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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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through the window earlier today. new those have been towed away but still there is a lot of clean up and a lot of healing to be done. police say that crash landed more than a dozen people in the hospital, tonight, one man barely escaped with his life. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> reporter: just minutes before multiple vehicles slam in the td bank on 15th and jfk... they say she just left the atm there. >> bad abing everything happened. >> reporter: he was lucky. the just a few more minutes and then he wouldn't have made it out. >> i had to wait in line there were two people in front of me. >> reporter: she says first she saw a taxi cab hit a city bus. >> september bus pulled right over, but the guy hit the gas. i guess he was trying to run. >> reporter: then baker said cab hit a cool bus and limo suv before they smashed through the bank. philadelphia police captain frank polumbo tells "eyewitness news" multiple
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people are recovering from minor injuries at the hospital. >> fortunately no children were on the school bus. >> reporter: others are also feeling lucky after walking away without a scratch. >> i thank the lord he looked out for me. i must have a guardian angel looking out for me. >> reporter: back here live, the philadelphia parking authority and that taxi company have not yet responded to comments. we reached out to them, to speak about the driver who witnesses say was part of the causing the crash, but coming up at 6:00 we talk to the man who owns a news stand right next to this bank. live from center city i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. zika virus threat in central and latin america sparked surprising words aboard the papal plane where he suggested that women threatened with zika could use contraception. pope francis says is there a clear moral difference between preventing pregnancy and abortion. we have a thought of what the
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people thought about the pope's comment. >> there is nothing wrong with using birth control. the it is not in anyway, disrupting life or disrupting god's process of humanity. >> i think for some catholics it is probably not going to make a difference because people use birth control anyway. but i, you know, i guess it is a good thing. >> reporter: some government in latin america urged woman to avoid getting pregnant. there have been calls from some a abortion rights groups to loosen the strict anti abortion laws in the overwhelmingly catholic region. holy father is also climbing in on the republican presidential race. pope francis suggests donald trump is in the a christian for wanting to deport immigrant and build a wall along the mexican border. just two days ahead of the south carolina primary trump fires back. >> he actually said that maybe i'm not a good christian or something. >> reporter: donald trump is taking on pope francis. harshly objecting to criticism he received from the leader
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over trump's repeated calls to build a wall to keep out mexican migrants. a person who thinks only about building walls and in the bridges pope francis says is not christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: the republican front runner blames the mexican government for turning the pope against him, and he fired off this warning. >> if, and when, the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: the remainder of the candidates canvassed looking for last minute support for saturday's republican primary. mr. trump, john kasich and jeb bush are gearing up for tonight's town hall in columbia. >> unaudible. >> this country has not just the right but an obligation, to control the process bye which people enter the united
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states. >> reporter: this voter is sticking with the trump. >> i'm not a fan of the pope anyway. >> reporter: latest cbs the news national poll shows donald trump with a two to one advantage over ted cruz. and, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of campaign 2016, when we're not here on tv we have you covered at cbs philly dot the come. google says it is siding with apple in the phone inscription battle with the fbi. apple is defying a judge's order to help unlock the i phone used by one of the san bernardino killers. the the company says doing so will compromise security of the millions of devices. new york city officials say apple is behindering criminal investigations by not cooperating. >> this has become, ladies and gentlemen, the wild west in technology. apple, google are their ownerships. there are no rules. this is a decision, where to draw the line between public safety and privacy that need to be made by independent players, the legislature, and the courts. >> cbs news has learned
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apple's lawyers are prepared to fight all the way to the united states supreme court. police are questioning a suspect connected with the deadly ambush in philadelphia a's cobbs creek section. investigators tell us 31 year-old maurice had just started his car when he was hit with a hail of bullets this happened just after 11:00 f south 52nd street right outside of a club. police, quickly track down the suspect. >> right after the shooting, we got flash information that there was a male with the red hoodie on foot, uniform officers saw a male running in the location around the corner, went inside, got him and brought him to the homicide unit. >> reporter: he died at the hospital. investigators believe the suspect could be charged by the end of the day. a deadly rush hour accident, two cars collide, head on instantly killing one man. chopper three over the scene on martin luther king drive just across from boat house row around 8:30 this morning. the driver of a green honda was killed when he crossed over the double yellow rine,
