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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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for nearly two weeks, but today, after the head of the police union demanded that the d.a. file charges, and after the d.a. fired back, we are still, no closer to knowing, when or if any charges will ever be filed, in this case. >> we're not asking for the world here we are asking for these guys to be charged. >> reporter: fop police president john mcnesby demanded district attorney seth williams fire charges now in his investigation of former eagles running back lesean mccoy and three others involved an allege assault in a private after hours club, that left two off-duty philadelphia police officers badly hurt. >> we're not going to sit by and let this get swept under the rugs. absolutely not. >> reporter: mcnesby upset that 12 days after the incident he says there is no word from williams on whether or if mccoy or anyone else might ab rested. >> just silence. absolute silence. you can hear crickets over at d.a.'s office. you know, whether they are
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looking at more facts, you know, pulling more fact, i don't know how much more facts. >> reporter: less than four hours after our interview the district attorney broke his silence speaking out publicly for the first time on the investigation. >> my job toys get it the right, not to get it the fast. we have no timetable other than reviewing all of the evidence and doing the right thing. >> reporter: telling reporters he wouldn't be pressured the d.a. says only that the investigation remains active, declining to provide details, or to confirm that any criminal charges would ever be filed against mccoy or anyone else. >> my job is to make sure that we are able to marshall all of the evidence to make sure we only charge the right people only with the right crime if at all. >> reporter: now attempt to contact mccoy's attorney, for comment, were unsuccessful. meanwhile, the detectives here keep investigating, the d.a. keeps evaluating but we don't know where this case is headed at the moment. live from central detectives division i'm walt hunter for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right walt, thank you. vandals destroyed a large garden at a local school and they tore up more than just flowers. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is in roxborough with the up close look, at the incredible damage. >> i just can't believe that it looks like this. >> reporter: deep money dip its and rocks covering lankenau campus. the destruction has students in tears. >> it is really stunning because i had made tonight fact in that school and to be thrown away like that like nobody cares. >> i know she really is devastated. she can't even look out here because it just hurts her. >> for to you wreck a whole high school campus, it is just wrong. >> reporter: students and staff first noticed a few muddy tire tracks tuesday morning but the next morning, they saw this this. >> when we came in on wednesday, the culprits came back and they did more damage and they ruined all of our
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gardens. >> reporter: lankenau is an environmental high school, students have been cultivating the ground as their project, building gardens and holding classes on the fields which are a muddy mess. >> we just don't understand why it was done. it has no purpose. one thing about it, my students have turned their anger into action. >> i feel as though someone was being stupid. i hope that no one has a vendetta against lankenau. >> reporter: group of seniors are rally with toying save the ground and undue damage that was done. >> what i truly want to see happies just let us get our field back. >> i don't know what your motive was. >> reporter: police estimate damage at about $12,000 and say whoever did this was using some type of truck, they are asking anyone with any information to come forward, but in the meantime the students are trying to raise their own fund and hepp to have these fields fixed by springtime. in roxborough i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". weather-wise we are ready
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for weekend and it will be a warm one with the possible curve ball from mother nature. cbs-3 cameras at forty-fifth and market streets in philadelphia where people were bundled up today. how should we dress tomorrow? lets get our first look the a the forecast with meteorologist kate the bilo outside on the sky deck, kate. >> i can tell you what i will not bewaring this scarves, these gloves this coat, none of the above. it will be a nice little preview, of spring weather, this weekend, not here to stay but it is coming just in time for the weekend which is great news. now this evening though, not all that great, we're in the battle between cold and warm air, so warm front lifting through right now is bringing cloud cover, take a look at storm scan three and you can see what i'm talking about. not a whole lot of precipitation. we have light snow showers and sprinkles. the cant rule out stray shower later tonight either mainly off to the north and west, poconos, lehigh valley, north jersey perhaps but these areas will be below freezing overnight. so any light sprinkled could lead to slick spots. it looks like we are dry for the night, can't rule out
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stray sprinkle but that is bit. temperatures still on the chilly side, only 37 in the city, 35 in reading. twenty-seven in mount pocono. you can see why any spring that will comes through could lead to icing but look what is lurking off to the west, it is 58 in pittsburgh at the moment. 54 degrees in cleveland, that green shading indicating milder air starting to push in from the south and west and we will really feel it tomorrow. so future weather again just showing cloud at 11:00 p.m. notice a few snow showers possible off to the north through the overnight hours, not much to see but it is something to keep in mind in the lehigh valley and poconos a few scattered showers overnight likely, wet in a few spots. sunday night our focus shifts. is there a chance for snow in some spots, i know, right, right after a spring-like weekend. we will have the latest details on that sneak attack storms and next system as well, coming up. back to you. with those warmer temperatures kate was talking about things are looking up for outdoor activity this weekend. >> "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is
