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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> hear the latest being traded on the campaign trail. today is monday, february 29th, happy leap day, i'm erika von tiehl. might need that umbrella today. we check in with katie out on the skydeck, meisha watching the roads, no umbrella yet i see. >> indeed. good morning, roadways looking good. i think we have a lot of birthday peeps out there probably celebrating today if it is their birthday. happy birthday to all of you. roads are look government couple every accidents wait to go get cleared. when is the rain moving? shower on the way. saw that on storm scan3 leading edge of any prepare significance tax he yes, barely making it into the screen. we zoom it out one time give it between say 8:00 to
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11:00 with from west to east, earlier spots to get it, would obviously be further inland, closer to the shore towns, just don't have to deal with it until later in the morning. nice clear sky to begin, pleasant valley middle high schools, 29 degrees, chilly beginning to the day granted skies clearing mily, depending where you are, i wouldn't call it chilly at all, 50 millville, dover, flirting with ooh even at this hour at philadelphia international airport. so, once the wet weather gets here, it will be strictly rain. that pushes through our area. until the the wind that goes with it, once the showers out of here headed toward lunchtime, skies quitely clear out, into sun before up know it, it will be nice again mild afternoon. eventually winter makes returns appearance, we'll tell when you coming up. >> give and take, isn't it,
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especially still dealing in february, almost march, but not quite yet. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, just waking up with us, so glad you're here, right now the schuylkill, taillights eastbound direction, approaching gulf mill, looking good, although in the 5:00 hour now pushing into the 6:00 what we've ben seeing levels slowly build. blue route taillights northbound direction past route one, actually looking pretty darn busy probably won't be, as we push into the 6:00 hour, right here past cottman, no longer traveling at posted speeds, letting you know again you're no longer trample, accident broad street paris street, one lane block here, also, another accident media involving injuries. >> one lane is open here. so that's going to slow you down quite considerably. then we have disable vehicle, boulevard southbound harbison avenue one inner lane block there, erika, back over to you. >> thank you. many in hollywood are still reeling from the oscars, some celebrities basking in the
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glover think morning, like leonardo dicaprio finally got the win while others hoping to do better next year. if you went to bed early, we have you covered, our jan carabeo looked at all of the clips for us. so much to talk about. >> so much to talk about. i wonder if the big win remembers sleeping yet. you know they go to the big parties. >> 3:00 a.m., that's nothing. >> wake up little tired this morning, but very, very happy no shortage of the glitz and glamor and big winners, but something else you could not miss this year. that was the lack of diversity among the nominees, everyone wondering how host chris rock would handle the issue it, turns out did he not miss a beat. >> as soon as the awards owned, host chris rock addressed elephant in the room, his monologue, all about the nominees. >> here at the academy awards otherwise known as the wheat people choice awards. >> and rock didn't stop there.
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>> it is just we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunities, that's it. >> the president of the academy echoed his sentiment. our audiences are global and rich in diversity. and every facet of our industry should be, as well. >> meantime the big award of the night best picture went to spotlight. the move that i shined spotlight on victims of the catholic sex abuse scandal. >> time to protect the children and restore the fate. >> action film mad max fury road was most honored film of the night walking wawrinka with awards. >> you can pop the -- >> the revenant won for best directing. and its star, five time nominee, leonardo dicaprio, finally nabbed his best actor oscar for his role as a vengeful frontiers man. did i cap rye owe recognized
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his family after the big win. >> to have had parent that have allowed me to be a part of this industry, to take me on auditions after school, this has been my dream ever since i was four years old. >> now, bri larson won best actor for room as role as abducted mother, mark, won best specking actor for bridgette spice. he beat out sylvester stallone in kree. big night for leo, nominated five time. this is his first win. you know he had been itching to get his hands on that gold statue. >> seems like every year leo is up, but always the bridesmaid, never the bride. well done, leo. thanks so much. >> philly favorite mentioned sylvester stallone didn't quite snag the awards, but malvern native and former temple student took home for best adapted screen play, best detective or about the movie for the financial crisis.
