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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 16, 2016 2:37am-3:09am EST

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>> thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ right now on "eyewitness news", fashionable, functional and no more frustration. say good guy to tangled headphones and hello to easy listening. local inventor who transformed ear buds into cool jewelry. it's a word synonomous with philly. kids and adults say it. so what does jawn mean? good question. nicole brewer hits the streets to fine out. and mother nature is bringing it. snow, ice and rain create a
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wintry mess all over the region. live look at the philadelphia art museum. ice is still a concern for parts of the area as we head into the early morning hours. after the ice, we're then talking about a major warmup. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. let's get right over to meteorologist kate bilo who's in our weather center. she has more on what's happening right now. kate? >> jessica and ukee, this is one of my big concerns going into this storm that the cold air would hang on even as the warm air tries to run up over top of it and the problem with that is if you have cold air at the surface you have surfaces and road temperatures below freezi freezing. you are going to get threat for icing and ice is just not retreating as quickly as we had hoped it would. so we now have freezing rain advisories in effect for much of the area overnight noon the early morning hours. let's take a look what's happening right now on storm scan3. you can see the pink, the pink is exactly what we don't want to see. what that is, an indication of rain falling from warmer air a loft. you get the warm air to come into the upper level of the atmosphere. that changes the precipitation
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into liquid it is just rain the ground doesn't get that message it's been cold for so many days that the road surfaces are still well below freezing when the rain falls, it freezes on contact. anything below freezing you'll get a glaze of ice and we just can't get the warm temperatures to end quickly enough to mitigate the threat of icing. what we're dealing with right now road temperatures, surface temperatures below freezing and the rain trying to make it inform you can see that battleground right now right along i-95 where temperatures are just at freezing or slightly above. you can still be in the middle 30s and the roads still below freezing we do have the risk for dangerous icing out there on the roadways. parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, the whole nip yards here's your freezing rain advisory until 3am around the city. 5:00 a.m. in our north and west suburbs coming up i'll tell you how much ice you can expect and talk about the rain threat even the risk for flooding tomorrow. for now jessica back over to you. >> kate, see you soon. thank you wintry mix is leaving us with messy conditions out there. a lawyer of slush covered parts of the parking lot at the cherry hill mall.
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salt trucks are out to keep the streets from icing over but tr* travel was snag at the airport. one man we talked to flu in from detroit landed here in philly and then found out his bags went to new york without him. >> this whole day at the airport trying to figure out what my flight status is. very very annoying. i would like to be home watching the grammys right now but i can. >> dozens crowded around the carousels and lines were long at baggage claim counters. the storm caused cancellations and delays up to 90 minutes. now before you he hit the road in the morning you can get the very latest on the forecast with "eyewitness news" this morning. meteorologist katie fehlinger will be tracking the storm and meisha johnson will have up to the minute traffic conditions for you it all gets started at 4:30 a.m. villanova student is facing charges in connection with lsd overdoses on campus. justin yim accused of selling the drugs his dorm room. the drugs led to three overdose victims being rushed to local hospitals where they later recovered. another student is criminally
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charged with punching a woman and two security officers. this was an incident that the university took very seriously. i can't remember in my time at schill nova ever having a case involving lsd. >> investigators say they also found $9,000 in cash, marijuana and hypo determine mick in yim's room. we now know neuro viewer trouse blame for the outbreak of stomach illness at ursinus college. more than 200 students and some staff were affected. classes had to be canceled for a few days as workers clean the school but it appears the virus is beginning to run its course. school officials say there's been a significant drop in the number of cases since the illness was first reported last week. you saw it right her on cbs3 tonight. the 58th annual grammy awards. and berks county's own taylor swift took home one of the big awards of the night when she won album of the year for 1989. >> and she had some strong words aimed at kanye west after one of his song lyrics claim he made
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her famous. >> they're going to be people along the way who will try to under cut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people side track you, some day when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. >> swift is the first woman to ever within that award twice notable winners include meghan tray nor for best new artist. chris stapleton got best country album one of the other memorial moments tonight a star-studded tribute to lionell ritchie. philly's own jasmine sullivan up for three grammys tonight she did not get any. nominated that three categories, best traditional r and b performance, best r. been. song and best r and b album.
