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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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beginning. better keep those umbrellas handy and your rain gear. live look at storm can three, more wet weather is making its way up from the south. it feels like sunny days have been few, far between this month. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will go to meteorologist kate bilo who has her eye on the storm, kate. >> that is right, jessica, ukee. two out of the good has had measurable rainfall. tomorrow will be day 13 as this storm cyst moves in the north and east. in the near term we are still dealing with the first weak are storm starting to move out tonight but still producing rain and some nasty conditions on the roads for the evening commute here tonight. light rain is still falling, little will steady down the shore as you can see enhanced rainfall from the shore points, portions of ocean county, cape may county but it is fizzling on the back end. in the poconos, northampton county we have to worry about threat for freezing rain and drizzle tonight. not seeing precipitation here, generally just light but temperatures at the surface
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are below freezing. they will start to rise overnight and then by tomorrow morning but in the meantime anything that falls, luckily sparse but anything that falls will freeze on contact and could lead to the risk for icy road. recapping rain amounts from today, atlantic city was hardest hit. storm will slide off coast, heavier rain south and east of the city. about 23rd of an inch in atlantic city. millville .25. philadelphia got a quarter inch of rain. here's your winter weather ad vicary until nine almost tomorrow morning for northampton county a and poconos. everything light overnight into tomorrow morning. break in the action. that is tour time get outside because by this time tomorrow, we will have all this rain heading our way. coming up we will time out tomorrow's rain, best threat for severe weather and when it will get out of here, i will have all that with the full forecast, back over to you. >> kate, you can get weather updates in the palm of your hand track rain and any weather that head our way with the cbs philly weather app available on i tunes and google play. cbs-3 has learned that the
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fb it is working a along with philadelphia police investigating claims by a non-union electrician, that he was punched in the face by electricians union leader john dougherty during a confrontation at the a south philadelphia work place last month. cbs-3's walt hunter reports. >> reporter: surveillance video shows non-union electrician joshua keyse being pull down the sidewalk by another worker as union chief john dougherty and three other men approach on the sidewalk along south third street. his attorney claiming out of camera range, he was punched by dougherty, in a dispute over none in union workers constructing homes nearby. >> hit him, the left and the right combination. my client backs off, and the other gentlemen who were with dougherty attack him, and he is hit 15, 18 times. >> reporter: while video shows an apparent scuffle it is in the clear who is involved, and in where in the video is
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dougherty seen striking anyone attorneys explaining that his client, whom he says suffered a broken nose, for the back, punching one of the men with dougherty. >> he tries to defend himself. he does hit one back. >> reporter: spokesperson for dougherty to declined a request to interview the union leader, issued a statement reading in part john dougherty was involved in a brief physical altercation with a contractor at the a notorious non-union job site. john dougherty was not the agreesor, ducked the contractor's punch and countered with a punch to the assailant's face. >> i walked outside and seen commotion out here. sun glare was so bad i could not see much. >> reporter: auto body shop owner jim reid whose cameras capture the video said it wasn't clear to him what was happening outside his shop. >> he walk back and forth. i didn't even necessity who he was until he shook my hand and said who he was. >> reporter: as of right now no criminal charges have been filed in the incident.
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death trick attorney seth williams citing an unspecified conflict sending the case to state attorney yen kathleen kane's office for a decision on whether anyone will be prosecuted. kane citing dougherty's contributions to her campaign in 2013, reaccused herself, adding that the office of attorney general employees capable attorneys who are prepared to make decision, and whether to accept an or prosecute a potential a assault case. fbi and philadelphia police both decline comment. police spokesperson explaining that the investigation has been completed and it is up to prosecutors to decide what if any charges should be filed. meanwhile, he says that as he awaits that decision he is planning on filing a civil suit against dougherty. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, walt. new at 6:00 high steaks meeting in the lesean mccoy assault investigation. new development comes after we get our first look at the
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injuries of one of the officers, the police officer, hurt in the nightclub brawl, off duty i officer. "eyewitness news" reporter greg with the pictures and new information, greg. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. it has been two and a half beers since investigators say lesean mccoy a assaulted two off-duty philadelphia police officers during a massive brawl in olde city nightclub. tonight the still no charges, but sources tell us a as we speak, right now members of the lesean shady mccoy's legal team are meeting with members of the district attorney's office here at the this center city building to discuss the case. early super bowl sunday morning investigators say former eagles running back lesean mccoy and three friend assaulted two off-duty philadelphia police officers, at club recess in olde city. mala all over a bottle will of champagne. new pictures provided to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" by sources show injuries to officer jesse darnell, one of the officers
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allegedly assaulted by mccoy. police report stays mccoy stumped, kick and punched darnel and other officer. you can see stitches near his eye socket and left ear. monday afternoon we have confirmed that representatives are meeting with mccoy's attorneys at this center city building which houses the offices of the dennis cogan one of the mccoy's lawyers. district attorney seth williams is not in the meeting. sources say meeting was scheduled for 4:00 in the afternoon at the district attorney's office but that change after word leaked about it. we're told was cause by mccoy's attorney to discuss the case and possible pending aggravated assault charges against him a big unknown is whether or not nfl star is a attending the meeting himself. calls to both of his attorneys were not returned. we are live from center city, i'm greg a argos for cbs-3 eye witt the necessary news. a a lawyer for an alleged victim in the bill cosby's sex
