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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 26, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ right now at 11:2 philadelphia police officers threatened on the job. tonight, their quick thinking is being recognized. >> as soon as he said that he wanted to blow my head off are that's when, you know, that's when everything just took place. >> the one decision these officers made they hope can be seen as a lesson. and our major storm finally moving away but the whipping winds stick with us tonight into tomorrow but coming up i'll tell when you we jump from winter
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into what feels like spring with the seven day forecast. and when you step outside in the cold it's not unusual for your nose to start running. why does that happen? good question. our nicole brewer has the answ answer. those stories and more are straight straight ahead we begin tonight way local scare at a local hospital. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. we're hearing from a south jersey woman one of at least 200 people who may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. our natasha brown tells you how police say it happened. >> i'm going what, what,? what i'm going through this paper. this can't be right. i must reread this letter three times. >> heart pounding moments for arlene, after receiving this letter on thursday from shore medical center. >> i get this letter in the male and i'm like freaked out. okay. i'm going, they want to test me for hiv, hepatitis c, hepatitis b. >> arlene is one of more than 200 patients who were notified
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about an infection control breach at the hospital from june of 2013 to september of 2014. former hospital pharmacist frederick mcleash accused of of tampering with medication and stealing morphine. he's alleged to have removed morphine from vials intended to be used in intravenous solutions on patients and refilling them with saline solution. >> i was up all night thursday night, friday morning i'm scre screaming. i'm at this testing site screaming at these guys. arlene immediately went for testing at the facility set up by the hospital. thankfully she tested negative for hiv and hepatitis b and c. but she's still unnerved that she's just finding out about this potential health scare. >> it just seems like we should have known about this before now. >> reporter: shore medical center released this statement...
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♪ mcleash was terminated from his position after the hospital in 2014. he is also surrendered his state farm see license and he is now facing a number of charges including drug tampering, theft and possession of a controlled substance. in somers point, new jersey, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now, authorities say a shooting rampage in a small kansas town tonight left four people dead including the gunman. the shootings happened near the excel industries plant in the town much heston much suspected gunman reported to be an excel employee was killed by authorities. at least 14 people were injured at four different locations. no word on what led to that deadly rampage. two philadelphia police officers are back on the job night after a frightening run in with a suspect who threatened their lives. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on the split second decisions the officers made that's earning them praise tonight. >> reporter: philadelphia
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police officer michael edwards drove through mifflin park in south philadelphia thursday night. his typical beat. 24 hours earlier, he feared for his live in the same place after he says 20-year-old sharif hips came up to his car, knocked on the door and asked for help. except he didn't want help. >> his first response was, i should blow your f'ing head off. >> it happened just after 6:00 wednesday night. edwards said after the threat, haines blocked him in his squad car and wouldn't let him out. finally officer edwards was able to make it out of the car but he says the taunting continued. >> pulled his hand back out and pointed it at me as if he was pulling a trigger of a gun. i couldn't to do aim my firearm at him. >> reporter: edwards called for backup and officer eric tyler was on the scene in minutes to help. they told haines to stand back. but they say he didn't listen. officer tyler pulled out his taser and hit haines. he was in handcuffs seconds
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later. >> nothing routine about police work. it's just a reaction. i reactioned, you know, we're both here today because of it. >> reporter: now both officers are being recognized for their quick thinking and choice to use taser instead of a gun. >> they were brave and they made us proud because everybody survived including the suspect. it speaks volumes for what we do as a profession each and every day. >> reporter: when commissioner ross heard the news he thought of officer jesse hartnett who was ambushed in west philadelphia last month. hartnett is now recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. and his shooter is behind bars. hartnett will eventually be back on the streets and that's what these two are happy to be doing, one day after simple knock on a car door changed their lives. >> i'm still here. he's not dead. he's still alive in custody. and that's what i'm thankful f for. >> reporter: the suspect sharif haines didn't actually have a gun but it doesn't matter he's behind bars facing multiple charges to night commissioner
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richard ross told me a little bit earlier this evening that even if both officers pulled out gun, shot and killed haines, in his mind it would be a justified shooting. reporting live tonight at police headquarters, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you. it is now official that it was a tornado that left a path of destruction in lancaster county. chopper three over that aftermath. the twister touched down in south salsbury township. the national weather service says it was an ef2 tornado with winds estimated between 120 and 125 miles an hour. that damage is spread over an area about 400 yards wide and about 5 miles long. up to 50 homes and buildings were damaged. many of them belonging to the amish. one woman was with the amish when the twister rolled in. >> i told my neighbor because i was the only english person there, um, that we needed to get out of there now and as soon as we went to stand up the whole thing shook. >> the rebuilding process is
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already underway. fortunately no one was injured by that tornado. a close call in vineland. a tree fell on a child care center minutes after they closed for business. the tree landed right on top of the room where the babies sleep in cribs. the owner of all kids first daycare and pre-school tells us she's thankful no one was injured last night. crews are working to repair the damage in time for the daycare to reopen on monday. take a look at this seen in chester county. this is the brandywine creek which spilled over its banks. this is near routes 100 and nip 26. drivers were forced to change up their travels and find alternates routes. caught on video several boats on fire down the shore. officials say at least eight boats were damaged at the marina on sea isle boulevard in sea isle city. no one was hurt. still no word on what spark that fire. investigators say pilot error was the probable cause of an incident at philadelphia international airport nearly two years ago. national transportation safety board says the pilots of u.s.
