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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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jackson. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos talk to the attorney for one of the injured officers live outside the olde city nightclub with more on that story, greg. >> reporter: and that is exactly right there, nicole. attorney for officer darnell jesse, who was seriously injured in the bar fight says he is simply being patient. even though it has been nearly one month since that bar fight here, in olde city. twenty-nine days after shady mccoy allegedly assaulted two off-duty philadelphia cops, cameras caught him enjoying sunny los angeles, out west, for a lakers game questions about the the fight that still has him in the spotlight. right now no charges have been filed against shady or any of the friend for this brawl. all four men partying at club recess in old city early super bowl sunday when investigators say they punched, kick, stumped two off-duty philly cops. fight over ownership of the bottle of champagne.
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>> he is recovering. still seeking medical treatment. >> reporter: fortune perry, junior who represents officer darnell jesse a says his client has seen a neurologist and will likely never fully recover from his injuries. >> he sustained very significant physical injuries in this case, some of which would ultimately be permanent it looks like. >> reporter: despite nearly a month passing since beating perry, junior says he knows justice will be served as soon as the investigation is complete. >> we're confident that the district attorney's office will prosecute, anyone who was involved in this situation regardless of who they are, or regardless of tank in life. so we're confident at the end of the day at appropriate people will be charged for crimes associated with this vicious beat ago this happened inside this nightclub. >> reporter: now, nicole and ukee a spokesperson for district attorney's office confirms they are still investigating and they say there is no time line on when charges could come down. meanwhile a spokesperson for
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nl, and, also the investigation, into this fight. we are live at old city i'm's greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you for that. this week may go down in the history books. the winter warm up means 70's are on the way. meteorologist kate bilo is out the side on the skies deck with how soon this early spring weather will arrive, kate? >> i don't know if you remember march last year, clearly as i remember it but march was a very chilly month. we had 12 inches of snow. temperatures in the 40's. that is pretty much every day. we had a warm up toward end of the month but it was rough this march has completely turned it around. it had has been mild so far and it will only get warmer from here. standing out here with no gloves, no scarves, no nothing, and it is not all that cold, it feels fantastic. taking a quick look at storm scan three there is in the a whole lot to show you here. the there is clouds in western pennsylvania, those will increase by day break. temperatures still very comfortable. fifty-seven, and 56 in atlantic city and earlier
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today, possibly the coolest day of the week. temperatures heading up to 15 to 25 degrees above average by wednesday, and thursday. coming up i will tell you how many record could come down this week and how long this warm spell sticks with us. now back inside to you. >> see new a bit, thank you. chester county man free, on bail, in a child sex boost case is facing charges for firing shots into the home of his alleged victim. this is suspect six three-year eld douglass kohan of east cohen, just three days, he fired six shots through window of a mobile home where the alleged victim was staying with her father and siblings. those bullets traveled through the residents and into another adjacent home, he lives next door to where the a alleged victim's father resides. he is now back behind bars. exclusively now on "eyewitness news" a toddler is safe and sound after being left home alone on the main line. the two and a half year-old boy was found by police in an apartment in the regency apartments in radnor. police say he was living in
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filthy the conditions and that the stove was actually on for heat. that boy's father stanley hampton and his female companion brittany mcfadden are facing charges tonight. >> i cannot imagine leaving anyone at home by themselves in those conditions. definitely pulls at the heart strings a little bit. >> now the boy is safe and sound tonight, radnor police got a tip that the boy might be home alone, neighboring police department, stopped hampton on a drug charge. lawyers for a man accused of killing his three-year old son says they are preparing for child. david creato, junior appeared for a brief status hearing in camden this morning. prosecutors say that the 22-year old killed his son, brendan last october to stop his teenage girlfriend who dislike children from leaving him. child's body was found in the woods hours after creato reported him missing. the creato's next court appearance is april 18th. septa closes the administrative investigation in the the case of the man who died after struggling with a transit officer. surveillance video at the el's