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assault case says cosby is using the courts to bully her client. cosby has sued his a accuser andrea constand for talking to police when her 2005 case begins the comedian was reopened last year. cosby says she violated the confidential settlement, and wants that money back. constand's lawyer says cosby's filings are in an effort to create a shadow court system that is free, from public scrutiny. dunkin' donuts customer is facing an assault charge after an alleged outburst and worker in a hospital for stitches. take a look at this surveillance video from february 12th at washington avenue store in south philadelphia. it shows woman throwing a tip jar of doughnuts and knocking over a display case. work are claims that the customer got upset after she was told that her order total was $1.76 more than she expect. she left without taking any food and drove off in a dark colored car. today marks 25th anniversary of the one meridian plaza fire in center
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city. eye witt the necessary news at engine company 11 in south philadelphia where members took part in the city wide moment of silence at noon. captain david holcomb and james chapel and philip mccallister died battling it on february 23rd, 1991. the 12 alarm fire raced inside the sky scraper for nearly 20 hours. a local family business to receive an unexpected gift from across the sea. >> today "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan learned how a relic from world war two is reviving a leg's i. >> your husband was seriously wounded in action in... >> reporter: that telegram is one of the many scraps bob and leroy funk pieced together of their father hudson a world war two purple heart recipient. >> he had a limp when he walk, and we just never talk bit. >> reporter: four months have after landing in normandy land mine blew off most of his legs.
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then a snipper shot him in the head and hand. funk died in 1974, for the most part his story remained shelved in the scrap book. >> after he passed a away you never thought about the the war and things like that. >> reporter: then something unexpected and incredible happened. buried on a farm in normandy, france british world war two artifact hunters glenn night even gale and andrew found part of the gi kit with a clear inscription. hlf for hudson leroy funk. the kittles had part of his serial numbers which helped men find fun k family in roxborough. now they are here in the u.s. and plan to bring the funconfirm their father kit as part of the commemoration for eighty-third infantry division. >> he gave up so much for this country, it is just so nice that people are remembering him. >> reporter: funkes plan to have reunion tonight but declined to allow our camera there. they expect when they hold that mess kit to feel a new
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connection with their father. i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". amazing how history comes back around. >> no doubt. this evening all eyes are on nevada as voters there decide who they want as the republican nominee for president. >> is there a clear front runner right now, donald trump is leading by double digits, 30 delegates are up for grabs in tonight's caucus, meanwhile philadelphia's mayor jim kenney has endorsed hillary clinton. tonight's good question involves the campaign and our political parties. we want to know why do a donkey and elephant represent the political parties. nicole brewer gets the answer for you at 11:00. still to come on "eyewitness news", trouble with your tax snows we are here to help, jim. that is right, ukee our annual three on your side tax phone bank we have experts, cpa and tax preparers here for about an hour. they will here until 6:30. the number is 1.844.977.cbs3. and almost done with storm
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number one, here it goes but it is 1/2 punch and thinks storm number two. this is what we have our eye on tomorrow. coming up we will tell you when heaviest rain will start, which commutes will be impact and which parts will be on high alert for severe weather as this strong storm moves through. don? kate, ryan howard says it is unfair, what exactly is he talking about? oh, we have that for you live from clearwater florida. we will be right back.
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hey, guys, where are you going? come back. >> you know when we sent vittoria woodill to find out why aerospace engineers are duck taping collogues to the wall she got more than she planned on for this assignment. why these super brains are playing what they call, fly on the wall, it is a sticky situation, tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. mayor jim kenney ace drugs an eye sore in northwest philadelphia he says it will do a lot to keep community safe. "eyewitness news" in nicetown where crew where is getting rid of clothing donation bins. mayor kenney says they are unlawful and they have attract
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graffiti, illegal signage, ill list it drug activity and dumping. >> obviously this is a mess, and we have enough messes in our communities as it is without asking for additional mess. >> so many issues in our community are very complicated. this isn't complicated. we just want to get rid of these bins. >> the program will be completed through a joint streets and l and i effort. it is tax season. we know you might have some questions about filing this years returns. so we want to help out with our annual tax phone bank. >> three on your side jim ton van joins us live from the great hall where he is joined by tax experts half been busy taking calls all evening, jim. >> reporter: that is right, lines will be opened until 6:30. the phone number is on the bottom of the screen, 1.844.977.cbs3. joining us now is cpa, jacqueline. you have been volunteering for our phone bank for years. one of the things you said this afternoon people are not getting their 1099. >> that is correct. everyone is asking where is my
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1099. they should be out the by january 31st, however this year it just seems like they are late. i am encouraging people to be patient, either call the bangor the mutual fund company or investment company and request a 1099 or it could have been lost in the mail but do not file because if you file and then you receive a 1099, that is late, you will end up amending and that is additional costs a and additional agony really. so wait. >> reporter: one of the things you have baby boomers dipping in ira's and 401k's and that is also a concern. >> a lot of people are saying i didn't know i had to take a required minimum distributor i'm taking money out of my ira and they don't realize that it is taxable income to them and sometimes it also will make your social security taxable, so before you take any money out of your retirement account one talk tour financial advisor and your cpa to
