good right now. in the world of mass transit for those of you picking this, septa trolley and buses at modified schedule, patco, in urge emergency traps it, dart being 117 detoured, state-wide schedule change and fare increase, again, that started yesterday. check your schedules on line. back to you. >> thank you, new video this is just in, a police chase comes to a crashing ends in philadelphia's olney section. "eyewitness news" at sixth and fisher streets just few minutes ago where police tell us the stolen car slammed into one car in a intersection, that driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the stolen car then also smashed into three parked cars. police did take the suspect into custody. and, overnight house fire
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in montgomery county forces several people out into the freezing cold. firefighters also had their handful battling intense flames, and those freezing temperatures. we want the latest from "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch at the scene for us now in norristown, justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, here on scene, the red cross tells us some 15 people are now displaced, they're now being housed in a hotel, and fire officials say in these cold temperatures, that it was a true fight to knock back those flames. norristown fire was called to the rowhouse on the 1200 block of powell, just after 11:30, sunday night, red cross says the home has three apartment units inside, and initial reports had people trapped inside the house. they later found the fire victims were table escape by an exit point from the back of the home's third floor onto a second floor roof. in the sub-freezing temperatures, firefighters used streams of water to yell the blaze, that was not easy with temps dipping into the teens, they did have some
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issues with the water supply freezing but able to overcome them out sad the forced out by the fire huddled under blankets to stay warm as firefighters finished offer this fire. and now, as the work begins to figure out what triggered this, we asked the chief about the investigation. >> the cause of the fire right now is under investigation. there was one minor firefighter injury. we have no idea of smoke deter tours right now to be part of the investigation. >> and as you can see, heavy fire and smoke damage to the first top two floors of this home here. the investigation still underway, seven families, we hear, are affected, including one family, at least one, from a next-door home, and some 15 people, erika, forced out of their homes this morning. we're live here in norristown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> just freezing night for it, too, justin, thank you. >> it is back to class for student at ursinus college after stomach illness close that school last week.
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about 200 student fell ill since tuesday night. the cause of the illness remains under investigation. the college has since undergone a thorough cleaning. ursinus working with jefferson university hospital to provide students with free video visits with doctors. the body of the late supreme court justice antone and scalia being transported back to the washington area today. adjust tis of the peace determined the 79 year old died of natural causes, after he suddenly passed away during a hunting trip in texas. don champion reports from washington where a battle is already underway over who should replace him. >> a whitehurst carries the body of antonin scalia from west texas airport sunday bound for virginia at the request of his family. seventy-nine year old supreme court just tis passed away suddenly over the weekends while vacationing at this resort ranch. a county judge ruled scalia died of natural causes after consulting with his physician and sheriff's investigators.
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>> one of the things that i did ask the sheriff and the marshall that was there, if there were any signs of foul play, and they said -- >> what did theyy? >> absolutely not. >> sunday flags across the country and in the nation's capitol flew at half staff in honor of the long time justice. known for his strict conservative views, scalia was both reviled and beloved by his colleagues. in a 2008, 60 minutes interview, he maintained his dis agreements were not personal. >> i attack ideas. i don't attack people. >> here on capitol hill and on the campaign trail, debate is already underway, over who president obama should nominate as scalia's successor. >> president has the right and responsibility to nominate a new supreme court justice. >> we can in the afford to have scalia replaced by someone like the nominees he's put there in the past. >> the president saidel nominate a successor in due time, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
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maintains any vacancy should be filled once a new pros is in office. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a philadelphia landmark will shut down today, for renovations, love park will be closed to the public so construction can start on the park's $20 million facelift. it includes more green space, and new welcome center, and in case you're wondering that famous love statue, it will be moved across the street, to dilworth park. all of the renovations we're told at love park should be finished by next spring. >> now, love park isn't the only place closed today. it is president's day, that means, that federal, state and city government offices are all closed. also, if you are trash is supposed to be picked up mondays in philadelphia, hold it to tomorrow. crash collection will be one day hine schedule for the rest of the week. also just a note, no mail delivery today. still ahead this morning, a local bar is shutdown for now after a woman is nearly killed inside. now, fed up neighbors are demanding changes, hear what they're doing after this brutal attack.
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tonight's grammys honor music's biggest talents as well as legends, the industry has lost this year. i'm terry okita in los angeles with grammy's preview just ahead. >> ♪ >> a lot of big musicians have big dreams tonight, taylor swift will kick offer the show, and the berks county native up for seven awards, also trying to become only female artist to win record of the year twice. we're talking live with terry okita and the grammys coming up after the break. good morning.
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ing. >> soft of the best in music prepare to take the stands at the grammy awards, show will be packed with unique collaborations, and some pretty stiff competition, too. terry okita joins us now live from los angeles with a preview every tonight's show, and i want to say good morning, but we know it is three hours earlier, 2:00 a.m., good night, good morning, whatever you prefer.
