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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> and, while donald trump hopes to hit the jackpot in today's nevada gop caucus, another candidate making major changes as his campaign. good morning, tuesday, february 23rd, i'm err erika von tiehl. latest on the rape. good morning. >> good morning, happy tuesday, the roads are actually looking pretty good. construction moving out of the way, some of the roads looking dry. but katie of course we know that this will be changing. >> tracking wet weather building in through the course of the morning, already is in fact starting to lift in for some of you at home here, specifically, across delaware, finding some of the rain pushing in as we speak, so let's go ahead and take you outside. show you waist going on. anything yet. but notice, even the early part of the morning here nothing but rain. now, some of you, namely, poconos, and portions of the lehigh valley, are going to see this start off as a
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mixture of some snow, maybe some sleet, potentially one to 2 inches out of that, then glaze of ice potentially through the overnight later on, and it will be all rain by wednesday morning. so, you do have winter weather advisory, take effect early this afternoon, 39 degrees the current temperature at the airport, chilly granted but not coal enough for plane old rain. at 42 degrees, more east northeast wind starting to kick up at the shore. get you to the mid four's meanwhile through the course of the day here. in both philadelphia and at the shore towns, periods of rain, though, the general story for most every us. but, here is a thing. it will be with us for quite a while. we are looking at multi day event here, meisha, a and i want to sort of just fine tune this, and track things out so people know exactly what to expect at any given time we will do that bit later in the show. >> great to see, thanks so much, katie too warm freeze, bring your umbrella,
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be sure you have your windshield wipers, and if i were you, i would leave earlier, we know evidence of yesterday how business at this will probably be today. headlights moving in the suing direction, pretty good both directions eastbound, and westbound, but we are certainly starting to heat up. good news even on the schuylkill right now pushing into that 6:00 hour, still traveling at posted speeds. the boulevard, this is or excuse me delaware county 95 north at 452 looking good. take it all the way up to the airport this is what you are looking a. no major delays at the airport, not that we are hearing right now, looking good, there of course check your flight schedules and status cents and all of that good stuff. but taking into delaware county, 95, 452, looking good. there are reports in delaware, we are hearing that the rain is moving from south to north. make note it is coming in our direction. this is at the schuylkill looking good again at the boulevard traveling at posted speeds. in the world of mass transit, this is back to normal. route 36 trolley was bussing between eastwick loop and 73rd and elmwood.
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that like i said is back to normalment check your schedules as always. back to you. >> thank you, concern in one neighborhood this morning, after a man is murdered. it happened late last night, in merchantville new jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us there with the mayor's message for residents who are a little concerned this morning for their safety. justin, good morning. >> good morning, on facebook, ted brenner wrote to followers that last night's shooting appears to be only between the suspects and their victims, let's take to you video from overnight, "eyewitness news" camera was on scene last night for the multi agency response at the russell avenue crime scene where that male victim was found wounded. the crime scene was on russell just off of clap he will avenue south of may he will, and just behind the saint peters school. >> close the off the area for the investigation overnight. which now involves the camden county prosecutor's office, the identified male victim was
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pronounced dead 9:03 at kennedy hospital, and now, merchantville is a typically quiet borough just under 4,000 people. crimes not this, and officials may be released as the investigation warrants. still mayor brennan wants this to remind citizens and for everyone to report, all suspicious activity, and this morning they are asking anyone with information to come forward in this case, so the camden county prosecutor's office or merchantville police at this time no word of motive or any suspects caught. erika, back over to you. >> from west philadelphia, here it is, 07 years old told 70 year old man was stabbed overnight. this happened near 51st and haverford. rush to the hospital in critical condition. police do have one person in custody. >> an investigation is also underway into the cause of
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this house fire in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. the fire broke out around midnight on the 2200 block of east tioga street. there are reports of a partial collapse in the back of the house. but, no one was inside at the time. good news, no injuries. >> 6:05, right now, republican voters in nevada will make their pick for the party's presidential nominee. cbs news correspondent don champion with more on the battle for delegates. >> after winning primaries, donald trump is identifying a big win in nevada tonight. >> state's gop caucuses the republican front rounder not hold back, slamming a protester. >> and bashing rival ted cruz what he calls dishonest
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campaign adds. >> this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> god bless the great state of nevada. >> after finish in third place in south carolina, cruz going into today's contest without his communications director, rick tyler was asked to resign monday, for sharing a false news story on social media that is suggested rubio dismissed the bible. we will conduct with the highest standards every integrity, that's how we've conduct philadelphia from day one. >> speaking on flight from vaguest, called tyler the fall guy for cruz's deceptive campaign. >> leading cruz in the silver state, both are vying to be the main alternative to trump with super tuesday just a week away. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> looks like senator marco rubio getting boost from
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former rival. new jersey governor chris christie, who dropped out of the gop race earlier this month, sold his fundraising list to rubio's campaign. christie has yet to endorse anyone for president, christie said to be angry over negative 'des rubio ran against him in january. on the democratic side candidates looking toward saturday's primary in south carolina former secretary every state, hillary clinton, will be there today to campaign. she spent much of yesterday fundraising. her opponent vermont senator bernie sanders will be in virginia today. voters there head to the polls on march 1st, next tuesday, which is also super tuesday. >> 6:07 right now. surfers love them, swimmers not so much. major waves crashing on the shore in hawaii. look at those, wait until you hear how many people had to be rescued. also this: >> good debate to be having. >> bill gates steaks stands in the battle between apple and the fbi, and surprising some people.