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josh singer first oscar for writing best original screen play for spotlight. he is from ambler and graduated from upper doubly high school. well done guys. >> that party is not over yet. coming up 6:30, terry okita takes us to all of the after parties for more oscar fun coming up in the next half hour. >> on the eve of super tuesday >> battling for about 600 delegates. and as don champion reports, democrat hillary clinton is trying to build on her lead. >> proving there is rarely any love lost in presidential politics. >> we don't need a guy who is 20 and scared. >> doesn't sweat because his pores are cracked from the spray tan he uses. >> tracker pole shows trump ahead in georgia and virginia but he trails ted cruz in texas. cruz now taking aim at trump for failing to condemn supportive comments, from
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former kkk leader david duke. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i am pretty sure he didn't meet him. i just don't know anything about him. >> always ugly element of politics, no candidate can control what outside groups do. but in my view, racism and bigotry has no place in politics. >> there are 5895 republican delegates at steak on super tuesday. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> bernie sands kearse, guess an endorsed chair, tully stepped down just tone doors him. his decision to back sanders comes the day after he lost to hillary clinton in the south carolina democratic primary. on cbs "face the nation", sanders said he's keeping his focus on super tuesday. >> i believe we have a lot of momentum. sometimes the media says well this state had election, end of the campaign. it is not. we have dozens of more states to go. we're feeling good about the future. >> both sanders and clinton
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are battling for 865 democratic delegates. >> still ahead this morning, disney's plan to cut down on crowd, how it could hit your wallet. also, the cruise ship that was damaged in a storm is forced to abandon another voyage. why the ship turned around again. that's coming up. justin? >> good morning from the counter here at philly style bagels, hour out from opening the bagels here already on the rack. coming up the story of how two barista's got into the bagel making business and why they keep a keg in the back. that's coming up. >> ♪ >> well, it is not just another day. it is leap day. it only happens once every four years. so, make it a great one. we are talking to some leap day babies, coming up. good morning. >> ♪
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>> knows love bagels. justin finch joins us inside the new philly style bagels, where they are making bagels unlike anything you've ever seen before. i love this philly style. good morning, justin. erika, good morning, yes, philly style inspired by our love and our make of beer here in the city. right behind me here, they are really getting in the crunch mode. it is almost opening time. the bagels, are going onto their racks, seasoning here, coming straight out of the brick oven there. as you can see, the momentum here is building for 7:00, which is the opening time here. we got jonathan, at the often, we give him a second to pop those in there we will talk to him about this whole thing came together. believe it or not these two did not actually set out in
6:12 am
the beginning, john, i want to ask you in a second here, how did you guys even think to open a bagel making business? >> well, it is kinds of one of those things that came up. getting interested in different food processing stuff. and then we had made some cured salmon, didn't think much of it at the time. but we didn't think after vehicle to serve the salmon with. so just on the spot we were kind of like let's make some bagels real quick, see what happens. we casino of fell in love with it the first time we did it just pulling out, made everything bagel. >> so you have the salmon, you guys make the bagels the at what point, we have to get this out of the way early at what point did the beer come into your bagel making process? >> usually you add sweetner to the water that you boil it in. but we worked out at a beer store. we had all sort of time while stocking the shelves.
