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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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through the encryption shield for the first time seeking evidence, and i spoke with retired fbi agent and technical specialist jj clayber about how this landmark decision could affect all of us. retired fbi agent jj j, former supervisor of technical operations in the bureau's philadelphia office, knows better than most how encryption which protects our privacy on line and on iphones also shields terrorist. >> encryption is one of the strongest tools that bad guys have to communicate in ways that cannot be detect. >> reporter: in the wake of the san bernardino attack a federal magistrate new ruling that the fbi can access encrypted information on the i phone of said farouk, one of the two killers who gunned down 14 people in the holiday run inch december 2nd before the couple was killed in the gun battle with police. >> that is what the government
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needs to further these investigation toss get evidence that they need to prevent future attacks. >> reporter: but apple's ceo vows that the company will fight magistrate's order to provide fbi with software to defeat encryption calling it a master key that would eventually lead to everyone's privacy being threatened. >> i just want to be clear that providing this information in one particular circumstance means essentially the information will be provided in virtually any circumstance. >> reporter: veteran attorney brad bridge with the defender association of philadelphia says with no clear indication farouk's phone will provide any compelling evidence, there is simply no reason to jeopardize everyone's privacy protections. quoting ben franklin. >> those who would give away essential liberties to perfect purchase a littal digsal security deserve neither liberty or security. encryption is important for
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protecting people but the ability to get through that encryption is important for law enforcement to also protect people. >> reporter: this ruling on encryption is the first ever of its kind and while likely it will face legal challenges, what happens will be a major sign indicating just where the ongoing battle between privacy, and protection, might be headed. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> much more to come walt, thanks very much. allentown police officer is out of the hospital tonight after getting shot in the arm in the line of duty. police say suspect shot at officers last night as that officer hinted to survey warrant. the suspect then barricaded himself inside his home at this allentown housing authority complex on north godfrey street. >> i heard a lot of shooting. i thought it was a bomb, a gag. i looked outside window and cops said get out. >> warrant is related to the murder of a woman whose body was found stuffed in the recycling bin on sunday. the body was found two blocks
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from the scene of last night's shooting. montgomery county man is behind bars tonight charged for his alleged role in the heroin trafficking ring. david pancheck o of east norriton was arraigned on drug and conspiracy charge these afternoon. the authorities say when they with us ted him last week he was carrying more than 6-pound of heroin disguised in car batteries. >> while three kilos of heroin is one of the largest heroin seizures that we have had, it is only a portion of the heroin panchecko was involved in distributing, moving from atlanta, through montgomery county, to the bronx in new york city. >> he is being held in montgomery county prison on nine million-dollar cash bail. mount laurel police are looking for a suspect whom authorities say used a dating app to steel from men. investigators say on february 10th this man sent another man a photo through app jacked. they met up in a secluded a area near route 73 and ended with the suspect, running off with the victim's iphone.
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two hours later police got a call from another victim but that man managed to hold on to his phone. >> polled thing to do so that speaks to the person's mine set what they are willing to do to get what they want. >> police are concerned that there could be more victims and they ask anyone with information about the suspect to come forward. not a bad day across the region but we have changes on the way. the let's find out what kind of on changes, kate bilo is on the the sky deck, kate. >> you can feel the chill, far cry from our 60 degrees yesterday but hey i'll take dry, 40's over wet and windy and 60's any day of the week. chilly night ahead as well but things are clear outside right now and will stay that way throughout the overnight hours. storm scan three shows a few clouds but no rain or snow. you can see any flurries or snow showers limited to those lake effect areas in upstate new york, western pennsylvania, a few flakes make it in the region and mainly far north and west through the overnight hours and then that is bit. very quiet stretch through end of the week and into the
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weekend. temperatures will be up and down though today in the 40's but nice and cold air moving n we are down to 36 in allentown. down to 40 in philadelphia, and temperatures continue to drop, through the overnight hours. while it is not windy there is a i brisk wind and breeze making things feel certainly colder then thermometer indicates. 13-mile an hour wind at the airport and 10 miles an hour wind in lancaster making it feel chilly. those wind will continue tomorrow and then we will switch to windy and warm to start the weekend. i will have more on saturday and potential system next week. we will have more on that with the seven day in just a few minutes. >> see you then, thank you. excitement is building for tonight's city she down. temple is hosting number one villanova and fans are pumped up making predictions. >> villanova has not impressed me too much. temple impressed me with some of those big wins and they have a good chance to win. >> i think everyone is predicting it to be close. >> they have had five straight wins and i'm hoping for six.
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>> line started early at the liacouras center for student tickets and that is where "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal tells us how coaches and players are prepping for this big showdown, leslie. >> reporter: i'll tell you, ukee, it is going to be a good one, villanova's number one ranking adding to the drama, you can see the guys behind me, warming up, on the court, do not count temple out, they have been on a roll lately. they have won their last five in a row, defeating three of the top 25 teams including smu which put an end to their perfect season. i just caught up with coach fran dunphy a few minutes ago about facing the number one team in the country and long time rival, villanova. >> we have to play each and every possession. often times you talk about what you do, you don't talk about what the other guys do. other than go out and try to guard one of those three-point shooters. it is a huge game for us too, it really is.