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also, the local stores involved in nationwide rally today. and astronaut scott kellie spending his final days in orbit. when due back on earth. also, we'll show you another every his great twitter picks. we love these. that's coming up. >> ♪ >> big changes are coming to love park. looking liver right now at the famous love statue. we will tell you where it is headed coming up after this.
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>> big sur of on the islands of a wahee. very few braved the surf yesterday. there were more than 100 rescues, still. experts say, waves on one side were larger than this scene in a decade. some water even made it up to the roadways. officials say they're keeping an eye on the ocean today, and the beaches need to be closed. watching water of different casino here. two batches of rain coming through, right, katy? >> yes. the first every those two batches is on the way right now, already seeing some rain building across kent, sussex counties in delaware, really the southern two thirds of the delmarva peninsula getting in on the action here. notice until say the last hour and a half or so it, will been strictly rain. even in some of the west virginia mountains here. now starting to see little hint, little sliver of some snow picking up. leading edge as this gets closer and closer to colder temperatures further north, as that gets in toward the poconos and lehigh valley will likely also see some snow or some wintery mixing going on
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initially before the warmth takes over, then just stuck with rain pretty much everywhere. that's storm one. storm two, definitely looks different than it did this same time yesterday. not only is it misplaced or displaced, it was back over at least the combination of the system over the northern rockies, now it is drawing in gulf moisture, showing good or sayings, gathering strength. so this is going to be the system that bridges with it the biggest impact to our area. but, initially, you do have some rain to dodge, and once it is here, it is not really leaving, any time the rest of the day into tonight. and we will see it come through primarily as as a straight up rain through the early afternoon and evening return, also dealing with some soggy conditions. then we get little break. then storm two comes along, especially for the second half of the day i would say specially at night. heaviest rain comes, in potential for some stronger thunderstorms looks like even as well with this. got some good organization to that storm at that point. and quite a bit of snow in fact falling back through the great lakes region. shear just rhawn -- rain,
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thunderstorms, winds picks up for us. then start to see the cold air wrap in behind it, things do dry out. see the temperatures drop. dry window of opportunity, we will have couple of them, especially overnight into early tomorrow morning. so we may get through part of the wednesday morning rush without any problems. then have to wait, things will taper off. trying to navigate the storm system, the best commute is tomorrow morning. because we're seeing the rain move in as we speak now, and thursday still with us, the worse commute though wednesday p.m. because that's when the heaviest precipitation comes along, but this evening drive doesn't look that much better. so we keep that out there be as well. driest time frame, it is really overnight. so, un for the lip, a lofter russ in bed by that point, but early wednesday morning still at least have some dry weather opportunities if you got to get outside and get some kind of outdoor plans in. meantime how does the rest of the week shape up? once we're done with this multi day mess, we finally start to see things clearing out. and actually nice little
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rebounds that takes place once more. saturday, stilt looks on the chilly side, but sunday isn't bad. sun back. breeze finally tapered off at that point. obviously milder. looks like nice couple of days coming up here. so we sort of drop, take the bottom out from under you friday, rebound quickly, meantime, next couple of days, just rain. >> hang on to the umbrella. >> absolutely. >> even just rain, not dealing with anything freezing, but even if it is all the rain, certainly give yourself couple every extra minute, you will need it even this morning, pack the umbrella right now roads looking good, still traveling at posted speeds, overnight construction slowly moving out of the way. ninety-five north at girard, see we have disable vehicle pulled off, blogging the right lane. soap, is this going to showdown yes it is. yes, indeed. at this time of the morning right now disable vehicle even moving in the northbound direction can certainly slow you down. so for those every you in and around the area make note that's there. moving in the northbound side, don't think you get free pass, moving northbound. oh, no, give yourself couple
