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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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bam, moderate risk for severe weather down through gulf coast through tonight and that is storm that has sights set on the philadelphia area, tomorrow. and in the meantime we still have light rain falling, you can see it is becoming more scattered this evening, snow is wining down for poconos but as we zoom in on that area you can see pink showing up with temperatures generally at or below freezing at surface any rain that falls will fall, and freeze to some surfaces. we have threat for freezing drizzle will as we get through overnight hours tonight. the winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 tomorrow morning for poconos, and all of the northampton county including nazareth, easton, bethlehem, lehigh, tanners villain mount pocono in the winter weather advisory. not so much for snow but risk for freezing rain and drizzle. we are entering into a bit of the lull with this system, first round is starting to move on out and you can see we are looking at light rain, drizzle will through overnight hours tomorrow and then second round comes in, starts to pick up at 1:00 but at this time tomorrow we will track pockets of very heavy rainfall across the region and then by
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tomorrow evening, the threat for severe weather in a couple spots. i will tell you more about that threat, time out day, through the day tomorrow and what comes after the storm as well, into just a few minutes. jessica, back to you. and you can track the rain, anytime, just down load free cbs philly weather app available on itune and google will play. police want to you take a look at this surveillance video showing one woman's bizarre outburst in the south philadelphia dunkin' donuts that could land her behind bars. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is out identify store and tells you why workers say this case the the customer isn't always right, rahel, good evening are the. >> reporter: this one worker tells me it was absolutely horrible. said this woman was cursing at him, throwing things including the tip jar and it was all caught on their surveillance cameras. you might say that this woman woke up on the wrong side of the bed, friday, february 12th. it is about 6:50 in the morning before many are even a awake. watch a philadelphia police
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say that she attack a dunkin' donuts worker. >> crazy. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: it happened at south philadelphia store on 15th and washington avenue. surveillance shows as the enraged woman throws a tip jar some doughnuts, and even begins flipping over a display case. dunkin' donuts worker tells me that the manager had to receive stitches because of the attack, police say woman was dissatisfied with the service. the workers involved says it was actually because the total was more than the woman expected. how much more? $1.76 more. >> she knew she probably didn't give it. >> you need to pay for it. >> reporter: it doesn't a appear that the suspect walk out with any food but philadelphia police say she will have to pay for the a attack. the she's now facing aggravate add all the charge. >> whether it is for dollar or $50, it is on her. you cannot do that.
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>> reporter: philadelphia police say that the suspect was driving a dark colored sedan, possibly a ford taurus, they ask if you know who she is to give them a call. reporting from south philadelphia, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thanks much. confrontation caught on camera involving one of the most powerful men in philadelphia authorities are investigating a fight between union leader john dougherty and none in union electricity. dougherty is man with the white hair, altercation happened at a work site in south philadelphia, january 21st. dougherty says he was not the aggressor. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter will tell us what spark the fight coming up at 6:00 o'clock. twenty-five years ago today three philadelphia fire fighters died while battling the one meridian fire in center city. that city wide moment of silence was held in their honor at the noon. "eyewitness news" at engine company 11 at sixth and south street where members stood at attention for a somber
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tribute. inferno raged uncontrolled for nearly 20 hours. captain david who will comb and philip mccallister and james chapel lost their lives in the line of duty. two window washers get stuck on the 65th floor of the new york city high rise today. those washers were working outside a marriott in times square. fortunately fire fighters were able to bring the men safely in the building through a window. on the healthwatch tonight today ctc says it is investigating 14 new reports of the zika virus here in the you had. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on how they believe it is being spread. >> that is right, guess contact federal health officials say 14 cases all involved men who traveled overseas, to areas with zika virus out break and may have infected their female sexual partners who did not travel. at this point we don't know where those people live. the mosquito by the are the primary way that the the virus is spread and it is still concentrated in central and south america where it is called a health crisis.
