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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, weekends warm up. live look right now at center city from the studios. katie will tell you the best day to be outside this weekend and the two scenarios for a storm next week. also, up in flames. fiery pictures show efforts to put out an rv fire. we'll tell you the chester county restaurant that managed to escape the embers. multi state crime spree, makes its way to our area, how these thieves with working together. good morning, today is friday, february 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. we check in with katie and meisha a i love the sound of this weekend warm up ladies. >> yes, good morning, tgif. to all of you at home waking up with us, katie, roads are look nice, looking nice and
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dry, but i hear we might have some rain in the forecast. did i hear that correctly? >> not today do. not worry about that at all here today. wipe the slate clean, no worries, we are expecting for temperatures to go on nice uphill climb. they are still on the chilly side here today, seasonably so, it is february after all, you don't have to worry too much been any severe cold. but definitely still have the heavier coat ready to go. you know, it is still winter after all. storm scan3, quiet as can be, at least at this point, we zoom it out handful every times. we show you at this point we have a nice clear sky across the delaware valley, handful every clouds nudging in across western pennsylvania, actually, let me zoom it out one more time, why not, right? we have little disturbance crossing over the canadian border, sort of dragging little line, very light snow showers across northwestern pa, don't worry about that here, it is worth a mention, certainly no impact to the local area. now, looking at the difference on the thermometer readings, we actually had thin vale of cloud cover last night. remember overnight clouds act essentially like a blanket, just like you have at home on your bed.
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when you have the blanket of cloud cover you'll trap in the heat. keep it warm here at the surface, we don't have that now. temperatures have dropped about ten to even as many as 15 degrees, from this same time yesterday. in short, as it relate to the they are mom term, obviously colder morning for you, down to 8 degrees here at mount pocono, 23 at the airport, and 19 in atlantic city, but a very, very calm winds. so what you see, i like to say, what you get on the thermometer, it actually feels as it reads on the thermometer, and as we move forward in the eyewitness weather day planner, you are going to see couple of of clouds building with time, starting offer nice, bright, sunny, sun glare may become an issue for you as you head out the door this morning, once the sun comes up. but as the day progresses more and more cloud cover building in for us there is as we see the return flow around high pressure which is keeping us in the dry weather pattern, starts to move out to sea. we get that, again, southerly component to the winds flow. that that will help warm things up in the days ahead which we will will discuss as the show goes on.
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>> can't wait to hear more about that, thank you. right now, new right here, twitter picture from "eyewitness news" viewer, shows the flames engulfing an rv in the parking lot after downingtown chester county cracker barrel restaurant. eyewitness video from ralph hunter shows firefighters who kept the fire from spread to go other vehicles or to the restaurant. nozzel nut photography also caught images of those huge flames. fortunately, there were no injuries. so far, there is no word on the cause of that fire. police in montgomery county are looking for three men involved in a organized retail theft ring, those men caught on surveillance video stealing from at&t store on valley forge road in upper gwenned township. minutes earlier police say the men swiped a display phone from a sprint floor at the mall. >> targeting high ends electronics, small, high end electronics from cell phone stores and the like. >> police believe the men have been targeting stores all along the east coast. officers are working with authorities in other states to
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help arrest those suspects. and, police hope that you can help them track down the thieves who stole credit cards from a woman shopping at the whole foods fairway in jenkintown montgomery county. man reaches into the vick at the time's purse, another man appears to act as shield, then police say the two women use those cards to buy more than a thousand dollars in merchandise and gift cards from a target store. if you recognize any of these suspect, you are asked to call police. >> immigration is once again front and center as the democrats head to their caucuses tomorrow. last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders took questions at a town hall meeting in las vegas. the two democrats seeking to lure minority voters say they intends to make immigration reform a top priority if-ee elected president. >> you know, i was the first person who call out donald interest trump. i said enough. >> i want to take 11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadow.