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these world games against non-conference opponents, they are big time games and being that it is a philadelphia rivalry game makes it even bigger. the any game you have all this going on around you, it really tests your team. >> reporter: you can feel the excitement out here right now, big five basketball, out, tip off at 7:00. ukee, back to you. all right, leslie, thank you very much in clear the water, florida. spring training officially, now underway, and ukee and jessica, coming up later on in the show in sports we will hear from the 22-year old kid who is hoping to be the opening day starter on april 4th, in cincinnati. we will talk about it, see you then. >> all right buddy. right around the corner. also tonight, a
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grandmother who is shown here. >> we thank everybody for it, for helping us with him. >> a boy born with the deformity now has reason to smile, health reporter stephanie stahl shows you you how a local hospital has done some great things. and one of the philadelphia's most iconic parks vandalized and why it happened and why the mayor saw it coming.
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vandals tagged philadelphia's love park with graffiti days before a multi million-dollar face lift. >> park will close this week to start renovations. mayor jim kenney lifted park's ban on skateboarding last week and skaters have been taking advantage of the last chance to right wedgees, benches and steps. it is in the clear who vandals are but the mayor says he thought that this might happen. in the meantime mayor kenney says he is setting a new tone between business and city government. >> mayor delivered his first address as he greeted philadelphia chamber of commerce annual mayor's lunch today. city will actively recruit new business from his overseas and nearby suburbs under a development agenda laid out the by the mayor. >> for too long this address was essentially seen as mayor's to do list for the business community but if
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philadelphia is to succeed in the relationship between government and business cannot be based on a list of demand. it has ton a true partnership. >> the marry vealed several initiatives underway including the creation of a small business advisory board. stats the show women still get paid less than men. >> new jersey leaders big and small spoke out against in equality. >> women are doing the exact same work and in many cases more and being paid less. the it is something that is as wrong as anything beef dealt with. >> as a ten year-old i think people should than given the same opportunities and award for the same hard work no math ther what. >> two thirds of the new jersey homes are run by women and leaders say they want a crackdown on giving state fund to companies that do not pay women equally. on the cbs-3 healthwatch new technology in philadelphia that is helping disabled children live better lives. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is at shrine era a's
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hospitals to see it in action. >> reporter: very special story. prosthetic limbs have become almost super human and making them becomes all kind of revolutionary technology. shriner has new machinery that is doing big things for little will kids. >> reporter: these first steps, six year-old casen is taking with his new leg. born with the leg deformity as he has grown he has had a series of prosthetics all made at shriner's hospital for children. >> how big is this. >> reporter: are it is an emotional roller coaster for his family. grand mom has made hure to make him special special among his friend. >> do you stay they will you will be a super hero. >> we thank everybody for it, for helping with us him. >> reporter: these models used to take a long time to make but now new technology speed up the process, making the fitting is a lot easier for children like caseon. >> how it bend. >> reporter: get around
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easier. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: is it comfortable. >> um-hmm. >> he can walk, run, and do stairs and it is amazing report rorrer new technology at shriner's start with computerized imaging that creates a model used to make prosthetic. that image is sent to the the 3-d access corridor that creating the mold. >> it carves out exact shape on the compute are. >> i think it is great. it speed up the process. >> reporter: prosthetic is then made around the mold and all of the computerized settings are saved so as children grow it is quicker and easier to make the new limbs. >> it is just a amazing, absolutely amaze ago this they can do this now. now with this new technology at that weiner's what used to take 90 minutes now take ten minutes, so they are able to help a lot more children, like casen. how about him and how about that technology. >> incredible. >> connecting technology is something you think is a big idea but then you see his face and realize it all pays off.