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virus is especially dangerous to pregnant with man because it can cause birth defects. centers for disease control is investigating 14 women with probable cases. their only known risk factor was. and, several of those cases involved pregnant woman. cdc, again today said men who have traveled to countries where is there an out break of zika those men should use condoms with their sexual partners and pregnant woman should check with their doctors. now i have been in touch with the three state health departments locally in our area, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, and they would not say if any new cases involving sexual transmission are in those states. of course we will continue to stay on top of this and want to tell everybody this virus has very minor symptoms and if any, and it is only dangerous for pregnant woman. >> yes. >> okay, stephanie, thank you. millions of eyes on one western state, today voters in nevada will deidentify which
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candidate they want as their republican nominee. there is a clear front runner but as correspondent danielle nottingham tells us nevada voters have been unpredictable in the past. >> reporter: donald trump held one last rally before nevada caucus. he says is there only one way we could lose. >> we have tremendous poll numbers here. the dishonesty can income out the a poll very quickly. >> reporter: marco rubio was up earlier, looking for a surprise win tonight. >> please vote for me tonight the because i will win and democrats know i will win. they have spent more money attacking me then any other republican. >> reporter: son of the maid and bar tend shore worked here on the strip, rubio lived in las vegas for six years as a child and has plenty of support here. >> he can bring people together and he is what our country need right the now. >> reporter: rubio and ted cruz trailed trump in the polls by double digits. cruz is not faced. he urged report tours recruit
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friend to caucus tonight. >> if everyone of you here gets nine other people to show up tonight, each of you will have voted ten times. >> reporter: cruz is looking to get back on track after he fired his communications director for tweeting a false news story about rubio. >> he is taking order from cruz, folks, give me a break. >> reporter: thirty delegates are up for grabs in tonight's caucus. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia's mayor jim kenney announced which democratic candidates he is endorsing in the race for the white house. he said today he supports hillary clinton. kenney cited a progressive vision he shares with the former secretary of state, mayor kenney spoke with "eyewitness news" about why he thinks clinton is the best candidate. >> her accomplishment in her career. they are stellar. i think she has earned the right to be president. she's probably only person could beat donald trump who apparently will be nominee in the the republican party which is one of the most scary thoughts i can think of in my
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lifetime. >> if clinton gets nomination it will be right here in philadelphia at the democratic national convention this um iser. senator bernie sanders pick up endorsement of film writer/director spike lee. weeknights at 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers your good questions. in this election year you are sure to sianni hear the word democrat and republican, a million times. >> you will probably see aloft lot on the party logo depicting a donkey and elephant. we are asking why do a donkey and elephant represent our political part? is donkey is the most powerful animal and elephant is known for good memory. so, why were politicians thinking. find out at 11:00. log on to cbs question or tweet us using hashtag cbs-3 good question. and straight ahead on "eyewitness news" battle between apple and fbi comes to our area we will tell you what is about to happen and some local apple stores, jim? ukee, it is our annual tax phone bank and andy and neil
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are sitting here waiting to call their lines are opened, give them a call if you have a tax question they have got answers for you, the number 844-977 cbs-3. so give them a call. 844977 cbs-3. the celebration that led to this wild scene on board the international space station, plus this. so how does an average joe stack up to college players that are trying to achieve the dream and get to the nfl. let's give it the a shotty will do my own combine with each of the six drills. phone phone.
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philadelphia's love statue has a new prom temporarily. "eyewitness news" cam areas captured the short journey a as they traveled across jfk boulevard. it moved to the northwest corner of dilworth park and will stay there as love park under goes renovations. the statue was installed in 1976 for the cities bicentennial celebration. are you putting off filing your taxes because you have unanswered questions? if so, we are here to help you. >> it is time for our annual three on your side tax phone bank. consumer reporter jim donovan is in the great hall with tax experts who will explain why you might want to file sooner then later, jim.
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>> reporter: phones are ringing off the hook as you can hear in the background. if you have a question give us a call. our tax experts will be here until 7:30. 1.844.977.cbs3 and among the experts is ana sachs, thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> i have not filed my taxes yet. why should people file now, rather then wait. >> several reasons, first of all if you owe money, you at least will know what you owe and you have a couple weeks to pay i. it will give you peace of mind. secondly many people get a refund why delay getting a refund. earlier you file earlier you have the chance to get the monday back quickly. also many people run into an issue where someone by accident or fraudulently uses their social security number and then if you are the second one to file using that social security number your return will get bounced back and takes longer to resolve. >> reporter: we are seeing more of that these days. irs phone calls that people claim they are getting from the scam artists, irs will never give you a call.