6:13 am
tossed around like some crazy ideas, some not so crazy ideas, bun of the ideas that came up. we could use beer instead of that. then it could be philly style beer. >> you're both from the area. when people think of bagels we think of new york but are bagels big thing here in philly too? >> i think that they are. you know, but like there has only been couple of bagel shops for a ream long time. i think it was pretty obvious that there was room for more. and there is nothing in fishtown, so just we're happy to be part of this community. and make bagels for the great people of fishtown. >> now you guys started making paying males pizza shop, and you have a pizza oven here. what's the response been now that you have your own store and your own pizza oven? >> it has been great. we were lucky to be able to dot pop ups that pizza, at 115 east girard, and joe has
6:14 am
great support us to, and to test the waters and make sure fishtown was ready for bagel shop. i don't know that we would have been at the point we're at now, but feels good to be at our own shop, and the support from everyone, super amazing and just been really great. real nice to have our own space. >> great. john thanks so much. these guys open here in january. i hear you guys are actually closed on tuesdays, and wednesdays, so, keep note of that. you can come here thursday through i guess monday. all right, so, err cape, that's the latest from here, it smells great. i'll be tasting soon. hear my thought coming up. everything bagel, personal favorite here. >> okay. >> katie taking orders? >> oh, i will definitely try one, yes, justin if you still hear me, i would love to try an everything bagel as well. i would really really love to try an everything -- just
6:15 am
saying. >> rain moving in. will that affect our commute? >> i think would. tail end of it for sure, at least for now, still dry out there, we'll get to that in a second. take you back to a statistic. very interesting. we know it has been warm winter. here is a step that just hit you. days at 60 degrees or higher so far this winter, >> december specially over the edge, the entire month had above average day to record. so, that's really where that came f meantime, we also have another system moving in, as erika had mentioned, bringing us some showers late this morning, say between 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. notice how it is sort of fizzling crosses over the allegheny's, so not huge heavy hitter of a system. another one waiting in the wings right now pent up over the canadian border, will drop south, eventually develop into much larger more organized storm system and hit us by mid
6:16 am
week, which we will get to. look at this, drink in this sunday rise, absolutely beautiful start to the day outside kutztown area middle school. virtually no clouds. that will will change with the disturbance moving in. quick check on the eyewitness weather seven day. couple of things to hit you with specially tuesday night into wednesday, next system moves in, primarily rain producer, and then dose of winter to wrap up the week. we struggle to even hit 40 by friday. meisha? >> well, at least it will be friday when that hits. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy monday to youment looking at delaware county looking good moving in the northbound direction, looking real nice, still traveling at posted speeds obviously exactly what we want to see in delaware county might persist into the 7:00 hour main rush hour. one area it is not persisting no longer traveling at posted speeds is 59 south, past cottman, take a look at this, you mover in the southbound direction, not interstate 95, all brake lights going off right now. so if you have been waiting at home maybe taking it little easier, you want to get out there as soon as possible because this is the company you're in, otherwise, just
6:17 am
wait until after the rush hour. we have disable vehicle here, still see if we can see it, 309 northbound susquehanna road montgomery county looking good, looking beautiful shot of the sky, not that you can see the sun rising but it will be soon. accident broad street, and media involving injuries. we have disable vehicle on boulevard. all coming up in a little bit. first we take quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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hit-and-run driver lambed into another car leaving a man injured. that will crash happened just before 8:00 last night on the corner of six ' street and grays avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say a driver smashed into another car and then ran away. that victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. if you have any information about that crash, you are asked to call police. and army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is due in court today. accused of killing a police officer in virginia. >> thirty-two year old ronald ham many ton shot three police officers who responds today domestic call. one of the officers died. she has been identified as 28 year old ashley guindon, first day on the job after sworn in
6:21 am
just the day beforehand. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor of ashley, it would discredit her memory and herself less service if we did anything but. >> two other officers are being treated for their injuries, authority say the accused shooter's wife was found dead when officers arrived. >> irs announced security breach much worse than originally thought. coming up who is at risk. also, disney has a plan to cut down on crowds. and it involves raising ticket prices. naturally, right? the times you want to avoid going to keep costs lower. and katie i know you're tracking some showers. how is it looking? >> i am indeed. they are on the way. not here yet. i'll tell you the window that will see the showers move through our area, and also track another system waiting in the wings down the road here this week, full details for you, timing everything out, on
6:22 am
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>> breach of date i much worse than the irs previously thought. treasury department investigation reveals the number of people caught up in last year's cyber theft is roughly 720,000. irs will warn affected taxpayers about potential identity theft, and offer them free credit protection.