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huntingdon station captured the october 2015 incident. police admit using a taser several times on omar lopez while trying to subdue him. he died at the hospital but an autopsy concluded a drug overdose, caused his death. septa cleared the officer involved of any wrongdoing but discipline the sergeant. violations included failing to have that mr. lopez transported to the closest hospital and failing to object tane witness information at the scene. >> as a result septa made policy changes that include providing dispatchers with a master list of the closest hospitals, to an injured. talks are to continuing to avoid new jersey transit's first strike in over 30 years. labor and management are meeting in newark to head of the strike deadline next week even. two sides met on friday during what union officials called productive. main sticking point is health care costs. governor chris christie says he is monitoring negotiations
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but still plans on taking a vacation on tuesday. chopper three over king of prussia where septa a plans to expand its norristown high speed line. officials met to discuss the plan, which would also extend the rail services to upper merion township. the group was including five stops and a park and ride lot for commuters at henderson road. septa calls this the locally preferred alternative. two more public meetings are set the for march 9th and 15th at norristown and king of prussia. on the healthwatch tonight today's nice mild weather kicked off an early spring allergy season and expert say boy it can be a tough one. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here new to explain why. not the best news. >> reporter: is there a price to pay here, guys. our friend over at asthma center measure pollen counts every day. recently they examined weather patterns and they say global warming trend will cause an explosion of pollen, again this spring. early signs of spring in philadelphia a, on kelly drive, the asthma center says
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pollen counts, for juniper and mapel are moderate, and so is outdoor mold. >> there is mold. >> reporter: donald and asthma center put their findings on spring allergies on you tube. >> we would expect that this season in general we have much higher season due to the balmy weather we noted throughout the season. >> reporter: he is already feeling symptoms of spring before winter is even over. >> headaches, watery eyes and congestion. >> reporter: terry jefferies is an allergy and asthma specialist and said spring allergies usually don't start showing up until april. early march is early for pollen. >> people have come in thinking they have a cold. it doesn't look like springtime yet outside. but lots of tree pollen and that means sneezing, running nose, stuffing snow. >> reporter: 15 million americans suffer with allergies but many do not know what is causing their seasonal mystery. >> i have never really had to
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have headaches and i was trying to figure out what was wrong. would i always stay congested. >> reporter: doctors say it is important to avoid triggers if possible and to take medications for relief, take them before, symptoms start. >> a avoid outside, stay indoors when you can. take 24 hour anti histamine or over the counter nasal steroids consistently during spring season and it certainly helps to get to know specifically what you are allergic to. >> reporter: traditional medication over the counter and prescription don't work, allergy shots can be very effective and there is now an alternative, tabs that melt under your tongue. there are some solutions out there, and this spring allergy season is just getting kick off. months from now is when it will kick off. >> you do start to feel it. >> mine start kick in about four years ago, calvary is coming, i see it. it is all right. >> it could be bad, steph, thank you. it seems spring ace arriving early and coming this week. >> we're heading for record territory, kate. >> we are indeed, we may break
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in the one, but possibly two records this week. the at least tying one of them. temperatures heading for 70's. i will tell you how long they will stay there with the full forecast. a south jersey university is going to the dogs, why these labrador retriever puppies, call the campus they are hunting for the next year and a half. and where they are going when they graduate from their special puppy programs. plus it is end of the line for a popular olde city tourist attraction, 3-d movie starring benjamin franklin is now history, but they are waiting for tourism on independent mall, leslie. well, two of the former eagles head coach chip kelly's biggest piece's inquired last off season may be heading south, we will tell but this monster trade, between bird and dolphins and who may be leaving the nest.
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today is end of the line for popular stop among tourist to philadelphia the historic philadelphia certainty at sixth and chestnut is closing its doors, that means the end for the liberty 360 show.