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airways flight 1702 chose to take off rather than ensure the plane's commuter was properly couldn't figure. the report sids the plane's first officer entered information for the wrong runw runway. the captain had her fix it but she failed to re-enter key data. that plane bound for fort lauderdale lifted off and return to the ground skidding about 2,000 feet. two of the 154 people on board sustain minor injuries. philadelphia's district attorney says he will not allow anyone to pressure his office into rushing the lesean mccoy assault investigation. it's been 18 days since investigators say mccoy assaul assaulted two off duty police officers inside an old city nightclub. critics are frustrated with the pace of the investigation. the ag seth williams has no timeline on possible charges. >> the only timetable we have is justice. getting it right. for those that are impatient or going to bully my office into doing something, we're not going
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to do that. >> earlier this week mccoy and his attorneys met with detectives and members of the da's office. you'll need to bum up when you head outside much it is getting cold again and you might notice something else. >> your nose starts running it's almost an meadery act. why is that? >> it's a good question for our nicole brewer who joins us now. nicole. >> high, guys. >> hawaii. >> this is why i'm armed with tissues. no matter where i go. in the wintertime. apparently i'm not alone. one of our viewers linda owens wants to know why do our notices run when it's cold? it's a good question. so we paid the doc a second visit this week. ♪ >> when it's cold outside, why do our notices run? >> because you're sick. >> temperature difference. >> mucus build. >> i'm in the sure. >> it's a little something called rhino rhea. >> like diarrhea but for your face. >> i feel like i need to come out and admit have i this problem. >> this is our body protecting ourselves. >> dr. rob danoff is a family physician at aria health.
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our nose makes overtime to make sure the air we inhale is suitable for for our sensitive lung tissue. >> this cold air comes into our nose and our mucus membranes get dry and cold. the little blood vessels open up cause more mucus production. >> that results in runny nose and for good reason. >> if it's very dry, it's more prone to infection from viruses and bacteria. but the mucus kind of forms a barrier. >> why does that mucus barrier often overflow? >> blame it on thermo dynamics. >> cold air comes in warm moist air and what does it produce? fog. so we're getting a lot of fog accumulating in our nose that's turning into droplets that come together to form a river of moisture. >> learn something on our mall walk tonight. >> how much mucus are we talki talking. >> 10 quarts. >> 20 quarts. >> 2 quarts. >> you're right. >> yeah. >> 2 quarts. >> that is disgusting but kind of cool. >> yup. >> so dr. rob tells me this doesn't happen to everyone but
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if you're like me and you suffer from rhino rhea, yes, i've said it that's twice in one night, it's best to pat your nose dry if you're constantly blowing into a a tissue you're making it worse. your nose assumes it's dry and continues to create the moistu moisture. >> a little dab will do you. >> disgusting but cool. >> unless off mustache. then you got some problems. >> true. >> i'm telling you. trust me on that. >> thank you. i appreciate it. looking out for me. you got my back. thanks nicole. we want to know your were guess. log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we cannot wait to hear from you. >> every night with tissues in hand. >> that's right. bringing a little extra special. >> after all talk about the co cold. >> let's warm up. >> vittoria woodill sits down with a local chef that takes noodles to a whole new level. >> take the spoon. put it in the mouth.
