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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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targeted for the third time in a week, a well men jewelry store in center city is ransack by thieves. what business owners want done to protect them from crime. a somber day in the nation's capitol how washington is paying tribute to the late supreme court justice, antonin scalia. and check your calendars a weather forecast not at all like we're used to eag this time of the year. we're keeping an eye on some changes for the end of the weekend. today is saturday, february 20th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. right now 5:00 o'clock and already feeling pretty warm. the let's turn it over to
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meteorologist justin drabick. a are popular man this this weekend. >> i think people will be all smiles this weekend with this forecast. the you would think saturday last week we had temperatures in the mid 20's. today we will be 35 degrees warmer. the that is huge for february. we're talking about april-like stuff coming at us today. tomorrow looks good. little cooler. we will talk about a little bit of rain as well but things are on the the mild side compared to the past several mornings. forty-three at the airport. the 39 in allentown. mount pocono getting a degree below freezing, this hour. so really can't make snow up in the poconos, this weekend. thirty-seven in quakertown. the that is cold spot. forty-two in mount holly, new jersey. the there is storm scan 3a weak disturbance warm front coming through the overnight hours bringing some cloud. there may have been freezing drizzle in the the far northern mountains of pennsylvania, through overnight hours but now we are dry. those clouds will thin out. we will see sunshine returning today and wind, this is key in the the forecast, they will be out of the the southwest
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kicking up to ten to 15 miles an hour. that is helping to bring in milder air. compared to 24 hours ago about 19 to 23 degrees, warmer. so that is a sign of the warming trend. so still some cloud around early this morning. temperatures in the 40's through 9:00 o'clock or so and then by noon time we are well in the 50's in the sunshine and a lot of locations good shot of reaching lower 60's. sixty-one for philadelphia. upper 50's at the shore. poconos the not a bad day coming up at 49 degrees. talk about some rain for the weekend? i will let you know when that arrives and how long this warmth last in the the full forecast in a few more minutes. back to you. >> all things considered, looking good, justin thank you. a philadelphia jewelry stories out of the hundreds of thousands of dollars after a heist in center city. barski diamond is third store to be targeted in just days. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live, where the owner says the heist could have been prevented, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning,
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rahel. it is not for lack of security. you can see they have cameras, they have locks like this, and metal gates all designed to keep thieves out. this is part of the metal gates that store owners say they had to replace in november 2014 when thieves broke in the first time, abe that time they say the the steve stole about $200,000 and this time this cannot be cut. they say the thieves hot wired this gate and then pick the locks and walk right in. check out this surveillance video you can see two men calmy walking down samson street around 3:30 in the morning last saturday. one didn't have a mask on an police are hoping they will recognize suspects. the once inside the stores hit about four cases and swiped almost half a million-dollar worth of jewelry. it seems like they knew exactly what they were looking for and police say they have not ruled out possibility it was a inside job. >> that is always a possibility when you have something like this that takes place at a business.
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we look at inside as well as out. you don't rule anything out, the initial as part the of the investigation. so again, it is something to look into. >> reporter: bars ski's says a problem is lack of police patrol here. they say officers used to be here 24/7 and they had a detective assigned specifically to this area but at this hour we have not seen any officers here. >> this is after hours. it is like that patrols. it is like open season. >> they say that as crime is going up, so do inside jobs like this one. we have seen several of these for rent signs on this block alone. store owners say that wouldn't have been the case a few years ago. they say lack of police protection is the problem but they also say coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you why they say that the solution has to start at city hall. for now live from center city, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you. in the meantime take a look at this brush fire in deptford, gloucester county.