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hitting a blue chevy. a woman was taken to the hospital, the cause of the accident remains under investigation, police say alcohol was not a factor. another accident to tell but, this one in new jersey, chopper three over the scene, on the garden state parkway, two vehicles overturn on the the side of the road. two women were transported to the hospital, with none in life threatening injuries and accident has been cleared and traffic is getting by. well, sunny today but, still feeling down right cold out there meet the role goodies kate bilo live on the die deck and kate, we could see a change in temperatures real soon. >> nice to see the sun today. we have not seen sun since the weekend at least not full force like today but definitely feeling like winter outside with the chilly breeze and temperatures only in the 30's. that said, beautiful evening, and some changes for better on the way. the lets take a look outside, i will take you to the live neighborhood network to show you this beautiful shot at
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pleasant valley, it is only 30 g really nice this evening and these days getting longer. we are gaining two and a half minutes of daylight every day. storm scan three shows next system heading our way and just a big bank of cloud moving over great lakes. that is a warm front that will lift in here tomorrow and bring cloud cover and transition to warmer weather by the weekend. temperatures right now still on the chilly side only 36 in philadelphia, 35 in wilmington. thirty-five in atlantic city airport and 24 in mount pocono. it is still breezy, wind out of the north/northwest right now sustain wind at 16 miles an however in philadelphia, 13 n and gusts are stronger. when you factor in the wind it feels a whole lot cooler out here then mid 30's feels, sub freezing. but that will change. coming up i will tell but the warm up we have in store for the the upcoming weekend and we have a system to talk about next week a lot of uncertainty but i'll tell you two most likely scenarios and what to expect as we move forward into next week, and behind the storm, maybe getting cold again. the lots to talk about.
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i'll have it all coming up when i join you inside. back over to you. the philadelphia police department has a solution to the money problems of the kanye west. >> and what does the police department posted about it on twitter, which has now been viewed more than a million times. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live with who in the department came up with this here, walt. >> reporter: jessica, west is a star in need of money, philadelphia is a city in need of more police officers. so a very creative police sergeant here, eric grip, combined the one and went out on twitter in one of the most unique philadelphia police recruiting efforts, in this city's history. kanye west, a philadelphia police officer. well, no, it is just his face, photo shopped on to a philadelphia police department recruiting poster, long with west nickname for a name tag, the cyber handy work of the sergeant eric grip, who is working hard to get more people to join the department. >> just having a little bit of
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fun and hopefully getting good cops along the way. >> reporter: grip got the idea after kanye started tweeting about his terrible financial problems, millions of dollars in the hole. >> he is saying he is 53 million. difficult the math real quick and with our starting salary of $47,920, and only 1,106 years, kanye could pay off that debt. >> reporter: so sergeant grip tweeted west, we are hiring, starting salary 47,920. you could be debt free by the year 3122. >> i'm only hoping kanye respond and when he does he respond in kind. >> reporter: so far no response from kanye west, but, lots of reaction from the twitter atmosphere, more than 2,000 hits in the first two hours. the reaction decidedly mixed. >> we have seen a lot of folks that saying we would be glad to have kanye here. he would make a great police officer. is there another contingent of will folks saying at all costs please keep kanye out of
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philadelphia a. >> reporter: grip is hoping all of the publicity in the twitter storm surrounding the star who was short on money, will help a city that is short on cops, put more officers on the street. >> you know, that is what it is all about is getting the message out there. >> reporter: philadelphia needs about 300 new officers in the first eight hours after that tweet went out, more than a million views. you could say it is a success in the early going. if you want to learn more about a career in the department, it is philadelphia live at police headquarters i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, walt. coming up on "eyewitness news" tonight is everything from brake pads to kitty litter and you could be putting it on your food. jim donovan shows you what it is and food maker that is taking action. twins with a tail to tell, just within year ago they looked very different. the special story and reason their mother is calling them
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little super girls. don? well, pete mackanin has spent five decades in baseball but today he did something for the very first time. coming up in sports we will talk to the phillies manager, when we come right back.