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>> no, it is just getting worse and worse every year, and they are calling them more legitimate. they give out badge numbers that are fake. they have enough information about you to make you think that they may be know something, and it is scary because people, you know, immediately when they hear irs they get nervous but you should never give any information out, you know, if you think you owe backed taxes say thank you for the call, i will call irs back and handle this and you call the number back and talk to someone directly. >> reporter: share that information for your elderly relatives ape friend because they seem to be targeted as well. we will let you get back. i know you put someone on hold. lines will be opened until 630:67:89 the number to call is 1.844.977.cbs3. ukee ape jessica, back over to you. >> good information, thanks. look at this video from near new orleans. these are waterspouts on lake punchtrain, they developed as a strong line of storms rolled through new orleans area. there was a tornado warning but thankfully no major
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damage. looking at that, there. >> amazing video. >> big one in the middle and two smaller ones on the side. crazy scenario down from the deep south. not unheard of to get severe weather, but you're talking about a very dynamic storm system for that area for this time of the year. we have had a few like this that have come in with severe weather. you don't talk about that in february. now we are talking about second chance for severe thunderstorms here in philadelphia a this month. it has been a pretty messy month. twelve days so far out of the 23 have had at least some measurable rainfall and tomorrow will be day number 13, and thursday very likely to be day number 14, we have dry weather to look forward to in the forecast but we have to talk about the rain and thunderstorm threat first. first lets start off with is what happening. we will go out to spring garden camera the at cbs broadcast center looking live over spring garden street and intersection with broad street. we are seeing very wet roadways. the visibility has improved since i first look the at this camera an hour or so ago.
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camera lens all fogged up. the rain is starting to lighten up. we have talk about this yesterday. thinks your break in the action. it is not like included will part and sun will start to shining and you will have nice dry evening. it will be wet, light rain, drizzle will here and there but traffic is moving okay. if you have to get out and about tonight into tomorrow morning that is your time to do it. let go up to the poconos, near poconos at least in broad head villain see just light covering of the snow and slush there on the grass, they are in a winter weather advisory, temperatures 30 degrees. now rain is falling. we have rain falling on a surface 30 degrees, we know what that means threat for ice in some spots up through pocono region could get a tenth to .2 of an inch of ice heading through this evening and tonight. our first system is starting to wind down a little bit. still hanging on for a couple hours. this is next one and this is one you can see that line of strong to severe thunderstorms over southern lou san, lifting to the the north and to the east but the track of the storm will keep it to our
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west. that means we will get into a warm sector of the storm, rush of very, very warm air, also strong gusty wind as we erase cold front but no snow for us here in philadelphia a. that is good news i suppose, still plenty of problems with the system. again first one starting to move out the light rain, steadier down the shore but scattered light rain and drizzle back to the west. as we move forward in time we will get that break in the action overnight and things go downhill again tomorrow. your rain chance for next couple days, again today was 100 percent, dropped off tonight into tomorrow morning and we will be back to 100 percent, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and thursday then there is good news back to around 0 percent chance of rain by friday and saturday. first we have to get through this, this storm tracking to our west, warm front lifting through overnight as we head into tomorrow, we have cold front approaching wind will be strong out of the south and west ahead of the front and we have heavy rain and risk for strong damaging thunderstorms, tomorrow night even at 10:00 o'clock this line of