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you can see flames there from chopper three. fire broke out at 9:00 last night reaching one alarm, before fire fighters got a handle on it. about 25 acres of brush, burn near the sunoco eagle point facility on crown point road. no one was injured in the fire and it is unclear what started it. and florence, new jersey five people are rush to the the hospital, after a two alarm fire broke out in a condo complex. it happened, last night at the toll gate condos on florence road in burlington county. this morning we are still working to learn more about the condition of those hurt. the philadelphia district attorney is responding to criticism from the police union. the fop president is upset over the time it is taking to file charges in a nightclub brawl, involving former eagles player lesean mccoy. seth williams decline to confirm if, or when, any criminal charges are expect, investigators say mccoy and three others were involve in the fight that you can see
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there that left two off-duty officers seriously hurt. incident happened in olde city nearly two weeks ago. >> our job toys get it right. i'm sorry some people think it is taking us too long but my job is just to do the right thing. >> take a look at the video and charge these folks and move on. if this was a cop beating son like that they would have been arrested the next day good mccoy who was with the the buffalo bills, has been spotted around the city a few times since cell phone video of the fight, surfaced, his attorney says that he is innocent. on to campaign 2016 now, presidential candidates are making their final pitch to voters, at today's primary and caucus. the six republicans left in the race are scrambling for last minute support in south carolina a new poll shows donald trump's lead is narrowing in the primary, on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are squaring off in nevada, polls show clinton out front but
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sanders does have momentum. supreme court has become a major issue on the campaign trail, today's supreme court justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest. the as cbs the a's weijia jiang reports, thousands traveled to the supreme court on friday to pay their respects. >> reporter: president obama and first lady arrived at the supreme court friday a afternoon, to pay their respects to the late justice, antonin scalia. scalia's body arrived hours before, in a flag draped casket, his former law clerks lining the steps as he entered the building one last time. inside scalia's side, father paul scalia led a short service. >> our father who art in heaven hallow be thigh name. >> reporter: denise and kevin o'donnell traveled from philadelphia for the public viewing. >> despite all of the rangor going on with the politics going on it was nice to be able to just see something done with a lot of respect and a lot of honor.
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>> he was a man of faith and he lived it and practiced it. >> reporter: line to get the in the supreme court wrapped around the block, twice. the visitors are here from across the country, many say they didn't agree with scalia's views but still admired hid work. >> a lawyer, so i really respect the justices and the offices that he held. i thought he did a lot for bringing the people into the court. >> reporter: his fellow justices will remember scalia as more than just a conservative. liberal justice ginsburg called him her best buddy. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama will not attend the funeral services on saturday morning. the the white house is sending vice-president biden to represent the administration, because he had the personal relationship with the scalia family. coming up next, a look back at the life of the one of america's most famous adored authors, harper lee's life and career. plus, back in the race,
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virgin galactic unrails a spacecraft it says will blast them into commercial travel. hollywood heavyweight on hand for the big
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one of america's most famous authors has died, harper lee was 89 years old and writer of the classic novel to kill a mockingbird. her publisher says lee passed away peacefully and described shore as a extraordinary woman
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of great joyfulness. kenneth craig looks back. >> reporter: when to kill a mockingbird hit book shelves harper lee's first envelope was an instant success that went on to become a american classic. for decade story of racial in equality and social in justice has been standard readings in schools across america. the it was based on lee's life growing up in the deep south. she was born in 1926 and raised in monday ohioville, alabama where he she became close friend with true man capot e. she moved to new york in 1949 where she published to kill a mockingbird, it won pulitzer prize and became an oscar winning move which gregory peck starring as atticus finch. >> there are some things you are not old enough to understand just yet. >> reporter: in 2007 president bush presented a very frail lee the medal of freedom. that same year, lee suffered a stroke and return permanently to monroeville where she lived a reclusive life.
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last year she was thrust back into the spotlight with the publication of her second novel which was actually written before mockingbird. lee's attorney claimed to have discover the manuscript of go set a watchman in the safe deposit box. it was published with enormous fanfare despite questions about whether lee had ever intended to release it and concerns over her health and mental competence. some readers were shocked at the novel's racist over tones but the book set a within day sales record for adult fiction. lee died at the age of 89. leaving behind a treasured literary legacy that began with one of the most influential novels in american history. kenneth craig for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we first showed you the chilling video of the tour helicopter crashing near pearl harbor memorial in hawaii yesterday. a salvage team pulled the helicopter out of the water so ntsb can investigate.