6:25 am
also get additional personal id number to protect future tax filings. >> the irs has disable the on line tool used to steel personal information. >> royal caribbeans anthem of the seas returns to new jersey early for second time in a month. the voyage was cut short because of a norovirus outbreak, and pending storm. royal caribbean said on twitter it was ending the trip early to provide comfort journey back home, ship expected to arrive in bayonne. earlier this month ran into rough seas. >> it could be cost you more money to advice the walt disney world and disneyland, depending when you goment resort says they'll soon begin charging three different price for single ticket, depends on time of yearment calendar divided into value, regular, and peak periods, peak periods most of december, spring break, weekends in july, but a lot of people visit the park. it is only once again affecting single day passes.
6:26 am
>> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are live in hollywood with all of the big moments from the oscars. >> the glitz and the glamour of the owes car after party, and reaction to the big winner. i'm terry okita in hollywood. that story just ahead. >> and some people only get to celebrate their birthdays once every four years. we are talking about leap day, leap year babies. and coming up: meet a couple of these leap year babies and hear about how they've been celebrating all of these years. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is birthday for leap day babies. there are more than 4 million leap day babies around the world. and the chances of being born on leap day one in 1,461. don't go anywhere. that party coming up soon. good morning.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the oscar goes to. >> spotlight. >> love the dramatic pause, right, wait for it, hollywood's biggest night and spotlight wins the biggest award. the journalism drama had six nominations this year, winning, two oscars for best original screen play, and best picture. surely those winners went to the governor's ball had to get their statues engraved, while others operated for elton john's gritty. terry okita joins us in hollywood. >> guarantee they are there are still parties going on somewhere in tinseltown. why not celebrate? what a night it was for spotlight you mentioned one for best picture, mad max, took home six oscars, the most, all for technical
6:31 am
categories. and, the revenant, best director, and best actor. >> the curse was finally broken for leonardo dip cab rio being took home the best actor oscar for his role in the heff yan. >> it all feels incredibly surreal. >> bri larson. >> also pick up golden statue for her performance in room. >> i feel really strong and excited to be holding this gold guy. >> when the curtain fell on the big show, the stars made their way to the governor's ball to toast to the night. >> we work so hard on this film to have it rewarded like this really, you know, really overwhelming. >> is hollywood racist? you damn right hollywood is race us. >> many, chris rock, pushed the envelope in addressing the oscar so while controversy. >> he is amazing performer, person, and it was -- needed to happen. >> superstar elton john used his annual after-party to race a nerve necessary for hiv and aids. >> we made a lot of progress
6:32 am
in the last 30 years, but we haven't made enough progress yet. >> the party also gives celebrities chance to meet for the first time and yes, they, too, get star struck. >> oh, i do. listen, if i walk into leonardo dicaprio right now i don't know what i would. >> carson got big surprise as he look over the guest list. >> jean simmons from kiss -- >> he is right behind you. >> oh, my god. i was just talking about you. >> i heard. >> you are one of my fives. >> can i touch you? >> i wish would you. >> the grit and glamor were not lost on tinseltown's biggest night. celebrities showed off their styles and awards into the early hours. >> well, there is a lot to celebrate. it was also a night on social commentary, not only racial diversity, but also sexual abuse and sexual violence as well as the environment. reporting live from hollywood, terry okita, erika, back to you. >> thanks so much. now go get a nap. you de is her of it. we check in with katie i know she watching the rain, wondering if it will affect the drive to work and school this morning. >> looking like it probably
6:33 am