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thunderstorms could cross the region wind gusting to 60 miles an hour with that line of storms especially for south jersey and into delaware. then as storm exits wrap around snow you could see could be robust here in western pennsylvania by the time it gets here probably just a few flurries but temperatures really plumetting in the wake of that storm. this evening, light rain at times. that is about it. then we have lull overnight into tomorrow morning, cloud, drizzle, still low visibility. tomorrow morning's commute not that bad in comparison with what you are dealing with this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, heavy rain, possible flooding that could linger into thursday morning and some showers. wind pick up and temperatures plumet through the day thursday. looking at high temperature for thursday that is misleading by the time you leave work thursday afternoon much colder then it will be in the morning. these wind by thursday morning still gusting over 35 miles an hour and during the storm we could see gusts down the shore to 45, possibly even 50 miles an hour. so by tomorrow evening at 7:00 h
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of rain. then we will get push from the severe thunderstorms possibly moving through and end up with an inch to inch and a half inch of rain across the region. some spots locally checking in with 2 inches of rain. overnight light rain, drizzle, it is still a lull into tomorrow morning, heavier rain is tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow night. about this time through midnight, 45 degrees, temperatures do rise through the day tomorrow we will be back in the 50's and you're witness weather three day forecast, 56 degrees on wednesday, 53 on thursday, and then on friday, 41, much colder, still very, very windy through end of the week. the not a great three day forecast, but we have got better news in the seven day and i will have more coming up next half an hour. >> we will see you then. thanks kada appreciate it. shipping changes at amazon coming up what some customers will be spending. then it is a common problem for parents, toddlers who are fuss which their food. new research reveals one thing that might leave children to
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become picky eaters, don. ryan howard was not picky here today does he want to be traded? why was he angry with the philadelphia media i'm don bell coming to you live from clearwater, florida. up next big fella has a whole lot to say, coming up.
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well, phillies have their first full squad work out today, are one was there but after the work out big piece said his peace. >> don bell joins us from clearwater. ryan howard had a lot the on his mind today, don. >> oh, the big fella was talking and he would not stop. the questions were being fired out at him and, of course, he had a whole lot to say. press conference was bizarre, it was somewhat saney and at times it was contentious. >> questions, hi guys, first off, how are you doing. i miss chase, i miss jimmy, all of those guys, but, you know, you got the to go with
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what is in front of you. last year was bad this year i can go out and hit 300 against lefties. do i think it is fair? me personally, i probably would say not but i mean it is what it is. >> i'm kind of shock, surprised, just like what are these people even talking about? you cross that bridge when you get to it. i can't sit here and say trade me to somebody right now, like my job toys go out here and play baseball. i leave here i go to philadelphia, i will go out there and give 110 percent every game i got. philly come to me and said we traded you to so and so i will go to whoever and play 110 percent. >> last year was a tough year. i was than the happy with the media. the way stuff was handled and reported and all that kind of stuff, just a lot of stuff. i will leave it at that. i didn't like. the past is in the past.
5:25 pm
it is 2016. we are moving forward. >> what were you upset about. >> it is 206 and we're moving forward. >> i will tell you what, guys it was an interesting press conference as you just heard there the topic ran the gamut. ryan howard was as blunt and as frank as he has ever been. he did have a little hip in his hop. you can tell there is some things that happened last year with the media and perhaps with the team he was not exactly happy about. he is trying to turn the page as you heard there. we will see if he is able to do that here in clearwater, florida. with the phillies, i'm don belfor "eyewitness sports". back to you guys in the studio. >> i could see smoke coming out of his ears. >> he had some things he needed to say. >> all right, buddy, thank you. today nfl hopefuls show off their skills on and off the feel. coming up, the scouts are watching, so just how tough is the nfl combine? yes, our pat gallon tries it out and see how he does. standoff between fbi and
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apple makes its the way to our area, we are live with that. plus find out why one of the biggest names in the tech world says he is backing the u.s. government. did you file your taxes yet? maybe you still have questions you need answered? three on your side wants to help you out. call our tax phone bank a at 1.844.977.cbs3, experts on hand until 63:00. new at 6:00 o'clock, decade after his return from world war 2a veteran family is surprised with a special gift, from an unexpected place.
