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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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a nice little break. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. happy wednesday. roadways are looking good, nice and dry, katie, i know a bearer have great news this morning. >> finally, yes, finally. >> we have been dealing with weather, it has been frigid air, or crazy swings on the thermometer or the rain, storms, ice or snow, we have had it all and new we have a break which is a awesome. but we are also going to find here some temperatures that go on a baby roller coaster ride. all is calm overlooking at ben franklin bridge here and across the river in center sit friday campbell's field in camden across the river. sky scan three is looking, pretty tranquil. lets talk about these temperatures. we have been all over the place. we hit 60 degrees yesterday, when it is all said and done. average high is 44. do the math. you have been above a average with that value. today more typical. it will be colder tomorrow and rebound again heading toward the weekend.
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for the moment storm scan three is quiet. the it will stay that way. we have cloud cover but not a sign of anything necessarily yet to come. it is a couple cloud. the it will be tranquil here today. thirty-five is magic number up and down i-95 from trenton, wilmington. thirty in millville. at this point even though we have got temperatures somewhat marginal or freezing we will see a lot of wind last 24 hours if there was any damp spots or puddles they have had a chance to dry up. even if you had lingering puddles, not necessarilyized over here today. that is not a concern but with that said it the is tranquil today. there is all things considered a much nicer day, in store. cooler granted. it felt like spring, yesterday but it is quiet. i would take that trade off over anything, right. >> we necessity weather and traffic go hand and hand. if you are giving gust news we can cross our fingers and good news today in the world of travel. so far, so good. we are looking good on this wednesday.
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quiet shot of the eastbound direction of the boulevard. keeping my eye on the schuylkill. yesterday it heated up. it always does typically monday it was gorgeous, on the schuylkill. i never say. that it is looking great because of presidents day. the tuesday it heated up. wednesday i'm sure will be the same thing but right the now enjoy these opened roadways if you are just thinking about heading outside. blue route at mid county tolls looking good here as well, everything is looking nice and quiet. just as it should in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we can expect that to lingering until the 6:00 o'clock hour. an accident new jersey turnpike at james town cooper area, the off ramp is block. there are reports of the entrapment here. make note for those heading in to this a area, a avoid that stretch if you can. another accident in new jersey black horse pike, southbound near nicholson road, two lanes are block because of the down utility pole. make note as well. this will slow you down a little will bit. hopefully that gets cleared out of our way quickly. walt whitman bridge restrictions a 359 miles an hour and tacony palmyra bridge
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is scheduled to open up 59:05. erika, back to you. more on the allentown police officer shot the in the line of duty. it happened when he was serving a warrant in the murder investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us live at lehigh valley hospital. doctors are treating the officer. hopefully recovering this morning, just continue. >> reporter: good morning. police do expect him to recover soon and at last check he is in stable condition, we do know more details are due out about his shooting and his condition. let's take to you video from overnight, shots were fired at 9:00 o'clock last night and a standoff went into the early morning, allentown police tell us that the wounded officer was part of an emergency response team serving an arrest warrant on a male suspect. this took place a at an apartment building on the 600 block have of north godfrey street in a allentown's east side. about 9:45 came reports an officer was shot by a man inside that apartment. law enforcement did fire back, striking that man, and in word
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where or the extent of his wounds is in just yet. now reports came in later that male officer was shot in his left arm, and then brought here to lehigh valley hospital, meantime a swat style operation closed in on that suspect, and neighboring were evacuated and bystanders do report that police using at least one flash bang as they cornered that building. some report a robot being dispatch in the shooter a's unit before authorities went in with a stretcher and then brought him in for treatment at 1:00 o'clock a.m. >> at the time of the incident there was an exchange of gunfire. the individual was inside. did receive wound from the exchange of gunfire and after a brief standoff we were able to secure him inside the apartment and transport him for treatment as well. >> reporter: again that suspect and officer on track to recover here. as for that warrant police do tell us it is tied to the sudden advertise coverry of