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live atwood crest country club in cherry hill, they are expecting to be bus think weekend, cleve. >> reporter: who doesn't want to get outside and enjoy warmth. we have had snow, rain, wind, and for many of us we have a lot to clean up in our yards. they have got a pretty big yard here in wood crest that requires a lot of work and some eager golfers, that are ready to get its action. >> we had at least a thousand branches from small, medium to large coming down. >> reporter: these are mound of debris crews have had to clean up golf course atwood crest country club this week after 50 miles per hour wind gusts, tormented the ground. >> over 1100 pine trees, and pine trees are brittle, so any kind of wind storm creating havoc with our pine trees. >> reporter: wood crest doubled size of the maintenance crew this past week and plans to have extra hand on deck this weekend for an influx of golfers. because of the mild weather, t times are filling up fast and at area golf course ises, golfers expect the greens and fair way to look their best.
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>> golfers were calling. we got the crew out and did some substantial amount of work in a short period of time to get this place ready. >> reporter: there are a hundred players scheduled for saturday atwood crest, sunday isn't far off. >> people love golf and i think there is some pent up demand over the last month or two with the cold, wet weather. so, they just want to get out there and even eye what we have to offer. >> reporter: that was wood crest golf pro who had sweet chip shot. i asked him for a tip for myself or anybody who would want to come outside and play this weekend. he said if you haven't played in a while don't worry about score just enjoy being outside. live from cherry hill, cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that shot is good, cleve. >> thanks very much. police are still searching for brazen burglars who stole $400,000 worth of jewelry. here's the surveillance video two men broke in the barski's diamond at seventh and samson and took what they wanted.
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they fled east on samson street. we have more on the jewelry store heist at 6:00. our anita oh spoke to the shop owners and tells us why they say they are not getting the protection that they deserve. it is somber day in the nation's capitol where thousands have gathered to pay respects to antonin scalia, his body laying in repose in the great hall of the united states supreme court. correspondent weijia jiang shows you how memory of the late justice has touched lives of people in our area. >> reporter: president obama and first lady arrived at the supreme court friday afternoon to pay their respects to the late justice, antonin scalia. scalia's body arrived hours before, in a flag draped casket surround by his former law clerk. scalia's son father paul scalia led a service inside the court chamber. >> our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. >> reporter: denise and kevin o'donnell traveled from philadelphia for the public viewing. >> despite all of the rancor
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with the politics going on it was nice to be able to see something done with a lot of respect and a lot of honor. >> i think that is the thing that kind of moved us both to take advantage of this and come down because he was a man of faith and he lived it, and he practiced it. >> reporter: the line to get in the supreme court wraps around the block twice, visitors are here from across the country, many of whom say they didn't agree with scalia's views, but still admired his work. >> a lawyer, so i really respect the justices and office that they hold and he really i thought did a lot for bringing the public into the court. >> reporter: friend and collogues described scalia as being larger than life, a conservative, controversial justice, and one of the most influential ever. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama will not attend funeral services on saturday morning. white house is sending vice-president biden to represent the administration because he had the personal
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relationship with the scalia family. harper lee, one of the america's most famous authors died today at the age of 89. lee penned the classic to kill a mockingbird and it went on of course to be a literary classic. work was loosely based on lee's life growing up in the deep south. she was born in 1926 and raised in monroeville, alabama. she later became close friend with writer true man capot e. in 2007 president bush presented lee with the medal of freeman and she was thrust back in the spotlight with the publication of her second envelope go set a watchman. her attorney claimed to have found manuscript in the safe deposit box. as we continue tonight a frightening scene in the popular tourist destination. >> all of a sudden it fell out of the the sky and crashed in front of us. >> a helicopter plunges in the water near a national landmark. the find out what happened after a tour rust captured this video on camera. a scam targeting potential jurors, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with
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in campaign 2016 polls are opened tomorrow in south carolina for republican primary. all of the candidates are on the trail trying to woo voters. marco rubio is touting recent endorsements in the state including the one he received from governor nicki haley. texas senator ted cruz is second in the polls, donald trump remains the front runner. >> we will build the wall, are you ready? are you ready? who is going to pay for the wall. >> mexico. >> donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody else other than himself. and the two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz have shown nothing in their past that would suggest they can make a tough deis. >> jeb bush on the trail in greenville, also campaigning in the palmetto state. john kasich who finished second in new hampshire and retired sure owe surgeon doctor ben carson. on the democratic side nevada caucus is tomorrow.