will/think generally between the window of eight to 11, so it looks as though it will come toward the tail end of the typical morning rush, certainly already about halfway through it. we haven't seen anything yet. that said, right now, there is a phenominal sunrise underway, and i would definitely say, head to your east facing window go check it out. but daylight, something we continue to talk about this time of year. because the days continue to get longer and longer, and actually, in two minutes, to be exact, from now, we will see the sun come up over philadelphia. so, right now, just some gorgeous colors out there. and tonight the sunsets at 5:52, what that basically means is as we get later and later in this time of the year gaining about two and a half inches of daylight every passing day. meanwhile we look at storm scan3, not too much happening yet at the local level. but just outside of berks and lancaster counties we put things in motion, showers starting to encroach as i like to say, as they get here you will be flicking the windshield wipers for short
6:34 am
window of time then done. we will see this move through pretty quickly. by the time the afternoon is said and done back to sunshine. at the moment you have some locally colder spots than other, like allentown for example, and up through some of the colder valleys, there could be little patchy freezing drizzle once it gets here, not overwhelming concern, definitely not widespread issue, certainly as you are close to 50 right now at the airport here in philly. but, it is something worth mentioning, certainly for the folks residing up that way. so expect breezy and mile start to the day. light showers are moving in. depending on location you might see a hint of mixing with some freezing at the grounds level, just because it is so cold. but that's definitely again far north of philadelphia, by this afternoon, the sun returns, the winds will be with us, but it is nice and mile, we expect to top off meisha at 61 degrees today. but don't get used to, that it won't last forever. >> all right, well, we will enjoy it while we have t thanks, katie, good morning, happy monday, thanks for waking up with us this morning, just starting offer brand new week today. right now it is looking good. although looking busy.
6:35 am
take a look at this, outside 95 south past cottman, no longer traveling at posted speeds in fact one of the busier stretches in the morning starting to heat up early on in the 6:00 hour now and of course pushing toward that 7:00 hour we will see it just heat up more and more, so for those every you waiting at home maybe trying to wait this out, i wouldn't, i would just just get out there and conquer the beast so to speak it, will last for quite some time. saw it happen last week, see it happen again starting early again this monday morning, new jersey 42 freeway northbound for those of you taking this stretch, actually real looking real nice, typically say on typical monday morning, 42 freeway northbound looks little busier than this, and around 6:30, so this is actually looking good for those every in you new jersey, overturned vehicle, 42 northbound speaking of past route 55, on that shoulder, make note of that. and also an accident media. that is not yet cleared involving injuries. middletown road at high meadow drive. one lane is open there. couple of place that is has now cleared on of your way great news accident cleared
6:36 am
here broad street at paris street, make note. also disable vehicle that we had that was causing some slow downs boulevard southbound at harbison area -- avenue, also since cleared. >> thank you. right now 36:00. and did you know it is leap day? people born february 29th actually get to celebrate their true birthday today. >> surprise. >> that includes bucks county's paul, born february 29th, 1932. friends and family say they plan to surprise party for ages. i mean there is did he have four years to pull it altogether, and just saying, if you do the math, celebrating his 21st birthday. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joining us now in the cbs-3 cafe with the party, with paul, and another leap year baby celebrating big milestones. happy birthday to everyone, jan, good morning. >> good morning, 6:30, who wouldn't enjoy a birthday party at this hour, right? we got 21 year old and a 18 year old, we will do up
6:37 am
february 29th, big on this leap year. because they only get to celebrate once every four years. you can see paul here just 21 years old. and deborah 18. you know what guys? no birthday is complete without a little bit of cake, right? even at 6:30 in the morning, so we want to bring in meisha and katie with a couple of cakes we got for to you celebrate your birthdays. let's hear it. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> and you know what, i think you can celebrate all month when you have a birthday every four years. >> is that how you do it? >> absolutely. when there isn't a leap year, i say birthday month, i got the whole month. no day, but i got the month. >> and you're 18 today,