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you know what's going on. >> what? >> after a short break the one dish that keeps his customers coming back and why it's truly considered a work of art. >> plus a popular item sparking concern. what exploded in this man's pocket? >> kate? >> and temperatures are plummeting now. the winds are still strong and you can see the winds bringing some snow showers down to the poconos but big changes ahead as the mercury jumps from feeling like winter to feeling like spring in 48 hours. i'll break it all down coming up. >> and hold on this popular surfing contest can only take place if one thing happens. ♪
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♪ new tonight a form at a church multiple black lives matter signs stolen. "eyewitness news" at unitarian universal church on kings highway in cherry hill. for the second time in two weeks a banner that read black lives matter was stolen from the front of the church. tonight they held a forum titled why black lives matter in south jersey. >> our congregation has a long commitment to social justice and we feel like this is an important part of where our country is right now. we're a country where black lives are not always equal to every other life and we're hoping to start conversations about that and what we as a community can do to improve th that. >> the second black lives matter sign was taken sunday. another sign has now taken its place. in campaign 2016, a fiery republican debate in houston as the presidential hopefuls face off in the final debate before the super tuesday primary. marco rubio and ted cruz turned their sights on donald trump as
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they battle for second place. candidates clashed on immigration, health care, national security and other issues. meanwhile democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders courted my are in are the voters ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. polls show clinton is leading sanders by a wide margin. a man is recovering from burns as an e-cigarette burn in his pocket. eyewitnesses initially thought a bomb went off. someone sprayed the man with a fire extinguisher and took him to the hospital much this is just the latest involving defective ion batteries that power the e-cigarettes. well, this sounds like the plot of movie but it is in fact very very real. police say a harrisburg high school student was actually a 23-year-old ukrainian national with a false identity. police say this is arturo sam mer ran he was going by the name
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asher pots. just months away from the graduation he was a member of the national honor society, winner up for homecoming king. he's now in jail on charges including identity theft and tampering with public records. authentic asian cuisine is on the menu in tonight's at any time with tori. >> vittoria wood ills tracked down some of the best bowls of noodles in philly in chinatown. ♪ in a haze of steamy and aromatic kitchen steeves dish up bowl after bowl of rail men a japanese noodle dish that originated in china. noodles are the main stay of every japanese home. >> when we're young nothing to eat, noodles. make me so happy.
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>> nelson grew up he skyed to open a needle restaurant. >> it look like art in a a bowl. it's really beautiful g thank you. >> gorgeous. >> art of the noodle began assort of a fast food for laborers in japan. >> chefs were asked to create something easy and quick so they could get back to work. >> exactly. >> no rush today. his diners linger over bowls and savor the flavors of noodles in bone marrow broth that takes time to make. >> it takes two days. >> takes two days to make the broth. >> yes. >> the right portion is delicious. very subtle but really, um, very flavorful. >> nelson loves watching his customers eat. >> they take the spoon, take the soup and put it in the mouth and then you know what's going on? >> what? >> they close they eyes. >> yes. >> yes. then they keep moving like that. hmm. so enjoy. make me so happy. >> i know exactly what he means.
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hmm. every spoonful keeps getting better and better. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we try our best good can i dig in? >> yah. >> among the best on the menu noodles in a bowl of spicy bro broth. >> it's so slurpable. >> keep talking. >> no talking. only slurping here. >> just have to go back for more of those noodles. >> the steaming bowls that they're known for. >> slurp licious. >> and the beauty of the ram menendez crew each noodle dish actually reflects emery john's of japan. so different broths and veggies and meats and toppings for each bowl of ram men. all delicious. and a big thank you to chris fu actually the opener of another taste with tori restaurant we featured hunan in ardmore. chris where can i fine the best ram men i've had great ram men in new york.
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in philadelphia i wasn't vibing with a particular spot. this is the place. there we go. tell me about your favorite places by zenning me a message on facebook much this is outstanding especially in weather like this. >> perfect for weather like this. >> got that right. >> little segue there. bam. >> did you see what i did there. >> i tossed it over. run with it kate. >> run with it. >> a day like tomorrow, cold blustery winter day a bowl of noodles or soup something like that rail men sounds amazing. you'll want to find some tomorrow. it is going to be cold. it is going to be blustery. we're right back to some winter like weather after 60s yesterd yesterday. tomorrow's high only in the 30s. let's take look what's going on right now. take you out to our life camera in bethlehem. draw your attention to the top left l you can see the flags along main street. flags are flying. the breeze is still very strong here night. we've had gusty winds all day and you can see again the flags blowing in the breeze i'm sure the ben franklin parkway in the city looks very similar tonight.