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sillily van have a twos 95 graduate of the philadelphia for the creative and performing art she's been nominated for a total of 11 grammys since 2009. >> hear a lot are from that young lady. >> she's not done yet. >> in tonight' gas question, we are uncovering something that is totally philly. it's a word, the word jawn. >> you hear it all the time. this jawn, that jawn. what does it mean? nicole brewer is here now to help figure this jawn out. >> i got that jawn. jawn ski as ukee likes to say. >> back in the day. >> here's the deal. if you're from philly especially born and raised, you probably know the answer. but maybe you're wondering how it got started. we'll get to that in a second. for the rest of us let's keep it simple. what is jawn? it's a good question. let's fine out. ♪ >> what does this say? >> jawn. >> what does that mean? >> it means anything you want it to mean. >> like announce. like a person, place or thing. >> it's a thing. >> if you live in philly, chan
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chances you've heard the word jawn. >> that's my jawn. >> yeah. i've heard people say. >> you might even be able to use it in sentence. >> it's raining like a jawn outside. >> you see that jawn right the there. >> pockets are full of jawn. >> people at cbs3 know that ja jawn. >> throw that jawn ski. >> miss that jawn. >> you that jawn from the news. >> at spots burger in brewery town you can even eat a jawn. >> that's my jawn. >> what does jawn mean. >> what doesn't it mean? >> taylor jones phd candidate at the university of pennsylvania studying linguistics. >> this is one week's worth of tweets that use jawn. >> defies jawn as philly word for any noun. >> jawn is something as far as we can tell originated from the word joint goes back to at least the 1980s. >> ♪ >> that's when new york city rap group funky four plus released the single that's the joint referring to something admirable in hiphop slang. >> that makes sense. >> i was going to say that's my
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joint. somehow it turned into jawn. >> some call it semantic bleaching. >> when off word and it has very specific meaning, and then over time it starts to lose shades of that meaning it becomes bleached of those meanings. >> sometimes positive neutral or negative. take spy jawn for instance. >> not acceptable. depends on the girl. >> either you're the jawn or you're not. >> let's change the subject. >> it's hip. it was hip then and it's hip n now. >> so hip it's even made its way to hollywood. >> this is the jawn. >> does creed make our jawn main stream. >> a philly thing. >> you probably keep this jawn here. >> absolutely. as i mentioned link gifts believe the jawn originated in new york as joint but according to taylor there are other mid atlantic variations in baltimore and d.c. for example and it actually sounds more like j jaunt. he brought up these new terms
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being tossed around drawn with a dr which apparently refers to someone angry or messed up, again, you won't find this in webster's but you might hear it on the streets. >> you might. >> very interesting. >> you explain that jawn like a champ. >> yes, did you. >> like jawn. >> you did. >> well done. >> i tried. i've been hearing that since i was a little kid. >> and i've been hearing it since i was a little kid and that was a long time ago. >> not that long. >> for everyone. >> it is. thanks nicole. appreciate it much good stuff. what's your good question. log on to question to submit your twenty six or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news". we can't wait to hear your good question. we've all been there. you pull out your ear buds to listen to your favorite music and they're a tangle up mess. >> one local woman's design is put the easy back in listening and it's fashionable. how she turned ear buds into cool jewelry. >> adele brought the house tots feet at tonight's grammy awards
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but not that long ago she was close to losing her voice forever. hear from the doctor who helped her and other singers and why he says it's an their could affect anyone. kate? >> we're still dealing with the threat forge dangerous and treacherous ice on the roads outside tonight. you can see the rain moving in from the south and we'll be tracking heavy rain after the ice moves out tomorrow. i'll have the latest on this fess see storm system coming up. and it was a night of emotional tributes at the grammys. remembering some of the greatest music legends of all time when we come back. see in you a bit.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, date bilo and don
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bell. ♪ that was a adele at the grammying that night. despite an audio glitch her performance was still one of the great ones everybody will be talking about tomorrow. no doubt about that. adele is household name thanks to her soulful sound but her voice was almost silenced. >> in 2011 adele had throat surgery to row move a poll lip on her vocal cords that had hemorrhaged. singing while sick and over using her voice were likely to blame for her vocal issues. adele's surgery was performed by dr. stephen seidel who says the issue adele had isn't limited to singers. >> things similar to what happened to adele it happens every day to school teachers, coaches, maybe the parents of those children who are rooting at the game. but this is an extremely common problem. from my view, she is basically back to normal.