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thorough a living miracle twins conjoined at birth getting close tore living normal lives after being separated a year ago. >> historic 26 hour surgery separated the texas twins after they were born connect by the chest, stomach and pelvis. now, 22 month-old madlie and add line are thriving. one is freak from trach tube and their mother says that this journey has been frustrating and scary, but it has been all worth it. >> we always knew they were going to thrive. i just don't think we expect them to do as good as they are doing. >> we went into this procedure with a hope we could get them both a chance of a good life. so the fact that they are accomplishing that is a blessing. >> doctors say that the girls have a few more surgeries ahead of them but they are making great progress. >> so good to hear. food makers could be adding too much of good thing to their products.
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>> it is a surprising ingredient that is okay for to you eat but as on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains they have one cheese company pulling product from the shelves. >> reporter: that is right, parm son cheese sold in stores may contain more than you thought, companies use sell lies which is processed wood pulp to keep cheese from clumping but it turns out some manufacturers are also using large amounts as filler. with the sprinkled on pasta, shaved on salads or graded on to pretty much anything, american's appetite for cheese has been heating up for decade. but experts believe, some of the parmesan, eaten by cheese lovers isn't real cheese, and it is costing them. >> americans are probably consume close to 100 million-pound annually. >> reporter: neil schulman says cellulose, made from wood pulp is a big culprit, used to make them creamy, placed in bread, two to 4 percent of cellulose is acceptable in the cheese industry, bloomberg
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business found considerably more in two brand it the advertise ted. essential every day 100 percent graded parmesan cheese, made by jewel ozco was 8.8 percent cellulose. while wal-mart's great value 100 percent graded parmesan cheese came in at 7.8 percent. wal-mart would not comment for this story about jewel ozco says it has pulled the essential every day parmesan cheese from our stores as they investigate the matter. the f.d.a. says it taste economic fraud, in 2013, they warned of a pennsylvania cheese maker that its product did not contain any parmesan cheese. the company later went bankrupt. guess in case you are concerned, cellulose isn't absorbed by digestion but food and drug administration has deemed it safe for human consumption. it is also used in the making of plastics, cat litter and car brake pads. >> but you can still eat it. >> yes, there is a lot of stuff that we eat.
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if you have a problem, get the blocks and start shredding it yourself, and going the whole 9 yards. >> grating it yourself. >> when you invite my to dinner. >> i will do it for you. >> thanks, jim. have you ever heard the term hungry. when you are hungry and angry. >> one virginia woman may have been a little angry when she bit a wendy's employee forgetting her order wrong. leslie robinson now faces a list of charges, including malicious wounding, and trespassing. the wendy's manager says robinson originally ordered two chicken sandwiches and then change it the to four. when she only received two, the manager said that she flew into a rage leaping over the counter. >> she clamped down on right above my kneecap and i just continued to punch her because she was biting me. >> nelson say she was able to fight her off until police got there. >> did you see her first name was lovely. >> lovely good all right, just checking. >> weeknights at the 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers
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your good question. >> tonight we are aiming high, we want to know, how do you get william penn pen on top of city hall? iconic statue that watches over philadelphia he has been there for decades but how did he get there? >> that is mind puzzling. >> i don't know. >> really big ladder. >> that is a big ladder but you know who will get the answer? that is nicole brewer tonight at the 11:00 o'clock. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or tweet us using the hashtag, cbs-3 good question. >> all right. meteorologist kate bilo, is here now with some good questions there. >> yes. >> you are now looking ahead to the weekend right here on thursday, getting close. >> getting close good and tracking, you know, some changes. >> some changees what we are looking for. >> if you have plans for your weekend you want to know what you can expect when you head outside and do you need parka. that is the big question this time of the year.u need parka. if you are like me with little kids you need gloves, hat,
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gloves, and for everybody in the family it gets old by end of winter. you may be able to ditch that this weekend at least for couple days. don't put it too far away. lets look at is what happening right now. bethlehem and beautiful sunset happening there you can see shadows lengthening as we head toward sunset, still nice and light here, almost 5:30 at night which is great, days are getting longer and less than a month until today light savings time begins, we will do that in march. days will get even longer still, these long, lightening, and almost feels like spring out there we saw robbins in the front yard. that helps out as well. taking a look at storm can three and we have spring-like temperatures heading our way. behind a warm front. it is here over great lakes and bringing cloud cover to that region as you can see but nothing here just yet. the clouds will increase as we get in the the day tomorrow though and that is when we will feel and see that warmer air from the south and west. temperatures today still on the cold side. that warm front has not moved through. it is 37 in philadelphia, 35 in trenton. thirty-eight in atlantic city.
