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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 24, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 new video of lesean mccoy. the former eagles running back and his lawyer leaving a meeting with police and prosecutors. what mccoy's attorney is teague about his client and nightclub brawl at the center of the investigation. one storm moves out but a stronger storm is on the way. will it affect your morning commute? i'll help you time out your wednesday. >> and the presidential leck year we see them all the time a donkey and an elephant but why these two animals? good
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question. nicole brewer finds out why they are the symbols of our political parties. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. we begin tonight with new developments in the lesean mccoy assault investigation. the football star was seen with his lawyer in center city after meeting with authorities. >> "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live at central detectives with more on what mccoy's lawyer is now saying. diana? >> reporter: ukee and jessica arc lot of peg laying over where and when this might happen. now finally after two weeks, lesean mccoy is finally talking to the detectives about this drunken bar brawl. he didn't have much to say to us tonight. but his attorney now says he didn't do it. lesean mccoy leaves his attorney's office tuesday after talking to prosecutors and police about a brawl on the eve of super bowl sunday. that left two off duty police officers in rough shape. >> he'd love to talk to you. he'd love to talk to you. but i'm not letting him talk to you. >> reporter: right after the brawl now two weeks ago
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"eyewitness news" caught up with mccoy and he had nothing to say. >> because there's on-going investigation and you're going to have another question for me, right? but i'm not going to answer any further questions because that's not what we're supposed to do. we don't want to try any of this matters in the press. >> reporter: pictures provided to cbs3 by sources show the injuries to officer jesse darnell and investigators say shady the former eagles running back and three of his friends assaulted two off duty police officers at club recess in old city. the melee was all over a bottle of champagne. the police report state mccoy stomp, kicked and punched darnell and another officer. something his attorneys deny. >> the one quote i have on the public record is exactly that. did he nothing wrong but i'm not going to say anything more about it. >> reporter: investigators from central detectives were seen leaving the center city office of mccoy's office before he made his skit. meeting took place there rather than the district attorney's office. sources say mccoy' attorneys
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call the meeting to discuss the case and possible pepping charges against him. but then changed the location after word was leaked. so there is still no word tonight when or if charges will be filed against mccoy. however, we are told there will be developments in the days to come. we're live outside central decks to night in center city, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you for that much fbi is investigate a physical altercation between powerful union boss john dougherty and non-union contractor joshua keesee. dock tee is the man with the white hair. altercation happen during a dispute at a work site in south philly oh and january 21st. video shows keesee being pulled down the sidewalk by another worker as dougherty and three on the men approach him on third street. keesee claims he was punched by dougherty. video shows an apparent scuffle but it's not clear who was involve. dougherty confirms he was a
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involved a brief physical altercation was not but the aggressor. >> as one storm moves out, another one is on its way. and this one is expected to pack a punch. meteorologist kate bilo joins us now what we can expect as you head out for work and school tomorrow morning. >> jessica, today is the day pack your patience. make sure the windshield wipers are in good working order. you'll need them not only in the morning but the afternoon and evening as this second low we've been tracking a duo of storms the first one moved on out much lingering list drizzle outside tonight. it's been producing severe dangerous and deadly weather across portions of the deep south tonight and all of this moisture and energy is lifting our way as we head into the days tomorrow. in fact we still have tornadoes watches in effect for portions of florida the florida pan ham really portion of southern alabama, and into georgia as well. you can see heavy rain and some hail moving through. we've got a lot of moisture and den a lot of energy with this storm. the good news for us it does look like the threat for severe weather will be mainly off to
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our south tomorrow over portions of north carolina. but we will be tracking the threat for strong storms here in philadelphia as well. in the meantime overnight tonight winter weather advisory remains in effect for our far northern suburbs the poconos and northampton county any rain that falls will fall subfreezing surface tonight will lead to the threat for icing. scattered rain and drizzle into tomorrow morning. so your morning commute will be slow. low visibility and wet roadways. but the heaviest rain comes in later wednesday evening. here's 7:00 p.m. and these storms will move through and they're going to pack quite a punch coming you i'll tell you the areas most concern for severe weather tomorrow. ukee, back over to you. >> kate as you showed us tonight the south is on severe weather alert. water spouts and tornadoes hit louisiana and mississippi killing at least thee people. two of those victims were killed when tornado tour through a trailer park in convent, louisiana. strong winds ripped apart dozen of trailers. tornado also peeled the roof off a gold's gym and dozens work out in prairieville louisiana. pluck us willy no one was hurt.