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i think she's well positioned to have a tremendously long and successful career. >> adele now says she's in the best shape of her life and she's given up smoking. the doctor has some other very high profile clients, steven tyler, keith urban, lionell ritchie, julianne druce and sam smith who called him an angel. >> what a gift he has to give them. no question. no question about it. >> tonight's grammies featured a number of tributes to musicians who recently passed. >> lady ba good played tribute to the late david bowie. ♪ >> late bb king was remembered by bonnie rate, chris stapleton and -- stevie wonder honored mauer rice white. and the hollywood vampires performed motor head ace of spades in honor of the late lenny kill mister. >> nicely done. wanting to listen to great
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music always fishing around for your ear buds and then when you find them you have to untangle them. >> been there. done that. >> consider it a problem solved. thanks to a local entrepreneur. vittoria woodill introduces us to one smart mother of april vince. >> ♪ >> hello halt headphones. that's right. these aren't just snazzy bracelets or necklaces that snap. say goodbye to frustration and hello to loop it. >> i was in corporate america for 14 years as partner at a company and i spent many many hours on the phone one of my biggest gripes needing to untangle my headphones. >> meet vanessa chen the creator of loop it a mom with ph.d. from mitt who left her corporate job behind to solve a sticky situation that everyone can relate to. >> most people spend about 3.5 days of their life untangling headphones. >> even our photographer james. >> she's telling the truth.
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>> yeah. >> started with the research around how do knots form. the reason tangles happy the headphones and audio jack are not connected together. >> with focus on fashionable and functional fix, vanessa brought the loop it to light with fashion forward chain link ear buds. >> the reason i went with classic design you can layer it. you can go from a biker chick to someone who's going to board room. >> she then attach the buds and ends to magnets making accessorizing in three seconds easy to do with loop it tangle free clasp. >> put it in your bind and they find each other. when you need it you don't have to fumble you just pull and it's right there. a couple of cat lovers a costed me i need this because my cat chews through my headphones. i don't have cats. i in idea that would be an added benefit. >> she needed to mass produce her loop it. she joined next fad high tech workshop and prototyping center
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for people like vanessa. >> she got training on how to use the laser cutter. how to do multiples and safe time. >> she has area final product ready to sell saving us all time from frustration and giving us more time to pick out our favorite play lists. >> after what aboutly grammys we all new jawn jawns we'll be downloading. >> absolutely. >> if you can't tell i'm actually wearing it right now. can you even notice. >> i thought it was like an average necklace. >> beautiful piece of jewelry. check this out. so it has magnets that are right at the ear buds here. that you can easily pull it apart plug that into your phone keep it there and then you easily put these ear buds in. hello. >> hello. >> retail price is about 50 buck. you can pre order it on their kick starter page and get a nice hefty discount. more information on >> very cool. >> hello. very nice indeed. >> loop it. >> got it.
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>> you got it. >> thanks, tori, appreciate it. >> kate bilo joins us with our forecast. we've had a little bit of everything today. >> things are really getting bad out there tonight. in fact, this ice is hanging on little bit longer we had anticipated. i'm a little concerned about tomorrow morning. especially in our north and west suburb as you head out to work and school there may be delays in the lehigh valley for the school up there. this ice just does not want to quit tonight eventually that warm air is going to surge in from the south and once it does, going to be pretty rapid warm up most of the models try to bring us into the 50's by mid morning in philadelphia tomorrow. the cold air will hang on longer to the north and w. good news precipitation is light. let's take look outside see what we're dealing with right now. this is up in bethlehem in lee his valley this is one of the areas that may end up with as much as a quarter of an inch of ice before this system is done with us. you can see very very slow travel on the road there. there is still traction from the snow that came down earlier but now you've got this icy glaze. you see how this see this
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reflecting in the street lights here that's dangerous stuff may just look wet everything is icing. the main roads that have been treated are okay but again if you have less traffic overnight that's more time for that glaze to form and any back roads elevated surfaces, parking lots, treacherous tonight and you may have to chip the ice off your car tomorrow morning as well. take a look at storm scan3. very heavy rain right now off to the north and west falling on a frozen surface. the ground is below freezing any of that pink that is icing over. little bit of good news. there's a break in the action headed our way very light precip off to our south. overnight we won't see heavy precipitation that will allow that warmer air to get in and hopefully end trench itself before more ice comes down. but we could expect around term of an inch of ice near i-95 in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs up to .20 perhaps a quarter of an inch far north and west. roads are still very cold. everything will be dangerous overnight ice could coat limbs and power lines north and west can't rule out power outages in
