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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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stunning when this helicopter docks like a rock t looks like a movie stunt, but it is not. the remarkable rescue story and the popular tourist attraction that helicopter nearly hit. first though, get ready for a weekend warm up. love the sound of that. going to feel like spring, very soon, but don't get used to it, it is still february. but i like the idea of warming up this weekend? >> looks like nice stretch the weekends. >> awesome. >> love it. flirting with 60? >> yes, when i heard you say that, katie, i was all ears.
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interesting weather, looking at east coast storm system, awesome, by next week, i know, you got to take the good with the bad as we say in the weather department. yes, you'll see evan flow, with systems that move through. and it is that time of year, frankly, really any time of year we can see anything happen. but specially season starts to transition, that can definitely be little more active. so let me go on outside, view of storm scan3, awfully quiet. nice and clear skies for you here folks. we will continue to keep that theme going at least for the next few hours, but eventually, what's happening here, area every high pressure moving out to sea. so around the return flow of the hi, start to see not just warmth builting in here, which is obviously going to bode well for the weaken, but also going to start to see few more clouds nudge in, as well. that said, temperature change since yesterday, not insane, but it is noticeable, because we didn't have blanket of cloud cover, temperatures have drop off a lot more readily so anywhere from say five to ten to even close to 20 degrees
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colder from this same time yesterday. pine land stands outlook sore thumb. as we go hour by hour over the course of a couple of spots throughout the day you'll get into the low #'s, could the no crack 4 degrees yesterday. we it at least today. relatively more seasonable. also, again, warm for more clouds to build in here as we move forward. it stays dry, nice, weekend warm up on the way here, guys, as yes, we are expect to go flirt with 60, at least one of the days, but then a big storm potential for next week, so we will talk more about that as the show goes on. meisha? >> happy friday. we'll look at the positive right now, it is looking nice, on the roadways, nice and dry, we know this weekend will be gorgeous outside. here is a look at new jersey, 42 northbound creek road looking good i will say in the past 15, 20 minute or so,
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starting to see this heat up just little bit. you can see a loft early rides ers, but fairly typical even for a friday morning, especially on 42 freeway northbound, because what we typically see even if it is a friday is usually in the five and 6:00 this is typically what it looks like, so typical in the world of traffic is always a good thing. some early risers starting to hit the roadway, a lot of people getting into work, enjoy the weekend, i can't say i blame thermie would be doing the same thing, 59 south at cottman looking great coming around the s curve looking real good here, looking quiet on 95 south at cottman still, construction reminder on the falls bridge, closed until april 1st, you will have to use an alternate, the boulevard or city avenue bridge will be your best bet. make note of that, as another reminder, and another reminder here, as well, 95 southbound the ramp to delaware avenue, is closed until february 24th, and remember, the circus in town, today, 10:30 a.m., 11:00, 3:00 and 7:00. i was there yesterday and it
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was a blast. >> meisha, thank you. some chilling video now that's gone viral. a tour helicopter going down near the pearl harbor memorial hawaii. whether you see this video it is amazing anyone made it out alive. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joining us with the crash video that was caught on camera, and incredible vantage point, too, doesn't get much closer than, jan. >> ntsb investigators are expected to arrive in hawaii today. it is still unclear what caused this helicopter to crash down in pearl harbor. what is clear is the extraordinary effort by good samaritan to rescue all five people who were on board. >> came down, poof, right down. >> eyewitnesses describe the terrifying moment this tour helicopter, caring five