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the woman in the recycling container. they are still working to identify her at the this time. we do know that she is of asian dissent between 18 to 30 years old. 5 feet tall. weighing 119-pound. so more to come in this case but good news, erika the the officer is on track to be okay. erika, back over to you. >> that is good news, justin, thank you. new this morning a gas can outside this holmesberg row home fire, raised some suspicions. fire broke out this morning in the home on tease dale street. in one was hurt, but you can see some damage to a front window. the fire marshall is checking it out. the clean up effort continues in parts of our area after damaging storms. the those storms moved through quickly, but they pack a powerful punch leaving a big mess behind. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has a closer look at some of the damage. >> reporter: from the air the scene was devastating, powerful wind blew roof off this dairy barn in richboro leaving hundreds of cows in the the path of danger. >> a amazing force just to come through and tore that off
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there. >> reporter: no cows or people were injured. a miracle according to miracle lenny tanner, which the farm has been in his family for decade. >> the timing was right and nobody was in harms way. >> reporter: tanner says his farm full of almost 400 cows lost power. we spoke to him inside tanners, the family store on the dairy property. >> it is just hard to believe that as much damage can be done in a short period of time. >> reporter: wind took down this tree in nearby feasterville that crushed most of raymon engel's home. >> i watched the tree, i looked at it, i checked it, it started to go over. i just said to myself, here it goes. i was probably ten, 15 feet from where it actually hit. >> reporter: from a major winter storm to just a few weeks ago to strong wind and temperatures in the the 50's, lenny tanner is prepared for whatever happened the rest of this winter. >> we just have to have move forward, and we will look at everything, tomorrow, and then we will start to rebuild.
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>> reporter: tanner's here in richboro bucks county was not the only property affect, although, authorities say it was the largest. i also check, no major power outages to report. reporting from richboro, bucks county, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the holmesberg boys club in northeast philadelphia also suffered damage. part of the roof right there was ripped off by high wind. new listen to this the roof was only put on last year after that club spent five years fund raise to go pay for that work. crews are making repairs, in one was injured. a car crashed into a camden county pizzeria and investigators want to know why this happened. the ovenner of momma's pizza on warwick road tells "eyewitness news" that a customer was park in front of the pizzeria where a car crashed through the wind he owe. no one was hurt but crash left extensive damage. the owner bought the pizzeria three months ago. northwest detective released this video in hopes
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of finding a suspect wanted for a robbery in olney. the it happened on february 7th inside the angel's spirit deli on rising sun avenue. that suspect, walked in the store and then pointed a handgun at a woman. he demanded that she drop her purse and car keys and he took off in her car. if you have any information on this suspect you are asked to call police. a thief pulled off a elaborate heist at a blooming dailies out light in center cert i. nine men stole 20 to 30 pairs of jeans from the store inside the shops at liberty place. those jeans are worth about $2,000. the men was last seen running away on chestnut street. 5:08 right now. an unusual outburst from pope francis, see why he got so upset with the crowd in mexico. also, replacing scalia, president obama respond to a republican critics who say that he should not fill the empty seat on the supreme court. also...
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>> unaudible. >> one of the oldest survivors ever, that philadelphia native talks about his impressive background and why he thinks he can out witt, out last, and out play much younger contestants. >> ♪ >> and things are definitely looking up weather-wise, no rain, snow or ice in our forecast, that is a relief, right. the katie will let you know how long this nice stretch of february weather will stick around. we will be right back.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" bill cosby has lost another bid to throw out sexual assault charges. the judge refused to dismiss the case now has denied the comedian's appeal. the cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting a former temple university employee at his montgomery county home in 2004. his next day in court will be a preliminary hearing that is scheduled for march 8th. and embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane announced she will not seek a second term. kane has been facing increasing pressure to step down while she awaits trial on criminal charges. she narrowly escaped a senate
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vote seeking her removal from office last week. in scranton she pointed to her sons who are age 13, 15 as key reasons why she decided not to run for reelection. >> i love pennsylvania. i love my sons first. i am a a mother first and foremost. >> kane did in the reference the criminal charges against her. there is also a question as to whether or not kane was able to get the number of required signatures to get her name on the primary ballot. 5:13. excitement is overflowing along the u.s. mexico border. people are experiencing what philadelphia felt five months ago when pope francis visited our city. today the pontiff is set to deliver mass in the town that borders the el paso, texas boarder with mexico. adrian a diaz shows us the preparations for the holy father a's historic visit. >> reporter: pope francis will celebrate mass before hundreds of thousands in suarez later today, about 50-yard from the boarder with el paso, texas.