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the city that doesn't look like nicely north and west where spots may end up .20 of an inch of ice can lead to the rick for smaller tree limbs cracking, possibly some power lines coming down as well but of course the biggest concern is out on the roads and that could last into the early morning hours tomorr tomorrow. notice how slow the progression he have warmer air is. still only 33 degrees in philadelphia. 33 you still have road surfaces below freezing you need to get into the upper 30s before you start to see that threat diminishing. 1:00 a.m. we still do have the threat of freezing rain philadelphia and northern suburbs. a break to the south and east. and then we get a break in the action through the overnight hours that is good news before another round of heavy rain comes through tomorrow afterno afternoon. heaviest to the north and west all rain tomorrow midday temperatures when we wake up in the 40s in most spots. but some spots could see over an inch of rain that will lead to the risk for some flooding. heavy and melting snow leads to flooding mainly in poor drainage areas. you will have localized uponning on the roadways so definitely be safe very slow warm up
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overnight. in the 40s by tomorrow morning. then in the mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. heaviest rain is midday between about 10 and 3:00. possibly even a rumble of thunder and it's good thing we don't have anything else to talk about in the seven day i don't have any more time. things are quite as we head into the weekend. we'll be in the 50's. >> that will be refreshing. >> thanks, kate. appreciate it. >> don, what's next in sports. >> talking college hoops. life is good on the mainline. villanova is still the top team in the land. for how long? temple owls may have the answer. with both sides are saying about their big five showdown. that's next.
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welcome back. villanova and temple two campuses separate separated byee 12 miles. two basketball teams miles apart in the polls. for the second week in a row the wildcats are number one wiley owls are unranked but the distance will fade away. it will happen on wednesday when they hook up on north broad street. a massive big five matchup. >> villanova number one team i think we can beat them.
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i'm it's possible we took down two ranked teams this season so far. so, um, i think we have a great shot going into wednesday. >> we might have been ranked might not have been. it was a tough environment and i can only imagine us being ranked number one. it's already sold out a couple weeks ago. we know they'll be excited. now these schools have great history playing each other. nova leads the series 45-42. they're best matchup happened back in 1988. temple was ranked number one item at the time. villanova 20th. owls beat the wildcats 98-86 and some say that was the best game in big five history. jay wright had a front row seat for that battle of the titans. >> that atmosphere was unbelievable and the hype in the city was unbelievable. and the players on that floor were, a lot of pros thon floor. it was a big-time game and at
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mcdonnmcgonagle hall. the first row was literal until your back. it was a wild game. it was really cool. >> both coaches came away. we just sat there and watched two terrific basketball teams play. i hope that's what happens wednesday. >> and the shorts were very short back then, too. >> the flyers have the night off after losing to the rangers three-one yesterday. but no time for them to whine about it to tomorrow night they visit new jersey. they're seven points behind the devils in the wild card race. what's the deal with sam bradford we may find out sooner than later. the window for nfl teams opens tomorrow and extends to march 1st. if the eagles franchise bradford he'll make 20 million next season. if they don't, he'll be able to leave philly as a free agent and sipe with whichever team he'd like beginning march 9th. >> it will be interesting. >> those guys have been spitting money all off season but this is the big question. >> it's huge. >> 20 million. >> i know.
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>> is he worth it? >> as they stay in the business. stay tune. >> good stuff
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♪ talk about a president' days tribute. >> virginia map has a collect of 43 oversized presidential head sculptures in his backyard because of course they weigh 800,000 pounds each. eight hun hundred thousand pounds. howard hankins hired to dispose of the statutes after a nearby theme park closed. he couldn't do it. he decided to hang on to them until he finds a new home for them. in the meantime he can walk among the presidents. >> how big is his backyard. >> big enough.
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>> our morning show is later this morning from 4:30 to 7am. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with craig ferguson. >> thanks for watching v a good night, family and sleep well. ♪


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