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people, crashed into pearl harbor on thursday. >> we had what was two loud bangs, we thought it was gunshot, we saw people running, which made us scared, particularly high profile destination. >> really just a wow just crashed in front of me. >> to the visitor center from the memorial to take pictures when the chopper came right at him. he switched to video and captured the moment of impact. >> fell out of the sky crashed right in front every us, we all ran over, and bunch of people jumped in the water. we tried to help the survivors. >> good samaritans dove beneath the surface to help. some freeing a teenage passenger, strapped to his seat. >> though didn't stop. up and down. >> couple of boats came over, guys came in trying to help the guys bring the people up. >> all five people on board were rescued, taken away in
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ambulances, 16 year old crushed to the hospital in critical condition. eyewitness hads to cash fuel, others still in shock, thinking how close this helicopter came to the visitors center's lawn. >> looked like the chop we are come over the land, tried to pull it back over the water, dropped maybe 10-foot off shore and sang like a rock. >> navy says it belong to aviation, which conduct helicopter tours. some eyewitnesses say they saw smoke coming from the back of that helicopter before it crashed. the fa a and the ntsb will pick up this investigation. >> incredible that everyone made it out alive. sixteen year old in critical condition. anyone else injured? >> forty-five year old woman, ooh year old man, both taken -- taken to the hospital in stable condition. the other two on board including the pilot, no information was immediately available about them, but we are expected to learn more today. >> so lucky those people wrl there in time to pull them out. >> good samaritans. >> thank you, see you in the next hour. 5:36. in business news this morning,
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how technology could make losing your car keys a thing of the past. like the sounds of. that will also speaking of thing of the past, so is the surge on wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, couldn't last forever, jill, good morning. >> reporter: put the brakes on the three day rail. dow dropped 40-point thursday, the nasdaq fell 46, looking at the big board, future those are pointing to higher open today. spot few may have been hack, reports that information from hundreds of premium users appeared on line. things like e-mail addresses, passwords, home countries, it isn't clear if credit card info was also stolen. spotify is the second most popular music streaming service. it has 20 million users. >> a million wal-mart workers are about to get a get a raise, tomorrow nine bucks to ten bucks per hour, full time workers will jump to 3%. phase two of the massive pay increase announced last year.
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>> volvo is creating a app that replaces physical key with a digital one. car owners can even be able to send it to friends or family who are borrowing the car. volvo hopes to have that technology available next year. i think it is cool, but i also feel like there are so many problems with this, err display. >> absolutely, i think great idea but you worry about somebody maybe getting their hands on it, stealing your car >> yes, we'll see how this one plays out. >> apple has more time to comply with cord order. the deadline originally next tuesday, is now next friday. judge's order requires the company to help investigators break into the iphone used by one of the san ben dino mass shooters. officials complain apple is hindering criminal investigations, by not cooperate being. apple says doing so could affect thousands of apples.
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if you fly a drone, today's your last chance to register it with the faa. you have until midnight tonight to sign up on the f.a.a.'s website. registration just $5, and valid that license for three years. now, if you don't register a drone, could you face up to three years in prison, and a fine of up to $250,000. >> well, we all know all day breakfast is a huge hit for mcdonald's, but all of us in the delaware val have i to hang on little longer for the latest edition to the menu. mcdonald's testing the chicken mc grid ill. fried chicken patty surrounded by maple syrup sweet bun. they say it is chicken and waffle taste with on the go ease. the feedback as you might imagine is pretty darn positive. it could be rolled out nationwide. that sounds delicious. >> katie said she wants one, i do too. how many alarms do you set each day? just one, we'll tell you how
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extra alarm could help you wake up feeling more rested. also, this little boy is alive, thanks to his mother, and a heroic police officer. the timely lesson that helps that officer save his life. and, clearing up confusion, over food labels. the new push to change misleading labels, and how it could ultimately save you money. we'll be right back.