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we want to show you the moment it fell out of the sky, hard to watch, and then flipped over and sank. five people were on board for a sight seeing tour. bystanders jumped in the what the tore pull victims to shore, at least four people were hurt, one critically. virgin galactic is back in the race to be the first major private company to blast into commercial space travel. founder sir richard branson unveil the new spacecraft american a year after the fatal crash destroyed the original model and killed one of the test pilots. the terry okita has more from the facility in the mohave desert. >> reporter: sir richard branson rolled out virgin galactic new spaceship two. >> when i saw it first time last night the was a lum in my throat and tears in my eyes. >> reporter: this latest model, which is with the help of branson's one year old granddaughter and her milk bottle could be first to fly tourist into space. >> what we aim to do is something that has never been done before we are opening
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space to people from all walks of life. >> reporter: the unity looks nearly identical to virgin galactic's original spacecraft the that crashed in october 2014 during a test flight in the desert killing one of the pilots. branson questioned if they can carry on but the team stood firm in its resolve. >> they picked themselves up at the end of 2014. they redoubled their efforts. >> reporter: and the spacecraft has new safety measures in place including a device to prevent pilots from braking too early one of the causes of the 2014 crash. it seats six passengers and can fly 62 miles above earth. virgin galactic says 700 people are already on a wait list for a trip in space at the a cost of $250,000 each. branson's friend harrison ford was there to support the project. >> it is a wonderful thing about old invention, the incredible achievement all of our lives forward in ways we could never anticipated.
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>> reporter: there is no timetable set for the first commercial space flight nmohave, california, terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and justin is joining us now, already 43 degrees which is warmer then it was, total last sat the day. >> exactly. 20 degrees warmer. >> yes. >> april-like numbers this afternoon, some sunshine, not bad, the entire weekend is good. rain tomorrow. we will get into that. we will let you know who has the best shot. but outside right now we are not bad out for that morning jog in the next few minutes. temperatures in the the 30's and 40's not bad for middle to the end of february, still some clouds over us right the now, these clouds are trying to break out. you can see that moon light out there but center city nice and quiet. this is what we're talking about as far as weather headlines go, spring like warmth today and tomorrow as well, little bit of rain for sunday and then we're talking about that larger storm system coming in sometime in the middle of next week. we will talk about that in a little bit but temperatures
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right now 43 in the the capitol city of delaware, newark. forty-two. forty-two also in cherry hill. everybody is warm. south jersey, delaware even around philadelphia. because we have cloud cover that rolled in last night. it is holding in the warmth and that is clouds acting as a blanket. thirty-eight chalfont. thirty-seven malvern. poconos 31 degrees that is it in mount pocono at this hour. thirty-seven in quakertown. the here's the reason for the warmth. we had a warm front pushing through and snow in northern new york. we have seen a few snow flakes or light freezing drizzle in the poconos throughout the overnight the hours but now drying out, cloud start to thin out, we will see a few cloud from time to time but a mixture of sun and clouds today and tomorrow. milder pattern this week and this is a reese on why, the jet stream. the it is leveling out. call this zonal flow from west to east so it is flat. can't get any big storms developing. it brings in pacific air. when you are south of the jet this set up this time of the year high temperatures ten,
5:18 am
15, maybe even 20 degrees above average. today we have a good shot of reaching 60 degrees from the the city southward and we will see enough sunshine to get to us that mark. tomorrow a few more cloud roll in. there will be a weak storm system out of the southwest, most of the day is dry, it is late afternoon and evening we will have a chance to see some rain and then that system is quickly out of here monday morning. monday morning drive will be good. temperatures back, closer to average but still warm for this time of the year in the upper 40's. so for today a mixture of sun and clouds, keeping it dry tonight, in problems this evening, temperatures in the as cold they should hold in the 40's, sunday morning in the afternoon, justin creasing clouds, and it is late afternoon and evening we will start to see showers moving from the south and west. this is chester county, new castle county delaware. you will see the rain first and coming in the city. the lesser chance to see the rain further north and west you are. poconos can see a few snow flakes in the overnight monday and then by three or 4:00 a.m. monday morning that system is out of here. today mild sun and clouds, 61
5:19 am
for the high temperature. not as cold for tonight 45 under partly cloudy skies. here's that extended forecast april-like numbers here, 60's and even 50's tomorrow. if the cloud can hold off sunday we have a shot of reaching 60 across the delaware valley. forty-eight for a high on monday with some sunshine and then tuesday we will watch that storm, now, nothing concrete but now it looks like the storm may take its time to get here so most of tuesday could be dry, rain arrives late tuesday night into wednesday, and possibly linger into thursday, as of now the storm is mainly looking like a rain event. can't rule out snow in all locations but still details, they are not clear just yet, rahel, it will take another couple days before the storm system forms to get a better idea. back to you. >> we know you are track ill, thanks, justin. biggest event of the the year in the the fight a against breast cancer is just around the corner. komen philadelphia hosted a kick off party for the race for the cure. it was a pack house, on north