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>> thanks, stephanie, very nice. >> kate bilo joins us with the the forecast. it is hump day. people are looking downhill toward a nice weekend weather-wise. >> it will really warm up this weekend. it will be windy. i know you will be on the golf course, wind will be strong saturday. adjust shots accordingly but still a beautiful weekend. we're talking near 60 degrees by saturday. we have a few chilly days first. lets look outside, we will take you outside to a time lapse video from today. let me show you how sun struggled to make an appearance. the cloud won out. this is from the leadership academy in philadelphia mostly overcast day but we did get a few breaks in the afternoon, nice to see, not a bad day for mid-february. it could be worse. we have had a wild month so far, today was close to what it should feel like this time of the year. storm scan three remains quiet. we have a few lake effect snow squals moving through central pennsylvania at the moment. most of the the area just seeing a few flakes possibly making it in the poconos but i
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don't expect any pronounced squals to make their way in our area tonight. these are fizzling before they get here. rest of the region is quiet. temperatures are seasonal like we said 40 degrees, temperature in philadelphia. thirty-seven in reading. also in trenton. thirty-six in allentown. twenty-eight in mount pocono. chilly but not cold. we know what cold feels like. we felt it a few days ago, now we're just talking chilly conditions, brisk breeze through the day tomorrow that will make highs in the upper 30's feel more like mid 30's at times. you need day to head to the bus stop with gloves, winter coats, they don't need to be bundled head to toe like this weekend and late last week. we're talking near 40 degrees for your thursday. friday back to the mid 40's. warm front draped across the northeast that will bring a few more cloud on friday, and temperatures once again like today in the low to mid 40's. heading in the weekend that is when we will warm up this front stays off to the north, southwest win, temperatures rise in the upper 50's, it will be windy. wind accelerate as that front
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approaches. so wind possibly gusting over 25 miles an hour over weekend. that is only negative i see otherwise we will see sunshine each day and temperatures ten to 15 degrees above average, right through the weekend. the here's a quick peak at your forecast, warm, windy on saturday at 57 for your daytime high, less wind sunday, lose a couple degrees but feeling great at 54 for your sunday. system next week will mainly track up the coast, tuesday into wednesday, our two main models are split on the track, gfs is warmer, euro is colder. that implicates or influences precipitation type that is what i was looking for. warmer model further inland we have more rain. further out to sea more snow. this is a full week away. right new we have signal that is what we can tell you next tuesday into wednesday. we just don't know what the specifics will be. something to keep an eye on. look at that week even, 50's, great. >> after 20's last week even. >> try to tell that to mr. don
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bell right now. >> well, come on now. >> that is not fair. tell me about it. we are a little jealous of our co-worker. >> that is because don bellies in sunny florida, hi there don. >> you guys are so jealous, last time i saw you you, i was wearing short sleeves shirt. i have a coat on. it is getting chilly here too in beautiful clearwater florida. by the way, the phillies haven't made post season since 20116789 when can we expect them to get in the playoffs. we will talk to the team's general manager next up since 1961, pearle vision has proviwith expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform
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well, hopes of the major league baseball championship always begins in february. >> um-hmm. >> you might still be feeling the chill in philly.
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>> but fightins have migrated south and sport director don bellies live in clearwater where spring training is now underway, don? yes, it is official, the 70th straight year phillies opening up in clearwater, florida. this is not like nfl, in the like training camp. it was a very light day for pitchers and catchers. we're talking about light throwing, catching, light running, for all of the players here as they get ready for that six week run of spring training baseball. staff has a lot of work to do. phillies starters had most few wins in baseball. sporting new rotation, wild young arms. aaron nola has chance to be opening day start's begins cincinnati on april 4th. >> i think it is a good thing we have a lot of new guys. i think they are really going to play hard. we will all play hard. we're all fighting for a spot. definitely a lot of potential and talent over here and i think our biggest thing, once we start getting and playing
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we have to play as a team. we have to form that core. once we do that we will be okay. >> as for the team's direct new general manager matt klentak knows they are rebuilding, but he won't put a time frame on when his team will be back, in the playoffs. >> the development of the players, that is what is ultimately going to dictate, you know, how many games we win this this year, next year, following year, et cetera. the players age at different rates at different times. there are injuries that will inevitably happen in every organization and we are no different than that. way that all of that shakes out that is ultimately what will dictate the answer to your question. >> so basically, the new general manager is not going to put an exact year total on when we can expect this team back in the post season. they lost an mlb worst 99 games, 27 games behind the mets and right now it is all about the young players trying to get better, day by day by day.
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of course that begins tomorrow when these guys will get through an actual work out for real. reporting live from clearwater florida i'm don bell for "eyewitness sports". new back to the studio good what about phillies nation, i'm sure fans are down there already, they come out every year they come out in droves. are they out there this early. >> yes, one thing about philadelphia phillies fans, and eagles fans for that matter philadelphia fans in general they always travel. there aren't a whole lot of accomplish owe far not yet but you can expect that tomorrow once they hit these fields and you know fans will be able to come out sit in the stand and watch these guys, and, looking forward, here, in clearwater florida. >> always, always. >> thank you, db. >> still to come tonight on "eyewitness news". >> all smiles from the patients at a local hospital, where these kid were treated to a special performance and how the happies benefiting. blank
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we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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well, wrinkling brothers circus performers visit the children's hospital of philadelphia to spread, a lot of joy. joy and happiness to the the patients. >> the ring master and clowns put on quite a show, some children got to join in on the the fun and after entertaining the children the circus then gifted the hospital with a
6:29 pm
$10,000 donation to help cancer research. the circus is in town at wells fargo center through sunday, february the 21st. that is great, ring master and everybody. >> everybody. >> in the house. >> wonderful good look at those smiles. >> that is great. >> that hat. >> weeknights at 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers your good questions. >> from the conshohocken curve to the trenton makes bridge, we have some pretty interesting road nicknames, in our area tonight we want to know why is part of the 476 known as the blue route. why? nicole gets the answer at 11:00. we will wait until 11:00 to be sure. >> we have theories, certainly. we will see you at 11:00. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back on the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", why pope francis scolded an over eager well wisher. also the pontiff's historic trip to the u.s./mexico border from new york here is scott pelley take care family we
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will see you tonight. >> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino terrorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death get the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls. >> pelley: so why won't the v.a. pay for the treatment? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the war on terror and the right to privacy have collided tonight. the f.b.i. got a court order requiring apple to help inveat


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