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our weather team is watching a storm system for you, rain has descended on our area and it will be with us for a while. "eyewitness news" in center city with those out and about
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didn't let dreary damp conditions get in their way. this is round number one of the rain, "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get to meteorologist kate bilo in the cbs-3 weather center, kate today's rain has not been that bad in the grand scheme of things just a rainy daylight to moderate rainfall, low visibility on the roadways. nasty conditions off to the north, around an inch or three-quarters of an inch of snowfall in mount pocono. that snow is starting to move away, rain is also starting to wind down this evening, you can see it the scattered, generally light in nature and we are heading in the break period that lull when storms, that we talk about yesterday. tonight into tomorrow morning, any rain we will see will be light and scatter. light rain and drizzle here and there it doesn't pick backup until tomorrow mid afternoon in the late afternoon time frame. you can see up in the pocono region we have pink shading showing up, that is freezing rain and freezing drizzle. temperatures at the surface
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here throughout carbon and monroe counties and northampton county are below freezing. we will run risk for icing as we head through tonight and tomorrow morning. this goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning, winter weather advisory that does include entire pocono region and northampton county and as much as a tenth to possibly .2 of an inch of ice. you can see it showing up here. the rest of the region is fine. the this is limited to the far northern suburbs. timing this out generally a break in the action through overnight hours just light rain, drizzle around 11:00 p.m. tomorrow morning is quiet as we head into 10:00 a.m. by afternoon here comes another round of heavy stuff. we will track that out and delve much more in the threat for severe weather, areas with the latest chance to see that tomorrow after a noon. we will see you in a bit, kate. new at 5:30 rallying for privacy. demonstrators are expected to gather in our area and around the nation to protest fbi efforts to gain access to cell phones. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live in center
5:32 pm
city with the surprising stance an intelligence official is taking on this issue, diana? >> reporter: yeah, jessica it seems those protesters are really competing with this weather tonight. we are still waiting for them to arrive but this is all about privacy rights. it is being organized by a group called fight for our future and they don't want the government to be able to hack an iphone. protesters now join the face off between apple and the government over private information on mobile devices, the at issue encrypted information on 14 electronic devices including that of the accused terrorist in the san bernardino shooting. in this letter to employees, apple ceo tim cook writes we have no tolerance or sympathy for terrorist but he continues, at stake is data security of hundreds of millions of law abiding people. apple pick up support this week from former cia and nsa director michael heyden who spoke to cbs this morning. >> i think apple is right in terms of opposing universal
5:33 pm
back doors. >> reporter: fbi director james comby weighed in on sunday. he wrote a frank post than line saying we could not look survivors in the eye if we did not follow this lead. now protesters are defending their right to privacy outside apple stores nationwide organized by a group called fight for our future. they don't want the government to be able to hack an iphone. apple would like to see congress step in as they now draft an appeal, capitol hill will be hearing testimony, from both sides, very soon. we are live from center city tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. >> that wind picking up out there diana, thank. bill gates is latest to speak out on this case. he says congress and courts must help strike an appropriate balance between security and privacy. the head of the many tech companies like facebook, twitter and google have sided with apple. president obama is calling will for closure of the guantanamo bay detention fat it is. most of the detainees will be
5:34 pm
transferred to other countries, rest deemed too dangerous to be moved abroad would be relocated to detention facilities in the united states. long a awaited plan was delivered to congress today. >> keeping this facility open is contrary toy our values. it under mines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of up holding the highest standard of rule of law. >> the white house says it will cost as much as 475 million-dollar to move detainees and renovate or build a new facility but it will save 85 million-dollar a year, in operating costs. this black history month we are honoring game changers, individual making a positive impact on communities of color in our region. today's honorary is a woman working to end violence in her south philadelphia a community. as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw the news radio tells us, her efforts even include coming to the aid of a fallen police officer.