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>> latest wide the news poll shows clinton with eight-point lead over sanders, they're neck and neck in nevada. >> immigration debate resurfaces after trump and pope francis criticize each other. last night drum, john kasich, and jeb bush appeared at town hall meeting in south carolina, we're told gop tomorrow. trump went off after the pope said quota person who thinks only about building walls and not of building bridges is not christian. trump soft ends his fans on the pope last night. >> i think that he heard one side of the story, which is probably by the next can government. he didn't see the tremendous strain that is board is her causing us with regard to illegal immigration, with the drugs -- >> we have a right to build a wall, but there are too many always between us, we need bridges between fuss we're going to fix the problems in washington. >> i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's face, he knows what his fate; and if he has a
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relationship with the lords, fantastic. if he doesn't -- >> now, bush is catholic. trump holds a nearly two to one lead over ted cruz in the latest cbs news poll of likely south carolina voters. >> friends and family will begin paying their final respects to the late justice antonin scalia today. his body will lie in re repose this morning until the great hawpe in the supreme court. private ceremony will follow and then scalia's casket will be on public view for the rest of the day. the president and mrs. obama are expected to pay their respects later on this afternoon. >> the case involving the so-called afluenza teen could be transferred to adult court today. eighteen year old ethan couch was convicted of killing four people while drunk driving in 2013. he became famous when his lawyers argued that his privileged up bringing left him with, quote, afluenza. couch allegedly broke the terms of his probation late last year when he was found in mexico with his mother. >> it is hard to imagine that
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anyone could survive what you are about to see right here. cell phone video shows a helicopter crashing into the waters of pearl harbor. the moments leading up to that crash, and why the victims did not have it wait for medics to free them. >> then, married or single, who gets more sleep and why? also, why your lack of sleep could depend on where you live. that and more when we come right
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>> a tour helicopter crashes in pearl harbor, injuring five people. incredible video there. this eyewitness video captures the hard landing on the water yesterday morning. others who saw that crash jumped in and helped pull the victims to shore. the man who shot this video says he was just enjoying the day taking pictures with his phone when he noticed the chopper. >> but then it started coming really low, kind of coming
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straight at me essentially, and it seemed out every place and not normal. so i switched the video real quick, and shot the video clip, and the rest you can see. >> a teenage passenger remains in critical condition. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> well, this is a rare site right here. a fire tornado captured on camera in missouri. firefighters there have their hands full battling a 50-acre grass fire spurred on by dry, hot conditions, and high wind. so far, there are no report of any injuries but as you can see right theirself role buildings were just completely ruined a fire tornado. he never even new it existed? >> like that vortex. >> here at home, so excited about a warm up this weekend, tomorrow specially, flight. >> yes, i think tomorrow will ends up probably being the nicest day of the weekends t looks to be the mildest, but also, it is the shot that for
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us to stay completely dry. we'll see little did i turn ands cross through, not a wash out at all. >> absolutely not. if you have outdoor plans, i would so keep them here. but, there is at least that little hiccup that you have got to get over, exactly, yes. let me get out out there. i want to take you back in time, talk temperature difference. really have seen temperatures or we're going to, i should say, end up seeing the temperatures go on nice surge. tomorrow flirting with 60 degrees, our expectation saturday. so that will feel awfully nice to you, especially compared to recent days that have been so chilly specially last weekends when it was down right frigid. now, we flirt with 60. not shabby. little dose of late march for you there. storm scan3, meanwhile, at the moment, pretty quiet at home. we do have high pressure starting to just shift out to sea. and as a result of that, i don't know, you don't have to worry about this guy off across the north, that won't mess with us, but what happens with high pressure building out east is that you get the return flow around it. so that will help send moisture, also some cloud
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cover, our way. but also, sends the warmth our way, too. we'll see the temperatures go on nice up little climb. rest of the united states say for little action nearby the canadian border pretty tame at this point. and because everybody else is getting on in the warmth, wait until you see the kind of warmth we're talking about here, we go through the day saturday, down into houston, already at 70 or flirting with it by 11:00 in the morning, tampa looking good at 70, we will be in the upper four's even before lunchtime saturday, tan does appear as though we easily break into the mid or even up ear's, as the day goes on. that warmth is also going to be in the recall down across the deep south as well. so it looks like real nights day. meanwhile, you have heard the rumors by now, that there is a possibility of an east coast storm. dow think there will be a storm. it is what happens here, because of it, and when you are this far out, you know how this can be, guys, you don't even have storm to track on land just yet. there are so many different scenarios this could take. how much, these are the two keeping close watch on, depending which model you
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believe here, we look at the gfs and the european model, you have heard of those terms thrown around, bottom line is those are two of the more reliable ones we like to use, if it takes a westerly track, in other words, further inland, what we would likely end up is a warmer system that in turn would bring more likely more rain than anything. further east this thing decides to track, though, the more likelihood there will be for snow. and at this point, it is still too much of a question mark to guarantee anything. but i like to gave you a nice big heads up on these kinds of things, because specially if you have flight plans, any kind of travel going on tuesday into wednesday, this could really mess with you. so, it is something that i want you to just have that in the back of your head, stick with us, at this point, it does appear as though it would start with rain, perhaps, as some snow, and the forecast something that will absolutely be evolving and be fine tuned as the time gets closer. for now, here's where we stand, 23 degrees at the airport, very close to that up in trenton as well as wilmington, colder through the more outlying suburbs, only in the teens, but you don't have much after winds to contend with, always helpful.