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a dover police corporal acquitted in a fellow and knee assault case resign from the force. corporal thomas webster was caught on camera in august 2013 kicking a black man in the head. he was found not guilty of al charges in december and was on track to return to active duty. but has resign. dover residents and activists were fighting his reinstatement to the force. a lawyer for an 11 victim in bill cosby's sex assault case says cosby is using the courts to bully her client. cosby has sued his accusor andrea constand for talking to police when her 2005 case against the comedian was reopened last year. cosby says she violated the confidential settlement and wants that money back. her lawyer says cosby's filings are an evident to create a quote shadow court system that is tree from public scrutiny. >> today marks 25 years since the deadly one meridian plaza fire in center city. "eyewitness news" at engine company 11 in south philly where members took part in a citywide
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moment of silence at noon. captain david holcomb and firefighters mcalice sorry and james chappelle died while battling the inferno on february 23ed, 1991. 12 alarm fire rage inside the scry scraper for nearly 20 hou hours. president obama is moving forward with plans to lose the prison at guantonimo bay, cuba. and transfer most of the detainees to facilities in the united states. judy read a bucks county mother lot of her son on 9/11 she's been fighting to keep the prison open. she wept there in two to us nine and insists moving prisoner to the united states and other countries would put citizens in danger arguing prisoners would bring followers to the area. >> the government has forgot tepp about the families of the victims. we want justice. we want fair justice. >> the white house has not ruled out the possibility that the president may attempt to close the prison through executive action bypassing the authority
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of congress. tonight the nevada caucus is underway. drum many is going for his third consecutive victory in the republican race for president. trump marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich and ben carson fighting for nevada's 30 delegates. trump is leading in the polls. while rub bee yo and cruz are fighting for second. nevada is the final contest before the march 1st super tuesday primaries when 11 states will be up for grabs. south carolina primary is next for the democrats. former secretary of state hillary clinton took part in a forum today in columbia where she appeared with sabrina fulton the mother of trayvon martin. philadelphia mayor jim kenney endorsed clinton today. already looking ahead to super tuesday clinton's competitor vermont senator bernie sanders campaigned today in virginia. he rallied for supporters norfolk. >> we see the logos all the ti time. donkey for democrats and elephant for republicans. why do they represent our mitt cal parties? a it's good
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question and nicole brewer is here with all the history behind it. >> this one goes way back. >> way back, way way way back. i have to tell you. actually takes decades to catch on. so the question, why do a donkey and an elephant represent our political parties? ukee said it it's a good question. let's fine out. ♪ why do donkey and elephant represent our political parties any idea. >> i have no idea. i have no clue. >> why do we use a donkey and elephant? >> i have no idea. >> they've long been considered symbols of of the democratic and republican parties. >> elephant is -- >> republican. >> democrat, right. >> even in an leck year many can't explain why. >> basic idea they're very easily recognizable. >> dr. bill roads zen berg a political science professor at decks dr. sell university. neither party sent out to find a symbol. >> not necessarily the democratic party vote tag convention let's endorse this new logo and there was nothing
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that really said the republicans have to come up with an icon is the exact same time. >> it happened over decade. any idea why they equated the democrats with a donkey. >> am i allowed to say it? >> you want me to answer that. >> they're jack as. >> rosenberg says the association started in 1828. as an insult andrew jackson the democrat running for president. >> he was very strong willed person so he basically took the position that he was going to own that term. >> turn a negative into a positive. >> he actually incorporated the jackass into campaign posters. i wonder how the republicans got the elephant. >> 1864 the republican party would discover its spirit animal in an add toe lincoln. >> elephant going down the road in an effect saying we're going to win all these states jump on our band wagon in elephant analogy didn't catch on for a few more years mitt cal cartoonist nash began using it in harp% weeklily 1874 cartoon entitled third term panic
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solidified it's place in histo history. >> thank you for the history lesson and we just came here to pick up toast. >> you never know what's going to happen while shopping at target. let it ab lesson. the republican party actually went on to officially accept the elephant as their symbol whereas the democrats have yet to do the same for the donkey. i think i can answer why. >> how about that? >> quite a history lesson. indeed. >> a lot history. looking for toast got a history lesson. >> thanks nicole. >> what's your good question have we would love to know. log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> don't forget nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00, and we are looking forward to hearing your good question. from eating at the greatest restaurants around to a 10ing the biggest events in the city our vittoria woodill does it all. >> but tonight she got herself into a sticky situation. >> hey, guys, wer where you goi
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come back. >> why aerospace engineers spent the day duct taping their colleagues and tori to the wall. >> also a piece of history uncovered. how this middle artifact is helping to bring the story avenue local ward wore two hero back to life. >> kate. >> we're in the lull between two storms but the second storm moving in tomorrow will bring this tomorrow night. the threat for strong to severe thunderstorms coming up i'll tell you what what's driving the risk for severe weather and which areas could be most impacted also i do have good news in the seven day forecast
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♪ unexpected find overseas is once again shedding light on the
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contributions of those who fought for our country during world war ii. hudson leroy funk was a world war purple heart recipient after lanning at normandy a land mine blew off most of his legs sniper shot him in the head and hand. he died in 1974 but recently artifact hunters in france dug up a part of a gi mess kit with a clear inscription of if you know's initials. a serial number helped the men find if you know's family in roxborough. >> gave up so much for this country that it's just so nice that people are remembering him. >> if you know's sons met with the artifact hunts to night and they will take ownership of that mess kit. love on the move. philadelphia's iconic love statue has a new temporary home. it was a short journey from love park across jfk boulevard. the statue is now at the northwest corner of dilworth park and had stay there as love park undergoes renovations.
