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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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breaking news in the within feel neighborhood this morning, a philadelphia police officer is injured and a car crash. it happened around 3:00 a.m. at the intersection of bryn mawr and park as i had avenue. an animal ran in front of the officer's cruiser. he swerve and hit a pole of the 20 year veteran of the police department in stable condition. today is saturday, february 27th. good morning, i'm rahel solomon monday. thanks so much for being with us. let's turn it over to meteorologist justin drabick and the water. >> not bad way to finish off the month of february. we are waking up to 20's. if you're not a fan of the winter weather, wait until tomorrow when we talk about april like temperatures coming out. kind of split weekends makes
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everybody happy both today and tomorrow, something for everybody. really story this morning is the cold. at least the wind starting to calm down a little bit, so it's a little more comfortable to be outside. but check out these temperatures. everybody is below freezing right now. 25 in trenton, 19 mount pocono. where they're currently making snow, good ski conditions ahead for today and certainly tomorrow as well. 25 in quake he town, willow grove mid 20's in pottstown, 22 degrees in mt. holly new jersey. >> wind are calming down less than ten miles per hour, they will be about ten oh 15. exposed skin 21 in philadelphia, 18 allentown, 11 if mount pocono. at least we're going to have the sunshine today. there's going to be for you passing clouds from time to time, but overall, late february sun is starting to get strong, so you're going to start to feel that difference even though these temperatures are a little bit above average, forecast today, couple degrees above
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average at 45 for philadelphia, low 40's at the shore. then mid 30's up in the poconos with the mix of sun and clouds. we'll talk about those april like temperatures return in the forecast, i'll share that seven-day in a few minutes. . >> thank you. new jersey chris christie endorses donald trump for president. christie wasted no time for trump. he's joining him on campaign trail. our natasha brown has reaction from new jersey residents who want christie to focus on their state, not trump. >> i love oklahoma. >> reporter: once the political faux in the request for the republican nomination, chris christie now stand in solidarity with donald trump. >> america need a stoning leader at home to restore jobs in american confidence to our people. and donald trump is that man. >> reporter: christie reinserted himself into the presidential race after drag out february 10 and. he fired up a crowd for the
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front runner in oklahoma friday evening. and earlier if tort worth texas, governor christie spoke one-on-one absolutely with cbs3 giving a glowing recommendation of businessman donald trump and endorsement that even seemed to surprise trump. >> the one person i really wanted was chris christie. he represents so much about what i believe. when chris call it was a great honor. >> the best man to lead america back to greatness. there's no one who could be stronger, tougher executive in washington to turn upsidedown it way it need to be, he's my friend, smart tough. >> reporter: after months of verbal sparing, some are startled that christie would now be so profusing alloweding trump as the best candidate. >> the party is, establishment, looks like they're looking for somebody other than trump. i would have thought christie might be part of that movement. >> reporter: folks we spoke with in governor christie home stat of new jersey had mixed reaction ranging from unconcerned to in the surprised by the
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endorsement. >> not totally surprised. you want to have a national presence, so this is one way for him to do that. he's had a relationship with trump for the last 13 years or so. >> seem in the beginning that maybe trump wouldn't go so far but then now it's taken off, it will be interesting to see where this goes. >> reporter: governor christie's endorsement of donald trump comes just ahead of next week's critical super tuesday primaries. in the stat center, nash brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, marco rubio and ted cruz continue to attack trump following thursday's fiery debate. rubio called the front runner a contrast over a fraud lawsuit involving trump university and cruz once again accuse caned trump of making liberal conditions on conservative issues on the democrat side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders attended a fish friday in south carolina. as they rally supporters ahead
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of today's primary. and clinton is expected to easily win. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have the latest on air and any time on our website. a serial church burglary suspect gets a stunning surprise when police say he tried to stale from a church's collection box. take a look at at this surveillance video from northeast philadelphia. investigators say it shows william sides breaking into our lady of calvary church. moments later he chased out of the church and arrested. men doing the chasing, they were two undercover police officers. they staked out the church after sides allegedly struck twice before. >> he was extremely surprised. he actually, you know, attempted to run out the side door. we lit a candle and we put money in the poor box and said a prayer we would get this gentleman. >> the church's pastor says he would have helped sides if he