5:20 am
broad street. the woman of "eyewitness news" hosted the event. the 26th annual komen philadelphia race for the cure is mothers day may eighth, cbs-3 is a proud sponsor. on the cbs-3 healthwatch there are complaints all over the internet about some popular crackers. they apparently taste, and smell, really bad. people venting on twitter have been hashtagging stinky crackers. health reporter is the he have knee stall tells us if they are dangerous. >> reporter: graham crackers are a stape until most kitchens across the country but there are concerns of a nasty odor. >> it smells like paint. >> reporter: vanessa brown was worried when her daughter took a bite and felt sick. >> when she put it the in her mouth she said taste was horrible, smelled like chemicals. >> i'm thinking my god are they poisonous. >> reporter: nabisco says the problem with the crackers were they were opened ten months past their best used by date, adding manufacturers put those dates on products to indicate to consumers, the time period
5:21 am
in which they can ensure an optimal product experience. >> pretty bat. >> reporter: but stanford welling says he bought his box several months before the best used by date. >> definitely think there is a problem with the product. >> reporter: there are complaints from all over the country on line, nabisco customers have descriptions like hideous smell, tasted like poison, hurt my mouth, and smelled of chemicals. is there than even a twitter page dedicated to the issue of stinky characters. >> it is very strong it choked me. >> reporter: john, who runs a food safety lab, tested the crackers. many like vanessa are interested in the results. >> you give them tour kid. you are concerned. what is going into their system and their body. >> reporter: report test showed a high level of foods found that has gone bad. one expert says the smell would probably keep people from consuming, enough to be harmful. and, a spokesmen for the company that now owns nabisco says the crackers have been reformulated, and the product that resulted in the
5:22 am
complaints, they say, it is in longer on the market. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead, we will take you behind the scenes of some new movies coming out this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up, jesse owens incredible olympic journey comes to the the big screen in race as the story of the resurrection story told from
5:23 am
5:24 am
welcome back. still looking for something to do this weekend? how about heading to the movies. kevin frasier from entertainment tonight show you
5:25 am
what is new in theaters. >> this week the story of jesus resurrection is told from the roman's point of view in listen and jesse owens journey to breaking record and barriers comes to the big screen in race. >> i will say run. boy, boy you can jump. what i want to know is can you win. >> reporter: race follows jesse owens from college athlete, training with his coach, and to the the man facing discrimination as he helpedded to the 1936 olympics in berlin, going up against hitler's team in changing the world in the process. jesse had to do some serious training to play within of the fastest men in history. >> track and field is whole another beast, so for me was learning to run fast, for ones but then learning to run like jesse, you know, i wanted to, there is so much of this i wanted to do myself. i didn't want to have a double run all these things for me.
5:26 am
>> free. >> i have seen two things, without question, not the same man. >> in rise n joseph fines stars as a roman soldiers charge with investigating jesus body after the crucifiction and resurrection. his character begins story oz a none in believer but questions his feelings the more he learns as he searches for answer. >> it is a detective investigation and that lent to a fresh moment up that didn't smack of the bible movie and i think that is the hope that they will get, believers and non-believers who share the same space and witness the film together. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. and for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight, it is on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. it is down to the wire for the presidential candidates,
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us on
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this saturday. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the sky tech with eyewitness weather. justin, do you even need a jacket in this kind of weather. >> no jackets certainly this afternoon for sure. almost want to break out shorts when we talk about april-like temperatures. you can feel the difference outside right now. win is kicking up but that is what is responsible for bringing in the milder air. it is not the warmest 60-degree day we will see but it is much better than what we were dealing with last saturday and wind will make it chillier at times but check it out, already compared to yesterday at this time. nineteen to 23 degrees warmer. there is that warming trend underway, we had a warm front moving through. forty-three in wilmington, philadelphia and dover, delaware. thirty-one in mount pocono the coldest spot. the suburbs are well above freezing. thirty-seven in quakertown. 42 degrees in mount holly, new jersey. there we go, storm scan three the warm front to our north where we see snow flying across new england. for us still left over clouds this morning.