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the wind is the lingering issue from our storm. now, the wind helps a little because you can see how dry the street is. all the rain we got yesterday the rain droid out the wind came through and dried everything out out there you can see a few folks walking down the sidewalk definitely brace yourself against that wind tonight. slacking off for just minute and picking back up. let's take a quick look. peek wind gusts in the 40. 40 miles an hour in broomall. new castle airport wind gust of 31. philadelphia international airport 42 miles an hour wind gust today. 47 miles an hour yesterday. tomorrow i don't think quite that strong. whipped gusts in the 30s perhaps but it is going to be a blustery chilly day. you can see a few snow showers even impacting the poconos here tonight. all that cold air coming if any run the back edge of our departing storm so if you're in the lehigh valley, in the poconos couple of flurries, couple of snow showers even of maybe even a snow squall or two little closer to the mount pocono area. here in philadelphia, not expecting any rain or snow now.
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temperatures in the fours right now. 41 degrees at the airport. 39 in wilmington and 36 in reading. big difference from this time yesterday. temperatures have dropped more than 20 degrees. it was so warm yesterday as that warm front then the cold front moved through bringing the severe weather. now the temperatures have dropped and they'll stay low tomorrow. the reason is we've high pressure building in behind that departing storm. you get a pressure weather gradient. imagine a river flowing downstream and narrows at one point speeds up through the narrow portions that's exactly what happens to air flow. that's why the winds are strong. heading into the weekend high pressure builds overhead. you see that pressure gradient start to slack and the winds die down and severing pretty comfortable. tomorrow morning wind chill values in the teens, 20s and single digits. before this big jump for the weekend. 39 tomorrow. then 60 is our forecasted high on sunday. overnight gradual clearing gusty winds 33 degrees tomorrow feels like the 20s all day. blustery day but just hang on
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because over the course of 48 hours from friday afternoon to sunday afternoon, it will go from feeling like maybe 27 to feeling like 60 with sunshine feeling like april on sunday. >> how about it. >> you can't beat it. monday looks pretty good and then possibly some rain by the middle of next week. >> i'm hanging on. >> enjoy. >> thanks kate. >> don is here. what's next in sports. >> we're talking about pucks, guys. back on home ice the flyers looking to skate towards the playoffs. how the or raffle and black turned in a total team evident
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the flyers open a six game home stand tonight. they come in five-points out of the playoffs with five teams to leap over. to night's challenge the minnesota wild at home. third period we go. game tied. diving goal. three-two flyers. normally that would be the play of the game. five minutes left. flyers on the penalty kill. mcdonald and michael, teaming it up for the save. so nice we had to show you
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twice. right there. that would be the play of the game but there's more. the biggest safe of the season. diving stop with his stick. with .6 seconds left on the clock. the flyers with a big win tonight three-two. he had 24 saves. hoops delaware visiting drexel second half drexel up by one. terrell allen in the corner pocket three ball. he had 19 points. bit later, london played inside out basketball. you see him from the posts kick out drains the three. drexel with the win tonight, 7 74-64. i've also learned not to believe everything that's on the internet. that's what chip kelly told reporters today at the nfl scouting combine. he may want to believe this. colin kaepernick quest add trade he was benched during last season but led the seem to the super bowl in 2012. the phillies with a local product in camp trying to
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rebound from injury. right handed reliever andrew bailey is a former american league rookie of the year from south jersey. he struggled with an injured shoulder pretty much over the last few seasons. the native happy to be back with his hometown team. >> coming in here to compete, so i definitely know i can do it. i know the phillies organization wouldn't have signed me if they didn't think i can. to me the phillies is definitely special growing up in haddon heights and, you know, my parents still living back that way. you know, it's pretty special for sure. kid from haddon heights. >> hawaii for the quick silver eddie big wave invitational. now this thing they can only hold this event when the waves are at least 30 feet high. haven't held this thing since 2009 because the conditions haven't been right. now they are so they're competing in the giant category waves 45 to 55 feet high. >> that is just incredible.
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>> unbelievable. >> insane. >> yeah. >> you got that right. >> oh. >> we'll be right back.
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celebration of us history at the city tavern in philadelphia. >> alexander hamilton and thomas jeffer among those on hasn't to mark the 225th anniversary of the charter of the first bank of the united states. that would be the predecessor to the federal reserve. today's occasion was marked with a spirited debate between jefferson who was against the national bang and hamilton who established it. after the debate there was a tour of the first bang. ♪
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