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just asked. walt hunter will have more on it undercover stake-out in about 30 minutes. teenage vandals pull an expensive prank in one delaware community. residents say it's to laughing matter. a neighbor reported three teens slashing tires overnight friday on west 11th and juniper streets in the washington park section of new castle. >> reporter: it's a ashamed. it makes me angry. >>reporter: while their punctured tires lay flat. >> this car, the truck and car behind it had two flat tire, four tires total. >> reporter: the emotions are only inflating for me neighbors in new can i say sell. >>. >> vanillasing people's car and we have the pay. >> all four of these car tires have been slashed. police say 18 cars in this neighborhood were vandalized overnight. now car owners on 11th and juniper are holding the bill for repair. in total. >> the damage is probably 4 to
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$5,000. >> reporter: police say around 1:30 friday a neighbor reported seeing three teenage boys slashing the tires of a new castle county police car. from there they found tire after tire all out of air. >> reporter: canine assisted and tried to track the whereabouts of these three suspects. unsuccessfully unfortunately. >> reporter: bob believed his porch motion lights stopped the vandals from taking any to his tires but he's not stopping there. >> surveillance cameras, at any will be up this weekend. it's ridiculous. these people have to go to work first thing in the morning, they come out and tires are slashed. >> reporter: police say if caught the suspects days criminal mischief charges and fines. anyone with information should call new castle city police. in delaware, anita cbs3. a ukrainian man posing as a high school student faces new charges, archer sam rin had a
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relationship with a woman while enrolled. he was 22 at the time, she was 15. police have also reportedly identified two people who helped sam obtain the fake id he used to enroll in the school. he was attending under the name asher pots and was set to graduate with honor this june. investigators say this case is not over and more arrests are expected. we're learning more about the suspect in workplace shooting thursday that left though people dead and 14 others injured. in kansas. as emmanuel reports, authorities are reveal new information about the gunmen's possible motive. >> reporter: police in kansas say shooting suspect cedric ford was serveed with a protection from abuse order in the factory where he worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. >> he didn't displaying a outrageous. he just displayed. he was a little upset he was getting this order. >> reporter: ford, who had a criminal record, left work after a getting the order. and first opened fire from his
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car, hitting someone in a vehicle. he then shot another driver and stole their car before heading back to the excel plan. >> the shooter at the excel industries. >> reporter: ford shot one person in parking lot and another 14 inside the building before an officer gunneded him down. unidentified officer is being called a hero. >> he had to stop that threat. you've got two, 300 people in there, luckily, two, 300 people came out. >> reporter: relatives rushed to the factory after hearing about the shooting. >> my god. >> reporter: one couple was reunited as cameras were rolling. police say ford was armed with an saw rifle and automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. cbs news, his ton, kansas. ford had convictions for multiple burglarys fleeing from
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police and disorder disorderly conduct. the person named in the order can did not work at the factory but released no other details. coming up next on "eyewitness news" her condition. also ahead every year, hundreds of thousands of patients pick up potentially deadly infections at hospitals. health reporter stefanie stahl has the hidden places where bacteria lurks in your hospital room and how to protect yourself. scary moments for a sheriff's deputy. we'll show you what happened during a traffic stop in the
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a sheriff's deputy in michigan is hit by a van during a snowstorm. caught on camera. wednesday night. the deputy was in middle of a traffic stop when the oncominging van swerved across the center line. first it hit it's patrol car. then actually hit the deputy. the deputy was able to get back into his car and call for help. he is recovering this morning. and signs of progress are already sprouting up in the lehigh county community. hit hard by a tornado on wednesday. twister caused significant damage taking out several structures, including a one-room amish school house. you can see the rebuilding of that school house was well under way. the walls are up and work is continuinging at a quick pace.