5:31 am
we will thin out. we will see decent sunshine this afternoon. wind kicking up out of the southwest and that will continue throughout the afternoon. adding a little chill to the air but wye afternoon in the sun it should feel good. look at last saturday we had a high of 24. today's forecast high 61. if you missed out on today's nice weather you will get your shot tomorrow. we are looking at spring-like temperatures for your saturday with high temperatures still well in the 50's, above average but we are tracking some rain, for the even of the weekend and also some changes for next week's storm. we will walking through those in the full forecast in a few minutes. back to you, rahel. >> justin, thank you. it is final count down for voters in two states. republicans head to the polls for the south carolina primary today, while the democrats will caucus in nevada. as danielle nottingham reports the presidential candidates spent friday making their final appeals to voters. >> boycott apple. >> reporter: donald trump is urging americans to stop using
5:32 am
apple devices until the company helps u.s. company unlock cell even if of the one of the san bernardino attackers. he isn't shy about speaking his mind on the campaign trail. he told major garrett he won't lie to the american people. >> one of my problems is i'm straight. i tell it straight. i tell it like it the is. >> reporter: trump once held a double digit lead in south carolina but a poll shows him just five points ahead of ted cruz. >> the next 24 hours we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have, the same constitutional liberties, everyone of us has been blessed to enjoy. >> reporter: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck here in nevada ahead of saturday's caucus. it will be first test of their appeal to minority voters. >> i'm really excited right now. we have a lot of impact. >> reporter: nevada is more than 25 percent latin o and immigration reform is a major concern here. >> i want people to come out of the shadows, under
5:33 am
comprehensive immigration reform, i want them to register, i want them to be on the path to sit send ship. >> reporter: sanders agrees. >> if congress does not do its job we will use the executive orders in the presidency. >> reporter: the democrats have a eye on south carolina which holds a democratic primary next saturday. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". supreme court justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest today. thousands filed past his casket at the supreme court on friday to pay their final respects. among them president obama and the first lady. the at one point the line to get into the high court stretched for blocks. scalia's son father paul scalia, led a short service. scalia passed away last saturday. he served on the court for nearly 30 years. twenty-six years working in law enforcement pays off for one local fbi agent, in an unexpect way. our david spunt shows us she's drawing on all of that crime
5:34 am
fighting experience to now entertain. >> reporter: click of the keyboard is just one of the few sound you'll hear coming from former fbi agent jerry williams office. >> another is a series of pod casts, she recorded about her stories fighting crime. it is catching on. for three days this week it was the number one, new and noteworthy pod cast on itunes. >> i was shopping. i had no idea why they select my pod cast but i'm he so grade full. >> reporter: williams joined in 1982, she left in 2008 before taking over as the chief spokeswoman as septa. she left that job last summer. she loved it but full-time writing called her name. >> somebody said what will do you when you leave septa? i said i don't know i'm a free agent maybe i'll dye my hair blue. i said you know what i'm dying my hair blue. >> reporter: in the right light, it is blue. williams called the new hair part of her creative package
5:35 am
and that creativity started on paper in 2007 when she wrote the first few word to her personal masterpiece. a crime novel titled pay to play about a female fbi agent investigating corruption in the philly strip club industry. it the is loosely inspired by from the frank antico case in the 90's, a former l and i inspector convicted of extortion. >> i thought this need to be a book. so i wrote one. >> reporter: now williams is already typing away at her second novel, it is inspired by a philadelphia ponzi scheme from the 1990's. >> one of the most interesting things... >> reporter: in the meantime williams says the pod casts will continue, a way to talk about the mysterious world of the fbi, and philadelphia crime, unfiltered, the way that she says, people want it. >> there is a lot of really great case history, case material for writing. the feedback i get from people that they really love the pod cast and it is wonderful.