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>> the plan is that after the mass he will walk up to the fence, and to offer a personal prayer, for migrants. >> reporter: tuesday, the pope told 45,000 young people, in mexico that they are the wealth of the future and urged them to avoid the lure of the area's prolific drug trade. pope says he knows it is hard for to you feel valued when they have lost so many loved ones to drug violence. one person shouted we love you, pope francis. but not everyone is happy that the pope is here. some called his visit a diversion. >> how many people do you think are unhappy with the pope here 10 percent, 20 percent. >> i think a little bit more, like 40, 45 percent, because they think the money should be in areas. >> reporter: hashtag i don't want the pope to come has appeared on twitter.
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this man says that the estimated ten million-dollar spent for his visit should go to education, health and employment. >> but millions of others disagree and have embraced the pope at every turn n mexico city, adriana diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a frightening moment for pope francis in mexico yesterday. see what happens, he was shaking hand at a stadium when it appears someone pulled his garment and knocked him on a child in the wheelchair. the pope is upset right there understandably. watching out for welfare of the child. pope was not the hurt. public address announcer urge the crowd to stay calm. folks in florida are experiencing a rather unusual winter. national weather service says two tornadoes, touched down in the miami dade area powerful wind overturned this tractor trailer, slowing traffic to a crawl on i-95 yesterday. the storm down trees and power lines, sparking this shed fire. the weather service says that the damage was caused by ef1
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tornadoes with wind of 86 to 110 miles an hour. and for florida that is where you go to escape crazy weather. >> absolutely. >> we had our fair share yesterday too. >> we sure did we saw from our sister station in my am meteorologist blowing the wind and palm trees. unbelievable. >> so, so crazy. >> exactly. >> it was pretty brutal down there we had a fair share of the nasty stuff as well but storm that affect everybody on the east cozies out of here. >> finally a break. >> it is a nice long break too. we have a quiet the outlook here on storm scan three, we've got a little disturb a answer pushing through across great lakes and little streak of light snow through iowa and missouri. storm that brought that heavy moisture in the form of rain, snow, isis long gone. we are in the clear, all things considered here for the next couple of days. there is a a little minor disturbance weakening with time but more than anything we will see a few clouds today and it the gets breezy. but we are expect to go see some sun as well and we are
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expecting tranquil conditions, as high pressure becomes our overriding theme here for next couple of taste w that high in place you'll see full sunshine albeit a chilly day tomorrow. starting to see clouds rebuild with the approach of another disturbance on friday but we're still not expecting wet weather. this is an area of low pressure that tracks through southern canada but it tries to drag it through it will not have a lot of moisture or strength with it too. overall it is remaining a quiet forecast, for the weekend. that leaves us sometime to talk about fun things like the first day of spring, i love looking at spring flowers, pretty pastels, right. march 20th which is coincidently the first home union march. very excited about that. vernal equinox takes place, 12 hours, ten minutes of daylight. thank you mother nature. coming along slowly but surely. we will give you a solid b today. cool start. tad breezy to the day but very seasonal. 34:00 p.m., 35. we are shooting for 36.
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sunshine for your thursday. coldest day of the pack. mild weekend coming up but we might see a sprinkle on sunday. meisha, back over to you. >> first day of spring we're talking about it. that makes it so happy and it is wednesday, hump day, good morning everyone, bridge right new we are taking a peak at the this tacony pennsylvania will my use bridge its coming back down. we will be opened sometime shortly. and it was up and new coming back down which is great news for you taking the bridge. i-95 south past cottman things are looking good here. you can see steady flow moving in the southbound direction. both north and southbound are busy yesterday. especially because we had incident there but now things are looking good, on the i-95 southbound interstate i-95 that is what we want to see moving in the 6:00 o'clock shortly. blue route moving in the southbound direction approaching the schuylkill, looking pretty darn g i will say that the blue route is an area we are taking a peak at this morning. looking good though, overall, no accidents to report. that is great news for those who need to take the blue route, we're looking g we have an accident here with possible
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even trap many, new jersey turnpike, at james even ifimore cooper service area if you can avoid this area you will certainly want to do that. that will be a good idea. coming up, it is a tiny house with a big price tag. the jaw dropping hot price that someone just paid for a run down tiny house. also. >> ♪ >> cya goes for a ride on car pool karaoke, see the unusual skill she shows james corden that comes in handy around breakfast time. that is more when we come back.