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liberty 30, the 3-d film that opened in 2010 and took visitors on the tour of the city a's historic attraction. >> and focus on our core activities, running the betsy ross house, franklin square and running all of the story telling and tours and free programming, for people in the region. >> now for tours and exhibits run by historic philadelphia those tickets can now be purchased at the independence visitors center. well, today philadelphia mayor jim kenney makes an announcement about improving job opportunities for the youth. >> unless we have adults interacting with children in a positive way our kids will not have direction, they will be runners. they will be going in issuing is also. and put them in places we do in the want to see them. >> mayor says goalies 16,000 youth employment opportunities by 2020. officials will charge organizations around the city to reach that goal, mayor kenney says his first job asiana cysttent recollect leader brought him where he
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advertise day because of the connections that he made. some of the base names in philadelphia's restaurant scenes, gathered at drexel university. "eyewitness news" at philly chef conference there were panel discussions on food topics and demonstrations for some of the cities most popular chefs including kevin interage a and michael salmonoff of abe fischer, and others everything. >> good looking puppies are joining students at rowan university and going to school. it is all for a great cause. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us why they are training with the students and where puppies will go when they graduate. >> reporter: if you want to be mess popular person on the college campus bringing pup toy class will certainly do the trick. for a few select students at rowan university, that is exactly what they are doing. >> good girl, good girl. >> reporter: these four month-old labs treat and augy are on loan to rowan students volunteering in the puppy raising program for non-profit organization k-9 companions for independent.
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>> sit. >> reporter: jimmy a and nicole have puppies in december and they will raise them for about a year and a half. >> we get up on treat schedule. he wakes up at 7:00 a.m. i do too. we get up, get for a walk around the campus. >> reporter: k-9 companions, train assertive dogs for people with disabilities. to keep the program cost free they lend them out to volunteers who teach them basic command and most importantly, social skills. >> bringing them to the student sent's a lot and whenever i'm in the the here i will take them to chance and things like. that he knows that if i tug the leash he will go and we are not moving for a while. >> reporter: students say toughest thing about this program isn't long hours put in with the dogs or house breaking them, it is idea of on day letting these cute little fellows go. >> you absolutely fall in love with these dogs, and you don't look forward to the day you give them up but when you get them you know that they have a higher purpose in life. >> he will go help somebody else out, that is what helps me be a able to give him up.
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>> reporter: program is looking for more students to get involved and as you see pups on campus, feel free to say hello. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you know that is tough to give them up. >> i don't think i could do it. >> no doubt bit. >> great story. kate has our forecast, beautiful forecast at that. >> sweet forecast i'm loving this forecast. >> yes. >> you know, we take some of the blame for bad days, we have to take credit for good ones. but we're just messenger when push comes to shove but i have a beautiful message to share tonight. we're talking 70's for the next several days. it will be fantastic. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, perfection. lets get outside to it. we will start off with a look outside on a beautiful night taking a peak over mountains in bethlehem, and northampton counties what a gorgeous evening it is. sunnies going down. it has been a perfect spring-like day out there. temperatures got the to the 60's in the region. upper 50's well off to the north, mount pocono in the
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upper 50's this afternoon, feeling fabulous. if you liked today, you'll love what the rest of the week has in store as temperatures head right up towards the 70-degree mark tomorrow, and then, challenging records for next few days after. that take a look at storm scan three which is clear, hard pressed to find a cloud in the sky out there today and certainly that is the case right now no clouds out here on storm scan three. we have a few clouds that will creep in tomorrow morning, you you can see this boundary moving through ohio, west virginia, every day showers but we may start off with more cloud cover then what we will see in the afternoon but it will turnout to be mostly sunny through the overnight hours on your tuesday. temperatures outside these are our highs today, you can see how warm, 61 in philadelphia that was the high. sixty-five in reading was the high. sixty-four in allentown. even mount pocono 58 degrees the high there. warmer in reading a at 65 then in philadelphia today. cooler down the shore thanks to the still chile ocean water temperatures. highs across the south and mississippi river valley were in the 70's.
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seventy-one was high in little rock. the got to 76 in st. louis. seventy-three in birmingham. that warm air starting to move to the north and east. for your tuesday right up to the 07-degree mark. few clouds in the morning and more sunshine in the afternoon. it is a tongue day. a day to get outside and go for a jog, because short season is coming sooner then we all expect it. wednesday we are at record warmth. temperatures heading to the mid 70's. lots of sunshine wednesday. thursday we will get that boundary that will lay a off to our north. it looks like showers along this boundary will stay to the north. we will tie a record but notice how much cooler on the other side have the boundary. there is indication on friday that a little bit of the cooler air may bilo down from the north and east as a back door cool front. it does not look like it makes it in here just yet but friday is day to watch, we have gotten burned on those back door cold front that can knock temperature down but it does look like friday will stay mild. we will watch for a few showers for the weekend. by wednesday you can see warmth billowing in.