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speaking of those wind were crazy. >> definitely. yesterday was windy, the good news is this weekend we're not going to have to deal with the wind. still cold. you got to remember it's late february. but the kind of split weekend if you like 60's, we have that coming up in the 42 freeway as well. so still heavier coat on this morning if you're about to head out. temperatures chilly in the low 20's in me spots. actually making snow up in the mountains right now. ski resorts taking advantage of nice late stae going conditions. there you go. coming down to the last few weeks there, live look at big boulder right now. the guns are cranking throwing down good snow, ideal snow making conditions with the cold temperatures and the very dry air mass, hit it up today. if you have plans to head to the mountains, all the resorts are good shape both today and tomorrow. our main headlines really it's a cool start to the weekend. temperatures are going to be few degrees below average will today and tomorrow in next week, starting to bring spring be like temperatures back not mix. getting near 60 degrees.
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then we'll talk about the next rain chance holds off for awhile. so good weekend to get outside. maybe wash the car. looks good both today, tomorrow for sure. look at the temperature change. compared to 24 hour ago, yesterday morning was cold, today is colder. anywhere from three to 14 degrees colder. that air is in place this morning, but it will get kicked out later on this afternoon and between the. 27 in dover delaware. 26 in north carolina into south jersey, low 20's in entire 83 south jersey around medical and vineland, 22 voorhees, new jersey, woods town checks in at 25 degrees. similar numbers to the north and west in our suburbs. lafayette hill, 25, 25 quakertown, 19, mount pocono. stormscan 3, nice and quiet, just a few fair well clouds going to stream through this afternoon, that's about it. snow showers out across western pennsylvania. they stay there. good news is for the wind, it was nasty yesterday. makes it feel colder today. not so bad. sustained wind at around 10 to 15 miles an hour.
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eventually, turning more out of the southwest tonight then tomorrow so that's sudden push of air starts to bring back warmer air. we're going to kick the 40's out today and bring back 50's to potentially near 60 for a couple days. for today, city hall locked in that cold pattern. highs low and mid 40's, even with sunshine. by tomorrow, we're approaching 60 degrees, mainly around city on south and east. nice flow coming in out of the southwest. plenty of sunshine great way to finish off the weekend into monday. it's still mild. there's going to be a weak cold front that comes through, maybe a stray sprinkle in some spots, not enough to cause problem, pretty much dry once the front moves we're going to bring back 50's. for today, nothing happening. generally mostly sunny skies. clouds pop up for the afternoon, so pretty much clear tomorrow. full sunshine nice warmer day as we head towards monday. there's the weak front coming through, not a lot of moisture, a band of crowd roll through monday morning, 7:00, if you get to sprinkle, that's about the time we'd see it. that's gone. we're back to sunshine for monday afternoon.
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let's talk about these temperatures. 20's this morning. up to the low mid 40's at best. for this non, but at least we have the sunshine. tonight it's not as cold. tomorrow morning, we're waking up in the 30's near freezing, so yes, it's chilly, but at least we're not dealing with lower 20's then tomorrow afternoon look at that well to the 50's. i'm sure spots will be reaching 60 with the late february sun. today cool day, 45 with sun and clouds. tonight, not as cold, 35 for the low. for the city, maybe a little bit colder in some suburbs. nice looking seven-day forecast for the next few days, mid 40's to 60 on sunday. keeping it right at 60 degrees even on monday. tuesday, even behind the front, it's not much colder, say it degrees, looks like the next best chance for some rain holds all the way off until next wednesday in the form of showers. nice stretch there rahel in the dry weather. >> beautiful. thank you. well, yoko ono is in the hospital this morning. suffering from extreme flu-like
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symptoms. the widow of singer john lennon was admitteded last night to a new york city hospital. her earlier reports she suffered a stroke are false. expect the 83-year-old will likely go home tomorrow. on it cbs3 health watch. you go to the hospital to get better. tens of thousands of people end up getting more sick. because of infections they pick up during their hospital stay. health reporter stefanie stahl has some ways to guard against hospital infections. >> to days after having knee replacement surgery, heather bright en new something was terriblely wrong. >> i was in the bathroom every two minutes. >> reporter: in the hospital, she got a life-threatening fix called cd if. >> you're losing tremendous amounts of weight. >> reporter: it's estimated one in 25 patients contract an infection from the hospital and tens of thousands die every year from those infections. experts say patients need to be proactive and protect themselves. most importantly, make sure
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visitors and doctors wash their hands. >> it's hard to do, patients are intimidated by white coats and nurses uniforms, but you could be saving your life by asking them to do that. >> reporter: doctors who wipe their stethoscope between patients, research shows wiping around the hospital bed can reduce infections by as much as 80 percent. >> pull them out and wipe the high surface, the bed rails over the bed table. the call button, the television clicker. >> reporter: other steps patients can taking choose a hospital and surgeon with low infection rates, and days before the surgery, bathe in soap to remove harp full bacteria. >> i believe hospitals try to make an effort about keeping it sterile as possible. more needs to be done. >> reporter: each year more than half a million people get cd if inconsistencies in hospital.