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hillary clinton has thousands of volunteers knocking on doors. the polls shows she's in a dead heat with senator bernie sanders in vermont. >> i will immediately begin working on the priority legislation that i want the congress to deal with, right away and immigration reform will be among those issues. >> in america today, people should not be working for nine or ten bucks an hour. >> culinary union, divided largest is not endorsing the candidates this year. facebook abe twitter are latest to support apple in the standoff with the fbi. law even are to. remains unable to unlock a i phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. they risk wiping phone entirely if the apple does not help bypass the unbreakable encryption technology. counter terrorism officials stressed to the cbs early show that there is a one time ask. >> how many people who died on the floor of san bernardino and paris had iphones in their
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pockets that they were being killed by the terrorist. they are tim cook's top customers too. those are the people who buy all of the apple products. and you have to balance these two threats against each other. >> right now, there are no signs of a resolution in the standoff between apple, and the fbi. that story brings up a good question, about our cell phones. >> tonight, we want to know who can see how text messages? nicole brewer went in search of an answer. we take for granted texting all sorts of information, receiving text from our banks about our transactions, friend and family, all could contain private information. >> who do you think can see our text messages. >> anybody. it is scary, but anybody. >> we should be more cautious what you send out or put out because you don't know who is looking at the what. >> who can see our text, good question, tune in for the answer tonight at 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs
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question or tweet us using the hashtag, cbs-3 good question. >> all right. kate bilo is inside now and kate, so many people excited to be friday and for their to be sunshine on the horizon. >> we haven't had any many sunny days this month. yesterday was sunny but cold, windy. tomorrow sunny, nice and warm. >> bang. >> we are loving it. it with the not last that long but lets talk about the good stuff while we have got it. we can't enjoy good stuff then is what good of winning through bad stuff in the wintertime. this is a little will bonus saturday in the middle of february get a 60-degree sunny saturday. it doesn't happen all that often. enjoy every second of it. lets look outside. beautiful end to the day in the poconos, some will folks outside on the snow board there and on the road taking a lit built have the class or something there jack frost big boulder looking quiet. big boulder will be hopping through tonight. you see few folks on the slopes and great week toned hit the slopes as well because you don't need to wear all
5:18 pm
those layers in the like last weekend certainly. beautiful even to the night the in rehoboth beach, delaware. or part of the region complete opposite end of the region 36 degrees right there. you can see cloud, hasn't been a sunny day but still looking pretty nice as we finish out the day on a dry note. only 36 degrees at the moment. lets look at storm scan three you can see locally we're not seeing much of anything but a few snow showers tried to move through earlier and i'm not sure another round won't move through later tonight. the notice they are off to the north and west but there could be another band that tries to develop as that warm front lifts north and east ward through the overnight hours. center of the low right about here, really lifting off to the north and allowing all that warm air, southeasterly flow to kick up in the weekend. if you pick up a stray shower here or there off to the north it could lead to slick spots on the road and that is because it is still below freezing in the poconos. only 27 degrees there. allentown at 36. philadelphia at 37. cold friday night to be out and about in the the city. bundle up.