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every extra minutes looking incredibly busy. ninety-five north and 95 of course moving in that southbound direction. ben franklin bridge, looking good, i wouldn't say quiet but looking very nice, so just thinking about headed out right now you will have to cross other bridge you're in great company there. blue route headlights, moving in the northbound direction, past route one, looking good. >> this is what you are looking at, again, still draft at positioned speeds. now, some construction still out there, just reminder, 59 southbound, ram top delaware avenue closed until february 29th. it was the 24th. now it is the 29th, make note of that, also, just reminder falls bridge closed until april 1st. you will have to use alternate still, obviously until april 1st, the boulevard or city avenue bridge. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. check it out. apes in space. crazy video here shared bias tree mount mark kelly. his twin brother scott kelly
6:16 am
currently living in the international space stage, little extra time on hand, dressed up in guerrilla suit. all fun and games, one week from today, astronaut scott hell i -- kelly mission will come to an end ends, spent more than 300 days in orbit. will host final news could conference from space this thursday at noon, then back to earth. he lands in i can stand next tuesday night with his russian crew mate. kelly and his twin brother will be studying to see the parallel effect of living in space. >> now the social media world is really grown to love kelly's twitter post, like this one, from overnight, beautiful site there. kelly says in part good night from the space station. he's been using the hashtag year in space. right now 6:16. and police say they accused gunman in saturday's deadly rampage in michigan has confessed. now, we are hearing from uber about the work history there. also, starbucks customers left with a bitter taste in their mouth you might say. the major change coming to
6:17 am
that popular rewards app.
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>> limerick township police say gary blanchard was trying to park two cars at his house yesterday, when empty vehicle somehow started moving and ran over him. the car kept moving, smashing into a neighbor's home, see caused a lot of damage to the how many.
6:20 am
no one was inside at the time. a mother accuse of abandoning her young daughter after getting caught shoplifting is back behind bars this morning. philadelphia police arrested mahogany terry late last night. accused every stealing more than thousand dollars worth of clothes from the macy's in center city earlier this month. security guards handcuffed her to a bench but managed to escape leaving her four year old daughter behind. that girl's now being taken care of by relatives. >> prosecutors say the uber driver accuse in the deadly rampage in michigan has confessed 45 year old jason daulton appeared in a courtroom yesterday. where he was charged with murder, and an attempted murder. police say daulton killed six people, and seriously wounded two other, in three separate attacks in kalamazoo. the youngest victim, 14 year old abigail cop, is on a ventilator right now in critical condition. her father is showing sympathy though for daulton family. >> with the daulton family,
6:21 am
also suffering at this time, we want his family to know that we don't hold anything against the family members. >> it also says he passed a background check. police are still trying to figure out the motive. 6:21 right now. and the legal smoking age in new jersey could be going up along with fines. how much it could soon cost retailers for selling to under age kids. also, ahead, the dnc coming to philadelphia this summer. we'll tell you which candidate mayor kenly endorse this morning. >> and, katie, i know you're updating dreary forecast. >> indeed. absolutely. yes, we've got multi day event on our hand here, folks, with rain on the way for couple of days. there will be breaks. there will be flood threat. there will be even severe weather potential. and i'll tell you exactly who get what, when you get it, all of those details that you need to get through the next few days coming
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(bill cosby's wife will be forced to undergo another rounds every questioning, in connection with the defemation lawsuit against her husband. enters explaining field massachusetts hotel yesterday where the deposition took place. seven women accused bill cosby every calling them liars when they accused him of sexual assault. attorneys say the case is a long way from being over. >> this is not a ballgame. i don't think every wins and losses. this is a process. this is a judicial proceeding. >> camille cosby's deposition will continue on march 14th,
6:25 am
bill cosby denies sexual assault allegations and countered counter suit against his accusers. new jersey closer to raising smoking age, assembly committee approved a bill that would raise the age to buy tobacco products from 19 to 21. the measure also calls for finding retailers up to a thousand dollars if they sell to anyone 20 or younger but would not punish under age smokers. >> all right, let's see if we have it here. live picture right now, love park, center city. happening today, that ever so popular love statue, going to move across the street, to city hall's dilworth plaza. the famous statue will remain there while love park undergoes multi-million dollar renovation. the new and improved love park will have an updated statue, more green space, and new fountain, and also this is neat, food and beverage operation, expected to complete sometime next year. coming up in the next half hour, rallies coming to apple stores across the country