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patientss on antibodies are usually susceptible because they kill off bacteria. stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". still ahead, it's academy awards weekend but some new movies are just hitting the theaters. . >> i'm kevin fraserish, hugh jack man trains an unlikely him mean, and they
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hollywood is gearing up for the biggest nice night in formants. the oscars. crews rolled out the famous red carpet. the carpet spans hundreds of feet and will be the first stop on sunday for some of the biggest names in films. how jack man stars in the real life story of an unlikely owe himian. kevin frazier from entertainment takes you behind the scenes of some of the movies in theaters this weekend. girard butler stars as an egyptian god of darkness who steels the thrown. >> how do we stop? try to keep up. >> you can transport your whole different world. >> there are images in this movie that blows you away.
5:24 am
>> to get his power back and save the world. he teams up way human thief on an epic quest face and an evil army, demondays and enormous monday centers. de. >> as long as i can remember, it has been an my ambition. >> in the real life story of eddy edwards the unlikely british ski jumper that almost no one believed comes to the big screen. hugh jack man stars as his coach helping the under dog prove everyone wrong and win over world. >> i was a coach, washed up xski jumper basically plowing snow and this guy keeps asking, most movies say no to him. but he's very determined young man, and it's an amazing story of this journey of this every day dreamer who kind of shocks
5:25 am
the world. >> as your friend, fly. you're eddy the eagles. >> i'm kevin fraser. back to you in the studio. and for all of the latest news from hollywood, watch entertainment tonight. it's on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs3. still ahead on "eyewitness news", the cdc is he revealing details about zika infections that several pregnant women here in the u.s. macy's changes it's coupon policy. what you can no longer do that some shoppers likely will not be happy about.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a suspected thief trying to stale from or a boxes inside a northeast philadelphia catholic church gets the surprise of his loaf when he finds two undercover officers waiting for him. >> i'll have the story and the video of what some might call devine justice coming up. once neglected and left for dead, this is now on the road to recovery. the major milestone her caretakers are celebrating. we're standing in the middle of history, i'm anita o and
5:29 am
coming up i'll show you these dresses and let you know when you have a chance to check them out today. today is saturday, february 27th. good morning. i'm rahel solomon monday. meteorologist justin drabick is on the cbs3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. what a seven-day. >> there's big changes coming up in our forecast. if you don't like the cold today is really the worst. each day gets little bit warmer as we head to march. but this morning, temperatures well into the lower 20's in a lot of suburbs, at least the skies are clear and the wind has backed off. so it's a little bit more comfortable outside. we don't have the nasty windchills like we had yesterday morning, 29 though the actual temperature at the airport in philadelphia. low 20's in parts of interior south jersey, millville checks in at 22. it's 19 in mount pocono. 23 in doylestown. mid 20's quake he town and in wool, they're the windchill values. winds are under ten miles per hour but it's enough of a wind to bring those wind chills down to the teens in spots.