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>> today at dilworth park ice rink, fun runs from 11:00 to 12:30, great for your lunch hour, lays them one former flyers bob kelly, todd fedor i can, doug, and brad marsh. you can also take photos with the ice girl and the alumni. be sure to wear your orange and black, hopefully casual friday for you. 11:00 to 12:30, good day for a skate. >> not bad at all, still chilly out there, but you know what, it is february, folks, you know, we are going to see nice warming trends come this weekend, but temperatures we experience today are base i where they should be essentially, actually going to do a little bit bet nerve terms of warmth than we did yesterday. but back to february reality, essentially, we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers do, have hands full of objection, generally all being reported into the teens and 20's, and i'll folk just up toward the pocono range
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here, where keith is up in sailors berg specifically reporting 14 degrees, pretty much on par actually with even some of the closer more urbanized suburbs that we've got. we said it is a cold morning, not too windy, that's the key, so walking out the door it feels like 14 i know it isn't balmy, but will feel like, and layers. take a lock at the list for malt, see what everybody heals, carry at mt. laurel, david in clementon, eileen gilbertsville at 11, pete nerve lawrenceville, and actually i believe he's got the mildest spot of the pack here at 21 degrees. so, yep, it is a cold start to the morning, for the watchers and really everybody else out there. as we take a look here at storm scan3, what you will notice generally well frankly not heck of a lot. little durst ands passing us by back to the north, seeing high pressure essentially just move out to sea. and with the clockwise flow that you get around high pressure, what it means is the
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return flow will come in, help bring milder forecast. but today, whether you hit the ice rink, hit the slopes, this is great excuse for you. you have got some sunshine up in the mountains here, today, we get you up to 47 degrees on saturday. my day, turns cooler on monday, may be shower around, but specially will happen from the cyton on south. talking a lot about the coastal storm system what we know about it, there is the potential that tuesday p.m. in through wednesday we've got this storm that will affect the coast, but, primarily at this point, we think it is primarily a rainmaker, maybe ending with some snow and it will have gusty winds, may also be tidal flooding since it is a coastal system. that is what we have our eye on down the road specially tuesday afternoon and night into wednesday. more on that as the situation evolves. >> such great day for skiers, oh, it will be gorgeous
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outside. wear spf. i have a friend that just got horrible sunburn because he meant the snow -- well, he did. ninety-five route 420 delaware county you can see, looking good, still looking nice and quiet. delaware county typically is one of the late risers, i like to call them, but right now, we starting to see some early risers out there indeed, although still traveling at posted speeds. one area that you are slowing down, maybe just little bit, 95 south at girard, see, plenty of headlight, 6:00 a.m., just letting you noah loft people getting jump start to the dayment maybe even taking some notes from what we saw yesterday morning, which was very, very busy, starting very early. so, we are starting to see it heat up just little bit there. 309, headlights, looking good, early risers as well, still traveling at posted speeds in the world of mass transit broad street line southbound you are experiencing some delays, so make sure to check your schedules, also, septa buses running new schedule, city frontier, starting sunday and monday. also, construction, media
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elwin line, special schedule saturday and sunday, same thing for chestnut hill east. make note of all of. that will back to you. >> meisha, thank you. remarkable rescue atlantic county boy alive thanks to his mother and heroic police officer. as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff explains, their quick thinking saved that boy's life. >> large township. >> just by luck, that galloway township police officer, kevin injuring on son, in the immediate area when he got a call about an unresponsive infant. >> i got there in under three minutes. >> still gravely long for a baby to go without breath luckily his mom let inch estimate and training take over. >> i was a teacher trained through my school in infant child safety. >> friends had called 911, and the two were on the phone with dispatchers, at as officer jogger and son arrived. >> i turned the baby over, applied several thrust toss his back, then i turned him over again and began compressions on his chest.