5:35 pm
>> ela best does not the hide her feelings when it comes to guns. >> ban all guns. i don't like guns. >> reporter: wife, grandmother of six grew up in grays ferry, a neighborhood that in recent years has seen an up tic in shootings. >> unaudible. >> a lot of my girlfriend lost sons to gun violence. >> reporter: instead of the sitting on the sidelines she founded don't shoot, i want a future. >> we wanted kids to go somewhere and play without, getting hit by a bullet the. >> reporter: group hosts athletic competitions, community marches, donation drives and activities to keep kid safe and help those in need. >> i'm a get it the done kind of person and i don't procrastinate. >> reporter: when violence landed on their doorstep is there no surprise she took action. >> i just came to assist other neighbors. >> reporter: she and her neighbors came to an aid of a philadelphia police officer injured during a hit and run. >> it didn't matter whether it
5:36 pm
was a police officer or just anybody that person or was hurt and we hell and cyst them. >> reporter: authorities say this man sped door sears street viking the officer breaking his head and causing head injuries. thanks to his help, the officer survived. now el a a is back to work. >> by being my best self, whatever that is. >> reporter: changing the game on violence, starting on her own block. in south philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is a game changer right there. >> you think oh, well it the is just my neighborhood but changing the role for people in the neighborhood. well done. still to come on "eyewitness news" imagine the surprise when an astronaut encountered a gorilla, on the international the space station. >> why someone sent this wild costume to outer space. jim. >> hi ukee and jessica our annual tax phone bank do you have a tax question? many of you have. the phones have been ringing
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off the hook. the lines will be opened until 6:30. give us a call now. we have experts to answer your questions, 1.844.977.cbs3. heavy rain and threat the for severe weather as we head into our web. we will tell you which areas in the greatest risk to see thunderstorms. we have good news in the seven day forecast as well, we will that have when we come right back.
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well, it looks like it will cost more to get free shipping from amazon. customers will now to have spend $49, up front, $35, that
5:41 pm
is amazon's $99 a year prime loyalty program will get free two day shipping on all orders. amazon shipping costs have out paced its revenue. astronaut scott kelly will get shipped home from space next tuesday after more than 300 days in orbit. you might get a little stir crazy up there. that is him in a gorilla suiting having fun in zero gravity. now at noon today erika and katie wanted to know who decided to pack the gorilla a suit? where does this come from. you are wondering the same thing. the it turns out it was his twin brother, mark who sent it in a care package. mark kelly is a retired astronaut so he knows what will be up there. >> brothers will be brothers. >> that is great. >> when you have been up there for 300 days you have to entertain yourself. >> take the gorilla suit, why not. >> coming up, the possible reason why some kid are
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so are you planning to do your taxes soon? if you have any questions at all, three on your side want to help you out.
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>> that is right, three on your side consume are reporter jim donovan is live in the great hall with our annual tax phone bank, jim, those phones are lighting up. >> they are, jessica, indeed people have questions from all over our region. the phones started, we opened up lines at 5:00. these folks will be here until 6:30. number on your screen 1.844.977.cbs3, and among our experts is cpa mark, and thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> quick question, i got something in the mail yesterday regarding my health insurance, or something like that, and, of course, most people i threw through it the to the side and deal with it this weekend. i need to know that stuff for my tax return this year. >> one of the two forms or both. a 1095b if you were receiving a subsidy from the irs. anyone covering from insurance will receive a 1059c. one of the things you have to tell your tax preparer is you have to check off that you have had insurance to eliminate any penalty. >> reporter: penalty is significant and keeps going up
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each year. >> i believe it could be up to 2 percent of your income this year and it will go up every year. >> reporter: if i'm doing my own taxes a and not that i want to put you out of business but if i use i a turbo tax, the formula will ask me to check off these things. >> if you didn't get it checked off, there would be a penalty calculated. >> reporter: do i to have send anything in or just check i had it and hold on to proof. >> you check that you have it, hold on to proof. payor will send a copy to the irs that will match up with your return good we will let you get back to the phones. they are ringing off the hook. we appreciate you being here. lines are opened right now. they will be opened until 6:30. number on the bottom of the screen 1.844.977.cbs3. back to you. >> okay jim, thanks very much. appreciate it. everybody there answering the phone. kate bilo joins with us the forecast trying to get a time line on more rain. >> round two is stronger system. if you got the through today, it wasn't so bad, just a rainy day. that is all it was. tomorrow will get more nasty. we have got threat for
5:47 pm