5:36 am
>> reporter: this is interesting, last week at this time jerry williams had a few hundred listeners. she's approaching 20,000. she plans to continue writing for as long as she can. reporting from the sat center this morning, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good luck to jerry. facebook and twitter side with apple in the standoff with the fbi. law enforcement remains unable to unlock a iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. officials say they risk wiping the iphone data entirely if apple does not help bypass unbreakable encryption technology. so far no sign of the resolution. delaware county high school teacher is facing charges for an inappropriate relationship with a student. gregory stanczuk is a teacher. he had a sexual relationship with the 18 year-old fee mall student. he is charge with institutional sexual assault a
5:37 am
third degree felony. police are looking for vandals who used a large truck to, turn a field of gardens in to a mud pit. tire tracks were every where. take a look at this. the damage was done at lankenau environmental science magnate high school in rocks bureau. they hope to raise money to fix the damage by springtime. >> it is really must be a full moon because i had helped that and for it to be thrown way like that like nobody cared. >> for you to wreck a whole high school campus, it is just wrong. >> truly what i want to see happies oust to get our field back. >> police estimate the cost of the damage to be at least $12,000. as part of the black history month students at a willow grove elementary school are learning about what makes someone a hero. at a special assembly they surprised someone whom they believe has all of the necessary qualities. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:38 am
alexandria hoff shows us he not only impacts the school but the entire community, daily. >> there is a hero in these halls, a doctor, a teacher, abe and a judge. and someone, who reminds us that heros honored during african-american history in don't always have names that we know. >> it takes great pride and being part of the something doing like this. >> reporter: percy hearder has been head custodian at thomas fitzwater elementary for two decade. he thinks we're here to cover a black history school event. >> what does it take to get ready for an event like this. >> reporter: he than showed us around to get footage. but what mr. hearder does not know is that this day, and this story, it is all actual bye him. so we started this assembly under the guides of a pause assembly and something we do monthly anyway. so there is no suspicion.
5:39 am
>> reporter: the truth is the assembly is to supplied mr. hearder with the title of black history month hero. >> whenever he is out, it is mr. hearder, all day long, they love him. >> as soon as you walk in here you can feel this presence. >> he knows every student by names. he remembers their birthdays. he acknowledges every person in this building. >> in his quiet way he has change lives of so many people. >> reporter: not one for the spotlight. >> i can't believe you got on the interview. >> reporter: this room, had to keep the secret, until... >> we love you mr. hearder. >> wow. >> every day we have a hero in our presence, not to say people the on the wall are not phenomenal and they have impact our world but he impacts our community day in and day out. >> reporter: in willow grove, alexandria hoff for cbs-3
5:40 am
"eyewitness news". >> great story. if you missed your chance to see mummers perform on new years day don't worry, you will be able to, today. >> ♪ >> there is one of the mummers string band getting ready for the mummers mardi gras parade in manayunk. today is second annual parade but it almost didn't happen after a lack of funding. this week congressman bob brady announced an $8,000 donate, from a none in profit, aimed to help keep city traditions alive. the family friendly event will start at 11:00 a.m. and runs about a mile along main street. well, a refrigerator is one of the big's plains purchases you make but before you go shopping for one the five features you need to check out first. spring like weather this weekend but justin is back to tell us about our chances for rain and snow, we will be right back. my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol.
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welcome back. tropical cyclone wins exton is now making land fall in fiji. weather forecasters say this is most powerful storm on record to hit the island nation, packing wind of 100 miles per hour, and emergency centers are new bracing for the worst. there are concerns that some residents aren't taking the warning seriously. the right now capitol city of suba is without electricity. the windy city really living up to its nickname, gusts of up to 70 miles an
5:44 am
hour had debris flying from two construction sites in chicago on friday. that forced evacuations, street closures, and shut down public transportation in part of the city. thankfully the extreme wind did settle down as night fall came. and an in our area this weekend we're talking about spring-like warmth and that means an up tic in outdoor activity. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan headed out to the wood crest country club in cherry hill where they are expecting to be very bus think weekend. >> we had at least a thousand branches, from small, medium to large coming down. >> reporter: these are mound of debris crews haded to clean off golf course atwood crest country club after 50 miles an hour wind gusts, tormented the ground. >> over 1100 pine trees, and pine trees are brittle, so, any kind of wind storm creates havoc with our pine trees. >> reporter: wood crest doubled size of the maintenance crew this past week and plans to have extra hand on deck this weekend for an influx of golfers. because of the mild weather t
5:45 am
times are filling up fast at area golf courses, and golfers expect the greens and fair ways to look their best. >> golfers were calling so we got the crew out and did substantial amount of work in a short period of time to get this place ready. >> reporter: there are a hundred players scheduled for saturday atwood crest and sunday isn't far off. >> people love golf. i think there is a pent up demand concerning the last month or two with the cold and wet weather. they just want to get out there and energy what we have to offer. >> reporter: heading out this week toned play golf, a tip from the pro to hit that sweet chip shot don't worry about your scoring, just enjoy being outside. in cherry hill, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, you heard it there, good day to do some golfing or maybe take the dog for a long walk. >> just hang outside, got that right. just break out, enjoy this nice february fog. it will in the last. still mid to late february. we will colder air but energy these april like numbers.