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>> reporter: it is very early in the morning, good morning, erika. yes, there is also going to be some very emotional tributes, too, because of the big names that were lost in the industry this year. but, look for some varied performance tonight from artists ranking from the weekends, to carrie underwood, justin bieber, to lionel richie. >> pitbull will rock the grammy stage with differs mash up of musicians. >> up there with joe perry, aerosmith, come on, man, doesn't get more rock-and-roll than that. >> performance part of grammy tradition, different genres, generations features rising stars like first time nominee andre day. the soul singler melt her voice, with pop star ellie gold nag duet. >> organizers stay year's grammys here at the staples center different than previous years, show will be filled with stirring tributes to honor the long list of music legends, who have died
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recently. >> ♪ >> albumn of the year contender chris stapleton will lead all-star tribute to blues icon bb king. gary clark, jr., and king's close friends bonnie rate will also perform. >> just the greatest, more influence than anybody i can think in history in the blues and rock-and-roll. >> lady gaga homage to the late david buoy is expected to be among the night's biggest performances. >> it is basically a medically of nine tunes. >> nile rogers put together the elaborate tribute. >> this is very personal, because it feels like a wonderful way to say good-bye. >> bye the biggest spotlight may belong to taylor swift up for seven grammys. rapper kendrick lamar who leads with 11 nominations. >> not only are kendrick lamar and taylor swift going head-to-head in two of the most coveted categories, albumn of the year and song of the year, but also nominated together for best pop duo. so look for the two of them
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potentially to have a very bick night. reporting live from downtown los angeles, i'm terry okita, erika, back to you. >> who else do you think could have a big night tonight? >> ed sheeran nominated four times and two very big categories, as well, for song of the year, and record of the year. also, as i mention, chris stapleton, had great year this year, can country singer, used to be song write nerve nashville, took the spotlight this year. so look for him to also potentially have a good night. then in terms of performances, everybody's talking about adele. so when she takes the stage, i think that's going to be a lot of the buzz. >> can't wait to see that, terry okita for just la, thank so much, terry. well, cbs-3 the place to be for all of the grammy award excitement. it all start tonight with a live red carpet special at 7:00. so you don't want to miss any of the special performances cents, all starts at 8:00. and after the grammys stick
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around for "eyewitness news", and here is good reason why, tonight we'll show you brand new way to listen to your favorite music. it is taking the tangle out of those ear budd cords, we've all had those problems, right? the new invention that makes listening to your favorite tunes a snap. >> i was in a corporate america for 14 years, as partner at mackenzie and company. and i spend many, many hours on the phone. and one my biggest gripes was the need to untangle my headphones. >> well, now found a solution, and fashion accessory, too, see how they work, and where you can get some tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" right after the grammys. all right, 5:16 right now. good day to curl up and stay inside and watch the grammys, cold out there, kate. >> i you said it, but you know what, erika? temperatures on the rise with time here. the fact that we've got winter storm on the way means you will be looking at variety pack of precipitation types here. seeing, not sure if you can see on camera, but couple every very renegade type flakes starting to fly here. on the cbs-3 skydeck. so the combination of this
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storm are already here. but it is a couple of whimpy flakes so far. not too terrible if you are about ready to hit the road. that said, let me take you on out to storm scan3, wider zoom of the region as a whole, generally through the delmarva peninsula, southern tip of new jersey, cape may county, portions of atlantic, light snow as we are here on the skydeck, but this storm system, yes, not the most organized system we've ever seen, down in the deep south, weather becomes an issue later today. for us just mixture of different precipitation types. now the brunt of the storm is clearly going to be falling where you have got the hot pink, the winter storm warning, posted, back through portions every western virginia, really just virginia in general, appalachians getting slammed with this, looks like, through the central portion of the mountain range, but for us at least initially light fluffy one to 3 inches of snow, you may over achieve bit more though through the northern branch of the lehigh valley up through the pocono region since you will have the snow the longest, but on the roads, it really only just goes downhill from here.