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only right at freezing mark in lancaster. the lets look at the country's midsection here, big bubble of warmth. sixty in st. louis. sixty-two in nashville. seventy-four in little rock. this warm air is starting to lift to the north and east. we will not be in the 07's but some spots have a good shot hitting 60 this weekend. highs today on the cold side. temperatures almost 10 degrees below average. thirty-seven in philadelphia. twenty-five was the high in mount pocono. thirty-seven the high in millville but here comes the big jump after a high today of only 37, saturday a's forecasted high 57, and then if the wind are nice and strong enough in the afternoon we will get down sloping on the west wind there is a a chance we can make a run for 60 and that will feel great. it will be windy here. tomorrow warm front across the region bringing more cloud cover, that lifts to the the north, we will get a worm south and west wind saturday. you need to hold on to your hats. we are well above average in the upper 50's. weak front comes through sunday. could be a shower off to the
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south the but highs in the mid 50's. feeling pretty good. phillies home opener is in 53 days, guys, verse san diego. we will send it back to you at the desk for a moment, we will send it over to you, ukee and guess contact. still ahead on "eyewitness news", not your ordinary yoga. >> our pat gallen. >> i'm pat gallen and i have found my zen zone with floating ohio a willie fall 234. we will find out when i come back. >> he tested out floating yoga and shows us the benefits and how you can get involved.
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clearwater florida is place to be talking warm weather and baseball. >> sports director don bell, is live in clearwater where phillies manager talked about what to expect from the team this year, don. >> day two of spring training for pitchers and catchers which means it was their first
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day for a work out and it was the first for their manager. this ain't pete mackanin's first rodeo, he is in spring training for forty-eighth time. >> there isn't a year that went by or day that goes by i don't hear something i haven't heard before. >> that may be true but that is his first training training a as a manager. >> bear down on certain fundamentals and way we work on them and we will bombard them with certain things that i think are important. >> reporter: this is day one of practice. but, players already have a special hip in their hop. manager's a attitude has a lot to do with it. >> i really like to be around him. i think he has a good feel on how to handle players. and good times and bad times. he communicates well with us. all very important qualities to have in a manager. >> reporter: last year with 99 losses, the phillies were the worst team in baseball, and it is no secret that they are
5:26 pm
rebuilding with youth but mackanin is optimistic with this team even with their collective lack of experience. >> is there more to it then just their experience. what you have inside, i will manage to win. i will manage to win every game. that is, only know how to manage one way and that is to win games. >> reporter: pete mackanin is looking to win with young players, however, not the a whole lot of veteran leadership on this ballclub. what does he expect from these young guys? how can they grow and become leaders? we will hear from him at 6:00 p.m. on that very subject. in the meantime, reporting from beautiful clearwater, florida i'm done didn't belfor "eyewitness sports". back to the studios, guys. >> he will manage to win, i like the sound of that. thanks, db, talk to you soon. coming up next on "eyewitness news", three minutes can seem like an eternity, this baby stopped breathing for at least that long if not longer and how police officers defied the odds and made a life saving
5:27 pm
call and why for him it was an emotional roller coaster. plus a classic family meets fine dining, chef who stopped by pat's cheese steaks and the spin he put on the philadelphia stapel. >> cooking for a good cause, i'm greg argos with the new culinary program by one philly non-profit that doesn't cost a dime, the community and people is helping and whether or not
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i needed to do something. i needed to help my son. >> a south jersey mommies breathing much easier tonight. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. an infant is saved, thanks to the quick thinking of his mom and a police officer in the right place at just the right time. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:31 pm