6:26 am
today. jan? >> that's right. erika, demonstrations are planned all over the country, including here in the delaware valley. coming up: details on our local events, and also, who else apple hopes will join their fight. >> jan, thanks. also ahead, it will soon be harder to buy a hoverboards. major retailer no longer selling it. >> we have disable vehicle causing slow downs, and the places slowing you down as the rain moves, in all of the updates coming up when we come right back.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, oh, nothing to love about katie's forecast today, we love katie. just not the forecast, unless you enjoy dreary day. katie is here to tell us when the heaviest rain will fall, but first, everyone wants to know what's happening right now as you head out the door
6:30 am
to go to work and school. >> sure. we want you out the door prepared. certainly, you will want to be prepared with some kind of rain gear, because you can see the blob behind our shoulders hears. >> arriving somewhat early, some already getting hit by the rain. going out to the radar, we start things there, take actually little wider or tighter zoom so you can see who is getting affected at this point even cape may county starting to see few sprinkles out there, but most of the delaware valley, is still in the clear. >> still cold enough, up toward northampton county, carbon, monroe, here in our delaware valley viewing area to see this start off as little wintery mix or some snow. so there is winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 1:00 today for that triangle basically of the county, across that area, but for the rest of you, it is
6:31 am
nothing but rain. >> just rain, stays that way, delaware, southern new jersey just rain, stays that way. but notice, that you're beginning time start a little later the further north you go. so, you just want to sort of keep an eye on that radar. >> if your ready to hit the road, really just southern tear of the area getting hit. temperatures are cold, granted, but still too warm, for anything but rain, four i-95, even the high school, that's a support where you may end un seeing little more of the white stuff. as at least initially get started. it is 27 degrees after all. but still, even seeing hint of sunlight trying to peak through the horizon here, over looking blew mountain. again, matter of time, we are as we allude dollars to earlier going to walk you through who gets the heaviest rain, when it will get here, because again meisha dealing with multi day event here some
6:32 am
times worse than others. >> thank you so much, katie. great to know, pack your umbrella, you will need it, right now, as we look at interstate 95, this is 95 at cottman, looking actually okay coming around the s curve. still traveling at posted speeds here but you will be slowing down just as i am looking at this right now starting to see brake lights go off, letting you know just right now probably starting to slow. >> moving in the northbound side pulled out to the right lane, blocking right lane, just a while ago, looking at this, both southbound and northbound, moving very slow. so, is this going to slow you down this disable, interstate 95? you bet it is. absolutely. so give yourself couple every extra minutes here, once the rain comes, coming from south to north, delaware now, moving northbound toward us right now, i can let you know when the rain hits it will slow us down quite considerably, hopefully, we are through our rush at that point. see what happens. the schuylkill at the
6:33 am
boulevard, take a look right now, looking actually okay, looking actually okay. but, you are still slowly starting to drop little bit less than posted speeds construction, closed, that's closed now until february 29th. it was the 24th now, the 29th us just make note of that change, back to you. >> thank you. hillary clinton gets an endorsement today from philadelphia mayor jim kenney. >> progressive clinton, and her plan to tear down barriers of exclusion. kenny also says clinton will build on president obama's ash mischment, pennsylvania holds it primary on april 26th. republicans caucus in nevada today, to select their party presidential nominee. after winning primaries in both south carolina and new hampshire, frontrunner donald trump look to go beat rival ted cruz and marco rubio once again. crews is going into today's contest without one every his
6:34 am
top aides. he fired him over misleading video suggesting that rubio insulted the bible. >> moment of silence today in honor at noon in honor of the firefighters who died battling the 12 alarm fire at one meridian fire. >> highrise fire in center city. february 23rd, the fire started on 22nd floor of that building sitting across from philadelphia city hall. it burned uncontrolled for nearly 20 hours. three few five ers killed on the 28th floor. search crew went in to look for them they too became trapped. >> we were trapped. i saw more heroics, couldn't believe guys kept ongoing the way they were going. >> lack every sprinklers and failed power and failed water supply systems hampered fire fighting effort. that building was finally torn down in 1999.