6:38 am
technically? >> i am. >> if i new then what i know then, wait, i do, because i'm sometime tape justly 18 and 72,. >> you had your birthday yesterday. we have a picture of, that putting up a picture when you were actually 18. so, casino of cool little juxtaposition there. >> thank you so much. >> paul you are 21 today. celebrated your birthday yesterday as well, lucky enough to join in on the fun. how was it for you? >> great time with all of the friends and relatives that were there, and in the background, i had a great time. >> you usually do it at the one specific place, right? >> yes, we do. >> over to warminster, fun fun place to go to have a party. >> always celebrate with your son and grandson, interesting story, two is now, actually celebrated your eighth birthday with your son? >> that's right. >> matter of fact, 1964, i had
6:39 am
my eighth leap year birthday and steve had his eighth real birthday. >> what was that like? >> i don't know. bagels were out. that's all i know. on now. >> as well as the philly had their tremendous failure that year. >> he think steve still remembers the line up. >> you celebrated 15th birthday with your grandson when he turned 15, too? >> 1992, yes, he was 15. and it was my 15th leap year birthday. >> i'll come around to deborah right now. >> a lot of fun celebration was your whom here. what kind of stands out as far as unique celebrations for you guys? >> when i was 11, my mother turned ten. >> and yesterday -- >> miracle. >> yesterday, we had cupcakes from classic cake of cherry hill, in the form after one and a eight along with my mother's favorite dose fretter classic cake. so a lot of fun, a lot of fun.
6:40 am
>> thank you so much. >> beautiful. >> i think you have to add this to the list of great birthdays, guys? >> oh, absolutely. >> good grandmom. >> not many kids can say that really missing out here. >> got to come and get a piece. >> absolutely. >> in the commercial break i'll be racing over, jan, thanks so much. happy birthday, what a great thing. eighteen and two; happy birthday, guys. >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", it is a dinner party like no other. and this has nothing to do with the food. we'll tell you why the guests will never forget this night of fine dining. >> also, we've talked about the big winners, but now, oh, it is time to talk about the hottest looks on the red carpet. the best dressed and the least fortunately dressed coming up next. >> ♪
6:41 am
>> oh, so much fax to talk b katie meisha and i each picked our fate rid from the oscars last night, we'll have those when we come back, looking at a gorgeous sunrise, good morning. >> ♪
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>> anyone seeing rain yet? >> it doesn't look like it, sort every holding down the fort here, the weather watchers reporting generally pretty mile air in place, a loft mid and upper 50s at minimum, to report here, we go ahead, take a look at couple of pictures very quickly though, within the last ten minutes filth fill sent in his classic shot, 6:30 on the nose, on this leap day, pretty quiet start to leap day here in chestnut hill. from yesterday, actually jump ahead here.
6:45 am
this comes from dolores, taken shortly thereafter of the pretty she is calling it morning glow out there. temperatures around the region as a whole low mid upper who's, generally being reported at this point. these temperatures will have a chance to quickly climb. how much, erika mentioned wet weather. there it is, just off to the west. start to see the clouds west to east, eventually couple of rain showers. really looks like it will only be quick window of time that happens, late morning say 8:00 to 11:00 or so. then the afternoon breaks out for sunshine high pressure very quickly takes over. we should still get you in the 60s today. tomorrow up ear's, notice, something lurking offer in the distance, our next larger storm system. looks like tuesday night into wednesday, not just showers, could very easily be few thunderstorms maybe pockets of heavier rain then that too signs out of here in its wake it does turn a lot colder for us as we hit the tail end of the week. coldest day of the pack friday, take a look, barely
6:46 am