alexandria hoff is live at st. christopher's hospital with more on what they did to save this little boy's life, alex. >> reporter: well, baby brian is two month-old and recovering here at the hospital since wednesday, of last week. now there is are still trying to figure out what caused him to suddenly stop breathing, but what they do know is who helped him start again. >> geographically we're a large township 110 square miles. >> reporter: just by luck galloway township police officer kevin jordan son was in the immediate the area when he got a call about a unresponsive infant. >> i got there in under three minutes. >> reporter: still gravely long for a baby to go without breath, luckily his mom alexandria let instinct and training take over. >> i'm a teacher. i was trained through my school in infant child cpr. >> reporter: friend called 911 and 29 were on the phone with dispatchers and officer arrived. >> difficult turn the baby over and apply several thrust toss his back. i turned him over again and began compressions on his
5:32 pm
chest. >> ironically his department had just gone threw up dated cpr training. soon he was join by fellow officers and first responders. >> they were working on him doing stressful things i'm sure. come on, buddy. >> i'm like come on, buddy. >> reporter: he has three young girls of his own making what happened next even more emotional. >> i mean he is laying there like this and he opened up his eyes so quick like this that i like did he just open his eyes. i could not believe it. i was dumbfounded. >> reporter: he did. baby brian started to breathe and then cry. >> we are thankful we had the outcome that we did because it could have gone different ways. >> it was an overwhelming feeling of joy. i was just happen that i we could provide him with another chance. >> reporter: brian's mommal sand that says as soon as her baby is healthy enough to leave the hospital she and her husband want to thank the officer and others in person. she encouraging all new
5:33 pm
parents to be trained in cpr. reporting live on it side st. christopher's hospital, alexandria have hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wonderful story. president obama confirmed he will visit the cuba in late march. although this trip has been long expected, word of his travel plans drew harsh criticism from some republican presidential candidates. >> not since 1928 when calvin coolledge visited havana has a sitting president visited cuba now nearly nine decade later president obama a will pay a historic visit to the island nation, the two republican cuban americans, running to succeed him quickly offered up criticism. >> is that something as president you would ever do. >> not in this cuba not just the communist dictator ship it is anti american communist dictator think. >> i think it is a mistake. president should be pushing for free cuba. >> reporter: president's trip has been long been expect. critics raised concerns, that the communist government there, still engages in human
5:34 pm
rights abuses. just tuesday the country signed an agreement clearing way for daily u.s. commercial flights to cuba. secretary of state john kerry spoke about the importance of normal icing relations when he helped reopen the american embassy in havana last um iser. >> the policies of the past has not led to a democratic transition in cuba it would be unrealistic to expect normal icing relations to have in a short term a transformational impact. >> reporter: u.s. economic embargo in cuba is still in effect. >> the president has signed legislation hinting north korea with more stringent sanctions. sanctions are in response to recent nuclear and missle tests by north korea as well as suspect cyber hacking incidents. legislation calls for freezing the assets of anyone doing business related to north korea's nuclear or weapons program. well, help is on the the way for residents in michigan, flint michigan. state house a approved 30 million-dollar in fund ago this will go toward paying
5:35 pm
towards drinkable water portion of residents water bill. the residents would be responsible for water used to do laundry or flush toilets. it heads to the state senate where it is expect to pass. in recognition of the black history month, we are honoring game changers making a positive impact on community of color in our area kyw community affairs reporter cherri gregg spoke to the montgomery county woman hoist transforming foster care by starting it at home. >> super mom. >> yes. >> reporter: this is a mom with a capitol m, even though she hates to admit it. >> i have to expect it. i have looked in the mirror saying you you know what, i'm super mom. >> reporter: she and husband larry have six kids between them, and over the past decade they have adopted and fostered eight children and mentored hundreds more through their foundation. but when reaching out to foster youth, valerie saw a huge problem. >> foster kid that are stuck
5:36 pm