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welcome back. hard to believe but survivor kicks off his 32nd season tonight right here on cbs-3.
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two people from our area air monk the new castaways. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao here on the set to learn more about our local connection here, jan. >> here we go again a fan favorite, a cbs-3 fan favorite and fans this season have two locals to root for. one is a native of northeast fill arc the other currently lives in reading. tonight they will get led toy compete in survivor, brains verse brawn verse beauty. >> you are witnessing 18 americans begin an adventure that will forever change their lives. >> reporter: in its 32nd season survivor challenges contestant to out witt, out play, out last. >> coming down. >> reporter: this season two natives of the delaware valley are competing for the title of soul survivor. >> it is perfect out here. >> my name is joe dell campo. >> reporter: joe dell campo is native of oxford circle will, a graduate of father judge
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high school and had sal university. he also served as a summer cop in avalon before becoming a naval officer and then an fbi agent for 25 years. >> this is like the top to right here. to be able to be on a island with diverse group of people, most of them way younger then me and be able to survive and get through 39 days of lack of food, social interaction and just what i'm routeing for. >> my name is debbie warner, i'm from reading, pennsylvania. i'm 49 years old. i'm a chemist. >> reporter: debbie want to inspire other woman. >> just go for it in life and that is what i want to instill in my daughters. >> reporter: this season pits three tribes begins each other, brains verse brawn verse beauty. both locals find themselves on the same tribe the brains. the host jeff says it is dell camo who has what it takes to make it all the way. >> that is a gem and i am hoping joe does not get lumped
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in the old guy category. the just give me a chance. just don't judge me because you think i'm old. >> thirty-nine days, 18 people, one survivor. >> reporter: all right. we are getting excited. he goes on to say he thinks debbie, her tribe might not understand her. she is comparing her personality to previous contestant coach and if you know survivor you know fans either loved him or hate him. we shall see. >> dell campo what a background. >> twenty-five years as an fbi agent, that is what he is saying don't under estimate him. he has what it takes. >> he probably has seen some of that weird stuff. >> that is why i can't do survivor. >> coming up this morning, meet the cast of the survivors brains verse brawn verse beauty tonight, special 90 minute episode, extra long starting at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. if you think homes are expensive around philadelphia,
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just be glad you don't live in vancouver. a tiny run down house, right there, it just sold for almost two and a half million-dollar. >> what? >> for that right there. >> it is missing shingles, some of the walls are rot willing, but hey as you no he in real estate it is all location, location, location. that house is in a popular neighborhood in the city and new owner, must be doing well. they bought the house, they will tear it down and rebuild. so, more reasonable now. still ahead this morning is there a new top dog meet the pooch just crown best in show at west minister kennel club show. donald trump sharpens his a attacks on ted cruz while democratic contenders for the white house court minority voters. i'm don champion at cbs broadcast center with the latest from the campaign trail coming up. also some fierce competition at a local school and that is just to get a seat in one of the classrooms. why it is so difficult to get into this school and what makes it so incredibly popular
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too. katie? and erika, i'm happy to report we are in for a nice stretch of quiet weather for a change, i'm going to tell you how long this stretch of the days will last us and we will tell but another warming trend down the road here, it the is all good stuff, erika. >> i like the sound of that katie, thank you. also meisha has everything you need to know for your wednesday morning commute. moving well right now. we will be right back.
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i continue to believe that mr. donald trump will not be president. >> president obama takes aim at donald trump saying republican front runner does not have what it takes to be command inner chief and now as you you would imagine trump is firing back in the war of word. hear why he called the president's criticism a a great compliment. after that rain and snow and ice finally looking at a nice, stretch of weather for this morning. such a nice welcomed change. we will bring in meisha, katie, road looking nice and katie, i know looking nice weather-wise too, right. >> absolutely, yes, a as we look at sky cam three. we will start things off ought there for you. that will be the story all day here today. it doesn't look like a lot of traffic either but yeah, we are still seeing. >> road will be nice and dry. that is always welcomed news. >> early bird out there just waking up with us, they are


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