6:35 am
>> a fire forced daring escape in holmesburg. a woman broke her leg jumping from a third floor window of this burning home on frankford avenue. another woman was taken to the hospital. investigators trying to figure out what spark that fire. >> apple's showdown against the fbi is getting a big boost. nationwide rally planned to support the tech giant's refusal to unlock the san bernardino gunman's iphone. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joining us outside the apple store in center city. and i understand big protest later today, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, that's right, demonstrations are actually planned all over the count rip, in support of apple. several of those demonstrations planned for the delaware valley. one happening here this evening, right outside of the apple store in center city on walnut st. now, all of this is being organized by a group called fight for our future. and they do not want the government to be able to hack into an iphone.
6:36 am
meantime, apple also want congress to now step in. as the company drafts it appeal. >> in this letter to employees, apple's ceo tim cook write we have no tolerance or sympathy for terrorists but continues at steak is the data security of hundreds every millions of law abiding people. apple pick up support this week, from former cia, and nsa director michael hayden. who spoke to cbs this morning. >> i think apple was right. in terms of opposing universal back doors. >> fbi director james comb, weighed in on sunday, he wrote a frank post on line, saying, we could not look to survivors in the eye if we did not follow this lead. meantime, some survivors of the san bernardino attacks were north reportedly file a legal briefing in court, appealing to apple to unlock the phone of shooter farook. and the battle could soon move from the courtroom to capitol hill. both apple ceo and the fbi director have been invited to
6:37 am
testify before lawmakers. apple's ceo wants congress or the government to create a commission to review the issue of civil liberties in the digital age. bill gates says privacy versus protection is a good debate. >> i'm hopeful that government safeguards and various parts of the country will be enough that people feel like this can work. and so we have a great public debate about that. >> and former dhs assistant secretary, allen cone, says this fight could affect everyone with a smart phone. >> this could very well be a signal case with respect to privacy and digital communication. >> now apple's appeal is due on friday. meantime new pew research center pole actually fawn more people are in support of the justice department than for apple. 51% of those surveyed say apple should unlock the iphone. 38% disagreed. 11% don't know. now, the demonstrations in support of apple happened here
6:38 am
in the delaware valley right around 5:30, one located right here at the walnut st. location, the other one across the river in cherry hill. for now reporting live in center city. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika, back to you. >> jan, thanks so much. toys r sus pulling hoverboards from its website after a warning from the consumer product safety commission. once the hot holiday toy, cp says the self-balling scooter is responsible for more than 50 reported fires just since december. the fires appear to stem from heat generated by the board's lithium batterie the commission now telling manufacture tears raise safety standards, immediately. >> this is real a shot across the battle from the consumer battle safety commission saying if you are bringing products in, and you're not meeting these standards, we will consider them defective. it product have always had international safety
6:39 am
standards, using industry approved material. in a statement says it is in support of complying with the new guidelines, set for. >> well, some starbucks customers, furious this morning, the copy giant is changing its popular rewards program. now, here is the way it works right now, you get one star per purchase. earn a free item for every 12 transactions. starting in april, you'll get two stars, for every dollar you spend. you need 125 stars, or spend about $63 to get a free item. starbucks says the average transaction is $5. but, some customers say they'll have to spend more money to earn the same rewards they're getting right now. and more bad news for consumers, you now have to spend more to get free shipping on amazon, too. the company raised minimum amount to get free shipping from 35 to $40, 40% increase. not clear when amazon made that change. prime members who pay $99 a
6:40 am
year for that program are in the affected. 6:39 right now. country star carrie underwood meets with local military families before her concert last night. the big surprise she had for them. also this: >> (laughing). >> oh, thanks to the lord. >> oh, she is the 106 year old woman who is meeting with the president, going viral. see how she is react to go her new found fame. also: >> i'll be out on the bus stop bench surrounded by my boxes of books, my beloved books. >> and that's about all i can foresee. >> an elderly eviction battle, why the their landlord says these golden girls have to go. >> reminder if you still have some questions about your taxes cbs-3 is on your side. jim donovan hosting our annual tax on your side phone bank later today. we'll have accountant, tax preparers here in the studios taking your calls to help take the confusion out of tax time.