thunderstorms, strong gusty wind all day long, and some big problems, probably on the road tomorrow evening, into tomorrow night. starting at this time tomorrow, maybe a little will earlier then this right through midnight that will be focus of the the worst of this storm. it does include wrist fork severe weather which we will delve into in a moment. we will take a peak up in i believe this is bethlehem northampton county. it is main street. it is looking good. it is looking wet right now. that is an area under winter weather advisory. we will go over that in a moment. there will be risk for isolated pockets of freezing drizzle will. on the main road, if you are on 22, 378, where we have friction on going i don't expect much in the way of ice tonight on back roads, sidewalks, drizzle if temperatures are below freezing. northampton into the poconos that could lead to slick spots on area roadways. lets check about our eyewitness weather watchers fanned out a across the region tracking this system moving out and next one starts to move n we are looking at temperatures in the upper 30's to around 40, here's david
5:48 pm
mitchell in norristown. he has rain coming down. he says 38 degrees, light rain showers, stay dry and toasty on this tuesday. just definitely a day to snug he will up, light a fire, enjoy the rain falling outside. great nap day to day if you had had a chance to do. that david dutch in clementon with light rain there. rain totals with our weather watchers. see what they have been report ago cross the region if this wants to pop up for me. the close this and pull it up, it the will pop up in a second. this is wayne hunter. he is a at .38 inches. phil in philadelphia a, chestnut hill under .2 of an inch. birdboro at .22. andy seeing at .41 in dover, delaware. ed connor got over an inch in chesterfield and .29 in cherry hill, new jersey at lynn springer's house. take a peak what we have heading our way. right now we are not seeing much but look at that dynamic system, really, really getting its act together in the deep south. we have severe thunderstorms over portions of lou san, mississippi where it is a a
5:49 pm
little will warmer, these storms certainly have more heat and moisture to work with down there then they will by the time they get there. we are not in the maryland rate risk like though were but we were in parts of the region for marginal wrist as this system lifts to the north and east bringing warmth and moisture witt. lets talk about is what happening in the near term. right now again rain is starting to fizzle. it is just a few light pockets of rain and drizzlal cross the area at the moment. up in the poconos a little bit of freezing rain and drizzle a and that will continue through tonight. that is why our winter wet the erad vicary does remain in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. in the mount pocono, lehighton, nazareth, easton, places like that be safe, walking on your front walkway and watch for a few slick spots on the road. take it easy. still some pink, freezing rain, drizzle throughout the overnight the hours. again break in the action. the here's midnight. the it will not be, clear and beautiful tonight but cloud, and just a few scattered showers. that is the case tomorrow morning. if you are heading out for your wednesday morning commute, really not bad. wednesday morning probably the
5:50 pm
best commute we have. 10:00 a.m. still in problems. not until the afternoon around one or 2:00 o'clock we will see steadier showers moving through. by 5:00 o'clock heavy rain starts to move through and some strong thunderstorms around six or 7:00 off to our south. another line may come through between 9:00 p.m. and midnight, so again your best commute is tomorrow morning and your worst commute is tomorrow evening and again, the driest dry frame tonight right into tomorrow morning if you want to get out and get some stuff done. the lets talk more about the severe weather threat. we are looking at wind at 850 millibars 5,000 feet in the atmosphere. if you look the at the red area those are wind in the upper atmosphere 80 plus miles an hour. at times the wind at 850 or 5,000 feet candy send to the surface during storms. if you look at this area you can see where biggest threat for severe weather will be and marginal risk is for that area south jersey and delaware. the these storms could produce downpours but very strong gusty wind, comes down in the morning and then tomorrow evening, we will start to see these wind picking up gusting at times to over 50 miles an
5:51 pm
hour, down the shore. so overnight, just some light rain, pockets of drizzle, 40 degrees. the you're witness weather seven day forecast, tomorrow is worst of it. period of rain and risk of severe weather. we will cool it down, windy through end of the week but weekend looks better. ukee and jessica, back over to you. on the the healthwatch tonight, why not getting enough sleep could affect your mood. doctors in california, are investigating the link between sleep deprivation and depression. they say a gene, they have been tracking in mice may explain how mood disorder can be triggered bye-bye logical clock changes. researchers in the the netherland say anxious, depressed parents were more likely to have children who are fuzzy eaters. they tracked thousands of family members and found the more anxious the parents were enduring pregnancy the more likely their preschoolers were to be picky eaters. well, for it some sound like the ultimate in exercise. >> it is called the wine work out. it is going viral. april story posts dozens of work out the videos on line,
5:52 pm
most without alcohol but this one with wine has about 25 million views and it was even repose ted by former star trek actor george takei who says quit wining and work out. trying to be funny but she does have a message. >> when i want to show people with my videos is fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere and you can use anything. >> reporter: story has gotten mostly positive comments. some people are recreating their own versions, and some are a little worried she will fall on the wine and hurt herself. so far she has been okay. >> that was in my mind, one arm push-ups, and then taking a sip of wine. >> i don't know if she is sipping it or getting close to it. we will to have read it. that might be tricky. >> you almost had it there. >> that could getting youly. >> that could getting youly. still ahead on "eyewitness news" our pat gallen is putting his nfl skills to the the test. >> coming up, i go through my own nfl combine and i rip out
5:53 pm
a a lot of weight. wow. coming up.