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temperatures won't drop that much tonight because of the cloud cover and tomorrow we're on the way up. in fact, what a difference a week makes. tomorrow mostly sunny, mild, 15 degrees above average. sunday mix of sun and cloud with shower possible late but here's your difference, last saturday, 24 degrees was our high, forecast for tomorrow, is 60 degrees. major swing, more than 25 degrees warmer then last week even. well above average. on sunday though during the day is fine, and then this system culled bring showers and rain, sunday night into monday morning, and i want to alert you tomorrow will be windy day. wind south and west could gust to 25 to 30 miles an hour. quick look what to expect for sunday. we will go in more details at 5:45. as we head into sunday night, monday morning, storm moves by, and then a sneak attack of rain and yes, possibly some snow into early monday morning. mainly off to our north. we will tell but that, coming up in about half an hour but you're witness weather three day forecast, take a look at that warmth, 60 on the
5:20 pm
saturday. fifty-six on sunday. monday cloud decreasing but again, that sunday night to monday time frame we will sneak attack the system ingot another storm to talk about next week and i'll have details on whether that was rain or snow and who is monitoring that. >> sneak attack. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. still a head it is a familiar time this year, that hacking cough but not all coughs are safe. >> when should you be worried? health reporter stephanie stahl looks at whattive rent coughs mean, don. guys, temperatures in the lower 70's here in clearwater, florida but coming up next in sports, how the the phillies are trying to heat up their pitching staff with the local product, we are coming right back from beautiful clearwater, florid
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did you see don's living large on the balcony. >> yes, you saw it. >> phillies continue spring training they brought in what 37 pitchers into camp and one is from our area. >> sports director don bell
5:24 pm
joins us from bright house field with more on that, don? >> you know, we were at bright house field but we decided to take our act the on the road. phillies are off, they put in a full day of work. we decided to take time off as well. we are here at pier 60 in clearwater, florida. this week i spoke to matt klentak the general manager of the fightin phillies and he wants to build this team through pitching. in the process he he found a way to make a dream come true for a local product. clear the water florida is 1,000 miles away from citizens bank park, but in a way, new castle county native, brett overholtser is finally home. he is playing for the team he grew up for. >> it is a dream come true but i can only imagine my mom and dad and family back home. you know, to think that they can get an opportunity to watch me, at citizens bank park, and pitch for the philadelphia phillies, its is awesome. i can't wait. >> phillies traded ken giles to the astros for a host of
5:25 pm
players that include him and fellow pitcher vincent velasquez. both guys will compete for spots the in the starting rotation. >> we are good friend. we are both competitors. we have known each other for a while. we will go about it the same way as we always do, throw it the best we can throughout the careers. >> brett made his debut in 203. his career record is one-20 with a 3.94 era. he wants a spot in the rotation and has a simple plan to get it. >> for me it is one day at a time, living in the moment, work hard, do everything i can in my power that day, you know that day being today and wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. >> guys, we decided to take a page out of brett's book and live in the moment ourself. we are here at pier 60. brett hopes to bring another championship ring in philadelphia speaking of rings here as we look at merchants here selling their stuff we have some rings here.
5:26 pm
jessica, if you need anything back in the station i'm taking order i can bring you something back there. what do you say. >> what a generous man that don bell. >> yeah, right. >> pick me up a few. >> i'm looking out for you guys. >> will you hook me up too. >> i'll bring so things. >> hook me up too. >> listen, i got you as well. ton of stuff to bring back. we also have some sunshine as well, and i'll take a look at here, the beautiful gulf of mexico who but that. i'm don bell reporting live from clearwater beach, in florida, with the phillies, back to you guys good yeah, yeah. >> all right, don, thanks. coming up in the next half an hour, dramatic video shows the exact moment a helicopter crashed near a popular tourist destination, what the man who shot this video did to help rescue people inside. and then using jury duty to scam people out of hundreds of thousands of
5:27 pm
dollars. jim donovan is on your side if scammers target you. plus a big surprise for a local custodian why he was name a hero at his schoo
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take a look at this video from hawaii as this helicopter plunges in the water. one person was chriscally injured and federal authorities are now investigating, this crash. "eyewitness news" continues now 59:30 i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. that chopper plunged in the water in the pearl harbor memorial as shocked witnesses, watched in horror. >> reporter: cell phone video captured helicopter hovering in the air shortly before plunging into the water, just feet from the shoreline. almost immediately, it overturned. >> it just fell out of the sky and crashed right in front of us. >> reporter: sean was taking pictures on his phone and he switched to video when he noticed something was wrong with the aircraft.