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the morning, granted, the caution light with light snow, but start to worry about icing as the milder air starts to surge in, so the wintery mixing of some sleet, freezing rain potential, definitely snow before the full change overtakes place, before it all turns over to rain, than rain is going to take over the whole region, even the poconos get warm enough that you will ends up with just rain. by tomorrow it is periods of heavy rain, a loft ample moisture work with here, dow think you will have at least a little bit after lull at some point between the front. but that said, you are going need the umbrella tomorrow. for now, meisha, a probably just going to need a loft patience, again, weaver whole mixed bag of different issues that go along with the storm today. >> yes, katie, we will certainly have to pack our patience for today, especially, around the 8c hour when we know the snow will start to fall, certainly, going to put some little pin hole into our traffic commute this morning, but the good news is because it is president's day it, might be little bit light nerve terms of traffic flow than what we typically see on a normal monday. a lot of people usually take
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today off. see what happens here. right now collegeville, 422, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, past route 29, things are looking pretty good both moving in the eastbound and westbound directions as you can see, but plenty of vehicles out there already. when we look at the birds eye view of the vine and 95 you can start to see slowly but surely starting to see things heat up, making your way out of 95 through the vine. looking good though vine, nine the a, basically anywhere we look, looking at interstate 95 little earlier, one of the cameras, and it is actually holding steady, looking good for this early hour, as we push toward the 6:00 hour, that's typically when we start to see volume levels increase. right now they are looking pretty good. blue route southbound at mid-county toll plaza being looking good here as well. these are some of the first ones we look at. building fire i'll tell you about coming up in about ten minutes, erika, back over to you. >> millions of people turn taught see pope francis in mexico. we'll let you know what's on tap today on the pope's packed questioned you. >> also, what better way to celebrate president's day than by heading to the white house? listen to there is you don't even have to leave philadelphia. we're taking you behind the
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scenes of the new white house exhibit at the national constitution center, and we'll let you know how you can see it for free. >> and, in honor of president's day, we are testing your knowledge about presidents. here is the first question for you. how many presidents have received the nobel peace prize? we have the answer when we come back right after this break.
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>> before the break, how many presidents have received the nobel peace prize? four, roosevelt, jimmy carter, barack obama, in 2009, woodrow wilson. jimmy carter was not in offers when he won that prize now the national constitution center celebrating president's day today, with a brand new exhibit called head into the white house, really perfect way to get an understanding of the current presidential campaign. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at the constitution sent war look at that journey from the campaign trail, all the way to election
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day, jen, good morning. >> erika, good morning, what a better place to spends president's day than first of all in the national constitution center just inside the front doors of the exhibit called headed to the white house, you can see, doesn't it look like convention all floor with all of the signs? it is a really inner active space, and it is highly educational, because each one of these signs not only doubles as a convention center sign, but also, take a look at this, a lot of information about primary elections, in this area, whether you have a closed primary, an open primary, and anything inbetween. again, a lot of inter-active stuff for example right here, you can see, you can make a campaign sticker so a loft fun for the kids, just pulled the piece of paper and rub over the stencils there, put their name, in so that's fun for the kids, also, have stomp speeches, create campaign video, as a person, as
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candidate o so a lot of did i rent things, even end up in the oval office, so, we're in the front part of the exhibition right now, we will walk through, and our next half hour, also, going to talk to people about the various different things you can do. so a loft excitement why not on this president's day, erika, back into you. >> perfect timing, thank you so much. see you soon. >> today, pope francis continues his historic visit to mexico. the holy father had a jam packed sunday that included an outdoor mass, in front of 300,000 people. adrianna diaz with more details on his trip cents pontiff is traveling to the southern border later today. >> pope francis advice sit dollars children's hospital in mexico sit where he gave a sick boy medicine. he asked the children it fray for him. >> a young girl, serenaded the pope, with a rendition of after a maria. >> mexico city has been pope francis' hub since he arrived from here he's taking daily trips across the country.
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>> it is cool that he is here for many people. >> the holy father also traveled by helicopter to sunday. there celebrated outdoor mass by more than 300,000, largest event on his six day historic visit. >> pope urged mexicans with equal opportunity for all. >> estimated 2 million people lined his motorcade route, many waiving vatican flags anibal ons. >> amazing, amazing, i marry her. >> you like his white car? >> see. >> pope francis travel by plane, to the region later today. to meet with indigenous peach. adrianna diaz, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we have the latest on the political battle brewing over the replacement for supreme
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court justice, also, neighbors demand change after a woman is nearly killed in a bar fight. why critics say it is time to shut this place down, for good. katy? >> tracking the latest and greatest there is one little different animal from previous terms we've dealt w we'll explain why and track it for you of course coming up. >> katie, thanks, also, traffic should be lighter today for the holiday. wintery weather katie mentioned could still slow you down this morning, we'll check the roads with meisha coming up after the break.
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>> good among day morning to you there is morning, we have our eye on this storm, as wintery mix bears down on the delaware valley. on the upside, still dry, in center sit bye we will see some snow, sleet and rain, by the time the day is over. but at least, roads looking dry right now. >> looking dry right now, enjoy it while we have it. because it will change. >> everything, seems, this storm, absolutely, yes. clock is ticking before we start to finally see some of the snow, then again, eventually some sleet, the rain, everything, the whole mixed bag, nice variety pack for you out there. >> yes, which is awesome talking cereal. >> yes? >> remember the little boxes of variety cereal, so goo


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