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do you need help filing your tax returns? three on your side is here to help. we have tax preparers and accountants on hand right here right now you to answer your questions. call our tax phone bank at 1.844.977.cbs3 by the way, the lines will be opened until 6:30 tonight. you have a little over half an hour. hope to hear from you. every nfl team is in indianapolis this week for college combine working out and interviewing the best players. >> pat gallen wanted to test his skills so he did his own combine. >> reporter: nfl combine begins today in indianapolis. how does an average ohio stack up to college players that are trying to achieve the dream
5:57 pm
and get to the nfl? let's give it the a shot the. >> reporter: former villanova linebacker sun take runs fit a academy in philadelphia a and has been through the queen. >> went to will know of graduated in 2009/2010. we led team in the national championship. after that i went to green bay i had a shot there. it didn't work out. but great experience. before we start anything we have to warm you up. toe in. >> so how do i do this. >> you will time it, on you. before you make any movement, after you are still, you've got to go. >> up, explode, drive, drive, drive. good, drive, drive, drive, drive, drive. hey. not bad. >> so this is one of the tests that really tries to capture an athlete's ability to change direction. >> nice job. three another really great drill. good, come around. drive, drive, drive, drive.
5:58 pm
this is broad jump. what this does is measure an athlete's ability to explode out of a standing stance. >> there you go, 22-inches not bad at all. >> you got this. >> yeah. >> all right. >> nice job, man. from temple university, pat gallen for eyewitness sports. >> yes, editing, nice job though. >> he will try anything, pat. >> he will. >> remind me to get in the gym after seeing osi's arms. >> so encouraging too. i was like okay, makes you feel good about what you are trying to do. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a glummy tuesday an worst is yet to come, kate. >> that is right we have been talking about a duo of storms. so storm number one is just
5:59 pm
starting to fizzle out but storm number two is stronger of the two. coming up we will talk about an ice threat for parts of the area, severe weather threat for other parts of the area and at least one gray day in the seven day forecast, that is up next a at 6:00. also serious allegations against union boss john dougherty, non-union electrician is accused of taking things too far and claims it was caught on camera. and in the such a cool customer police say this woman's frustration over a breakfast bill allegedly turned into more than a war of word. we will show you all of the video. plus... >> reporter: family of the world war two recipient about to get a new gift, coming up what a collector found inner where he was wounded in france. and right now at 6:00 o'clock a rainy tuesday and this is just the
6:00 pm
beginning. better keep those umbrellas handy and your rain gear. live look at storm can three, more wet weather is making its way up from the south. it feels like sunny days have been few, far between this month. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will go to meteorologist kate bilo who has her eye on the storm, kate. >> that is right, jessica, ukee. two out of the good has had measurable rainfall. tomorrow will be day 13 as this storm cyst moves in the north and east. in the near term we are still dealing with the first weak are storm starting to move out tonight but still producing rain and some nasty conditions on the roads for the evening commute here tonight. light rain is still falling, little will steady down the shore as you can see enhanced rainfall from the shore points, portions of ocean county, cape may county but it is fizzling on the back end. in the poconos, northampton county we have to worry about threat for freezing rain and drizzle tonight. not seeing precipitation here, generally just light but temperatures at the sur


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