5:31 pm
the tail appeared to stall in the video. >> we all ran over and bunch of people jump in the water and we tried to help survivors. >> reporter: chris gardener tried to free those trapped inside the wreckage. >> somebody said there is still somebody still in the aircraft. i dove through from the back seat and pilot side and saw he was twisted. >> reporter: fire fighters and nearby members of the navy raced to the scene, all five people on board were rushed to the hospital. >> we heard what was two loud banks which made us scared in a high profile destination. >> reporter: chopper came down near u.s.s. memorial at pole harbor a popular tourist attraction on the island. f a aa says a helicopter, a 40 year-old bell 206, is owned by jeffery gephardt, founder of honolulu based genesis helicopters. company's web site says it offers sight seeing tours. >> obviously, it is something that no one ever wants to see.
5:32 pm
it was just tragic. >> reporter: now the man who shot that cell phone video has been in contact, with federal authorities. a fire fighter was hurt battling a repair shop fire in new castle county. chopper three over 3900 block of bay west boulevard. the fire started shortly before 8:00 this morning and struck two alarms before fire fighters got it under control. the investigators say barrels of an unknown liquid were the source of the blaze, the injured fire fighters condition has in the been released. just an incredible shot of the fire fighters staring down the huge flames, from a burning rv in a chester county parking lot. pictures from nozzle nut photograph and video from ralph hunter, showed crews battling at cracker buyer fire in lancaster avenue in downingtown. it prevented flames from spreading to the cracker barrel or other vehicles. fortunately there were no injuries and so far no word on a cause. we are now hearing the 911 call a south jersey police officer received to save the life of an infant who suddenly
5:33 pm
stopped breathing. galloway township officer kevin jordanson was on patrol when he got the call about baby brian. twenty-nine month-old mother, began cpr and then officer jordanson took over when he got there a family friend remained calm under pressure as she told the 911 operator what was happening. >> he is on oxygen. >> he is on oxygen. we were going to a doctor's treatment on travel one and it was not working. >> okay. all right. stay on the even if with me and keep me updated when the medics are there. >> baby brian is recovering at st. christopher's hospital. a very close call for a bus full of high school students near houston. lets the's show you cell phone video showing the moment a train moving at full speed, barely missed the back of the school bus. one student recalls, screaming at the driver, to move the bus forward. this all happened last week. the district has since fired the driver, claiming that she failed to follow standard protocol. well, the team who used affluenta in the fatal car
5:34 pm
crash will be tried as an adult in court. ethan couch was 16 when he allegedly killed four people while driving drunk. his attorney said he was too spoiled by his wealthy parents to be held responsible. a judge says the now 18 year-old must be tried as an adult raising the possibility he could get jail time for the 2015 crash. flint, michigan is not the only city dealing with the water crisis tonight. black water is coming out of the faucets in the town of crystal city, texas near san antonio. the city as water department says it is as a result of the crews flushing out cities water tower for first time in 20 years but people are angry they weren't told about this ahead of time. >> not everybody is on guard and being a mother, i have an elderly father, you know, i was upset because nobody said anything. >> the city is urging people to boil their water until the problem clears up. being picked by jury duty can be stressful but being a call that you miss jury duty
5:35 pm
and face arrest is down right terrifying. >> it is happening all over the country and three on your side jim ton van joins with us information to help protect people from being scammed. >> good afternoon. first started hearing about these calls a few years ago. then things quieted down. now reports from police department, suggest it is happening again. kelly bates and her husband got a call last year from someone claiming to be with the local sheriff's department. >> get a phone call that says that there was a bench warrant out for my arrest, that i missed jury duty. >> reporter: mark's family was targeted as well. >> he knew our address, our phone number. >> reporter: it is call injury i duty scam, conn artists say you missed injury i duty and will be arrested unless you pay up. >> he said all you need to do is send money via pay pal and that is when i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: in many cases, criminals use technology called spoof go to make their number look like it comes from a local court or police department, investigators even discovered prisoners in georgia, pulling off the scam
5:36 pm