5:30 am
it feels like 14 on exposed skin in millville. stormscan 3 nice and quiet. that's what it will be like throughout the entire weekend. few clouds. otherwise plane of sunshine, this morning it's cold, temperatures in the 20's and 30's. by the afternoon we're talking about highs only in the 40's. it's a few degrees below average making it up to 45 in philadelphia. low 40's at the shore. mid 30's at the poconos. but we are talking about april like temperatures returning to the forecast, let you know when they arrive and for how long when i show you the seven-day in a few minutes. rahel back over to you. >> thank you. a philadelphia police officer is recoveringing from minor injuries suffered in an early morning car crash. it happened around 3:00 a.m. at a the intersection of bryn mawr and park as i had avenues. police tell us an animal ran in front of the officer's cruiser. he swerved and hit a poll. 45-year-old officer is a 20-year veteran of the philadelphia police force. he is in unstable condition at penn presbyterian hospital. sglfrns a woman is stabbed in
5:31 am
the kensington neighborhood. it happened just before 2:00 near the market/frankford el in huntingdon. investigator tell us this was an attempted robbery but nothing was taken. no details on it victim's kim. a surprise serial burglar allegedly caught in the act while trying to steel from the poor. the trap was set at a catholic church in northeast philadelphia. surveillance video captures the arrest. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter shows us how this surprise stake-out unfolded. >> reporter: you might say accused thief william sides seen on video police say breaking into our lady of calvary church never had a prayer. because waiting inside where sides had allegedly struck twice before stealing from donation boxes were undercover officers denny claire and his partner. >> he was extremely surprised. he actually, you know, attempted to run out the side door. >> reporter: claire says they quickly chased and tackled the suspect.
5:32 am
the two officers both catholics, explaining that after spendinging the first night in the church without any success, on the second night, they did seek some divine guidance. >> we let lit a candle, put money in the poor box and said a prayer we would get this gentleman. >> he got a big surprise as you can see in the video. i'm happy. >> reporter: joe old very worked with employees settinging the trap, mountinging a security camera. the high fives exchanged by the officers as they took the suspects into custody. a sign of how much this meant to the police and to the parish. >> it's from that time fiing. it makes the job worth it. >> it's a relief to us, they say was an ongoing thing. he broke into the poor boxes in the upper and lower church. >> reporter: sadly father john says the suspect he don't allegedly had a hypodermic needle in his pocket instead of breaking in, needed only to have knocked on the door a few feet
5:33 am
away where not open money but kindness and mercy were waiting. >> all he had to do was ask. >> court records show he had a history for at least five arrests for burglaries in the past and is awaiting trial in an open drug possession case. police believe he was able to somehow get a key to get in and sources say he's under investigation for other thefts at at least one other parish in the northeast. at police headquarters, walt hunter cbs3 "eyewitness news". shopping charges against the pediatrician after a is it fair in a garage. 65-year-old doctor jan winerman is accused of growing and distributeing marijuana. fire department stumbled upon the pot after a pickup truck caught fire and the doctor's driveway on berk side drive in holland. >> one of the firefighters while doing a room to room search found two rooms that had been
5:34 am
converted for the you were put of growing marijuana. >> there were ventilation systems, grow lights, heat warming pad. in addition to that, numerous gardening equipment. >> dr. wider man who has an office on bustleton office in philadelphia. is now free on bail. we're learning more information would you frederick mcleash, the subject charged in the health care at shore medical center that south jersey. the pharmacist is accused of stale pain medication and putting more than 200 patient at rick for hiv and hepatitis. a 2000 state record show his license was suspended for stale pain medication from a cvs. in 2006, pennsylvania placed mcleash on probation two years. the cdc is revealing details about zika infections in several pregnant women here in the u.s. the mosquito born virus is
5:35 am
spreading quicking in latin america and the caribbean. marlie hall has the latest. >> reporter: samantha had just found out he was pregnant when she traveled to hahn door russ around christmas. weeks later she had fever and flu-like symptoms. tested positive for the zeka virus. at nine weeks, she miscarried. >> they didn't find a heartbeat. that was really hard. >> reporter: virus was found in the placenta but there's no way to know what caused her miscarriage. the cd said nine pregnant women with the zeka virus in the u.s. all infected while traveling to areas where the virus is circulating. of those cases two women had healthy baby, two had miscarriages and two terminated their pregnancies, one child was born with severe microsellly, a condition that leaves babies with abnormally small med heads. >> of the six women who are
5:36 am