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>> ironically his department had just gone through updated cpr training. soon joined by fellow officers and first responders. >> they were working on him, and come on, buddy. >> i'm like come on, buddy i'm talking to him. >> he has three young guesser of his own making happen what happened next even more emotional. >> i mean, egg laying here like this. he opened his eyes like there is i'm like at the just open his eyes? i couldn't believe it. >> baby brian then start today breathe and cry. >> we're thankful that we had the outcome we did. >> it could have gone a lot of differentiates. >> it was an overwhelming feeling of joy, i was just happen that i we could provide him with another chance. >> brian's mom says once he's healthy enough to leave the hospital, she and her husband want to thank officers jogger and son and other in person, she also encourages all new parent, to be trained on cpr. reporting outside every st. christopher's hospital, alexandria hoff, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". >> another surprising comment from pope francis. he is suggesting artificial contraceptives may be used to prevent the spreads of the zika virus. flying home from mexico, the pope was asked if abortion orbiter control could be considered a lesser evil when dealing with the zika crisis. the pope respond that abortion is a crime but avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. >> well, we don't need a government stud toy tell us that we're not getting enough sleep, right? but you might be interested to know where some of the most sleep deprived people live. a new c did -- cdc study people in south dakota sleep the most, while people in hawaii sleep the least. health experts say for good health adult need at least seven hours of sleep each night. they say having a bed time routine might help, including this, setting an alarm to go to bed in addition to alarm you use to wake up. good remind tear get to bed. >> well, are you ever confused by food labels, annexation
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dates, maybe you think about throwing away food items, but wonder if they're really gone bad by that date or can you still eat it? lawmakers and gross nerves connecticut are trying to clear up that confusion, they want to stream like labels with terms like sell by, use by, and best buy. >> the hungry, in america, would be greatly benefitted by food that is now discarded and could be donated to them. but it is forbidden bylaws of 20 states. >> experts estimate that 160 billion pounds of food is wasted every year. one survey found that more than 09% of american consumers throw away food as soon as the food they label has passed. because they believe it is no longer safe to eat. >> coming up: we are taking you behind the scenes of some new movies coming up this weekend, the big challenge, one of the stars face, playing one of the fastest men in history.
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>> also, a boy is brought to tears by his sister, her heartwarming surprise that led to his priceless reaction.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. great looking bonds car. it will not be making a lot of twins out the driveway.
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>> this aston martin was built for the movie. it sold for three and a half million dollars. at auction last night. it goes 190 miles an hour. but listen to this, it does not have the safety features to make it street-legal. so you can't drive it. the buyer had a contract also saying that he would not make the modification toss make it street legal. all right, well, are you looking for something to do this weekend? why not head to the movies. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight shows you what is new in theatres. >> this week the story of jesus' resurrection is told from the roman's point of view in risen and jest end owen's incredible journeys, comes to the big screen in race. >> what i want to know is can you win? >> followed the rise every jessie owens from college athlete, to the man facing discrimination as he headed to the 1936 olympics in berlin. going up against hitler's team in changing the world in the
5:55 am
process. >> stefan james stars in jess owe, to did serious training to play one of the fastest men in history. >> whole neither beast. so for me it was about learning to run fast, for one, but then, learning to run like jesse, you know? i wanted to -- there is so much of this i want to do myself. i didn't want to run all every these things for me. >> those ten seconds will completely free. i have seen two things that can i not reconcile. man dead without question. and that same manna life again. >> and in risen, joseph stars as roman soldier, charged with investigating the disappearance of jesus' body, after the crucifixion and resurrection finds character begins the story as a non-believer, but questions his feelings the more he learns as he searches for answers. >> it is a detective kind of investigation, and that lent a casino after fresh momentum,
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that didn't smack up a movie, and i think that's what they'll get, believers and none believe tears share the same space, witness the film together. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. >> oh, well this next story gives new meaning to brotherly love. >> (movie clip). >> oh, that just warms your heart. that is six year old abigail stout and her big brother, daniel, celebrating a happy surprise. the cape may family is welcoming cubby, their new baby hamster, look how long that hug is lasting, too, abigail used her own birthday money to treat big brother daniel to the pet which he had been doing extra chores to save up for. so took the birthday money, went to the pet store, surprised him with little baby hamster. so sweet.
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good morning, a mass i have rv fire breaks out in the parking lot after cracker barrel, find out if there is any damage to that popular restaurant. for a religious leader to question a person's fate -- >> holy war, trump versus the pope, the presidential can't date is softening up a bit. hear what has to say now. >> looking forwards to weekend warm up. next week we to will get interesting. katie lets us know which days to look out for. good morning, friday, february 19th, i'm erika von tiehl. katie out on the skydeck, meisha checking the roads. i like the idea every weekend warm up, ladies, good morning. >> how could you not? amen to. that will good morning, everyone, things on roadways looking good. nice and dry, updates from mass transit. do have an accident i'll tell you about. overall things looking pretty good. katie sounds like it will be good day today?


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