in group homes all over the country, they feel forgotten. >> reporter: kids like this who has been in foster care since age four. >> it was hard because i kept getting used to the changes, like moving from place to place. >> reporter: she celebrated her 15th birthday in a group home like this one that houses dozens. >> it really wasn't a birthday it was depressing. >> when i saw how they were living, in rooms my heart broke. >> reporter: so valerie brought her home. >> bed is yours. >> this one. >> reporter: to you like batman. >> yes. >> reporter: her idea creates residential group home. >> pull them into a family with a mom and dad, don't get two we can do eight or as many as we want. >> reporter: starting with with their home. >> four girls will be in there. >> reporter: valerie says she's licensed and will move in six girls later this month. her goal, open up ten more
5:37 pm
homes, just like hers. >> you just love them so much. you want the best for them. you cannot just say it but you have to do it. >> reporter: super mom changing the game on foster care by creating families. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a big step today for make over of the one philadelphia park. "eyewitness news" at this park in roxborough where state senator vincent hughes presented a $188,000 state grant to improve that park. a renovated baseball field, smoother walkways and new landscaping is some of the renovations and upgrades to come. senator hughes says this project is important because he wants it to be an example for other communities. >> if we come to an agreement and we make the right decision, we can end up having the right investment to dot work that we all know is important stuff to do. >> reporter: the park has been in the community for 121 years. pat's steaks in south
5:38 pm
philadelphia gets a local chef to create their own signature sandwich all for a good cause. >> chef robert amaro created this fancy feast with a french twist. sandwich is topped with a mushroom brandy cream sauce, onion strings and triple cream brie. it benefits aim academy in conshohocken a school serving children with learning differences. >> we're happy, delighted to be part of the pat's king of steaks, chef series. this is their third one. they have raised over $10,000 this year. >> if you want toe a bite of the special cheese steaks, better hurry, sandwiches will be available will until 6:00 o'clock tonight and go for $10 a piece. >> that is great. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, trying something new, the new food favorite burger king is cooking up as a rap icon that is helping them spread the word, kate. approaching 60 degrees for the weekend but don't put away winter coats just yet i'll have more information on the storm that could impact the
5:39 pm
area next week, rain, snow, or a mix of the two, i'll walk you through it coming up.
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burger king is adding a new at tomorrow is menu. >> starting next tuesday, hot dogs will be available, you can have them two ways classic flame grilled or a chile cheese dog. fast food tapped snoop dog to promote hot dogs being on the menu. you can own a piece after movie history but it will cost you a pretty penny. aston martin is auctioning a car driven by bond, james bond in the new film spector, and it is signed by daniel craig and it comes with an eject button. but the car, which is expected to fetch millions at a auction cannot be taken for a regular
5:43 pm
drive. >> it is not very fancy but it is a car driven on private or race track. auction estimate is one to one and a half million pound but we have had an enormous amount of interest already from across the globe. >> all proceeds from the auction will go to charity. also up for grabs the tom ford white dinner suit which comes with the minimum price tag of nearly, $29,000. tom ford doesn't mess around. >> are you kidding me. >> looks good. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight the a would be robber takes the wrong store. customers who tipped him off and personal motivation and the training that made it the easy for good samaritan to stop the suspect, we will
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
you may think regular ohio ace challenging but have you tried to work out on water. >> philadelphia now has its first floating yoga studio. as our pat gallen shows us balancing posts on a paddle board is not so easy. >> reporter: yoga is a 2,000 plus year-old practice that encompasses meant will a, spiritual and physical exercise but this is a different kind of ohio,
5:47 pm
floating yoga, i'll jump in the pool at drexel university, actually, i will be sitting taking part with eke was vita philadelphia's first floating studio. this is the ceo. >> i have been standing paddle boarding for six years. when i get to be on the board i started practicing yoga on it. >> reporter: dabne murphies i a instructor and says floating yoga is for all. >> people want adventure, trying something new, or just want to up their practice. >> reporter: i wanted to up my practice, so i decided to join. >> you want to make sure your center of gravity is always over that sweet spot. >> i think i'm ready. >> let's do it. >> perfect. >> you're drifting point of focus should be at the tip of the board or on land. yoga is all about the breath. smiles always help make this better. a little bit easier.