behind bars. the conn artists often hard to catch because they demand untraceable payments like pay pals, wire transfers or prepaid debit card. >> when they demand money over the phone that is how you know it is a scam. >> reporter: she became suspicious and hung up but bates fork over $895 and afterward the conn artists let her know that she got ripped off. >> she said are you aware of what just happened and it was pretty obvious now. >> best thing to do is if you received one of these scam calls toys hang up. people also received these calls should report them to the federal trade commission at 1877ftc help. >> i have jury duty in two weeks. they keep finding me. when i walk in the judge says no. i'm like okay. >> you made your experience. >> do i my civic duty. >> yes. >> i know where it is. >> i appreciate it. have a good one. still to come, cold and congestion can take over the
5:37 pm
winter but there may be more to that nagging cough. health reporter stephanie stahl tells bus four different types of cough and what they each mean. local students battle it out in the kitchen and this isn't your ordinary food competition, the special ingredient that they used that make their dishes truly unique, kate? temperatures above average for the weekend but mother nature may have some tricks up her sleeve we will tell but a system that could impact parts of the area sunday night into the start of the next week and more on the potential storm next week as well with the seven day forecast when we come back.
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if you are in the market for a new iphone apple wants to you help pay for it. apple will reduce monthly payments if you trade in your old one. it is part of their trade up were installed. s program and some cases payments will be as low as $15 a month. how much you pay though will depend on what model you trade, the phone's condition, and which new i phone you are buying. cold weather seems to bring them out more than ever now but one car maker wants to save drivers from the dreaded potholes. ford's 2017 fusion v6 sports sedan will have pothole protection, technology. the company says that the car's shock absorber system will stiffen when it senses or detects potholes. that allows the system to keep the wheels elevated instead of dropping into that hole. luxury cars including ford's lincoln mkz have similar technology. all right. well, i would take that because when i bump up and down, callowhill out there. >> yes.
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>> isn't it the the truth. >> yes.
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local students are working to solve real world problems in the food industry. >> reporter john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio takes us into the food lab at drexel university, and, shows us the unique way that they are tackling one of the challenges. >> there is a lot of waste when it comes to preparing vegetables for meals, a good portion of the skin and leaves are discarded so students at drexel university are involved in the competition, coming up with ways of using a vegetable powder, our flower from the waist and making delicious creations. thinks drexel's food lab manager. >> it is hearty, nutritional, it is good, it is a binder, it can be a base, it can be made as a pasta. >> super versatile, tastes good, dessert, saferry food, everything. >> reporter: we're taking food waste they are drying it out, grinding it up and turning it into meals with great advertise. the company that is doing the
5:46 pm
vegetable powder is the foods where thomas mcclellan says the vegetable blend is very healthy. >> it is 13 percent protein. it contain high level of vitamin a, c, and ash, and it really becomes an excellent vegetable supplement particularly for people are not getting enough vegetables in their diet. >> reporter: student julie scott ace machining those learning how to work with the product. >> if you are baking with it or if you are using it to make i bread you have to add more liquid then you think you do. >> reporter: among judge's topics, bellini by the, and car on the cake as the best recipes. student will be showcasing their dishes in march at philly's chef conference at drexel. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> kate joins us with our forecast and my cousin sent me a text today from atlanta, and she said, that it was 60 down there. >> i said send it on up. >> and here it comes, yeah. >> you can see i'll show you this big massive warm air just
5:47 pm
off to the west in, fact, pittsburgh is around 60 degrees and all that warm air is heading our way but we have to get through another chilly evening before we get to it. today was a cool day, once the cloud came in we had sun this morning as promised but then cloud rolled in and it got chilly outside with that warm front lifting through. breeze pick up, temperatures today did not get out of the the 30's, again, but a big change, on the way for tomorrow. lets go ahead and take a look what is happening outside in bethlehem tonight in the lehigh valley everything is quiet here looking live along main street from our camera atop hotel bethlehem. again, quiet friday night but it is cold if you are out and about, you still need gloves and hat and warm up is not here just yet but it is on its way. here's a live look as well and another area off to the north, broadheadsvillain live neighborhood network. it is only 31. you can see why i'm concerned if a stray sprinkle, rain shower or snow shower moves through in the poconos, lehigh valley, temperatures below freezing and we will continue to drop through tonight and there could be a few isolated
5:48 pm