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learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants the federal government to help cover costs from last month's massive snowstorm. sent a letter to president obama asking the feds to reimburse 31 counties across the state, local county and state agencies spent more than $55 million cleaning up that mess along pennsylvania. >> the storm dumped 22 inches on philadelphia, making it the fourth largest snowfall in the sit's history, and depending where up, you might see little snowy mix today, kate. >> i bingo. absolutely. >> moist every you philly included straight up rain folks. just too warm for anything but rain. even in the tail end of february, here, still dealing with above average warmth in that regard, which may be awesome news, or the worse, depending on who you talk
6:45 am
tonight but that's the situation regardless. i do want to check in very quickly with a few of the eyewitness weather watchers, and specifically, we will take you far south here. going down here, into central delaware, andy is reporting from dover, just clouds here, he's got on his icon, how much, he is saying he is seeing light drizzle. getting underway here. obviously not heck of a lot to speak every just yet, but the combination of the system that's bringing us our rain throughout the day. let's take quick peak at couple of picture, too, phil in the chestnut hill section of the city he's got the quiet before the rain. almost like a sheen on the surface here, but dry here from this snapshot, 626 is the time stamp so real did i just could in. still dry in most spots as well. meanwhile educated sent in the moon behind the haze, building clouds, but we've had pretty moonlit nights as of late. that even continued this morning despite the building cloud cover to the maps, wet weather starting to lift in
6:46 am
from south to north leading edge on the tail end of the leap, so it is starting to creep up i59 through the dc baltimore area, only going to lift in with time for everybody else here. once it gets here, doesn't winds down until later tonight then storm system two comes along more impact moving forward. soap for now, 6:00 a.m. the time stamp. everything lifting in from south to north, give it few more hours up across the lehigh valley, may see this start off as wintery mix, what erika had been mentioning. only an inch or doo at worse, of some snow before the change over then it takes place, and all stuck in the rain light rain, drizzle, brief break in the action then into tomorrow morning. heavier rain set to come in for the p.m. time frame. stronger storms, dow want to jump ahead to the seven day, but the potential store stronger storms, southern tear of our area, tomorrow,
6:47 am
specially. >> come friday in the upcoming weekend, lots to go over here obviously shall meisha. you'll get through it. >> looking very busy, still some dry in some areas of course, we know delaware getting some rain. looking okay here, schuylkill, taillights, past conshohocken, you can see moving in the eastbound and westbound sides, very slow here. make note that far for those every you in and around the area. we have that disable vehicle, nine at north at girard, blogging that right lane. and it is causing some major slow downs here, even though you are going in the northbound side. and of course, flip it on over to the southbound side and you are no longer traveling at posted speeds, looking very busy there, as well. so, moving on, blue route headlight moving in the northbound direction before route one, actually one of the areas that's actually looking okay. still traveling at posted speeds here, but we know as
6:48 am
soon as the rain moves in, it is going to slow you down in the morning commute, and also in the evening commute. we have an accident here in new jersey, 295 southbound at florence on that shoulder, and another one in conshohocken, crawford avenue, at front street. make note of those accidents. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. on your cbs-3 health watch this morning, can lack of sleep cause depression? investigating the linc between sleep deprivation and depression, they say gene they've been tracking in mice may plane somehow mood disorders can be triggered bye-bye logical clock changes. >> say anxious and depressed parents are more likely that children who are fussy eaters. they track thousands of family members, and found them more anxious the parent were even during pregnancy, the more likely their pre-schoolers will be picky eaters. there you have it. 6:48. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, nora owe done joining us, good morning,
6:49 am
nora. >> hey, top of the morning to you, erika. ahead john dickerson on ted cruz being accused of dirty tricks, thousand will impact the presidential race. plus, meet the texas scientists that are tomorrow g to up finds the vaccine for the zika virus, also ted olson attorney representing apple in it fight against the fbi will join us, he's argue several cases before the supreme court including bush v gore. and the father who has been living with an artificial heart for more than a year, imagine that, looking at whether devices could one day replace the need for transplants. the news is back in the morning, so we'll see in you just about ten minutes from now. >> tenant being forced out is 97 years old. marie hatch said she has lived in this berlin game hall on the san francisco peninsula for 66 years. she said her lands lady made her verbal promise years ago she can stay for as long as she wants. the current owner, the
6:50 am