infected in the first trimester, two had spontaneous miscarriages and at least two or three had infants who are severely affected. >> reporter: doctors are continuing to monitor the two remaining u.s. pregnancies which so far appear to be without complications, earlier this week, u.s. health officials said they're investigating more than a dozen reports of sexually transmitted cases. >> this is more than we had anticipated. >> reporter: the cdc recommends men who recent traveled to zika affected areas use condoms or abstain from sex if their partner is pregnant. we have good news to report about a horse me carbon county. we introduced you to clarissa last month. she was severely neglected. her and 15 other horses were seized al with other animals and charges were filed against the owners. take a look at clarissa now. she gained more than 100 pounds
5:37 am
and on the road to recovery. clarissa and some of the other horses were taken to the last chance ranch in quakertown for care. the national merion anderson is unvaguely a if you exhibit. anita o is there with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, it is like walking no history here. this is actually marian anderson's original home bought back in 1924 for $4,000. what you're looking at is actually heroism dresses, the ones she wore during her performances, during banquets. and if you look over here, this is actually her wedding dress that she wore. so there is so much history to be preserved here and the organizers are very adamant about preserving all of these dresses, all this history. and this basement actually, this is the bottom floor of this
5:38 am
three-story home. this is where marian held dinner parties for over famous artist like duke jelling ton, louie armstrong. these have so many different styles that you can see. and the organizers say this is oh important because marian was not only a talented singer, she was so kind and such a trailblazer during the 1920's, 30's, 40's. she was the first african-american artist to sing at the white house in the new york metropolitan opera. really, just so much history here. so many important details that these organizers want to tell you about today. so if your interested in coming to check this out, they are holding that special exhibit as you said, you can which and see all of these dresses. they're having a dessert bar and live music as well. usually actually admission is ten, but today, for marry marian anderson's 119 and birthday, which why they're holding this exhibit, they're letting you pay a dollar at the door.
5:39 am
that will be open from 10:00 to 5:00 today if you're interested. it's at 724 martin street in south philadelphia. >> thank you, legendary indeed. again marian anderson's 119th birthday. 762 south martin street in philadelphia. special performances and food as well as artifacts and gowns will be on display from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and as we just heard, there's a special birthday admission price of just one dollar. you can find out more information by going to our website a special event is under way this weekend at the convention center in center city. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among those on hand for a college gymnastic championship. the ncaa gymnastic competition is also a fund-raiser for breast cancer research. the competition run through
5:40 am
sunday. a night of fun and competition in north philadelphia to help build relationship between police and local children. "eyewitness news" at the martin luther king recreation center on cecil b. moore avenue for a police athletic league basketball game. the event was an opportunity for you to interact with police officers and the community macy's shoppers listen up. coming up a change to the retailers coupon policy you may not like also ahead, jcpenny is living up to the name with it's newest campaign a, when items will go on sale for just one cent. and chilly weather, but the good news is no rain to speak of. justin is back to tell us how long this stretch
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back now on "eyewitness news". it may not feel like it yet, but here's a sign that spring is on the way. this is the last weekend for ice-skating at the rink at dilworth park outside city hall. the rink opens up at 11:00 today and tomorrow before it closes for the season. i feel like it started off certainly mild. it did start to get cold. but justin spring is on the way. it's almost here. >> we're getting signs of that. last weekend we hit the 60's. this weekend a shot at reaching 60, especially tomorrow. not so much today, still feeling like late february this morning, temperatures waking up in the
5:44 am
20's in a lot of spots. feeling like the teens when you factor in the wind. nice and quiet as we take a live look at center city. you can see the moon out. maybe have a few passing clouds from time to time at a but enough sunshine gets temperatures back up into the mid 40's this afternoon. but the month of february so far, yes, may have felt a little bit cold because we did have that cold spell around the middle of the month. overall our temperatures have been a couple degrees above average and the snowfall well below average, only 3.3 inches officially for the month. and typically february is our snowiest month with over eight inches of snow on average. high temperature 65's lowest was it a. i don't think we're feing to reach 65 but we do have a shot at reaching 60 before the month finishes. more signs of spring, it's only 15 days till we turn the clocks ahead. daylight savings times begins, 22 days until spring officially arrives. when we average 60 degrees, that's 37 days away but we're already reachinging 60's and we've done that so far this month a few times and the phils
5:45 am