even hit 40 degrees, in fact, we don't think we will at philadelphia international airport. cold day for sure. upcoming weekends, low mid 40, a the expectation, so fan of the warmth, save or it while you have it. it comes with the trade off. just couple of showers that will happen really in the next few hours should break out sunshine. >> that's good. >> kate had i her own special awards. >> awarded the champion for moms award maternity care coalitions celebrating mothers brunch. >> this recognize me on behalf of all pregnant woman, wrote facebook post last august fighting back bullies. on line bullying. and i was calling for respect and support that every mom deserves as we're all trying to just balance full time parent and employee, and there words what a hop on, so
6:47 am
humbled by it. >> so deserved. >> thank you so much for that. >> and great organization, you've been learning a lot about them. >> maternity care coalition, they do great work. just helping to build better families and better futures >> it is looking very busy, couple every accident, since cleared, also disable vehicle, overturned crash, so still very busy, a lot since cleared. this is one of the areas i keep my eye on this morning looking very, very busy, 95 south, cottman, you can see, in longer traveling at posted speeds, a lot of brake light going off there, watching this for quite some time. yes, just very busy stretch. we can expect that any day of the week monday through friday, especially on very busy monday morning. so this stretch no longer traveling at posted speeds make note of that. another area starting to she down here as well as the schuylkill at the boulevard, take a look, moving in the eastbound direction both directions i can keep my eye
6:48 am
on certainly eastbound direction, kind of making almost single file line there. overturned vehicle, 42 northbound, past route 55, that's all the way out to the shoulderment not going to cause too many slow downs, not blocking any lanes, but pulled all the way out to the shoulder, accident media involving injuries, that is still there causing some slow downs, middletown road high meadow drive one lane open around there. and also, in the world of mass transit, lansdale doylestown experiencing 40 minute delays in both directions, make sure to check your schedules on line. back to you. >> new jersey senator robert menendez will be in a federal appeals court in philadelphia today. that hearing will focus on corruption case against menendez. he was charged last year with bribery and other charge after prosecutors say he accepted a gift in campaign contributions from a florida eye doctor, in exchange for political favors. menendez has pleaded not guilty. president obama awards the medal of honor today to a navy seal who helped rescue us hostage in afghanistan. edward buyers, jr., become the
6:49 am
11th living service member to be awarded the nation's highest military honor in december of 2012 helped after held by the afghanistan in for days. he shielded doctor joseph as fire fight broke out. buyers describes the moment president obama called him with the news of his award. >> okay, this is real. >> fellow seal team six member nicholas check was killed in that mission. buyers called him a hero. doctor joseph feels the same way about buyers, whom he says gave him a second chance at life. right now, 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, charlie roads joins us up in new york with that preview for us. good morning, charlie. >> and good morning, erika. here is a look at what we are working on, kevin frazier joins us on last night's oscars, how host chris rock
6:50 am
took on the diversity issues, plus we will talk with john dickerson about the increasingly nasty presidential race heading into super tuesday, and there is the retirement. s reveals on line breach against taxpayers, much worse than originally thought. tax attorney claims how he became a victim. and on this leap day, shows us how why time slowed down to give us one more day every four years, news back in the morning. see in you about ten minute. >> all right, charlie, thank you so much. see you then. >> now, for some folks sitting down to gourmet meal in center city seems out of their reach. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us how a facebook post and go fund me account powered made for unforgettable night for hundreds. >> it is philadelphia's most exclusive restaurant. >> amazing five course meal. >> you can't make a reservation, only certain people are allowed to dine. >> these short ribs, termini here doing cannoli's.