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meanwhile today we do expect to see temperatures rebounds to relatively seasonable conditions. low 40's for you. 34 degrees tonight, under more clouds, but no rain in site, right through saturday. meanwhile, we hit sunday, and that's when we do potentially see shower by night fall. by tuesday, and into wednesday, however, that next storm system is on the move. and of course it is something we've got our eye on down the road. erika, back to you. >> kate, thank you. we all know getting enough sleep is essential to staying healthy. now new study showing where some of the most sleep deprived people are living. people between 18 and 60 should be sleeping at least seven hours a night. less than that, and you can see an increase in your risk for obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, the list goes on. that will study coming out today the cdc ranked the most sleep deprived states. turns out residents in hawaii get the least amount of sleep. residents in south dakota minnesota, and colorado, you get the most sleep. maybe those cold winters have you snuggling up for more
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sleep. pretty much a tie in our area, about 62% of residents in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, get a healthy amount of sleep. and by the way, little side note, study finds that married people tends to get the most amount of sleep while people who are divorced, widowed, or separated get the lease amount. part of the reason, researchers think, because spouse can help flag trouble areas like sleep apnea. there you have it. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", double 07 luxury carrousel for millions. why its new owner will not be allowed to drive it. first though here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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check out this surveillance video from an a at&t store in montgomery county. these three men swiped iphones and ipads from the store. they say the men are part of a organized retail theft ring spanning several state.
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also, president obama and first lady misch little pay their respects to the late justice antonin scalia as his body lies in repose at the supreme court today. his funeral is set for saturday. and, an investigation is underway into what caused a tour helicopt nerve hawaii to crash near the us arizona memorial at pearl harbor. five people were on board that helicopter, at least three of them were hurt. >> protesters gather outside a north philadelphia hospital scheduled to close next month. "eyewitness news" outside saint joseph's hospital at 16th and girard last night where about 200 union employees picketed. nearly 700 workers will be laid off when the doors close. a spokesperson for north philadelphia health systems says that they respect the right to protest, but criticize effort to disrupt hospital operations saying it puts patients at risk.
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>> 4:48 right now. time to see what's coming up in your business news today. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, jill, there is this unlikely alliance now between rival tech companies, right? >> reporter: well, that's right, good morning, erika. more tech companies are taking apple's side in its public battle with the obama administration and the fbi. twitter and facebook, now, say they support apple's decision to defy a court order to break into the iphone of san bernardino shooter farook. apple said it would set a chilling precedent and of course they're protest that. >> also, for those who fly, we hear that delta's cooking up something new for passengers, certain passengers, though, right? >> reporter: of course. first class, they get everything, but it is getting a shake-up, danny meyer, the restaurant owner behind shake shack, grammars i tavern, esteeming up with delta airlines, the new york times reports, their goal is to create airplane food, that is
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as good as would you get, in one of his restaurants. so, to begin with, this will be available march 1st, in premium classes on international flights, that leave from jfk. i think that they should give this little people in coach, too, but that's just me. >> i was thinking how mean for the rest of just coach to smell delicious hamburgers and french fries, and then they throw a bag of pretzels at you, you know? >> exactly, like it is not bad enough. you know, my idea, i know it is expensive, to offer that for everyone, but i would be willing to pay for it, i would pay for a shake shack burger on a flight. >> absolutely, as expensive as they are, why not? jill, thanks so much. >> see you later this morning. >> new merchant in reading terminal market is hoping to catch up, you might say, with food lovers. it is called conned meant. store specializes in customizeable condiments like mayonnaise, catsup, mustard, you get the idea. their focus on keeping things healthy. the addition puts the terminal market at full capacity, they
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now have total of 80 merchants, so many delicious places to stop by. >> well, a sports car once belonging to james bond can go up to 190 miles an hour, but its new owner can't take it anywhere. unidentified buyer pick up one of bod's aston mart he inch's at charity auction for three and a half million dollars. but listen to this catch. the aston martin does not have the safety features or certifications required to be street legal. so they can't drive it to the market, can't drive to a restaurant, can't do anything with t the new own her to agree to contract also specifically banning any modifications. there you have it. we'll be right back.