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the statue was install back in 1976 for the city's bicentennial celebration. this is national engineers week and engineer at lockheed martin in moorestown are observing the week with a very unusual tra dig. >> they are competing in an annual contest they call fly on the wall pitting brains against duct tape. victoria woo ill got stuck on this story. >> this isn't a hold up. this lockheed martin the place that is just serious about aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies as they are about duck taping their co-workers to the wall. >> two, one, go. >> start taping. >> this is one of the most exciting events of all engineers week much this is the duct taping competition. so the teams have five minutes to tape the contestants to the wall. >> and they're brightest and best are building wall mounts with an engineering eye of the tiger. >> it's all strategy. we're seeing a lot of interesting patterns that people
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are doing with the duct tape here. >> this is what we call the v formation here. where they use a lot of vertical tape to provide the right amount of adhesion for the tape pee. for the true test will their ideas stick? >> three, two, one. stop taping. >> how are you feeling at this moment? >> pretty scared. >> all right. >> the way these thing norly go down you'll start hearing that adhesive on the tape separating from the wall. at that point it begins to be a business catastrophic. >> i may have heard just a bit coming from this side. >> o of the! no new york city, no. >> where is my spotter at. >> after a few drop like flys -- >> that was a good evident, guys. >> you can't win them all. >> the competition was split like a hair leaving only two teams sticking like flies on trap paper. >> the tension you can cut it with a knife in here. >> oh, my goodness, i know. >> grab her. >> take them off the wall.
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>> due to the stiff competition we won't have winner tomorrow. i'm sorry to tell you tori you'll have to come back tomorrow. >> i'll hold the trophy for now. >> i don't know that you'll be able to get past our guards with that. >> they weren't kidding. i wasn't serious when i said i was doing to take the trophy. vittorivittoria woodill cbs3 cb3 "eyewitness news". >> by the way i immediate night trophy back. >> come on guys. come on judge. (laughter). >> notice she's not here. >> she's not here. she usually sits right there. try breaker rule whoever uses the least amount of duct tape g interesting. >> very interesting. >> kate, you have been tracking a big storm that's headed our way and it will be ugly. >> it really is. it will be pretty nasty tomorrow last week we had the severe line of thunderstorms that moved through, within damage. we can see another round of something like that like that tomorrow evening as this storm comes through. you never want to hope for severe weather if we get enough cloud cover and rain it looks like the best chance for severe weather will stay well off to
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our south likely down around the carolinas but there is still the risk that some of these storms could pack quite a punch as they move through the philadelphia area tomorrow evening mainly between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. and we'll be tracking them live at this time tomorrow night it will be whole different story than the break that's happening right now. let's take looks were going on outside. take to you our roof cam even though we don't have heavy rain falling across the area right now, we do have some low clouds, some fog around, looking live over center city. the buildings shrowded in a little bit of fog outside. and it's not great on the roads either. a lot of road spray from the rain that came down this morni morning. light mist and drizzle overnig overnight. so expect everything to be slower than normal tonight and certainly into tomorrow morning as well. storm scan3 clearly shows the next system headed our way. it's a very large very dynamic storm system producing showers into portions of virginia and west virginia and as we showed you earlier, the threat for tornadoes still across the florida panhandle and portions of southern alabama. storm scan3 locally not showing much but the problem up in the
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poconos and into northampton county another round of light rain and drizzle heading that way. and temperatures there are just below the freezing mark. that's going lend itself to the threat for icing as we go right through the over into the hours and into the early morning. 40 in philadelphia though all right in the mid 40s down in the shore points. we'll see temperatures gradually rise through tonight and into tomorrow morning. so through the rest of this evening, at least until about midnight just light rain here and there as we head into the overnight and early morning hours, we've got a lull in the action. clouds and drizzle around. it's wednesday evening that the worse of this storm will hit. heavy rain, strong thunderstorms possible flooding. thursday morning just lingering showers but still very windy. again you see the pink shayeing threat foraying into tomorrow morning in the poconos. then we just have showers moving in through the midday hours some of those could be intense than others. especially starting at about noon. that will continue through the evening. and generally just light showers through the four, 5:00 o'clock hour but afternoon commute will be wet. here come this line of strong to severe thunderstorms crossing the area with very heavy
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torrential rainfall by 9:00 o'clock moves down the shore by 10 or 11 and then by about midnight tomorrow night the worse of it is off the coast but again we're looking at very strong winds and the threat for again that heavy localized flooding rainfall as we go through the afternoon. winds could gust over 40 miles an hour in the city tomorrow evening. possibly over 50 miles an hour down the shore and it's all thanks to low level jet driving our severe weather risk here you can see the winds upper atmosphere 5,000 feet over 80 miles an hour and you can get those winds to mix down to the surface i am concern about the risk for wind damage with this storm. march jim risk in place especially for south jersey and delaware as this storm moves in. so generally just light rain and drizzle overnight tonight. our low holding steady right about 40 degrees all night long. wednesday 56 with periods of rain and then showers thursday morning. very windy through the end of the week temperatures plummet late thursday it feels whole lot colder. good news a pretty nice weekend and baaing to the mid 50s with sunshine on sunday.