icy spots out there but most of us look generally dry through remainder of tonight. lets look at the that warm front, lifting through, trying to bring a few rain and snow showers. that did not reach the ground, zooming out on storm scan three you can see this large warm front, here it is, it is almost through the area, you can see skies are clearing in western pennsylvania, that is where warm air is, already arriving, and we will finally get it in here tomorrow, and that is going to stay warm throughout the weekend and then changes sunday night into monday. after a spring-like weekend some folks could wake up monday morning to wet snow on the ground, and it will be surprising for folks if you tune out in weather over weekend and enjoy springtime conditions and wake up monday morning to a reminder that it is still winter and still february. but feels like it the right now. 39 degrees in philadelphia 37 degrees, that was our high off in lancaster. you can see highs off to the south and west, 72, in nashville today. seventy-six in st. louis. seventy-one witch take. eighty in houston. all this warmth is already
5:49 pm
starting to sneak into western pennsylvania, and it is heading our way, can't get here soon enough if you ask me. the here's your weekend forecast, 60 degrees is the high for tomorrow. up 15 above average. and then sunday in the bad a few more clouds in the sky sunday and tomorrow is the better day but tomorrow is more windy then sunday. but little trade off but both days nice to be out and b you don't need heavy coat and gloves. that is great news. so lets talk about rain/snow threats over next several days. tonight minimal threat a sprinkle in one or two spots, if you are below freezing could be ice, i don't think it is a big deal we are dry tonight. sunday night, moderate threat a system supposed to stay where it is at and staying suppressed and now creeping further north. i'm concerned sunday night mainly overnight we will see rain and mixed possibly even light snow off to the north and then mid week a high threat for this next system. we have been talking about this for days. we have been talking about this late tuesday into wednesday and probably into thursday. there is indication it may separate in one lows, one coming in tuesday night into
5:50 pm
wednesday, second one on thursday this looks like mainly rain, guys but some snow is still possible. the lets start off with the sunday night system. tomorrow 5:00 p.m., skies clear, beautiful afternoon. sunday a few more cloud, 3:00 p.m. we are still dry. 9:00 p.m. still will dry. go to bed sunday night and overnight here comes this little system, comes through quickly, indication that a little snow could fall from allentown to the northern suburbs. rain in philadelphia, even a few snow flakes at 5:00 a.m. monday and then off to the coast at 7:00 a.m. but some spots could wake up to wet snow on the grass monday morning. it looks like wet snow, very warm so not expecting major problems with this, then we will move into late tuesday and wednesday, coastal storm is still possible, does look like mainly rain but can't rule out snow on the front end tuesday night and probably on the back edge on thursday, gusty wind and tidal flooding, concerns. i want to show you a quick look at this, cyclone wins exton, category five, about to slam in the most populated island of fiji, the worst case scenario for fiji not a good
5:51 pm
thing out there tonight. 34 degrees. sorry about that typo we will get that fix. you're witness weather seven day forecast looks great through weekend. cooler next week. rain with mixing next week. ukee and jessica, back over to you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, it seems that this time of the the year people every where have some kind of a cough. >> health reporter stephanie he stall says there are all different kind of coughs, and you can tell a lot by, i guess how it sound. >> reporter: exactly, yes. ugh. >> yes. >> reporter: sorry, but you know those hacking, wintertime coughs, they are often contagious, but not always. mario felix has been suffering with a nagging cough. >> i have been, ill for a week or so now and i have not gotten any better. >> reporter: so what exactly does your cough mean? doctors say this time of the year, post nasal drip is usually the culprit. >> what starts out as something like a cold with nasal congestion and mild cough, it gets deeper into the up are part of the chest and
5:52 pm
causes are drawn out illness. >> reporter: different coughs mean different things, a dry cough that end in a rattle may be asthma. when cough is wet with colored mucus that can be sign of pneumonia. >> coughs that are particularly concerning that should prompt someone to go to the the doctor earlier would be coughs that are associated with real difficulty breathing. >> reporter: other cough to watch out for a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats. that can mean, refluxes disease, and a severe hacking cough followed by a high pitched hoop, could be per tuesday is or hooping cove. murial suffers from asthma, chest x-ray ruled out pneumonia and determined that she has bronchitis. >> unfortunately, that is not than hundred for bronchitis, typically lasts, two to four weeks. >> reporter: now doctors say that most have the time bronchitis is caused by a virus, so antibiotics usually are not prescribed. over the count are sun suppressants are recommended and sometimes along with dark honey to suit a sore throat.