5:46 am
today we are feeling the difference this morning. actually right the now bethlehem, a live look at main street right now. all is quiet but it should be a nice busy afternoon to do some shopping or hit good restaurants in downtown bethlehem. good day for that. certainly tomorrow as well. look at the temperatures. we're warmer, good 20 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. forty-one at the ac airport. we have cloud cover over us right now. all of the numbers are uniform all across viewing area reading 41 degrees. coldest spot, poconos but only 31. that is in the bad this time of the year. here's why we're dealing with these above average temperatures. the gem industries has leveled off and this is what you want to see this time of the year. if you like milder air. we have more pacific air mass building in, this extremist in the allowing that cold canadian air to move southward, yet. that will change. i'll show thaw in the seven day forecast. warm front is pushing through, there is snow in upstate new york. nice and dry, still left over cloud but it is clear in western pennsylvania. that will head our way.
5:47 am
that sunshine is strong enough this time of the year to get to us 60 degrees. nice and quiet, breezy at times though this afternoon. it will feel mild. here comes a cold front, later tomorrow, little low pressure will bring the chance for some rain and it looks like we will finish the weekend with some rain, that front is quickly out of here by monday morning, so we will start off workweek dry. let's time it out, today, no problems, just some cloud. tonight nice and quiet. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we will have cloud around and then they thicken up during the day. most of the afternoon does stay dry but four or 5:00 o'clock we will see rain moving in. the basically the city on south and east, the best shot to see steadier rain moving in here and maybe a tenth to i quarter inch of rain. highest amounts south of the city, less chances for that rain to the north and west. all right. let's talk about next week a lot of monitoring about this storm system. we are several days away. it is impossible to say exactly what the storm will do but there are changes with the latest model runs. we will walk you through gfs
5:48 am
and european model. wednesday afternoon storm still well to the south and west, near tennessee. watch the track, it is inland over pennsylvania. that means a milder solution, so a better chance to see rain from this storm at least from the gfs. last 24 hours these models, diverge but now they are starting to come together for this run. wednesday noon time again, that low is almost in the same spot over tennessee, where does it track us on thursday, over pennsylvania again. this is a mild solution, but this is thursday now, so the latest indication that this storm slowing down a little bit. some of the rain could last into thursday. still cannot rule out snow on the front and back end of that system but it is looking more like a rain event from the storm for next week but still changes certainly in this forecast because we're several days away. flow of the jetties still flat. we are mild through the weekend. changes next week as that jet stream tries to move south. we will see pockets of cold air returning for the second half of next week. today that is not happening. 61 degrees for the high
5:49 am
temperature. enjoy it. tonight, 45 not as cold under partly cloudy skies. here we go with the extended forecast, sunday, still in the bad, 56 degrees, late in the the day watch out for that rain chance and jump the gun here and as we head toward the middle of the week we will bring those temperatures back to where they should be in the 40's. i cannot get that seven day back here. we will see rain arriving late tuesday through wednesday, possibly into thursday now, rahel, back to you. perfect, thank you. well, it is season for sneezing, between colds anal geese, there is plenty of sneezing going on and in math ther what the cause your eyes will be always closed when you sneeze but why? good question? our nicole brewer gets the answer monday night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. consumer products safety commission is issuing a stern warning to hoverboard manufacturers. they are telling them if safety standard are not met those hoverboard makers could soon get hit with recalls. some models of the self
5:50 am
balancing scooters are prone to catching fire and exploding, and several airlines have banned hoverboards, they are not permitted on public sidewalks in london and new york city has banned them all together. is your fridge on the fritz? if you are in the market for a new refrigerator there are plenty of options but how many bells and whistles do you really need? three on your side's jim donovan shows us some things you should look for before you buy a new refrigerator. >> reporter: one of the most important things to keep in mind as you shop for a new refrigerator is will it fit. >> first thing you want to do is get out tape measure and make sure that the refrigerator you buy you will fit in the space you have as well as it will fit through doors on the way into the house. >> reporter: new fridge can run you anywhere from 500 to $5,000 or more, so take time to assess what you really need. >> budget is specifically the biggest driver for decisions on average refrigerator but capacity is also really important. many people considering the type and style that they might