home opener 44 days away. there's something to think about to get you into the spring mood. stormscan 3, very quiet over the midatlantic and northeast, high pressure in control today. snow showers across western pennsylvania. they stay there, there are clouds streaming on through from time to time. there's still a lot of cold air in the atmosphere that helps produce clouds and you'll see those pop up during the afternoon. if you're looking for something to do today, hit the mountains. if you like to ski or snow board, decent conditions. bases up to 36 to 48 inches at the resorts and pretty much 100 percent open with the trails. and they're making snow as we speak right now with that cold air in place, good conditions to hit the slopes this weekend. here's our set up. we're going to see a lot of sunshine today, tonight no problem, maybe few clouds around from time to time and for sunday, a really nice way to finish off the weekend if you like mild temperatures. this high pressure area, that's key. it's to our south and west, so now we're going to have more of
5:46 am
a southwest wind flow, that starts to bring in the warmer air. you add late february sun, good shot at reaching 60. those milder temperatures holding place for monday until this front comes through. now the fronts should come through during the morning hours. mainly dry, just bringing a few clouds. it could be a sprinkle especially up in the lehigh valley, poconos, very small chance. it will be very light. then once that front pass, we put the end of the 60's but still temperatures behind it aren't very cold by monday afternoon, tuesday going still it is comfortable as we finish off the month of february. today, it's a cold start. 20's and 30's this morning, this afternoon, we do get into the 40's. about mid 40's at best. that's couple degrees below average, but tonight not as cold, near freezing in lot of spots. at least we're not deal with the low 20's, then tomorrow, noticeably warmer. well into the 50's. spilths basically from city on south and east, good shot at reaching 60 degrees. how long is this warmth going to last? the cold pocket of air is over us now. it's out of here for sunday. still mild on monday. then we start to level off the
5:47 am
temperatures a little bit but even wednesday stays mile with next chance of rain and by the end of of next week, another push of colder air moving if if from canada. today sun and clouds 45, tonight 35 few cloud, tomorrow near 60, 60 on monday. rain chances on wednesday. then rahel by the end of next week, we're back to below average temperatures. this is typical february, march, your temps are going to get all over place. >> we can enjoy those days. couple days. thanks, justin. macy's is changing it's coupon policy and will informal accept coupons for clearance items. macy's has long been known for it's stackable dollar and percent off coupons. under the new policy, coupons will now apply only to full price and sale items. macy's said clearance items will still be deeply discounted. jc pemney is living up to it's name with it's newest campaignly starting tomorrow, the retailer is offering it's house brand for just one cent. you heard to right.
5:48 am
customers can buy an arizona branded item at full price and a second arizona a item for a penny. the campaign runs all year. jc pemney will be rolling out other items throughout the year. this is the chain's latest effort in it's turn around attempt. wedding season is almost here. do you know someone getting ready to walk down the you'll? this week's angie's list report, jim donovan looks at some things you should keep in mind while planning a wedding, including the very first thing you should do. >> reporter: lauren and morgan snyder didn't have a big budget. so they to most of the planning themselves, but they to hire a professional to be on-site for the big day. >> the day of the event be she had to be assertive and she executeded wonderfully. there were times people were like she's being push she. in reality, she's making sure everything is happening when it needs to make sure she's happy. >> hireing a wedding planner will reduce your stress around your special day. but be sure to get your contract
5:49 am
in writing and understand exactly what's going to be done and how much it will cost. >> reporter: a good wedding planner will cost you anywhere from 500 to several thousand dollars, depending on their involvement. your planner should provide insights and maybe discounts on things like florists or photographers, maybe even the venue. if you have your heart set on a special location for your wedding, make sure that you lock it in. >> choose your venue, not your date. because the venue you love might in the have that date available. that's what we dealt with. >> the couple also recommends making a list of special people you may want photographed. in addition to the standard wedding party and family photos. >> reporter: put your investing thousands of dollars, consider wedding insurance, venues can go out of business and photographers can get sick. make sure you fully understand what is and isn't covered. for pour advice from angie on planning a wedding, visit cbsphilly/angie's list, i'm jim donovan. demarco's brief run in
5:50 am
philly may be coming to an end. coming up if sports, trade rumors involving the eagles starting
5:51 am
5:52 am
conclude giroux missed three straight games, hoping this afternoon against arizona won't make it four. taking part in the team's morning skate. suffered an upper body injury last friday. look like a concussion, the team never confirms it, his team mate jake vorachek will be out with a respiratory body injury. claude was asked about his status. >> i can't really answer that. >> do you know if you're able to play tomorrow. >> i don't know yet. we have to look at some things.