grandson in law of the original land lady, want her out in 60 days. >> where i am going to go, i really don't. keeps me awake at night >> want to work watt women to find them new place to live. well, before she took the stage, the kick off her nationwide tour being grammy winning artist carrie underwood surprised local family. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco goes back stage for that very special meeting. >> few shows in, kerry underwood spoke with "eyewitness news". >> nice, i feel like a lot of time i'm nervous during the entire show. i don't get to enjoy myself. >> she warmed the hearts of a military family. >> we thought we were going to a concert. >> surprised john and cara martin and their two girls
6:51 am
before their concert, also giving them free trip on carnival crews in the fall. where she will perform in a private concert courtesy of carnival and operation homefront. >> i hear the most amazing stories, i've been able to sing songs, like see you again, where people are kind of like man, you know, my husband just left, or just came back, whatever. >> after ten years, the couple still hasn't taken their honey mood. bridges tears to my eyes, even though i don't serve any more, the spouse does their part, too. they hold down the fort. there is raise their children. >> for the little girls, it was night to remember. >> i feel like when i go to school tomorrow i will tell my friends. >> philadelphia is the first of ten stops along kerry's tour where she personally
6:52 am
meets military families, and thanks them for their service. >> "eyewitness news". >> so special. and what a wonderful way to honor the military families. >> absolutely. >> yes, they do. >> and carry, could you love her more? >> no. >> that's great. when we come right back hear from the 106 year old woman who was dancing with the obama's, we are talking to her coming up.
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♪ >> one more check on your headlines, police in merchantville new jersey investigating a homicidement man found shot to death on the unit block of russell avenue late last night. >> also, philadelphia firefighters will hold a moment of silence on the 25th anniversary of the deadly fire at one meridian plaza. on february 23rd, 1991, 3 firefighters died while battling this huge blaze. and, a show of support for apple. demonstrate letters hold rallies in about 30 cities including philadelphia, and cherry hill. they're unhappy that the f.b.i. wants happen he will to hack into the locked phones everyone of the shooters of the san bernardino terror attacks. this is individual joe we can't seem to get enough of, the 106 year old woman meeting president obama for the first time.
6:57 am
>> the white house moment going viral over 49 million views, on facebook, yesterday less than a million, countly free posts and replies for virginia, the event after lifetime. more important it came during black history month, she said she has seen a lot in her years, never thought she would live to see a black president. >> i said it is black history month, and i'm here. >> now she is a star. dream come true. memories forever for the president and his wife of course and for virginia, as well. so perfect, again it, did happen during black history month. meant so much for her to be there. >> how cute. >> before we go, one more check on these two systems.
6:58 am
>> we definitely want to give you snapshot how things will shake out here guys. rain currently billing in from south to north. once it is here, it is kind of stuck with us pretty much any time today. tonight, tomorrow morning, have little lull, because we have two systems, right? one retreats, then we await the arrival of the next one. it really, the second one, gets underway, through the second half of tomorrow. but drizzle starting to pick up through the morning, and then heavy rain comes in, especially tomorrow, p.m. time frame. that would be what i would call the worse time of the next two days here really, possibility of flooding heaviest rain comes in, gusles winds. >> commuters take note. thanks so much. looking out at the conshohocken curve the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, very slow there. you have no longer traveling at posted speeds there, in fact, look at this, the schuylkill, 29, at the conshohocken curve, 21 as you move little bit more in the eastbound direction, 36 on the vine. seventeen on 95, moving in the southbound direction, but, the blue route, you are still traveling at 55 miles per
6:59 am
hour. moving in the northbound direction toward route one. not bad. >> all right, well, hey coming up tomorrow there is will be special on "eyewitness news", making music with the miracles. >> didn't know how it would work. and they have blossomed and grown over ten years beyond my wildest expectations. >> this group has already made a name for themselves, in delaware county. now, the state street miracles are getting ready for their next big gig, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo will have more on their new inspiring mission. can't wait for that tomorrow morning. next on cbs this morning, changes on the campaign trail. ted cruz fires a staffer, they are questions about how it will impact the race. reminder to join us bright and early each weekday morning, kick things off 4:30 a.m. on cbs-3. hope you have great day. >> ♪
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, february 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman over a video involving marco rubio. donald trump intensifies his attacks ahead of today's nevada caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning. and i love you. we're going to win. go out tomorrow and vote!


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