5:51 am
choose, for example, the top freezer is mess popular but the other set up like the four door refrigerator is gaining traction. >> a lot of consumers said biggest capacity that they can get in their dimensions. after that we have features like cooling, door in door, just convenience tour fridge. >> reporter: door in door models have been only around for a few years but continue to grow in popularity other features to think about adjustable shelves, temperature controlled compartments and even problem solving software. but keep in mind more feature your refrigerator has the more you are likely to pay. for more advice on buying a new refrigerator, visit
5:52 am
5:53 am
one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
5:54 am
phillies have been in camp for a couple days and pitching staff has already taken a hit, sports director don bell has more. >> just three days into spring training and we have some bad news to report, young 25 year-old righty jared eichoff with the broken thumb and the injury happened eight days ago, before the team even arrived here for spring training. it happened while he was supposedly trying to lay down a bunt, however, the team expected him to be ready for opening day against the cincinnati reds. meanwhile, over the winter the phillies traded a minor league tore pittsburgh for eight year veteran charlie morton. after the all-star break he went three-seven with an era over five. he is due to make 8 million this season. with the injuries to eichoff his presence is more important. morton is looking to reestablish himself in the new uniform. >> i wanted to go out there and make 30 plus starts year and year out but i never did
5:55 am
it. that is something that has always bugged me. it is a goal this year absolutely. >> if someone will give me the ball, i will go out there and do my job. part of that to me is to throw innings. >> fun fact about morton, well, maybe interesting for us but not so much for him, first home run he allowed in his big year career came in 20 on 58 begins former philly pat burrell. that is the store friday clearwater, florida, i'm don bell, new back to philadelphia and leslie van arsdal, leslie. the flyers road trip continues tonight in toronto, last night orange and black needed to beat monetary all but their shoot-out problems prevented them from getting two points. first period flyers trailing one to nothing. nick cousins skates in. his third goal of the year to tie the game. to the third after the canadiens, turned over the puck, flyers making them pay. the ghost, just past michael rafl. they will take the lead. later in the period flyers
5:56 am
shorthanded, max patchready beat michael neuvirth, that will tie the game. that game goes into a shoot-out. brayden schenn needs to score to extend it. and no good. another disappointing shoot-out loss three-two the final. >> to the sixers their first game back after the all-star break taking on the pelicans. all-star anthony davis having a monster game here in the first, but dunk over grant. new orleans beat sixers 121-113. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. still ahead on "eyewitness news" the philadelphia district attorney is responding to criticism from the police union overtime it is taking to file charges, and an assault investigation involving lesean mccoy. we are back at the top of the
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
targeted for the third time in a week, the jewelry store in center city is ransacked by thieves, what business owners want done to protect them from crime. and a somber day in the nation's capitol, how washington is paying tribute to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. and, check your calendars, a weather forecast, not at all like we're used to seeing this time of the year but we're also keeping an eye on some changes for the end of the
6:00 am
weekend. today it is saturday february 20th good morning i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us on this mild saturday. let's turn it over to just continue drabick with eyewitness weather and more on this mild forecast. >> we deserve this break. >> we do. >> last week even was crazy cold. temperatures got in the mid 20's. >> all bundled up. >> now we have to ditch the layers. >> for now. it is still february. let's bring you back in here, reality check. we have april like numbers today. potential to reach 60 degrees in some locations. the weekend has rain coming in the forecast. enjoy today. even right now noticeably different as far as temperatures go. 44 degrees already at the airport in philadelphia 39 in allentown. we are at freezing in mount pocono. good day for skiing and riding. snow will be soft, the at least no icy conditions to tiehl with up in the poconos on the slopes. thirty-nine, doylestown 44 degrees in, palmyra, new jersey. is there storm scan 3a couple ofay


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