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jill and kate use same detergent.sher. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. >> good morning, starting things off on chilly note, nice clear sky to get things underway, take you out first and for morse, to our live hood network, nice and
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tranquil, virtually no wind whatsoever. in other words, when you see 12 on the thermometer, yes, it is cold, but actually feels like 12. haven't been able to say that all this often as every late. taught storm scan three, definitely seeing really quiet picture here on storm scan3, the tri-state sweep, not picking up on much of anything. we throw the satelite coverage on top of it, frankly, no coverage. we had the clear sky, again, part of the reason it is so chilly this morning. lower 20's, in the city, the he can peck takes for early morning lows, but we are going to crack the 40 degrees mark here today. couldn't muster that up yesterday. also, start to see any sunshine, yield to some cloud cover, and that comes courtesy of just the return flow around an area of high pressure, but beautiful weather unfolding tomorrow. this is my personal favorite of the forecast. fifty-nine and sunny, can't beat it, still pretty mild, sunday here, too, but by the overnight, likely see shower roll on through, probably lingers even into monday, then all eyes on tuesday, wednesday, as we are tracking the potential for yet another east coast storm system.
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question mark do remain, as to what this storm will bring. it final track is very critical, meisha, a we will continue to keep an eye on it. >> i'm not even letting my eyes go to that wednesday, katie, i'll block it out and enjoy the gorgeous weather we're experiencing this weekend. good morning, everyone, just waking up with us, roadways looking real nice, looking nice, and calm, it is dry outside, beautiful shot of the schuylkill, moving eastbound, still dark, still early, and we'll see the volume levels increase. but also know on friday typically not as busy as what we would usually see. fifty-nine taillights, past cottman, looking good again, vine also liking nice and quiet moving in the westbound direction particularly, then also, eastbound looking pretty good, as well, although eastbound we tip he cannily see things heat up on the vine. construction 295 northbound at olden avenue, two left lanes blocked, until about right
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now. right around 5:00 a.m. they should be lifting. i'll let you know when they do, another construction, parkway northbound, that ramp also closed until 5:00 a.m. erika, over to you. >> meisha, a reminder, tune into our sister station 10:60 a.m. for katie's forecast this morning, also, drone deadlines, new penalties for not registering your gadget. also, the mummers are getting ready to strut on main street in manayunk. and, a local women's basketball team is on winning streak. tomorrow's game could be their most important one yet. check in two, three, four times a day, kyw "kyw news radi" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up on "eyewitness news", close call. student watch in shock as a speeding train just barely misses their bus. hear the drivers excuse for putting everyone in danger. also, it is fast-food breakfast, with a twist. see mcdonald's take on a southern classic that could soon end up on a menu near
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, a fiery scene when an rv goes up in flames. the big concern for firefighters trying to battle that fire. >> for a religious leaders to question a person's fate is disgraceful. >> it is donald trump's holy war. this time, the republican frontrunner gets into a war of words with pope francis. hear his latest comments that appear to soften his stands. >> and, a chilly start to the day, but oh, it will feel like spring pretty soon. kayla lets you know when we can enjoy some time outdoors before winter returns, little break at least. good morning, it is friday, february 9th, i'm erika von tiehl. you have almost made it to the weekend if you are watching it means your alarm went up, up,
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getting ready to r work or school, we check in with katie and moo a -- meisha. >> roads are looking great, katie, just look at this weekends forecast and it just makes me so happy. so for friday right now commute is looking great. weather department, not bad. >> things are looking pretty decent, overall, quiet. high pressure still on our side here today. we look ahead to the weekends, around the flow that far hi, starting to see nice little warming trend take effect here. let's start it off by looking at the here and now, no snooze button for you, for example, waking up with us, about ready to hit the road. storm scan3, is quiet at least. you have actually got really crystal clear sky out there. so that's going to hook us up here with bright sunshine at least initially. sun glare becomes the problem. meanwhile, 8 degrees is our current temperature at the pocomoke region here, and it is a lot colder this morning, than it was this same time yesterday. in a lot of locations, simply


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