5:53 pm
but for one thing, anybody who has a cough, please, please, cover your mouth. >> please. >> please, please. >> yes. >> some people don't get sick. that is how people get sick is from coughing. >> yes. >> i cannot do this as much, i haven't learn it, i'm old school. do i wash my hand. >> it is good though. >> elbow goodies. >> i'm still trying to learn it. >> okay, you are right. >> yes. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", race is hitting theaters. >> a new take on the highs and lows of olympic legend, journey i'll preview it for you next.
5:54 pm
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>> a powerful many hits theatres today, new take on the jesse owens store. >> i its title has multiple meanings, we'll get all of us thinking about how we are all different yet all the same. >> the stars came out to promote a new more in depth look at the story of and pay tribute to the legend of jesse owens. >> i'm jesse owens. >> you're a natural. >> i don't trust natural. berks/boy you can jump. what i want to know is can you win. >> the olympic medalist who faced prejudice in america, and in hitler's germany, as well. >> i just want people to be inspired, you know, when i first red the script, that was what i felt. and when i saw the movie, you know, also what i felt. >> people are counting on you.
5:58 pm
>> to do what? >> to get over to berlin and meet those nazis. >> run. don't listen to any of them. >> comic actor jason takes on serious role as the coach who trains for olympic track and field glover. >> i you'll get a chance to be a part of history and you're going to walk away for it? >> i don't care about any of that. >> now, you don't have to. >> the title race, not just about race, not just about black and white, it is about the human race. >> in theatres right now. >> and, such a meaningful fill tomorrow see, not only february, black history month, but any time. the film is rated pg13. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now, at 6:00 a heist in center city philadelphia. a brazen burglary cost this jewelry store more than just a sense of security.
5:59 pm
i'm anita owen. coming up, i'll tell you just how much these thieves got away with. >> and it has been chilly friday in philadelphia. but temperatures on their way up for the weekends. but our little spring preview could ends with a little snow in a few spots, i'm have the details on who could see some snowflakes sunday night coming up at 6:00. >> also, robot battle is brewing in south jersey and they're not just playing for pride. finds out the big time prize that's on the line for these student engineers. >> during this month, we honor doctors, authors, teachers, all black history month heroes, and today, a school custodian only he doesn't know it yet. i'll alexandria hoff, that big surprise coming up. a philadelphia jewelry store is out hundreds of thousands of dollars after a heist in center city.
6:00 pm
right now on "eyewitness news", why the store owner says they're not getting the protection they deserve. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. over the weekends thieves hit barski's diamonds on the 700 block of sam some street. police have just released surveillance video of that incident, and tonight, the owners tell "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh this burglary could have been prevented. >> a brazen burglary ought caught on surveillance cameras. >> a bunch of trays of diamond earrings down here, and they took them you. >> when the store closes, so does the security gate. >> it supposed to guard, but early saturday morning, thieves hot wired it open. >> once that gate was up, the thieves had to get through this store. but the glass had been treated, so the burglaries had to jimmy these locks. >> once inside, you can see, the burglaries breaking into at least four cases, and swiping nearly half a million dollars in jew


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