5:53 am
what's going on and i'll leave those. >> on the who's from borderline respectable to awful. it's been terrible for the sixers. lost six in a row. last night hosted the wizards and trying to avoid a seven and straight loss. the god father, sixers boss also the owner josh harris final seconds of the third, john wall going to the hole with, over jeremy grand had 23 points and 11 assists. up by four, fourth quarter, big jahlil with 21 points and six rebound, under three minutes left ish smith with the play of the night. steel going coastal for jam. beautiful play, the sixers trailing by five. final minutes of the game. missing the lay-up and he had his backing sixers lose by nine, they've now lost seven in a row. the nfl is so money and it
5:54 am
knows it, for a third consecutive season the salary cap will increase by at least 10 million. the players association and player agents have been told that the cap for each team will jump to 155 million this season, more dough to sign more players. however, the eagles sound like they're willing to dump demarco murray. nfl insider iain rapport is reporting that they're telling themes they're willing to trade an unhappy murray. the runningback is 28 and has four years left on his 40 million dollar year. he had an off year with just six rushing touchdowns. spring training the phils play university of tampa tomorrow. they start grapefruit league action tuesday against the blue jace, manager pete mackanin knows what he's looking for in the he can ambition season. >> what i want to do is see the younger guys as early as i can. attack my time a little bit with the guys that are most likely going be on the team.
5:55 am
i want to see jp crawford early and williams and quinn and some of the younger pitchers. >> that's all for sports, i'm don bell have great day. some people like to come home if work and relax with a beer. but an oregon spa figured out a new way for beer to be iraqiing relaxing. you soak in a proprietary blend of beer hops and barley. there's one thing at that time it's for the good for. >> you will not get drunk soaking in beer. >> i soaked in it used it. my pains went away, i slept great. >> after only a week if business, they're already expanding, adding a hop in the gander beer garden which will be a new coffee with hop in it. coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news", botox
5:56 am
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we owhat made their mystskin more radiant?nt. what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. brandois heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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new jersey governor chris christie shocked the political world. he's endorsing donald trump. how the republican presidential front runner reacted when he got the call. sounding the alarm the startling discovery made by one fire department that has a local doctor in trouble with police, i'm diana rocco with that story coming up. today is saturday, february 27 and. thanks for being with us, i'm rahel solomon monday, meteorologist justin drabick joining us with eyewitness weather and a nice little change. >> you look at last weekend. temperatures in the 60, not quite as warm today. >> that's right. >> tomorrow, we have good shot at reach 60. good stretch coming at us as we finish off the month of february, little some be for everyone this weekend. also the strong wind we had are starting to diminish. feels a little better outside but still cold, throw the heavier coat on if you're about to head out. check it out. temperatures in the upper teens
6:00 am
in some of the coldest evident spots. millville. quakertown and willow grove. good news with the winds. calm to maybe up to ten miles per hour wind speeds this morning, they will increase to about ten to 15 this afternoon. the windchill values not as harsh as it's been, generally in in the upper teens to about 20 on exposed skin, quiet on stormscan 3, it is night weekend shaping up if you have travel plans or heading outside. tomorrow is better day because the temperature will be warmer. this morning, 20's and 30's, cold this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds, couple degrees below average. make it to about 45 in philadelphia. look at tomorrow. temperatures feeling more look april at 60 degrees. do they continue into next week? we'll have the answer to that when i show you the seven-day forecast come a few minutes. rahel back over to you. >> thank you. hillary clinton


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