6:51 am
>> for one night the five star meal completely free. >> giving 165 fellow citizens. >> this is the city of homeless pop up, and jason the brains behind it. >> a friend in atlanta put it on their facebook page, someone had done something similar. so i put on my facebook page on a sunday night, by that wednesday we raised $623,000. >> nearly 200 homeless men and women were winds, dined, some even danced in the beautiful 23rd street armory. and the event crowded through annual donations those from some 25 local restaurants and businesses also provided a pop up boutique stocked full of clothing and other essentials. >> we gave away 250 back packs, 200, 20-dollar gift cards to vvs, 50 pair of week boots, almost 100 pairs of pants, another hundred shirts, sweaters, t-shirt. >> they're giving back to the homeless. i'm on my downfall right now. and i thank them for coming
6:52 am
out tonight. >> and it gives us some hope. it builds our sense of pride. it gives us a sense of integrity t gives us a sense of dignity. >> and that dignity, that respect. >> god bless you. >> thank you very much. >> jason hopes remains in the minds and hearts of those who experience dollars this special meal. >> we all sat down, we broke bread, we a meal together. pretty amazing experience. >> as the event wraps up here the 23rd street arm rip, jason said there is already a lisk passed around by the volunteers hoping to have this event become an annual tradition. next year's location, though, still undetermined. reporting here at the 23rd street armory, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". great idea, make it annual. eighty-eighth annual ac admit awards red carpet turns into fashion runway. hollywood's biggest name glam it up in the latest designs. danielle nottingham takes a look at best and worst dressed on the red carpet. >> best actors bri larson, sophia, and kate blaine chet, owned the red carpet in shades
6:53 am
of blue at the 88th academy awards. last year's best supporting actress winner patricia arquet look elegant in a simple navy blue gown. >> who are you wearing? you look gorgeous. >> thank you, so do you. marina rink aldi. >> rachael, and charlie is her and, stunned in bolds colors, plunging neck lines, low backs and high slits. oscar winner was the bell of the ball in a custom louie vet and, while others wore vintage looks in gray. >> what we see on the run bay directly compare tonight what we see on the red carpet. >> first time nominee lady gaga wowed in a white pant suit. and whippi goldberg channeled old hollywood in a black gown modelled after betty davis. >> the academy award showcase some of the best style moments in hollywood. but the oscars also bring out fashion fails. >> critics knocked heidi klume and kate wins let for failing to impress. >> i am henry, and eddie
6:54 am
redmain, mix it up with velvet jackets, while other stars rocked navy suit. and best actor winner leonardo dip cap rio dressed up his classic black armany with the most coveted accessary, but host chris rock may have made the bold he is statement in a white tuxedo. danielle nottingham, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> you know what, men have it so easy. one tux, and you're all set. >> classic. >> but i will say i am so glad that leo finally won. >> oh, absolutely. >> i mean, i am still thinking what's eating gilbert gray. >> back in the day. >> i still think about that every time. >> we could go on about leo all morning, but to the favorite, jennifer garner, to me, look so amazing in that black off the shoulder, the one shoulder gown. >> stunning. >> versace, to me, elegant classic, if you're going town vest in a dress, that's what i would invest in. >> i'm with you. >> and the jewelry, off the cuff, jewelry, earrings,.
6:55 am
>> and talking earlier about charlie. >> oh, gorgeous. >> that necklace? >> i loved her dress, primarily because i loved the shoulder detail. the red always stunning. i would have went maybe not solo on it? >> maybe not. >> she could pull it off. but if that would have been heightened just little bit i would have loved, loved, loved. but i still love it. it is stunning on her. love that necklace. >> absolutely. >> and katie your five? >> i also like the bright stuff. so i went with olivia. >> beautiful. >> you know, this was right up my al. >> i oh, yes. >> the classic single tone one shoulder, i absolutely love it. and i love her too. that makes it easy to pick. she is so hilarious. amazing. >> you put a brown potato sack on any of these gals, and just amazing. >> exactly it. >> but there was also the flop. >> well, yes. >> we'll get those during the commercial break. >> we'll be right back.
6:56 am
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>> watching some rain, kathy? definitely a.m. it will get here in the west most suburbs, scattered light showers all we are talking, guys, damp roads, slow travel. watch for, that might slow you down briefly this morning. >> very good. cbs this morning coming up next, we did get some cake, so thank you for. that will we check in with our leap day party.
7:00 am
>> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> paul turning 21, deborah captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not takeon


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