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thursday may be even warmer and even on friday a as that cool air stays to the north things looking warm, yet again, just take a look, i want to set this in motion how warm it stays. watch the dates go, 12, three, 14, 15th, it the stays warm for the foreseeable future. temperatures above average. it looks like possibly until we will get into springtime which starts march 20th. we may be breaking some record, breaking record wednesday, tying that record of 76 degrees on thursday. just a fantastic mid week time frame. only way this could get better is if it came on the weekend. 07 degrees for your tuesday, mostly sunny, gorgeous i witness weather seven day forecast, wednesday, thursday just perfection, friday still looks mild, cooler, and throwing some wiggle room for that back door cold front. i do think it stays away. this weekend will feel cool but 10 degrees above average. >> yes. >> lower 60's. >> yes, we will take it on a workweek. >> yes, big thumbs up. >> yes. >> thanks, kate.
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cbs news is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and nicole break to be with you here in philadelphia here's "cbs evening news" tonight we will lead with breaking political news, mike bloomberg has announced that he will not run for president. we will also have latest on the race for g.o.p. nomination, including could a cruise missle halt trump's momentum. we will introduce you to the first recipient of the universe transplant giving new hope to women. the lady in red we will remember nancy reagan just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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well, busy time of the year in the nfl, free agency officially opens up on wednesday, starting the day, teams can negotiate to player to make trade. cbs-3 confirmed that is exactly what the eagles have done. this would be a big one,
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sources say eagles will trade byron maxwell and kiko alonzo to the dolphins for multiple draft picks. the deal cannot be official until 4:00 o'clock wednesday and pending physical and renegotiation of maxwell's contract, with the dolphins. and payton manning unflappable for almost two decade, struggles to compose himself as he said good bye to the game he loves so much. he holds a ton of record including all time leader in passing yard, touchdowns and 39, became oldest quarterback in super bowl history to lead his team to the big win. he says he for the a good fight and after 18 years, it is time. to college hoops, drexel dragons struggle this season to day university made at announcement that bruiser flint is out after 15 seasons as head coach. drexel finish their season this weekend in the pa tournament and disappointing six-25 season. he was released with one year left on the deal. in a statement the drexel athletic director said would i
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like to thank bruiser for his five years of service to drexel university. we will appreciate all he has done for university and how his student athletes performed on the court and in the classroom. phillies and pirates, today, and velasquez on the mound bid forgo that final spot in the rotation. solid day for him. he went three innings, gave up three hits and struck out three. the to the seventh we will go phillies get all of the offense they will need. rbi single up the middle for blank co. phillies will win against pirates one to nothing. >> that is all right. >> good luck, i know he will london his feet, good guy. >> thanks, leslie. we will be right back with tonight's good question, to
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kill phone poles in the city are often covered with the hodge-podge of signs, you know, stuff for sale, events going on, announcements and so forth. >> but have you noticed something different recently. what are the yellow grid on the telephone poles in our area it is tonightes good question, submit by france burns and anthony richie. i will have the answer tonight at 11:00. right now thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on wpsg on the cw philly. we will be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". the tonight a mental phenomenon meet first recipient of the uterus transplant. also remembering nancy reagan a look at the former first lady's influence on the presidency and her lasting legacy. here is scott pelley. take care family, we will see
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you tonight. >> pelley: breaking news, michael bloomberg says he will not run for president. while elsewhere in the campaign, there's cursing -- >> they're ripping the [bleeped] out of me. >> pelley: and swearing. >> i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. i swear. >> pelley: and scolding, too. >> you know... >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> pelley: also tonight, a laptop bomb blows up at somali airport. how terrorists are changing their tactics. a jury awards erin andrews $55 million in her stalker lawsuit. an historic uterus transplant gives women new hope. and remembering nancy reagan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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