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so tuck that in our back pocket and hold on to it. >> got zipper on it not getting out. thanks kate. appreciate it. >> don bell joins us now from phillies spring training with a look at what's next in sports. >> ryan howard thinks it's unfair. exactly what is the big fella talking about? you'll hear from
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done.
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> ryan how war had a lot on his pipe today and didn't hold back with the media. >> sports director don bell was there as the big piece spoke his piece. don? >> reporter: thank you ukee and jess. as you know the full squad going through their first full workouts here in color water, florida. but all the action -- action of note really came off the feel with ryan howard seeing to the media for the first time this spring. the press conference was wild. it was zany and at times it was contentious. >> questions. >> hi guys first off how you guys doing. >> i know you miss chase. i miss jamie all those guys and, um, but you know, you got to go with what's right here in front of last year was bad or whatever. this year i go out and hit .300
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against left tease. then what do you say? do i think it's fair? me personally i probably not. but i mean it is what it is. kind of shock, surprise, just like -- like what do these people even talking about? you cross that bridge when you get to it. i can't sit here sane hey, guys trade me to somebody right now. my job is to go out here and play baseball. i leave here i go to philadelphia. i'm going to go out there and give one 10% every game i got. like i said until they come to me they say hey we traded to you so and so i'll go to whoever and play one 10%. >> last year was a tough year. last year was a tough year. i wasn't happy with the media. i just think way the way stuff was handled, the way stuff was reported and all that kind of stuff a lot of stuff. i'll leave it at that. i didn't like it. so like i said the past is in the past. it's 2016. >> can you tell us what you were upset about?
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>> it's 2016 we're moving for. >> whew! ryan how we are not holding back on his first meeting with the media this spring. one other note here from spring training. mikell franco who did not report on monday got his physical today and work out with the full squad. that is the situation here in clearwater, flor. i'm don bell for cbs cbs3 i were sports. now back to lesley in philadelphia. >> all right, don thanks so mu much. the flyers in carolina tonight taking on the hurricanes the or raffle and black five points out of the playoffs. they welcome back sean court yeah to the line up he miff the last nine games with a lower body injury. second period the game tied up. the puck deflected off the leary roles into the -- jordan stall right there to beat the goalie. shane's 15 game point streak coming to an end. flyers lose three-one. sixers back at the sent against the magic. joelle embiid putting up jumpers pre-game hopefully we'll see him next season and former sick sorry vucevic torch his former
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team scoring 35 points. grabbing nine boards. orlando beat the sixers 124-115. college hoops temple on the road facing tull sam owls trailed by two going into the second half the golden hurricanes taking over. item tell beat -- tulsa beat temple. angry ryan howard. all our teams have lost. >> lesley that's correct nor great news. >> selection sunday not far off. >> there you go. >> ding. >> thanks less. >> still ahead the special guest at tonight' black history month
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new tonight celebration of black history month in philadelphia. ♪ >> bobby hill of the keystone boys choir was one of the special guests at the african-american museum tonight. he achieved worldwide fame after sinking for pope francis during his visit to philadelphia last
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september. tonight the museum hosted program that discussed the importance of networking and tracing african ancestry through
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am.
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for kate, lesley, don at spring training i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching g night, family and sleep well. ♪following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. stay tuned. to celebrate the amazing success of the nuwave oven pro, with over 5 million sold, today we're offering an incredible deal. order right now and we'll upgrade your order to the all-new nuwave oven pro plus for free. the pro plus features advanced temperature control for perfect meals every time. it also has new features like delay cooking and warm, so your meal is ready when you are. keep watching to see how you can upgrade to the all-new pro plus for free. that's right, free. don't miss this special opportunity. stay tuned.


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