5:48 pm
head and chest list, undo the toe, inhale e-mail. look forward. >> we do need someone to fall in though. >> keep the right foot flexed, inhale, deep breath, you might lift the right heel. >> wow. >> amazing. that is one of the hardest posts to master on the board and you got it your first day. >> put your head right in front of the sweet spot the on the board and begin to lift, squeeze the legs in toward one another. >> that was actually a really good work out and would i suggest anyone who does yoga try this one time, 30 minutes it felt like ten and it is
5:49 pm
rehe frequenter when i fell in. from drexel university pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". >> how about path the path, we have to give it up to pat. >> standing and everything. >> how about it. >> indeed. >> some could be exercising out on the lawn this weekend, might be warming up. >> it will be warm enough. it will be windy but wind never stopped anyone from being outside, near 60 degrees saturday in february. >> how about it. >> we don't get those very often. >> last february we had a little warm up, part of the month but then march was on the cold side. the it is still, it is still winter, it is still mid-february. we have a lot of winter left but we will get in the patterns where we get that clash of air masses where warm air wants to move in and cold air comes back. you get that fight as we head toward the end of february and into march this weekend we will win the battle, if not the war so to speak as we have temperatures on their way up, for the two days that it the matters, maybe outside. now lets look outside, take a peak at a beautiful sun shot
5:50 pm
here, looking live from campbell's field in camden toward ben franklin bridge and city sky line. the it is a beautiful night. the not a cloud in the sky. it almost looks like from inside your house or inside the building it looked like a spring or summer day. then we will step outside and back to reality. wind smack you in the the face. it wasn't a very comfortable day but good to see sunshine after some cloud cover the past few days. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers and they are like to go day as well as temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark. barbara lane is at 32 degrees. clear skies there we will head down into new jersey at 35 degrees checking with margo buena vista township, 35 there and mar got says sunny day, with wind gusts at times, is a fifth to 20 miles an hour. think spring. we will start to feel like spring this weekend but don't get too used to it, indications it will turn cold by this time next week. jason in middletown delaware with the the clear sky. cold in the morning. it got better as the day progressed but of course, the win, when wind died down, it
5:51 pm
didn't feel too bad. when the wind pick up not all that comfortable. thank you as always to our eye witness weather watchers. lets look at what we have got in store moving forward. storm scan three is clear. locally. you can see a line of cloud moving over western pennsylvania, that is a warm front that is pushing new through the day tomorrow. tomorrow is a transition day. tomorrow exemplifies that battle between warmer air moving in and cold air in place, and we will feel it tomorrow with the cloud cover and mainly off to the north and in the poconos tomorrow afternoon as this warm front pushes through. we are quiet for next few days and temperatures on the cold side as we showed you on the weather watcher map. low to mid 30's kind of evening outside. lets talk about february sky covers, because as we said it is great to see sunshine today. we have only had two days this month of full sun in february. we have had eight partly cloudy days, and seven days with full cloud cover. a lot of cloud issues here this month but today looked beautiful, and we will add another digit to that number, and that makes it three now
5:52 pm