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understand the tax situation. >> great advice, jackie, thanks very much for answering our calls. lines will be opened until 6:30. number on the bottom of the screen, 1.844.977.cbs3, back to you in the studio. >> thanks for. kate bilo joins us with the the forecast. lets get a quick update on the rain system heading our way, kate. >> it is part two of the 1/2 punch. today first system moving out. tomorrow, part two will be a lot worse. this time tomorrow we will be talking about more rain, happening and just going to be getting underway. instead of tapering off like it is right new we will talk about a system moving in and only will get stronger as tomorrow night goes on. lets look outside and take you out to bethlehem. the road are wet there everything looking a little glistening, that is a problem you still have winter weather advisory in northampton county and through poconos. if you see these road looking wet tonight, most of the main road should be okay, not expecting a ton of ice in cities like bethlehem, easton but up toward mount pocono and carbon, monroe count that is
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could be different. watch out for slick spots on the road and sidewalks. you see someone walking on the sidewalk it could get slick as well. lets look at time lapse. this tells the story that cameras should for a moment. but it is a very glummy day outside. you could not see in front when heaviest rain was coming down. it was gray from start to finish. dine have day to stay inside, make tomato soup, watch a show and take a nap on the couch. most of us are not lucky enough to do that on a tuesday. tomorrow is not looking much better. we may see some sun hopefully late thursday but probably not until friday. the it the has been a rainy february. first system moving out. here's storm we are tracking tomorrow. very strong dynamic system lifting from the south, bringing a lot of moisture and also a lot of up joy with it as it moves in tomorrow and that brings risk for strong thunderstorms. we saw it last week and then again tomorrow evening. storm scan three shows light scattered showers as we go through overnight hours. that is it. future ice amount not much but
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in the poconos .10 of an inch of ice can lead to slippery conditions and hazardous road. the police be safe up that way. your rain this evening light rain at times but then in the lull overnight through vast majority of the tomorrow morning until warm front lifts through around noon time tomorrow. just drizzle here and there. tomorrow evening that the heavier rain will come through, threat for localized flooding and risk for strong thunderstorms, lingering showers into thursday morning and still very windy. i started this at noon tomorrow. warm front lifting through. you can see scattered showers. coming up a at 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow heavy rain and that continues through the night. few thunderstorms could get nasty. see that structure there wind also very strong. the not so much tomorrow morning but that tomorrow evening those wind pick up could see gusts to 50 miles an hour down the shore. is there your best risk for severe weather, south jersey and into delaware. again overnight tonight just light rain or drizzle here and there. bit of the break in the action. tomorrow period of rain, heaviest tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, and then we
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will clear things out. you can see still very windy, thursday and especially friday, 41 will feel like zero's most of the day. good news for weekend. there is that one nice day, it is sunday, mid 50's, with sunshine. i will doing a live chat at 6:40 on my facebook page if anyone want anything more in depth. >> the captain is still out but welcomed return for or rain and black.
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pete is the manager, he has to do whatever he has got to do. for the team and what not. i just know, i can only go out there and take care of what i can and that is taking advantage of the opportunity. >> i'm sure we will cross paths and we will talk and i'll sneak it in, and he will let me know if he is not happy witt, and i get it. >> do i think it is fair? me personally, i probably do not but it is what it is. the situation is the situation. you just go out there and go play. >> am i only one that find the odd that pete mackanin and ryan hour have not spoke up yet. they work together. hello. tonight at 11:00 hear more from ryan howard. does he want to be traded? why did he really have an issue with the philadelphia media last season? you do not want to miss that. within other note from spring training miguel franco third base man who did in the report yesterday, was in camp today,
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took his physical, was on the field and it seems like all is right with he and ballclub. that is store friday clearwater, florida i'm's don belfor "eyewitness sports". back to philadelphia and leslie van arsdal. >> ryan howard was on fire, don, thanks very much. flares have big chance to make up ground on the standing and leap frog carolina with the win tonight but orange and black will be without claude giroux. center sean couturier will be back after missing nine games with the letter body injury. >> the last two or four games have been hard. i'm trying to get back in shape. i need to get back in game shape. i will just try to keep it simple and try to get to go and try to help the team. >> it looks like former philly cliff lee's career is over, today his agent says cliff does not anticipate playing this season. he is a free agent. cliff missed all of last season with an elbow injury, same injury that cut short his 2014 season but he is still
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getting paid by phillies, a 12 and a half million-dollar buy out. >> he will be okay glow will be fine. >> class guy, provided a lot have excitement for fightins.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight apple verse fbi, battle lines are drawn and is there growing support and outrage, on both sides, jeff fagaise has latest developments from new york. here now with scott pelley, we will see i later tonight.
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>> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep south. multiple tornadoes have been spotted, as well as a water spout, near new orleans. we've been told of fatalities at an r.v. par


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