and hopefully we can get a beautiful sunny day as on saturday as well. lets look at what we can expect moving forward. here's that front. it doesn't have a lot witt. maybe in the poconos lehigh valley tomorrow evening you can pick up a rain or snow shower. they will be skat nerd nature. not a big deal. that pushes out. heading in the day saturday lots of sunshine here. here's noon time. we will start to see object sunday this next system diving by to the south. it could be a shower to the south sunday evening. that is about all in the way of precipitation this this weekend. wind do accelerate throughout saturday. these are sustained wind, 15 miles an hour out of the southwest saturday afternoon, gusts could reach 30 miles an hour, so breezy day. tomorrow, cloud around, still chilly, quiet and much milder for weekend. next week all eyes shift to the coastal storm. it is just too soon to have filling in in the way of details or specifics with this system. it all depend on the track of the storm takes. fittings further west, that would be a little will bit of the warmer track. that would mean more rain and it could move off the coast and get cold on the back edge. east track would be colder and
5:53 pm
that means we're just not sure as of right now whether we're looking at snow, rain, mix of the two seems most likely as of right now. we will have more details at 6:00 tonight. for your friday mostly cloudy and chilly. 41 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast look at that weekend, 57 saturday 567894 sunday. watch for a shower on monday. rain comes in tuesday night and wednesday is a day we are watching. we will have more on. that back to you at the desk. a man tried to rob a walgreens is stopped in the act thanks to a trained fighter who happened to be nearby. >> it was all caught on camera. on valentines daze david west stopped by florida store to visit his girl friend in the pharmacy and that is when he saw suspect threatening the of staff. he jumped in to action and knocked that man unconscious. still ahead on "eyewitness news",. >> reports have blowing about kanye west blow up. we are hearing a new reporter but, kanye's crew says it
5:54 pm
doesn't prove anything.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
kanye west is still making news after taylor swift called him out at the grammys. >> et kevin frazier has kanye's just released tirade. >> before the the grammys, kanye performed, on snl last weekend but things didn't go so well backstage and it was all ironically caught on tape.
5:58 pm
>> source close to west tells et he did not yell at snl staff, this audio was secretly recorded while he was venting his frustration in a private moment with his team. he found out his stage design was change and taken apart under the direction of the show's lighting director without his team's approval. >> and we're hearing more from kanye, believe it or not, he was an open book about everything from his finances, to his feud with taylor swift. see that tonight on et. ukee and jessica. kevin, thank you. more on kanye and all of your entertainment news tonight and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a popular contraceptive blamed for accidental pregnancies and more. >> it need to come off the
5:59 pm
market. it is not safe. >> a local woman shares her store which "eyewitness news". the the pain that she says the device caused her, and the action a federal government is now taking. a phone call, your loved ones are in trouble and details seem convincing. i'm cleve bryan, coming up what camden police say to look for in a growing hoax. >> reporter: temperatures are dropping, now that the sun has gone down we have got a cold night on the the way, but that is all going to change, we may be feeling like spring this weekend. i'll tell you which day we could make a run for 60 in the latest potential system next week coming up at 6:00. ♪ >> and parade, saved, the last minute move that makes sure that the mummers, can march this weekend. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
my chances of surviving were not great. >> it was supposed to be a permanent form of birth control but a local woman says it didn't work, and nearly killed her. right now on "eyewitness news" new evidence about potential dangers, linked to a popular contraceptive used by hundreds of thousands of women. and tonight, there is an urgent call for action. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. health reporter stephanie stahl talked with the bucks county congressman who says this device is putting lives in jeopardy. >> reporter: that is right, ukee. this device is supposed to help woman but the congressman says that the f.d.a.'s own data a shows that it is dangerous. one montgomery county mom says that it nearly ruined her life. >> they are my baby. >> reporter: she says after having three children she and her husband decided they didn't want anymore so she took her doctor's advice to get a permanent form of birth control called esure, tiny coils inserted in the ll


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